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上饶市立医院绣眉手术多少钱上饶丰太阳穴哪里比较好And for Johnny rook, the wait is over. Because some of the worlds greatest wanderers are heading his way. Theyve been traveling the globe for months, even years. Only one thing can bring their wanderings to a halt, none of them can give birth at sea. From around the southern pole, nomads are now converging on these shards of rock, known as the Falklands. They would give up the lives they know best on wind or waves for the sake of their young.对约翰鸦来说,等待已经结束。因为世界上一些最伟大的流浪者们正在向它而去。它们已迁徙几个月,甚至几年。只有一件事情可以让漫无目的的游荡停止,它们当中无人能在海里生育幼仔。南极被称为福克兰群岛的地方,牧民们正在收集这些碎片。他们愿意为了年轻一代放弃他们乘风破浪的生活。201111/161184上饶德兴市去痣多少钱一颗 US Stocks Down; Economists Warn Lawmakers on Recession美股市经过一周动荡周五再跌低谷 U.S. stocks suffered another drop Friday after a volatile week, amid continuing investor concerns about the U.S. economic situation and signs of a global recession. U.S. lawmakers heard testimony about difficulties Americans are having finding jobs in the weakened economy, as well as new warnings about recession. 星期五,美国股票市场在经过了一个星期的动荡之后,再次落入低谷;投资人仍然担心美国的经济局势以及全球经济衰退的迹象。美国国会就人们在经济疲软的情况下找工作难、以及经济衰退的一些新的迹象等问题,举行听会。Trading on Wall Street was in negative territory throughout the day following declines in Asian and European markets. 亚洲和欧洲股市下跌后,星期五一整天,华尔街股市都在下跌。Analysts attributed global point losses to concerns that a worldwide downturn will hurt corporate profits. 分析人士将世界各地股市滑落的现象归咎于投资者对全球经济衰退给公司的盈利带来的负面影响的关切。After earlier drops in European markets of between four and six percent, and on Asian markets of more than eight percent, the key Dow Jones index ended the day Friday down 312 points. 欧洲股市早些时候下跌了4%到6%、亚洲股市下跌了8%以上,美国的道琼斯指数星期五股市收盘的时候下跌了312点。This week, the U.S. economy has been shaken by new data on increasing home foreclosures, although one key indicator on home resales was up more than five percent in September from the previous month.  这个星期,又有新的数据显示,美国人交不起房屋贷款、被迫将住房交给拍卖的情况愈加严重,威胁到经济的总体形势。但是另一方面,一个关键的数据显示,九月份的房屋再销售比一个月前,上升了5%还多。Although the U.S. Congress is formally not in session, a congressional committee heard testimony about job losses, in which ten million Americans are unemployed, including two million for more than six months. 尽管美国国会目前还没有正式复会,但一个委员会还是召开了有关失业问题的听会。目前,美国的失业人数达到了一千万,其中两百万人失业的时间长达六个月以上。"There is a realization that recession is setting in and that is likely to be long, it is likely to be deep, and it is going to be global," said Democratic Congressman George Miller, who chairs the House Labor Committee. 民主党国会议员乔治·米勒是众议院劳工委员会的主席。他说:“大家都意识到现在开始进入经济衰退时期,而且可能持续很长一段时间,深入到各个层面,并涉及全球各地。”The session included testimony from one unemployed American, Dana Stevens of New Jersey. "We have used up almost all of our savings just to continue to pay the mortgage. We have just enough savings left to scrape by on our December payment. After that, I don't know what we will do if I can't find a job." 来自美国新泽西州的一位名叫史蒂文斯的失业人士在听会上做了发言。他说:“为了偿付买房贷款,我们已经差不多花光了所有的储蓄,现在就剩下刚刚够付12月份的贷款的钱了,在那以后,我要是再找不到工作,真就不知道该怎么办了。”Ron Blackwell, chief economist for the U.S. trade federation AFL-CIO, and economics professor Robert Pollin of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, warned of recession and its impact on the U.S. economy: 美国劳联产联的首席经济学家布莱克威尔、以及麻萨诸塞州立大学Amherst分校的经济学教授波林也出席了这次听会,并且都警告说会出现衰退,他们谈到衰退对经济的影响。"BLACKWELL: In my judgment we are clearly in the early stages of a potentially very serious recession, that will likely be as deep as anything we have experienced in a generation, last longer than most, and one which is rapidly becoming global in scope. 布莱克威尔说:“在我看来,很清楚,我们目前处于可能是非常严重的经济衰退时期的早期阶段。这次经济衰退很可能是20多年来最严重的,持续的时间会很长,而且正在迅速地遍及全球。”POLLIN: It is imperative to take action now to combat what is quickly metastasizing into a general economic crisis off of the financial crisis, that is a general crisis with respect to jobs, private business."  波林教授说:“现在必须立即采取措施,来应对由金融危机引发的总体经济危机,这是牵扯到就业问题、牵扯到私营企业运转的总体性危机。”President Bush has invited leaders of wealthy nations and the heads of major developing economies to a summit next month that will focus on the global financial crisis. 另一方面,美国总统布什邀请了发达国家和主要发展中国家的领导人下个月到华盛顿,就全球金融危机,召开多国首脑会议。200810/54015How Music Reflects Your Personality If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.Listen carefully to this selection of music, because whether the cheese or chalk/ gets you moving, it says as much about your personality as your musical taste, not necessarily though in the way you might think. By rights, you would expect Joe Fylan to spend the evenings turns up to classical music. Chances are though he's out playing heavy metal or a rock which isn't that unusual according to a new study.Classical music listeners are used to listening to good performances. If, if you're hearing, oh, that's it over there. Um, so people are listening for the excellence in performance, in metal it’s definitely the same, you know, you get these, go like "wow"...you know, "rock"...oh, oh, that kind of stuff...when the guitarist go...that kind of stuff is... And I think that's ...that's possibly why you...you might get some of the same listeners.And it's their personality that seems to bring classical and metal fans together, both at ease with themselves and introverted, although metalheads do tend to be work-shy as well. As for indie fans, they typically have low self-esteem and are lazy, unlike their rap counterparts who have high self-esteem and tend to be outgoing.And one of the interesting aspects to our findings was that basically the more you earn, so the more likely you are to enjoy a kind of really punchy, quite dynamic music. In contrast, it’s the lower earners amongst our sample of people who tended to like much more calm and much more relaxing music.So Dozard's study holds wit.Well, I think the researchers have also been camped outside my house for the last couple of weeks coz’ that’s meat down to a tee. Every night, I retreat to my lonely bedsit, and sit and do some life doing.So I think there is much more to you than what music today. I don't think, no...Kellen Jellars, I think, probably, that's sound, Kellen Jellars, I think. I hope I am anyway, so in that respect, I don’t have a fully support on hardworking. If my boss is watching, yes I’m, very hardworking.It may not be an exact science, but it will please those prone to stereotyping, theatrical opera lovers, lazy indie kids, it's not prejudice. It's science. Orla Chennaoui, Sky News.参考中文翻译:如果你认为重金属音乐喜好者攻击性比较强,蓝调音乐迷比较忧郁——那么你就大错特错了。最近一项调查显示我们对音乐的偏好能直接反映我们的性格——但是结果出人意料。Sky栏目记者Orla Chennaoui报道。认真听一下这段音乐选段,因为无论是奶酪还是粉笔都不仅说明了你对音乐的口味,还体现了你的性格,而不一定是你所认为的方式。按理说,你认为Joe Fylan 晚上会听古典音乐。但是他偶尔也会听重金属音乐或者摇滚音乐。根据一项新的调查结果,这没有什么奇怪的。经常听古典音乐的人比较习惯于倾听比较精的表演。如果你认真听,就可以体会的到。所以,人们听到是精的演绎。听重金属音乐也是一样的。你可以倾听歌手的演唱,吉他手的演绎,同样可以体会到其中的精。我想这可能就是古典音乐和摇滚音乐有同样的听众的原因。是性格把古典音乐迷和重金属音乐迷联系到一起的,他们都比较喜欢一个人独处,比较内向,虽然热爱金属音乐的人在工作中也比较害羞。对indie迷来说,他们不是那么自大,而且比较懒散,不像rap迷,一般自尊心很强,而且比较外向。我们的发现中比较有趣的一点是,你赚钱赚的越多,越喜欢听强劲的,有活力的音乐。相反,在我们的调查对象中,收入越低,越倾向于平静的,轻松的音乐。所以Dozard的研究是充满智慧的。喔,我想研究者们前两周可能就驻扎在我房子外面对我进行研究了,因为总结的非常正确。每天晚上,我都退隐到我的小房间里面,坐着随便做点什么事。所以我认为这比音乐来说对你更重要。我不这样认为,不……Kellen Jellars,我认为可能是Kellen Jellars。无论如何,我认为我不完全赞成努力工作。当然,如果老板在监视的话,我会非常努力工作的。或许这并不是太准确的科学,但是可以取悦那些喜欢陈词滥调的人,那些歌剧喜好者,慵懒的 indie 迷。这并不是偏见,而是科学。200811/57259上饶去眼袋多少钱

鄱阳县瑞兰美白针多少钱Cuba, US Struggle to Repair Long-Frayed Relationship年终报道:美国古巴修复关系举步艰难President Barack Obama has been under pressure to recast the nation's relations with Cuba and ease decades of restrictions on the Communist government. Aly the president has ended travel limits on Cuban-Americans and called for new talks between the nations, but Havana says Washington is not going far enough.美国总统奥巴马在如何调整与古巴的关系以及是否放松数十年来对古巴共产党政府的限制等问题上面临压力。奥巴马总统已经取消了对古巴裔美国人前往古巴的限制,并呼吁古巴与美国举行新的对话。但是古巴说,美国采取的行动还不够。As many people make plans to visit family for the holidays, Cuban-Americans are hoping to take advantage of new rules that ease travel to the island. Earlier this year, President Obama reversed a 2002 rule that limited how often Cuban-Americans could visit relatives or send remittances to the island. Supporters of the rule say fewer travelers meant less U.S. money was getting to the Cuban government, but critics say the rule simply kept families apart.很多美国人计划在年底的节日假期探望家人。古巴裔美国人则希望能利用放松了的前往古巴的新规定。今年早些时候,奥巴马总统取消了2002年制定的有关古巴裔美国人去古巴探亲次数和向古巴汇款的限制规定。持这些限制的人士说,前往古巴的人数减少意味着更少的美国资金流到古巴政府手中。但是批评人士说,这种限制只是造成家人分离。Since the change, travel agents say activity is up and some charter companies have added more flights to accommodate the flood of Cuban-Americans making trips back to the island. 自从放松限制以来,旅游代理机构说,前往古巴的人数增加,一些包机公司增加了飞往古巴的航班,以满足回古巴探亲的大批古巴裔美国人的需求。In Miami, Alvaro Fernandez advocated against the U.S. travel restrictions for years. He was one of the first to take advantage of the new rules and return to Cuba earlier this year, and he says many other Cuban-Americans are doing the same.在迈阿密,费尔南德斯多年来一直反对限制前往古巴旅行的规定。他是最早利用有关新规定、今年年初重返古巴的人之一。他说,很多古巴裔美国人也在这样做。"This time of the year is when people travel," he explained. "It's a family thing, they want to spend the end of the year together. So now with travel easier, more people are going."费尔南德斯说:“每年这个时候都是人们旅行的季节。这是家庭活动,人们希望年底的时候家人能团聚。现在旅行限制放松了,有更多的人前往古巴。”At the same time, the Obama administration has been reaching out to the Cuban government to end decades of isolation and mutual distrust. Officials met in September to discuss renewing direct mail. They also plan to reopen talks on migration issues, which were canceled by former President George W. Bush in 2003 与此同时,奥巴马政府一直努力与古巴政府接触,以结束数十年来的孤立和相互不信任。美国和古巴的政府官员今年9月曾经会面,讨论恢复直接通邮的问题。他们还计划重新开始有关移民问题的会谈。布什总统2003年取消了与古巴的移民会谈。12/92722上饶县中医院祛疤多少钱 上饶上饶县去斑多少钱

鄱阳县妇幼保健人民中医院去除狐臭多少钱Despite a sluggish economy, charitable giving by American people and companies rose more than 6.5 percent last year from .虽然经济仍不景气,但是一项新的调查发现,2010年,美国人和美国公司的慈善捐款比年增加了6.5%还多。A study, by the research group Atlas of Giving, suggests the growth in giving was fueled primarily by a robust stock-market performance and greater awareness of people facing tough times because of the economy.一个叫作“捐赠总汇”的组织所做的调查显示,慈善捐款增加的主要原因是股市强劲回升,以及人们更多地意识到经济给很多人带来的经济困境。Increased donationsEach week an Arlington, Virginia food bank delivers donated goods to a senior citizens residential building. Without the the items such as canned food, dairy products and frozen meats, many on fixed incomes would be forced to go without or sacrifice other things. 每个星期,维吉尼亚州阿灵顿的一个食物都为一家养老院捐赠食物。如果没有这些罐头食品、奶制品以及冷冻肉,很多像玛丽·兰尼这样只有养老金收入的人,只好不吃这些东西,或者牺牲其它的东西来买这些食物。"Well a lot of people have to pay for medicine and different small items, but with this here that helps them be able to keep a little more as far as carrying them through the month," says Mary Lanier, as she fills a bag with donated food. 兰尼说:“很多人得付医药费以及其它一些零星费用。有了这些捐赠的食物,他们可以多留一点钱,至少能够撑到月底。”Without donations from individuals and corporations the Arlington Food Assistance Center would be unable to get food into the hands of about 3,000 people who need it. Despite the economic downturn, donations here grew 26 percent over and more than a million dollars was raised last year.如果没有个人或者公司的捐赠,阿灵顿食品赞助中心就不可能为大约3千个人提供他们所需要的食物。虽然经济不景气,但是,阿灵顿食品赞助中心2010年收到的捐助物品比年增加了26%,还筹集到100多万美元的善款。"Arlington County residents have traditionally been very generous with AFAC and I think they are coming out of this recession earlier than most, and are willing to give back to their fellow neighbor," says Charles Meng, executive director of the Arlington Food Assistance Center. 中心执行主任查尔斯·孟说:“阿灵顿郡的居民长期以来对我们中心非常慷慨。他们比美国大多数人更早走出经济衰退,他们也更愿意回馈给社区其他人。”Donors like Alois Michalak are among those giving back to their fellow neighbor. "Over the past four years, my wife and I have donated more and more each and every year so I do expect that to continue to happen."像阿罗斯·米夏尔克这样的捐赠者就很愿意在现在经济困难的时候帮助他人。他说:“过去4年来,我和太太每年都比前一年捐得更多,我想我们会持续这么做的。”201103/128280 An industry association warns Thailand's tourism business faces staggering losses this year because of the confrontation between anti-government protesters and security forces. Many tourists have canceled travel to Thailand or have fled areas caught up in deadly clashes in the past few days.泰国一个行业协会警告说,泰国反政府示威者跟安全部队的对峙今年将给泰国观光业带来惊人的损失。许多观光客取消了泰国之行,或者逃离了过去几天发生血腥冲突的地区。The Federation of Thai Industries says the political conflict could cost the tourism industry more than billion, after images of deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces were flashed across the world.泰国工业联盟(The Federation of Thai Industries)表示,反政府抗议者和安全部队之间血腥冲突的画面在全世界播放之后,这场政治冲突可能给泰国旅游业造成超过10亿美元的损失。The FTI says hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and shopping malls near the protest sites would be hardest hit.泰国工业联盟说,受损最严重的将是抗议地点附近的酒店、餐馆、纪念品商店和购物商城。More than 40 countries have issued travel warnings regarding Bangkok.40多个国家发布了跟曼谷有关的旅行警告。Khao San Road is a popular tourist area in the city, and it is close to the location of the worst violence on Saturday, when more than 20 people died, and hundreds injured. 考山路是曼谷市最著名的观光区,它靠近星期六发生最严重暴力事件的地方。有20多人在那次冲突中丧生,几百人受伤。Kumtan drives a tuk-tuk, or small three-wheeled taxi, on Khao San.库姆坦在考山路上开小型电动三轮出租车。Kumtan says foreign travelers will stay away this year because they are afraid. He says is not good and will hit his income hard. 库姆坦说,外国游客害怕发生危险,今年不会到曼谷观光。他说,那将非常糟糕,他的收入会减少很多。The protesters largely support former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a coup in 2006. They want Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to resign and call new elections. They began mass protests in the city a month ago.抗议者基本上都持在2006年一次政变中被推翻的前总理他信。他们想要现任总理阿披实下台,并要求举行新选举。抗议者一个月前开始在曼谷举行大规模抗议示威。Even before the violence, hotels in Bangkok reported that 20 percent of their reservations were being canceled by travelers concerned by the protests.即使在暴力事件发生之前,曼谷的酒店就报告说,游客担心发生抗议活动,取消了20%的酒店预定。Tourism industry officials expect visitor arrivals to fall to about 14.5 million this year, one million less than had been expected, because of the protests. Tourism accounts for some six percent of Thailand's national income.旅游业官员预计,由于抗议事件接连不断,今年到达泰国的游客人数将减少到大约1450万人,比先前预计的人数少100百万。旅游收入占泰国GDP大约6%。201004/101284余干县妇幼保健人民中医院祛痣多少钱广丰区假体丰胸多少钱



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