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Sure, he#39;ll text, IM, or tweet. But if you#39;ve forgotten what his voice sounds like, try these proven tricks to get him to actually dial your digits.当然,他会发短信,网上聊天或者社交网络更你联系。但是如果你想念他的声音,尝试一下屡试不爽的方法,让他主动打电话给你。You Will Need你需要Assertiveness果断Specificity专一Positive reinforcement积极的巩固Brevity简短Understanding理解Steps步骤Step 1 Be assertive1.果断Be assertive. Guys respond to directness, so don#39;t hint that you#39;d like a call every now and then. Even a simple, ;It#39;d be great if you called me this afternoon to go over our plans for the evening; will work.一定要果断。男孩们喜欢言简意赅,不要暗示你希望他偶尔打个电话给你。即使简单的一句,“如果你今天下午打电话给我商量一下晚上的计划就好了”,也能起到作用。Step 2 Give positive reinforcement2.积极的强调Give him positive reinforcement when he does get around to dialing. Sound happy to hear from him and you#39;ll train him to love giving you a ring instead of ding it.当他打电话给你的时候,一定要反应积极。表现出听到他的电话非常开心的样子,这样会训练他喜欢打电话给你,而不是讨厌。Step 3 Keep it short3.保持通话简短Keep the conversation brief – 10 minutes or less, and keep it light. Chances are, neither of you wants to get bogged down in endless chitchat.通话简短——最好控制在十分钟以内,而且语气要轻快。你们两人肯定都不想陷入没完没了的闲谈中。If he calls during the day, tell him you have a meeting in five minutes and can#39;t talk long. Leave him wanting more.如果他在白天打电话,告诉他你五分钟后要开会,不能说太久。让他更想给你打电话。Step 4 Be understanding4.理解Understand that many men like texting or e-mailing because they can seem funnier or smarter if they can proof their thoughts. If he sounds awkward during the call, let it go.要理解,许多男人喜欢发短信或邮件,因为如果能提前考虑他们的想法,会让他们看上去更有趣,更聪明。如果在通话过程中他听上去有点尴尬,不要在意。Step 5 Have a last resort5.最后的妥协Call him as a last resort. He may follow suit and call you back.最后的手段就是,主动打电话给他。他会照做,回电话给你。The first cellular phone was a Motorola that weighed 2 pounds, offered a half hour of talk time, and sold for ,995 in 1984.1984年问世的第一部手机是托罗拉,重达2磅,可以提供半小时的通话时间,售价3,995美元。视频听力由。 Article/201311/262940。

Our journey starts at the very heart of China, Beijing. China#39;s capital is a vast metropolis, home to 15 million people.我们的旅程将从中国的心脏北京启航。中国的首都是一座巨大的城市,供养着1500万人口。This bustling modern city seems an unlikely place for traditional beliefs and customs. But beneath the contemporary veneer, it#39;s possible to see glimpses of a far older China.这座熙熙攘攘的现代都市似乎与传统信仰和习俗无缘,在现代的浮华外表之下依稀可以窥探到远古中国的身影。Every morning, people head to the parks around the Forbidden City, to continue a custom which is centuries old.每一个早晨,人们汇聚到紫禁城附近的公园里,延续一种保持了数个世纪的传统。Many Chinese keep birds as companions, specifically a type of laughing thrush from southern China.许多中国人把鸟儿当作自己的伙伴,尤其喜欢一种来自中国南方的画眉鸟。But they know that cooped up indoors, birds may become depressed.养鸟的人知道把鸟关在笼子里,鸟儿也许会变得消沉So they try to brighten their day by meeting other birds. This surprising scene in the heart of modern Beijing is a clue to China#39;s oldest spiritual ambition, the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.因此他们试图让鸟儿们也高兴起来。通过让鸟儿们聚会的这种方式,北京的中心上演了出人意料的一幕。从中可以发掘到远古中国心灵的渴望,那就是——人与自然注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201408/318092。

Steve Jobs has been called a revolutionary.史蒂夫乔布斯被称为革命先驱He changed the computer industry,他改变了电脑行业the movie industry, the music industry电影行业、音乐行业and the mobile phone industry.和流动电话行业His life has been an unusual journey他的一生是不平凡的旅程of successes and failures,当中有成功也有失败but he did it all with style.但也有他自己的一套风格This is the story of Steve Jobs.以下是史蒂夫乔布斯的故事Steve Jobs was put up for adoption at birth.乔布斯出生便被人领养His biological parents were intellectuals,他的亲生父母是知识份子they were graduate students at the University of Wisconsin他们是威斯康辛大学的毕业生and they weren#39;t married at the time他们在乔布斯出世时还未结婚so they were still in school他们还在读书so when Steve Jobs was born in 1955,所以当乔布斯在1955年出生时they put him up for adoption.他们便将乔布斯交给人抚养He was adopted by a family in San Francisco, California领养他的是加州三藩市一个家庭who very much wanted children夫妇很想要小朋友who were very loving, good parents.他们是一对充满爱心的好父母Steve Jobs grew up south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley,乔布斯在矽谷的三藩市南部长大known for computer companies矽谷就是那个有很多like Hewlett Packard and Intel电脑公司的地方,例如惠普...that manufactured semiconductors以及用矽来制造半导体的公司made of silicon.像英特尔而闻名于世 /201310/260313。

华天,中国奥运骑士,从历史和西方精神世界里走出来的现代东方骑士!2008年,他是目前世界上唯一一位18岁的马术三项赛最高级别国际四星级骑手和奥运会骑手;2009年,他被推举为国际马术联合会历史上第一位21岁年龄级别最佳骑手,他还成为;著名老伊顿生;名单中的人物;2010年,他参加了;伯明顿;大赛和;伯利;大赛(国际四星级马术三项赛顶级赛事),并与国际马联;廿世纪的骑士;马克。托德一起再次成为国际马联马术运动;激励;形象人物;2012年,他成为伦敦奥运会马术项目中唯一获取参赛资格的中国骑士,现担任英国旅游官方形象大使。以下是广告词的双语文本:I#39;m Alex Hua Tian, an Olympic Chinese event rider, and I train and live in Britain. I#39;ve been in school in the UK since I was 11 years old. And now I#39;m based here full time, training for 2012. Although I live in the countryside, I love the hustle and bustle of London. And so for me, for a holiday, I will definitely come to London, enjoy the culture, enjoy the sights, enjoy the night life and the good restaurants.我是华天,奥运会中国队马术三项赛选手。我现在在英国集训。11岁开始,我就在英国上学。为了迎战2012伦敦奥运会,我在英国接受全天候训练。住在英国乡村的我,也热爱伦敦繁华的城市景象。想要度假的话,伦敦一定是我的首选,在这里体味文化,欣赏美景,享受夜生活,品尝美食。London is very important, but there are so many things that the countryside in Britain offers. From Scotland to Salisbury Plain, just go out there, enjoy yourself and enjoy the experience.伦敦虽然应有尽有,但是英国乡村也美不胜收。无论是苏格兰还是英格兰索尔兹伯里平原。只要你背上行囊踏上旅途,就一定不虚此行。Take yourself to Badminton Horse Trials, where you will see amazing horses galloping across massive fences. In contrast to that, a nice quiet local pub in the Cotswolds, there are just millions of things to experience, millions of things to enjoy.你可以去英格兰伯明顿,观看最经典的马术比赛,看骑手策马奔腾,翻越障碍。也可以前往英格兰科茨沃尔德地区,在当地小酒馆闲坐片刻,享受几分静谧时光。选择如此之多,只要去体验你就会乐在其中。There is nothing more quintessentially British than cricket. The image of village cricket on a blistering summer#39;s day is just so picturesque. My particular discipline eventing is the mixture of dressage, cross country and show jumping. And there is no where better to watch it than at Badminton Horse Trials at Badminton house.板球可谓是最英式的运动了,炎炎盛夏的英国乡村里绿草如茵。人们尽情地挥击板球,这是多么生动的一幅画面。我的马术三项赛包括盛装舞步,障碍赛和越野赛。想要真正体验马术三项赛的话,伯明顿庄园就是你最佳的选择。I competed at my first Badminton last year, and hearing my horse#39;s footsteps through the cobbled arch ways at Badminton#39;s stables was really a very special moment for me. And I hope that the Olympics will top that.去年我第一次参加伯明顿马术比赛,当时我骑着马,踱步于古老乡村的弹硌路上,马蹄声声声入耳,那一刻难以忘怀。我期待着在伦敦奥运会上收获更加难忘的体验。The 2012 London Olympic equestrian events will be held here at Greenwich Park. What a beautiful venue!2012伦敦奥运马术比赛,将在伦敦著名的世界文化遗产格林尼治公园举行。这真是太棒了。This year is my year to qualify for the Olympics. Last Olympics, 2008 in Beijing, was my home Olympics. 2012 in London is eventing#39;s home Olympics. I wouldn#39;t want to sum Britain up in one sentence. There are so much culture diversity and heritage. You really just have to come and see it for yourself.今年一整年我都在争取奥运参赛资格,2008北京奥运会,我主场作战,2012年你们要为我加油。我无法用一句话来概括英国,如此厚重的历史沉淀,如此丰富的文化遗产,只有你亲自来见和体验。Britain, you are invited.英国,就等你来! Article/201404/288056。

在这个扣人心弦的演讲中,杰森.麦丘呼吁我们以新的方式去回击恐怖主义,去削弱其可信度,而这正是那些新加入者投身其中的原因。他和我们分享了一些真实的故事,讲述他和其他一些活跃分子用这种方式去参与和创造变革。 Article/201310/257979。

片名:乔布斯 jOBS 又名 贾伯斯 | 史蒂夫·乔布斯:灵光乍现类别:传记 | 剧情 地区:美国主演:艾什顿·库彻 | 德蒙特·莫罗尼 | 马修·莫迪恩 | 乔什·盖德导演:约书亚·迈克尔·斯坦恩洛编剧:马修·怀特利上映日期:2013年8月16日 剧情: 该传记片将记录苹果公司前总裁史蒂夫·乔布斯1971-2000,即16-45岁之间的工作和生活。一起回顾史蒂夫·乔布斯,这位亿万美元嬉皮士,充满无畏、自信、自恋、以及疯狂远大报负的传奇人生。The story of Steve Jobs#39; ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.--Steve, it takes guts to drive that like what you did.--I want to experience that. Come to basement to experience it.--What are you working at?--It#39;s a computer terminal that holds up to a TV screen.--Er, Steve.--Wow.--He certainly states the art. Nobody#39;s making anything like this.--Oh, how can you help Apple computer?--So is there everything?--Start at.--I think we should start with about 90 grand.--Could you repeat that?--If you haven#39;t been bored.--Trust me!--Apple Incorporated went public this morning.--We got to make the small things unforgettable.--Typeface isn#39;t an impressing issue.--Get out.--He#39;s trying to start a war with IBM!--Steve#39;s been doing the impossible ever since he was in the garage.--I#39;m trying to build Apple and now they#39;re taking it away from me?--If you keep any known as path, I will not protect you.--So blame for .--I#39;m gonna sue you for every state. --You are your own worst enemy.--The board is unanimous. Steve will no longer be involved in this company.Ten years after Steve Jobs#39; departure, the future of Apple computer is in jeopardy.--In life, you only get to do so many things. We will make Apple cool again. You created the craziest ones. And this fits the rebels, because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.--If we are gonna do this thing, we need to come up with a name.--Apple.--That is so much better than face-being computers. /201308/252707。

ANNOUNCER: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I‘m an American organization that was founded in the early 1900. 我是在20世纪初成立的美国组织。I have more than 1,000 members, mostly colleges and universities. 我有1000多个成员,他们大多数是学院和大学。My president is Mark Emmert, and my headquarters is in Indianapolis.我的主席是马克#8226;艾默特,我的总部在印第安纳波利斯。I‘m the NCAA, and I‘m responsible for creating and enforcing rules for college athletics.我是美国大学体育总会,我负责为大学运动员设计并执行规则。AZUZ: One set of rules the NCAA focuses on is the eligibility of student athletes, specifically their amateur status. 美国大学体育总会关注的一套规则正是学生运动员的资格,特别是他们的业余身份。Many colleges athletes get scholarships, so playing sports can offset the cost of their education. 很多大学运动员有奖学金,所以运动能抵消教育的花费。But they don‘t actually get paid to play. 但他们并不是真的通过运动来赚钱。The group started by a former college players pushing for change. 这个组织是由想推进改变的前大学运动员发起的。Last weekend, it organized an on-field demonstration.上周末,它组织了一场实地示威。 /201310/258847。