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赣州市东门医院肛肠章贡区治疗肛门瘙痒哪家医院好排名哪里英语口语每天说上半小时0(77) -- :59: 来源: 77. Describing people 1. How does she look like?. what do you think of her?3. what's the color of her hair?. What happened to her?5. Have you seen her lately?6. You look great in that suit, don't you?7. Judging from her appearance, she must be a dancer. am i right?Dialogue oneW: My friend Jane is very beautiful.M: What's her figure?W: Perfect. And I like her charming eyes, too.M: What's the color of her eyes?W: Dark blue.M: how old is she?W: Twemty.Dialogue twoM: This is my friend Jenny.W: What's her last name?M: It's Snow.W: What color are her eyes?M: They're blue.W: What color is her hair?M: It's brown.W: How old is she?M: She's .Dialogue threeW: Bill, how can you hear so happy today?M: Aha. I've of my roommate. I made a move today.W: Really? What was the matter?M: You knew Brain Locker?W: Brain Locker? No, I don't think so. What does he look like?M: Well, he's thin and tall. He has brown hair, a holt nose, green eyes and wearing glasses.W: Mm. I've seen him a couple of times, I think.This is Edward Hosley. He's called Ted short. He's a pleasant young man. He's good looking and he has got many friends of his own age. He's . He's got a job in the office of a large factory not far from his home, where he works five days a week, Monday to Friday, nine o'clock to five thirty. He lives with his parents and gives his mother some money everyweek food and other living expenses. He si happy to live at home. He has one luxury--a small car, which he bought second-hand. At weekend, he often comes to my house to play with me or we go travelling together. We enjoy a happy time together.Describing People1. He's tall and strong.. He must be kind.3. He's a very serious person.. She's a sweet housewife.5. My girl friend has got long black hair.6. Her husband is five feet two inches tall7. My daughter is a bit short-sighted.8. He likes to wear conservative clothes.9. He graduated from college in 1999.. She's fund of watching TV.Dialogue oneM: Guess who i saw yesterday?W: Who?M: My cousin Monik. Have you seen her lately?W: Not a couple of years. What happened to her?M: Nothing exactly. She's grown into a very attractive young lady.W: Oh, she is.M: You know, her long lovely blond hair and beautiful blue eyes really make her stand out from others.W: Not surprising. I bet she's very tall and slim.M: Yean. Around five feet five inches tall.Dialogue twoW: Tonny looks very handsome in the suit.M: He prefers suits to jackets.W: Judging from his look, he's a very serious person.M: As a matter of fact, he is.Dialogue threeM: This is my aunt.W: What does she do? She looks pretty.M: She is a nurse.W: She must be kind and careful.M: Exactly.Gorge was my friend a few years ago. But he isn't my friend anymore. A few years ago, he was poor. Now, he is rich. when I knew him, he worn shabby clothes, was very thin and lived in a small apartment. He rode a bicycle. He was quick-tempered and whenever he got into trouble, he turned to me help. He was an art student then and had to work hard during holidays to help pay his way. Then he met Linda. Linda has a very rich father and Gorge married her. Now he wears expensive clothes, is rather fat and lives in a huge house. He drives a fast sports car. He's never in trouble I guess. and he's never turned out since he got married. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语龙南县治疗肛瘘多少钱 英语口语每天说上半小时0(33) -- ::3 来源: 33. Refusal1. I wish I would, but David is coming this evening.. I’d like to but my husband wouldn’t like it.3. I’d rather not.. I’m terribly sorry, I don’t think I can.5. Thank you very much asking me but I feel rather tired.6. That’s really not necessary.7. That’s very kind of you but I have an appointment Friday evening.8. Sorry I can’t, but thanks anyway.9. Thank you but I won’t be able to come to meet your friend.. Untunately I have to attend a conference that day.Dialogue 1M: We’re going to the movies. Will you join us?W: I’m very sorry I can’t.M: Why not?W: I’m afraid I have some business to attend to.M: Then would you like to have lunch with us?W: I’d love to but I have to help John with his math problems right now.M: Would you like me to give you a lift?W: No, thanks. His home is not far and I can walk there.M: Come on. It’s no trouble at all.W: Ok, thank you.Dialogue W: How have you been?M: Fine, thank you.W: And how’s everyone in your family?M: Very well, thank you. I’m meeting my wife and daughter lunch at :00, would you care to join us?W: I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t. I’ve aly got a lunch engagement.Dialogue 3M: Why don’t you sit down and relax, darling?W: I don’t want to.M: Well, come and talk to me then.W: Certainly not.M: May I turn on the radio then?W: Turn on the radio? What ?M: So that we can sit down together and listen to some music.W: Listen to some music? And who’ll cook dinner? Will you?M: Ok, I will. But let’s go to a disco after dinner.W: To a disco? Oh, no. You know I hate pop.Dialogue W: Write down your name here in ink.M: But I don’t have a pen with me. May I use a pencil?W: I’m afraid a pencil won’t do. Wait a moment, I’ll find you one.Dialogue 5M: I must be going now.W: Really? Can’t you stay a little longer?M: No, I really must go now. My family are expecting me home soon.W: Be seeing you then.M: See you.Sometimes it’s hard us to make a refusal. Shall we tell the truth frankly or express our refusal in a round about way. example, suppose a friend wants to borrow some money from you, and you say, ‘I could help you but I’m short of cash right now.’ In fact, you’re not short of cash, but your friend is in the habit of getting to pay his debts and you don’t want to hurt his feelings by reminding him of this. Another example, your friend invites you to see a movie that doesn’t interest you, would you tell him, ‘I don’t like it,’ or just say, ‘I’d like to go but I have an important appointment tonight?’ 小时 上半 每天 英语口语那些把灯背在背上的人,把他们的影子投到了自己前面       They throw their shadows bee them who carry their lantern on their back.我的存在,对我是一个永久的神奇,这就是生活          That I exist is ?a perpetual surprise which is life.                我们萧萧的树叶都有声响回答那风和雨你是谁呢,那样的沉默着?”“我不过是一朵花”                      We, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms,but who are you so silent?"I am a mere flower.休息与工作的关系,正如眼睑与眼睛的关系            Rest belongs to the work as the eyelids to the eyes.人是一个初生的孩子,他的力量,就是生长的力量       Man is a born child, his power is the power of growth. 31赣州晚上睡觉肛门瘙痒

宁都县人民医院看肠息肉好不好"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."   -Hellen Keller “这个世界上最美好的及最美丽的东西并不是可以看到或触摸到的-它们必须用心去体会”"Can miles truly separate you from friends....If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you aly there?"  -Richard Bach“空间上的距离并不能真正将你与你的朋友分开,如果你想和你所爱的人在一起,其实你已经在那里了”Miles cannot separate me from the man I love. Although face-to-face communication is few and far between, his heart still finds ways to speak to me.相隔万里并不能把我爱的人与我分开尽管我们之间面对面交流的机会很少,但他的心总会找到方向与我对话He calls to me across the miles.Night winds carry his whispers.They float on the breeze and through my windows,Falling gently upon my ears,- Hush -I hear him now.He calls to me from the heavens,Glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes.When he looks at me, I am consumed by the fire.I see him now.He calls to me through my dreams,Dancing together in the shadows of my sleep,Where we laugh and love once again.I am in his arms,I feel him now.He calls to me,Every moment of every day.Distance couldn't keep us apart,When destiny drew us together.I'll hold him eternity,As long as he keeps calling. 89瑞金治疗肛窦炎哪家医院好排名哪里 求婚九句:男士必会 -01-7 19::19 来源: 【求婚九句】 ------ 男生必学﹐学不会? 拖出去重打 5 下台鞭 我们结婚吧! 单刀直入法︰ Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给(娶)我吗? Would you be my wifehusband? 你愿意当我的妻子丈夫吗? 迂回暗示法︰ I think it's time we took some vows.我想是我们该许下誓言的时候了 I think it's time we settled down... 我想是我们该稳定下来的时候了…… I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 我要与你共度余生 I want to be with you ever. 我要永远与你相守 咬文嚼字法︰ Let's get *hitched! 我们成为比翼鸟吧! Let's tie the knot! 我们结为连理枝吧! 强迫法︰ I want to have your children. 我要跟你生宝宝 *hitch(v.) 系住、栓住 男士 我们 want 我要赣县人民医院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格

于都县治疗结肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里Practical joke: 恶作剧 -01-6 3:9:51 来源: 英语中关于"开玩笑"的表达举不胜举,可信手拈来的一个词就是 "joke",如 "play a joke on sb",即"开某人的玩笑"或 "搞恶作剧" 但如若看到 "play a practical joke on sb", 你一定会感到奇怪,什么叫 "开实用的玩笑"呢?实际上, "practical"源于名词"practice",在这里更侧重于行动,与"verbal joke"(耍嘴皮子式的玩笑)相对应当然,既然已有古训"Action speaks louder than words",那么"practical joke"更需要开玩笑的人多费些心思,使玩笑更高明一点在文学界或学术界,作家们喜欢耍笔墨费心思, 反摹某一位自己不认同的对手的文字或观点,这也不失为"practical joke"的一种表现(中国日报网站编译) joke 玩笑 play 心思 英语口语:赶时间“分秒必争”的十种说法 -- 1:8: 来源: 很多时候,总是忙得气喘吁吁还被甩在时间的后面今天我们就来说一说跟时间有关的一些表达吧1. The homework is due two weeks from Monday. 这个作业两周后的那个周一交在英文中要提到下周一可以用 next Monday,下下周一偷懒的话可以说 next next Moday,但是有时候这种说法并不是很明确例如今天是周日,那 next Monday到底是指明天的那个周一呢? 还是指一星期后的那个周一呢? 所以为了要区别二者间的不同, 明天的那个星期一可以说 coming Monday,而一个星期后的周一则是 one week from Monday. We have to submit the final report by Thursday. 我们的期末报告必须在星期四前交英文里每种时间的单位前面都要使用不同的介词,例如 in 1999、 in July、on July 等等 但是例句中的by Thursday指的是下星期四前交,如果换成on Thursday.则是指星期四那天交3. Why do we have homework to do every other week? 为什么我们每两个礼拜就有作业要交?Every other week 就是每隔一周, 如果是每隔一天就是 every other day. Anyway, you got to do your research every single day. 无论如何, 你每一天都必须要做研究大家都知道 everyday 就是每天, 但是老美很喜欢用 every single day 来强调不但是"每天",而且是“每一天”语气上是有明显的差别的5. You can take your time though. 不过你可以慢慢做Take your time 是一个很常用的短语, 指的就是你可以慢慢来,不用着急6. It took me a while to figure out how to do this problem. 我花了好一会儿才想出如何做这个题目花了多少时间要用 take 或 spend,但二者所用的主语不同,动词形式也不同Take 需要使用形式主语 it,例如:It took me five hours to do the homework." 但如果要用 spend 的话,则必须用人当主语,例如:I spent five hours doing my homework.7. Now, we are out of time. 现在,我们时间不够了时间不够了最常听老美说的就是 out of time,如果是时间正好到了,则是 "Time is up." 像每次考试时间到了, 助教都会说这一句"Time is up."8. How much longer will it take you to get all of this stuff done? 你还要多久才能把事情做完"How long?" 跟 "How much longer?" 是不太一样的, "How long?' 是一开始的时候问的,"How much longer?" 是工作到一半时问的例如,有人要去割草,你就可以问他 "How long does it take?" (需要多久?) 但要是经过了一小时他老兄还没割好, 这时候你就可以问他"How much longer?" (还要多久啊?)9. Give me ten more minutes. 再给我十分钟再给我十分钟一般老美会这么说, "Give me another ten minutes" 或是 "Give me ten more minutes." 这个 more 常常会出现在一个数字的后面指再多一点的意思例如,还需要五块钱就是 five more bucks,再来一次就是 one more time. I don't want to be the last-minute person next time. 我下次不要再临时抱佛脚了Last-minute person 专指那种任何事情都要拖到最一分钟才做的人, 当然, 根据每个人混的程度之不同,也有人被形容为 last-second person,或是 last-hour person这些都是用来形容那些喜欢临时抱佛脚的人 时间 英语 分秒必争 赶兴国县治疗内痔多少钱赣州华兴肛肠治疗肛周疾病价格



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