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赣州华兴肛肠医院在什么地方赣州妇女儿童医院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好。For millions of Americans, this is a special and sacred time of year.对于数以百万计的美国人而言,这是一年中特别而神圣的时刻。。This week, Jewish families gathered around the Seder table, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the triumph of faith over oppression.在本周犹太家庭将团聚在逾越节餐桌前,一起纪念出埃及记及反抗压迫的信念取得的胜利。And this weekend, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and I will join Christians around the world to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hopeful promise of Easter.而在本周末,米歇尔、米拉、萨莎和我将与全世界的基督徒一起庆祝耶稣基督的复活以及神赐予的复活节的美好承诺。In the midst of all of our busy and noisy lives,在我们忙碌而纷杂的生活中,these holy days afford us the precious opportunity to slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer and reflection.这些神圣的日子给我们提供了放慢脚步,静静的花些时间去祷告和反思的难得机会。As Christians, my family and I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us—how He took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation.作为基督徒,我的家庭和我始终牢记耶稣为我们每一个人所做的毫无保留的牺牲,是他带走了全世界的罪恶救赎我们。And we recommit ourselves to following His example here on Earth.而我们也再次叮嘱自己永远以他为榜样。To loving our Lord and Savior.爱我们的主和救世主。To loving our neighbors.爱我们的邻里朋友。And to seeing in everyone, especially “the least of these, as a child of God.作为上帝的子民,将这种爱传递到每个人,尤其是“那些最卑微的人。Of course, those values are at the heart not just of the Christian faith; but of all faiths.当然,这些价值观不仅仅存在于基督徒的内心,还存在于所有信仰的人们心中。From Judaism to Islam; Hinduism to Sikhism; there echoes a powerful call to serve our brothers and sisters.从犹太教到伊斯兰教,从印度教到锡克教,都回响着为我们的兄弟务的庄重誓言。To keep in our hearts a deep and abiding compassion for all.对所有人的深深同情留在我们心底。And to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.希望别人怎么待我们,我们就应该如何去对待别人。That’s the common humanity that binds us together.这是将我们团结起来的基本的人性伦理。And as Americans, we’re united by something else, too:作为美国人,我们还因为别的事情团结在一起:faith in the ideals that lie at the heart of our founding; and the belief that,深深埋藏在我们心底的理想信念;as part of something bigger than ourselves, we have a shared responsibility to look out for our fellow citizens.而作为大家庭的一员,我们有着照顾同胞的共同责任信念。So this weekend, I hope were all able to take a moment to pause and reflect.所以本周末,我希望我们都能暂停一下反思一下,To embrace our loved ones.为了我们深爱的人们,To give thanks for our blessings.为了上天的恩赐,To rededicate ourselves to interests larger than our own.为了让我们再次献身于比自己更重要的事业。And to all the Christian families who are celebrating the Resurrection, Michelle and I wish you a blessed and joyful Easter.对所有正在欢庆基督复活的基督徒家庭,米切尔和我祝福大家复活节幸福快乐。God bless you.愿上帝保佑你们。And may God continue to bless the ed States of America.愿上帝继续庇佑美利坚合众国。201304/234732江西省赣州华兴肛肠医院治疗肛门湿疹价格 Clearly, people didnt want us to talk about death,显而易见,人们并不希望我们和他们谈论死亡,or, we thought that.或者,我们自己如此认为。So with loads of funding from the Federal Government所以,在联邦政府和地方卫生部门资金的持下and the local Health Service, we introduced a thing我们在John Hunter医院引入了at John Hunter called Respecting Patient Choices.一个名为“尊重病人的选择”的项目We trained hundreds of people to go to the wards我们培训了成百上千的工作人员,and talk to people about the fact that they would die,派他到病房去告诉别人他们大限将至and what would they prefer under those circumstances.然后问他们有什么打算。They loved it. The families and the patients, they loved it.此举受到病人和家属的欢迎。Ninety-eight percent of people really thought98%的人真的认为this just should have been normal practice,这应该成为一种常态化的做法,and that this is how things should work.同时,这也是顺应自然的做法。And when they expressed wishes,而当这些病人表达他们的意愿的时候,all of those wishes came true, as it were.所有这些意愿都可以实现。We were able to make that happen for them.我们可以帮他们实行他们的意愿。But then, when the funding ran out,然而,当这笔资金用完之后中,we went back to look six months later,六个月后我们再来评估这一项目,and everybody had stopped again,这一做法又被停止了。and nobody was having these conversations anymore.也没有人去进行这方面的谈话了。So that was really kind of heartbreaking for us,这是一种很令我们心酸的结局,because we thought this was going to really take off.因为我们一直以为,这会成为一种常态化的东西。The cultural issue had reasserted itself.文化问题又一次得到了体现。So heres the pitch:这就是问题所在。I think its important that we dont just get on this freeway我认为,在我们决定走上去ICU这条路时,to ICU without thinking hard about whether or not我们真的要想thats where we all want to end up,我们是否真的想死在ICU里,particularly as we become older and increasingly frail这点在我们老态龙钟和变得脆弱不堪时尤其重要,and ICU has less and less and less to offer us.这时,ICU能为我们做的事情是少之又少的。There has to be a little side road如果不去ICU,肯定还有其它的选择的off there for people who dont want to go on that track.前提是——你不想死在ICU里。And I have one small idea,而对于可能发生的事,我有一个“小”主意and one big idea about what could happen.我一个“大”主意And this is the small idea.我的小主意是:The small idea is, lets all of us让我们所有人engage more with this in the way that Jason has illustrated.更多地象Jason所描述的那样。Why cant we have these kinds of conversations我们为什么就不能和Jason一样with our own elders和我们的长辈and people who might be approaching this?或者那些正在慢慢变老的人和Jason一样谈一下这个问题呢?There are a couple of things you can do.你可以为此做一些事情。One of them is, you can,其中一个是,just ask this simple question. This question never fails.你只需问一个简单的问题。这是一个很有用的问题。;In the event that you became too sick to speak for yourself,“万一你病得不能讲话了,who would you like to speak for you?;你想让谁代你表达你的心声呢?”Thats a really important question to ask people,这真是一个非常重要的问题,because giving people the control over who that is这是因为,给予谁这个权利produces an amazing outcome.会给你带来不同的结局。The second thing you can say is,你可以说的第二个事情是,;Have you spoken to that person“你和哪个人谈过了about the things that are important to you你认为对你来说是很重要的事吗so that weve got a better idea of what it is we can do?;那样我们就比较清楚我们能为你做些什么。So thats the little idea.这就是我的“小”主意。The big idea, I think, is more political.我的大主意,我认为更实用。I think we have to get onto this.我认为,我们必须做好一件事。I suggested we should have Occupy Death.我建议搞一个“占领死亡”运动(Occupy Death)My wife said, ;Yeah, right, sit-ins in the mortuary.我妻子对我说,“对,对,到太平间去静坐”Yeah, yeah. Sure.;对,应该的。So that one didnt really run,所以,这个行不通,but I was very struck by this.但我还是受到一些打击的。Now, Im an aging hippie.现在,我是一个老嬉皮士。I dont know, I dont think I look like that anymore, but我不知道,我并不认为我还象一个嬉皮士,但是I had, two of my kids were born at home in the 80s在90年代,我的两个小孩都是在家里生产的when home birth was a big thing, and we baby boomers那时,在家生小孩是件大事,而我们这帮婴儿潮年代出生的人are used to taking charge of the situation,已经习惯了处理这些事,so if you just replace all these words of birth,所以,如果你要替换掉这些关于生产的字,I like ;Peace, Love, Natural Death; as an option.我会选择“和平、爱和自然死亡”I do think we have to get political我真的认为,我们必须得面对现实and start to reclaim this process from并且重申这一进程the medicalized model in which its going.从我们现行的医疗化模型中解放出来Now, listen, that sounds like a pitch for euthanasia.听走来,好像我又在鼓吹安乐死。I want to make it absolutely crystal clear to you all,我想向各位澄清一下I hate euthanasia. I think its a sideshow.我讨厌安乐死。我认为那是一个次要的问题。I dont think euthanasia matters.我不认为安乐死会有什么好处I actually think that,事实上,我认为,in places like Oregon,在象Oregon这类地方,where you can have physician-assisted suicide,你可以寻求到一些在医生的辅助下的自杀方式,you take a poisonous dose of stuff,你可以吃点毒药之类的东西,only half a percent of people ever do that.可只有0.5%的人做过这样的蠢事。Im more interested in what happens to the 99.5 percent其实,我对其它的99.5%的of people who dont want to do that.不想通过毒而死去的人感兴趣。I think most people dont want to be dead,我想,大多数人都不想死,but I do think most people want to have some control但我认为,大多数人都想能够控制over how their dying process proceeds.自己死亡的过程。So Im an opponent of euthanasia,所以,我反对安乐死,but I do think we have to give people back some control.但我又认为,我们应该给病重的人一些自己控制权。It deprives euthanasia of its oxygen supply.这能够让安乐死失去理由。I think we should be looking at stopping我认为,我们应该去尝试了解病人the want for euthanasia,想要安乐死背后的原因,not for making it illegal or legal or worrying about it at all.而不只是让它合法代或非法,或者毫不关心。This is a e from Dame Cicely Saunders,这是Dame Cicely Saunders的一句话,whom I met when I was a medical student.我还是一个医学院学生的时候遇过她She founded the hospice movement.她创立了护理所运动。And she said, ;You matter because you are,她说,“你就是你,你是重要的,and you matter to the last moment of your life.;直到你生命的最后一刻。“And I firmly believe that我坚定地相信thats the message that we have to carry forward.这是我们应该继续前行的旨意Thank you.谢谢201507/388609赣县区便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗

赣州华兴肛肠便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗So, what I see is the makings of a very healthy company with some extraordinarily talented people who are still just as passionate and committed to the dream of computing as they ever were. They need to come together and get a great plan and then start to execute it. Thats exactly whats been happening over the last four weeks.因此,我所看到的是,一个运营良好的公司和一群澎湃并一如既往执着于他们的计算机梦想的能人们。他们需要团结一心,共同制定一个伟大的方案,然后开始实施它。而以上这些就是过去四个星期内确切发生的事。Now, whats the fundamental problem? I think the fundamental problem is a little more subtle, but I think this is a symptom: Apple sales in 1995 were .1 billion; in 1996 they were .5 billion; this year theyll be billion plus or minus a little bit. Thats the problem, or the symptom, depending on how you look at it. That needs to be stabilized and turned around. And people are working very hard to do that. So what are some beginning steps that we are going to take? One of the first ones has to be to start at the top. Apples done a lot of change at the bottom and I think this change needs to start at the top, with the Board of Directors.那么,根本的问题是什么?我想,这似乎让人有点捉摸不透,但是这是一个征兆:苹果1995年的销售额是111亿美元,1996年是95亿美元,而今年,销售额将是70亿美元上下。这就是问题,或者说症结,就取决于你怎么看它了。我们需要平稳地去扭亏为盈,大家一直都在非常努力地做这件事情。那么现在我们首先要采取的步骤是什么?首当其冲的是高层的改革。苹果在基层做过很多改变,而我觉得这次改变需要从高层开始,从董事会开始。201407/309449定南县治疗肛瘘医院 Life is too short, time is too precious, and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.人生短暂,时间宝贵,沉湎于空想的代价实在太大了。We have to work together for what still can be.我们必须团结起来,为我们能够做到的而努力。And that is why I will work my heart out to make sure that Senator Obama is our next president.这就是我为何全力持奥巴马议员成为下一任总统的原因。And I hope and pray that all of you will join me in that effort.我希望并祈盼你们所有人都会加入到这项努力之中。To my supporters and colleagues in Congress, to the governors and mayors, elected officials who stood with me in good times and bad, thank you for your strength and leadership.我的持者和议会的同事们,政府官员和市长们以及参加竞选的官员们,无论是成是败你们与我站在一起,我要感谢你们的力量和领导。To my friends in our labor unions who stood strong every step of the way, I thank you and pledge my support to you.我的劳工联盟中的朋友们,你们坚持与我一路同行,我感谢你们并发誓把我的持给你。To my friends from every stage of my life, your love and ongoing commitment sustained me every single day.我的人生舞台上的每一位朋友,你的爱以及始终如一的奉献撑我度过每一天。To my family, especially Bill and Chelsea and my mother, you mean the world to me, and I thank you for all you have done.我的亲爱的家人们,特别是比尔,切尔西,还有我的妈妈,你们是我的全世界,我对你们所做的一切表示深深的谢意。And to my extraordinary staff, volunteers and supporters-- thank you for working those long, hard hours.我的优秀的员工们、志愿者们、持者们,谢谢你们为我努力了这么长时间。Thank you for dropping everything, leaving work or school, traveling to places that youve never been, sometimes for months on end.谢谢你们所放弃的一切——离开工作和学校,千里迢迢来到你们以前从未来过的地方,有时甚至是数月。And thanks to your families, as well, because your sacrifice was theirs, too.也谢谢你们的家人,因为你做出的牺牲也是他们的牺牲,All of you were there for me every step of the way.你们所有人都与我一路走来。201411/340448赣州便秘便血治疗医院要多少钱

赣州肛周炎治疗医院要多少钱好As you probably know, the neurotransmitter associated with learning is called dopamine.你知道,神经递质伴随学习产生的神经递质叫做多巴胺。Its associated with reward-seeking behavior.它与寻找奖励的行为相关联And something very exciting is just beginning to happen有些非常激动人心的事要开始发生在in places like the University of Bristol in the U.K.,像英国布里斯托尔大学这样的地方where we are beginning to be able to model mathematically dopamine levels in the brain.那里我们开始能用数学模型模拟大脑中多巴胺的水平And what this means is we can predict learning,这意味着我们能够预测学习过程we can predict enhanced engagement,我们能预测加强型活动these windows, these windows of time, in which the learning is taking place at an enhanced level.这些机会期,这段时间学习的过程在其中一个更高的水平上进行And two things really flow from this.随之而来的是两样东西The first has to do with memory, that we can find these moments.首先一定是关于记忆我们能发现这些时候When someone is more likely to remember, we can give them a nugget in a window.当一些人更容易记忆时,我们可以给他们提供机会期这一宝贵的资源And the second thing is confidence, that we can see how game-playing and reward structures第二样东西是自信,我们能看见游戏的运行和奖励结构make people braver, make them more willing to take risks,如何使人更勇敢,让他们更愿意去冒险more willing to take on difficulty, harder to discourage.更愿意承担困难,更难被打击This can all seem very sinister.这些都看来好像很险恶But you know, sort of ;our brains have been manipulated; were all addicts.;但你知道,有些“我们的大脑被控制了,我们都沉迷了”的说法The word ;addiction; is thrown around.沉迷这个字眼总萦绕周围There are real concerns there.那有些真正的忧虑But the biggest neurological turn-on for people is other people.但激发人类神经的最大因素是他人This is what really excites us.这才是真正让我们兴奋的In reward terms, its not money;在奖励方面,不是金钱its not being given cash--thats nice--不是获得现金--那也不错--its doing stuff with our peers, watching us, collaborating with us.而是与我们的同伴一起共事,看着我们,与我们合作And I want to tell you a quick story about 1999 -- a game called EverQuest.我想说一个小故事,在1999年--有一个游戏名为《无尽的任务》And in this game, there were two really big dragons,在这个游戏中有两条巨大的龙,and you had to team up to kill them--42 people, up to 42 to kill these big dragons.而你需要组建起队伍去屠戮它们--42人--总共42人去屠龙Thats a problem because they dropped two or three decent items.那是个问题,因为他们落下了两到三个合适的项目So players addressed this problem所以玩家为了设法解决这个问题by spontaneously coming up with a system to motivate each other, fairly and transparently.自发地形成了一个系统,公平地,公开地,激励彼此What happened was, they paid each other a virtual currency they called ;dragon kill points.;事情是这样的,他们相互偿付一种虚拟的货币,他们称之为弑龙点And every time you turned up to go on a mission, you got paid in dragon kill points.每次你出现去进行一项任务,你被得到弑龙点数作为报酬They tracked these on a separate website.他们在另一个网站上对此进行追踪So they tracked their own private currency,所以玩家们能搜索自己私人的货币and then players could bid afterwards于是他们可以在此之后竞价for cool items they wanted -- all organized by the players themselves.以获得他们想要的东西--这些所有都由玩家自己安排Now the staggering system, not just that this worked in EverQuest,现在这个惊人的系统已经不只是像《无尽的任务》那样了but that today, a decade on,在今天,十年之后every single game in the world with this kind of task uses a version of this system -- tens of millions of people.每个具有这种任务的单机游戏,使用这样一个版本的系统--依靠成千上万的人And the success rate is at close to 100 percent.而成功率接近百分之百This is a player-developed, self-enforcing, voluntary currency,这是基于玩家开发的,自我实施的,自愿的货币and its incredibly sophisticated player behavior.这真是难以置信的复杂的玩家行为And I just want to end by suggesting a few ways in which these principles could fan out into the world.作为结束,我想提出一些方法使得这些原则可以在引入真实的世界Lets start with business.我将从商业开始I mean, were beginning to see some of the big problems我的意思是,我们开始看见一些难题around something like business are recycling and energy conservation.围绕在,比如商业回收和能源保护的周围Were beginning to see the emergence of wonderful technologies like real-time energy meters.我们开始看见对优秀技术的亟待需求,比如实时能源表201511/411662 To mess this complexity —to compare, if you will, simplicity of the telephone just wanted to work, wanted to be easy to use. But what many people forget is that the telephone was in being by Graham Bell in 1876, took 120 years to get to where we are today, and was largely one company or one company in each country that has responsibility for implementing this service and making the devices work together from your home or business all the way throughout the network. We got to move from the same point in networking to where the various devices high or low tech and the various applications have to be leveraged very tightly and seamlessly from a customers perspective where the networking really to explode and for us to open up the opportunities many companies represent in this room. To do that it requires a generation of partnerships. It is our view that those companies who dont understand how to partner, how to align, how to strategically a partner acquire, and do joint-venture would be left behind. And when you begin to think about the partnership that you are going to need that would be the network, but one side of the network would be the devices that you need, whether those devices, dated devices, , mast like the combination of those, PCs, telephones, etc. Network computers. And youve got to interface with those into the network and seen in the same way of customers perspective. Youre got to be able to get to the data ware where it is the network and you really dont care but you incorporate Internet in the World Wide Web in your suppliers of network. Youve got to be able to get there very quickly whether its on mainframes, mini-computers, PCs serves, or whatever on that side.更复杂的是——如果你将其和电话相比,你希望可以像打电话那样简单。但不要忘了电话由格雷厄姆·贝尔在1876年发明,至今已有120年了,才达到今天这种水平,并且在每个国家都有公司来负责电话务,并通过网络将你的家和公司接起来。我们从网络中的同一起点出发,使得各种高科技和低科技以及各种应用设备很紧密地连接在一起来满足用户对网络的要求。这种情况下,用户对网络的需求会大增,这给了今天出席会议的各公司提供了许多机会。为了实现这一目标,我们需要互相合作。从我们的角度看,不懂得如何合作、如何联合的公司、不懂合作伙伴的需求、不懂合作投资的公司必将落后。当你考虑你所需的合作者是什么样时,这个合作者其实就是网络,但网络的一端是你所需的设备,不论是什么样的设备,数据设备也好,视频设备也好,必须和电脑、电话线等连接起来。你必须通过接口把设备接入网络,当然,消费者也需要这么做。你得知道网络数据库在哪,虽然你并不关心,但你会把互联网接入到万维网中。不论是在主机、小型机上、个人电脑务器上、还是任何其他机器上,你都可以很快连接上。201408/323395吉安市治疗结肠炎医院赣州附属医院看湿疹好不好



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