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武汉治疗梅毒哪家好武汉硚口区治疗早泄多少钱Consummate nerd and Harvard drop-out he may be, Mark Zuckerberg also happens to be one of the most powerful men in the world. 马克#86;扎克伯格是计算机绝顶怪才,哈佛肄业生,他还是世界上影响力最大的人之一 But all of his billions of dollars, technological genius and philanthropic leanings, the co-founder of Facebook remains a very, very bad dresser. 尽管坐拥数十亿身家,拥有非凡的技术天赋,还热衷慈善,但这位脸谱网站共同创始人的着装品味实在不敢让人恭维 So bad, in fact, that GQ magazine has just voted 7-year-old Zuckerberg the 'worst dressed man in Silicon Valley.' 其实可以说相当糟,《绅士季刊刚刚把7岁的扎克伯格评为“硅谷最差着装先生” Calinia's technological enclave is, of course, no Milan runway, but to top the list at so young an age and ahead of so many other fashion culprits, is impressive to say the least.要论时尚,加州的这一科技圣地当然和米兰的时尚秀场不能比,但年纪轻轻就击败很多时尚土老帽,荣登榜首,这至少可以说很令人惊讶 No stranger to lists, Zuckerberg was named Time magazine's Person of the Year in , but this time, the onus is on the entrepreneur to sharpen up his sartorial acumen. 扎克伯格经常荣登各种榜单,曾获选《时代杂志年度人物但这次,这位创业者有必要在他的着装技巧上下点功夫了 GQ says: 'Nerds run the world. But with their notoriously horrid fashion choices, some dotcom entrepreneurs could use a style IQ boost. While their tech innovations deserve kudos, their outfits are one giant leap back mankind.' 《绅士季刊称:“技术怪才们统治着世界但鉴于他们臭名昭著的时尚品味,有的网络公司老板需要提升一下自己的‘衣商’了尽管他们的技术创新值得称道,但他们糟糕的着装简直给人类拉了后腿” But Zuckerberg takes the crown, his poorly-fitting jeans, penchant flip-flops, old-fashioned ties and badly-cut blazers, as immortalised in the Oscar-winning movie, The Social Network, all contributing to the position. 扎克伯格的夺冠可谓实至名归身穿不合身的牛仔裤,还偏爱人字拖、老土的领带、裁剪不像样的夹克,这一切都在奥斯卡获奖影片《社交网络里永远定格 GQ says of the young man's dubious style: 'Oblivious to the fact that jeans and ties come in skinny sizes — or that suits exist — the father of Facebook (and we do mean father) loves to recycle the fresh-from-Stats-class look.' 《绅士季刊讲到这个年轻人怪异的着装风格时写道:“他忘了现在流行窄版的牛仔裤和领带,甚至不知西装为何物这位脸谱的老爹(穿得太‘老爹’了)总喜欢打扮成刚上完统计课的学生” Sean Fennessey, editor of GQ.com, told MailOnline: 'It's not necessarily the casual nature of his look - wealth doesn't insist on suits and opulence. Look where that got the Winklevoss twins. It's the fit and the m that put him at the top of our list. 《绅士季刊网站的编辑肖恩#86;凡妮塞告诉《每日邮报网站说:“我们选他并不是因为他着装随意—有钱也不一定要穿西装,或者穿得多摆阔,看看温科吾斯兄弟就知道了实在是因为他的穿着既不合身,也不像样,我们才选他” His advice the Zuck? 'Tailor. Tailor. Tailor. The man has an estimated worth close billion. He could buy Savile Row if he wanted.' 他对扎克伯格有什么建议吗?“裁缝,裁缝,裁缝他有将近180亿美元,如果他愿意,他可以买下整条萨维尔街(译者注:萨尔维街是世界最顶级的西手工缝制圣地)” Their ' worst offenders' also include Howard Stringer, Chairman of Sony Corp - who is mocked looking like he is a amateur angler - and Microsoft's Bill Gates, whom GQ believes resembles an aged Harry Potter, channelling 'lazy preppy.' “大最差着装男士”榜单中还包括索尼公司董事长霍华德#86;斯金格,他因为着装像业余垂钓者被嘲讽;以及比尔#86;盖茨,《绅士季刊认为他像老年版的哈利#86;波特,开辟了“慵懒校园风”路线 8758武汉华夏男子治疗前列腺炎 5.Fire Lance5.火Developed in ancient China, the fire lance was a spear-like weapon that fired a projectile with gunpowder. The earliest m was a simple bamboo tube packed with sand that was strapped to a spear. Such a weapon would have been able to blind an enemy and give the wielder the advantage in close quarters combat. As technology evolved, though, fire lances started to incorporate shrapnel and poison darts. But explosions strong enough to launch these projectiles required stronger housings, and fire lances began to be made first of a strong type of paper and then finally metal.火发明于古代中国,它类似于长矛又可以发射火药弹它最早的形式是:把装满沙子的竹筒绑在一个长矛上,这样,就可以弄瞎敌人的眼睛,在近距离搏斗中取得优势随着科技的发展,火逐渐包含了弹片和毒镖,但是要想得到足够强大的爆炸力,火就必须的具备一个坚硬的外壳,初始时,火的外壳是由一种坚硬的纸制作的,后来变成金属制作了s also describe a weapon called a “fire-tube” being used as a flamethrower to shower enemies with flames that were 3.5 meters ( ft) tall. Further developments led to poisonous chemicals being mixed with the explosive mixture, which would cause the untunate victim’s burns to go septic. Less of an explosion and more of a steady stream of flame, weapons like these would belch “poisonous fire” an estimated five minutes bee burning out.文献中还描述了一种名叫“火管”(fire-tube)的武器,它被用作火焰喷射器,可以给3.5米(英尺)高的敌人带来一场“火浴”后来它发展成为把有毒的化学物与爆炸物相混合的武器,这时,它爆炸后释放的腐蚀物能够造成无辜者的伤亡这样的武器其爆炸规模更小但是火焰源源不断,它会释放大约五分钟的有毒气体直到爆炸物完全燃尽.Atlatl.梭镖投射器A Stone Age dart weapon, the atlatl was the precursor to the bow and arrow. While spears could only be thrown at limited speeds and distances, atlatl could launch darts at over 0 kilometers per hour (0 mph). It was a deceptively simple weapon, nothing more than a handheld stick with a protrusion or notch at one end where a dart could be set. Yet despite their simplicity, atlatl were so effective that it’s even been theorized that they contributed to the extinction of the woolly mammoth they were used to hunt.梭镖投射器是石器时代的投掷武器,是弓和箭的前身长矛只能以有限的速度抛出较短的距离,而梭镖投射器能以每小时0千米(0英里每小时)的速度向前抛出这是一个看似简单的武器,就是一个在末端具有突起或缺口(可以设置飞镖)的手持棍子,尽管其设计非常简单,但却非常有效,以至于有理论认为正因为人们用它来捕杀猛犸象,最终导致了猛犸象的灭绝The weapon’s speed came from its flexibility. Both the atlatl and the dart were made of flexible wood. The two parts bent simultaneously when the atlatl was fired, which allowed the energy stored in each to launch the dart at very high velocities. Archaeological evidence tells us that the use of the atlatl was also widesp, with examples found in every inhabited continent except Africa. Though they were eventually replaced with the easier-to-use bow and arrow, the atlatl stood the test of time, being used by the Aztecs even as late as the 00s.武器的速度取决于它的灵活性,atlatl 和飞镖都是用柔韧的木头制成当射击时,atlatl 和飞镖同时弯曲这样一来,汇聚的能量将使飞镖获得极高的速度考古发现,atlatl 的使用相当广泛,除了非洲之外,每一个有人居住的大陆都发现了它曾广泛被使用的据尽管其最终被更为方便的弓箭所代替,不过atlatl 的使用持续了很长时间,甚至在世纪时还被阿兹特克人作为武器使用3.Khopesh3.镰刀剑Although sometimes called a sickle-sword, the ancient Egyptian khopesh was more of a cross between a sword and a battle ax. During earlier Egyptian times, the mace represented ruling power, but the khopesh‘s deadliness on the battlefield eventually made it the preferred status symbol of Egypt’s elite. Even Ramses II was depicted wielding one.尽管有时被称作镰刀剑,khopesh作为古埃及的武器之一,不仅仅是战斧和剑之间的过度物在古埃及早期,权杖代表着执政权,但是khopesh在战场上的致命性最终使得其被看作古埃及上层精英的象征甚至拉美西斯二世都被描绘使用过khopeshA Bronze Age weapon, the khopesh was usually cast out of a single piece of bronze and could be quite heavy. It’s believed to have been an Egyptian adaptation of a large, two-handed weapon similar to a war ax, imported from Canaan and Mesopotamia. The blade had a pronounced curve, like a sickle, though only the outside edge was sharpened. Much like the battle ax, the khopesh could be used as a hacking weapon, though its shape also made it efficient at slashing. The inner part of the curve was equally functional and could trap an arm or yank away an opponent’s shield. Some had small snares that very purpose.作为青铜时代的武器,khopesh由铜块铸造而成,但却具有一定重量它被认为是与战斧相似的双手武器,从迦南和美索不达米亚进口刀刃有明显的弧度,就像一把镰刀,只有外部边缘被磨得锋利与战斧相似,khopesh可以当作劈砍武器来使用它的外形使其在劈砍上也十分高效khopesh弧度的内侧部分也具有实际功能,能够用来制止敌人的武器,还能猛拉敌人的护罩.Shotel.ShotelUnlike the khopesh, the shotel was a true sickle-sword once used in ancient Ethiopia. Its shape made it extremely difficult to block with another sword or even a shield—shotel would just curve around it to puncture the defender. Despite that and its vicious appearance, it was almost universally considered useless.与khopesh所不同,shotel曾经确实被古埃塞尔比亚人当做镰刀剑使用它的外形使其很难与其他刀剑或者护罩进行格挡不考虑它的外观,shotel被普遍认为不实用The hilt was too small a large, scythe-shaped blade, which made it an unwieldy weapon to hold or aim properly. Fighting with a shotel proved quite difficult. Because of the shape of the blade, even drawing it from its scabbard was somewhat awkward. Scabbards stretched a foot longer than the swords themselves and were worn pointing behind the owner, which meant drawing it with the blade facing the correct way required a large bend of the wrist. European s of the weapon were extremely negative, and even the Ethiopians themselves considered shotels little more than ornamental. They had a saying about the shotels that essentially deemed the weapons useful nothing more than impressing women. We suppose some weapons were just meant a different kind of battle.与巨大的镰刀形刀刃相比,它的手柄太小了些,这使得它不但显得笨重,且难以瞄准目标使用shotel作战被明非常之难因为它的刀刃的形状,就连想要将其从剑鞘里拔出都会很棘手欧洲对于该武器的记载和评价都偏低,就连埃塞尔比亚正教会也说它只适合装饰所用也许该武器是为了别样的战争而制造出来的吧1.Urumi1.剑鞭Urumi were flexible sword whips. The blade itself was made of extremely bendable metal that, when not in use, could be wrapped around the waist like a belt. Blade lengths differed, but urumi could reach lengths of 3–5 meters (– ft).Urumi 是易弯曲的剑鞭,刃片是由弯曲度很高的金属打造而成不用时,可像腰带一样缠在腰上刃片长短不一,Urumi能够达到3-5米长rumi were whipped in circles, creating a defensive zone difficult an opponent to penetrate. With both sides of the blade sharpened, they were extremely dangerous even the wielder and required years of training. Even simple things like stopping the weapon and changing directions were considered special skills difficult to master. Due to the unique fighting style, urumi could not be used in battle mations and were better suited man-to-man combat and assassinations. Yet despite the stringent requirements wielding one properly, they were an unstoppable ce once mastered. Parrying proved almost useless against an urumi, because even if an opponent tried to stop it with a shield, the urumi would just bend around it to strike.Urumi 可以弯成一个小圆圈,形成一个防御区,敌人很难渗入进来Urumi 的每一面都很尖锐,即使针对训练多年的使用者来说也相当危险哪怕是最简单的停住或者改变方向都需要具有高超技巧才能做到由于独特的战斗风格,Urumi 不适合用于战斗队形,只适用于两个人之间的对决翻译:郑慧君 来源:前十网 38931武汉哪里看男科最专业

孝感市大悟县医院男科As news comes out that it is now officially impossible to arrest a woman wearing trousers in the French capital, we round up some more of the world most bizarre and antiquated laws.近日有新闻报道,在法国首都巴黎女性穿裤子不再是违法行为,于是我们这里收集了一些世界各国的奇怪法律From the author of 365 Reasons to be Cheerful, The Law is an Ass is Richard Happer’s latest book, which uncovers 50 of the world’s craziest laws. Published by Punk Publishing, here we pick out some of the most useful laws travellers to bear in mind.《365个快乐的理由一书的作者理查德·哈伯最近又出了一本新书《蛋疼的法律,该书涵盖了50个世界上最疯狂的法律由朋克出版社出版,在这里我们挑选了一些对旅行者可能最有帮助的法律A location to die 一个死都想去的地方If you fancy a spot of eternal life, get the Holy Grail: just go and live in the remote Arctic town of Longyearbyen, where dying is against the law. Actually, this is because it was found that bodies didn’t decompose in the permafrost. The graveyard stopped accepting newcomers 70 years ago; so if you fall gravely ill there now, you will be hastily dispatched by plane to the mainland, where you can end your days without getting arrested.如果你想找一个永生的地方,忘了圣杯吧,你只需要去遥远的北极城镇朗伊尔城就够了,因为这里的法律禁止死亡事实上,这是因为这里都是冻土,尸体永远也不会腐烂那儿的墓地在70年前就已经不再接收任何新成员了;所以如果你现在在那儿又刚好病入膏肓的话,那么你将会被飞机遣送回大陆,而在大陆上你可以安全的度过你最后的日子而不用被逮捕I arrest chew in the name of the law以法律之名逮捕口香糖Ever thought that chewing gum could land you in jail? Well, in Singapore, it has been completely illegal since 199. The only exception is nicotine gum, but even then smokers can only get it from a pharmacy with a prescription. Chewing gum is legal in New York, of course, but cinema owners there must chisel all gum off the undersides of their auditorium seats every month. Makes trodden-in popcorn seem positively pleasant.你以前有没有想过吃口香糖也会让你进监狱?在新加坡,从199年开始吃口香糖就是一种违法的行为了唯一的例外是尼古丁口香糖,但是即使是吸烟者也只能凭处方才能从药店买到这种口香糖而在纽约,吃口香糖当然是合法的,但是电影院的老板们每个月不得不从那些座椅下面清除掉那些粘在上面的口香糖所以电影院老板肯定更愿意你吃爆米花The indelicate delicacy不雅的美味The people of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia simply love the durian fruit, which looks a little like a cross between a pineapple and a porcupine. However, many local authorities have completely banned the consumption of this delicacy from buses, subways, hotels and airports. Is this yet another outrageous infringement of civil liberties? Well, since the durian is said to smell like a mixture of ;pig-droppings, turpentine and onions;, maybe not, on this occasion.来自文莱、印度尼西亚和马来西亚的人们都很喜欢吃榴莲,这种水果看起来很像菠萝和豪猪的结合体但是当地政府都禁止人们在公交车上、地铁、酒店以及机场里食用这种水果政府的这种行为是不是严重干涉了人们的自由?可是据说这种水果的味道有点像猪的粪便、松脂以及洋葱味道的结合体,所以从这个角度来看的话,政府的行为其实也不过分Where’s that dessert trolley甜点餐车在哪里When dining at a restaurant in Denmark, you don’t have to pay your food unless, by your own opinion, you are ‘full’ at the end of your meal. A wafer-thin mint, sir?在丹麦餐馆就餐的顾客不用付钱,除非顾客自己在用餐后确定已吃饱,才用付账花钱少吧,先生?Catch- customs第条军规If you ever suffer at the rubber-gloved hands of a suspicious and painfully overzealous British customs officer, don’t be tempted to take him or her to court – no matter how innocent you are. Section 68 of the Customs Laws Consolidation Act 1876 rules that no action can be brought against such an official without one month’s notice. While Section 7 of the same Act insists that any action must be started within one month of the incident. 如果你被一名充满怀疑和过度热心的英国海关人员搜查过的话,那么请不要试图起诉他或她——无论你是多么的无辜海关1876条例的第68章规定要提前一个月通知法院,你才有权利向法院提起诉讼的而可笑的是,该条例的7章却规定必须在事件发生的一个月内向法院提起诉讼Fat fighters肥胖斗士You are bidden to be fat in Japan. Although their country aly has one of the world’s lowest obesity rates (less than 5 per cent, in contrast to the USA’s 35 per cent), that didn’t stop Japanese lawmakers from setting a maximum waistline size in . Every man aged 0 and over must not have a waist measuring 80cm or above, every woman, 90cm or above. And this from the land that brought us sumo wrestling…在日本,法律不允许人们肥胖虽然日本这个国家已经是目前世界上肥胖率最低的国家(低于5%,而美国却达到了35%),虽然如此,日本的立法者还是在年的时候制定了一个最大腰围标准:0岁或者以上的男人其腰围不能超过80cm,而相应年龄的女人则不能超过90cm而就是这个国家给我们带来了相扑表演......Thai him up不穿内裤犯法Thailand may tolerate many exotic sexual shenanigans, but it is still illegal to leave your house there if you are not wearing underwear. And you can’t drive your car if you’re not wearing a shirt, not matter what’s going on in your trousers. Nor should you step on any of the nation’s currency. And don’t even think of insulting the king – you could get years in jail.泰国是一个可以容忍很多性恶作剧的国家,但是,如果你没有穿内裤就离开家的话,就会被认为是犯法的而如果不穿衬衫的话,你是不能开车的,而你想穿什么裤子都没问题你也不能用脚去踩泰国的货币你更加不应该做的事情是侵犯国王——否则你会得到年的刑期Barefaced Cheek厚颜无耻的行为If you’re on a safari in Kenya and your guide suddenly removes all of his clothes bee wandering off towards the wildlife, do resist the temptation to do the same. While it’s completely legal Kenyan citizens to streak across the Masai Mara, it is illegal eigners to do so. It’s also deeply inadvisable at least 7 other reasons.如果你在肯尼亚的大草原上旅行,这时候导游突然间全身脱光光,然后大摇大摆的朝野生动物们走去,看到此情此景,你千万要忍住,不要模仿导游的行为对肯尼亚人来说,这种做法完全是合法的行为,他们可以全身的在马赛马拉大草原上晃荡,但是如果外国人也这么做的话,那就是违法的了除此之外,还有7个理由可以阻止你这么做I wonder what that teddy was doing there我在想那个泰迪熊在那边干什么 In Denmark, you legally have to check under your car children who may be sleeping there bee you start the engine. But don’t panic too much if you get and get thrown in jail running over some catnapping kids – in Denmark it is not against the law to escape from prison.在丹麦,在开车之前,你必须在发动引擎之前先检查一下看看车底下有没有小孩躲在下面但是即使你忘了检查,并且还把正在你车底下睡觉的小孩给碾了过去而进了监狱,那你也不用太紧张——在丹麦,从监狱里逃跑并不违法Not feeling very flush晚上十点以后禁止冲马桶You must plan your movements very carefully in Switzerland. Flushing the toilet after pm in an apartment building is illegal there. The Government curiously considered noise pollution to be more anti-social than olfactory pollution. Not sure we agree with them on that one. Anyway, whether you relieve yourself and leave the flat humming, or you just wait until morning, the choice is completely yours. 在瑞士,你得好好地安排的自己的日常活动在公寓大楼里,如果在点以后你还在冲马桶的话就会被当作是违法的行为和嗅觉污染比起来,当地政府认为噪音污染对社会的影响更大不能肯定在这一点上我们会同意瑞士政府的观点但是无论如何,解决内急让公寓大楼陷入嗡嗡噪音,或者憋到天亮再解决,总之选择的权力在你的手中Pricey passports价格高昂的护照You’re a British citizen, you pay upwards of pound;77.50 your passport, it has a valid picture of you in it – so it’s yours, right? Well, maybe. According to the text on the leaflet it belongs to Her Majesty’s Government. But in 1955, Earl Jowitt, a mer solicitor-general and attorney-general, pointed out that ‘the Government’ couldn’t own anything because there is no such legal entity. No one since has been able to clarify the matter. So who gets the pound;77.50?你是一个英国市民,然后你付77.5英镑来获得你的护照,在护照里有你的一张照片——所以这张护照肯定是你的,是吧?嗯,或许吧根据护照上的一段说明书的说法,这个护照是属于英国政府的但是在1955年的时候,乔伊特伯爵(英国前副检察长和首席检察官)却指出“政府”无法拥有任何东西,因为根本就不存在这个法律实体从那以后,就再也没有人澄清过这件事情所以到底是谁获得了这77.5英镑?G.I. No军用品,不行If you’re one of those spirited sorts who relaxes by re-enacting battles, you might want to think twice about taking a Caribbean holiday – it’s against the law to wear camouflage clothing in Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia. Apparently this is to prevent people from imitating military and other officials, and you could be detained and have your kit confiscated. That is, of course, if they can find you.如果你是那种精力充沛的人,都要通过玩战斗对抗来放松的话,那么在去加勒比海度假之前你可能要三思——在特立尼达和多巴哥,穿着迷是一种违法行为很显然,这是为了禁止人们模仿军方官员以及其他的官员,如果你穿着迷的话,将会被拘留并且你的装备还会被没收当然那也得在他们找得到你的情况下Out of this world异常了得According to the brilliantly named ‘The Outer Space Act 1986’, the Secretary of State is permitted to use ‘reasonable ce’ to prevent an alien invasion of the UK – as long as the aliens don’t possess a licence to invade. In which case, they can operate their ‘space objects’ in perfect legality. This is the sort of law that truly made Britain great.根据“1986外太空法案”的规定,如果外星人没有持有侵略的话,那么国务大臣就有权利使用“适当的力量”来阻止外星人入侵英国在外星人入侵的情况下,英国就可以完全合法的使用自己的“太空武器”了而正是这种法律才让英国在过去如此的强大Drunken Disorders酒后骚乱Drinking a lot is confusing enough without having to remember a myriad of boozing bylaws. example, in St Louis you can’t drink beer while sitting on a city street, but in Chicago you can be arrested drinking standing up anywhere in the city. You cannot be served wine in a teacup in Topeka, Kansas; while in Cleveland, no more than one person may sip from a whisky bottle. Saskatchewan in Canada at least has the rights of the drinker at its civic heart – it is against the law to drink water in beer parlours there.虽然我们不用太在意酒桌上众多的喝酒禁忌,但是想喝多点还真不是一件容易的事情举个例子,在圣路易斯市,当你坐在城市街道上时是不允许喝啤酒的,但是在芝加哥,不管是在这个城市的哪个角落,只要你站着喝酒警察就可以逮捕你在堪萨斯州的托皮卡市,是不允许用茶杯来盛酒的;而在克利夫兰市,是不允许用威士忌酒瓶直接喝的加拿大的萨斯喀彻温省的做法就更绝了——在啤酒酒吧里面喝水是违法的Czech your change当心的士司机的计时器If you’re in Prague and your taxi driver ups the meter setting beyond the standard rate of ‘level 1’, watch out. If he turns it up to ‘level ’ he might just be ripping you off – par the tourist course. But if he cranks it up all the way to ‘level 3’ then it’s time to panic. This is the official Government-sanctioned rate that must be used all taxi rides following a nuclear explosion.假设你现在在布拉格,如果的士司机把计时器表盘调到标准“水平1” 以外去的话,那你就要小心了如果司机把标准调到“水平”的话,他这时候可能就是在敲诈你了——“水平”是为旅游路线设计的,费用较高但是如果司机把标准升到“水平3”的话,这时候你要感到恐惧才对因为“水平3”是政府制定的标准,而这种标准只有在核爆炸的情况下才会被应用 7武汉新洲区治疗阳痿哪家医院最好 DreamWorks Animation ;Kung Fu Panda 3; has nabbed over 300 million yuan in just two days of screening in China.梦工厂动画公司的电影《功夫熊猫3仅仅登陆中国荧屏两天就已经收获了3亿元的票房The latest in the Kung Fu Panda franchise has also climbed to the top of the North American box office, pulling in .5 million US dollars on Friday.而在本周五,这部《功夫熊猫系列最新作品也已经以万美元的成绩成功登顶北美票房榜首It is on its way to rule the weekend box office, with a projected take of around 0 million US dollars.这部电影正走在统治周末票房的轨道上,预计该数额将会达到000万美元;The Revenant; and ;Star Wars: The ce Awakens; continue to do big business, coming in at No. and No. 3 right now.《还魂者以及《星球大战:原力觉醒这两部电影仍然有着出色的成绩,在榜单中分别位居第二位和第三位;The Revenant,; is expected to pull in million US dollars this weekend, pushing its total North American earnings toward 0 million US dollars.《还魂者预计本周末将带来10万美元的票房,从而将北美票房总收入提升到1亿000万美元;ce Awakens; will add 9 million US dollars to its gross, making its U.S. total to around 895 million US dollars.《星球大战:原力觉醒则会预计增加900万美元的票房,从而将该电影的美国票房总收入提升到8亿9500万美元. 086武汉治疗前列腺囊肿大概需要多少钱

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