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2019年07月16日 05:05:45

Virginia Tech Marks One-Year Anniversary of Campus Shooting维州理工大纪念校园击案遇难者  Candlelight vigils and somber ceremonies marked the one-year anniversary of a shooting spree on the campus of a U.S. university, Virginia Tech, that left 32 people and the gunman dead. The incident was one of the worst mass-shootings in U.S. history - one that reignited debate over security measures at American schools. 美国维吉尼亚理工大学击案一周年到来之际,人们举行烛光守夜和默哀仪式。那次事件造成32人死亡,手本人自杀。这起事件是美国历史上最严重的集体杀案之一,由此引发了在美国校园安全措施的争论。 Thousands gathered at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in remembrance of the university students and staff who perished during a gun rampage committed by a mentally unstable pupil, Seung-Hui Cho, a U.S. resident from South Korea. 数千人聚集在维吉尼亚理工大学,纪念在击案中死亡的学生和教职员工,制造杀案的是精神不稳定的学生赵承熙,他是来自韩国的美国永久居民。One by one, names of the victims were , along with tributes to the dead. Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said the university has struggled to recover from the tragedy - a process that continues to this day. 纪念仪式主持人宣读每个遇难者的姓名和对他们的哀念。维吉尼亚理工大学的校长说,学校从悲剧中恢复是一件艰难的事,这个过程一直延续到今天。"It has been a difficult road; it has been a hard journey, indeed," Steger said. "It began with shock and trauma and a flood of emotions. And in the ensuing days and weeks and months, we have searched for answers. We have searched for meaning in what is incomprehensible. What is at the heart of this day is not public. Rather, it is a very private and profound loss. We know intently what the people we lost meant to us, and we are more keenly aware of how they touched and changed our lives." 他说:“这是一条艰难的路,这是一段艰难的旅程,真的。开始的时候是带著震惊、伤痛和许多的情感。在后来的日日夜夜,我们在寻找。我们在寻找令人费解的问题的。这一天不是有关公众的,而是有关非常隐私的问题和极大的丧失。我们领悟到了失去这些人对我们的意义,我们也更加深刻地感受到他们是怎样影响和改变了我们的生活。”Speaking afterwards, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said he continues to feel sorrow over the events of a year ago, as well as pride and admiration for the Virginia Tech community as it endeavors to heal and continue its mission. 在随后的讲话中,维吉尼亚州州长凯因说,他仍然对一年前发生的事件感到悲痛,他对维吉尼亚理工大学为恢复做出的努力和继续他们的使命感到骄傲和钦佩。Although far from commonplace, school shootings have periodically marred America's educational landscape over the years. In 1999, two Colorado high school students killed 13 people and wounded 24 others before committing suicide. This past February, a gunman killed five people and wounded 18 others at Northern Illinois University. 尽管不是普遍发生的事件,校园击案近年来时常破坏美国教育界的平静。在1999年,2名科罗拉多高中学生开打死13人,打伤24人后自杀。在去年2月份,一名手在北伊利诺伊大学打死5人打伤18人。In light of the violence, many schools have reviewed security measures and placed additional emphasis on programs to identify and counsel students who may be struggling with psychological disorders. In addition, a few university students have started a campaign urging that students and faculty be permitted to bring firearms on campus for self-defense. Few, if any, school administrators have endorsed the idea.  为了防止暴力发生,许多学校都审查安全措施,并且强调增加一些学校的项目,来发现和辅导那些心理失调的学生。另外,几名大学的学生已经开始一项行动,敦促学生和教师允许在校园携带武器进行自卫。但是学校的管理者几乎都不同意这一设想。 200804/35292德惠市第二人民医院药流早孕内分泌子宫肌瘤Throughout the winter, adults come and go from their traditional breeding colonies. Antarctica is home to 2 million Kings. In this one colony alone, there are 600,000 of them. These engaging chicks are so inquisitive that you only have to sit down to their own level for them all to gather around you to try to discover what sort of creature you are. They were hatched last summer, and like the albatross chicks, they are just coming to the end of their first winter. During that period, their parents were out at sea catching food for them. But each chick was only fed about once every 3 weeks. Left to themselves for so long, er they've all gathered together to form immense creches. This one contains about 50,000 chicks. You might think that this huge congregation would make it almost impossible for a parent returning with food to find its own chick. But not so. The fact is that parent and chick can recognize one another's voice. A returning adult may spend hours looking for its chick among such a crowd, for the young are inclined to wander. The chick will respond to its parent's call and the parent to the chick's whistle. Eventually they meet. But instead of feeding the chick straight away, the adult leads it through the rookery as if to test the bond between them. At last, in response to its chick's plaintive entreaties, the parent regurgitates a meal of squid. A King Penguin chick takes more than 12 months to rear. That means that the adults can't breed annually. At best they raise two chicks every 3 years. Because of this, the breeding cycle of any one pair slides out of phase with the seasons. So now, late in winter, there are chicks both young and old, and adults at different stages in their cycle. Some of the adults are going through their pre-breeding moult before going to sea to fatten up for courtship. Others are aly courting, parading back and forth with a special ritualized walk.New Words amp; Phrasesinquisitive:Unduly curious and inquiring好奇的,好询问的creche:托儿所, 孤儿院congregation:The act of assembling.集合:集合的行为rookery:The breeding ground of certain other birds or animals, such as penguins and seals.繁殖地:企鹅和海豹等其它鸟类或兽类的繁殖地bond:Bond is usually a close relationship between two people, or a trust.关系plaintive:Expressing sorrow; mournful or melancholy.痛苦的:表示伤心的;悲痛的或忧郁的entreaty:An earnest request or petition; a plea.迫切要求或恳求;请求regurgitate :To cause to pour back, especially to cast up (partially digested food).反胃:造成回翻,特别是反胃(部分消化的食物)out of phase :异相地, 不协调地moult :换毛, 脱毛200809/47065长春医科大学附属第一医院治疗不能怀孕Now, should a library be a quiet place to a book or a lively centre where you can hang out and drink coffee? And can it be both? Author Tracy Chevalier who is also chairman of the Society of Authors, told More4 News she is worried library is sacrificing books in favor of Internet access and other facilities. Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has just launched "a blueprint for excellence" for libraries, encouraging them to modernise and become more of a community space. But they've told More4 News, they think local authorities ought to buy more books. Nina Teggarty has more.Tarred buildings and fusty librarians are out. Architectural icons and coffee bars are in. An extra 2 million pounds a year is being pumped into the UK's library service. And this is what we are getting, easy new state-of-the-art buildings across the country and more Internet access. The Idea Store in East London epitomizes this new library vision. Just over a year old, it's been nominated for various design prizes. But not everyone's impressed. Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl With the Pearl Earring became worried when she entered.What's a little concerning is that the books seem to be scattered so few and far between. And by far the most people were on the computer floor, using the computers. The Idea Store is not called the library any more. Is a library such a dirty word that we can't use it? It's, too, indicative of books, perhaps. Whereas the Idea Store gives it the sense, that is... actually, is begin indeed becoming a community centre, which is, uh, is fine. But what about all the, what about the people who wanna use it as a library? What really worries me, though, is that books are starting to be seen as unpopular, as boring, that somehow the library has to lure people in by saying: "We can give you cappuccino. You could watch a film. You could go to yoga class."And at the Idea Store you can do yoga. You can even learn dance and complementary therapy. Lots of Internet terminals also exist. Two years ago, 120-million-pound-lottery injection meant every library could invest in the internet.Where I live, I have just a very small public library and, um, I've noticed over the years that the... en, there are fewer and fewer shelves and more and more computers that's just slowly taking over and there are fewer and fewer places to sit in and look at any books and there are fewer books.Is she right? Are books disappearing from our library shelves? Nina's figures show that in the UK last year, while people visiting libraries increased, the number of books in libraries actually fell by 3%. And the amount spent on books and other ing material also dropped, compared that to near 20% rise in the money spent on online resources. We interviewed Kate Mosse. She wrote Labyrinth, the biggest selling book of 2006. She welcomes the technological and social changes occurring in our libraries.Nearly 70 million people a year borrow DVDs, talking books, CD-ROMS, music, chip music from their local library. And actually more than 30 million people a year go along to use the computer network to have Internet access. Many people have that sense of peace and quiet in the library. But at the same time, they don't understand that it's also a very vibrant, lively place. And in the old days, the idea that wherever you went, someone went "Hush...". That's just not what modern library's about.Like Kate Mosse, the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council welcome a community focus for libraries. More4 News spoke to their head of library policy, John Dolan. Is he worried that only 8% of the budget is spent on ing material?We are concerned not so much of the figure as a percentage of the total budget, but to make sure that local authorities are spending enough on books. We know that they should be buying more. What we are saying is encouraging local authorities to spend more on stock, partly to get the figures up, more importantly, to provide the wide range of material that people wanted. But do library users actually care about the books. What do they use the library for?"I rent, uhm CD-ROM some DVDs." "Um, I'm doing a massage class. ""Actually I came here do they ask do, check my e-mail.""Reading a book."Most of the people we spoke to weren't there to a book. Perhaps this shows a libraryy's need to broaden their appeal in the hope of getting more people, and not just ers through the door.Nina Teggarty.200805/39577国家地理:Real-Life CSI: Hunter amp; Hunted: Gator Attack 鳄鱼攻击Almost ninety percent of all alligators die in their first two years of life, falling prey to other predators including their own. But normally they don't prey on humans, so why would an alligator attack a woman. Yovy Jimenez's fatal encounter is the first ever by an alligator in the Fort Lauderdale area. The attacks shock the community. Only seventeen people have been killed by alligators in the last half century. But before authorities could make sense of the attack, another incident. This time, just north of Tampa Bay. Fred Filderbs lives on the bank of a small suburban canal."My wife saw what appeared to be a pair of pants floating in the water right out of our kitchen window about one o'clock on Saturday. I didn't think anything of it." But the next morning, on Mother's Day, an unsettling discovery was moments away. "My wife was still asleep, and so were the kids. I went to the street to get the paper, and Bailey, the dog that I'm watching bolted to the backyard. I said 'Oh, I'd better (to) make sure he is OK', so I ran to the backyard." The dog had led Fred back to the canal. "And I looked at that, that's um...that looks like a pair of pants floating on the water. And then just something clicked. That's not what it appears to be. So I ran up to the house and I'm screaming at my wife 'get up, get up, get up, there are something in the pond, I think it's a body.' She, she quickly got up and ran down to the scene, and she said 'Oh, no, those were the pants I saw by those tree though, and then there, her sneaker comes just raised above the water. I said 'oh, man, that's not, that's somebody's body." How did this person end up in Fred Filderbs' backyard canal? Authorities determine the body belongs to 43-year-old Judy Cooper. Like Yovy Jimenez, severe bite marks to Judy's remains also show that an alligator was involved. Incredibly, two women seemed to have fallen victim to alligators just within days of each other. The odds are astonishing. Lethal attacks are extremely rare, but then, on the same day, a third victim...200709/17386榆树市中心医院网上预约挂号

长春绿园区妇科检查长春阴道镜检测多少钱script:Well this does seem like it was too long ago that the Dow Industrials crossed the 13,000 mark for the first time. Well today, the Dow flirted with 14,000. Stephanie Elam joins us from New York to tell us just how close we came. Hey there, Stephanie.Virginia, it was just 11 points. That's how close we came to cross the 14,000 mark before the bluechips retreated a bit. But still, hey, we ended on a record high. One reason, optimism at earning season which kicked into gear on Tuesday. Let's take a look at the final numbers. The Dow industrial is up 43 points to 13950. And then taking a look at the NASDAQ, it's up 9, I'm sorry, down 9 points, off about a third of a percent at 2697. The Samp;P500 off about 3 points today at 1549. So not really huge losses there on the other markets, but definitely the Dow was the winner of the day, Virginia.So Stephanie you mentioned earning season, corporate earnings is that what's really driving the market?Well, it's definitely one of the main factors, but today's stocks also got a lift from deal making activity, a so-called Merger Monday as we know them around here. One deal is in the restaurant sector and includes two companies you probably know. IHOP, of course, the International House of Pancakes. Well, they are acquiring Applebee's for more than 2 billion dollars, shares of IHOP jumped nearly 9 percent, Applebee's climbed 2 percent. And Verizon, one of the companies in the Dow industrials, well, it rose more than 2% on a report that it could be the target of a potentially huge bid from Britain's Vodafone. Vodafone responded by saying it has no plans to make an offer, but just that little bit of speculation can help give a stock a lift. Virginia.Well, I wanna turn to the job market now. I understand sort of some good news for folks who are looking for a job. This is good to hear.It is always come, good to come with good news about this part, because people are always worrying about jobs. Well it looks like it's taking less time to land a new position. Job seekers found jobs 17% faster in the last 3 months than in the previous quarter. According to a recent survey, it took just 3 months to find a job last quarter down from a more than 3 and a half months wait in the previous quarter. In the 3rd quarter of 2006, it took more than 4 months to find a job. That suggest the job market is pretty strong. The biggest movement, or improvement up there came from those over 50 who are looking for work. The survey also showed that people looking for a job were more likely to say they've found a job as good or even better than their previous job. So I guess for some people, Leslie, it might be time to start working on their resume, right?Yeah, it's always good to keep it fresh. (Yeah!) OK let's say you can't find work, maybe you can get your big break in show business?Yeah! Or something like that and now you can do it over a website, you know make it even easier. (Yeah!) Sony’s crago.com is the latest to compete with sites like Youtube. And to get you interested, it has a unique offer---stardom. Your could get plug from the masses for a chance to perform a stand-up routine at the Enprob. Crago is also offering a 15,000-dollar-development deal with Columbia Pictures. Other sites are offering a shot of stardom. So forget working on the resume, I guess, work on your uploads.Yeah, exactly. And your singing voice and your acting ability, as well. And also you are able to hold, your ability to hold the camera straight.Exactly, at your face and not at your stomach. Alright. Stephanie , thanks so much. Talk to you next time.Sounds good.Notes:Stand-up: Stand-up comedy is a style of comedy where the performer speaks directly to the audience, with the absence of the theatrical fourth wall. A person who performs stand-up comedy is known as a stand-up comic, stand-up comedian or more informally stand up.200807/44407pointless ———— 无意义的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing something that lacks purpose or meaning; futile.例句 My stubborn business partners insist on long, pointless arguments about even the smallest details of our business, a practice which wastes a lot of time.我那顽固的商业伙伴总是对我们的业务发表无意义的长篇大论,哪怕是最微小的细节也不放过,这么做浪费了大量的时间。 /201606/450529长春一般打胎多少钱长春阳光女子医院私密整形

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