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The television program by that name would inspire;比尔教科学;这一电视节目激发了an entire generation to become interested in science and my guess is many of you are here this morning一整代人对科学的兴趣我猜 其中很多人今天早上都来到了这里How many of you remember who are fans of the show?有多少节目的粉丝 还记得这个节目He won 7 Emmy Awards for writing, performing and producing the show他由于节目剧作 表演和制片赢得过7次艾米奖The show won 18 Emmies in 5 years including 7 for sound design节目在五年间获得过18次艾米奖 包括7次音效设计奖which were shared by UMass Lowells sound recording technology alum该奖项的分享者包括马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校校友Tom McGurk whos here with us today今天也在现场的汤姆·麦格克He has since hosted 4 other television series比尔之后还主持过四部电视节目and continued to educate and entertain and fight他一直都在持续着教育 和奋斗for sciences place in education and in our national conversation让科学在我们的教育及国家对话中占有应有的位置His recent television appearances on the reality of danger of climate change他最近亮相的电视节目谈到了气候变化的现实威胁and the importance of science education have included以及科学教育的重要意义 包括Ns Meet the PressN节目;与媒体见面;CNNs CrossfireCNN节目;穿越火线;Late Night with Seth Meyers and last week, in a very, very funny piece;塞斯晚间脱口秀;上周 他又参与制作了很有趣的一期节目Tonight with John Oliver on HBO这是一期HBO节目;奥利弗秀;It was a great piece这一期非常棒201509/400875Then there was ;The Daily Show.; On a nightly basis, Jon Stewart forced me to be intellectually honest with myself about my own bigotry and helped me to realize that a persons race, religion or sexual orientation had nothing to do with the quality of ones character. He was in many ways a father figure to me when I was in desperate need of one. Inspiration can often come from an unexpected place, and the fact that a Jewish comedian had done more to positively influence my worldview than my own extremist father is not lost on me.接着,有个“每日秀”的节目出现了。每一晚,乔恩·斯图尔特催促我 诚实面对自己的偏见,帮助我认识到一个人的种族,信仰和性取向对这个人的人格没有任何关系。某种程度上说,每当我迫切需要一个父亲的时候,他就在那里。鼓舞人心之事往往来自你无法预知的地方,事实上,一个犹太裔喜剧明星积极地影响我的世界观,比我那极端的亲生父亲多得多。One day, I had a conversation with my mother about how my worldview was starting to change, and she said something to me that I will hold dear to my heart for as long as I live. She looked at me with the weary eyes of someone who had experienced enough dogmatism to last a lifetime, and said, ;Im tired of hating people.; In that instant, I realized how much negative energy it takes to hold that hatred inside of you.某天,我和母亲谈到我的世界观正在改变,她对我说,我将在生命里一直带着尊重的心。她用疲倦的眼神看着我,她受够了被教条主义侵占的人生,说到:“我不愿憎恨他人了。” 瞬间,我意识到,在内心里承受憎恨需要多么巨大的负能量。Ebrahim is not my real name. I changed it when my family decided to end our connection with my father and start a new life. So why would I out myself and potentially put myself in danger? Well, thats simple. I do it in the hopes that perhaps someone someday who is compelled to use violence may hear my story and realize that there is a better way, that although I had been subjected to this violent, intolerant ideology, that I did not become fanaticized. Instead, I choose to use my experience to fight back against terrorism, against the bigotry. I do it for the victims of terrorism and their loved ones, for the terrible pain and loss that terrorism has forced upon their lives. For the victims of terrorism, I will speak out against these senseless acts and condemn my fathers actions. And with that simple fact, I stand here as proof that violence isnt inherent in ones religion or race, and the son does not have to follow the ways of his father. I am not my father.扎克·伊黑姆不是我的本名。当我的家人决定 和我父亲断绝关系时我改了这个名字以开始新的生活。那么,我为什么要出现在公众视线前 将自己置于可能的危险境地呢? 嗯,这很容易解释。我这样做是希望也许某人某天 当他决定使用武力反抗社会的时候 可能会听到我的故事,并意识到 有比动武更好的方法,尽管我曾被灌输这样的暴力思维,偏狭的意识,我并没有为其所动。而是选择通过自己的经验 来抵抗恐怖主义,来反对偏见。我为了那些恐怖袭击的受害者以及他们的亲人而这样做,为了那些被恐怖主义活动所造成的 生命的苦痛和损失而这样做。为了那些遭受恐怖袭击的 受害者,我站出来 反对这些毫无意义的袭击行动,谴责我父亲的行为。就是这样简单的原因,我站在这里明 暴力不是宗教或种族与生俱来的,儿子并不需要走上 和父亲相同的道路。我不是我的父亲。Thank you.谢谢。201409/328983

And, if that wasnt bad enough, of course,如果这还不算太糟糕的话,当然all of this is rapidly progressing towards the fact that我们很快可以看到另一个数据many of you, in fact, about one in 10 of you at this point,很多人,事实上,大约10个人当中就有1个will die in intensive care.会死在ICU中。In the U.S., its one in five.而在美国,这个数字是每5个人当中有1个。In Miami, its three out of five people die in intensive care.在迈阿密,这个数字是每5个人当中有3个。So this is the sort of momentum这就是我们目前所看到的that weve got at the moment.发展势头。The reason why this is all happening is due to this,事情会变成这个样子主要是因为这个。and I do have to take you through what this is about.而我要带领大家去一起探讨一下其原因。These are the four ways to go. 21世纪主要有四种死亡形式。So one of these will happen to all of us.我们所有人都会以其中的一种形式死去。The ones you may know most about are the ones人们最熟知的死亡方式that are becoming increasingly of historical interest:也是越来越引起我们关注的一种死亡方式sudden death.猝死。Its quite likely in an audience this size在我们这样的观众群中,this wont happen to anybody here.可能不会有这种死亡。Sudden death has become very rare.猝死现在已经很少见了。The death of Little Nell and Cordelia and all that sort of stuff像Little Nell或Condelia那样猝死的案例just doesnt happen anymore.现在已经很少了。The dying process of those with terminal illness现在因为患绝症而死亡的病人that weve just seen正如我们刚才看到的一样,occurs to younger people.在年轻人中的发病率越来越高了。By the time youve reached 80, this is unlikely to happen to you.到你80岁,这也不可能发生在你身上。Only one in 10 people who are over 80 will die of cancer.现在80岁年龄层中只有10%的人死于癌症。The big growth industry are these.而造成死亡最多的因素主要在以下几个方面。What you die of is increasing organ failure,越来越多的人死于器官功能衰竭with your respiratory, cardiac, renal,如呼吸和心、肾功能衰竭等等。whatever organs packing up. Each of these不管以上那个器官出了问题would be an admission to an acute care hospital,病人都要紧急送院治疗,at the end of which, or at some point during which,到最后,或者在治疗过程中的某一时间上somebody says, enough is enough, and we stop.直到有人对我们说不用治了,我们才放弃。And this ones the biggest growth industry of all,这是我们见得最多的案例,and at least six out of 10 of the people in this room每10个在这里听演讲的人中就会有6个will die in this form, which is将会以这种方式结束我们的一生,the dwindling of capacity这是因为功能的缺失with increasing frailty,造成的生命的脆弱,and frailtys an inevitable part of aging,而脆弱是老龄化不可避免的进程,and increasing frailty is in fact the main thing而脆弱事实上就是that people die of now,现代人死亡的主要原因,and the last few years, or the last year of your life你生命的最后一年或几年时间is spent with a great deal of disability, unfortunately.你都会在能力缺失中度过,这太不幸了。Enjoying it so far?你们还承受得住么?Sorry, I just feel such a, I feel such a Cassandra here.对不起,我怎么成了一个卡珊德拉式的预言家了呢。What can I say thats positive? Whats positive is但积极的一面是that this is happening at very great age, now.这只发生在老年人当中。We are all, most of us, living to reach this point.我们大家也都会经历这一时期的。You know, historically, we didnt do that.要知道,以住要活到这么长的人不多的。This is what happens to you这种死亡方式when you live to be a great age,只会发生在那些高龄人身上,and unfortunately, increasing longevity does mean不幸的是,寿命的延长more old age, not more youth.延长的不是青春,而是老年的时光。Im sorry to say that.很遗憾这样说。What we did, anyway, look, what we did,不管怎么说,我们所做的we didnt just take this lying down我们并不仅仅指那些at John Hunter Hospital and elsewhere.在John Hunter医院逝去的人或在其它地方死去的人。Weve started a whole series of projects我们已经开始一系列的项目to try and look about whether we could, in fact, involve尝试去了解我们能否让更多的人people much more in the way that things happen to them.参与到那些可能发生到他们身上去的事。But we realized, of course, that we are dealing然而,我们当然意识到with cultural issues,我们要应对一些文化层面的问题,and this is, I love this Klimt painting,我喜欢这张克里姆特的画,because the more you look at it, the more you kind of get这是因为,你越看它,the whole issue thats going on here,你越能了解发生在这里的一切,which is clearly the separation of death from the living,而这明显是一种死与生,and the fear.Like, if you actually look,和恐惧的分隔。比如说,如果你仔细看的话,theres one woman there你会发现有个女人who has her eyes open.她的眼睛是睁着的。Shes the one hes looking at,他在看着她,and shes the one hes coming for. Can you see that?他就是冲着她来的。你们看到了吗?She looks terrified.她看起来很惊恐。Its an amazing picture.这是一幅很不错的画。Anyway, we had a major cultural issue.另外,我们还有一个主要的文化层面的问题。201507/388184

I pay tribute — I pay tribute to the many religious communities who carried the campaign for justice forward when the organizations of our people were silenced.我向众多宗教团体致敬,在我们的组织被压制得鸦雀无声时,他们挺身而出,展开争取正义的运动。I greet the traditional leaders of our country — many among you continue to walk in the footsteps of great heroes like Hintsa and Sekhukhuni.我向我国过去的领导者们致敬,你们中的很多人继续沿着亨萨、瑟库库内等伟大英雄们的足迹前进。I pay tribute to the endless heroism of the youth. You are the young lions...the young lions have energized our entire struggle.我向年轻的英雄主义者们致敬,你们是年轻的雄狮。你们是年轻的雄狮们,给我们整个斗争中注入了活力。I pay tribute to the mothers and wives and sisters of our nation. You are the rock?hard foundation of our struggle. Apartheid has inflicted more pain on you than on anyone.我向我们国家里的母亲们、妻子们、们致敬。你们是我们进行斗争的坚强基石。种族隔离烙在你们身心上的伤痕比任何人的都多。On this occasion, we thank the world community for their great contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle. Without your support our struggle would not have reached this advanced stage. The sacrifices of the frontline states will be remembered by South Africans forever.在这个时刻,我们感谢世界——我们感谢世界这个大团体在反对种族隔离的斗争中所作出的伟大贡献。没有你们的持,我们的斗争不会到达这个新阶段。那些走在斗争前列的国家所付出的牺牲将会被南非人民永远铭记。 /201305/241527

As--As you might imagine, for--for Barack, running for President is nothing compared to that first game of basketball with my brother Craig.你们可以想象一下,与我哥哥--格雷格打第一场篮球比赛和竞选总统相比较,对于我丈夫来说那打篮球真算不了什么。I--I cant tell you how much it means to have Craig and my mom here tonight. Like--Like Craig, I can feel my dad looking down on us, just as Ive felt his presence in every grace-filled moment of my life.我哥哥格雷格和我母亲今天都在场,这对我意义重大。看着格雷格,我能感受到我的父亲正在天上看着我们,我生命中每一次的荣耀时刻,就像今天一样,我都会感觉到我爸爸就在身边。And at six-foot-six, Ive often felt like Craig was looking down on me, too--literally. But the truth is, both when we were kids and today, Craig wasnt looking down on me; he was watching over me. And he has been there for me every step of the way since that clear day, February, 19 months ago, when, with little more than our faith in each other and a hunger for change, we joined my husband, Barack Obama, on the improbable journey that has led us to this moment.我身高一米八,我有时真能感觉到我哥格雷格真就看着我。事实上,不管是过去还是现在,格雷格并没有注视着我;他一直都在照看着我。19个月前的二月份,那是个晴朗的一天,自此之后我哥哥就一直陪伴着我,当时我们彼此信任,并坚定着我们改变的信心,我陪同着我的丈夫-巴拉克·奥巴马,陪着他走上了一段不太可能实现的旅程,直到今天。But each of us comes here also by way of our own improbable journey. I come here tonight as a sister, blessed with a brother who is my mentor, my protector, and my lifelong friend. And I come here as a wife who loves my husband and believes he will be an extraordinary President.但是,也是因为我们彼此那不太可能的旅程而走到这里。我今天是作为一个来的,上天保佑我啊,我有一个好哥哥,他教导我、保护我,同时他又是我终身的好朋友。我今天是作为一名妻子来的,她爱她的丈夫,她坚信他将成为一名出色的总统。And I come here as a mom--as a mom whose girls are the heart of my heart and the center of my world. Theyre the first things I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed at night. Their future--and all our childrens future--is my stake in this election.我今天是作为一名母亲来的,我的女儿们就是我的世界,我的天。我早上醒来后想的是她们,睡觉前想的还是她们。他们所有人的未来-以及我女儿们的未来都是这次我们选举的精神柱。 /201308/253454

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