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1.Landscaping services1.绿地养护The notion that a man enjoys mastering his domain by slaving away in the hot sun to cut grass, trim hedges and plant becomes less true as guys get older. But frugal dads who never like to ask for help may not be too keen on admitting they#39;d rather have someone else step in. Give your dad the gift of a prepaid landscaping service, and it will save his ego as well as his back.在炎炎烈日下甩开膀子修剪草坪、整理树栅、种植花草,男人这种享受我的地盘我作主的观念,随着年龄的增长而变得越来越不切合实际。但是从来不愿意 寻求帮助的节俭老爸可能不太乐意承认自己希望雇用帮手。为老爸预付绿地养护费用,不仅可以拯救他的自尊心,还可以让他直起腰板舒展一下筋骨。 /201206/187231

1. Learn your sleep positionYour “sleep position” is the position you always move into right before falling asleep. If I’m not very tired I’ll spend some time on my back, stomach, or other scenario until I feel like sleeping. Then, as soon as I feel like sleeping, I move onto my side and get down to sleeping business. Once you know your sleep position you can move into it immediately once you get into bed. Take a few deep breaths, relax, and your body will assume that it’s time to sleep and you’ll be drooling on your pillow in no time.1.弄清楚你的睡姿 你的“睡姿”通常就是你即将入睡之时摆好的姿势。要是不感觉到累,我通常会花些时间平躺着,趴着或者做其他姿势,直到睡意降临。当睡意渐浓,我会侧着身体,开始入睡。要是你晓得自己的睡姿,你就可以在上床时候马上摆好姿势。做几下深呼吸,然后全身放松,你的身体会认为睡觉的时候到了,于你就能迅速坠入梦乡。 /201003/99830

Li Sao is a Chinese poem dating from the Warring States Period, largely written by Qu Yuan (340 - 278 ) of the Kingdom of Chu. One of the most famous poems of pre-Qin China, it is a representative work of the Chu Ci form of poetry.《离骚》是战国时期的诗歌,大部分由楚国屈原(公元前340-278)创作。作为楚辞的代表作,《离骚》是先秦时期最著名的诗歌之一。The title#39;s meaning has been debated about even in historical times. Sima Qian interprets the title as ;Woes of Departure; i.e. Qu Yuan#39;s exile, while Ban Gu interprets it as ;Encountering Trouble;. Sima Qian#39;s interpretation is the more adopted one, though recent scholars also theorise that Li Sao is simply a different way of writing Lao Shang; the latter is a generic name for a Chu song. In English the title is often translated as either The Lament or Encountering Trouble.“离骚”这个题目的意义在历史上颇有争议。司马迁将其翻译为“离别之悲痛”意指屈原被流放;班固将其译为“遭遇忧患”。尽管新进学者们认为“离骚”只是“劳商”的另一种写法,而“劳商”即楚国歌曲的总称,人们还是多以司马迁的译法为准。英语中“离骚”一般被翻译为“悲歌”或“遭遇忧患”。The poem has a total of 372 lines and about 2400 characters, which makes it one of the longest poems dating from Ancient China. While the precise date of composition is unknown it is one of Qu Yuan#39;s later works, written after his exile by King Huai I of Chu.《离骚》共有372行,2400余字,是中国古代以来最长的诗歌之一。虽然《离骚》的具体创作时间未知,但可以确定它是在屈原被楚怀王流放之后的作品。As a representative work of Chu poetry it makes use of a wide range of metaphors derived from the culture of Chu, including shamanistic elements such as divination and the presence of spirits, as well as references in ancient history and legendary figures. Because of these influences the poem is seen as an initiator of a Romantic tradition of poetry in China.作为楚辞的代表作,《离骚》中有大量源自楚国文化的比喻,包括占卜、显灵等萨满教元素,以及历史和神话传说中的人物形象。因此,这首诗开创了中国诗歌的浪漫主义先河。 /201206/187857

April 21st, in an open sewer ditch on Zhengshang Road in Zhengzhou, a large quantity of empty medicine capsules appeared overnight, turning 300 meters of the ditch into a ;rainbow river;. Some of the capsules have aly been washed downstream, dying the river blue-green. Nearby residents stated there isn#39;t a pharmaceutical factory nearby, so perhaps the capsules were secretly manufactured in an illegal small workshop.Yesterday afternoon, village director Sun Baozhou in a telephone interview said he wasn#39;t aware of the capsules discovered in the ditch, though confirmed there is no pharmaceutical factory nearby. He said that previously there was a small pharmaceutical workshop in the village, which was dealt with months ago, and in light of the present situation might be again secretly producing capsules. ;We will again investigate the village to see whether this kind of workshop exists, and if we find it, we will immediately take care of it.; At the local police station, in the Police Affairs Office, officer Miao Yunzhan was also unaware of the capsule situation.Reporters note: at the village entrance a 360 degree webcam is installed, as for whether it is operational or not, Miao Yunzhan and Sun Baozhou both were not able to clearly say.4月22日,河南郑州市郑上路三十里铺李岗村道路两侧的排污明渠里被倾倒了大量的空心胶囊。胶囊壳绵延300余米,渠水被染成蓝绿色。4月23日,郑州市食品药品监督工作人员,赶赴现场进行调查取,并将胶囊打捞出销毁。 /201204/179904

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