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佛山妇保医院割包皮多少钱三水区治疗阳痿多少钱The EU’s trade deal with Canada was yesterday pulled back from the brink after Belgian regional leaders dropped their objections to the country’s government signing the pact in an eleventh-hour rescue.欧盟与加拿大的贸易协议昨日从悬崖边缘被拉回,此前最后一刻的挽救努力奏效,比利时的地方领导人放弃反对该国政府签署协定。The agreement came just hours after Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premier, cancelled a trip to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in Brussels.在有关各方达成协议的几小时前,加拿大总理贾斯廷.特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)取消前往布鲁塞尔签署《综合经济与贸易协定》(CETA)的行程。MPs in the French-speaking region of Wallonia, the Brussels region and the country’s tiny German-speaking region have been asked to confirm their approval of the Ceta treaty by midnight tonight.讲法语的瓦隆大区(Wallonia)、布鲁塞尔地区以及该国微小的德语区的议员被要求在今晚午夜之前确认他们批准CETA条约。Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, said the regional parliaments would have “the last word” on a deal that would retain Belgium’s “credibility on the international stage”.比利时首相夏尔.米歇尔(Charles Michel)表示,地区议会对于“保留比利时在国际舞台上的信誉”的一项协定将具有“最后发言权”。Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, said he would only contact Mr Trudeau “once all procedures are finalised” for the EU to sign Ceta.欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)表示,“只有当所有程序都已完成”,欧盟可以签署CETA之后,他才会联系特鲁多。There has been deep frustration among Ceta’s supporters at the failure of the Belgian regional leaders to approve a deal that the government in Brussels and those of 27 other member states had agreed to sign.此前,对于比利时地方领导人未能批准该国和欧盟其他27个成员国政府已经同意签署的协定,CETA的持者深感沮丧。Mr Tusk has warned that a collapse of Ceta would have “obvious consequences” for Europe’s global position.图斯克警告说,CETA半途而废将给欧洲的全球地位带来“明显后果”。The Ceta affair has been deeply embarrassing for EU leaders, who had hoped the deal would prepare the ground for the even bigger Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership pact with the US. Instead the affair has raised questions over the ability of the EU to conclude complex deals that require the support of all the parliaments in the bloc.欧盟领导人曾希望该协议将为与美国达成更大的《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定》(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)做一些铺垫,因此他们对CETA遭遇的波折深感尴尬。与他们的初衷相反,这一波折令人质疑:欧盟有没有能力敲定那些需要得到成员国所有议会持的复杂交易?Belgium’s government strongly supports the deal but under the federal structure it cannot sign without regional approval. The national parliament backed Ceta as did the parliament in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders.比利时政府大力持这项协议,但在联邦制下,如果没有地区层面的批准,它就不能签署。比利时的国家议会以及讲荷兰语的法兰德斯大区(Flanders)的议会持CETA。The parties came close to a deal on Wednesday but talks broke up — resulting in the cancellation of an EU-Canada summit. Before he cancelled his visit, Mr Trudeau said the logjam could still be broken. “We are confident that in the coming days we will see a positive outcome for this historic deal.”各方在周三曾接近达成协议,但谈判后破裂,导致欧盟-加拿大峰会被取消。特鲁多在取消赴欧行程之前表示,僵局仍有望被打破。“我们相信,我们在未来几天将看到这个历史性的协议取得积极结果。”Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s trade minister, said the country was y to sign this important agreement “when Europe is y”.加拿大贸易部长克里斯蒂娅.弗里兰(Chrystia Freeland)表示,该国准备签署这一重要协议——“只要欧洲准备就绪”。 /201610/475125顺德区妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Shanghai residents who don#39;t regularly visit their parents may face lawsuits or have their credit score affected under a new local regulation, media reported last Thursday.据相关媒体上周四报道,上海市新出台的一项地方监管法案指出,如果上海本地居民不经常去探望自己的父母的话,那么他们就很有可能面对法律诉讼,或者使自己的个人信用评分受到影响。Adults should fulfill their duty to give economic and spiritual support to their parents and ;come back home often,; according to the new regulation on protecting elderly people#39;s rights and interests. Family members should also pay regular visits to their parents who live in nursing institutions, according to the regulation.这份新地方监管法案旨在保障老年人的权益。法案指出,年轻人应该尽到自己的责任,要“常回家看看”,在经济上和精神上给父母以持。该法案还指出,对于住在敬老院等护理机构的老人,子女也要经常去探望以尽孝道。The regulation will be implemented from May 1 onwards.新法案将从今年5月1日开始正式执行。Luo Peixin, a deputy director of the Shanghai government legislative affairs office, was ed by news portal thepaper.cn as saying that aside from influencing people through moral education, the authorities can use legal means to force people to fulfill their duties.新闻门户网站澎湃网引述了上海市政府法制办公室副主任罗培新的发言称,除了用教育的方法来提升民众的道德责任感以外,有关部门还可以用法律手段强制要求人们履行自己的责任。Luo said that elderly people will be able to file a lawsuit to make their children visit them and people who fail to carry out the court-ordered visits will see their credit rating take a hit. The authorities have not confirmed how much the rating will be affected.罗培新主任还指出,老人们可以对那些不尽孝道的子女提起法律诉讼,强制要求他们来看望自己。而过后依然没有遵守法院裁决、没有履行尽孝义务的人,他们的信用评级将会受到影响。不过有关部门尚未透露信用评级具体将受多大影响。Luo said that Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces as well as Beijing aly have similar regulations, asking children to ;come back home often.;罗培新还表示,江苏、广东和北京已经出台了类似的法案,呼吁子女们“常回家看看”。 /201604/437068佛山高明区治疗性功能障碍多少钱

广东省人民医院平洲分院治疗男性不育多少钱Young people in China aged between 14 and 35 spend more than a quarter of their lives online, according to a report on Internet behavior published jointly by the Communist Youth League and the Sogou search engine.据一份由共青团和搜联合发布的网络行为调查报告显示,中国14岁到35岁的年轻人,其生命中四分之一的时间都在上网。The report says, in the past year, those born in the 1980s spent 6.2 hours per day on the Internet. While the 90#39;s generation went online for 6.5 hours.报告称,在过去一年中,80后每天上网6.2个小时,而90后每天上网6.5小时。10 p.m. is the most active time for younger net users.晚上10点是年轻网民最活跃的时间。The young online users input 29 billion characters each day, with the emoji symbol meaning ;I don#39;t know whether to cry or to laugh; the most commonly used.这些年轻网民们每天要打290亿个字,“笑哭”是使用最多的表情。Speech input is gaining in popularity, especially among younger users, according to the report.该报告指出,语音输入越来越受欢迎,尤其是在年轻用户之间。The Sogou Pinyin, a popular Chinese input software, receives 240 million speech inputs on average every day.用户每天会使用中国流行的输入软件--搜拼音,语音输入2.4亿个字。The report also said that although young Chinese net users generally have a strong personality and like to complain, they have strong awareness of patriotism and are more rational when faced with rumors.报告还称,虽然中国网民个性越来越强、越来越爱吐槽,但是他们具有很强的爱国主义意识,面对谣言时也更理性。 /201706/512930顺德新世纪医院医生的电话多少 What’s in a shade? If you are Pantone, the “color authority” and the dominant color trend forecaster, and you get to choose a “color of the year” every year, potentially a lot. It could include determining fashion’s direction (these are the hues that inform the fabrics that get bought by designers that get made into your clothes), influencing interiors, and even affecting how food appears. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so much political and philosophical import attached to a color decision as I have for the 2016 “Color of the Year.”色有什么作用?如果你是潘通(Pantone)——“色权威”和主导色潮流的预测者——如果你能选择每年的“年度色”,那么你会发现它有很多作用。包括可以决定时尚的方向(这会决定设计师购买什么颜色的面料,也就是你最终穿什么颜色的衣),影响室内装饰,甚至影响食物的外观。不过,我从未看到哪一年的年度色选择像2016年这样深受政治和哲学的影响。For the first time, it’s a blend of two colors: Rose Quartz (a kind of mineral pink) and Serenity (a light blue). On the company’s website, the colors flow seamlessly into each other so that it’s impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends.2016年的年度色与以往不同,它是两种颜色的组合:粉水晶(Rose Quartz,一种矿物粉色)和宁静蓝天(Serenity,一种淡蓝色)。在该公司的网站上,这两种颜色浑然融为一体,看不清它们的界线。Two colors! It may not sound revolutionary, but everything is relative. And know this: It’s not about indecision, but social progress. That’s Pantone’s position, anyway.两种颜色!也许它听起来不算重大变革,但一切都是相互关联的。要知道:这不是因为优柔寡断,而是因为社会进步。不管怎样,这是潘通的立场。Explaining the choice, the company cited “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”潘通在解释这一选择时提到以下这些因素:“主张性别平等和流动性的社会运动;消费者越来越喜欢把色当作一种表达方式;这一代人不太在意被认定为某一种类型或遭到评判;公开的数字信息交流让我们看到颜色使用的不同方式。”There’s no arguing with that one. From bathroom signs to fashion runways, the gender lines have been blurring at an ever-faster pace. It’s about time we ended ye olde pink/blue, girl/boy stereotype divide.这一点毋庸置疑。从卫生间标志到时装秀,性别界线正在加速变得模糊。现在我们差不多该抛弃传统的“女孩用粉色,男孩用蓝色”的成见了。Admittedly, choosing the most clichéd gender colors can seem a bit simplistic, but Pantone has a broad constituency to manage; this is not about the cutting edge, but the big middle.不可否认,选择最老套的性别色似乎有点过分简化,但是潘通拥有庞大的客户群,这种选择不是为了前卫,而是为了找出平均值。Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said the joining of the two colors reflected “a soothing sense of order and peace” — presumably an attractive thing to incorporate into a product at a time of insecurity and global turbulence. It also implies that there is no line between “us” and “them.”潘通色研究所(Pantone Color Institute)的执行总监莱亚特丽斯·艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说:把这两种颜色组合起来反应出“一种令人慰籍的秩序感与和平感”,在这个全球动荡和缺乏安全感的时代,把这种感觉融入产品应该具有吸引力。它也暗示着,“我们”和“他们”之间没有界线。That’s a lot of issue-related messaging to pack into a single color trend (or even two), but the Pantone statement says it’s the company’s job to reflect social trends and capture them in a shade — which will then become part of the fabrics of our lives, as it were.对于一种色潮流(又或说两种色潮流)而言,要包含的和不同话题有关的信息传递太多了,但潘通在声明中称,体现社会潮流并用一种颜色捕捉它们,是公司的工作。和往常一样,这种颜色将会进入我们生活中使用的面料。Certainly, the emails have aly started flooding in celebrating various products in shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity. But I wonder: Are we suddenly going to see a host of blended pastel ties, as opposed to the currently popular red and blue, popping up in the next round of presidential debates? Place your bets now.当然,我们已经收到很多邮件,称赞各种粉水晶色和宁静蓝天色的产品。不过,我想知道:在下一轮总统竞选辩论中,我们会突然看到各种混合的、色调柔和的领带吗(而不是当下流行的红蓝领带)?现在就下注吧。 /201512/416517佛山省妇幼保健院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

容桂医院要预约吗To mark the Chinese New Year, Nanyang Business School invited a panel of five experienced business men and women to its CEO Breakfast Series to speak about their experience of doing business in China and discuss the challenges this brings. 为庆祝中国农历新年,新加坡南洋商学院(Nanyang Business School)邀请5位经验丰富的商界人士出席其CEO早餐系列活动,讲述他们在华做生意的经历并讨论由此带来的挑战。 Hosted in the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, the series brings together current graduate students and industry leaders to share insights on current topics and trends. During the first session of the year, five panellists who volunteered insights into the business environment in China and the challenges its economy faces. 在新加坡浮尔顿酒店(Fullerton Hotel)举办的CEO早餐系列活动让应届毕业生和行业领袖能够共同分享对当前热点和趋势的看法。在今年首场早餐会,5位专家自愿分享他们对中国商业环境及中国经济面临的挑战的看法。 Despite the early hours, the panel featuring Kevin Lu, partner and chief executive of Partners Group; Berenike Ullmann, vice-president of consumer market knowledge at Procter and Gamble Asia; Jeffrey Hardee, Singapore country manager at Caterpillar Asia; Patrick Cherrier, chief executive of Essilor International; and Kok Poh June, deputy chief executive of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development. 尽管是早上时间,但讨论会成员有瑞士合众集团(Partners Group)新加坡公司首席执行官及合伙人陆凯文(Kevin Lu)、宝洁亚洲(Procter and Gamble Asia)消费市场信息部副总裁吴凯(Berenike Ullmann)、卡特彼勒亚洲(Caterpillar Asia)新加坡总经理杰弗里#8226;哈迪(Jeffrey Hardee)、依视路(Essilor International)首席执行官帕特里克#8226;谢里耶(Patrick Cherrier),以及中新天津生态城投资开发有限公司(Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development)副总裁郭宝骏(Kok Poh June)。 In light of recent volatility of the Chinese stock markets, the panellists addressed the diverse challenges and risks involved when investing. But they had a positive outlook and believed that the current turbulence in the Chinese economy is not something to worry about. 鉴于最近中国股市的波动,这些专家谈到了投资时遇到的各种挑战和风险。但他们对前景乐观,认为不用担心中国经济目前的波动。 While there has been an impact on Chinese business, whether at local or multinational companies, the experts argued the fundamental growth prospects remain unclouded, promising additional demand and further economic growth. Progress is still expected in the “land of the dragon” incomes for Chinese employees over the coming years are likely to double, they said. The Chinese are still big spenders, which boosts the domestic economy, and new jobs will be created, so consumer businesses in particular will have many opportunities. With a growing middle class and rising living standards, the panellists believed the long-term viability of investments in China could be trusted. 尽管在华业务(无论是本国企业还是跨国企业)遭受影响,但专家们表示,基本增长前景依然明朗,有可能带来额外需求和进一步的经济增长。他们说,预计“龙之地”仍会发展,中国员工今后几年的收入可能翻倍。中国人仍然大举出,这推动了国内经济,将会创造新的就业岗位,因此消费者业务尤其具有许多机遇。随着中产阶层日益壮大和居民生活水平提高,专家们相信,在中国长期投资的可行性是可信的。 To back this up, Berenike Ullmann, an expert in the consumer behaviour of the Chinese, outlined their buying habits and the reactions of the country’s economy. While most Chinese prefer to buy local, they also trust western-made products, going to great lengths to buy them. To combat the trend of buying abroad, many local companies strive to improve their manufacturing standards. As a result, Ms Ullman believes China will become even more competitive than it is today, thereby protecting the country’s labour market, improving working conditions and promoting the country’s wealth. 为了持这种说法,中国人消费行为研究专家吴凯概述了他们的购买习惯以及中国经济的反应。尽管大部分中国人倾向于买国产货,但他们也信任西方制造的产品,不遗余力地去购买它们。为了对抗海外购物热,许多国内公司努力提高它们的制造标准。结果是,吴凯相信中国未来的竞争力将会比现在更高,从而保护本国的劳动力市场,改善工作环境并促进中国的财富增长。 While stalling growth keeps many global investors awake at night, Patrick Cherrier demonstrates that even only 5 per cent growth in gross domestic product today translates to equal or even greater economic growth in absolute terms than double digit percentage growth 10 years ago. 尽管增长放缓让许多全球投资者夜不成寐,但帕特里克#8226;谢里耶提出,按绝对值计算,如今国内生产总值中5%的增长相当于十年前的两位数增长乃至更高。 According to him, the challenges a company faces in China are not all that different from the challenges for other developing markets. Yet China provides many scaling opportunities, supported by government policies that support growth aspirations. Hence, despite its current troubles, investors and multinationals should not shun the country just yet. 谢里耶表示,一家公司在中国面临的挑战和在其他发展中市场面临的挑战没有很大不同。然而,中国提供了许多不断增长的机遇,持增长目标的政府政策是一个有利因素。因此,尽管当前存在问题,但投资者和跨国企业还不应将中国排除在外。 To conclude, panellists touched on the risk factors that go along with doing business in China, such as the involvement of the government, an ageing population and compliance risks. As most multinationals have identified ways to successfully engage the state and understand the compliance practice, the ageing population poses the most unpredictable threat to the development of the country’s market. 总而言之,专家们谈及了在中国做生意伴随的风险因素,比如政府介入、人口老龄化和合规风险。随着大多数跨国企业找到了成功与政府打交道的方式并理解了合规实践,人口老龄化成为对中国市场发展最为不可预测的威胁。 /201603/430557 佛山市顺德区桂洲医院不孕不育多少钱佛山新世纪医院治疗前列腺炎要多久



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