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湖州祛痘印激光治疗价格湖州腋窝脱毛要多少钱湖州市妇幼保健院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 I entered the workforce believing that my generation was going to have equal responsibility and equal opportunity. And it didnt work out that way.我进入职场,相信我这一代将会有平等的责任和平等的机会。但不是那样运作的。Women are getting more college degrees, more graduate degrees and turning to workforce at every level. But in industry after industry, women are eighteen, fifteen, twenty percent of the top jobs. Women are held back by many things. Were held back by bias, by lack of flexibility, by lack of opportunity. We also hold ourselves back. We dont sit at the table; we dont raise our hands; we dont let our voices be loud enough.女性正取得更多大学学历、更多研究所学历,并以各个阶级投入职场。但在各行各业,女性在最棒的工作中仅佔了百分之十八、十五、二十。女性因为许多事情而受到阻挠。我们因为偏见、因为应变性的缺乏、因为机会的不足而受到阻挠。我们同样也阻挠了自己。我们没有“坐到桌前”;我们没有举起双手;我们没有让声音足够响亮。I remember my first day at Facebook, driving to this new job and this hard job, and not being sure I could do it. I think about all the moments when I just didnt believe in myself: every test I was sure I was about to fail, every job I wasnt sure I could do. But its after watching so many women quietly lean back, after watching myself quietly lean back and miss opportunities that I started to see the pattern and started to talk about it.我记得我在Facebook的第一天,开车去做这份新工作、这份艰难的工作,而且并不确定我能否做到。我想起当我就是不相信我自己的那些时刻:每场我确信即将要不及格的考试、每份我不确定能否胜任的工作。但一直到看过那么多女性默默地退缩、一直到看到我自己默默地退缩并失去机会,我才开始看到那模式,并开始去谈论它。Why does this matter? Boy, it matters a lot, because no one gets to the corner office by sitting on the side not at the table.为什么这很重要?天啊,这非常重要,因为没有人是坐在一边而不“坐到桌前”就能够进驻高级办公室(注一)的。This books for women of all ages: young girls who are thinking about what their futures might be, people who might be out of the workforce thinking about coming back, or even someone whos a volunteer, and wants to lean in and take on more leadership, to encourage women to really believe in themselves and believe in their dreams, and to help men do their part to form a more equal world by making sure that all of us have opportunities based on our passions and interests not just based on our gender.这本书是给所有年龄层的女性:思考她们的未来会是如何的年轻女孩、可能不在职场上但想着要回去的人们,或甚至某些是志工,并想要挺身而进并承担更多领导责任的人,这本书要鼓励女性要确实相信她们自己,并相信她们的梦想,帮助男性尽他们本分来组成一个更平等的世界,透过确保我们所有人是基于我们的热情和兴趣来得到机会,而不只是基于我们的性别。Part of what Im hoping Lean In will do is really start a conversation in every workplace, in every company, in every school to start thinking about gender differently. I believe the world would be a better place if half of our companies and half our countries are run by women, and half of our homes are run by men.我希望《挺身而进》能做到的一部分是确实地在每个工作场地、每间公司、每所学校开启对话,开始以不同方式思考性别。我相信如果我们的公司和我们的国家一半是由女性带领,而我们的家园一半是由男性领导时,这世界会变得更好。This is about believing in yourself.这本书是关于相信你自己。Note1:corner office注一:字面上是转角的办公室,通常是在边间、有两面窗户、视野极佳的位置。这种办公室一般都是分配给公司高阶主管、或是重要人士,因此亦可以称为“高级办公室”。201411/340819湖州中心医院治疗疤痕多少钱

德清县丰胸医院哪家好How do I keep him interested when the relationship is past the honeymoon phase?恋情度过蜜月期之后,我应该怎样做才能让他对我保持兴趣呢?How does he keep interested with you? Once again it becomes doing things, going away together on weekends, maybe sleeping in each others houses on different nights, you know, playing games, going out with more people, having a dinner party, you know, going to a sex store together to make the sex more fun, you know, bed time stories to each other. Create different traditions. You need to keep having date nights and keep doing things that attract each other in the first place.他怎样才会对你保持兴趣呢?再说一次,仍然是一起做某件事,周末一起外出,不同的夜晚互相在对方家里过夜,玩游戏,与更多人一起外出,安排晚餐派对,一起去情趣商店,让你们的生活更加有趣。睡前互相为对方讲故事。养成不同的习惯。你们需要继续在夜晚约会,一起做双方都感兴趣的事情。Thanks for watching How To Keep Him Interested When The Relationship Is Past The Honeymoon Phase.感谢收看“蜜月期过后如何保持”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/246722湖州南浔区去咖啡斑多少钱 Though the swifts depend on the cave for shelter, they never stray further than the limits of daylight, as their eyes cant see in the dark.尽管雨燕依靠洞穴遮蔽,他们却必定在日落前归巢,因为他们的眼睛无法在黑夜中看清事物。However, deep inside the cavern, other creatures are better equipped for subterranean life.然而洞穴深处是一群更适应地下隐秘生活的居民。A colony of bats is just waking up, using ultrasonic squeaks to orientate themselves in the darkness. Night is the time to go hunting.一群蝙蝠刚刚醒来,他们运用超声波在黑夜中确定自己的方位。夜晚是狩猎时间。 /201407/308895湖州哪里做去眼袋的技术好

湖州市第三人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱 Summertime means fun time! Check out these tips on getting the season-long party started.夏日意味着欢乐时光!看看下面的建议,迎接持续整个季节的派对的开始。You Will Need你需要Beach towel沙滩浴巾Bathing suit泳衣Sunscreen防晒霜Water水Trowel泥铲Vegetable seeds蔬菜种子Sports equipment体育设施Book书Camping gear露营装备Star chart星宿图Mason jar (optional)有金属螺盖的玻璃瓶(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Take a dip1.游泳Grab a towel, don a bathing suit, and cool off with a swim. Wear waterproof sunscreen and play a little Marco Polo; before you know it, youll be having such a good time, you wont realize youve burned off all those ice cream calories.拿一条沙滩浴巾,穿上泳衣,下水去游泳。涂上防水防晒霜,播放一点音乐。你会不知不觉地享受到轻松的时光,也会无意识间消耗掉冰激凌带来的热量。Drink plenty of water, even when youre swimming. You might not feel thirsty, but youre still moving around in the hot sun.饮用足够的水,即使是在游泳的时候。或许你不会感觉到口渴,但是毕竟你是在热辣辣的太阳下活动。STEP 2 Get growing2.种植Start a vegetable garden. Find a plot of land and map out areas for various veggies. Aerate and weed with a trowel, then plant summer produce like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Water regularly and watch the perfect complements to a summer barbecue come to life.开辟一块蔬菜菜园。找一块地,策划出种植不同蔬菜的地方。用泥铲松土和锄草,然后种植一些夏季作物,例如番茄,辣椒和黄瓜。经常浇水,亲眼目睹夏季烧烤的完美元素的成长过程。STEP 3 Find a sport3.体育项目Toss a ball around, shoot some hoops, ride a bike, spike a volleyball, toss a Frisbee, play some tennis, go for a run -- anything that gets you up and moving outdoors. Being active in the sun improves sleep, promotes vitamin D production, and boosts your mood -- just be sure to wear sunscreen.踢球,扔铁环,骑自行车,打排球,扔飞盘,打网球,纯粹为了乐趣——只要能让你在户外运动的项目都可以。在阳光下运动可以改善睡眠,促进维他命D的生成,刺绪——不过一定要涂抹防晒霜。STEP 4 Grab some ing material4.拿一些阅读材料Pick a book, stretch out in the shade, and . Choose a book that interests you, rather than something you think you have to . Try a masterpiece youve always meant to check out, and challenge yourself to finish it by Labor Day.拿一本书,舒展地坐在阴凉的地方阅读。选择自己感兴趣的书,而不是自己不得不读的书。尝试一下你一直想看的著作,挑战自己在劳动节前完成。STEP 5 Go camping5.露营Explore the great outdoors with a camping trip. Grab a canteen, food, and a flashlight, pack up a tent and sleeping bag, throw it all in a backpack, and hit the road. Even if youre just in your own backyard, the summer months are the perfect time for a night away from the television.进行露营,探索大自然。拿一个水壶,一些食物和一把手电筒,打包一顶帐篷和睡袋,全部丢进背包,上路。即使只是在自己的后院,夏季也是远离电视机,在户外露宿的好时间。If you live in an area with fireflies, bring a mason jar on your trip and catch some to give your camp a little extra mood lighting.如果你住的地方有萤火虫,带一个有金属螺盖的玻璃瓶,捉一些萤火虫,让你的旅途增添一点朦胧的光亮。STEP 6 Look to the heavens6.观看夜空Wait for night to fall, go outside, and stargaze. Consult a star chart to find constellations, many of which were named centuries ago. Let your imagination run and find new shapes and images in the sky to inspire you as you consider your next fun summer activity.等待夜幕降临,外出,仰望星空。查看星宿图,寻找星座,很多都是几百年前命名的。放飞想象的翅膀,在天空中寻找新的形状和图像,考虑下一个充满乐趣的夏季活动。In August 1969, Sly and the Family Stones single ;Hot Fun in the Summertime,; hit no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.1969年8月,斯莱和斯通一队的单曲《夏日的情味》在告示牌百强单曲榜上排名第二位。视频听力译文由。201405/298711湖州曙光整形美容医院纹眉毛多少钱湖州市中心医院激光去胎记多少钱



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