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9. What is this for?这是什么钱?还能这样说:What is this charge for?What is this amount for?10. Keep the change.不用找钱了。还能这样说:You dont need to give me the change.Never mind the change.应用:a change for the better/worse 现有的或曾有过的事物的改善或变坏;change hands 归另一个人所有,转手;change ones spots 违反本性或做违反本性的事,改变本性11. Would you like to sign for it?你是签名记账吗?还能这样说:Will you choose to sign for it?Would you like to pay the bill by signing here?应用:at the sign of 当有……的迹象;bear the sign of the times 带有时代的特征;put the Indian sign on 施以魔法;sign language 手势语,手语;sign on the dotted line 签署文件等12. Can I use this voucher to pay the bill?我可以用这张餐券付账吗?还能这样说:May I use this meal ticket to pick up the tab?Would you mind my using this meal coupon to foot the bill?应用:tax bill 税法;acceptance bill 承兑票据;手续费 /201404/285973Todd: Hello!你好!Tara: Hello!你好!Todd: Can you say your name please?能告诉我们你的名字吗?Tara: OK, my name is Tara.我的名字是塔拉。Todd: And, where are you from?你来自哪里?Tara: Im from England. Im from Redding.我来自英国Redding。Todd: Redding! OK. Where is Redding in England?Redding!Redding在英国哪里?Tara: Its south-east of London.在伦敦东南部。Todd: OK. Whats your hometown like?你的家乡是什么样的?Tara: Its not quite a city, but its big. Its quite spacious. Its not as crowded as Tokyo.我的家乡不是一座城市,但它真的很大。空间很大,不像东京这么拥挤。Todd: Yeah.好的。Tara: Its quite a few people. A lot of young people, and a lot of business there.那儿的人相当多。其中有许多年轻人,和商人。Todd: OK. Whats the best thing about your town?你家乡最棒的地方是什么?Tara: The best thing is the people. The people there are really friendly, and its still quite clean and safe there.最棒的就是那里的人。那里的人们很友好,而且那里很整洁,很安全。Todd: Oh, thats nice. Alright thanks, Tara.太棒了。谢谢你,塔拉。注:译文属原创,,。 /201301/217844Thailand is so different from where I used to live in America. First of all, in my neighborhood there are many stray dogs, dogs with no home. During the day, they lay around and sleep and at night they fight and make a lot of noise barking and howling. Sometimes theyre even dangerous, especially people who ride by on their bikes, sometimes can be bit by these dogs. In America, stray dogs, are sent to the pound. The pound, the dog pound, is like a jail for dogs. Um, also, in front of my house, in front of every house in my neighborhood, theres a fence, or a gate with a lock on it. I dont like it. I think its a hassle because I have to take out my key, unlock the lock, then drive the car out, stop the car, get out, close the gate and then put the lock on again. In America, its much more convenient. Usually theres a garage or a closed car park and when you drive up you have a remote control, and it opens, the garage door opens automatically, and in America usually we dont have fences or gates around our front yard. Often theres a gate around the backyard, but nothing in the front. Some of the really expensive houses in Thailand too, around there fence they have broken pieces of glass around the top to keep people who want to climb in from getting in. In Thailand usually to buy food, you go to the outdoor market. Its very different than the clean supermarkets in America because they are lots of different smells and lots of action. You can smell fish, meat, trash, fruit, smoke from the barbeques, curry. Sometimes the smells are not so good. People come there, cook fresh food every day and theyll stay there till they sell all their food. Its very cheap. You can eat for about 2 or 3 U.S. dollars. So its not as clean and it doesnt smell as nice as a big supermarket in America but I think its a lot more interesting. It makes the supermarkets in America seem very boring.泰国和我曾经生活过的美国非常不一样。首先,我家附近有很多流浪,无家可归的。白天,他们会四处闲逛、睡觉,晚上它们会打架,大声吠叫、嚎叫,制造出很多噪音。有时它们甚至会很危险,尤其是骑车从它们身边经过的人有时会被它们咬。在美国,流浪会被送去流浪收留所。流浪收留所就像们的监狱。嗯,我家前面,我附近所有人的家前面都有栅栏,或是带锁的大门。我很不喜欢这种东西。我认为那很麻烦,因为我必须要拿出钥匙,开锁以后把车开出来,然后停车、下车,把大门关上,再把锁锁上。而在美国,就要方便得多了。通常房子都会有停车库和非公开的停车场,你要把车开进去的时候就按下遥控器,然后车库的门就会自动打开,而我们美国一般房子不会带栅栏,前院也不会有大门。通常大门是在后院,但是前面什么也没有。泰国有些非常昂贵的房子也有栅栏,栅栏顶部有一些玻璃碎片,用来防止那些想爬进房子的人。在泰国,一般买食物要去露天市场。那里和美国整洁的超市非常不同,因为露天市场有很多种不同的味道,有很多活动。你会闻到鱼味、肉味、垃圾的味道、水果味、烧烤的烟味、还有咖喱的味道。有时那些味道并不是很好。人们每天在那里烹饪新鲜的食物,直到他们卖光所有的食物。那里的食物很便宜。两三美元就够用了。所以露天市场没有美国的大型超市干净,味道也不如大型超市,但是我认为那里的乐趣更多。那使得美国的超市看上去很无趣。 /201406/306852

Noticing your age--getting older注意你的年龄——年纪越来越大When do you feel like you are getting older?你什么时候感觉自己正在慢慢变老?Is it when the songs you liked when you were young are now considered all this but good east to the next generation?是你年轻时喜欢的歌曲现在被下一代认为老掉牙的时候吗?When I was younger, I rarely liked classic music or jazz.当我年轻的时候,我一般不喜欢古典音乐和爵士乐。Now I do. Does that mean that Im getting older?现在我却钟情于此。这是否意味着我正在变老?Have you noticed that an actor or an actress that youve liked for a long time is getting a lot of wrinkles or gray hair?你是否注意到, 你喜欢很长一段时间的男女演员正在有越来越多的皱纹和灰白的头发?Do you notice your age when you are with others like at a reunion of some kind?在某些场合的重逢中你与其他人在一起的时候你会注意到你的年龄吗?Do you notice your age when you are looking in the mirror?当你看着镜子,你会注意到你的年龄吗?Does that scare you?这是否吓着你了?Do you find that the kind of clothes you like are thought of the clothes for a mature person?你发现你喜欢的衣被别人认为是成熟人们的专利吗?I respect people that age gracefully.我尊敬优雅地老去的人们。It seems like that many people fear getting older.看来很多人都害怕变老。They dont want the wrinkles to show.他们不想让皱纹示人。I have to confess I have a few gray hairs.我必须承认我有一些白发。Oh, NO! Even though the body may get old,哦,不!尽管身体在变老,I think people can be young at heart.但我认为人们可以保持年轻的心境。My father fits right in when he plays with his grandkids.我的父亲就已经适应了和他的孙子们在一起玩耍。Its not awkward at all.这一点也不尴尬。He comes up with the best games.他总是打出最好的比赛。He may not be able to jump on the bedlam as the kids do,他可能无法像孩子们那样疯打疯闹,but he can wrestle and dance and go for walks and play catch.但是他可以摔跤、跳舞、散步和打球。His mind is deep and his heart is warm.他的心非常宽广,而且他的心也是温暖的。I hope I age gracefully like dad.我希望我优雅地像爸爸那样老去。 /201205/180648

Nearly four in 10 women buy shoes knowing they do not fit.近四成的女性在购买鞋子时明知不合脚也会购买。 /201303/229869

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Eric:Do you know why I chose this café?你知道我为什么来这家咖啡馆吗?Lucy:You like the music here。你喜欢这里的音乐。Eric:No, it’s because its a good place to talk。不是,是因为我觉得这个地方适合聊天。Lucy:Actually, I don’t think it really matters which café we go to。实际上,我觉得我妈去哪个咖啡馆并不重要。Eric:Oh, it does. A good café makes a huge difference. A quiet and comfortable environment is more suitable for conversation. At least I think so。哦,可重要了,好的咖啡馆会有天大的差别。安静舒适的环境更适合交谈。至少我这样认为。Lucy:Hmm, maybe。嗯,也许吧。Eric:Well, anyway, lets get something to drink. The coffee here is good. What would you like?嗯,不管怎样,我妈来点点喝的吧。这里的咖啡很不错,你想喝点什么?Lucy:I’ll have a medium white coffee。我要一杯中杯的加奶咖啡。Eric:(to the waitress)Excuse me, miss!(跟务员说)你好,!Waitress:Yes. What can I get for you?你好,请问你要点点什么?Eric:Two coffees, please. A large black coffee for me and a medium white one for her. Thank you。请来两杯咖啡,我要一大杯不加奶的咖啡,她要一中杯加奶的。Waitress:Anything else?还要别的吗?Eric:Not at the moment.暂时不要。Lucy:You like black coffee?你要不加奶的?Eric:Yes. And I like it strong。对啊,我喜欢浓浓的口感。重点句子:这家咖啡馆的环境还不错。The environment of this café is nice。你想喝点什么?What would you like to drink?今天我请客。It’s my treat today。喂,务生!Oh, waiter!请来两杯咖啡。Two coffees, please。我想要一小杯卡布奇诺咖啡。I’ll have a small cappuccino。请给我杯无咖啡因的咖啡。Give me a decaf, please。我要一杯不加奶的咖啡,她要一杯加奶的。A black coffee for me and a white one for her。不要奶油。No cream。要加奶油和糖。Cream and sugar。味道要浓烈一些。Make it strong。我要大杯的。I’d like a large one。暂时只要咖啡。Just coffee for the moment。这里的咖啡很棒。The coffee here is perfect。这咖啡还行吗?Is the coffee all right? /201501/351988

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