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城头镇妇幼保健医院介绍在福清融强医院网上预约挂号 Saudi Arabia has struck a landmark deal with Russia to freeze oil output, in the first co-ordinated move to try to reduce a near record supply glut and halt the collapse in prices.沙特阿拉伯与俄罗斯签署了具有里程碑意义的冻结石油产量的协议,这是双方首次合作以努力减少接近创纪录的供应过剩,遏止油价暴跌。After watching oil prices fall 70 per cent since mid-2014, Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s powerful oil minister, said an output freeze by some of the world’s leading producers should start to stabilise the market.在目睹油价自2014年中期以来下0%之后,沙特阿拉伯石油部长阿里纳伊Ali Al-Naimi)表示,全球一些主要产油国冻结产量应当开始稳定市场。Yesterday’s deal, which requires other big producers to agree to cap output, was reached at a closed-door meeting in Doha with Opec members Qatar and Venezuela also in attendance.昨日的协议是在多哈的一场闭门会议上达成的,欧佩OPEC)成员国卡塔尔和委内瑞拉也参加了此次会议。协议要求其他大型产油国同意设置产量上限。The deal between Saudi Arabia and Russia comes against a backdrop of strained political relations between the parties. Tensions remain high over the civil war in Syria, with Moscow and Tehran propping up the regime of Bashar al-Assad, while Riyadh backs opposition forces.沙特与俄罗斯是在双方政治关系紧张的背景下签署上述协议的。围绕叙利亚内战的局势依然高度紧张,莫斯科和德黑兰持叙利亚的巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权,而利雅得持反对派力量。While the speed of the deal between the Opec powerbroker and Russia, the world’s biggest producer, surprised the market, traders remained sceptical that the provisional agreement would gain wider acceptance. Opec member Iran is seen as the biggest stumbling block.尽管欧佩克权力掮客沙特与全球最大产油国俄罗斯迅速敲定协议让市场感到意外,但交易员们仍怀疑这份临时协议能否获得更广泛的接受。人们认为,欧佩克成员国伊朗是最大的绊脚石。In a bid to bring the most reluctant Opec members on board, Eulogio del Pino, Venezuelan oil minister, who has led the diplomatic push for a deal, will travel to Tehran today to meet officials from Iran and Iraq.为了争取最不情愿冻结产量的几个欧佩克成员国配合,委内瑞拉石油部长欧洛希奥德尔皮Eulogio del Pino)将于今日前往德黑兰与伊朗和伊拉克官员会晤。他引领了达成协议的外交努力。Bijan Zangeneh, Iran’s oil minister, said the country would not give up its share of the market, according to Iranian news agency Shana. The country has only just started raising exports after the lifting of sanctions last month.伊朗新闻机构Shana报道称,伊朗石油部长比詹帠格兰多(Bijan Zangeneh)表示,该国将不会放弃其市场份额。在上月被取消制裁之后,伊朗只是刚刚开始增加出口。News of the meeting between Saudi and Russian officials caused oil prices to spike as much as 6 per cent but the formal announcement resulted in a sharp reversal as traders calculated it mght not remove a significant number of barrels from the market. Brent crude, the global benchmark, had fallen 3 per cent to .39 a barrel late in the day, marking a near 10 per cent intraday swing.沙特和俄罗斯官员会晤的消息导致油价一度飙%,但随后正式发布的声明导致油价急剧回落,因为交易员们认为该协议不会让市场显著减少石油供应。全球基准原油布伦特原油到格林尼治标准时间周84分时下跌4%,至每桶32.06美元,使日内波动幅度达到10%。来 /201602/427037福建儿童医院在线

福清渔溪镇附近有男科Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Tokyo to call for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to resign and for a law allowing the military to fight overseas to be overturned, as an election for parliaments upper house draws near.随着日本参议院的选举在即,日前有几万民众聚集在东京市中心游行示威,要求首相安倍晋三下台,并要求推翻容许自卫队在海外执行作战任务的法案。The protesters, many of them elderly, rallied in front of parliament and in a nearby park, holding placards with slogans such as ;Step down, Abe government; and ;Citizens change politics;.抗议者大多为老年人,他们聚集在议会附近的一个公园里,举着的标语牌上面写着:“安倍政府下台”、“人民决定政治”等。Abes support rates rose by three percentage points to 56 percent after he hosted a Group of Seven summit in May and accompanied U.S. President Barack Obama on a historic visit to Hiroshima, a Nikkei business daily survey showed.《日经新闻》的一个调查显示,自从安倍主持了五月的七国集团峰会,并陪同奥巴马历史性地访问了广岛以来,安倍的持率上升了3个百分点,达到了56%。Abe announced a widely expected decision to delay a sales tax increase by two-and-a-half years, and said he would seek the publics mandate for his plan in the upper house vote.此外,安倍还宣布一个万众期待的决定,那就是将消费税增税再推迟两年半,并表示他将会在参议院的投票中征求同意。But some opposition parties are concerned that a strong election result for the ruling bloc may encourage Abe to press ahead with his long-held aspiration to revise the U.S.-drafted pacifist constitution.但是一些反对党担心执政党选举的胜利将会促使安倍加紧推进其长期以来的野心,修订美国起草的和平宪法。Organizers of rally put the crowd at 40,000, while police declined to give a number. Some right-wing activists tried to approach participants but were held back by police.游行的组织者总人数约万人,但警方拒绝告知具体数字。部分右翼活动分子试图接近游行示威者,但被警方阻止。When a similar anti-Abe rally took place in the same locations last August, organizers said some 120,000 people participated.去年八月,在同样的地点也出现过反安倍政府的游行示威,组织者表示当时大约共2万人参加。来 /201606/449857 Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s controversial pick to be US education secretary, was confirmed in the job yesterday only after vice-president Mike Pence stepped in to cast an unprecedented tiebreaking vote in the Senate.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)提名的有争议的美国教育部长人选贝德沃Betsy DeVos)昨日在美国副总统迈克?彭斯(Mike Pence)出面在参议院投出史无前例的决定性一票后,才终于得到确认。Ms DeVos, a billionaire Republican donor who critics say is an enemy of state schools, became Mr Trump’s most contentious cabinet nominee amid questions about her qualifications for the role and potential conflicts of interest stemming from her wealth.德沃斯是共和党的一位亿万富豪捐赠者,批评者称她是公立学校的敌人。她的资格,以及她的财富所带来的潜在利益冲突,都招致质疑,令她成为特朗普最有争议的内阁提名人。The need for Mr Pence to intervene signalled the potential fragility of the president’s support among a few of his party’s headstrong senators, who have aly shown a willingness to speak out against his policies.需要彭斯出面干预表明,对美国总统的持在少数顽固的共和党参议员那儿存在脆弱性,他们已经表明愿意公开反对他的政策。With the chamber deadlocked at 50-50 after two Republican senators voted against Ms DeVos, Mr Pence arrived on Capitol Hill to cast the deciding vote for her the first time a vice-president has used his tiebreaking powers to confirm a cabinet secretary.由于两名共和党参议员投票反对确认德沃斯,参议院投票陷00的僵局,彭斯来到国会山为她投出决定性的一票。这是美国副总统首次运用自己的决定权来确认一位内阁部长。Ms DeVos’s nomination had turned into a proxy war for a broader debate in the US over the future of government-run schools and education funding.对德沃斯的提名已成为美国一场更广泛辩论的“代理人战争”,其焦点问题是公立学校和教育经费的未来。The new education secretary has used her vast wealth to fund groups that advocate using public funds to pay tuition fees at private institutions such as charter schools, bankrolling a movement that critics say is undermining state schools.这位新任教育部长曾利用自己庞大的财富资助一些团体,它们倡导使用公款付特许学校之类私立机构的学费;批评者称,她资助的运动在损害公立学校。Democrats fought bitterly to shoot down her nomination, arguing that she had never held a job in education and highlighting how she fumbled questions from lawmakers about policy issues in a confirmation hearing.民主党人激烈反对她的提名,称她从未从事教育工作,并指出她在确认听会上笨拙地回答议员们提出的政策问题。Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat, said that Ms DeVos was driven by an “extreme rightwing ideologyand wanted “to bring her anti-government, free-market-above-all philosophy to an education system that she has called nothing more than ‘an industry”民主党参议员帕默里(Patty Murray)表示,德沃斯被“极右翼意识形态”驱使,想要“把她那套反政府的、自由市场至上的哲学运用到教育系统,而且她只把教育系统称为‘一个产业’”。The Republican senators who opposed Ms DeVos, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, said they were concerned she did not have sufficient experience with state schools, which are central to the education department’s mandate.阿拉斯加州参议员丽莎?穆考斯Lisa Murkowski)、缅因州参议员苏柯林Susan Collins)是共和党内反对德沃斯的参议员,她们表示担心她在公立学校上缺乏足够经验,而这种经验是教育部职责的核心。Mr Trump was quick to tweet his congratulations to the new education secretary, who he has hailed as a “reformer特朗普迅速在Twitter上向新任教育部长表示祝贺,称赞她是一位“改革者”。来 /201702/491010上迳镇中心医院门诊方便平潭人民医院网上咨询



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