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1. She is a colleague of mine, quiet and beautiful, who speaks slowly in an undertone. What she says often strikes a responsive chord to make the addressee wonder how and when she managed to see things through.她是我的一位同事,美丽而安静,说话也是慢声细语的她的话总能说到人的心里去,使得对方总在想,什么时候就被她给看透了呢. She hasnt achieved much her to be proud, nor has she imperfections subject to criticism. She married the one she loves though he is a man of the common run. They lead an uneventful, regular life with such routine as a daily gymnastic session, an afternoon nap, and a weekend family outing. She never makes extra demands on her child studies.她的成就虽不足以让她夸耀,却也无可挑剔她嫁给了她的所爱,一个普通的男人,日子过得波澜不惊;每天都会午睡,做健美操,生活得很有规律;一到周末全家人就一起出去旅行;她对孩子的学习成绩没有太高的要求3. As to her colleagues, she doesnt feel envy at those who have won honors, nor does she show contempt those who have made mistakes. She looks with cold eyes on those who are mean and snobbish, but never allows herself to be annoyed, she is sure they dont have a good frame of mind nor will they come to a good end. She is extremely clever with a mind as clear as a mirror. It always my belief she quite capable of making her life much more fruitful, but she has made no eft in that direction. By contrast, many people around her have done all they can to scrape a decent living without being able to come up to their expectations.对于同事,她从不嫉妒他们取得的荣誉,也从不鄙薄那些犯错误的人;她冷眼看待势利小人,从不因为他们而烦恼,因为她认为那些没有好心态的人不会有好结果她聪明绝顶,我相信她有能力使她的人生更加精,然而她却没刻意去做相反,她周围的很多人使尽了浑身解数要过上像样的生活,却都不能所愿. A rare chance brought us together in a conversation. I was told her life had been greatly influenced by what her father said to her. That was when she studied at junior middle school. Her weak constitution prevented her from attending any physical exercises. On the other hand, she did so well in her studies that she always came out first in examinations. An occasional failure to achieve the top in any of the subjects would cause a severe self-criticism, which showed how strong her desire was to outshine others.一次难得的机会让我们有了一次交谈,她告诉我她父亲的一句话对她的一生有着重要的影响那时她还在上初中,体质不好,无法参加体育运动但在学习方面她却是出类拔萃的,偶尔一门功课没得第一都会令她自责,这表明她有多么强烈的愿望想超越其他人5. Her father told her it was most suitable her not to target on excellence but to do just well enough. She followed his advice faithfully. The result was quite rewarding. She not only acquired good marks on each subject without much eft but also regained strength to keep a good constitution. She made plans enrolling at an ordinary college when she graduated high school. As she was not burdened with worries, she was at her best during the entrance examinations. Her good permance entitled her to enter a prestigious university. Upon graduation she found a job suited to her special training in a medium-sized city instead of a great metropolis, only because it was convenient her and her parents to take care of each other. That all she told me about herself. Her narration went on unhurriedly just as she did in pursuing her smooth course of life...父亲告诉她,对她而言,不必事事追求优秀,做到良好即可她听从了父亲的话,结果非常有效她轻松地保持每门功课都良好,同时体质也恢复到了良好的状态高中毕业考大学时,她给自己定位于一所普通大学由于没有了压力,她发挥出自己的最佳状态,结果以优异的成绩考入一所重点大学毕业时,她在一座中等城市而不是大都市里找了一份和自己专业对口的工作,这样她和父亲互相照顾起来很方便她向我娓娓道来,就如她那不急不缓般筑就的顺畅人生一样......6. Such a life draws little attention of writers or playwrights because it is too colorless to be the theme of a story or a play. They are more interested in sharp contrasts: a successful career resulting in family break-up; splendor casting a shadow of depravity; happiness being closely followed by death, etc. In short, every good thing is always accompanied by something bad or faulty.如此的人生故事往往不被小说家或剧作家看好,因为这不能使他们的作品跌宕起伏他们更感兴趣的是尖锐的冲突:事业有成却家庭破裂,辉煌背后隐藏着堕落,幸福也总是被死亡尾随,等等总之,每件好事都会有厄运相随7. So is life, untunately—it seems oddly unbalanced. When a person excels in a particular aspect, he is always weak hopelessly in another. Or rather, precisely because he has an irretrievable shortcoming, he is determined to achieve excellence in some other aspect.生活何尝不是这样,难以平衡一个人如果在某一方面非常优秀,那么他在其他方面往往就毫无优势或者,正因为他不可弥补的缺憾使得他在一些方面更加奋进而取得成就8. In this light we can say a life that fairly well led is actually perfect. If all aspects of a person life—his career, his love affair, his personality, his mentality and physique—attain a fairly good level, it is really the most satisfactory, isnt it?就此我们可以说,良好的生活状态其实就是完美的如果一个人的事业、爱情、个性、心境、体魄等人生的各个方面都达到良好,那谁还能说他的人生不完美呢? 5栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 3665

栏目简介:中国汉堡本期内容:My senior high school should be regarded as a boarding school.我的高中可以算作一个寄宿学校boarder 寄宿生 day student走读生dean of students教导主任So after two months, I moved out of my dorm and lived in a rented house near the school.所以两个月后,我搬出了宿舍,住进了一间出租屋During the three years of my senior high, I have witnessed the vigorous development of the snacks at the school gate.在高中的三年,我见了校门口小吃的蓬勃发展Chinese hamburger肉夹馍(本栏目主播为:动感格格) 3757

点击此处收看MVThe Day I Fall In Love”我坠入爱河的那一天 Just an ordinary day 只是平凡的一天Started out the same old way 只是不变的开端Then I look into your eyes and knew 但当我注视你的双眼却已了然Today would be a first me 今天将成为我前所未有的起点The day I fall in love 就是我坠入爱河的那一天On the day I fall in love 当我坠入爱河的那一天Sky will be a perfect blue 天空将呈现完美的碧蓝And I'll hear my heart ever more 我会听到自己的心跳到永远To someone who is just like you 只因生命中有了你出现The day I fall in love 我坠入爱河的那一天People all say love is wonderful 人们都说真爱是如此美妙甘甜That the bells will ring 钟声响彻云间The birds will sing 鸟儿把歌声献The sky will open 天空广阔无边I wonder where's that great big symphony 我想知道那首伟大的交响乐来自何方Roll over Beethoven 一起来,贝多芬Won't you play with me 难道你不想和我一起演奏弹唱And I'll never promise to be true to anyone 我不会再向他人将真心开放Unless it's you 除非那便是你Unless it's you 除非那便是你The day I fall in love 我坠入爱河的那一天People all say love is wonderful 人们都说真爱是如此美妙甘甜That the bells will ring 钟声响彻云间 The birds will sing 鸟儿把歌声献The sky will open 天空广阔无边 I wonder where's that great big symphony 我想知道那首伟大的交响乐来自何方Roll over Beethoven 一起来,贝多芬Come on play with me 难道你不想和我一起演奏弹唱 Just an ordinary day 只是平凡的一天Started out the same old way 只是不变的开端Then I look into your eyes and knew 但当我注视你的双眼却已了然Today will be a first me 今天将成为我前所未有的起点 The day I fall in love 就是我坠入爱河的那一天 I know you'll be there 我知道你将在那里出现Ooh....I know... 我知道The day I fall in love 就是我坠入爱河的那一天




  Cigarette Smoking 吸烟Mary was so disgusted at her husband cigarette smoking that she complained to him one day.玛丽非常讨厌丈夫吸烟,一天对他抱怨说;I hope that all the cigarette factories will catch fire someday.;“我希望有一天所有卷烟厂都失火” ;Dont worry, dear. All the cigarettes will be on fire sooner or later.; He said with a smile. “不用担心,亲爱的,所有的烟卷迟早都会点着的”他笑着说1.Mary was so disgusted at her husband cigarette smoking be disgusted with/at:having a strong feeling of dislike 厌恶eg:We were disgusted at what we heard and saw here.我们对这里的所见所闻感到厌恶.she complained to him complain to sb. 向某人抱怨eg:What did the customer complain to the manager about?这个顾客在跟经理抱怨些什么?注意看到下面这两句话,两句话都是对的complaining about them to youcomplaining to you about them这两者只是交换了介词短语的位置,用来达到强调的目的3.be on fire 着火, 失火;情绪激昂;eg:Wet wood is not easy to be on fire.湿木头不易着火 5


  Paths of Glory is a 1957 American anti-war film by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel of the same name by Humphrey Cobb. It is set during the third year of World War I. The film stars Kirk Douglas as Colonel Dax,the commanding officer of French soldiers who refused to continue a suicidal attack. Dax attempts to defend them against a charge of cowardice in a court-martial. The movie did OK at the box office when it was first released, though it did earn Kubrick much critical praise. However, active and retired soldiers were offended by the way the French military was portrayed and the French government placed enormous pressure oned Artists to not release the film.光荣之路是上映于1957年的一部反战电影,导演斯坦利·库布里克电影是根据汉弗雷·科比的同名小说改编而成电影发生在一战的第三年主演柯克·道格拉斯,他饰演陆军上尉达克斯,法国的指挥官拒绝继续这场自杀式的突袭达克斯在军事法庭上否认自己的胆小懦弱上映之初,电影获得了不错的票房成绩,这部影片受到了人们的好评但是,法国军队在电影中的形象侮辱了一些正在役,或是已经退役的老兵,法国政府对联美公司施加了很大的压力,要求他们禁止上映此片Paths of Glory has since taken its place in the list of classic war movies. Its message grows stronger with each passing year. It was especially popular during the Vietnam era. The film was nominated a BAFTA Award under the category Best Film but lost to The Bridge on the River Kwai. The film also won a Jussi Awards Diploma of merit. In 1959 the film was nominated a Writers Guild of America Award but again lost.During the production and release of the movie, Kirk Douglas experienced significant negative publicity and financial loss his role in the making of such an anti-war film. Nevertheless, he persisted in his efts and the film was made and released, to become a movie classic.共荣之路成为了一部经典的战争影片这部影片所传达的信息更是深入人心这部影片在越南战争期间受到了人们的追捧这部影片获得了英国电影和电视艺术学院奖最佳电影的提名,但却却输给了“桂河大桥”这部影片获得了芬兰电影大奖1959年,这部电影获得了美国编剧工会奖提名,但又一次失败在电影制作和上映时期,柯克·道格拉斯受到了许多的负面,饰演反战争角色让他在经济上遭受损失但是,他努力坚持,并最终完成了这部影片的制作和上映,最终,成为了一部经典电影作品译文属原创,,不得转载 681





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