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2017年08月23日 10:25:39 | 作者:天涯新闻 | 来源:新华社
dirty work 必须要做的但很无聊或很难的工作;吃力不讨好的工作,比如:He did the dirty work on that project.他在那个项目中做的是吃力不讨好的活儿。 /201209/200407It was interesting as well while we were out on the farm, there were thousands of trees I think out on the farm, so we saw lots of different insects and little animals as well. The most exciting thing I saw was a red back spider, because the red back is one of the most poisonous spiders in Australia. So I had been traveling there for over a year I think at that stage and Id never seen a red back spider, but Id seen lots of colorful spiders, so that every time I saw a new colored spider Id go and have a look and maybe play with it a bit or take a photo, something like that, so while I was picking the macadamia nuts with my friends I saw a really brightly colored spider, so I decided to, to get a stick and and kind of turn over a leaf and see what it was doing, and then I was kind of looking at it for awhile and then suddenly I realized, ;Oh, my God! Its red and black, its a red back spider!; So I thought, OK, Id better stop playing with this guy, and leave him alone. So after over a year in Australia I saw my first red back on this macadamia farm and then later on that night, just before I was going to bed, I walked into the room I was staying in with my friend, and there on my bed was baby redneck spider, red back spider, sorry and I couldnt believe it. After one year, no red backs and then two in one day. It was a bit crazy really so I had to get someone to help me to get rid of it, cause it was a bit scary.这非常有趣,我们去农场的时候,我想那农场有数千棵树,我们还看到了许多不同种类的昆虫和小动物。最让我兴奋的是我看到了一只红背蜘蛛,而红背蜘蛛是澳大利亚最毒的蜘蛛之一。当时我已经在那里旅行了一年多的时间,我从未见到过红背蜘蛛,但是我看见了许多颜色鲜艳的蜘蛛,所以当时我看到一只不同颜色的蜘蛛我就会过去仔细端详它们,可能还会摆弄一下那只蜘蛛,或是给它们拍照,我会做类似这样的事情,我和朋友在摘澳洲坚果的时候,看到了一只颜色格外鲜艳的蜘蛛,所以我决定去找个树枝或是类似的东西,翻开树叶去看看它在做什么,之后我观察了它一会儿,突然我意识到,“哦,我的天哪!它是红色和黑色的蜘蛛,它是只红背蜘蛛!”所以我想,好吧,我最好不要再摆弄它了,就让它待着吧。那是我在澳大利亚一年多的时间里第一次在澳洲坚果农场看到红背蜘蛛,那天晚上,就在睡觉前我走进房间,和我的朋友待在一起,当时我的床上竟然有小的红颈蜘蛛,哦,对不起,是小的红背蜘蛛,我当时简直不敢相信。之后一年以后,没有红背蜘蛛了,有时一天会出来两只。那真有点疯狂,因此我不得不找人来帮我除掉它,因为那真有点可怕。 /201309/25769913. A lifebelt is the best thing for you to rowing.划船时最好带着救生圈。还能这样说:You had better take a life ring with you to row.The best thing you can take to row is a life buoy.14. Chinese people are used to having a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.中国人习惯在端午节赛龙舟。还能这样说:It is a custom for Chinese people to have a boat race on Dragon Boat Festival.Dragon Boat Festival is the day when people in China go to have boat races.应用:a race against time 和时间赛跑;the rat race 激烈的竞争(尤指为保住职位或地位)15. People who are seasick are not suitable to go boating.晕船的人不适合划船。还能这样说:It is not appropriate for the people who are seasick to go boating.Go boating doesnt suit the people who are seasick. /201312/2668685. It looks terrible.看起来很难吃。还能这样说:It is awful.It is disgusting.应用:terrible还有别的意思:可怕的,吓人的;令人敬畏的,极度的,严重的。例如:Your room is in a terrible mass.你的房间一团糟。6. He suggested ing the first.他建议先看看菜单。还能这样说:He suggested that we should the first.He proposed to the first.应用:suggest itself to 产生……念头,浮现在……心中;suggest sth. to sb. 使某人想到某事物7. Is there any difference between the two kind of dish?这两种菜有什么不同吗?还能这样说:What are the difference between the two dishes?What distinction do these two kind of dish have?8. Im picky about what I eat.我很挑食。还能这样说:Im a picky eater.Im particular about food. /201403/282289

经典句型:I declare the meeting open. 我宣布开始开会。A:I declare the meeting open.甲:我宣布开始开会。B:Id like to say something first.乙:我想先发言。A:Please go ahead.甲:请讲。经典句型:I want to listen to your ideas. 我想听听大家的意见。A:I want to listen to your ideas.甲:我想听听大家的意见。B:May I have a comment?乙:我可以发表意见吗?A:Yes.Please.甲:是的。请讲。B:In fact,I dont agree with Mr.Carter on the problem of increasing the payout.乙:事实上我不同意卡特先生关于增加出的意见。A:Sorry,Mr.Smith.Thats not the theme of this meeting.甲:对不起,史密斯先生。那并不是这次会议的主题。句型讲解:想要听取别人的意见或建议,可以说Id like…to say something.我希望…发言。或者Could you please comment on this?您可以就此发表意见吗? /201402/277833

Todd: OK, Jeanna, you like the computer!乔安娜,你喜欢用电脑!Jeanna: Yes, I do.是的。Todd: OK. Talk to us about computers.好的,跟我们说说电脑。Jeanna: Well, I go on the computer a lot and I talk with friends through AOL instant messenger. And I just moved from my hometown to Sacremento so its a good way to keep in touch with old friends.我经常用电脑,我和朋友经常用AOL即时通讯聊天。我刚刚从我的家乡搬到萨克拉曼多,这是个和朋友保持联系的好办法。Todd: Yeah. Do you learn about computers at school or on your own?你是在学校学的计算机还是在家自学的?Jeanna: I picked most of what I know, Ive picked it up, through, ya know, the years, and some at school, like keyboarding and such.我捡起了我在学校学过的大部分知识,我已经重新掌握他们了,但你知道,也就是键盘和其他方面的技能。Todd: OK. Do you have a laptop or a PC?你有笔记本电脑或者个人电脑吗?Jeanna: I have a PC. A Compac.我有台个人电脑。Todd: Do you like your computer or do you want a new one?你喜欢你的电脑吗,或者你想要台新电脑吗?Jeanna: I want a new one cause I think I screwed mine up and its a little bit slow now.我想要台新的,因为我把自己那台搞砸了,它现在运行起来有点儿慢。Todd: OK. How long have you had your computer?那台电脑你用了多久了?Jeanna: Ive had it for about 3 or 4 years.已经用了3,4年了。Todd: Oh, yeah, thats pretty old for a computer. Yeah, so do you talk to your friends every night by e-mail?是啊,对于电脑来说已经很久了。是啊,你每晚都和朋友邮件沟通吗?Jeanna: Yeah, yes I do.是的。Todd: OK.很好。Jeanna: See going on and you know the gossip.聊聊大家过得怎么样,还有谈谈八卦。Todd: So nowadays, do high school kids talk by e-mail more than phone?现在高中生邮件联系比电话联系还要频繁吗?Jeanna: Most people talk by either e-mail or cellular phone. You know a lot of people dont use their house phones as much, and a lot of people have cellular phones.现在人们都是通过邮件联系或者通过手机联系。很多人不怎么用他们的电话了,而且很多人都有手机。Todd: OK. Thanks a lot Jeanna.好的,谢谢你,乔安娜。注:译文属原创,,。 /201302/224620

ALLEN: Excuse me. Do you study Chinese at the university here?艾伦:很抱歉。你在这个学校念中文吗?SUZY: Yes, I do. But my characters are very bad.苏西:是的,我是。但我的中文字很差。ALLEN: It takes a long time to learn Chinese writing.艾伦:要学写中文需要一段时间。SUZY: Are you Chinese?苏西:你是中国人吗?ALLEN: Yes, I am. I am from Taiwan. I came here to study political science.艾伦:是的,我是。我从台湾来。我来这里是念政治学的。SUZY: How do you like it?苏西:你喜欢吗?ALLEN: I like it so far. But my English still needs work.艾伦:目前为止喜欢,但我的英文还需要加强。SUZY: I want to study Mandarin and international relations.苏西:我想要念中文及国际关系。ALLEN: Does the Chinese department here teach regular characters or simplified characters?艾伦:这里的中文系是教繁体字或是简体字?SUZY: They teach regular characters.苏西:他们教繁体字。ALLEN: I see. Im from Taiwan, so I know regular characters better than simplified.艾伦:我知道了。我是从台湾来的,所以我对繁体字比简体字了解。SUZY: You just said your English needs work, yes?苏西:你刚才说你的英文需要加强,是吗?ALLEN: Yes, thats true. Especially my writing.I think my papers arent good enough. I make too many grammatical mistakes.艾伦:是的,没错。特别是我的写作。我认为我的报告并不够好。我犯了很多语法的错误。SUZY: Well, I am very serious about learning Chinese.But for me the hard part now is pronunciation.You have the four tones in Chinese. It is very hard. Maybe, if you have time, maybe we could do a language exchange.苏西:嗯,我很认真地学习中文。但对我最难的部份是读法。中文有四声。很难。可能的话,如果你有时间,或许我们可以做一个语言交流。ALLEN: You mean you and I?艾伦:你的意思是你跟我?SUZY: Yes, why not?I mean, if you come to this cafe often,maybe we could meet here and practice Chinese and English.苏西:是呀,为什么不?我的意思是,如果你常来这间餐饮店或许我们可以在这儿碰面练习中文及英文。ALLEN: That sounds like a good idea. How often would you like to do it?艾伦:那听起来是一个好主意。你要多久碰一次面?SUZY: Lets see... My schedule right now is quite busy.But I think I could spend 90 minutes a week in language exchange.苏西:我看看……我现在的时间表都排得很满。但我想一个星期花九十分钟来做语言交流。ALLEN: How would we manage it though? How would we spend the 90 minutes?艾伦:那你要如何分配呢?我们要怎么分配这九十分钟呢?SUZY: First, we could spend 45 minutes working on your English writing.If you want, I could help you edit your papers.Or we could do English conversation. Whatever you want.And then the next 45 minutes you would help me with my Chinese.苏西:首先,我们可以用四十五分钟来加强你的英文写作。如果你愿意,我可以帮助你校对你的报告。或许我们可以练习英文会话。你想怎么做都可以。然后在下一个四十五分钟你可以帮我学中文。ALLEN: Would I help you with writing?艾伦:需要我帮助你的写作吗?SUZY: No. For me right now, the important thing is spoken Chinese.I need practice. So you could tutor me in speaking.We could use my textbook, and you could ask me questions.Then you could correct my mistakes.苏西:不用。现在对我来说,最重要的是说中文。我需要练习,所以你可以在说的方面指导我。们可以用我的课本,你可以问我问题,你可以改正我的错误。ALLEN: I think it sounds like a good system. But when is it convenient to meet?艾伦:我觉得这是一个很好的方式,但什么时候碰面比较好呢?SUZY: Well, today is Monday.Actually, for me Monday at this time would be the best.I am free from now until 11:30 every Monday morning.苏西:嗯,今天是星期一。实际上,对我来讲星期一这个时候是最好的。每个星期一早上从现在到11:30我都有空。ALLEN: Me too. In fact, Im free until 1:20 on Mondays.艾伦:我也是。事实上,我星期一下午1:20分以前我都有时间。SUZY: So if you want to meet at 10:00 here next Monday, we could start.苏西:如果你想要在下个星期一的十点与我碰面,我们可以开始。ALLEN: It sounds good. I will bring the papers Im working on.艾伦:这不错。我会把我现在正在做的报告带来。SUZY: And I will bring my textbook and a tape recorder.I would like to record some things so I can practice on my own.苏西:我会带我的课本及录音机。我想录点东西来自我练习。ALLEN: Let me give you my phone number.艾伦:让我把我的电话号码留给妳。SUZY: Sure. Ill give you mine too. Then we can call if we have to cancel for some reason.苏西:好呀。我也留我的给你,这样我们就可以在有事情的时候打电话取消碰面。 /201305/238170

武侠小说里常提到高人经历数年苦练“打通任督二脉”,但近日甘肃省卫生厅官网上一则消息称,甘肃41名医务人员仅用9天时间培训就顺利打通了“任督二脉”。请看中国日报网报道:According to ancient Chinese medical theories, the Conception and Governor vessels, located at different acupuncture points, control the flow of the human bodys Yin and Yang energy, respectively.根据中国古代中医理论,任督二脉位于不同的穴位上,分别控制人体的阴阳能量流动。上面报道中的Conception and Governor vessels就是“任督二脉”,conception vessels(任脉)是以人体正下方双腿间的会阴穴为起点,从身体正面沿着正中央往上到唇下承浆穴的meridian vessel(经脉);而governor vessels(督脉)是由会阴穴向后沿着脊椎往上走,到达头顶再往前穿过两眼之间,到达口腔上颚的龈交穴的经脉。任脉主血,督脉主气,open up ;Conception Vessel; and ;Governor Vessel;(打通任督二脉)能改善体质,强筋健骨。任督二脉的说法来自Traditional Chinese Medicine(中医)中的经络学说,中医范畴很大,包括各种形式的herbal medicine(草药)、acupuncture(针灸)、massage(Tui na,推拿)、exercise(qigong,气功)和dietary therapy(食疗)。常见的中医治疗有cupping(拔罐)、moxibustion(艾灸)、和Gua Sha(刮痧)等。 /201206/185352

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