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Yellow dragon fruit黄龙水果 1997.A Flood7.洪水The best way to react to a severe flood situation is to do the exact opposite of what you would do in a tornado. In other words, seek the highest possible ground.我们在面临洪水时所采取的最佳方案与我们面临龙卷风时所采取的方案恰恰是相反的也就是说,当洪水来了的时候,我们要尽可能的寻找地势较高的地方The inclination to run -- or drive -- away from rising flood waters is understandable, but it also dangerous. As little as 6 inches ( centimeters) of rising water can be enough to sweep a person off of his or her feet, while just 18 inches (6 centimeters) of rising water can carry a vehicle away.看到身边的水位急速上涨,一般人都会想快点逃离该处,这种想法是可以理解的,但其中也存在着一定的安全隐患水位上涨6英寸(厘米)就可以淹没一个人的脚,上涨18英寸(6厘米)则可以使汽车移位Downed power lines from a hurricane or tsunami can still be live, leaving you one false move from being lit up like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. Hopping behind the wheel also poses its own set of hazards. Floodwaters may hide debris, potholes and other damage that could make roads impassable. If your car stalls, abandon it immediately and head high ground.暴风、海啸所致的断裂高压线有可能依旧带电,你不小心踏错一步,就可能像美国独立日要放的烟火一样被点燃另外,开车逃跑也是件冒险的事,洪水会将物品残骸、路面上的坑坑洼洼,以及其他可能导致危险的事物全部掩盖起来,使得道路无法正常通行如果你的车熄火了,这时你最好选择弃车并尽快跑到地势较高的地方6.Aggressive Dogs6.恶犬Perhaps the best cure a shy bladder is the sight of an aggressive dog barreling toward you at full tilt. If that doesnt make you question every decision youve made in your life, probably nothing will.当一个人被一条咆哮着的狂追不止的时候,他可能会产生“完了完了!要被咬死了!”的想法人面临死亡的瞬间大脑会飞速运作,几乎把一生都反思一遍,好多东西也会看开,这可能也是为什么会有“人之将死其言也善”的现象Though many people think certain breeds (like pit bulls and Rottweilers) are more aggressive than others, any dog can turn angry if surprised or threatened. A study of dog bite statistics from the 1980s to 00s didn’t show any breed as being more dangerous than another. Whichever breeds happened to be most popular in a given period were the ones that showed up most dog bites in that period.尽管许多人会认为某些特定品种的,就像是比特犬(pit bull)和罗特韦尔犬(Rottweiler)之类的,比起其他类型的更为凶恶其实一旦受到惊吓,任何种类的都会分分钟发怒,变成“恶犬”一项研究统计了从世纪80年代到1世纪初被咬伤的人口数量,数据表明,所有的其实都很危险在某个特定时期最常见的那种往往会被认为是咬伤人的始作俑者What everyone agrees is that a person faced with a threatening canine shouldnt try to run away. Doing so may simply provoke the animal to attack. Plus, youre not going to be able to outrun it. Instead, cover your eyes and stand still. (Dogs take staring as a challenge; also, youll want to protect your face). Try not to make any noise. Hopefully, the dog will take you a tree or log and leave you alone.当我们面对恶的威胁时,不应该试图逃跑,这样做只会激怒它来攻击自己,而且我们也不可能跑得过它相反的,我们应该站在原地并蒙住自己的眼睛,这时会感到奇怪,于是选择静观其变而非贸贸然上前进行攻击,同时这个动作也能保护我们的脸部尽量不要发出任何声音,这时候,很可能就会把我们当作是一棵树或是木头,并失去所有的兴趣,然后就溜走了5.A Rip Current5.离岸流Most people wont actually try to run away from a rip current; they probably hope to outswim it. An unexpectedly strong current that ms at low spots or breaks in a sandbar, a rip current can move at a speed of up to 8 feet (. meters) per second. Swimming toward shore might be your first move when a leisurely dip in the ocean is threatened by a powerful current channel, but it could also be your last.事实上很多人遭遇离岸流(rip current)时不会想着要避开,而是希望能和这股水流一决高下离岸流通常因低压产生的台风或是水流冲破海底的沙洲(sandbar)而形成,其速度可达到8英尺(.米)每秒当你悠闲地在大海中尽情嬉戏时,不巧碰到这股强大的水流,你的第一个念头可能是快点游上岸,然而如果这样做了,这个“第一个念头”就可能会成为你的最后一个念头Experts say that the currents are tough to outswim, and those who try to do so may become fatigued (and risk drowning) bee reaching dry land. Instead, swim parallel to the riptide. It likely to be less than 0 feet (30 meters) wide. If that doesnt work, lie flat on your back and let the current take you away from shore until youve passed beyond it. Then try swimming around it or to shore.专家指出,人类游泳的速度很难跟上离岸流的流速,纵使拼尽全力,有片刻时间领先了离岸流,也无法到达彼岸,因为在那之前我们的力气就已耗尽并处于濒临溺死的危险状态所以遇到离岸流,我们应该做的是,平行于这股激流游动,直到绕开离岸流,这样才有生存的可能一般而言,离岸流的宽度小于0英尺(30米),,就算是那些无法绕开水流或水性不佳的人,只需要平躺在海面上,随之流动,等到漂离了激流的范围后再尝试游回海岸.An Earthquake.地震As in all the other emergency scenarios weve gone through so far, it important to remain calm when the earth starts a-shakin. If youre indoors, get away from windows, drop under a sturdy table, desk or other protective area and cover your head with a pillow. Failing that, go to an interior wall in the house and protect your head with a pillow.和以上遇到的突发情况一样,遇到地震时一定要保持冷静如果你在室内,请务必远离窗户,躲在牢固的桌子、凳子或其它有防护物体的区域下,并用枕头保护你的头部实在不行的话,至少要贴紧墙壁,并用垫子护头If youre outside, move to an open area that away from buildings, power lines and other potential hazards that could be knocked down during an earthquake. If youre driving, get your vehicle out of traffic and park it somewhere that also clear of trees, signs, traffic signals and light posts if possible.如果你在户外,请迅速转移到空地上,远离建筑物、电源线以及其它可能在地震中震倒的危险物品如果你正在驾驶,请迅速驶离车道,尽可能找个没有大树、交通指示牌、红绿灯以及灯柱的地方停靠Whatever you do, just dont run. Most earthquake injuries occur when people are hit by falling objects while trying to enter or exit a building.无论你做什么,千万别乱跑地震中大多数的伤害就发生在人们试图进入或离开建筑物的瞬间,因为会被震落的物件砸伤审校:王大 Freya然 校对:落花生 386Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris was built in 1887 to commemorate the 0th anniversary of the French Revolution. It is named after its designer, Eiffel. The 3-meter-high tower is a hollow steel framed structure and shoots straight up to the clouds. It weighs 9000 tons. 巴黎艾菲尔铁灯火辉煌The Eiffel Tower was built the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution.The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII of England, opened the tower. Of the 700 proposals submitted in a design competition, Gustave Eiffel's was unanimously chosen. However it was not accepted by all at first, and a petition of 300 names - including those of Maupassant, Emile Zola, Charles Garnier (architect of the Opéra Garnier), and Dumas the Younger -protested its construction. At 300 metres (3.75m including antenna), and 7000 tons, it was the world's tallest building until 1930. Other statistics include: .5 million rivets. 300 steel workers, and years (1887-1889) to construct it. Sway of at most cm in high winds. Height varies up to cm depending on temperature. ,000 iron pieces (excluding rivets). 0 tons of paint. 5 steps to the top. It was almost torn down in 19, but was saved because of its antenna - used telegraphy at that time.Beginning in 19 it became part of the International Time Service. French radio (since 1918),and French television (since 1957) have also made use of its stature. During its lifetime, the Eiffel Tower has also witnessed a few strange scenes, including being scaled by a mountaineer in 195, and parachuted off of in 198 by two Englishmen. In 193 a journalist rode a bicycle down from the first level. Some s say he rode down the stairs, other s suggest the exterior of one of the tower's four legs which slope outward. However, if its birth was difficult, it is now completely accepted and must be listed as one of the symbols of Paris itself. NotesThe tower has three platms. A restaurant (extremely expensive;reservations absolutely necessary), the Jules Verne is on the second platm. The top platm has a bar, souvenir shop, and the (recently restored) office of Gustave Eiffel. From its platms -especially the topmost - the view upon Paris is superb. It is generally agreed that one hour bee sunset,the panorama is at its best. 967The thermometer had dropped to 18 degrees below zero, but we still chose to sleep in the porch as usual. In the evening, the most familiar sight to me would be stars in the sky. Though they were a mere sprinkle of twinkling dots, yet j had become so accustomed to them that their occasional absence would bring me loneliness and ennui.   寒暑表降到冰点下十八度的时候,我们也是在廊下睡觉每夜最熟识的就是天上的星辰了也不过只是点点闪烁的光明,而相看惯了,偶然不见,也有些想望与无聊 It had been snowing all night, not a single star in sight. My roommate and I, each wrapped in a quilt, were seated in a different corner of the porch, facing each other and chatting away.   连夜雨雪,一点星光都看不见荷和我拥衾对坐,在职廊子的两角,遥遥谈话She exclaimed pointing to something afar, “Look, Venus is rising!” I looked up and saw nothing but a lamp round the bend in the mountain path. I beamed and sail pointing to a tiny lamplight on the opposite mountain, “It’s Jupiter over there!”   荷指着说:“你看维纳斯升起来了!”我抬头望时,却是山路转折处的路灯我怡然一笑也指着对山的一星灯火说:“那边是丘比特呢!”

本文将向你展示创意非凡的便条簿,速写册,还有记事本之类 1. Piano Notebook “钢琴”笔记本Innovative notebook comes with integrated musical keyboard. 新颖笔记本,独具一套奏乐用键盘 9

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