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泉州哪家割双眼皮的整形医院好福建省泉州市妇幼保健院的地址英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 初一英语作文:冬游记 -01-19 :38: 来源: 初一英语作文:冬游记Though it's winter,it's warm todayThe sun is high in the sky lazily.虽然是冬天,今天却很暖和太阳懒懒地挂在高空Some friends and itravelled to the suburb.All the rice is harvested,the fields are vast.We couldn't help running in the fields. When we were tired,we made a fire and roasted sweet potatoes. How delicious the roasting sweet potatoes are! After eating sweet potatoes,some of us played games in the fields,some walked along the the crooked path,some sat there enjoying the beautiful idyllic scenery.我和一些朋友一起去郊外旅游了所有的稻谷都收了,田地显得很广阔我们忍不住地在田里奔跑累了,我们就生了个火,烤红薯吃烤红薯真好吃啊!吃完后,我们当中一些人就玩起了游戏,有些人则沿着弯曲的小路散步,有些人就坐在那儿,欣赏美丽的田园风光What a wonderful day!真是美好的一天啊!泉州丰胸美容院 考研英语 年考研英语二完形填空 -- :39:59 来源: 年考研英语二完形填空  1.[A] boasting [B] denying [C] warning [D] ensuring  [][C] warning  .[A] inequality [B] instability [C] unreliability [D] uncertainty  [][A] inequality  3.[A] policy [B]guideline [C] resolution [D] prediction  [][D] prediction  .[A] characterized [B]divided [C] balanced [D]measured  [][A] characterized  5.[A] wisdom [B] meaning [C] glory [D] freedom  [][B] meaning  6.[A] Instead [B] Indeed [C] Thus [D] Nevertheless  [][B] Indeed  7.[A] rich [B] urban [C]working [D] educated  [][C] working  8. [A] explanation [B] requirement [C] compensation [D] substitute  [][A] explanation  9.[A] under [B] beyond [C] alongside [D] among  [][D] among  .[A] leave behind [B] make up [C] worry about [D] set aside  [][C] worry about  .[A] statistically [B] occasionally [C] necessarily [D] economically  [][C] necessarily  .[A] chances [B] downsides [C] benefits [D] principles  [][B] downsides  .[A] absence [B] height [C] face [D] course  [][A] absence  .[A] disturb [B] restore [C] exclude [D] yield  [][D] yield  .[A] model [B] practice [C] virtue [D] hardship  [][C] virtue  .[A] tricky [B] lengthy [C] mysterious [D] scarce  [][D] scarce  .[A] demands [B] standards [C] qualities [D] threats  [][A] demands  18.[A] ignored [B] tired [C] confused [D] starved  [][B] tired  19.[A] off [B] against [C] behind [D] into  [][D] into  .[A] technological [B] professional [C] educational [D] interpersonal  [][B] professional英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 Autumn in Countryside最爱乡下的秋天 -- :58: 来源: Autumn in Countryside最爱乡下的秋天天气逐渐转凉,太阳光不再强烈直射,蝉鸣也停止了炎热的夏天终于过去,最爱的季节就要来了!  It gradually turns cool. The sunlight is no longer so strong and the cicadas have stopped crying. The hot summer went by at last. The favorite season in the year is coming.  Everywhere we can see the scene of bumper crops: on the fields is golden rice,on the trees are ripe fruits. The farmers faces are full of smiles. They are now expecting a good harvest through a summer's hard work.  The autumn evening is especially beautiful. When the setting sun goes slowly down to the west, the sky over the mountains is covered with red rays of evening sunlight, which shines upon the blue sky and floating clouds, just as the maple leaves fall onto the sky.  It is getting cool at dusk. The wind blows, the moonlight shines on the ground,the frogs croak and insects chirp in the fields. Such a situation will make you get all the unhappy things in the daytime.  I love the beautiful season. 最爱乡下的秋天泉州永春县注射隆鼻整形好不好

泉州妇幼医院官网阅读修辞目的题一例 -01- :9: 来源: 阅读常见十种题型,包括大家常见的词汇题和事实信息题在这十种题型中,修辞目的题,跟其他题型不同,它注重考察单词,短语或是句子在句子之内或句子之间起到的作用,这就要求大家平时阅读时,在涉猎原文细节信息的基础之上,要有意识地注意句子之间的逻辑关系以及段落的结构通过练习培养严谨的句子逻辑关系和紧凑的文章构架,对于无论是写作还是口语都有着一定的帮助此次目的题参考的内容基本可以分为三类,其一,作者在句中提到一些单词或短语或是句子是为了举例说明之前的相关信息点,辅助读者更好地理解原文的信息其二,作者提供相关信息目的在于解释说明某一现象或是事件,本质与举例说明较为类似,也是为了帮助读者更好地理解信息,其三,作者在提出某些重要的观点时,为了突出个别的信息点,而引入一些单词短语或句子,目的是为了强度基于对修辞目的题作者写作目的本身的分析和理解,我们可以更好地解决相关题目以下以第一种举例说明的情况为例,重点讲解如何解决此类题目我们来看一道题,此题出自TPO--children and advertising中的第题,题干问why does the author mention a show about a cartoon lion in which an advertisement appears featuring the same lion character?根据题干关键词定位到文中对应的句子,Host selling occurs, example, when a children's show about a cartoon lion contains an ad in which the same lion promotes a breakfast cereal.读完句子看到句中的插入短语 example,知道此句式为例子,属于举例说明,我们都知道例子是用来明之前的信息,所以向前反推,看到紧接其前这样的内容In the recent past, the role of celebrities in advertising to children has often been conflated with the concept of host selling. Host selling involves blending advertisements with regular programming in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other.这两句第一句解释了host selling,第二句提到host selling的影响,所以得知紧接其后的句子是为了例这两点信息,即host selling的概念以及它产生的影响得出正确选项To help explain what is meant by the term "host selling" and why it can be misleading to children再比如TPO中trade and the ancient middle east一文中第题考到In paragraph 5, why does the author mention the new trade route opened up by Vasco da Gama's fifteenth century voyage around Africa?根据题干关键词定位到原文句子:as occurred when European seafarers circumvented Middle Eastern merchants after Vasco da Gama's voyage around Africa in the late fifteenth century opened up a southern route.读句子as表示正如…得知此处为举例说明,例之前的信息,看到前半句since the development of new international trade routes could undermine the monetary base and erode state power得知提到Vasco da Gama's fifteenth century voyage around Africa目的是为了明新的国际贸易路线的发展可能破坏货币基础并且侵蚀国家权力得出为To present an instance in which Middle Eastern states lost money and power because of their reliance on long-distance trade再如TPO5 The surface of mars一文中的第6题In paragraph 3, why does the author compare Maxwell Mons on Venus to the Hawaiian shield volcanoes on Earth?根据题干关键词定位到原文句子It is no accident that Maxwell Mons on Venus and the Hawaiian shield volcanoes on Earth rise to about the same height (about kilometers) above their respective bases-Earth and Venus has similar surface gravity.通过句中短语It is no accident that得知此处为举例论,所以向前看,紧接其前的句子为The lower the gravity, the lesser the weight and the greater the height of the mountain.可知原文想要阐述的信息是地心引力和山脉高度直接的关系,而且地心引力越低则重量越低,随之山的高度越高,所以紧接其后比较Maxwell Mons on Venus 和the Hawaiian shield volcanoes on Earth完全是为了论这个信息,由此容易选得正确选项为To help explain the relationship between surface gravity and volcano height修辞目的题中,举例论是常考点,常见的表示举例的提示性的单词或短语有: example instancesuch asasas a example ofone of…this is the case…等如果题干中关键词对应原文的句子里有相关的表示例的单词,短语出现,则向前看前面的句子,也就随之浮现出来所以在平时的阅读练习中,大家一定要注意句子之间逻辑关系,句与句之间不是互相独立的,而是紧密联系,互相撑,构建段落,甚至是全文 阅读 修辞泉州第三医院官网 a broken man 一个绝望的人泉州第一人民医院祛痣多少钱

丰泽区中医院网上咨询英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 Little Lucy -- :: 来源: Little LucyOne day, mother said, “Lucy, your grandmother is ill, you take some apples to your grandmother.” Lucy said, “Ok!” A wolf was listening out side the door.The wolf went to the grandmother’s home. The wolf knocked at the door. Grandmother said, “Who is that?” “It’s little Lucy.” Grandmother said, “Come in.” The wolf got into the house. Grandmother found a wolf said, “ Help!” then grandmother ran away. But the wolf did not chase Lucy’s grandmother.The wolf got into the bed and put on grandmother’s hat. Then Lucy came, she knocked the door. The wolf said, “Who is that?” “It’s little Lucy.” The wolf said, “Come in.” Lucy got into the house. She said, “grandmother, why are your ears so long? Why are your eyes so big? Why is your mouth so big?” When Lucy was getting closer, she found out it was a wolf. She said, “Help!” and ran out. Lucy saw her father and said, “Father, help, there is a wolf in the house!” Father rushed into the house and killed the wolf with a knife. Lucy’s father helps grandmother into the bed again.   As we approached the home that stood in the center of the property, we saw a sign: ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS I KNOW YOU ARE ASKING. The first answer was: ONE WOMAN -- TWO HANDS, TWO FEET AND VERY LITTLE BRAIN. The second was: ONE AT A TIME. The third: STARTED IN 1958.泉州市第三医院的电话号码多少泉州欧菲医学美容医院是公立医院还是私立医院



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