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  Unlike dogs, cats don#39;t greet their owners with wagging tails and sloppy kisses, but that doesn#39;t mean they don#39;t have genuine affection for their human companions.猫咪不会像一样向主人摇尾巴或用舌头舔主人,但这并不代表它们对人类伙伴没有感情。Cats simply express their affection in more subtle ways, and all you need is a basic understanding of feline behavior and body language to see all the little ways your kitty says, ;I love you.;猫咪只会通过更隐晦的方式来表达它们的情感。你只要对它们的行为和肢体语言有基本了解,就会发现它们表达“我爱你”的种种方式。1. Head bumps and leg rubs贴脸蹭腿Cats have scent glands concentrated on certain parts of their bodies, including their cheeks and heads. When your kitty rubs her head or face against you, she#39;s marking you with her scent and claiming you as part of her family group. This scent is a source of both comfort and familiarity for your kitty.在猫咪的脑袋、脸颊等部位集中分布着一些气味腺。当猫咪用头和脸蹭你的时候,其实它是在用身体气味在你身上做标记,认定你是它的家庭成员。这种气味是让猫咪感到舒适和熟悉的来源。2. Grooming sessions梳理毛毛Grooming is another way that cats sp their scent to mark territory. If you have multiple cats, you may have seen them grooming each other, a social practice cats use to establish a common scent among the family group. By sharing a scent, your feline friend is creating a sense of belonging.梳理毛发是猫咪传播气味、标记领地的另一种方式。如果你养了好几只猫,你可能看见过它们互相梳理毛发,猫咪们通过这样的“社会实践”获得家族专属气味。通过分享气味,你的猫咪朋友可以获得归属感。3. Slow blinks缓慢眨眼When your kitty looks at you and slowly closes his eyes, he#39;s showing that he#39;s content and comfortable around you. In fact, this slow-blinkingbehavior has even earned the nickname ;kitty kisses.;当你的猫咪看着你并慢慢闭上眼睛时,它在表示自己在你身边很满足,很舒适。事实上,这种缓慢眨眼的行为甚至有一个昵称——“猫咪之吻”。;The concept of closing their eyes to you in a slow way is not something that they would do,; says cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. ;They#39;re letting you know that they are vulnerable to you.;“猫咪通常情况下不会缓慢眨眼,”猫行为学家杰克森·盖勒克西说。“它们之所以在你面前这样做,是想让你知道:在主人面前它们是多么脆弱。”4. Exposing the belly露出肚皮Another way cats can show that vulnerability is by rolling over and exposing their bellies. This is a sure sign of trust and shows that your cat is comfortable around you.猫咪表现脆弱的另一个方式是:翻滚身子,露出肚皮。这绝对是信任你的信号,也表明猫咪觉得在你身边十分惬意。5. Kneading温柔轻抚When kitties knead your lap or a surface near you, it means they#39;re relaxed and content. As kittens, the behavior is used to stimulate a mother#39;s milk flow, but continuing the action into adulthood can express comfort.当猫咪轻抚你的大腿或者你身边某个物品的表面时,这意味着它很放松、满足。对于幼猫来说,这种行为是用来刺激母亲分泌乳汁的,但当猫咪长大,这种行为就变成表达舒适的方式了。6. Kitty underfoot喵影不离If your feline friend follows you from room to room, jumps onto tables and counters to be near you and always seems to be right where your step, she clearly enjoys your company—especially if it#39;s not near feeding time.如果你的猫咪朋友在家跟着你进进出出,跳上桌子靠近你,总是紧跟你的步伐,很明显,她享受有你的陪伴——特别是在非喂食时间。7. Tail position翘起尾巴How your cat holds her tail can tell you a lot about how she#39;s feeling. A tail held straight in the air is often used as a greeting, so you know your kitty is happy to see you. In fact, Dr. John Bradshaw, author of the book, ;Cat Sense,; says this is ;probably the clearest way cats show their affection for us.;猫咪尾巴的不同状态表明它的不同心情。直直地翘起来的尾巴通常表示欢迎,这时你就知道猫咪是乐于与你相见的。事实上,《猫的感觉》一书的作者约翰·布拉德肖表示,这“或许是猫咪向人类表达感情最直白的方式了。”A tail held upright with a curve at the tip like a question mark also indicates familiarity, friendliness and affection.尾巴翘起但尾巴稍儿略微弯曲(整个尾巴呈问号状)也能表现出猫咪对你的亲密、友好和喜爱。8. Purring咕噜咕噜While a cat#39;s purr isn#39;t an always indication of love and happiness—cats also purr when they#39;re scared or injured—a happy cat may express affection by purring when he#39;s curled up in your lap or rubbing against your leg.虽然猫咪的咕噜咕噜叫并不总代表爱慕和愉悦——猫咪也会在害怕和受伤的时候发出这样的声音——但通常情况下一只快乐的猫咪,会在蜷缩在你大腿上或者蹭你的腿时,发出咕噜咕噜的声音,以此来表达对你的喜爱之情。 /201602/427669。

  Imagine working long hours day in day out, falling into bed exhausted each night and getting up with the sun each morning — but never getting paid and never, according to the people who measure such things, actually “creating value”. It sounds grossly unfair, but this is the condition of most women around the world. When governments measure national economies in the gross domestic product, “women’s work” — caregiving, housekeeping, home-making — does not count as “work”.想象一下,日复一日地长时间工作,每天早上太阳升起就起来,夜晚精疲力尽才入睡,但从来没有报酬,而且,据那些测算经济活动的人所说,也从来没有真正“创造价值”。这听起来极其不公平,但这就是世界各地大多数女性的境况。当政府以国内生产总值(GDP)计量国民经济时,“女性的工作”——照顾家人、操持家务——不算“工作”。Thanks to a new report out from McKinsey on the gender gap in the workplace, though, we now know the actual value of all this unpaid work: a staggering tn. That is roughly the size of China’s GDP. If all the women taking care of their families constituted one nation, it would have the fourth-largest economy in the world.然而,麦肯锡(McKinsey)一份有关工作场所性别鸿沟的新报告告诉我们,这些没有报酬的工作的实际价值达到令人震惊的10万亿美元。这大致相当于中国的GDP。如果所有照顾家庭的女性组成一个国家,那将是世界上第四大经济体。All this work, moreover, is just the physical dimension of care. As Anne-Marie Slaughter argues in her new book, Unfinished Business , caregiving includes the additional emotional component of love and nurture, the transformation of an income stream into the teaching, discipline, moral guidance, problem-solving, emotional support and role-modelling that raising children and simply investing in others requires. That is work worth measuring.此外,这些劳动只是女性对家庭照顾的物理方面。正如安妮-玛丽斯劳特(Anne-Marie Slaughter)在新书《未竟之业》(Unfinished Business)中提出的,照顾还包括爱和培育中附加的情感组成部分,把收入流转化为教导、训诫、道德引导、问题解决、情感持和树立榜样,这些都是养育孩子和将精力投入到其他人身上所必需的因素。这是一份值得衡量的工作。These inequities exist in rich and poor countries alike. In rich countries, women turn money into the goods and services necessary for survival and flourishing: shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, organising. In poor countries, women bear the burden of providing the basic necessities of life: hauling water and firewood, and farming subsistence crops.这种不平等在富国和穷国都存在。在富国,女性将金钱转换成生存和发展所必需的产品和务:购物、烹饪、打扫、洗刷、整理。在穷国,女性则背负着提供基本生活必需品的重担:收集水和柴火,以及耕种用作口粮的农作物。We must act. The economist Diane Elson has created a strategy that has been adopted by many advocates: “Recognise, reduce and redistribute.”我们必须行动。经济学家黛安娜埃尔森(Diane Elson)提出了一套得到许多持者采用的策略:“认识、减少和再分配。”Recognising the unfair burden being placed on women is the first step to addressing it. As long as economic statistics of record erase the work they do, it will be easier for everyone to ignore the disparity at the heart of our societies.认识到女性背负的不公正的重担是解决这个问题的第一步。只要计量经济学的记录还在抹消女性的工作,大家就更容易忽视处于我们社会核心的不平等。Reducing the amount of time and effort women spend doing tedious chores is possible with labour-saving technologies. In developing nations, where women spend hours gathering water and wood to run their households, this may mean efficient cookstoves, community cisterns and rural electrification. In richer countries, we have been using washing machines, electric irons, and vacuum cleaners for years. By reducing the 61 per cent of unpaid work that consists of routine household tasks, we can free up time for the valuable work of caring for children and elders.通过节省劳力的技术来减少女性花在乏味家务上的时间和精力是可能的。在发展中国家,女性耗费很多时间来收集水和柴火以维持家用,这或许意味着我们需要高效率的炉灶、社区蓄水池和农村通电。在更发达的国家,多年来我们一直在使用洗衣机、电熨斗、真空吸尘器。通过减少占日常家务61%的无偿劳动,我们可以把这些时间释放出来去做有意义的事——照顾孩子和老人。Redistributing unpaid labour, the last step, means including men equally in the work and the joys of care. Men who bond with their children early on and become fully competent at childcare report that they experience a different and deeply fulfilling relationship. Moreover, when men and women are equal co-parents, they are both likely to push for the flexible work arrangements that would help everyone.最后一点是重新分配家务活,这意味着男人也要平等地参与到照顾家庭的劳作和乐趣中来。那些很早就和子女建立亲密关系,并且逐渐变得完全胜任照顾孩子的工作的男性表示,他们体验到了一种与众不同、深沉充实的亲子关系。此外,当男女平等地分担家长的工作时,他们很可能会争取弹性的工作安排,这样对所有人都有利。We do not know with certainty what women will do with the extra time they gain from reducing and redistributing unpaid work. But it is hard to imagine they would not use some of it for economically productive activities or to further their education. That is where a second number in the McKinsey report comes in: if the world’s women were not assigned the majority of household tasks, forced to take part-time jobs to accommodate childcare and other important responsibilities, or shunted into low-paying professions, global GDP would grow by a breathtaking tn, a number larger than the US and Chinese economies combined.减少和重新分配这些无偿工作以后,女性会用这些多出来的时间做什么,我们无法确定。但是,很难想象她们会不用一部分时间来从事经济活动或者进修。这是麦肯锡报告提出的第二个数字:如果全世界的女性没有承担大部分的家务劳动,没有为了照顾孩子和担负其他重大责任而被迫兼职工作,也没有被打发到一些低工资职业,那么全球GDP将增长28万亿美元,这个数字令人震惊,它比美国和中国经济总量之和还大。Estimates are tricky and real equality would mean men stepping back as women step up. Still, the business case is clear. Politicians, employers, investors, and voters have no excuse not to act.估算是困难的,真正的平等意味着当女性向前迈一步的同时,男性要向后退一步。即便如此,经济上的理由还是显而易见的。政界人士,雇主,投资者和选民没有借口不采取行动。 /201511/409607

  A microblog alleging that ;smog will make people look uglier year by year; has been circulated online recently, voc.com.cn reported on Tuesday.华声在线周二报道,一则宣称;雾霾让人逐年变丑;的微近日在网上疯传。Such microblog posts originated from a proposal by a well-known Chinese otolaryngological expert and professor Zhang Quan#39;an on protecting children from the harm caused by smog, at the local Two Sessions of Shaanxi province.此类文源自国内知名耳鼻喉专家张全安教授在陕西省两会上提交的关于保护儿童免受雾霾危害的提案。Zhang said in his proposal that children can develop a ;smog face; and coryza, caused by harmful particles in the air, which can also result in a shortage of oxygen supply to the brain.张全安在他的提案中表示,有害空气中的微粒会使得儿童五官变形形成“雾霾脸”,还会导致大脑缺氧。He told voc.com.cn the claim that smog can make children look uglier sounds exaggerated but has theoretical support.他接受华声在线采访时表示,;雾霾使儿童变丑;的说法听起来夸张,但确有理论依据。When children get coryza due to an irritation of the nose caused by harmful particles in smog, their nose gets blocked and they have to use their mouths to breathe, and this could adversely affect facial development over time and develop a short thick upturned upperlip and an irregular row of teeth, Zhang explained.张全安对此作出解释:当儿童因雾霾中的有害颗粒物刺激鼻腔而患上鼻炎时,其鼻腔堵塞,必须用嘴呼吸。这不利于儿童的面部发育,会造成其上唇短厚翘起,牙齿排列不整齐。Children whose brains are still developing may experience retarded development as a result of breathing disorders at night.而在夜间,大脑还处于发育期的儿童因为鼻腔呼吸不畅,引发大脑发育的延缓。Zhang said he was researching the safest way for children to wear masks, as these are so far the most effective means to protect wearers from the potential harm caused by smog.张全安表示,他正在研究儿童戴面具的最安全方法,因为这是到目前为止,最有效的保护使用者免受烟雾造成的潜在危害的手段 /201603/428939Much information about the patriarchal commune is documented in Chinese literature, like the Records of the Grand Historian and the Bamboo Annals.《史记》、《竹书纪年》等中国古文献中记载了许多有关父系氏族社会的情况。At the early stage of it, some excellent chieftains appeared. Among them, the most distinguished ones are Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.在早期父系氏族社会中,出现了一些杰出的部落联盟领袖,其中最著名 是“三皇五帝”。Though countries had not come into being at that time, these rulers were regarded as semi-mythical sage-kings and moral exemplars.虽然当时国家还没有出现,他们并非帝王,但在中国文化传统中,他们被视为圣贤明君。Tradition considers one of them, Huang Di, as the ancestor of the Chinese people.其中的黄帝被视为中华民族的祖先。 /201510/404396

  If you struggle to know when it is appropriate to give someone a hug or even simply pat them on the arm, help is at hand。如果你不知道何时与人拥抱或轻拍对方手臂比较合适,这里就有现成指南帮你解决这一难题。Oxford University scientists have created a series of body maps that show just where we are comfortable to be touched。牛津大学的科学家制作出了“身体地图”系列,告诉人们别人碰我们哪些部位会感觉舒。The ‘touchability index’ provides colour-coded information for everyone from our nearest and dearest to extended family, casual acquaintances and complete strangers。该图表通过不同的颜色来显示“可触碰指数”,范围包括最亲密的人、家人、点头之交以及陌生人。Not surprisingly, the study of five European countries found that buttoned-up Britons were the least touchy-feely。这个针对五个欧洲国家的研究发现:不出所料,沉默寡言的英国人是最不喜欢被别人触碰身体的人群。It also showed – again, unsurprisingly – that the less we know someone, the less comfortable we are to be touched by them。该研究还显示,同样在意料之中的结果还有——越不熟悉的人触碰我们,越让我们感到不适。However, there was one noticeable exception。然而,有个例外值得引起人们关注。Men, it seems, have no areas which would be completely off limits to a touch from a total stranger – as long as the stranger is a woman。对男性而言,只要对方是女性,即使是陌生人也没有触碰禁区。Working with Finnish scientists, Oxford University psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar set out to investigate where we are comfortable to be touched and just how much the answer depends on who is doing the touching。牛津大学心理学教授罗宾-邓巴与芬兰科学家合作,调查何种程度的触碰可以被我们所接受,以及触碰人身份不同对这一行为的影响有多大。Almost 1,500 men and women from Britain, Finland, France, Italy and Russia were given a series of outlines of the human body and asked to colour in which parts they would allow someone to touch, front and back。他们给来自英国、芬兰、法国、意大利和俄罗斯等国家约1500名男性和女性发了一系列人体图谱,让他们将可触碰区域用颜色进行标记,包括前身和后身。Each person created touchability maps for 13 members of their social network, including their partner, their parents, their siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and acquaintances。每位参与者针对13种不同社会关系制作了可触碰身体图,包括配偶、父母、兄弟、阿姨、叔叔、表亲和熟人等。They also coloured in two more shapes, one for a stranger of each sex。受访者还标出了针对同性与异性陌生人的可触碰图。In general the closer the relationship, the fewer areas of the body that were taboo, although people tended to be uncomfortable about letting anyone except their nearest and dearest touch their erogenous zones。通常情况下,关系越亲密,可触碰的雷区就越少。但人们普遍不愿意让最亲密的人以外的人触碰自己的性感带。This meant that while a woman might be happy for her uncle to stroke her back, her front would be off limits。 And male strangers should note that almost all parts of the female body are to be avoided, other than the hands。这意味着,一名女子可能乐意让自己的叔叔拍她的后背,而前身则为禁区。男性陌生人应注意,除了手,女性几乎所有部位都是碰不得的。Interestingly, the men studied had a different viewpoint。有趣的是,受访男性对此持不同观点。They didn‘t want another man touching them, with even the head and the feet no-go zones。男性不希望同性碰触他们,甚至连头和脚都是禁区。However, almost the entire male body was up for grabs to a female stranger or acquaintance, with no part considered taboo。然而,几乎所有男性都愿意让陌生女性或熟人触碰身体的任何部位,没有禁区一说。In fact, for men, a woman they barely know has similar ‘touching rights’ to a parent and more than a brother or sister, the journal Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences reports。 Although the reason for this is not clear, the study did find that the more pleasurable a touch was believed to be, the larger the body area that person was allowed access to。英国皇家科学院(Royal Academy of Sciences)在《论文集》(Proceedings)杂志发布的报告称,事实上,对于男性而言,一位几乎不认识的女性拥有与其父母和兄弟几乎等同的“触碰权利”。虽然原因尚不明确,但研究发现,触碰令人越愉悦,此人被允许触碰的区域就越多。Despite their tactile reputation, the Italians were only slightly more comfortable with touching than the British。 The Finns were the most relaxed about being touched。 However, the differences were small and the results were broadly similar across all the countries studied。撇开触觉方面,意大利人的可触碰程度只比英国人稍高,而芬兰人是最愿意被触碰的人群。但这种差别很微小,且几乎所有国家的研究结果都非常相似。Professor Dunbar, a leading evolutionary psychologist, said touch helps maintain relationships by triggering the release of endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals usually associated with exercise。顶尖进化心理学家邓巴教授称,人们在触碰时会促使内啡肽分泌,可产生愉悦情绪,有助于维系人际关系。内啡肽这种物质通常与运动有关。He said: ‘Touch is universal。 While culture does modulate how we experience it, generally we all respond to touching in the same way。他表示:“触碰是非常普通的动作。虽然文化使人们对感触的感觉不同,但通常我们会通过相同的方式来回应别人的触碰。”‘Even in an era of mobile communications and social media, touch is still important for establishing and maintaining bonds between people。’“即使在移动通讯和社交媒体的时代,触碰仍是建立和维持人际关系的重要方式。” /201510/406697

  A new UK passport design was launched Tuesday with tougher security measures - but immediately sparked a sexism row.英国新版护照的设计图周二(11月3日)发布,安全措施更严格,却立刻引发了一场性别歧视“口水战”。Officials say it will be the #39;most secure passport ever issued in the UK#39; and contains innovative features to make it more difficult for fraudsters to forge copies.政府官员说这将是“英国发行的史上最安全护照”,其应用的创新特性将使造假者更难以伪造护照。These include printing using UV and infrared light, inks and watermarks and using a single sheet of paper for the personal details and a page adjoined to the back cover to prevent it being tampered with.这些创新特性包括在印刷过程中使用紫外线、红外线、墨水和水印,个人详细信息页与护照封底相连的那页共用一张纸,以防篡改。But the Passport Office was hit by accusations of sexism as the passport features SEVEN men and only TWO women.但是英国护照办公室(Passport Office)却受到性别歧视的指控,原因是护照上体现了七名男性,而女性只有两名。The seven men featured are:登上护照的七个男性人物分别是:- John Constable, the painter of the Hay Wain画家约翰·康斯特布尔(John Constable),作品《干草车》(Hay Wain)- John Harrison, the inventor of the marine timekeeper航海计时器的发明者约翰·哈里森(John Harrison)- Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect建筑师贾尔斯·吉尔伯特·斯科特爵士(Sir Giles Gilbert Scott)- Charles Babbage, the inventor of the computer计算机的发明者查尔斯·巴贝奇(Charles Babbage)- William Shakespeare, the playwright, who appears in a new high-security watermark剧作家威廉·莎士比亚(William Shakespeare),他的形象以更安全的新型水印制作- Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor, the sculptors雕塑家安东尼·葛姆雷(Antony Gormley)和安尼施·卡普尔(Anish Kapoor)The two women featured are:两个女性人物是:- Elisabeth Scott, the architect建筑师伊丽莎白·斯科特(Elisabeth Scott)- Ada Lovelace, the early computer programmer计算机程序员先驱阿达·洛夫莱斯(Ada Lovelace)Labour MP Emily Thornberry tweeted: ;Here we go again - new UK #passport has 7 men featured and just 2 women. #weexist;工党议员埃米利·索恩伯里(Emily Thornberry)发推文道:“又来了——英国新版护照上印有七个男性,但只有两个女性。#我们存在”But Mark Thomson, director general of the Passport Office, defended the design.但是护照办公室主任马克·汤姆森(Mark Thomson)发声为这一设计辩护。He said: ;It wasn#39;t something where we said let#39;s set out to only have two women.他说:“护照上只放两名女性并非我们一开始就决定好的事情。”;In trying to celebrate the UK#39;s creativity we tried to get a range of locations and things around the country to celebrate our triumphs over the years, so there we are.;“为了展现英国的创造力,我们在全国范围内寻找一系列地点和事物来庆祝过往的成就,这就是我们得出的结果。”Asked about the omission of female icons such as Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, he said: ;Whenever we do these things there is always someone who wants their favourite rock band or icon in the book.被问及为何女性偶像简·奥斯汀和勃朗特等人没有入选,他说:“每当我们做这类事情的时候,总有人希望将他们最爱的摇滚乐队或偶像列入其中。”;We#39;ve got 16 pages, a very finite space. We like to feel we#39;ve got a good representative view celebrating some real icons of the UK- Shakespeare, Constable and of course Elisabeth Scott herself.;“护照一共16页,空间非常有限。我们觉得我们的选择已经很有代表性了,莎士比亚、康斯特布尔、当然还有伊丽莎白·斯科特,这些人都是英国真正的标志性人物。”The new passport also depicts scenes from famous landmarks including the London Underground, the Angel of the North, the Titanic Belfast and the Globe Theatre.新版护照还描绘了英国的著名地标景观,包括伦敦地铁(London Underground)、北方天使雕塑(Angel of the North)、贝尔法斯特泰坦尼克物馆(Titanic Belfast)和莎士比亚环球剧院(Globe Theatre)。It will be rolled out in a phased approach with the first due to be in circulation from December 2015.新版护照将分阶段进行推广,第一批新护照将从2015年12月起开始流通。Commercial passport producer and designer De La Rue says it has aly made 28 million of the new documents.商业护照生产设计商德纳罗公司(De La Rue)表示该公司已经制造了2800万本新护照。A new passport is released every five years to keep security features up to date and the theme for the latest version is #39;Creative ed Kingdom#39;.英国每五年发布一次新护照,以保安全性能与时俱进,最新版护照的主题是“创意英国”。Representing all four countries in the UK, the new designs also incorporate the latest in printing technology to ensure the security of the document remains the top priority.新的设计体现了联合王国的四个成员国,同时结合了时下最新的印刷技术,确保将护照的安全性能放在第一位。 /201511/408141



  When I started my current job, I was assigned to a cubicle1 with a five-foot-high partition. Promoted in three monks2, I asked for a private office in line with my new title. My boss reluctantly told me that there were three possibilities. The first was a room that housed file cabinets and printers. Another was an office that was empty except when one of the company#39;s founders3 visited. The third was a conference room.我刚开始做我现在这份工作时,被安排在一个有着5英尺高隔板地隔间里。3个月之后。我得到了晋升。 于是我提出了一个请求,想要拥有一个和我的新职位相符的私人办公室。 老板不情愿地告诉我,我有3个选择:第一个是放文件柜和打印机的房间,第二个是一间空办公室,可是有的时候,公司的一个创办人会过来看看,最后一个便是会议室。After we had discussed each of the alternatives, he told me to make a choice. Deciding to play it safe, I replied, ;I want the one that will make the least amount of trouble and affect the fewest people.; A smile shot across his face, and he leaned backward in his chair. ;That#39;s the office you have now.; He said.在我们商讨了每一种选择方案后。 他让我做出选择。 为了使做出的选择更为保险,我回答:“我想要一个将会带来最少麻烦、影响最少人的那个房间。”一丝微笑从他的脸上掠过。 接着他往椅背上一靠,说道:“那就是您现在的办公室。 ”他说。 /201511/412424


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