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China#39;s ride-sharing industry has been growing fast in recent years. The largest service there is Didi Chuxing.中国共乘行业近年来增长迅猛,该国最大的共乘务商是滴滴出行。Uber, the American-based service, was Didi#39;s main competitor until August, when it signed a deal to sell its Chinese operations to Didi. The deal is worth about billion.总部位于美国的优步一直是滴滴的主要竞争对手,直到八月份该公司签署协议将中国业务出售给了滴滴。这笔交易价值约为350亿美元。China officially legalized car-sharing services in July. At that time, the Ministry of Transport established rules for such services. Those rules are set to take effect in November.中国于7月份正式将汽车共乘务合法化。当时,中国交通部为这类务制订了规定,这些规定将于11月生效。Now, local governments in a number of Chinese cities have begun proposing their own rules. The proposals would set restrictions on the kinds of vehicles that can be used and who can drive them.现在,中国很多城市的地方政府已经开始提出当地的规定。这些提案可能会对车型以及司机做出严格限制。The main requirement is that drivers of ride-sharing services and their vehicles be registered. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, this means drivers will need to have a permanent household registration. In other cities, such as Shenzhen and Hangzhou, drivers will be required to have a temporary home. In addition, the registered vehicles would have to be sedan models with larger-than-average space inside.主要要求是共乘务的的司机和车辆必须登记。在北京和上海这样的大城市,这意味着司机必须具有常住户口。在深圳和杭州等其它城市,司机必须拥有临时住所。此外,注册车辆必须是内部空间大于平均尺寸的轿车车型。Didi criticized the local rules in a recent statement. The company said they would force ;the vast majority; of its drivers and cars off the road.滴滴在最近的一份声明中批评了这些地方规定。该公司表示,这些规定会迫使绝该公司大多数司机和车辆不能上路。;Millions of online ride-sharing drivers may be about to lose their jobs and paychecks, which would mean millions of families may lose an important income source,; the statement said, according to The Wall Street Journal.根据华尔街日报报道,该声明称,“数百万网络共乘司机可能即将失去他们的工作和收入,这也就意味着数百万家庭可能会失去一项重要的收入来源。”All in all, the local restrictions would be a lot like those for taxi drivers.总而言之,这类地方限制跟出租车司机面临的限制会有很多相似点。Zhao Zhanling is a researcher at the Intellectual Property Center of China University of Political Science and Law. He told VOA the new rules could make all the country#39;s ride-sharing services fail. He said the vehicle size requirements alone could put 80 to 90 percent of drivers out of business.赵占领是中国政法大学知识产权中心的研究员。他对美国之音表示,新规定可能会让中国所有共乘务公司倒闭。他说,单是车辆尺寸要求就会使80%到90%的司机出局。According to Didi, less than 10,000 of its 410,000 drivers in Shanghai would meet the permanent household requirement.滴滴公司表示,该公司在上海的41万名司机中,只有1万名司机满足常住户口的要求。One Uber driver told VOA the way the new laws are set up will make it ;impossible for me to stay in business.; The driver#39;s hometown is near Beijing, in Hebei province. He now works in the Chinese capital during the day and drives for Uber at night.一位优步司机对美国之音表示,这么立法将会使得他没法干了。这名司机家在北京附近的河北省。他目前白天在北京上班,晚上跑优步。Zhao Zhanling called the permanent household requirement ;unconstitutional; and ;in violation of the nation#39;s employment policy.;赵占领称常住户口要求“违宪”,并且“违反国家的就业政策。”Didi has said ride-sharing services are still new ;technological creations; that need to be nurtured.滴滴称共乘务仍然是需要培养的新的技术创新。The company called on Chinese officials to ;give local and non-local residence-holders equal rights to work.; It said this will be the only way to provide citizens a more convenient, effective and free transportation system.该公司呼吁中国官员“赋予当地和非当地居民平等的工作权”。滴滴公司说,这将是为市民提供一种更方便、有效、畅通的交通体系的唯一途径。 /201610/471779A recent report ranked Beijing as China#39;s second oldest city, adding that residents of the capital over 60 accounted for 23.4 percent of the city#39;s population, twice the base international index for aging societies, local media reported.据当地媒体报道,最近一份报告将北京列为中国老龄化第二严重的城市,全市60岁以上居民人数占总人数比例达到了23.4%,是国际老龄化社会基准线的两倍。Beijing had 3.15 million elderly residents in 2015, and the capital will have more than 3.8 million residents over the age of 60 by 2020, the Beijing Daily reported.据《北京日报》报道,2015年北京拥有老龄人口315万人,而到2020年的时候,北京60岁以上居民的人数将达到380万人。The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference has conducted several investigations to address this pressing situation since April, including a recent seminar attended by representatives of Beijing#39;s elderly people, government officials and the capital#39;s political advisors.自八月份以来,北京市政协已经进行了多次调查来解决这一紧迫的问题,最近还召开了一场由北京市老年人代表、政府官员以及北京市政治顾问出席的研讨会。Xue Han, a 62-year-old political adviser and Beijing resident, listed at the seminar a series of issues of serious concern to older Beijingers, such as food safety, housekeeping, medical services and financial fraud, as well as the fact that many of them lack a sense of accomplishment and security, the Beijing Daily reported.今年62岁的薛涵既是一名政治顾问,也是一名北京市居民。据《北京日报》报道,薛涵在这场研讨会上列举出了一系列北京老人们深切关注的问题,例如食品安全、家政务、医疗务、金融欺诈以及许多老年人缺乏成就感和安全感这一事实。The difficulty of arranging nursing home care is also a key issue.安排疗养院务困难也是一个关键问题。Elderly people on average have to make more than 70 phonecalls to discuss prices, locations and other details before they finally move into a nursing home, the newspaper ed a investigation from Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau as saying.《北京日报》引述北京市民政局的一份调查称,在最终搬进疗养院之前,老人们平均必须要打70多个电话来商讨疗养院务的价格、地点、以及其他细节。In 2015, a total of 1.08 billion yuan (9 million) of municipal funds were allocated to support elderly care and this year the budget is set to grow by about 10 percent, the Beijing Daily reported.据《北京日报》报道,2015年北京市一共下拨了10.8亿人民币(约合1.49亿美元)的市政基金来持对老年人的关怀务,而今年这一预算的数额还将增长10%。 /201609/467494

Too much attention is being paid to how bad populist leaders such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Jeremy Corbyn are, and to how their programmes, left or right, will ruin the countries they aspire to govern. 人们对这两件事投入了太多关注:唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)、马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)以及杰里米#8226;科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)等民粹主义领导者有多糟糕、他们或左倾或右倾的计划将如何摧毁他们渴望执掌的国家。There is too little focus on the hope and optimism they give their many millions of followers.人们太不关注的则是他们给自己的无数追随者带来的希望和乐观。It is true, for example, that Mr Corbyn, leader of the UK’s opposition Labour party, cuts no figure as a prime minister-in-waiting, as most of his parliamentary colleagues have discovered. 例如,英国反对党工党(Labour party)领袖科尔宾的确没有个侯任首相的样子,正如他在议会的多数同僚所发现的那样。But the minority support he attracts to Labour — and more importantly the signal sent by the Brexiter majority in June — speak clearly of frustration and resentment at being left behind.但是他为工党争取到的少数群体的持——更重要的是退欧派在6月公投中以多数胜出所发出的信号——清楚表明了落后者对自身状态的沮丧和怨恨。It is the constituency to which Hillary Clinton spoke in her acceptance of the Democratic nomination in the US presidential race: Some of you are frustrated — even furious. 希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在接受民主党总统候选人提名的演讲中说:你们中一些人感到沮丧——甚至愤怒。And you know what? You’re right.你们知道吗?你们没错。这话正是对这部分选民说的。Other EU countries are not faced with Frexit, Itexit or Deuxit but their political establishments also have left-behinders who refuse to support the mainstream parties. 法国、意大利、德国等欧盟其他国家没有出现退欧运动,但是他们的政治建制派也面对着拒绝持主流政党的落后者。The popularity rating of Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, rose to 27 per cent, according to a BVA opinion poll published last month, surpassing Fran#231;ois Hollande, the Socialist president, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president, of the centre-right Republicans.根据BVA上月公布的一份民调结果,极右翼政党国民阵线(National Front)的领袖马琳#8226;勒庞的持率上升至27%,超过了社会党(Socialist)总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)以及中右翼政党共和党(Republicans)领袖、前总统尼古拉#8226;萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)。In Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic party lost the mayoralties of Rome and Turin in June to the Five Star Movement, an inchoate populist party that demands a referendum on the euro and leads, narrowly, in several opinion polls. 6月,意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)领导的民主党(Democratic party)在罗马市长和都灵市长选举中输给了五星运动党(Five Star Movement)。后者是新兴的民粹主义政党,主张就是否留在欧元区进行公投,在多项民调中以微弱优势领先。The Alternative for Germany (AfD) won seats in some state legislatures this year and is calling for a vote on EU membership.今年德国新选择党(Alternative for Germany)在一些州议会赢得了席位,该党正在呼吁就是否留在欧盟内进行投票。The anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats have been challenging the Social Democrats, who lead the government, in opinion polls. 反对移民的瑞典民主党(Sweden Democrats)在民调中对执政党社会民主党(Social Democrats)形成挑战。In Austria, the re-run of April’s election in October may put Norbert Hofer of the far-right Freedom party in the presidential palace.在奥地利,10月重新举行的总统大选可能会将极右翼自由党的诺贝特#8226;霍弗(Norbert Hofer)推到总统宝座上。In the US and Europe, rising inequality, wage stagnation and workplace insecurity merge with concern about fragmenting communities, exacerbated by fear of unregulated immigration and terrorism. 在美国和欧洲,不断加剧的不平等、薪资停滞不前、工作不安全感与对社会分裂的关切交织在一起,难以控制的移民和恐怖主义令这一切雪上加霜。The fusion of these forces produces a popular energy that in America went rightwards, to Mr Trump of the Republicans, and left to Bernie Sanders, Mrs Clinton’s former rival for the Democratic nomination. 这些因素融合在一起,催生了一股民众的能量。在美国,这股能量向右走,就托起了共和党的特朗普;向左走,就托起了此前与希拉里竞争民主党候选人提名的伯尼#8226;桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)。In Europe, it mainly goes to the right. 在欧洲,这股能量主要向右走。A large part of working class voters in the leading states of the democratic west favour rightwing politics as a bulwark against immigration, as a protest against the ending of secure work with steadily rising incomes and as a poke in the eye of their elites.在主要的西方民主国家,很大一部分工人阶级选民持右翼政党,因为右翼政党是抵御移民的堡垒,是对收入稳步增长、工作有保障时代走到尽头的抗议,是精英阶层的眼中钉。After the June referendum in the UK, mainly working and lower middle-class people appeared in interviews lamenting the loss of community, the presence of immigrants who did not become part of it, and the threat of the EU displacing Westminster as a sovereign power. 6月英国退欧公投结束后,一些民众在接受采访时痛惜融洽的社会不复存在、未融入英国社会的移民以及英国的主权可能被欧盟夺走——这些受访者主要来自工人阶级和中产阶级下层。Such talk is often dismissed as a search for better yesterdays but it also speaks to a wish to make the UK a better place than it has, for these respondents, become.人们往往认为这些话不过是怀念过去的好日子,但其实这些话也传达出这些受访者的一个愿望——希望英国对他们而言变得更好。Mr Corbyn wants to make his country a better place through socialism; Mr Trump favours America First; Ms Le Pen, national revival outside the EU. 科尔宾希望通过社会主义让英国变得更好;特朗普信奉美国优先(America First);勒庞主张在欧盟之外实现民族复兴。Too few critics recognise that for millions these are sketches of a better society.几乎没有任何批评者意识到,对于许多选民来说,这些主张描绘了一个更好的社会。The established parties will probably prevail. 老牌政党可能最终会赢。Mrs Clinton is probably the next US president. 希拉里很可能会成为下一任美国总统。Mr Corbyn is not expected to occupy 10 Downing Street. 科尔宾预计不会入主唐宁街10号。Ms Le Pen may make it into the second round of the presidential election — only to be beaten heavily in the final vote, just as her father was in 2002. 勒庞可能会进入总统大选的第二轮——但在决选投票中依然会惨败,就像2002年她父亲的遭遇一样。German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government still commands the centre, right and left.德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)政府仍然掌控着中翼、右翼和左翼。But the new normal is not likely to be a return to settled party rule. 但是新的常态不太可能重返过去稳定的党派执政。Political elites have neither vigorously enough renewed their offerings to the electors nor shared their disillusionment. 政治精英既没有足够有力地更新对选民的承诺,也没有设身处地体会他们的幻灭。The moderates in the UK Labour party, for example, have failed to produce a vision for a new relationship between social democracy and a much changed capitalism and globalisation since the Third Way debates under Tony Blair in the 1990s. 例如,自上世纪90年代托尼#8226;布莱尔(Tony Blair)领导下有关第三条道路(Third Way)的辩论以来,英国工党中的温和派一直未能描绘出,社会民主主义与已经大为改变的资本主义以及全球化之间应构建怎样的新关系。In Europe, the future of the euro is threatened by EU ambivalence about where sovereignty should lie and the failure of the single currency to be either stable or a mechanism for closer union.在欧洲,两件事正威胁着欧元的未来:欧盟对主权适用范围犹豫不决、以及单一货币既没能实现稳定也没能成为促进欧盟团结的手段。This is a fearful time, with popular authoritarian leaders to Europe’s east probing for advantage. 这是个可怕的时代,在欧洲以东,受到民众欢迎的威权领导人正在探寻有利条件。Liberals of left or right cannot emulate the populists but their leaders have no choice but to work harder at shaping a politics of freedom that does not feel like in-difference to left-behinders on the part of out-in-fronters.自由派(无论左翼还是右翼)不能效仿民粹主义者,但是自由派领导人别无选择,必须更努力地改变自由主义政治的面貌,不能让人觉得它代表着精英人士对落后者的漠视。 /201609/463838

Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, was forced to suspend operations for nearly six hours yesterday after an Emirates passenger jet crash-landed and burst into flames in an incident that killed a firefighter.全球最忙碌的机场之一迪拜国际机场(Dubai International Airport)昨日被迫临时关闭近6个小时,此前一架阿联酋航空(Emirates)客机在紧急迫降后起火,事故导致一名消防员殉职。Emirates said all 282 passengers and 18 crew on board were safely evacuated from the Boeing 777, which had come from the southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram. However, Dubai’s Civil Aviation Authority later announced a firefighter died tackling the blaze.阿联酋航空表示,机上所有282名乘客以及18名机组人员从这架波音777(Boeing 777)客机安全撤离,该机是从印度南部城市蒂鲁文南特布勒姆起飞的。然而,迪拜民航局(Civil Aviation Authority)后来宣布,一名消防员在救火时丧生。Footage posted online showed the aircraft sliding along a runway at about 12.45pm on one wing, with its engine apparently detached. A section of the right wing then appeared to explode. Fuel tanks are located in both wings and the fuselage of modern jets.网上公布的影像资料显示,下午约12时45分,这架飞机一侧机翼倾斜,沿着一条跑道滑行,发动机明显脱离,接着右翼的一段似乎发生爆炸。现代飞机的油箱位于两个机翼和机身。It was not immediately clear what caused the crash but it appeared the aircraft’s landing gear failed on landing.目前还不清楚事故原因,但该机的起落架似乎在着陆时未能打开。The airport closed immediately but reopened at 6.30pm. Dozens of departures were cancelled and incoming flights were diverted to other airports in the Gulf. There were people from 20 countries among the passengers and crew of the plane, including 226 Indian nationals, 24 from the UK and 11 ed Arab Emirates citizens.迪拜国际机场随即关闭,但在下午6时30分重新开启。很多出站航班被取消,入站航班备降海湾地区其他机场。失事飞机上的乘客和机组人员来自20个国家,包括226名印度人、24名英国人以及11名阿联酋公民。DIA is the world’s busiest international airport by passenger numbers because of the rapid growth of Emirates, which uses the airport as its worldwide hub. It is particularly important for travellers going to and from south Asia.由于阿联酋航空的业务快速增长,按乘客数量计算,迪拜国际机场是全球最忙碌的国际机场。这家航空公司把这个机场作为其全球枢纽。该机场对于进出南亚的旅客尤为重要。The 777 has generally enjoyed an excellent safety record. Its first serious crash was in January 2008 when a British Airways 777 crash-landed at London’s Heathrow airport after fuel lines to both engines froze on approach. There were no casualties.波音777总体上拥有卓越的安全记录。这种机型首次发生严重事故是在2008年1月,当时一架英国航空(British Airways)的波音777客机在伦敦希斯罗机场紧急降落,因飞机在降落时通向两个发动机的油路结冰发生堵塞。当时没有人员伤亡。In December 2013, a 777 operated by Korea’s Asiana crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport after the pilots misjudged their approach. Two passengers died.2013年12月,由于飞行员判断失误,一架由韩亚航空(Asiana)运营的波音777客机在旧金山国际机场(San Francisco International Airport)降落时坠毁,导致两名乘客死亡。Boeing said it was thankful the aircraft had been evacuated safely. A Boeing technical team was standing by to support investigators.波音表示,对于机上人员安全撤离感到欣慰。一个波音技术团队正待命准备援事故调查人员。 /201608/458770

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