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Ricky Naputi, thought to be one of the world fattest men, died in November of last year, but had been filmed during his final days a TV special.Ricky Naputi,世界上最胖的人之一,于去年月离开人世,在他最后的日子里,他的生活被电视台记录了下来The tragic final days of one of the world fattest men were spent desperately hoping to lose the weight that kept him bedridden five years.在Ricky Naputi最后的日子里,他迫切希望能减肥,在那时,他已经因为肥胖卧床5年了Ricky Naputi, who weighed nearly 900 pounds, died in November , but bee he passed, the 39-year-old opened up his home to reality TV cameras from TLC. The cable network aired his story Wednesday night in a special called ;900 Pound Man: Race Against Time.;Ricky Naputi有近900磅重,年月,Ricky Naputi走到了他人生的终点,在他死之前,这个39岁的男人接受TLC电视台的真人秀拍摄,电视台在每周三播出了这档节目,节目的名字是:900磅体重的男人和时间赛跑Naputi, who lived in the U.S. island territory Guam, was bedridden and confined to his home, unable to walk or to bathe himself.Naputi住在美国的关岛,因为肥胖,他只能在家卧床,连行走和洗澡的自我能力都没有能力都没有;The last time I got out and enjoyed myself must have been years. I miss feeling the sun on my face. Miss showering, feeling water run down my body,; he said at one point.“我最后一次外出玩耍都是好些年以前的事了我很怀念日光洒在脸上的感觉,怀念洗澡时洗热水打在身上的感觉”他说过But Naputi had also vowed to turn his life around. He was working on losing enough weight to be able to fly to the continental U.S. weight loss surgery.Naputi曾发誓要过回健康的生活,为了可以乘坐飞机去美国做减肥手术,也很努力地减过肥The show also revealed Naputi loving relationship with his wife, Cheryl, his primary caretaker.Cheryl acted as Ricky nurse, cooking him, giving him sponge baths and helping him go to the bathroom, which she likened to ;taking care of an overgrown baby.;Naputi生前的真人秀也展示了Naputi和他妻子亲密的关系Cheryl曾经是 Naputi的健康看护,婚后,Cheryl不仅充当了他的护士,还为他做饭、洗澡、帮助他上厕所,看起来,她的工作更像是照顾一个胖孩子The two met years ago, and at first communicated only over the phone. Naputi was aly obese, but still far from his heaviest.他们在年以前认识,第一次交谈只是在电话里,当时Naputi已近患上肥胖症,然而那时的他比最胖的时候好多了;He asked me my number so he could call me up, so we could talk,; a smiling Cheryl told the cameras.面对镜头,Cheryl微笑着说:“他问我要了电话号码,经常电话我聊天”;When I went to Ricky apartment ... he only cracked [the door] about an inch.;“当我去Ricky的公寓时,….他离门框的距离大约还有1寸的样子,再胖点就过不去了”Three and a half weeks later, she moved in. The pair remained together until his death.在交往了三周半的样子,两人住到了一起直到Ricky死,Cheryl都在他身边本译文属 5581。

  • A Singaporean couple has created a stir online after posing with a coffin in their wedding photos.一对新加坡情侣在棺材旁边拍摄婚纱照,此举在网上引起了轰动 Jenny Tay and Darren Cheng, both undertakers, death played a ;central and important part; in the photo shoot, taken their upcoming wedding in October.詹妮·泰和达伦·郑都从事殡仪业,对他们而言,死亡是这组婚纱照“重要的中心内容”,这些照片是为他们即将于十月份举办的婚礼而准备的;A large part of the shoot was definitely inspired by our jobs,; said Ms Tay, who is also the daughter of one of Singapore most famous undertakers.泰女士说,“拍摄这组照片的灵感主要来自于我们职业”她的父亲是新加坡最知名的殡仪业从业者之一;Wedding shoots are often staged at places which bring the most memories. us, work plays such a huge part of our lives so we wanted to do it in style.;“婚纱照通常在能够带来最多回忆的场合拍摄对我们来说,工作占据了生活很大一部分,,我们希望能以这种别具一格的方式拍摄婚纱照”But that was not the only reason behind the couple photo shoot.然而,这也并非他们拍摄棺材主题婚纱照的唯一原因;Death is a part of life and shouldnt be seen as taboo,; Ms Tay, who has also written a children book about dealing with death, told the B.泰女士在接受B采访时表示,“死亡也是人生的一部分,不应该被看做是一种忌讳”她还写了一本关于死亡的儿童读物;It important to talk about death; it part and parcel of everyone life. Many Asian societies often portray it negatively - we hope to be able to debunk that taboo by encouraging people to be open about death.;“谈论死亡是很重要的,它是每个人人生中不可避免的一部分许多亚洲国家经常将死亡描绘成消极的东西我们希望鼓励人们坦然讨论死亡,打破这个禁忌”Pretty and whimsical别开生面的美丽The coffin-themed photo shoot, which was initiated by Ms Tay, took place in a waterway park in Singapore.这组棺材主题的婚纱照是由泰女士提议的,是在新加坡的一家水上公园取景的;We wanted it to be pretty and whimsical, not at all morbid, so we staged it there and not in an actual cemetery,; Ms Tay explained.我们希望婚纱照美丽又奇异,而不是病态的,我们没有在真实的墓地拍摄,而是选择了那座公园;We also didnt want to scare people and the reaction to it has been very positive.;“我们也不希望吓到别人,大家对它的反响还是非常积极的”Ms Tay has decided not to display them at their wedding banquet so as not to ;disrespect; any of their guests.泰女士决定不在他们的婚宴上展示这些照片,以免“冒犯”到客人;Everyone has different opinions and it not possible everyone to share the same line of thought as us,; she explained, adding that the couple will feature a set of ;assassin-themed; wedding photographs taken in Japan instead.泰女士解释说,“每个人见仁见智,不可能所有人都和我们想的一样”她还表示会在日本拍摄一组“暗杀主题”的婚纱照Thinking outside the box打破常规But while guests may miss out on their coffin-themed shoot, the pictures drew a huge response on Facebook.虽然客人们可能会错过棺材主题的婚纱照,但是这组照片却在脸书上引起了很大的反响;Bravo to Jenny and Darren! They are very daring in their choice a wedding shoot and I think it paid off,; said a Facebook user.一位脸书用户说:“詹妮和达伦太棒了!他们非常大胆地选择了拍摄这样的婚纱照,我认为这是值得的”;It literally til death do us part,; said another.还有一位脸书用户说,“这才是真正的‘至死不渝”Other users were full of praise the ;unique approach; adopted by the couple.其他用户也对这对情侣的独特选择交口称赞;I think their shoot is creative and very tastefully done,; said Molly Sim on Facebook. ;It a very nice change from the cookie cutter wedding shoots that we see done at Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa all the time.;“我认为他们的照片很有创造力和品味,”莫莉·西姆在脸书上说,“这与我们常见的在滨海湾金沙或圣淘沙拍摄的千篇一律的婚纱照相比有很好的改观;This is what you call thinking out of the box - something their children and grandchildren will talk about decades,; said another user Jeffrey Poh.“这是所谓的‘打破常规的做法,他们的子孙在几十年后还会对此津津乐道,”脸书的另一位用户杰佛里·波赫 说 3861。
  • This is probably the most beautiful places and most spectacular in the world that is very rarely seen bee. From the beauty of Antarctica, the cities above the clouds, hidden beaches are spectacular, and other places.在这里将介绍你从未见过的世界上最美最壮观的地方,有南极大陆的美景,天空之城,隐藏的海滩,还有其他令你意想不到的地方1. Top of the world 世界之巅The picture above, is the top Himalayas, Tibet. This is the highest point on the entire planet. With an amazing sun light, Himalayan peaks look like a place outside the Earth.图上看到的是位于西藏的喜马拉雅山它是地球上最高峰在迷幻的阳光的照耀下,喜马拉雅山给人的感觉就像穿过了地球,可以想象它是多么的雄伟 85。
  • More than Chinese films were awarded here last Saturday at the 50th annual WorldFest-Houston.十余部中国电影在上周六举行的第五十届休斯顿国际电影节上斩获了奖项The Chinese films won different awards at the festival, but there is no doubt that it is a great success ;Reset,; a science fiction supervised by Jackie Chan.在该电影节上,中国电影获得了许多不同的奖项,但对于成龙监制的科幻电影《逆时营救来说,其毫无疑问满载而归Yang Mi won the Best Actress Remi Award her great job in the movie ;Reset,; which also received the Remi Award-Best in Show.杨幂因其在该片中的不俗表现获得了最佳女演员雷米奖,而该电影也获得了雷米奖最佳电影奖Five Besties-Divoice Busting, a comedy and romantic movie directed by Chen Jianfei, received the Gold Remi Award.陈剑飞执导的浪漫喜剧《五女闹京城获得了雷米金奖Masters in bidden City, a documentary, won the Special Jury Remi Award while Survival in Shanghai, a documentary, received the Gold Remi Award.纪录片《我在故宫修文物获得了评委会特别奖,而另一部纪录片《犹太人在上海则获得了雷米奖金奖Sun Chun, a famous Chinese film star, also received the Outstanding Contribution Award.而中国著名电影明星孙淳也获得了杰出贡献奖As the third largest film festival in North America, just after San Francisco and New York, the Houston film festival, founded 50 years ago, kicked off on April 1.于月1日开幕的休斯顿电影节是北美地区的第三大电影节,仅次于旧金山和纽约电影节,至今已有50年的历史Hunter Todd, founder and CEO of Houston Film Festival, told Xinhua that he is glad to set up a platm like Panorama China three years ago as he realized the importance and excellence of the Chinese film-making.休斯顿电影节的创始人兼CEO亨特·托德在接受《新华社采访时表示,他很高兴三年前创建了类似“全景中国”这样的平台,因为他意识到了中国电影制作的重要性和卓越之处;As one of the largest film producers in the world, China is now producing a lot of films. Chinese films are good and I like them,; he said.他说道:“作为世界上最大的电影产地之一,中国正在生产许多电影中国电影很棒,我很喜欢!” 55。
  • In a sleek uptown nightclub, the queen is holding court. At her dinner table, men hang on her every word, and women echo her pearly laugh as she raises a wine glass in a toast.在台湾一个时髦光鲜的夜店里,“女王”正在主持晚宴餐桌旁,男人们抢着应和她说的每一句话;女人们则在她举起葡萄酒杯祝酒时,随她一起放声欢笑Tonight's dinner is limited to 50 paying guests, most of them female, attractive and single. This is the demographic that can't get enough of the queen -- born Chen Yi-li, though she refashioned herself as 'Illy' after the Italian coffee brand. Her sassy tales of righteous freedom, which have been spun into three books and inspired a TV soap opera, make her an icon of sorts Taiwan's young female 'singletons,' who see marriage and motherhood as a straitjacket.今天的晚宴只有50名付费客人可以参加,大多数是魅力十足的单身女性,她们都是“女王”的拥趸“女王”本名陈仪丽(音),但她给自己起了个与意大利咖啡品牌相同的谐音英文名“Illy”她推崇女性要享受单身的自由,这一思想已促成三本书和一部电视剧的诞生,让她成为台湾信奉独身主义的单身女性的代表人物,这些女性把婚姻和生儿育女视为一种枷锁。
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