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Reputable Areas of Manufacturing Woodcut New Year Picture木刻年画的著名产地Reputable woodcut New Year picture manufacturing and printing shopswere rampant across the country,namely,Yang Liuqing in Tianjin;TaohuaWu in Suzhou ; Minazhu in Sichuan ; Linfen and Xinjiang in Shanxi ; ZhuXianzhen in Henan;Long Hui Tan Tou in Hunan;and Pingdu,Liaocheng and Wei County in Shangdong; Wuqiang, Hebei; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Fushan, Guangdong;and Fengxiang,Shaanxi. With unique styles and features,they each held a place of its own in the forest of folk New Year picture.信誉良好的木刻年画的生产和印刷厂猖獗全国各地,分别是天津的杨柳青;苏州桃花吴;四川米娜朱;临汾和山西新绛,河南朱仙镇;湖南龙辉潭头;和平度,山东聊城潍县;河北武强,福建漳州;广东福山,以及陕西凤翔。凭借独特的风格和特点,他们各自在民间年画林举办中有自己的一席之地。 /201608/461635。

  • Miao People#39;s Customs苗族习俗In Guizhou,among the ethnic groups the Miao people have the largest population. They have more than 158 festivals in a year,and more than 80 Miao unique customs to boast of. The Miao people know how to celebrate and prepare their festivals including bullfighting,horse back riding,folk singing, and the unique Lusheng pipe playing. At festival time,the Miao women wear their stunning silver jewelries often piling on five to six neck rings at a time,as well as chain loins, chest locks and multiple headdresses. Girts wear huge silver horned headdresses and crowns with delicate designs of birds,flowers and coins. As they gracefully move and dance,their jewelries and headdresses create wonderful musical sounds.在贵州省,各民族之间苗族人有最多的人口。他们在一年中有超过158个节日,80多个苗族独特的风俗。苗族人知道如何庆祝和准备他们的节日,包括斗牛,骑马,民歌演唱,以及独特的芦笙管的演奏。在节日的时候,苗族妇女穿着迷人的银饰品,经常一次戴五至六个颈环,以及链腰,胸锁和多头饰。穿戴巨大的银色长角头饰和设计精美的带有花、鸟、硬币等精美图案的头冠。他们优雅地走动和跳舞,他们的首饰和头饰共创出美好音乐的声音。 /201608/458916。
  • Playing simple card games, such as snap, can help stroke patients with their recovery, say Canadian researchers. Playing Jenga, bingo or a games consol like Wii worked equally well.加拿大的研究人员近日表示,多玩儿像Snap这样的纸牌游戏有助于中风病人的康复。玩儿层层叠,宾果游戏或者Wii这样的体感游戏机也有同样的好处。They told the Lancet Neurology that the type of task used for motor rehabilitation might be less relevant, as long as it is intensive, repetitive and gets the hands and arms moving.研究人员接受《柳叶刀神经病学》杂志采访时表示,采用何种恢复方法不是最重要的,重要的是这种方法要有足够的强度,适合反复进行,令病人的手臂和双手得到运动。The researchers designed their study to test whether virtual reality gaming, which is increasingly being employed as a rehab therapy for stroke patients, is any better than more traditional games for honing upper limb motor skills.虚拟现实游戏在恢复病人上肢运动能力的过程中愈发常见,研究人员设计了一项实验,来评判虚拟现实游戏和传统游戏各自的治疗效果。The Canadian team recruited 141 patients who had recently suffered a stroke, and now had some impaired movement in one or both of their hands and arms.这个加拿大的研究团队招募了141位最近患上中风的病人,其中一些病人的某只手,某只手臂或者双手双臂直到如今仍存在行动障碍。Approximately half of the patients, at random, were then allocated to the Wii rehab, while the rest were asked to do other recreational activities, such as playing cards. All of the patients continued to receive usual stroke rehabilitation care and support on top of the 10, one-hour sessions of gaming or card playing for a fortnight.研究人员随机选出了近一半的病人通过玩Wii游戏机进行治疗,另一半病人则采取玩牌等方式进行治疗。所有病人在两周的疗程内每天接受顶级的恢复训练,还要玩一小时游戏或者打一小时牌。Both groups showed significant improvement in their motor skills at the end of the two weeks and four weeks later. Importantly, both groups fared equally well, say the researchers.在两周疗程结束后及此后四周内,两组病人的运动能力都有了显著提升。研究人员表示,重要的是两组病人的恢复程度同样良好。While it#39;s not clear from this study how much of the improvement was from the regular stroke care the participants received, other research suggests adding in more therapy is beneficial.目前常规的中风治疗手段究竟对病人的病情恢复有多大的贡献尚不清楚,其他研究表明引入更多的疗法对病情恢复有益。Investigator Dr Gustavo Saposnik, from St Michael#39;s Hospital in Toronto, said: ;We all like technology and have the tendency to think that new technology is better than old-fashioned strategies, but sometimes that#39;s not the case. In this study, we found that simple recreational activities that can be implemented anywhere may be as effective as technology.;多伦多圣约翰医院的古斯塔沃·萨珀斯尼克士表示:“我们都喜欢科学技术,总是认为新的技术强于旧的治疗手段,有时实际情况并非如此。我们在研究中发现,随处可玩的简单游戏可能像科学技术一样有效。”Alexis Wieroniey of the UK#39;s Stroke Association said the findings were particularly encouraging because they suggest that inexpensive, easily accessible activities can help some stroke survivors in their recovery. ;Thousands of stroke survivors are left with mobility problems, and this can lead to a devastating loss of independence,; she added.英国中风研究协会的亚历克西斯·威朗尼表示,这是一项非常鼓舞人心的发现,因为这些造价低、容易进行的活动对中风患者的病情恢复大有裨益。她补充说道:“上千名中风患者的运动能力出现了问题,这对他们独立生活的能力造成了巨大的损害。” /201607/453149。
  • Chen Jingrun(1933~1996) was a Fuzhou native who graduated from the Mathematics Department of Xiamen University in 1953 and was later a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences#39; Institute of Mathematics.陈景润(1933~1996),福建福州人,1953年毕业于厦门大学数学系,中国科学院数学研究所研究员。He is considered an important figure in China#39;s mathematical history.中国数学史上的重要人物。His Chen#39;s Theorem, the research results of his study of the Goldbach#39;s Conjecture in the field of the analytic theory of numbers, has a leading position among international mathematicians.“陈氏定理”,即陈景润攻克世界著名数学难题“哥德巴赫猜想”中的(1十2)的结果,在数学界居世界领先地位。His work on the twin prime conjecture and on Goldbach#39;s conjecture led to progress in the analytic number theory.陈景润在孪生素数猜想和哥德巴赫猜想方面所做的工作推动了数论的发展。In a 1966 paper he proved what is now called the Chen#39;s theorem:Every sufficiently large even number can be written as the sum of either two primes, or a prime and a semi-prime (the product of two primes)--e. g., 10023+7*11.1966年,陈景润的一篇论文明了(现在的“陈氏定理”):每个大偶数都是一个素数及一个不超过两个素数的乘积之和。例如:10023+7*11。Chen made great progress on the Goldbach#39;s conjecture and a major breakthrough in world mathematics.陈景润在哥德巴赫猜想方面的伟大进展是国际数学界突破性的贡献。The famous Chen#39;s Theorem was very widely cited internationally.“陈氏定理”在国际上被广泛引用。Chen published more than 70 academic papers in his life. Twice, in 1978 and 1982 respectively, Chen was invited to deliver the 45-minute report in the International Congress of Mathematicians.陈景润共发表学术论文70余篇,并于1978年和1982年两次收到国际数学家大会的邀请,作学术报告。 /201604/439316。
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