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厦门那个医院看毛孔粗大比较有效果厦门在哪治疗瘢痕疙瘩台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:To make ends meet.This means having enough money to pay your bills.;To make ends meet;这个短语的意思是你有足够的钱去付你的费用 /201501/353993同安区绣眉团购 How about next week下周可以吗?讲解:How about sth在美语口语中那是相当的常见。用来提出一些具体的意见。How about tea 喝点茶可以吗? /201502/352695Do you mind?你介意吗?No. I don#39;t mind.我不介意。Yes. I do mind.我介意I#39;d prefer you not to.我不希望你那么做。No, please don#39;t.请不要那么做。You#39;d better not.你最好不要那么做。That#39;s fine with me.我不介意。Is that okay?可以吗?No problem.没问题。Sure, go ahead.当然。 /201501/351515漳州治疗青春痘多少钱

福建省厦门欧菲整形无痛取环Welcome to English in a Minute.欢迎收听《一分钟英语》。Usually when people say ;get out of here,; it#39;s because they want you to leave.一般当人们说“get out of here”,是因为他们向要你离开。But in American English, when you say it in a certain way, it can mean something completely different.但是在美语中,当你一另外一种方式说get out of here时,意思可能完全不同。I just moved to Washington, D.C. to start a new job.我才搬来华盛顿,开始一份新工作。Where are you from originally?你原籍是?Dallas, Texas.德克萨斯的达拉斯。Get out of here! I#39;m from Dallas, Texas, too!真不可思议!(get out of here!)我也是来自德克萨斯,达拉斯。The phrase ;get out of here!; is a way to say something is very surprising, interesting or totally unexpected.“get out of here!”意思是说某件事情令人非常惊讶,让人觉得有意思,或者是完全出乎意料。If you say it in an angry tone, it#39;s telling someone to go away.如果你以一种很愤怒的语气说,意思是告诉某人离开。Get out of here! get out of here!滚!离开这里!But if you say it in an excited tone with a happy face, it#39;s a friendly way of saying you can#39;t believe what you#39;re hearing.但是你以一种很兴奋的语气,一脸幸福友好的语气,意思是你无法相信自己所听到的。Get out of here! get out of here!天哪,真不可思议!And that#39;s English in a Minute.以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》。 /201312/269898厦门乳头缩小多少钱 62.Library 图书馆(上)1.Can I borrow these magazines?2.Can you show me how to find books in the stacks here?3.Could you recommend me a book?4.Good,I#39;ll take this one.5.Have you got the issue that came out recently?6.I want a detective story,please.7.Is this book available?8.Would you please tell me how to use the card catalogue?9.Here#39;s the latest one.10.I#39;m sorry,but the book is out.Dialogue OneA:Good morning.Mrs.Smith.B:Good morning!Can you help me,please?I#39;m looking for some books for my mother.A:Well, what kind of books does she like?B:She#39;s very fond of detective stories?A:I see.Has she any detective stories?B:Oh,yes!A:Do you know if she#39;s this one?B:I#39;m not sure,but she probably won#39;t remember if she has!She#39;s very forgertful!A:Ah!She has a bad memory.How old is she?B:She#39;s eighty-seven.A:I suggest you take this book.It#39;s very exciting.B:Thank you.That#39;s a good idea.she likes excting books.Can you suggest another one?Dialogue TwoA:Can I help you?B:I hope so.I#39;m looking for some material for a paper I#39;m writing,and I#39;m not quite sure where to look.A:I#39;ll certainly try to help you.What topic is your paper on?B:My paper is on the influence of television on children.A:There are several possible sources you might use for that topic.I suggest you use the computer and the computer will give you a list of every scientific jounmal that talks about children and television.B:Thank you for you help.Dialogue ThreeA:Excuse me,could you tell me where you have got that music book?B:Certainly. Let me see.Oh,it#39;s on that self.A:It#39;s too high.I can#39;t reach it.Could you help me?B:Of course.Here you are.A:Thank you very much.尽职尽责的怀特夫人Mrs.White works in the school library.She loves her work because she loves books.In the library there are books on many different subjects.She works very hard and is very helpful.She likes the children to newspapers and books in the ing room.She also likes them to borrow the books.But she is very strict.You must always return your library books on time.One day, a little girl told her that she had lost one book of the library.And the school library has the rule that if someone loses any library book he must pay for it.Mrs.White felt very sorry.Fortunately, another girl found the book.Mrs.white told them thay everyone should love books and be careful.Library 图书馆(下)1.How many books can I borrow at a time?2.I want to keep it for another two weeks.3.I#39;d like to renew it for one more week.4.How long will you keep it?5.I#39;ll get it back as soon as possible.6.I#39;m afraid it#39;s been out for some time.7.The book you want#39;s on loan.8.You#39;ll have to pay fines if you can#39;t return the book in time.9.Your books are two days overdue.10.You may not keep it for over three weeks.Dialogue OneA:Good morning,Miss.B:Morning.Can I help you?A:Yes,I#39;d like to know how to use the library.You know,I#39;m a new student here.B:All you need is your student identification card to check out books.A:Yes.Here#39;s my identification.B:That#39;s all you need.A:Thank you very much.By the way,how many books am I allowed to check out?B:You can check out two books at a time.But you can#39;t check out newspapers,magazines and periodicals;they have to be within library.A:How long can I keep the books/B:For two weeks.After that you must renew the book if you wish to keep them longer.A:I want a book on physics.Could you show me where I can find it?B:Yes,over there to your left.Dialogue TwoA:Excuse me,Miss.B:Yes.May I help you?A:I#39;m a graduate student here in mathematics.I#39;ve just come from China and I#39;ve never used a western library before.I#39;ll be here for five years,so I#39;d like to learn to use the library as efficiently as possible.I wonder if someone might have time to show me around.B:I#39;d be very glad to show you around,but I#39;m very busy right now.Could you come back about 3:30?A:Sure.3:30 this afternoon.B:Good.See you later.A:Thank you.Good-bye.Dialogue ThreeA:Can I help you?B:Yes.I#39;d like to borrow these books.A:Just a second.I#39;ll see if I can find them for you.B:Thanks.A:Here you are.You must return them within a month.B:What happens if I#39;m not finished with them in a month?A:You can come in and renew them unless someone else has reserved them.B:OK.Thank you very much for your trouble.A:No trouble at all.So long.现代图书管理Today,more and more libraries are using computers to help them organize the vast amount of information they contain.In many modern libraries,an on-line computer catalog has taken the place of the old card catalog.In such cases,library patrons must use a computer terminal to find the books they need.The on-line catalog is like a card catalog on computer.It offers several advantages,such as speed and up-to-date information on a book#39;s status. /201404/293082漳州市去眼袋胎记好吗费用

厦门市欧菲美容医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 媒体报道,近日,西安某高校采取措施禁止学生过平安夜及圣诞节,甚至有老师把守在教室门口,处分过圣诞节的学生。在当日,该校校园内打出标语,内容为“争做华夏优秀儿女,反对媚俗西方洋节”、“抵御西方文化扩张”等。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Authorities in a Chinese city have banned all schools from celebrating Christmas, reported Modern Gold Express on Thursday.据《现代金报》报道,中国某城市有关部门禁止所有学校庆祝圣诞节。【讲解】celebrate Christmas是庆祝圣诞节。温州市教育局发文要求“不在校园里举行任何与圣诞主题有关的活动(Christmas-related activities)和庆典”,希望学校能对我国的传统节日引起重视,而非一味的推崇西方节日(Western festivals)。无独有偶,西北大学现代学院禁止学生过平安夜(Christmas Eve),组织学生观看弘扬传统文化(traditional culture)的专题片,并警告称谁过圣诞就处分谁。两名大学生穿着中国传统装现身(show up)湖南省长沙的圣诞活动(Christmas event)现场,手举写有“抵制圣诞节(boycott Christmas)”等标语,呼吁(appeal)市民回归中国传统节日。老师和学生家长纷纷表示持这些禁令,他们认为西方节日变得越来越商业(commercial),不断刺激人们消费。但是其他人则认为抵制西方化(Westernization)很荒唐,圣诞节对于学生来说是可以得到休息的时光,而不是仅仅是迷恋西方文化(obsession with Western culture)。新浪就此进行了一项调查,在1156名参与者中,67.1%的人持(in favor of)圣诞节禁令,希望回归中国自己的节日。超过80%的人称他们从来不过圣诞节(never celebrate Christmas)。70%的受访者(respondent)认为目前国内只是用这些节日当做噱头,玩乐一下,并没有深入到西方的文化和宗教中。 /201412/350520厦门市妇幼保健院的评价厦门激光疤痕修复



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