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ON MARCH 15th the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, will start to serve a 14-year sentence for corruption in a federal low-security prison. In this part of America, he is ting a well-worn path. Over four decades, four governors (out of seven) have been convicted of corruption.伊利诺斯州前州长罗德bull;布拉格耶维奇因在联邦低安全级别监狱中工作腐败,于3月15日开始为期14年的刑罚。在美国的这个地区,他走过了一条曲折的道路。在过去的四十年中,4个州长(共有7个)都因腐败而被定罪。A new report, by Dick Simpson and his colleagues at the University of Chicago, documents the extent to which the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have been hotbeds of corruption. Chicago, they conclude, has the dubious distinction of being the federal district with the most convictions since 1976.在芝加哥大学迪克bull;辛普森和他的同事们一份新的报告中,他们描绘了作为滋生腐败的温床伊利诺斯州和芝加哥已经到了何种程度。他们宣称,从1976年开始芝加哥就很可能是美联邦中高犯罪率地区,而它也因此显著区别与其他地区。Since then, 1,828 elected officials, appointees, government employees and a few private individuals have been convicted of corruption in Illinois, and 84% of these were in its Northern District;a judicial zone which contains the entire Chicago metropolitan area. During this time around one-third of the cityrsquo;s aldermen have been convicted of corruption. No mayors have been convicted or indicted;not even Bill Thompson, who was backed by Al Capone.从那之后,1828名选举官员、指派官员、政府雇员和一小部分私人个体都因在伊利诺斯州实施腐败而被治罪。他们中的84%都来自于州北部地区;;这是一块包含芝加哥所有繁华区域的司法区。如今整个城市已经有1/3的商人都被定为腐败罪。没有一个市长因腐败被定罪或起诉,甚至在阿尔bull;卡彭持下的比尔bull;汤普森也不例外。Although Chicago is the capital of corruption, the state of Illinois as a whole ranks only third in the country;after the much more populous states of New York and California. But the report documents a pattern of crime that has become synonymous with the Chicago or Illinois ;way; of doing things. All the corrupt governors and 26 of the aldermen had tried to extract bribes from builders, developers, business owners and those seeking to do business with the city or the state. Those who paid bribes either assumed, or were told, that payment was necessary for zoning changes, building permits or any other government action.虽然芝加哥身为腐败之都,但是伊利诺斯州在全国的腐败排名位居第三;;纽约州和加利福尼亚州在这点上更为众望所归。不过报告中描述了一种犯罪方式,这种方式与芝加哥和伊利诺斯州行事方式有相似之处。所有行为腐败的市长和市参议员(市议会长老议员)都曾向建筑商、发展商、大商人以及意欲与城市或者州进行生意交易的人索取过贿赂。这些被索取贿赂的人认为,也有其他人告诉他们,那些作为贿赂的钱财都是为地区改变、建筑许可或是其他任何政府行为所必须的。Mr Blagojevich, notoriously, sought money in exchange for an appointment to a seat in the Senate. Other convictions may have been less spectacular, but the pattern of pay-offs for political favours has prevailed in these parts for 150 years.布拉格耶维奇寻找钱财为了在议会中享有一席之地的事情已经臭名昭著。他的其他罪名没有这么严重,但是通过金钱来交换政治这种方式已经在这个地区盛行了150年了。A project under way by the State Integrity Investigation, due out on March 19th, notes that some changes have been made in the light of past scandals. Mr Simpson thinks the ultimate solution lies in ending the culture of corruption, which would include prohibiting patronage (something he says is on the decline anyway), nepotism and the holding of two government jobs at the same time.国家正义调查局正进行一个于3月19号结束的项目,他们发现在过去的丑闻影响下,一些变化悄然兴起。辛普森先生认为禁止任命职务(他说这个已经在不断减少)、任人唯亲以及同时就职于政府两个职位,这才是断绝腐败问题的最终解决方案。Corruption has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and sapped faith in government. Both the new governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, and the new mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, have shown a willingness to reform. Many of Mr Emanuelrsquo;s early executive orders are designed to improve transparency and accountability. But Mr Simpson says too many loopholes remain. The devil, as ever, is in the detail.腐败问题以纳税人数以百万计的金钱作为代价,并且使得公众丧失了对政府的信任。伊利诺斯州的新州长奎恩和芝加哥的新市长拉姆bull;伊曼纽尔都表示了改革的决心。伊曼纽尔先生早期的行政命令也意在提高政府行政的透明度和信任感。但是辛普森先生说这个体制还是有太多的漏洞,而最终的魔鬼,仍然是在细节上。201203/173109

Do Magic Mushrooms Make People Nicer?迷幻蘑菇会让人性格更好吗?I’ve heard that psilocybin, which is the hallucinogenic ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, can alter peoples personalities and make them nicer. Is that true?我听说裸头草碱是迷幻蘑菇中的一种迷幻成分,能改变人的性格使他们的性格变得更好。这是真的吗?Well, first, before answering the question, we need to be clear that psilocybin is an illegal substance. And although psychedelic mushrooms are not known to be addictive, their effects can be unpredictable and extremely unpleasant.首先,在回答这个问题之前,我们需要清楚的明白裸头草碱是一种非法物品。虽然我们还不清楚迷幻蘑菇是否会让人上瘾,但是它们的影响是不可预测的而且不容乐观的。Right,but scientists with government permission are able to experiment with psilocybin. And in one study researchers did in fact find that some people who took a single dose of psilocybin experienced altered personalities for more than a year. In most cases, the alterations were positive subjects who had what they called a mystical experience while on the drug showed increases in a personality trait known as openness.对的,只有得到政府允许的科学家们才能够用裸草头碱做实验。在一次实验中科学家确实发现一些有用一定剂量裸头草碱的人的性格的确发生了改变,并且持续了 一年多经。在大多数情况下,试验者身上会产生积极的变化,这他们被认为是经历了一次神秘的过程,在这种药物作用下,他们性格中外向开放的那一面有所彰显。Which is pretty much what it sounds like: being more open to and appreciative of art, music, other people. Openness also means being more imaginative, intellectually engaged, and more aware of feelings in yourself and in others.这几乎就是那些听到的东西:试验者变得更加开放,对艺术、音乐和其他人更有欣赏力。开放也意味着更富有想象力、有更多的智慧并且更清楚的意识到对你自己和对别人的感觉。Which all sounds pretty good. But note that most of the subjects in the study were people aly into mystical practices such as prayer and meditation. So its not as though anyone who wants to become a nicer person can simply take a dose of psilocybin and be instantly transformed. Its possible that the effect only happens with people aly leaning toward openness.这听起来的确很不错。但是注意到大多数研究的主体是已经融入到神秘实践如祈祷和思考中去的人们。所以并不是任何一个想把自己性格变好的人都能通过用一定剂量的裸草头碱就立刻改变。除非在注射之前他们已经是偏外向型性格。But its also possible that psilocybin could be used to help treat people with personality disorders and other psychological problems.但是,草头碱还是有可能被用于去辅助治疗那些有性格缺陷和其他心理问题的人。 /201207/189655

  Every car that comes in gets the equivalent of annual physical to ensure nothing goes from bad to worse. 每辆车都会有相当于一年一次的检验以确保零件的损耗程度。 ;We have a saying here, ;我们在这里有一个说法, you dont want to pay for the same real estate twice. 你不想为这个东西交2次钱。 So if a car comes in, ;所以如果一辆车进来, you want to do as much and best job as possible the first time, this time, 你会尽可能做到与第一次一样, so there wont be a next time. 所以不会没有下次了。; Grag Lin Buday is the main superintendent. 格雷格bull;林bull;布迪是主要的管理者。 He runs a shop like a giant toy, a billion dollar toy. 他经营着一家商店,像一个巨大的玩具,十亿美元的玩具。 ;Ive told everybody its like having my own personal train set, ;我已经告诉每个人这好比我个人的列车, when things unexpected breakdowns occur, we go on, we troubleshoot.; 当意外故障发生,我们就会出现,我们解决问题。; The shops workhorses are four 30-ton cranes, indispensable for moving a car from one workstation to another. 这家商店的重负荷机器是四个30顿的起重机,不可或缺使一辆汽车从一个工作站移动到另一个地方。 Ok, hold. ;It weighs 28 tons, so its nothing to fool around with.; 好的。这个大家伙重达28吨,所以没事别瞎溜达。; 注:听力文本来源于普特 201203/174069

  The conversation of wasps and roses on todays moment of science.时差N小时:黄蜂和玫瑰的对话Have you ever started talking to someone, only to discover you have nothing in common and, therefore, nothing to say? 你曾有过这样的经历吗?想打破坚冰跟别人交流,却发现毫无共同语言。You might imagine that a yellow jacket, flying about its waspy business, and a rose bush, intent on growing green leaves in the sun, would be in a similar fix:想象一下,一只忙着采蜜的黄蜂,一堆在阳光下茁壮成长的玫瑰花丛,它们之间也会出现这样的尴尬场面吗?nothing in common, nothing to say. Actually, rose bushes and other plants have a time honored method of communicating with yellow jackets and other wasps.两种截然不同的生物,怎么会有共同语言呢。但实际上植物,包括玫瑰花丛,与黄蜂有着经得起时间考验的交流方式。A yellow jackets waspy business is probably finding food. One of the things it likes to eat is nice, juicy caterpillars.黄蜂的工作可能就是找食物。肥美的毛虫是它们喜爱的食物之一。The caterpillar, of course, likes to eat nice, green leaves.当然毛虫喜欢吃嫩绿的树叶。So you see, the plant and the yellow jacket have something in common after all: The plant is eaten by the very thing the wasp likes to eat.所以,玫瑰与黄蜂有着共同的对手毛虫;黄蜂吃毛虫,而植物被毛虫吃。Yellow jackets have good eyes for spotting caterpillars and other prey, but a plant that is being eaten doesnt want to just wait around for the wasp to notice.尽管黄蜂视力非常灵敏,一眼就能侦查出毛虫和其他猎物,但是玫瑰还是不想坐以待毙,她要想办法引起黄蜂的注意。Fortunately for your roses, evolution has provided the plant with its very own distress signal, based on smell.幸运的是,进化赋予了玫瑰独一无二的求救方式,气味信号。When a caterpillar chops into a leaf, the plant releases an acid that smells the same as fresh cut grass.当毛虫蚕食叶片时,玫瑰会释放出一种酸性物质,闻起来像青草的香气。The caterpillars bites also spill a kind of alcohol from the damaged leaf cells.毛虫咬过之后,损坏的叶片细胞也会溢出一种物质,酒精。This alcohol mixes with the cut grass aroma and carries it upward in a rising plume where it can be smelled by our circling yellow jacket.酒精味与青草味混合,并一缕一缕地向上挥发,以便让在上空盘旋的黄蜂闻到。Millions of years of evolution have taught the yellow jacket that following this smell often leads to a delicious meal.经过上百万年的进化,黄蜂学会了一个道理,跟着香味走就会能饱餐一顿。So what do wasps and roses talk about? They talk about whats for lunch.现在你知道黄蜂和玫瑰在谈论什么吗?他们在谈论午餐吃什么。201205/181679。

  Everyone likes a vacation in a warm climate, but how about a trip to two planets that as hot as hell?每个人都喜欢气候适宜的时候旅行,但到两个热得跟地狱一样的行星旅行如何呢?If you are walking on the surface of Mercury, you need one of heck of a spacesuit.如果你走在水星的表面,你需要一套了不起的宇航。Mysterious Mercury appears lifeless and desolate, but hidden deep inside is a clue to a different past.神秘的水星似乎毫无生气,一派凄凉,而内心深处似乎又隐藏着线索,或许代表一个与众不同的过去。The smallest planet made out of the dense stuff with the most lunar-like landscape at its surface, and yet, generating magnetic field.这颗最小的星球由密集的物质组成,好像月面景观在其表面一样,然而,却产生着磁场。But its nearby Venus, goddess of love, who will really melt your heart and crush your defenses at the same time.但是位于附近的金星,这颗受神明爱戴的星球, 在同一时间内会真的融化你的心脏和粉碎你的防御。So, this is the hell, real hell.所以,这是地狱,真正的地狱。Once the twin of earth, something went wrong here, terribly wrong.一旦地球的孪生兄弟,出了差错,那就是最严重的错误。At some point, Venus had an ocean worth of water. That is now gone.从某种意义上说,金星有一种海洋价值的水。而现在不见了。What turned Venus from paradise to pressure cooker? Could this really be our future?什么让金星从天堂星球落到了压力锅的这般境地?难道这真的是我们的未来?The ultimate fate of the earth is to look like Venus looks today.地球的最终命运看起来像是今天的金星。And here, on our own doorstep, there is possibly the greatest survival story of all.而在这里,在我们门前,有可能是最伟大的全部生存故事。There is speculation that Venus might actually still have about life. We know it is such a hostile place.也有传闻,还有金星会出现生命迹象。我们知道它就是这样一个不怀好意的地方。There has never been a better time to go where no human has gone before. To following the footsteps, survival robert pioneers and visits the planets of the solar system.从来没有一个更好的机会去没有人去过的领域。请跟随我们的脚步,生存的罗伯特先驱,一起寻访太阳系的行星。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172007

  生病了就要吃药有木有?吃药前要看说明书有木有?有的人记不住有木有?我们的Don就因为自己的不仔细栽了个大跟头了!今天我们一起来谈谈关于吃药的不能不说的秘密…… Black Tongues and Stomach Aches黑舌头与胃痛Don:Oh, no, Yaeuml;l, I think Im having a medical emergency. Quick! Call an ambulance.Don:我的天呐,Y,我想我是染上什么急病啦!赶快!叫救护车!Yaeuml;l:A medical emergency, Don? Are you sure? You look fine to me!Yaeuml;l:急病?你确定?你看起来气色不错啊!D:But Im not. This morning, I had a terrible stomach ache. And now, now look at my tongue. Oh, its all black. Surely, Im dying, and you dont even care!D:我不觉得我很好啊。今天早上我胃疼得特别厉害。可现在……现在,你看我的舌头。整个舌头都是黑的!好吧,我都要死了,你一点也不关心我!Y:Relax, Don! Of course I care. But you really dying?Y:Don,别太紧张好不好!我绝对是关心你的,但你确定你就要“去”了?D:But my tongue...D:可我的舌头……Y:I can tell you exactly what the problem is!Y:我可以告诉你你的舌头究竟是怎么回事!D:You can? But you are not a doctor!D:你?可你并不是医生啊!Y:But I do the contrary indications before taking medicine.Y:但是我每次吃药之前都会看说明书,看药后会有什么副作用。D:Un-huh!D:嗯哼!Y:You said you had a stomachache, right? And Ill bet you 5 dollars that you have took some Pepto Bismol for it?Y:你说你胃痛,对吧?我和你赌5美元,你是不是用了碱式水杨酸铋口混悬液?D:Wow! You must be psychic. How do you know?D:神啦!你怎么知道的呢?Y:Well, the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol is a compound called bismuth subsalicylate.Y:碱式水杨酸铋中的有效成分为一种叫做碱式水杨酸盐的化合物。D:Bismuth subsalicylate, so?D:碱式水杨酸盐,所以说?Y:This compound has anti-diarrheal, anti-bacterial, and antacid effect on the digestive tract.Y:这种化合物作用于消化道,具有抗腹泻、抗菌以及解酸的作用。D:Which is why Pepto helps with stomach discomfort.D:这就是为什么碱式水杨酸铋能缓解胃部不适。Y:Right, but the thing is, when the bismuth combines with the trace amounts of sulfur in your saliva and in your gastrointestinal tract, it reacts to form a black substance called bismuth sulfide.Y:嗯。但是,铋与唾液和胃肠道中微量的硫作用会生成一种黑色的物质——硫化铋。D:Bismuth sulfide, sounds dangerous!D:硫化铋,听起来都觉得很危险!Y:It isnt. But thats where the discoloration on your tongue comes from. And bismuth sulfide can also temporarily darken the stool. Its a common enough side-effect that its listed in the package information, which you really should get in the habit of ing.Y:这倒不是。但硫化铋就是将你的舌头变黑的罪魁祸首。而且,硫化铋还会使排泄物变黑。这是很常见的一种副作用,药品的包装盒上就列出来了的。所以啊,在吃药前一定要养成看说明的好习惯。放心了吧,要不了几天就恢复正常了。In a couple of days everything will back to normal.D:Yaeuml;l, you saved my life.D:Yaeuml;l,你救了我一命啊。Y:Not really...Y:怎么会…… /201208/195492The NRA also claims to be a potent force in elections; it says it defeated 19 of the 24 congressmen who were on its hit-list back in 1994. But a recent article in American Prospect disputes such assertions, arguing that the NRA’s impact is marginal these days because it sps itself thinly and tends to support Republican incumbents.全国步协会同时声称其是竞选中的强劲力量; 1994年位列其黑名单上的24位议员,其称击败了19位。但最近《美国展望》的一篇文章对此表示怀疑,声称由于全国步协会发展缓慢而且趋向于持共和党导致其影响弱小。Although the NRA is ostensibly an organisation seeking to protect the civil rights of its 4m members, critics such as the Violence Policy Centre (VPC), a gun-control group, contend that the level of funding from firearms manufacturers makes it, in effect, just a trade association for the gun industry. Some of the NRA’s fund-raising comes directly from gun sales. For example, Sturm, Ruger amp; Co., firearms manufacturers, donated for each gun they sold last year and thereby collected .2m for the NRA’s lobbying arm.尽管全国步协会表面上致力于保护4百万会员的持权利,而来自如管制团体“暴力政策中心”的批评者认为其从军火生产商那里获得的资金数量已经让其实际上变成了一个产业的贸易协会。其募集的部分资金直接来自于的销售额中。例如生产商斯图姆去年销售的每中都有1美元捐给了全国步协会,共计120万美元。Looking ahead, the NRA’s combative executive vice-president, Wayne LaPierre, says the NRA is “all in” for the fight to defeat Barack Obama. Mr Obama might be supposed to have done little to upset the NRA, having meekly signed legislation that allows guns to be brought into national parks and on to trains. But his quiet first term is, say many at the convention, actually part of a conspiracy to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term.全国步协会激进的执行副总裁Wayne LaPierre先前说,全国步协会现在是要破釜沉舟和奥巴马一战。而奥巴马似乎没作出什么惹到它的行为,而且很爽快地批准将带进国家公园和火车的法令。但许多局中人认为,奥巴马前期的平静其实是阴谋的一部分,他致力于在其第二任期内废除宪法第二修正案。There are signs, though, that the NRA is growing out of touch with modern Americans and even with its own members—who, according to surveys, now tend to support restrictions such as mandatory background checks on buyers of weapons at gun shows. The future does not look bright, either. Despite attempts to attract women, most convention-goers in St Louis were white men over the age of 40—a segment of the population on the decline. The classified sections in NRA magazines such as American Rifleman feature, besides all the weaponry, advertisements for gardening equipment and Viagra.然而种种迹象表明全国步协会已经同当代美国人,甚至其内部成员(根据调查,他们如今倾向于在展览会上对购买者许进行诸如强制的背景核查的管制)脱节。未来不容乐观。尽管全国步协会尝试获得更多女性的持,其在圣路易斯的盛会参与者基本上是40岁以上的白人男性,而这一数量在美国人口中正不断下降。全国步协会的杂志如《美国步》的分类栏目中除了各种武器外就是花园用具和伟哥的广告。201204/179426Business商业报道Power in Japan东京的电力The troubles of TEPCO东京电力公司的困难The fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is sping throughout Japans energy industry福岛核电站的影响正在日本能源业蔓延THROW yourself into a nuclear reactor and die! one investor shouted.一位投资者叫喊到,死在核反应堆里吧!Japanese shareholders are usually more polite, but this was the annual meeting of TEPCO, the Japanese power company that owns the Fukushima nuclear plant.日本的股民一般应更有礼貌,但这次情况不同,这次是拥有福岛核电站的东京电力公司的年会。Since an earthquake in March caused a meltdown, TEPCO faces unlimited demands for compensation.自从三月地震以来,该公司股价一直走低,还面临是无穷无尽的赔偿要求。Its shares have fallen by nearly 90%.其股份已经跌了将近90%。A man at the meeting on June 28th suggested that the board take responsibility by committing seppuku, or ritual suicide.一个人在6月28日的会议上提议董事会引咎切腹。Not everything went wrong for TEPCO.东京电力公司不是每件事都有问题。A shareholder motion to close all its nuclear plants was defeated.所有核电站都关闭遭到了否决。But apart from that, things look grim.但是除此之外,事情就很糟糕了。TEPCO faces claims for compensation that, in a worst-case scenario, could exceed its assets of ¥15 trillion.一位股东提议将其东京电力公司面临的损失赔偿要求,在最坏情况下将超过其资产15万亿。No one knows how much it will have to pay.没人知道该公司将赔偿多少。Estimates of TEPCOs liabilities range between ¥4 trillion and ¥25 trillion.东京电力公司估计要承担4万亿到25万亿的赔偿责任。The firm also owes ¥7.8 trillion to bondholders and bank creditors.该公司仍欠持券人和债权人7.8万亿。If TEPCO goes bust, these people take precedence over those affected by the disaster, a fact that is politically radioactive.如果东京电力公司破产了,这些人先于那些事故受害者受到补偿,而这将在政治上有放射性的影响。Four months ago, TEPCO was the cornerstone of corporate Japan.四个月前,东京电力公司曾是日本公司的顶梁柱。Some 750,000 people, many of them elderly, still own its shares.大约有75万的人们仍然拥有它的股份,他们中有很大一部分是老年人。The company, which accounts for a hefty 8% of Japans total domestic debt market, had its bond rating cut to junk by Moodys on June 20th, following a similar downgrade by Standard amp; Poors in May.该公司的债券占据了日本国内市场8%的全部份额,在6月20日的Moodys排名中被列入垃圾债券一列,而且在标准普尔指数中也有下滑。Only the government can save TEPCO from bankruptcy.只有日本政府才可以挽救东京电力公司。A bill submitted on June 14th to the Diet, Japans parliament, aims to enable the firm to pay compensation without going under.6月14日在向日本国会提交的一项议案中提议公司在不破产的情况下进行赔偿。It would establish a mechanism for the government to channel truckloads of money to TEPCO, which the firm would then pass on to the victims.该议案将建立一种机制,即政府把钱流入东京电力公司,再由公司分发给受害者。This would be repaid from TEPCOs earnings, with help from other nuclear operators.这些钱将用该公司在其他核电站的收益偿还。The new entity could purchase TEPCO assets.这个新机制可以购买公司的财产。One insider thinks this will lead to partial nationalisation.一位业内人士认为,这一做法将会导致公司部分国有化。Another reckons that the new entity might buy fresh bonds that TEPCO could issue to meet its obligations.另有人士认为,这一举措可以使人们买到公司为了进行赔偿而发售的新债券。The bill has not been seriously debated in the Diet, in part because of political paralysis.由于政治瘫痪,该议案在国会中没有进行认真讨论。But officials believe it will be ratified before the end of the summer because the consequences of shelving it are unthinkable.但是官员认为这个议案最迟将在今夏得以通过,因为将这搁在一边的后果是不可想象的。Compensation must be paid, the recovery work at Fukushima must go on and the lights in Tokyo must stay on.赔偿一定要赔,福岛核电站的修复工作也必须进行,而且东京电力公司也不能倒闭。However, the bill is only a stop-gap.但是该议案只是一个权宜之计。It may soothe TEPCOs creditors.它可以安抚公司的债权人,It may even reassure the public that payouts wont lead to higher electricity bills.也可以使得公众不会为了高昂的电费而担心。But critics grumble that the plan protects shareholders at the expense of taxpayers.但是家指责该计划保护了股东而损害了纳税人的利益。The long-term solutions being considered include bankruptcy, temporary nationalisation for the purpose of selling off assets, or capping TEPCOs liability and making it, in addition to an energy provider, a vehicle for compensation payments.长期的解决方案包括破产,暂时收归国有变卖资产,或者对于东京电力公司限定责任上限,使其又提供能源又进行赔偿。TEPCO favours a liability cap.公司比较倾向于第三种方案,Only this, the thinking goes, will lure back investors and let TEPCO become a normal company again.因为只有通过这种方法才可以重新吸引投资者并且把公司再次变成普通公司。But this may scupper any chance of energy-sector liberalisation, since the company would need fistfuls of profits in order to make its payouts.但是由于公司需要大量的利润来付出,这一举措将使得能源产业自由化的希望破灭。When I meet with TEPCO officials, I dont see any change in mindset; its as if nothing has changed, sighs a nuclear-energy official.当我会见东京电力公司官员时,我发现他们的想法没有任何改变,就好像什么都没有发生过一样,一位核能源官员叹息道。Bankruptcy or temporary nationalisation would be bolder.破产倒闭或者暂时国有化会显得更加大胆。Either could herald energy deregulation, since a regional monopoly would be broken up and sold.采取任何一种方法都会标志着放宽能源管制的来临。The government could then separate energy generation and transmission, which the prime minister, Naoto Kan, supports but few other politicians do.因为一个地区垄断公司都将会被分化和出售,然后政府可以将能源生产与能源传输分开。Outsiders, such as Softbank, a mobile-phone operator, are keen to enter the energy business.一些业外人士,比如手机运营商Softbank公司,一直想进入能源产业。But big business, which ought to favour competition to lower energy prices, is against deregulation.但是对于那些更倾向于竞争而非更低能源价格的大公司来说,他们反对放宽能源管制。This may be because so many big firms act as suppliers to the utilities, which pay high prices to reward loyalty.这可能因为许多大公司是公用事业的提供商,这些提供商十分重视忠诚。Across Japan, regional power companies are caught in Fukushimas fallout.全日本的当地能源公司都受到福岛核事故的影响。Most prefectural governors are refusing to restart nuclear plants that shut for regular maintenance.大多数县官员不愿意重新启动经过日常维护后的核电站。Power shortages loom.能源短缺问题越发明显。Other shareholder meetings have been almost as stormy as TEPCOs.其他公司的股东大会与东京电力公司一样暴躁不安。The biggest shareholder of KEPCO, the utility in the Kansai region, is the city of Osaka, which has a 9% stake.在韩国电力公司是关西地区的公用事业公司,其最大股东是拥有9%股份的大阪市。Its mayor turned up at the annual general meeting and urged the firm to diversify away from nuclear energy.大阪市长在全体大会中催促韩国电力公司摆脱核能。Such demands are popular.这一要求受到广泛欢迎。Three-quarters of Japanese want to reduce or eliminate the countrys reliance on nuclear power—many more than before the accident.现在,有75%的日本市民希望国家减少或者消除对于核能的依赖,这比事故前任何时候都要强烈。The utilities now face more scrutiny and tighter energy supplies.公用事业单位现在面临着更严格的检查与能源供给,They are also unlikely to win permission to raise rates.而且他们也不太可能提高价格。Their solid credit ratings could liquefy.他们的良好的信用评级将会消失。KEPCO and another utility recently cancelled new corporate-bond offerings because yields soared.最近由于出飙升,东京电力公司和其他公用事业公司取消了新公司债券的发行。Firms that had cross-shareholdings in the utilities have also taken a hit.那些交叉持股的公司也受到影响。Even banks are affected: cabinet members have suggested they share the pain by forgiving a portion of TEPCOs pre-quake loans.即使是也受到影响,内阁成员建议,免除东京电力公司部分震前贷款,损失由他们承担。Naturally, this whacked their share prices.自然而然地,这将极大影响他们的股价。The Fukushima disaster presents an opportunity for radical reform.福岛的灾难提供了改革的机会。But in a crisis people often grow conservative.但是在危机中人们会变得保守。Since the government holds the purse-strings, it can more or less dictate terms to TEPCO.由于政府掌管着金钱,它将多多少少给东京电力公司发布指令。The fear is that it will bankroll a return to business as usual.令人担心的是政府会像平常一样给公司提供资金使其恢复经营。 /201302/225209

  Business.商业。Gambling in Spain.在西班牙。Place your bets on Euro Vegas.来欧洲的维加斯下注吧。Madrid and Barcelona seek a jobs jackpot from a giant gambling resort.马德里和巴塞罗那从巨头寻求工作;大奖;。IT MAY just be the single largest contrarian bet in the euro zone. Sheldon Adelson, a casino tycoon, is expected soon to choose between Madrid and Barcelona for a /201209/200280



  Books and Arts; The work of Cima da Conegliano;文艺;西玛·达·科内利亚诺的作品;An overlooked master;Venice comes to Paris;沙海遗珠;走向巴黎;Tall, lean and with a head of brown curls, St John the Baptists intense expression seizes the viewers gaze. The enthroned Virgin holding the Christ child may be the subject of this late-15th-century painting, yet the eye is drawn to the saint (pictured, detail). He feels real, somehow, with the magnetism of a rock star. This is a quality found in many of the saints portrayed by Giovanni Battista Cima, called Cima da Conegliano.高大瘦削,一头棕色的卷发,施洗者圣约翰紧张的表情抓住了观众的目光。圣母抱着圣婴可能是这幅十五世纪晚期绘画的主题,但人们的视线还是被圣徒吸引(如图,局部)。不知怎的,他让人感觉真实,有摇滚巨星般的吸引力。这是被称为西玛·达·科内利亚诺的乔瓦尼·巴蒂斯塔西玛所绘众多圣徒身上共有的特质。Readers can be forgiven for not recognising the name. Born in 1459, Cima became a painter during the blossoming of the Italian Renaissance. It was an inspiring time to be an artist, but the competition was fierce. He worked in Venice, where Giovanni Bellini was aly established. By the time Cima died in 1517/18, Giorgione and Titian had made their marks. The fame of these artists has overshadowed Cimas. It is a shame. Bernard Berenson, one of the most influential writers on the Venetian Renaissance, said of him: “No other master of that time paints so well the pearly light that models the Italian landscape with a peculiar lightness and bth.” Cimas depiction of the landscape influenced his more famous contemporaries. Now visitors to Paris are being offered the chance to make his acquaintance. “Cima da Conegliano: Master of the Venetian Renaissance” at the Luxembourg Museum is a wonderful show.读者没听过这个名字可以谅解。西玛出生于1459,是意大利文艺复兴全盛时期的画家。这一时期是艺术家辈出的时代,但竞争激烈。他曾在作画,而乔瓦尼·贝利尼已在大放异。到1517 /18年西玛去世的时候,乔尔乔内和提香也成名了。这些艺术家的名声盖过了西玛。这是一个憾事。伯纳德·贝伦森是文艺复兴方面最有影响力的作家之一,他说:“当时没有别的大师可以用独特的浅淡颜色以及幅宽把意大利风景画得如此流光溢。”西玛对风景的描画影响了比较有名的同代人。现在巴黎的游客有了了解西玛的机会。卢森堡物馆的画展《西玛·达·科内利亚诺:文艺复兴时期的大师》是一场精的展览。Cima painted in tempera and oil on wood. Such pictures are notoriously fragile, yet this exhibition features 30 works, all of them on wood panels. The loans have come from churches, museums and private collections—evidence of the diplomatic talents of Giovanni Villa, the shows curator. They include half-lengths of the Virgin and Child made for private devotion; full-sized portrayals of saints; and scenes from classical mythology, including Theseus slaying a rather handsome minotaur. The smaller pictures are gripping, but the large altar paintings are the main attraction. Many hang on free-standing panels, and their warm, rich colours sing out in rooms of slate grey. The show is big enough to suggest the artists range, but small enough to encourage private contemplation. Cima has captured the light and mood of the Veneto. Paris falls away and the visitor is transported to Venice.西玛用油在木材上作画。众所周知,这种画十分娇贵,而本次展览展出的30件作品全放在木制嵌板上。展出的画都是从教堂、物馆和私人收藏借来的,显示了展览策展人乔瓦尼·费拉的外交才干。这批画包括画来送人的圣母圣婴半身肖像画;还有圣徒的全身肖像画;以及古典神话中的场景,其中有忒修斯杀死一个相当漂亮的人身牛头怪物。小幅的画扣人心弦,而大型的圣坛画更具吸引力,是主要吸引参观者的画作。许多画挂在独立的嵌板上,它们丰富的暖色在瓦灰色的展室里绽放。这场展览规模大到足以表明艺术家的定位,但也小到足以引人沉思。西玛捕捉到了意大利威尼托区的光线和色调。巴黎消失了,参观者被送到了。The show opens with Jacopo de Barbaris famous birds-eye view of the city. This enormous map, a masterpiece of Renaissance printmaking, was published in 1500 when Cima lived there. A small copy pinpoints Cima sites, including that of his studio in San Luca near the Rialto Bridge.画展以雅格布·德·巴巴里著名的鸟瞰图开始。这个巨大的地图是文艺复兴时期的版画杰作,1500年西玛住在的时候出版的。在一幅小型复制图上用针标出了西玛住所的精确位置,包括他在里亚尔托桥附近圣卢卡的工作室位置。The altar painting of the Virgin mentioned above soon follows. It was commissioned for the Duomo in Cimas hometown, and has remained in that Conegliano church since 1492. Some complain that church art loses its force when displayed out of context. Yet each element, from the stylised foliage of the dome above to the angel musicians below, is far easier to see and appreciate in Paris than it is in Conegliano. Cima often painted the same models. The viewer meets St John the Baptist, St Catherine and St Jerome (and his lion) more than once walking through this show. The result is a warm and welcome sense of familiarity, rather than the feeling that one is looking at actors in a series of religious tableaux.上面提到的圣母玛利亚的圣坛画紧随其后。这幅画是受托为西玛家乡的大教堂画的,自1492年起一直保存在科内利亚诺教堂。有人抱怨说,脱离了背景进行展示,教堂艺术就失去了它的感染力。然而,从上面圆顶千篇一律的叶饰到下面的天使音乐家,每个元素在巴黎都比在科内利亚诺更容易领会欣赏。西玛经常画相同的画面形象。看过整个展览的观众会不止一次地见到圣约翰、圣凯瑟琳和圣杰罗姆(以及他的狮子)。结果观众感到的是温暖愉悦的熟悉感,而不是那种在一系列宗教舞台造型中看着演员的感觉。The exhibition ends as it begins, with Venice. In a very large work, the winged lion of St Mark—symbol of both the saint and the city he founded—fills most of the painting. The four saints who flank him appear pint-sized in comparison. Whatever else the picture was meant to signify, it is plain that the aim was to show the overwhelming power of Venice. Bubbly Prosecco, a better-known product of Conegliano, is for sale in the museum shop. New and old admirers of Cima may well wish to raise a glass to this underappreciated master.展览以开始,也以来结束。在一件非常大型的作品中,圣马可的飞狮填满了大部分画面,这个飞狮既是圣马可的标识,也是他所守护的城市的标识。比较而言飞狮侧面的四个圣徒看起来比标准的要小一些。不管这幅画还意指别的什么,显然其目的是为了显示的征力。物馆的商店内出售普罗赛克香槟酒,该酒科内利亚诺较知名的产品。西玛的新老崇拜者也许很希望为这个怀才不遇的大师举杯。 /201212/214743


  On two fronts and two continents,在两条战线上和两个大洲中,the proof of Einsteins theory now hangs in the balance.爱因斯坦的理论明现在依然悬而未决。Its February 1919, at top Mountain Hamilton in California,1919年2月,在加州汉密尔顿的山顶,William Wallace Campbell is examining and re-examining photographic plates which appear to indicate that Einsteins General Theory of Relativity,威廉·华莱士·坎贝尔一遍又一遍的检查并重新审视感光板,而结果似乎表明爱因斯坦的广义相对论。his theory of gravity, is wrong.他的引力理论,是错误的。But Campbell has competition from British astronomer Arthur Eddington,但坎贝尔与来自英国天文学家阿瑟·爱丁顿之间也在进行着竞争,who was on his way to photograph an eclipse in Africa.爱丁顿正在去非洲拍摄日食的路上。Eddington leaves Britain and heads south.爱丁顿离开英国并且向南方进发。He is in his late 30s, traveling in those days was not comfortable.他是在20世纪30年代末,在那些日子里,旅行可不舒。This is the tropics, the height of summer.这是热带地区,而且夏天太阳难耐。It must have been a very unpleasant place to be.要去的一定是一个很不舒的地方。In May of 1919, after 10 weeks at sea,在1919年5月, 在海上的10周后,Eddington and his assistant arrive on the shores of Principe,爱丁顿和他的助手到达圣多美普林西比海岸,a small island off the coast of West Africa.这是西非海岸的一个小岛。注:听力文本来源于普特 201205/183246

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