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Janna could enjoy her childhood like every other year old kid by playing and watching TV at her home. But she chose to risk her life reporting on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict in the occupied West Bank, with the aim to raise awareness about the plight of her people.乔安娜本可以像其他岁的孩子们一样,玩耍、在家看电视,享受她的童年时光但是,她却选择冒着生命危险去约旦河西岸的巴以冲突地带,记录和报道当地的一切她希望可以唤起全世界对当地人民及其困境的认识与关注A resident of Nabi Saleh, a small Palestinian village north of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Janna has witnessed the tragedies of war from a very young age. Her mother, Nawal, talks about an incident where Jana was traumatized after one of her friends was shot dead by the Israeli army. ;He was older than her but used to always be friendly and nice to her so that she became attached to him. When she saw his blood on the ground, she became frantic.;乔安娜住在约旦河西岸拉姆安拉城北面的一个名叫纳比萨利赫的小村庄里,从小她就目睹了战争之下的一起又一起悲剧乔安娜的母亲纳瓦尔表示,乔安娜在几年前亲眼目睹了自己的一个朋友遭到以色列军队的击后死亡,自此之后她的心灵受到巨大创伤;那个孩子比乔安娜大一些,对她非常友好,乔安娜非常喜欢他当乔安娜看见他倒在血泊里的时候,她的精神一下子就崩溃了;Janna would often pen her feelings and frustrations in a locked journal and made it the only mode of communication, but the deaths of two of her relatives – her cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, and another uncle, Rushdie Tamimi – inspired her to get involved and reveal the injustice the people in her village are being subjected to.乔安娜经常会将自己的心情和遇到的挫折记录在一个带锁的日记本里,这是她沟通的唯一方式然而在其堂兄穆斯塔法·塔米米以及叔叔拉什迪·塔米米先后离世之后,这些事使她决心参与进来,揭露她居住的村庄里的人究竟遭受了多少不公平的待遇Janna began her journalist career when she was just 7 years old. She would use her mother iPhone to record protests staged by locals and international peace activists and the reaction of Israeli army. She believes that the professional journalists dont often give us the exact news so she takes up the responsibility to show the whole picture by posting s on various social media platms like, YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat.从7岁那年开始,乔安娜就开始了自己的记者生涯乔安娜经常会用妈妈的手机去拍摄记录当地居民以及国际和平主义者所发起的示威抗议,还有以色列军队对此所作出的回应她认为那些国际记者们并没有完全真实地报道新闻,于是她便扛起了这份责任,通过发布视频到诸如YouTube,Facebook以及Snapchat等各类社交媒体平台上的方式,展示整个事件;I want the world to know that we are not terrorists and to expose the army violence against us,; she told The Arab Weekly.乔安娜接受《阿拉伯周刊采访时表示:;我想让全世界知道,我们并不是什么恐怖分子,我们只是在反抗当地军队对我们的暴行;After rising to internet fame in , and being hailed as one of the world youngest amateur reporters, Janna Jihad has expanded her work, travelling with her mother to places like Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Jordan to shoot reports and post them online.年乔安娜在网络上一举成名,并被称为是世界上最小的业余战地记者之一后来,乔安娜·吉哈德在母亲的陪伴下前往更多的地方去进行拍摄和报道她在耶路撒冷、希伯伦、纳布卢斯和约旦等地方拍摄视频,并将其发布到网上Janna mother says she is both proud of her, but also very scared her safety.乔安娜的妈妈表示,她很为自己的女儿骄傲,但同时也非常担心她的安全问题;I am proud of my daughter because as a child, she tells her message to the world. She shares her fears, what she feels, and the problems of attending school,; Nawal told Al Jazeera. ;But I am scared her, when the army comes in the middle of the night and tear-gases our house, and we wake up in smoke. They attack our people who demonstrate against the settlers and the Israeli occupation.;纳瓦尔接受半岛电视台采访时表示:;我为我的女儿感到无比骄傲,因为她在如此小的年纪就可以通过自己的力量将信息传递给全世界她向全世界展示她的恐惧、她所感受到的一切以及孩子们上学的问题但是,我非常担心她的安危我们的家里曾在半夜的时候被军队丢进催泪瓦斯,一家人在烟雾中醒来谁要是反对和抗议以色列军队占领此地,那些军队就会采取袭击行动;Janna dream is to study professional journalism at Harvard and get a job at CNN or FOX News, because ;they do not talk about Palestine, and I want to make reports on Palestine;. And when asked about Janna ideal world, she said, ;I want it to be pink;.乔安娜的梦想是去哈佛学习新闻专业,之后去CNN或者是福克斯新闻工作,因为他们从不设计巴勒斯坦问题,而她希望可以去做关于这方面的报道当有人问乔安娜对于她来说理想的世界是什么样子时,这个小姑娘表示:;我希望她看起来是粉色的; 9。

  • A sculptor has scaled new heights - by building the world tallest toothpick model.一名雕塑家建成了世界最高的牙签模型,攀上事业“新高”Stanley Hayes Munro, 5, from Syracuse, New York, is a toothpick engineer.5岁的斯坦利·海耶斯·芒罗(Stanley Hayes Munro)来自纽约的雪城(Syracuse),是一位牙签雕塑工程师The mer haunted house designer built his first sculpture in school when tasked with creating a structure that could hold the weight of an egg.斯坦利还做过鬼屋设计师,他的第一个牙签雕塑作品是在学校完成的当时的设计要求是:搭建的建筑模型要能承受一颗鸡蛋的重量And he been hooked ever since.此后,他就迷上了牙签雕塑Now, he has won the world record the tallest toothpick structure with a mammoth sculpture of the Burj Kahlifa, Dubai.现在,他通过成功搭建迪拜哈利法塔(Burj Kahlifa)的巨大牙签雕塑,创下最高牙签模型的世界记录 Stanley though, he has always been more concerned with the integrity of his work - structural integrity that is.但对斯坦利来说,他一贯注重的是作品的完整性,更确切地说是结构完整性Stanley said: ;Ive never cared counting toothpicks, wasting toothpicks, or any obsession about the number of toothpicks used in any construction.斯坦利说:“我从来不屑数用了多少根牙签,浪费了多少根牙签,也不痴迷于牙签建筑使用的牙签数量”;But an engineering problem where youve got to create a strong structure, now that a problem worth solving.;“我关心的只有建造坚固的建筑物时会遇到的工程问题,这才是值得解决的问题”;I made my first toothpick structure in 5th grade art class,; he continued. ;The assignment was: build something 5cm tall and have it hold the weight of an egg.他继续说道:“我在小学五年级的美术课上完成了第一件牙签建筑作品作业的要求是:建一个5厘米高、能承受一颗鸡蛋的重量的作品”;Mine held my desk and from that point I was hooked.;“我的桌子都压不坏我的作品,此后我便醉心于此”;Everybody likes to ask whether my sculptures collapse when I build them, but they are much stronger than people think,; he said.他说:“大家都喜欢问我建造过程中雕塑会不会塌但牙签雕塑要远比人们想的要牢固得多”;The biggest challenge with Burj Khalifa wasnt really the height, it was the shape of the outer walls.;“哈利法塔牙签雕塑的最大问题不是高度,而是外墙的形状”;There wasnt a flat surface anywhere and I individually had to individually construct each level,; he said.他说:“外墙没有一个面是平的,我就必须一层一层地搭”;Then it had to come apart into four main sections so it could travel.;“要想搬运这个雕塑,就必须先把它拆成个四个主要部分” 18。
  • Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive?你能推荐一家较为廉价的旅馆吗?A:Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive?你能推荐一家较为廉价的旅馆吗?B:Well, there is Youth Hotel which costs under dollars a night. Is that OK?有一家青年旅馆,一晚上不到美元,您觉得如何?A:OK! Thank you!好的,谢谢!Id like to stay at a hotel near the beach.我想要住在一间靠近海滩的旅馆A:May I help you?需要什么帮助吗?B:Yes, Id like to stay at a hotel near the beach. Would you recommend one?是的,我想要住在一间靠在海滩的旅馆你能为我推荐一个吗?A:Well, there is a Moonlight Hotel with excellent service near the beach.嗯,有个月光宾馆,离海滩不远,而且务是一流的B:Thank you!谢谢!小提示:初次踏入异国旅游,人生地不熟,在旅游咨询处可问询关于住宿的信息,可以根据自己的要求具体询问比如还有以下相关的问法:Do you have a hotel list? 这儿有旅馆目录吗?Is there a hotel which costs under 50 dollars a night? 是否有每晚花费在50美元以下的旅馆?Could you recommend a hotel in the city center? 是否可推荐一家位于市中心的旅馆? 1896。
  • Sarah Wehner, an American woman born in the 1980s, has been promoting Chinese acupuncture years in the state of Maryland, hoping that she can some day exchange views with real masters of acupuncture in China.莎拉·魏纳是一名美国的80后女子,已经在马里兰州推行中国针灸有年了,她希望有朝一日能和中国真正的针灸大师切磋技艺Wehner is from Baltimore, Maryland. She has been an experienced acupuncturist though she has never been to China bee.莎拉·魏纳来自马里兰巴尔的尽管从未去过中国,但是她已经成为了一个经验丰富的针灸师了Her father is the one who introduced her to acupuncture. He was cured of a mental illness through acupuncture, after many other therapies failed.将她引入针灸殿堂的是她的父亲她的父亲曾患有一种精神疾病,在许多其他疗法都失败了之后,针灸最终治好了他;My father is an carpenter, he can create a lot of things with only simple tools. He enlightened me and I decided to learn acupuncture. I think I can help others with the needles,; explained Wehner.魏纳说道:“我的父亲是个木匠,他可以只用简单的工具就创造出很多东西是他启发了我,我最终决定学习针灸我觉得我也能用这些银针帮助别人”Wehner and her colleagues uploaded s introducing different acupuncture therapies on social media in order to alleviate patients concerns. They also compiled a two-page guide to TCM terms.为了打消患者们的顾虑,魏纳和她的同行们将一份介绍不同针灸疗法的视频上传到了社交媒体上此外,他们还编写了一份长达两页的中医术语指南Since treatment fees acupuncture are relatively high in the U.S., Wehner organized a group of medical students, acupuncturists, patients, commy clinics and sponsors to set up an acupuncture commy, hoping to help more people obtain the therapies, coordinate job opporties acupuncturists in the U.S., and significantly lower the price of the treatments in America by .由于针灸治疗的费用在美国比较高,所以魏纳组织了医学院的一批学生、一些针灸师、患者、社区诊所和赞助商,组建了一个针灸社区,希望能够帮助更多的人得到这种治疗、协调在美针灸师的工作机会,以及到年时显著降低美国针灸治疗的费用“I treat 70 to 0 patients from different ethnic groups and aged from to over 80 every week. They all like this traditional Chinese therapy and feel satisfied after treatment,” said Wehner.魏纳说道:“我每周会治疗70到0名病患,他们来自不同种族,老少都有他们都很喜欢这种传统的中医疗法,治疗后都感到很满意”She added that she hopes to continue improving her medical skills and would love to speak with Chinese acupuncture masters in the future.她还表示,希望继续磨练自己的医术,并期望有朝一日能够和中国的针灸大师一起切磋 99。
  • 1839。
  • A kitten has been born with eyes so big he is unable to close them when he sleeps and has a permanently startled expression.一只小猫因天生眼睛就太大,所以睡觉的时候都无法合眼,而且永远都是一副受惊吓的表情Five-month-old cat Herman lives with his doting owner Shirley in the Danish capital Copenhagen and acts like any other pet.这只5个月大的小猫名叫赫尔曼,和它最爱的铲屎官雪莉生活在丹麦首都哥本哈根,这只猫看起来跟其它宠物并没有什么区别However, his massive bulbous eyes are so big that he cannot completely close his eyelids - even when he is sleeping.但是因为它的眼睛实在是太大了,导致自己连睡觉的时候都无法合眼However luckily Shirley, tiny Herman snores, clearly indicating when he having a snooze.不过幸运的是,雪莉还可以通过听小赫尔曼有没有打鼾来判断它睡觉与否Shirley said: The first time I met Herman, he was instantly jumping up on me and decided to sit on my shoulder purring. The choice was easy me. Even though he was significantly smaller and had that peculiar look, I decided that I had to make sure that he and I would have a fantastic time together.雪莉说道:“我第一次见赫尔曼的时候,它一下子就窜到我身上,然后趴在我肩膀上叫着,当时我就很轻松的做了决定尽管它出生时体型明显比同类小,而且长相也很奇特,但那时候我就决定让它跟我一起度过美好的时光”His owner added: ;Herman is always following me from room to room. There is literally no privacy left since I got Herman - whether I am sleeping, cooking dinner or even going to the bathroom, Herman is always around.雪莉又补充说:“赫尔曼总爱跟着我一个屋子一个屋子的跑自从有了赫尔曼之后,我真是一点隐私都没有了--不管我是睡觉、做饭还是上厕所,干什么它都得跟着”But despite his unique appearance, Herman is like any other kitten and is happiest playing with his favourite shoelace or one of Shirley shoes.除了长相特殊,赫尔曼跟别的猫没什么区别,它最开心的时光就是摆弄鞋带或者雪莉的袜子The quirky kitten is adored by both his owner and his growing Instagram fan base, which has given him the nickname Hermie.这只“惊吓猫”不仅深受主人喜爱,在Instagram上粉丝也越来越多,他们给它取了个外号叫“小甜饼” 677。
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