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  • According to the Sky News of September 26, hard-pressed London commuters are increasingly turning to camping rather than paying exorbitant rents in the capital。 据英国天空新闻网9月26日报道,现在,伦敦越来越多“资金短缺”的上班族倾向于在城市露营以减少昂贵的租房费用。  "Camping commuters" are pitching their tents or parking their caravans from monday to friday and retreating to more permanent homes at the weekends。  这群被称为“露营上班族”的人通常在周一到周五会选择住在旅游帐篷或者拖车里,等到周末才会回到自己租住的公寓中。  Lucy Boggis, from Wiltshire in the UK, said: "People think of it as a summer holiday in their little caravan, but as long as you've got a caravan that doesn't leak, you're as good as being in your bedroom at home。  来自英国威尔特郡的上班族露西?伯吉斯表示:“很多人都会认为它们(旅游帐篷或者拖车)只有在暑假时才会派上用场。但只要你的帐篷或者车保持良好的密封性,它们同样可以作为一个非常好的卧室。”  Prices do vary and Lee Valley Park in London is among the more expensive sites in London, with single campers paying midseason rates of £122.50(about$194) per week, including electricity。 事实上,(这样的露营生活并不是免费的),价格各异。比如类似伦敦Lee Valley公园就是比较昂贵的,每个露营者平均每周需要向公园管理方交纳122.5英镑(大约194美元)的费用,其中包括电费。  However, that is still less than half the average weekly rent of £250 (about $395)for a one-bedroom flat in London Zones 2 or 3, according to the accommodation website Outlet。     不过,这样的价格与租房费用相比还是相当便宜的。英国一家租房网站Outlet的调查显示,在伦敦2区或者3区租1间1居室的租金高达每周250英镑(大约395美元)。 /201009/114696。
  • THERE was excitement but a little heartache too for millions of bargain hunters yesterday as China#39;s Singles Day evolved into what is probably the world#39;s biggest online shopping event.兴奋之余也有点心痛,数百万淘便宜货的活动昨天在中国的光棍节演变为可能是世界最大的在线购物活动。The 50,000-plus merchants on Alibaba#39;s consumer-oriented Tmall.com took in 13.2 billion yuan (US.1 billion), the company said, after discounts of at least 50 percent were promised on a massive range of goods.5万以上的商人在阿里巴巴面向消费者的天猫网赚了132亿元人民币(合21亿美元),在承诺大量商品至少50%的折扣后该公司表示。Sales on Alibaba#39;s Taobao marketplace took the 24-hour total to 19.1 billion yuan.阿里巴巴24小时在淘宝网上的销售额达到191亿元。The Tmall total was more than three times the amount raised on the same day last year and more than double the amount Shanghai retailers took during last month#39;s week-long National Day holiday.淘宝商城的总额比去年同一天的三倍还多,以及比上海零售商上个月国庆长假销售额逾一倍。It also surpassed the US.26 billion online retailers in the US earned on last year#39;s Cyber Monday, a marketing term dreamed up in 2005 to encourage online shopping for Christmas.它还超过了美国在线零售商在去年网购星期一挣得的12.6亿美元的销售额,一个在2005年想出的营销战术来鼓励圣诞节的在线购物。Singles Day was started by college students in the 1990s as an alternative to Valentine#39;s Day for people without partners, and the timing was based on the date November 11, or ;11.11,; representing four singles.光棍节最初由大学生在20世纪90年代作为单身人士的情人节替换而兴起,日子基于11月11日或“11.11”,代表着四个光棍。Unattached young Chinese would treat each other to dinner or give gifts to woo that special someone and end their single status.未婚的中国年轻人将会请对方吃饭或赠送礼物来讨好那个特别的人来结束单身状态。This year was the third year of a Singles Day ;shopping festival; initiated by Tmall and followed by other online retailers, including 360buy.com and Amazon.今年是淘宝商城发起的第三个光棍节“购物狂欢”,其他在线零售商尾随,包括360buy.com和亚马逊。;This is very, very big for us,; Steve Wang, vice president of Tmall.com and head of website operations, told the Associated Press. The company said on its website that yesterday might be the ;biggest e-shopping orgy ever.;“这是对我们非常,非常重大”史蒂夫#8226;王,天猫副总裁和网站运营总监告诉美联社。该公司说其网站昨天可能是“有史以来最大的网购狂欢。”However, many people failed to secure a bargain yesterday because of technical glitches and exaggerated price cuts.然而,昨天由于技术故障以及夸张的降价许多人并未交易成功。;I waited for the moment to come but what I found were nothing but constant error alerts,; said Cathy Lu, a Shanghai office worker who had been carefully putting a dozen or so items on her wish list over the past a few days. ;I was either stuck in the shopping cart or the payment page. I gave up and went to bed with huge disappointment.;“我等待那一刻到来,但是我发现只有持续的错误警报,”陆凯茜说,一个上海办公室职员,仔细地把过去几天一打左右要买的列在愿望列表上。“我不是滞留在购物车页面就是付页面。我放弃了,带着极大的失望上床睡觉。”Others said there were few genuine discounts as retailers had merely raised price tags so they could boast of huge price cuts.其他人说很少有真正的折扣,因为零售商只是提高价格标签这样他们就可以夸耀着巨大的降价。;Some goods can be sold out in a few minutes, before you get to the payment page,; said another online shopper in Shanghai. ;But really things are not much cheaper if you get them. They are just making the ads look good.;“一些商品可以在你到达付页面的几分钟之内卖完,”另一个在上海的在线购物者说。“但是如果你得到他们会发现真正的东西并不便宜很多。他们只是让广告看起来不错。”Shanghai designer Lei Shujie had put off buying clothes, a pillow, and a cabinet to give a friend when she heard of discounts of up to 70 percent.上海设计师Lei Shujie推迟了给一个朋友购买衣、枕头和橱柜当她听说折扣高达70%后。But she wound up buying just the pillow for 118 yuan because other discounts weren#39;t as big as she hoped, AP said.但她最终只购买了118元的枕头,因为其他的折扣并不像她所希望的那样大,美联社说。Tmall yesterday apologized for the ;inconvenience; the technical glitches caused.昨天淘宝商城为技术故障造成的“不便”而道歉。;The website did lag during the peak, but things improved,; said Danial Zhang, Tmall#39;s president.“该网站高峰期确实滞后,但情况改善,”淘宝商城总裁Danial张说。Sellers of everything from jewelry to TVs to cars saw a marketing opportunity and launched Singles Day sales.从珠宝首饰到电视到汽车的销售商都看到了一个营销机会,推出了光棍节促销。At its headquarters in the eastern Hangzhou City, Alibaba set up 200 lounge chairs for its 800-strong staff to rest during the day. The company rented 180 rooms at nearby hotels for longer breaks.总部在东部城市杭州的阿里巴巴为其800多名员工安排了200张躺椅在那天休息。为保长时间的休息该公司在附近酒店租了180间客房。China#39;s delivery companies had 800,000 employees working yesterday, including 65,000 temporary workers hired for the singles#39; holiday.中国快递公司昨天有80万名员工在工作,包括光棍节雇用的6.5万名临时工。YTO Express Co Ltd in Shanghai, planned to have 30,000 vehicles on the road yesterday, and had expanded its daily handling capacity by 50 percent to 6 million packages for the day.上海圆通快递有限公司昨天安排了3万辆汽车在路上,并已扩大了50%的日常处理量至600万包一天。 /201211/208629。
  • China and India unveiled plans to resume joint military exercises, a gesture aimed at strengthening defense ties but that experts say will do little to resolve long-standing territorial disputes. 中国和印度宣布了恢复联合军演的计划,此举旨在加强两国的防务联系,但一些专家说,这对解决两国长期存在的领土争议帮助不大。 In a statement Tuesday, India#39;s Ministry of Defense said joint military exercises would resume #39;at the earliest.#39; The announcement was made after Indian Defense Minister A.K. Antony met his Chinese counterpart, General Liang Guanglie, in New Delhi. This is the first time the two countries have agreed to hold joint military exercises since 2008. 印度国防部长在周二的一份声明中说,联合军演将尽早恢复。在宣布这一消息之前,印度国防部长安东尼(A.K. Antony)在新德里会见了中国国防部长梁光烈。这是自2008年以来两国首次同意举行联合军事演习。 Mr. Antony earlier said resuming joint military exercises was a way of #39;fostering mutual confidence and goodwill.#39; And that#39;s all the announcement will likely to boil down to, some say. #39;I really don#39;t think there is great military value to this,#39; says Bharat Karnad, a security expert at New Delhi#39;s Center for Policy Research. #39;The fact of the matter is that most of the exercises we do with the Chinese are of a very, very basic kind, they don#39;t reveal any secrets,#39; he adds. 安东尼早些时候说,恢复联合军事演习是两国培育互信和友善的一种方式。有人说,两国恢复军演的意义归根结底可能也仅限于此。新德里政策研究中心(Center for Policy Research)的安全专家卡纳德(Bharat Karnad)说:我真的不认为这会带来很大的军事价值。他补充说:事实上,我们与中国进行的大多数军事演习都是非常非常基本的,不会泄露双方的任何秘密。 While the announcement shows that both sides on the surface, at least want closer defense ties, bilateral relations remain frosty. 尽管这个举动显示出双方至少在表面上都希望使防务联系更加紧密,但中印双边关系仍然十分冷淡。 For one, India is irked by China#39;s infrastructure development in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. In a letter to Parliament Monday, Mr. Antony said the #39;government has conveyed its concerns to China about their activities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and asked them to cease such activities.#39; 例如,印度对于中国在巴基斯坦控制的克什米尔地区开发基础设施感到不满。安东尼在周一致国会的信中说,政府已经向中方表达了对其在巴基斯坦控制的克什米尔地区活动的关切,要求其停止此类活动。 These projects, which include road building, are ostensibly civilian, but India is worried they could be put to military use, facilitating the movement of troops to the border with India. 包括修路在内的这些项目表面上是民用项目,但是印度担心这些项目会被用于军事用途,有利于军队向印度边境移动。 China, for its part, says it does not have a military presence in the area. In a written interview published Tuesday in the Hindu, Gen. Liang said the Chinese army #39;has never deployed a single soldier in the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.#39; 中国方面称,中国在该地区没有军事存在。梁光烈在周二发表在《印度教徒报》(the Hindu)的一份书面采访中说,中国军队从没有在巴基斯坦控制的克什米尔地区部署过一名士兵。 He reiterated China’s position that it “firmly supports India and Pakistan to properly solve their disputes through dialogue and cooperation.” 梁光烈重申了中国的立场,即中国坚定持印巴能够通过对话和合作,妥善解决他们的纠纷。 But China has a long history of involvement in the Kashmir dispute. India has challenged China’s control of tens of thousands of square kilometers of land bordering its state of Jammu and Kashmir since 1962, when the two countries fought a border war, which Beijing won. 但中国曾有过介入克什米尔争端的历史。印度一直对中国自1962年以来控制着同印度查谟-克什米尔邦(Jammu and Kashmir)接壤的数万平方公里土地的做法提出质疑。中印两国曾在1962年爆发边境战争,最后中国获胜。 On top of this, India says China is illegally administering around 5,200 kilometers of land that Islamabad ceded to Beijing as part of a 1963 border agreement. New Delhi, which claims sovereignty over the whole of Kashmir, has refused to recognize that agreement. 除此之外,印度称中国非法管理着长约5,200公里的土地。巴基斯坦在1963年中巴双方签署的边境协定中将这部分土地确认为中国领土。声称对整个克什米尔地区拥有主权的印度拒绝承认这份协议。 Technically, the border agreement is not final, as it allows room for renegotiating the border “after the settlement of the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India.” This is unlikely to happen any time soon. 从技术上讲,中巴边界协定并非终局裁定,因为这份协议规定在印巴克什米尔争端解决后,边境问题存在重新谈判的空间。不过短期内这种情况不可能发生。 Other sensitive areas include the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which China claims as its own, referring to it as south Tibet. 其它敏感地区包括印度阿鲁纳恰尔邦(Arunachal Pradesh),中国称该邦属中国领土,认为其属于藏南地区。 Over the past two decades, talks to settle disagreements over the 4,000-kilometer contested India-China border have made little progress. And this looks unlikely to change with the announcement both sides are committed to closer defense cooperation. 在过去20年中,中印双方就边境地区长约4,000公里争议土地归属问题举行的谈判没有取得什么进展。虽然此次两国宣布致力于更紧密的防务合作,但上述情形看来不太可能改变。 “I don’t think we’re anywhere near close to a solution” on these disputed areas, says Mr. Karnad of the Center for Policy Research, arguing that both sides appear happy to keep border differences on the backburner. This is partly because their priority is to deepen economic ties “without things flaring up on the border,” argues Mr. Karnad. 卡纳德说,我不认为双方在领土争议问题上接近达成解决方案。他认为中印两国看上去都乐于暂时搁置领土争议。卡纳德说,部分原因在于双方的首要任务是在边境地区不突然爆发争端的前提下加强经贸联系。 The ministry’s statement included a passing reference to the contested boundaries, saying Mr. Antony and Gen. Liang agreed to strengthen cooperation between border troops, “so as to enhance and maintain peace and tranquility in the India-China border areas.” 印度国防部的声明也点到了边界领土争议问题。声明说安东尼和梁光烈同意加强双方边境部队之间的合作,以便加强和维持中印边境地区的和平与安宁。 Several mechanisms are aly in place to prevent tensions in these areas from escalating into a military confrontation. 中印双方已经建立了一些机制,以避免这些地区的紧张局势升级为军事对抗。 /201209/198330。
  • Wet autumn followed by cold spring has led to one of the smallest harvests in a generation, hitting food production.据英国《卫报》6月13日报道,湿秋接着寒春的气候导致小麦作物收成量达历年最低,损害粮食产量。The wettest autumn since records began,followed by the coldest spring in 50 years,has devastated British wheat, forcing foodmanufacturers to import nearly 2.5m tonnes of the crop.有记录以来的最潮湿的秋季之后,英国迎来了50年来最寒冷的春天,由此带来的恶劣天气严重地损害小麦生长,使食品制造商不得不从国外进口将近250万吨作物。;Normally we export around 2.5m tonnes of wheat but this year we expect to have to import 2.5m tonnes,; said Charlotte Garbutt, a senior analyst at the industry-financed Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. ;The crop that came through the winter has struggled and is patchy and variable. The area of wheat grown this year has been much smaller.;“在正常情况下,英国会有将近250万吨的小麦出口量,但是今年却要进口250万吨”由行业资助的农业和园艺发展局(Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board)的高级分析师夏洛特·加布特(Charlotte Garbutt)说道,;经历了一个寒冬的作物生长艰难,脆弱多变。今年的小麦产地面积变得更加少了。;Analysts expect a harvest of 11m-12m tonnes, one of the smallest in a generation, after many farmers grubbed up their failing, waterlogged crops and replanted fields with barley. According to a National Farmers Unionpoll of 76 cereal growers covering 16,000 hectares, nearly 30% less wheat than usual is being grown in Britain this year.分析师预计,在农民铲掉生长失败的麦种以及受涝的作物,重新移植麦种后,今年的小麦的收成量会有1100万到1200万吨,是十年来最少的一次。根据一份全国农民联盟(National Farmers Union)对来自1.6万公顷种植地的76名谷种植者所作的调查显示,今年英国的小麦种植少了将近30%。Britain is usually the EU#39;s third biggest wheat grower but it will be a net importer for the first time in 11 years. ;Our poll is a snapshot but it is extremely worrying. If this plays out nationally, we will be below average production for the second year in a row,; said NFU crops chair Andrew Watts. ;If the experts are to be believed and extreme weatheris to become more frequent, we must look at ways of supporting the industry.;英国一直以来都是欧盟的第三大小麦种植国,但是,在未来11年间,英国将首次成为小麦的净进口国。“虽然我们的调查得出的只是初步的结果,但这也令人十分担忧,”全国农民联盟作物主席安德鲁·华兹(Andrew Watts)说:“若专家们的话是正确的,而这种极端恶劣天气又频繁出现的话,我们必须要找到方法来拯救我们的产业。”The diminished wheat harvest will add to growing concerns about the amount of food that British farmers can grow per hectare. According to a new analysis by the development board, UK wheat and oilseed rape yields have barely improved since the 1980s, despite genetic developments and better fertilisers. No one reason is given but severe and fluctuating weather is thought to have played a part.小麦的减产也增加了英国农民的担忧:每公顷的田地可以多产粮食。根据发展委员会的一份最新分析,尽管20世纪80年代以来基因技术有了一定发展,施肥技术有所进步,但是英国的麦田和油菜田没有得到什么改善。具体原因并不清楚,但是可以确定的是恶劣多变的天气是其中一个原因。Other crops have been badly damaged by the past year#39;s severe weather. Oilseed rape and oats have suffered, and sugar beet, which is grown on 125,000 hectares mainly in eastern England, has been hit by a mystery condition that has stopped seeds germinating and has cut production by 50% in some areas. ;The weather has definitely had an impact. The affected crops were sown in the very cold weather,; said Mark Stevens, a scientist with the British Beet Research Orgaanisation.其它的作物也在去年遭到恶劣天气的严重破坏。油菜和燕麦都未能幸免于难,而主要生长在英格兰东部种植面积有12.5万公顷的甜菜也无故停止发芽,一些地区还减产50%。英国甜菜科研组织科学家马克·史提芬(Mark Stevens)说:;天气肯定对此造成了影响。受影响的作物都是在寒冷的冬天种下的。”The severe weather has also led to one of the latest fruit harvests in years. Major varieties of apple, including cox, are not expected to be in the shops until late September, said Adrian Barlow, chief executive of the trade body English Apples amp;Pears. ;We don#39;t yet know the long-term consequences of the winter. We have extremely cold weather which was good, but we have had trees with their feet in water for months and extremely windy conditions. But we are hopeful of a better harvest than last year.;极端的天气导致了水果的收成时间遇到几年来最晚的一次。英国苹果雪梨贸易司(English Applesamp;Pears)的首席执行官艾德里安·巴罗( Adrian Barlow)称,各类苹果,包括考可斯苹果,将在9月份下旬才会上架。他说:“我们仍然不知冬天会带来什么长远的影响。寒冷的天气对于果树的生长是很不错,但是果树的根都泡在水中几个月了,而且它们还生长在极度严寒的天气中。不管怎样,我们都期待比上一年有更好的收成。”However, the long winter could make for a succulent soft fruit crop, according to Harry Hall, Britain#39;s biggest strawberry grower. ;The crop is around three weeks later than average but the fruit has had extra time to grow so the quality is really good,; said Hall, who expects to sell 7,700 tonnes this year.然而,英国最大的草莓种植者哈里·侯尔(Harry Hall )认为,漫长的冬天可以种植出多汁柔软的水果作物。他说:“作物一般在迟于平均收成期的三个星期内收成,而水果则有更长的时间成熟,质量定会很好。”侯尔希望能在今年售出7700吨草莓。Food prices are unlikely to rise significantly as a result of the poor British harvests, because these are determined by international trade. However, cereal food producer Weetabix had to halt productionof some of its breakfast cereals as a result of the disastrous wheat harvest in April.由于惨淡的粮食收成,英国的食品价格不可能有太大的增长,这也是由国际贸易决定的。但是,由于4月份的小麦的惨淡收成,谷类食品生产商维他麦不得不停止生产某些谷类早餐食品。The full impact of the hard winter is only now being seen, according to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Its latest analysis says the total income from farming decreased by ㏒737min 2012 to ㏒4.7bn, with farmers facing both crop losses and higher costs to feed their animals.环境部和食品与农务部(Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)表示,严冬带来的影响还不止这些。根据其最新的调查,农业总收入在2012年为47亿英磅,减少了7.37亿英磅。农民们不仅要遭受作物减产带来的损失,而且还得花更多的钱购买饲料来喂养牲畜。Earlier this year the British Agriculture Bureau said flooding in the UK had caused ㏒1.3bn in damage in 2012.今年年初,英国农业局(British Agriculture Bureau)称,英国的洪涝灾害致使在2012年遭受13亿的损失。This week, the UN and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reported that environmental factors such as droughts, bad harvests and lack of land were likely to limit the growth of global food output. Agricultural production is expected to grow 1.5% a year on average over the coming decade, compared with annual growth of 2.1% between 2003 and 2012. Another widesp drought like the one experienced last year in the US and elsewhere could raise crop prices by 15%-40%, it said.本周,来自联合国和经济合作和发展组织(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)的报道称,一些环境因素,诸如旱灾、减产和土地流失很有可能会制约全球粮食产量的增长。在未来的十年中,农业产量的预期年均增长率为1.5%,而2003年到2012年的产量年均增长为2.1%。报道还称,像去年发生在美国以及其他地区的影响广泛的旱灾会使得作物价格增长15%-40%。 /201306/244273。
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