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北屯市做双眼皮埋线多少钱新疆去斑除皱费用和田市做疤痕修复多少钱 When Pakistan’s military claimed its first attack in October using a home-built drone to hit a Taliban stronghold, western officials were quick to search for clues to a Chinese connection.巴基斯坦军方去年10月宣布首次使用国产无人机打击一个塔利班据点后,西方官员们很快着手寻找中国技术的线索。Experts say Pakistan’s “Burraq”, one of the two types of indigenously built armed drone, bears a striking resemblance to China’s CH-3.专家们表示,巴基斯坦两款国产武装无人机之一“Burraq”与中国的虹-3(CH-3)无人机有着惊人的相似之处。Pakistani officials lauded the drone that equipped the country with a technology that has been denied them by the US in 15 years as a key Washington ally in the campaign against terror.巴基斯坦官员称赞这种无人机填补了该国的一个技术空白,尽管该国15年来一直是美国反恐战争中的关键盟友,但美国始终拒绝提供这种技术。“The Americans have given us billions of dollars and military equipment like F-16s since the 9/11 attacks,” says one senior Pakistani foreign ministry official. “But whenever we asked for armed drones, we were refused and the Americans always told us that was sensitive technology.”“9/11恐怖袭击发生后,美国人给了我们数十亿美元援助和F-16战斗机等军事装备,”巴基斯坦外交部一名高级官员表示。“但我们每次要求获得武装无人机都遭到拒绝,美国人总是告诉我们,那是敏感技术。”Although Pakistani officials deny suggestions of Chinese involvement in the country’s drone programme, western officials remain unconvinced as military ties between Beijing and Islamabad tighten.尽管巴基斯坦官员否认中国参与该国无人机计划的说法,但鉴于北京和伊斯兰堡之间的军事关系越来越密切,西方官员不相信巴基斯坦的否认。Earlier this year, China confirmed an agreement to sell eight submarines to Pakistan in Beijing’s largest ever single defence export order.去年,中国实将向巴基斯坦出售8艘潜艇,这是中国史上最大的单笔军工出口订单。Rana Tanveer Hussain, Pakistan’s minister of defence production, has confirmed that half of the eight submarines will be built at the Karachi shipyard and engineering works, boosting Pakistan’s shipbuilding capacity.巴基斯坦国防生产部长拉纳映维尔侯赛因(Rana Tanvir Hussain)已确认,8艘潜艇中的一半将在卡拉奇船厂和机器制造厂建造,从而提高巴基斯坦的造船能力。“The two projects [building four submarines in China and four in Pakistan] will begin simultaneously,” he said, while commending China as an “all-weather friend”.“这两个项目(在中国和巴基斯坦分别建造4艘潜艇)将同时开始,”他表示。他赞赏中国是一个“全天候的朋友”。Analysts say Pakistan is seeking to make China its main supplier of military hardware, partly due to the looser financial terms offered by Beijing, replacing traditional suppliers from the west.分析人士表示,巴基斯坦正寻求将中国当作其主要的军事装备供应方(在一定程度上是由于北京方面的财务条款比较宽松),取代传统的西方供应商。One indication of China’s emergence as a rising arms exporter was highlighted in a recent report by the Sweden-based Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which concluded that China had increased its arms exports 143 per cent in the past five years, replacing Germany to become the world’s third-largest exporter after the US and Russia. China’s biggest customer during the period was Pakistan which, according to Sipri, bought 41 per cent of China’s exported arms.瑞典的斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(SIPRI)近期一份报告突显中国作为一个武器出口国的地位不断上升。该报告的结论是,过去五年里中国的武器出口增长143%,使其超越德国,成为世界第三大军火出口国,仅次于美国和俄罗斯。在此期间中国军火出口的最大客户就是巴基斯坦;据斯德哥尔国际和平研究所估算,巴基斯坦购买了中国军火出口的41%。“China’s capacity to indigenously produce military platforms has made significant gains over the past decade or so, and gone are the days when it simply used to copy Soviet or Russian designs, so countries buying Chinese equipment like Pakistan certainly stand to gain,” says Peter Felstead, editor of IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, the global defence publication.“过去10年期间,中国自主研制武器平台的能力取得了长足进展,只能复制苏联或俄罗斯设计的日子早已过去了,因此巴基斯坦等国购买中国的装备肯定是有利的,”全球防务刊物《简氏防务周刊》(IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly)主编彼得菲尔斯塔德(Peter Felstead)表示。“The gap between Chinese capabilities and those of the west have been narrowed, except in a few areas such as the production of aero-engines, for which Chinese-built platforms remain dependent on Russian imports.”“中国与西方之间的技术能力差距已经收窄,只有少数领域除外,如航空发动机的生产,为此,中国制造的飞机平台仍依赖从俄罗斯进口的发动机。”Mr Felstead’s reference to Russian components is most visible in the case of the JF-17 “Thunder” fighter jet, jointly manufactured by China and the Pakistan Air Force at its Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, just north of Islamabad. A senior Pakistan defence ministry official confirmed that the JF-17, which will become the PAF’s main second-line fighter jet, will be “powered for the foreseeable future” with the Russian-built RD-93 engine, overlooking Beijing’s offer of a Chinese engine.菲尔斯塔德提到的俄制组件在巴基斯坦空军的JF-17(中国称为“枭龙”,代号FC-1)战斗机上最为明显。中巴在伊斯兰堡以北的巴基斯坦航空综合企业(Pakistan Aeronautical Complex)联合生产此型战机。巴基斯坦国防部一名高官实,将成为巴基斯坦空军主要二线战斗机的JF-17,“在可以预见的未来”仍将采用俄制RD-93发动机,而不是北京方面提议的一款中国制造的发动机。Pieter Wezeman of Sipri says Chinese military equipment is at a disadvantage for not having been used in conflict situations, unlike hardware from western suppliers which comes with a combat history. “The only place where Chinese equipment is known to have performed alongside equipment from other suppliers is Pakistan,” he notes.斯德哥尔国际和平研究所的彼得韦策曼(Pieter Wezeman)表示,中国军事装备的一个不利因素是,它们从未用于实战,而不像西方供应商提供的装备那样经受过实战考验。“巴基斯坦据信是中国的装备同其他供应商的装备搭配使用的唯一地方,”他指出。In the case of Pakistan’s use of its first armed drone, Mr Wezeman says it is important to remember that it was used against Taliban targets in a remote region along the Afghan border, and it was not challenged by enemy aircraft. “One has to be careful before one sees this as a breakthrough,” he adds.对于巴基斯坦首次利用武装无人机的战例,韦策曼表示,有必要记住的是,军方是在阿富汗边境的一个偏远地区使用无人机打击塔利班目标,没有敌机对抗。“人们在认为这是一个突破之前必须谨慎,”他补充道。Still, western defence officials say Beijing’s strategy of offering significantly lower prices and a virtual absence of political strings gives China a rising presence in international markets.话虽如此,西方防务官员们表示,北京方面的战略(提供显著较低的价格,基本上不附带任何政治条件)使中国在国际军火市场占有越来越大的地盘。 /201601/423009HONG KONG — China is Volkswagen’s single-largest market, and the company vies with General Motors as the country’s biggest automaker. But Volkswagen’s diesel scandal is unlikely to have many repercussions in China.香港——中国是大众汽车(Volkswagen)的最大市场,此外它还在和通用汽车(General Motors)争夺该国最大汽车制造商的地位。但它的柴油丑闻可能不会在这里产生太大影响。That is because Volkswagen sells almost no diesel cars in China — fewer than 1,000 of the three million or so the company sells each year in the country, where gasoline engines reign.这是因为大众在中国销售的车型中几乎没有柴油车——公司每年在中国销售300万辆车,其中不到1000辆是柴油动力;汽油动力汽车是在中国占据绝对优势。It is not for lack of trying on Volkswagen’s part.这并不是因为大众没有尝试过销售柴油车。The company, hoping to replicate its success elsewhere as a diesel leader, lobbied Beijing for the better part of a decade to let it build diesel-powered cars in China. But regulators in China, which imports more than half of its oil, have repeatedly rebuffed those pleas — partly over environmental concerns and partly because the government has preferred to reserve relatively scarce diesel fuel for trucks and farm tractors.为了把作为柴油动力领先者的成功复制到中国来,大众在北京游说了好几年,希望能在中国生产柴油动力车。但在中国,一半以上的石油都是进口的,大众的恳求在监管部门那里屡屡碰壁——部分是环境问题,部分是因为政府想把相对稀缺的柴油留给卡车和农用拖拉机使用。As a result, the only diesel-powered cars Volkswagen sells in China are imported from Europe and are sold mainly to taxi fleets.因此,大众在中国销售的柴油动力车全部都从欧洲进口,主要出售给出租车公司。The environmental concerns have been raised by Chinese regulators who were in frequent contact with American experts, notably at the International Council on Clean Transportation, a nonprofit research group. The council is the same group that documented the performance shortfalls of Volkswagen diesels in the ed States and brought the matter to the Environmental Protection Agency.中国监管部门对柴油动力车相关的环境问题很关心,他们与美国专家频繁接触,尤其是国际清洁交通委员会(International Council on Clean Transportation)的专家。这是一个非营利性的研究机构,正是他们将大众汽车柴油发动机性能不足的问题记录下来,报告给了美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)。American researchers have long been more worried than European experts that diesel emissions might be carcinogenic. In addition, diesel exhaust tends to have more particulates than gasoline engine emissions. Particulates are a big health concern in dusty northern China, and they add to the notoriously bad air pollution in Beijing itself.与欧洲的专家们相比,美国研究人员长期以来更担心的是柴油车排放物致癌的可能性。此外,柴油机废气中的颗粒物通常多于汽油发动机。而在中国北方尘沙天气中,颗粒物是一大健康问题,导致了北京本身就严重的空气污染进一步恶化。Making matters worse is that, until fairly recently, many Chinese refineries lacked the technology to remove much of the naturally occurring sulfur contaminants when they produced diesel from crude oil. The resulting high pollution when diesel was burned as truck fuel made regulators wary of allowing the nation’s fast-growing car fleet to burn diesel as well.更糟糕的是,直至最近,中国的很多炼油厂在从原油中提取柴油时,缺少将自然产生的硫污染物除去的技术。结果便是柴油作为卡车燃料燃烧时产生大量污染,导致监管机构不敢轻易让全国增长最快的小汽车也使用柴油。Another predicament in China for Volkswagen involves Chinese consumers. The car-buying public has long been skeptical of diesels, associating them with tractors and viewing them as unsophisticated. Company executives had long expressed confidence, though, that they could change these perceptions with an energetic advertising and public relations effort — if only they could win permission to mass-produce diesels in China.在中国,大众面临的另一个困难涉及中国消费者。购车者长期对柴油持怀疑态度,会把它和拖拉机联系起来,认为这种车比较低级。但大众的高管一直表示,只要能获准在中国大量生产柴油车,他们有信心通过有力的广告和公关活动来改变这些观念。Diesels have long offered a trade off — higher air pollution, even with cleanly refined diesel, but also better fuel economy. Europe is a market that highly prizes fuel economy, with some of the world’s most stringent gas mileage standards. China and the ed States have somewhat less stringent mileage standards, although they can still be hard for automakers to meet if they produce a lot of big cars and sport utility vehicles. As a European automaker, Volkswagen developed a lot of expertise in building fuel-efficient diesels and started its Chinese diesel lobbying efforts around 2000.很长一段时间以来,柴油车一直是一种权衡的产物。它带来的空气污染更严重,哪怕用的是清洁提炼的柴油,但它的燃油效率也更高。欧洲市场高度重视节燃油经济性,部分油效标准是全世界最严格的。中国和美国的油效标准多少没那么严格,但既便如此,对大量生产大型车辆和运动型多功能车的汽车生产商来说,要达到这些标准也还是有困难的。作为一家欧洲汽车生产商,大众积累了大量生产节能柴油车的专业知识,并在2000年前后开始在中国展开游说行动。Since 2008 or so, though, Volkswagen executives have pushed less hard for Chinese diesels. That may be because they began manufacturing expensive but fuel-efficient models of gasoline engines in China. This enabled the company to meet Chinese fuel-economy standards without needing to resort to diesel engines.但从2008年左右以来,大众高管在中国推销柴油车的力度减弱了。这可能是因为它们开始在中国生产昂贵但却节能的汽油发动机车辆。这让该公司能够不用求助于柴油发动机便达到中国的节油标准。And those three million cars a year it sells in China indicate that the company is still finding buyers, even with the more expensive engines.在中国年销量达300万辆的事实表明,该公司的产品依然有买主,尽管用的是更昂贵的发动机。“After 2008, they did not have a strong motive to promote diesel,” said Yale Zhang, the managing director of Automotive Foresight, a Shanghai consulting firm.“2008年以后,他们已经没有特别强烈的理由去推销柴油车了,”上海咨询公司“汽车市场预测”总监张豫说。 /201509/400280乌鲁木齐去胎记价格

乌市水磨沟区激光美白肌肤多少钱In their quest to build profitable and more far-reaching digital audiences, publishers in the US and Europe have turned to the world’s largest social network for help.为了发展有利可图和更广的数字受众,美国和欧洲的出版商向全球最大的社交网络寻求帮助。Nine media organisations, including the B through its youth-oriented Newsbeat service, the Guardian and the New York Times, have struck a deal with Facebook to publish some of their content directly through the social network rather than simply hosting it on their own sites as part of a trial.包括英国广播公司(B)、《卫报》(Guardian)和《纽约时报》(New York Times)在内的9家媒体机构与Facebook签署了一项协议,尝试通过后者直接发布它们的部分内容,而非只是发布在自己的网站上。B是通过其面向年轻人的Newsbeat务参与该项目的。Facebook says the publishers will be able to keep 100 per cent of any revenue from advertising they sold directly. Publishers will also be able to sell remaining ad space via Facebook, which would take a 30 per cent cut.Facebook表示,出版商将能够保留他们直接销售的所有广告收入。出版商也可以通过Facebook出售剩余的广告空间,后者将会抽取30%的收入。The nine publishers initially participating in Instant Articles are the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, N News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, B News, Spiegel and Bild, the German tabloid newspaper.首批参与Instant Articles项目的9家出版商是《纽约时报》、《国家地理》(National Geographic)、BuzzFeed、N新闻(N News)、《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)、《卫报》、B新闻(B News)、《明镜周刊》(Der Spiegel)以及德国小报《图片报》(Bild)。The move comes as increasing numbers of ers rely on the social network as the main portal through which they receive news. Facebook wants not only to point users to news sites but to be the place where they stay and consume it, too.在Facebook与这些出版商合作之际,越来越多的读者将社交网络作为他们获取新闻的主要渠道。Facebook希望不仅仅是将用户导向新闻网站,而且还能让用户留在Facebook进行新闻消费。Facebook aly accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the Guardian’s web traffic, excluding visits to its own apps, and about 15 per cent of traffic to the New York Times site.Facebook已经为《卫报》网站贡献了近20%的流量(不包括其自身应用的访问量),为《纽约时报》网站贡献了约15%的流量。The B and Bild declined to reveal their figures.B和《图片报》拒绝披露它们的数据。Mark Thompson, the chief executive of the New York Times, says it made sense to tap into Facebook’s audience. “History suggests that judicious engagement with other platforms makes sense,” he told the Financial Times, adding that the newspaper will have complete control over which stories appear as “Instant Articles” in the Facebook feed.《纽约时报》首席执行官马克#8226;汤普森(Mark Thompson)表示,开发Facebook的受众非常有意义。他向英国《金融时报》表示:“历史表明,明智地与其他平台合作很有意义。”他补充称,《纽约时报》将对出现在Facebook信息流上的“Instant Articles”文章有完全的控制权。The deal would give the company “access to new pools of users, people discovering your journalism and monetising through advertising”, he says.汤普森说,该协议将让《纽约时报》“获得大量的新用户,他们通过广告发现新闻和商业机会”。The Facebook deal follows complaints by some publishers that internet groups such as Google and Facebook undermine their own online businesses.在Facebook与出版商合作之前,一些出版商抱怨称,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等互联网集团侵蚀了他们自己的在线业务。Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, for example, a critic of Google and Facebook, is not participating.例如,鲁珀特#8226;默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团(News Corp)就对谷歌和Facebook持批评态度,没有参与此次协议。Others have expressed concern that Facebook would have too much power over which stories appear and where they are placed.其他出版商则担心,Facebook将对新闻内容和版面拥有太多的权力。Facebook said the scheme would give publishers “control over their stories, brand experience and monetisation opportunities”, including access to some user data.Facebook表示,该项目将给予出版商“对内容、品牌体验和商业机会的控制权”,包括可以获得部分用户数据。Online sharing of news articles has aly lured some ers away from publishers’ home pages towards social media sites.在线新闻分享已经让部分读者离开出版商的网站,转向社交媒体网站。According to the Pew Research Center, 39 per cent of Americans use Facebook for political news — significantly more than the proportion who use Yahoo News, Google News or Twitter to do so.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的数据显示,39%的美国人使用Facebook来获取政治新闻,远远超过使用雅虎新闻(Yahoo News)、谷歌新闻(Google News)或者Twitter获取政治新闻的人数比例。 /201505/375052阿图什自体脂肪填充多少钱 和田激光祛胎记多少钱

博乐市自体脂肪填充多少钱Last year will long be remembered as the year when cyber attacks became front page news. No institution was spared — public companies, government agencies or non-profits. Heading into 2015, we have just reached the first mile of a race without a finish line, and time is of the essence when it comes to understanding the sophistication and complexity of cyber attacks.2014年将因屡屡登上头条新闻的网络攻击事件而被人们长期铭记。无论是上市公司、政府机构还是非营利组织,没有哪类机构能够幸免于难。进入2015年,我们只是在维护网络安全这条永无止境的征途上前进了一小步。我们亟需理解网络攻击的复杂性,时不我待。Most cyber attacks fall into one of three main threat types:大多数网络攻击都可归类于以下三种主要的威胁类型:oattacks on a network’s confidentiality, causing theft or release of secure information such as credit card or Social Security numbers;o针对网络机密性的攻击,导致信用卡号或社会保险号等安全信息遭窃或泄露;oattacks on a network’s availability by overwhelming it with so many requests that it renders the site inoperable, or by injecting code that redirects traffic away from the site; ando针对网络可用性的攻击,通过发送大量请求导致网站无法访问,或插入代码改变访问页面的路径;oattacks on a network’s physical integrity which alters or destroys computer code causing damage to the network’s infrastructure.o针对网络物理完整性的攻击,改变或破坏计算机代码,以损毁网络基础设施。In 2015, here are seven resolutions to help protect your company against cyber threats:2015年,你的公司应该在免受网络威胁方面立下7项新年决心:1. Tighten Your Vendor Network1、管理好你的供应商网络If there is one key takeaway from the cyber attacks of 2014 it’s that passwords are dead. Hackers gained access to Fortune 100 companies by stealing passwords and log-in credentials of smaller vendors, including air conditioning and food delivery companies. Replace your single passwords with two-factor authentication or “2FA.” A good example of 2FA is withdrawing money from an ATM – it requires two authentications — your bankcard and your password. Another example is signing on to a Bloomberg terminal, which requires a password and then, using biometrics, requires a fingerprint swipe for a second form of authentication that cannot easily be stolen. You should require 2FA of all vendors or employees who log on to your networks remotely.要从2014年的网络攻击中总结出一个要点,那就是密码被破。黑客通过窃取空调和食品配送公司等小型供货商的密码和书,进入了《财富》100强的公司网络。请修改你的简单密码,采用双重认(2FA)的方式。双重认的一个典型例子就是用卡从自动取款机上取钱——它需要双重认:你的卡和你的密码。另一个例子是登录彭社终端,首先你需要输入密码,然后采用生物测定学技术的系统还会要求你刷指纹进行二次认。想要偷走指纹可不容易。你应该对所有远程进入公司网络的供应商和员工采用双重认方式。2. Detonate Malware2、引爆恶意软件“Spear Phishing” is an easy and effective way to attack a network. Hackers obtain names of your friends from your public social media accounts and then send you a personal note that appears to come from someone you know and trust. When you click on the attachment or link, the email installs “malware” on your network. A solution for malware is “detonation” software. Once an email with malware is opened but before it can leave your network with critical information, it is detonated in a “sandbox” to test whether it is being routed to an inappropriate site.“网络钓鱼”是一种发动网络攻击的简单而有效的方式。黑客从你的社交媒体公共账户获得了你朋友的名字,并伪装成你认识且信任的人给你发私信。当你点开附件或链接,邮件就会把恶意软件装进你的网络。一种应对恶意软件的方法是安装“引爆”软件。一旦带有恶意软件的电子邮件被打开,在它把你的重要信息带走之前,这种软件会先将它扔进“沙盒”中进行引爆测试,看它是否指向了一个不正常的网站。3. Guard Your “Crown Jewels”3、保护你的“王冠”What information matters the most to you? Is it a secret formula, proprietary IP, Social Security or credit card numbers, sensitive health care data or non-public financial information? Once you determine your company’s most important and sensitive information, compartmentalize it from the rest of your technology and network operations.对你来说,什么信息最重要?是秘密配方、专有知识产权、社会保险号、信用卡号、敏感的卫生保健数据,还是非公开的财务信息?一旦你确定了公司最重要和敏感的信息,就把它与其他的技术和网络操作分离开来。4. Develop a Cyber Attack Response Plan – Now4、现在就准备好网络攻击应急计划Develop a plan and practice it regularly. As part of your plan, hire a forensic investigatory firm to review your network and your response plan.准备好应急计划并定期演练。作为计划的一部分,你应当雇佣取调查公司来检查你的网络和应急计划。5. Conduct “Penetration” Tests5、进行“渗透”测试Engage a third-party firm to conduct “penetration tests” to identify weaknesses in your company’s IT network and infrastructure. Based on the findings, make the necessary security improvements and comply with disclosure requirements. For example, the SEC has published guidance regarding the responsibilities of public companies to inform investors about cybersecurity vulnerabilities.邀请一家第三方公司来进行“渗透测试”,找出公司信息技术网络和基础设施中的缺陷。根据结果来进行必要的安全性改进,同时遵守资料公开的要求。比如,根据美国券交易委员会的规定,上市公司有义务告知投资者公司内部存在的网络安全漏洞,该委员会还专门就此发表了一份指南。6. Embrace the Government6、寻求政府的帮助When it comes to cyber attacks, the famous saying that “we are from the government and we are here to help” couldn’t be more true. The U.S. government has been far out front of the business community in understanding the significance of cyber threats. Current and former cabinet officials have warned for years about the risk of a “cyber Pearl Harbor” or “cyber 9/11.” The Secret Service and FBI have repeatedly alerted unaware public companies that their systems were breached — even though neither agency was under any obligation to do so. Don’t wait until after an attack to build relationships with key officials at the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.在网络攻击领域,那句著名的“我们来自政府,我们将施以援手”简直是再正确不过。在理解网络威胁的严重性方面,美国政府要远远领先于商界。现任和前任内阁官员多年来一直警告称,美国有可能遭遇“网络珍珠港”或“网络9o11”袭击。美国特勤局和联邦调查局也在不断提醒毫无觉察的上市公司,他们的系统被攻破了——尽管这些机构并没有这种义务。不要等到自己被攻击之后,才开始同联邦调查局、国土安全部和司法部的核心官员搞好关系。7. Kick the Tires in Mamp;A7、从事并购交易时要审查网络安全Traditionally, the biggest security risk in a merger or acquisition transaction was confidentiality. Increasingly, cyber risk is becoming a critical, and often overlooked, factor. Heed the Department of Homeland Security’s recent warning about cyber risks in companies that you may consider buying or investing in and conduct cyber audits as part of routine due diligence.传统上,并购交易的最大安全隐患在于保密工作。而网络风险正日益成为其中一个重要却被忽视的因素。请注意国土安全部最近发出的网络风险警告,其中也许就包括你正考虑购买或投资的公司。请将网络安全审查作为常规尽职调查的组成部分。In 2014, the focus of many cyber attacks was stolen credit cards and financial crime. In the future, the threat will likely escalate to physical damage of technology networks and infrastructure.在2014年,许多网络攻击的目标都是盗窃信用卡,进行金融犯罪。在未来,这种威胁可能会逐步升级为对技术网络和基础设施的物理性破坏。During the 2014 December holiday season, the German government reported a cyber attack that caused “massive damage” to an iron plant. Utilizing a spear phishing attack, hackers disabled the electronic controls that turned off the plant’s furnaces, causing damage to the entire plant.在2014年12月的假日季,德国政府报道了一起导致钢铁厂“严重损毁”的网络攻击事件。黑客利用网络钓鱼攻击,使得负责关闭熔炉的电子控制系统陷于瘫痪,最终造成整个工厂严重受损。What new forms of cyber attacks will 2015 bring? Don’t wait to find out. Start 2015 off right by implementing these resolutions to help protect your company from ever-present cyber threats.2015年将会有什么新型的网络攻击?不要再被动地等待了。即刻实施这些新年决心,保护你的公司在2015年免受无处不在的网络威胁吧。(财富中文网)Peter J. Beshar is Executive Vice President and amp; General Counsel of Marsh amp; McLennan.本文作者彼得oJ.o贝沙尔是Marsh amp; McLennan公司执行副总裁兼法律总顾问。 /201501/354390 The Moto X Pure Edition is not just the best giant Android smartphone or the best Android phone for the money. It is the best Android phone.Moto X纯净版不只是最伟大的安卓智能机,也是性价比最高的安卓机,是最棒的安卓机。It#39;s everything a great smartphone should be: It#39;s thin, beautiful, fast, has a battery that will get you through the day, it has an awesome 5.7-inch display, a great camera, a super-fast turbo-charging battery. But there are three things that make the Moto X Pure Edition particularly special and worthy of the ;best ever; recognition.它具有每一部优秀智能机必备的特点:超薄,美观,运行速度快,电池续航给力,它有个5.7寸显示屏,像素高,超高速涡轮增压电池。但是Moto X纯净版有三点特殊之处,这也使它成为有史以来最棒的安卓机。1.It is the most customizable phone on the market1.市场上最佳可定制手机Smartphones are deeply personal items. More than any other smartphone maker, Motorola gets how important it is to tailor its smartphones to its customers.智能机是非常个人的物品。托罗拉公司比任何手机制造商都清楚为顾客量身定制手机的重要性。Like Motorola#39;s two previous Moto X phones, the Pure Edition comes in a huge variety of colors and materials. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, including grippy silicone models in a dozen colors, multiple wood grains and differently styled leather backs. Motorola#39;s software is also personal. It#39;s mostly Android with just a few welcome tweaks that make your phone your own. It even comes with an increasingly rare SD card slot, allowing customers to cheaply add storage to their devices and avoid the single biggest ripoff from cell phone companies.与之前两部Moto X一样,纯净版也有多种颜色材质各不相同,多种选择包括12种不同颜色的流行硅胶款,多重木纹款以及不同风格的皮革款。托罗拉的软件也十分个人化。大多数为安卓软件,只有几个受欢迎的系统微调,这使你的手机十分个性化。 它甚至还有一个越来越罕见的SD卡插槽,使消费者增加手机存储并避免手机公司简单大型盗窃。2.It will work on any carrier2.适用于任何运营商The Moto X Pure Edition will only be offered unlocked and without a contract, meaning you won#39;t be able to buy a subsidized Moto X directly from your carrier. But it will work on any of the four nationwide cell phone companies. You can use the same exact phone on Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) or Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) networks. If T-Mobile is offering you a great deal in October, and Verizon gives you a better offer in November, you can switch with no strings attached.Moto X纯净版无锁无合约,意味着你不需要从运营商那里直接购买Moto X。但是,Moto X适用于美国四大主流运营商中的任何一个,Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) 或Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) 。如果T-Mobile十月有优惠,Verizon十一月有优惠,你可以毫无限制的自由转换。3.It costs just 93.售价399美元What makes Motorola#39;s new phone really stand out is the price. The Moto X Pure Edition costs about 0 less than the similarly sized Apple (AAPL, Tech30) iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At 9, the Moto X Pure Edition is not only the best Android smartphone but the best phone deal as well.托罗拉这部新手机最大的亮点在于价格。Moto X纯净版比苹果规模相似的iPhone 6 Plus和三星Galaxy Note 5便宜约350美元。至于399美元,Moto X纯净版不仅是最棒的安卓智能机,还是性价比最高的手机。 /201509/399165伊宁市做双眼皮多少钱乌鲁木齐整形美容医院治疗鹰钩鼻整形手术怎么样




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