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CCTV9英语新闻:西班牙圣诞票 1 1:01: CCTV9英语新闻:西班牙圣诞票Spaniards hope lady luck in Christmas lotteryChristmas celebrations vary from one place to another around the world. CCTV reporter Rhiannon Jones is in Spain, to tell us more about how people there celebrate their Christmas.“You really know when Christmas has arrived in Madrid when you see the long queues here. It’s considered by many the luckiest place to buy your ticket ’El Gordo’, ’The Fat One’, the biggest and oldest lottery in the world.” said Rhiannon Jones, Madrid.The Spanish Christmas lottery started in 18. It’s drawn on December the nd and last year the total prize pool was over two billion euros. It’s no wonder everyone wants one."I buy my lottery ticket at Manolita’s because it’s lucky.""If I win the money, I can change my life.""It’s tradition in my family to come here, but I’ve never won. Let’s see if this is my year."From the 1st of December, Christmas lights illuminate Madrid’s city center, the official Christmas tree goes up in Puerta del Sol, and even the most famous Spanish department store gets a festive makeover.But most traditional of all, is thenativity scene."In Spanish tradition, which is a Christian tradition, it’s to represent the scene when Jesus was born."Above all, Christmas in Spain is about spending time with your loved ones."It’s about being with your family, enjoying time with your friends. Going out a drink in the evening. Very typical of Madrid are calamari sandwiches.And the place to get your’bocata de calamares’ is at one of the many Christmas markets in Madrid’s plazas or squares. The main one is in Plaza Mayor, where you can buy all your festive decorations too.Once you’ve done all your Christmas shopping, you’ve seen the lights, visited the nativity plays and bought your lucky lottery ticket, the done thing here in Madrid is to eat a calamari sandwich. And who am I to break with tradition?年6月四级听力原文(Passage Two)  :: 年6月四级听力原文(Passage Two)   The thought of having no sleep hours or more isn't a pleasant one most people. The amount of sleep that each person needs varies. In general, each of us needs about 8 hours of sleep each day to keep us healthy and happy. Some people, however, can get by with just a few hours of sleep at night  It doesn't matter when or how much a person sleeps. But everyone needs some rest to stay alive. Few doctors would have thought that there might be an exception to this. Sleep is, after all, a very basic need. But a man named Al Herpin turned out to be a real exception, supposedly, he never slept!  Al Herpin was 90 years old when doctors came to his home in New Jersy. They hoped to challenge the claim that he never slept. But they were surprised. Though they watched him every hour of the day, they never saw Herpin sleeping. He did not even own a bed. He never needed one  The closest that Herpin came to resting was to sit in a rocking chair and a half dozen newspapers. His doctors were puzzled by the strange case of permanent sleeplessness. Herpin offered the only clue to his condition. He remembered some talk about his mother having been injured several days bee he had been born. Herpin died at the age of 9, never, it seems, having slept at all  19. What is taken granted by most people?  . What do doctors think of Al Herpin's case?  1. What could have ed Al Herpin's sleeplessness?

  Call centers, hotlines and regional offices that help veterans understand their benefits will close to the public.

Children under air strike in Gaza

  China's door is going to keep on opening wider, Premier Li Keqiang reassured eign firms when addressing national lawmakers at the beginning of March.

  Last year, about 1.5 million Chinese visited France, spending 571 million euros ( million).。

  China is earnest about maintaining sound SinoUS relations and takes the US' opinions seriously. However, China won't be able to satisfy unreasonable demands and if the US insists on doing so, frictions are bound to emerge.

  In West Bengal State Friday, the chief minister announced plans establishing sixty five allfemale police stations. Mamata Banerjee leads the Trinamool Party. She said stations will be set up across the state to deal with crimes against women. Ten stations are aly operating. Ms. Banarjee spoke to a public gathering in the state’s north.There was no immediate comment from Gayet's lawyers. She filed a complaint breach of privacy last March after rumors of an affair became public. The source in Hollande's office did not comment on the veracity of the story.with the caption: Election night starter kit.一条推特贴出一张照片,上面显示着一架即将起飞的加拿大航空公司的飞机,旁边放着两本护照,并附有标题:选举之夜启动工具包One tweet showed a US flag along with the words If Im being honest, Im

  当天,55岁的埃文斯在普雷斯顿警察局接受了长时间审讯他离开警察局时就昏暗的天空对记者开玩笑说:“现在还是周二(9月日)吗?”Today I encouraged Hillary Clinton to run president pledged my support her candidacy if she does, Kaine said in a tweet that linked to his remarks on www.yhillary.com, website of one of the most prominent proClinton organizations.


  A large majority of Chinese people view China's relations with the US as the most important bilateral ties the country, a Global Times poll showed, although more than half of those surveyed feel pessimistic about the future ties of the pair.。

  1. Rodney Brooks: 美国著名机器人制造专家麻省理工学院电脑科学和人工智能实验室的现任领导在世纪90年代设计了第一个火星机器人

  About 3,6 search and rescue personnel were dispatched to the quakehit province of Van in southeastern Turkey, saidAFAD.

  Beijing agreed to give back an underwater US drone it seized this week.路透社华盛顿电

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