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The parent company of fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo has vowed to take steps to improve working conditions at two Chinese factories, responding to criticism levied by a Hong Kong-based nonprofit that alleged unsafe working conditions and excessive long hours.日前,香港一家非营利组织批评称,快时尚零售商优衣库的两家中国工厂环境危险,且工时过长。作为回应,优衣库母公司承诺,将采取措施,改善两家工厂的劳动环境。A nonprofit called Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM), which lobbies for workers’ rights, issued a report earlier this month that lamented the working conditions at two key Chinese suppliers of Uniqlo knit fabrics and apparel. The group raised a number of issues: workers having to log overtime hours to make a decent living, and the issue that overtime wages were at times miscalculated. Other allegations in the report included high temperatures at both facilities, as well as poor ventilation, with high cotton dust levels in the air and dirty sewage flowing on the floor.该非营利组织名为“大学师生监察无良企业行动”,旨在维护工人权利。本月早些时候,该组织发布报告,批评优衣库有关针织面料和装的两大中国供应商工作条件不佳。该组织指出了工厂存在的一系列问题:工人为了维持收入必须加班工作,而且加班工资有时会算错。报告中还提出:两家工厂车间温度过高,通风不良,空气中布满棉尘,地面污水横流等。SACOM, which provided photos of its findings in the factories in the report, said workers were also unrepresented and thus had no effective platform to voice their complaints.在报告中,该组织提供了其调查结果的相关照片,并表示两间工厂的工人未能得到代表,因而缺乏有效的发声渠道。“We are disappointed about the findings as the well-being of workers cannot be fully guaranteed in both factories,” SACOM said in the report. “We believe that both the factories and Uniqlo have enough capacity to provide a decent working environment to their workers.”这家非营利组织在报告中写道:“我们对两家工厂的工人工作缺乏保障深感失望。我们相信,两家工厂和优衣库有足够的能力,为工人提供有尊严的工作环境。”Japan-based Fast Retailing has issued two swift responses. First, the company issued an immediate response touting a commitment to respecting human rights and ensuring appropriate working conditions for employees of production partners.优衣库母公司、总部位于日本的迅销集团迅速做出了两项回应。首先,迅销立即回复称公司致力于尊重人权、确保生产合作伙伴的员工获得合适的工作条件。In a more detailed response several days later, Fast Retailing, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a secondary listing in Hong Kong, said its own independent inspection revealed “several issues, including long working hours.” “Fast Retailing has urged swift action against the factories on the issues identified in the SACOM report, and we will cooperate fully with them to ensure that improvements are made,” said Yukihiro Nitta, the executive that leads corporate social responsibility for Fast Retailing. The executive promised Fast Retailing would check progress within a month.几天后,在东京券交易所和香港两地上市的迅销集团又增加了一份更详细的回应,称其独立调查发现了“超时工作等部分问题”。集团负责企业社会责任的高管新田幸弘表示:“迅销已强烈要求两家公司迅速采取改善措施,同时我们也将予以全力配合以确保问题得到改善。”新田幸弘承诺,迅销将在一个月内检视改善的进度。The company instructed one of the factories to ensure working hours were recorded and reported correctly, and also requested a government agency conduct a thorough check of air quality and immediately ensure that the production floor is clean. For the second location, Fast Retailing moved to increase holidays for workers and make other improvements in working hours, as well as review the working environment at that facility.迅销要求其中一家工厂确保准确记录并报告所有劳动时间,并立即委托政府部门实施生产车间空气质量的测定和检查,并立即确保生产车间干净整洁。对于另一家工厂,迅销承诺增加工人假期,减少工时,并检查车间工作环境。In both cases, Fast Retailing wants to monitor the management of the facilities, investigating and moving to eliminate any fines or punishments that are levied on employees. SACOM had alleged workers faced penalties if mistakes were made, which it claims is a method used to control and maintain product quality.对于两家工厂,迅销都希望监督工厂管理,调查并取消对雇员的任何罚款或处罚。在非营利组织的报告中,曾披露工人如果出现失误将面临处罚,据称此方法是为了控制和保持产品质量。Fast Retailing, with about 30,000 employees, was established in 1963 though it opened its first Uniqlo store in Japan in 1984. The apparel maker, which accounts for about 6% of the Japanese apparel market today, now relies mostly on global expansion to boost growth. The company’s Uniqlo chain sells relatively low priced apparel and first entered the U.S. market with a focus on urban locations. Fast Retailing has reported consistent annual sales growth for a decade, bolstered in part by adding more stores.拥有近3万名员工的迅销集团,成立于1963年,其首家优衣库店铺于1984年在日本开业。如今,迅销集团在日本装市场占有约6%的市场份额,增长主要依赖全球扩张。公司旗下的优衣库连锁店销售相对廉价的装。近10年来,迅销集团销售额年年增长,部分要归功于不断开设新店。(财富中文网) /201501/355702The health authority in Anhui province has issued China#39;s first provincial guide-line for cesarean sections, aimed at bringing down the excessively high level of such procedures in the province.安徽省卫生局发布了国内首个关于剖腹产的省级指导方针,旨在降低本省过高的剖宫产率。The guideline listed 14 types of medical requirements for a C-section, such as fetal distress (for lack of oxygen, for example) or abnormality of the birth canal.此项方针列出了14种医学需要的剖宫产手术,如胎儿窘迫(比如缺氧)或者产道异常。The guideline was issued to all medical institutions in the province in July, according to Wang Hai, chief of maternal health at the Anhui provincial Bureau of Health and Family Planning.据安徽省卫生计生委妇幼保健处处长王海称,这项方针在七月份便已经下发给全省所有医疗机构。;Doctors are duty-bound to refuse to perform a C-section without the presence of a clear need,; Wang said at a news conference on Monday.“若无明确的剖宫产需求,医生是有责任拒绝的,”王海在周一的新闻发布会上如是说。Doctors can perform a C-section when there is no medical requirement if the pregnant woman or her family demands it, and only after receiving signatures from both the pregnant woman and her doctor in charge, Wang said.王海称,若无医学需要,但妇及其家人要求剖宫产时,只有在妇和其主治医生都签名后,医生才能进行手术。The guideline is expected to reduce the rate of C-sections in the province, which was about 40 percent last year, to 30 percent in the next three to five years, the provincial family planning bureau said.省计生局称,去年本省的剖宫产率达到了40%左右,而此项方针意在未来三到五年之内,将这一比率降低到30%。Forty-six percent of women in China deliver by C-section, one of the highest rates in the world, according to the World Health Organization. The organization recommends a rate of no higher than 15 percent.世界卫生组织称,我国剖宫产率位居世界第一,46%的妇女通过剖宫产分娩。而世界卫生组织建议的剖宫产比率是不要超过15%。Cesarean sections are necessary in emergency cases, but excessive use of unnecessary surgeries, such as for giving birth on a lucky day, poses serious health risks to mothers and babies, according to the Anhui health authority.安徽省卫生局称,对于一些急症病例,剖宫产十分必要,但非必要手术的滥用,比如为了让孩子在幸运日出生而进行手术,则会为母婴带来严重的健康风险。Cai Wenzhi, deputy dean of the School of Nursing at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, said that in practice many hospitals are trying to reduce C-sections, but government intervention will be more effective.广州南方医科大学护理学院的副院长蔡文智说,实际上许多医院都在设法减少剖宫产手术,但政府干预更为有效。;The move by Anhui#39;s health commission is a good start for other areas in China,; she said. With the guideline, doctors in Anhui province will find it easier to refuse unreasonable requests for C-sections from their patients.“对中国其他地区来说,安徽省卫生委员会的此项举措是个良好的开端,”她说。在此项方针的指导下,安徽省的医生们将会发现,拒绝病人不合理的剖腹产要求会更容易些。;Hospitals charge much more for C-sections than for natural birth,; she said. ;C-sections are also faster, while midwives may have to keep waiting for more than 20 hours for a natural delivery.;“医院对于剖宫产的收费比自然分娩要高,”她说。“剖宫产也更快些,自然分娩的话,助产士有时候可能要等上20多个小时。” /201508/395988

China property investors are betting that help is on the way. They shouldn#39;t get too giddy. 中国房地产的投资者押注政府将出台持措施,但他们不应过于乐观。As prices and transaction volumes fall, several Chinese cities are considering looser limits on home purchases and mortgages, according to state-run media. The moves could shore up weak housing markets by bringing back buyers--especially speculators--who were boxed out by authorities when markets were too hot. 据中国国有媒体称,随着房价和成交量下降,数个中国城市正考虑放松限购和房贷限制。此举可能会吸引购房者(尤其是投机人士)重新入市,从而提振疲弱的住房市场。中国政府在房地产市场过热时出台的限购政策将投机者挡在了市场之外。Talk of a loosening has enlivened shares of China#39;s big developers, which got an added boost Wednesday from an announcement that Beijing is rolling out a limited stimulus package of railway spending and the like. The CSI Real Estate index is up 16% in the past month, according to CapitalVue, a data provider. 房地产政策放松的传闻使中国大型开发商的股票活跃起来,另外,中国政府周三宣布将加快铁路建设,这相当于一项小规模刺激方案,该消息对房地产类股带来进一步提振。数据供应商CapitalVue表示,过去一个月中地产指数累计上涨16%。But while the restrictions may have damped property sales, removing them won#39;t necessarily restore the good old days. Curbs on mortgage loan-to-value ratios and limits on the purchase of second and third homes were more stringent in China#39;s biggest cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Those are also China#39;s healthiest housing markets. 尽管上述针对房地产市场的限制措施可能抑制了房产销售,但取消这些措施并不一定会使房地产市场重现昔日的繁荣。在北京、广州和上海等中国一线城市,针对房贷成数和第二、三套住房的限购更加严格。不过这些城市也是中国最健康的房地产市场。The bigger problems are in China#39;s once-fashionable second- and third-tier cities, where developers flocked in recent years. Inventories are swelling and prices are falling. Unsold residential space nationally has grown to 342 million square meters, equal to 42% of all the residential space built in 2013 and the highest level in years. In tier-two cities--generally smaller than China#39;s very biggest--Standard Chartered estimates supply has quickly swelled to 25 months of sales, from a long-term average of 16 months. 更大的问题出现在一度火热的二三线城市。近年来,开发商不断涌向这些城市,现在这些城市存量房激增,房价下跌,全国未售出住宅面积已增至3.42亿平方米,相当于2013年新建住房总面积的42%,也创下近几年的最高纪录。据渣打(Standard Chartered)估计,在二线城市中,房屋存量足够销售25个月,而长期平均水平是16个月。New construction starts so far in 2014 are down more than in any year since 1996. Property investors are right to worry that all the excess supply will take substantial time to be absorbed. Higher borrowing costs and fears of a credit freeze hover over the sector. 2014年至今的新屋开工数下降幅度超出1996年以来任何一个年份。房地产投资者有理由担心,太多的房屋供给需要相当长的时间才能消化,而贷款成本上升和对信贷紧缩的担忧也依然笼罩着房地产市场。Yet China#39;s big developers seem to think they are immune. On average, the top 20 tracked by Citigroup target sales growth of 25% this year, while the overall market is expected to grow just 8%. 不过大型开发商似乎有信心能够避开冲击。花旗集团(Citigroup)追踪的20家大开发商平均预计今年销售增长25%,而整体市场预计只会增长8%。Take midsize developer Agile Property: It targets 19% sales growth, despite exposure to second- and third-tier cities and aggressive price cuts at several of its projects. Its net leverage of 72% exceeds the industry average of 59%. Perhaps reflecting doubt about the home market, Agile is among a slew of Chinese developers that have launched projects abroad, in its case a development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 以中型开发商雅居乐地产(Agile Property)为例。这家公司虽然在二三线城市面临风险,且大幅下调了几个项目的售价,但仍预计今年销售增长19%。该公司 杠杆率为72%,高于59%的行业平均线。雅居乐地产在马来西亚吉隆坡推出了自己的项目,成为在海外推出项目的中国开发商之一,这一趋势或许反映了中国开发商对国内市场的怀疑。China#39;s stimulus and property-loosening measures could end up like a dose of smelling salts after a blow to the head--causing a quick stir, followed by a long malaise. 中国的刺激措施和房地产宽松举措最终可能像头部遭受重击后给的一剂嗅盐――能让人迅速清醒,但接下来是漫长的病痛。 /201404/284532

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