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Bing Xin (1900~1999), originally named Xie Wanying, was a native of Changle of Fujian Province.冰心(19oo~1999),原名谢婉莹,福建长乐人。Her father was a naval officer and she spent her childhood in Yantai of Shandong Province. 父亲是海军军官。她的童年是在山东烟台度过的。The ocean left a deep impression on Bing Xin.大海给冰心留下了深刻的印象。She was one of the most celebrated female writers among the first batch of modern writers emerging in large numbers during the new-vernacular literature (promoted by the May Fourth Movement in 1919).冰心属于五四新文学运动中涌现出来的第一批现代作家,是其中最著名的女作家之一。Most of her early works were ;problem fiction;, which lay bare the oppressive, feudal patriarchal system and exposed the problems of society, family and women. Two Families, The Man Alone Is off Color, Leaving the Courtry and The Sister of Zhuang Hong, showed clearly that the patriotic May Fourth Movement and the tide of new thinking had strongly affected Bing Xin. 在新思潮的影响下,冰心创作了《两个家庭》、《斯人独憔悴》、《去国》、《庄鸿的姊》等揭示社会、家庭、妇女等人生问题的“问题小说”。Passionately concerned about the realities of her day, she was utterly dissatisfied with the feudal authorities. After the high tide of the May Fourth Movement, under the influence of the philosophy of Tagore, she ;retreated into the small world of the family, describing and lauding the kind of #39;human love#39;, which cannot exist in a society that is bedeviled by class distinctions;.这些小说,表现了她对封建势力和社会现状的不满,五四之后,受泰戈尔《飞鸟集》的影响,冰心退缩到家庭的圈子里,去描写、歌颂在阶级社会里不可能实行的‘’人类之爱”。Her stories ;Superman; and “Awakening; as well as the volumes of poetry ;The Stars; and ;Spring Waters; belonged to this period.在这个时期,冰心创作了《超人》、《悟》以及诗集《繁星》和《春水》。In these works, she dwelt on maternal love, childlike innocence and purity, sping the empty belief that ;the world is love;. Compared with her early stories and poetry, Bing Xin#39;s essays brought her greater recognition for their achievement.这些无标题的格言式自由体小诗,以自然和谐的音调,抒发了作者对自然景物的感受和人生哲理的思索,歌颂了母爱、人类之爱和大自然。Bing Xin was a talented writer with a very personal style. The style of her prose, known as “Bing Xin style;, was light; the feelings expressed were transparent and delicate. As a writer, she was good at using her literary style to create a rich lyrical atmosphere in her works, which also accounted for their influence at the time. She wrote with natural grace so that her writing style was just like floating clouds and running streams.冰心的散文被称为“冰心体”散文,即以行云流水似的文字,歌颂自然、母爱和童年,抒发对祖国、故乡、家人、大海的眷念,满蕴着温柔,微带着忧愁,显示出清丽的风致。Essays such as The Post, Thoughts in the Mountains, Letters to My Young Readers, Returning to the South and Little Orange Lamp also gave the er a sense of beauty close to that conveyed by lyrical poetry or landscape paintings.代表作有《往事》、《山中杂记》、《寄小读者》、《南归》、《小桔灯》等。Letters to My Young Readers was the earliest work of children#39;s literature in modern China.其中散文集《寄小读者》是中国现代最早的儿童文学作品。Most of these essays were written abroad, as she thought of her family, her hometown and her country. Maternal love and childlike innocence still featured prominently in these works, but the tone was somewhat changed. There was also disappointment upon the shattering of empty dreams, frustration upon the failure to find answers in her search for the meaning of life, and melancholy upon recollection of childhood. She took full advantage of the easy flow of the vernacular as well as the disciplined simplicity of the classical language. She advocated endowing Chinese with a tint of the Western language. The sentences under her pen were elastic and gentle with dancing rhythm.冰心主张“白话文言化”、“中文西文化”,她的散文既保留了某些文言文的典雅凝练,又适当地“欧化”,使句子灵活婉转,有自然跳动的韵律感。 /201603/428934Song Dynasty宋朝Jingkang Incident靖康之变The first 25 years at the beginning of the 12th century saw the darkest age ruled by the fatuous and self-indulgent Emperor Huizong.12世纪开头的25年见了由愚蠢而放纵的宋徽宗执政的黑暗时期。Although Huizong usefully kept down the two large-scale peasant uprisings, his dynasty was doomed with the rising Nuzhen tribe.尽管徽宗有力地镇压了两次大规模的起义,他的朝代注定遭遇女真部落的崛起。There lived in the Changbai Mountains and the Helongjiang Valley the ancestors of the Nuzhen people long before.很久以前,女真人的祖先居住在长白山和黑龙江流域。The name “Nuzhen” did not appear in historical records until the Five Dynasties Period (907— 960) when it was under the control of the Khitan.“女真”直到五代时期(907——960)才出现在历史记录里,那时它受契丹族的控制。In 1115, the great headman of the Nu zhen tribe Wanyan Aguda established a new dynasty ---- the Jin Dynasty and proclaimed himself emperor.1115年,女真族伟大的首领完颜阿骨打创立了一个新的朝代——金并自立为帝。Historically, Wanyan Aguda was called as Emperor Taizu.完颜阿骨打在历史上被称为金太祖。In 1125, the emperor of Liao surrendered to Jin and the state of Liao came to its end.1125年,辽国灭亡,向金国投降。Then Jin started to invade Northern Song.之后,金国向北宋(960——1127)进攻。In 1127, Emperors Huizong and Qinzong were deposed, ending the Northern Song Dynasty (960—1127).1127年,宋徽宗和宋钦宗退位,北宋(960——1127)灭亡。This event was referred to as Catastrophe of Jingkang in the history.这个事件在史上被称为靖康之变。In the same year, Zhao Gou, the younger brother of Song Emperor Qinzong, ascended the throne in Yingtianfu (today’s Nanjing) after the withdrawal of the Jin troops, and later moved the capital to Lin’an (western Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province).同年,宋钦宗的弟弟赵构在金国撤军后于应天府(今南京)继承帝位,之后他迁都临安(浙江省杭州西城)。Zhao Gou still called his regime the “Great Song”,which became known as the Southern Song, and chose the reign title of Jianyan.赵构仍然称呼他的政权为“大宋”并立国号“建炎”,这其实就是我们所知的南宋。 /201511/406464

OTTAWA — Steamed, sauted or stir-fried, cauliflower is standard fare on many dinner tables. In Canada, it is a luxury.渥太华——蒸、嫩煎或煸炒的花菜,在许多地方的餐桌上是一道家常菜。在加拿大,却是一种奢侈。A head of cauliflower there now goes for around 8 Canadian dollars, a tripling in price, the strange foodie fallout from the low price of oil and other commodities.如今一个花菜在那里可以卖到大约8加元(约合38元人民币),价格是原来的三倍,这是石油和其他大宗商品价格走低连累“吃货”的一个古怪案例。The recipe for high-priced cauliflower starts with the currency.天价花菜的出现,首先要从汇率说起。As prices for commodities have dropped, the value of the Canadian dollar has fallen, a direct link to an economy that is dependent on oil and other resources. It makes imports, like fresh American vegetables during the dark Canadian winter, look especially costly.随着大宗商品价格下跌,加元出现贬值,对于一个依赖石油和其他资源的经济体来说,这是一种直接的联动。这就导致进口商品的价格显得格外夸张,比如在天昏地暗的加拿大隆冬时节从美国进口的新鲜蔬菜。Two years ago, one Canadian dollar was worth 93 American cents. On Wednesday, it stood at 69 American cents.两年前,一加元相当于93美分。在本周三是69美分。The drought in California, where Canadians get most of their vegetables in the off-season, just compounds the sticker shock. With less bounty in the fields, farmers’ prices, in American dollars, are higher than normal.而加拿大的非时令蔬菜大多来自加州,那里的旱情也加剧了价格的暴涨。由于收成不佳,以美元计的农产品价格要高于正常水平。As a result, fresh vegetables feel more like a splurge for Canadian consumers.这样一来,新鲜蔬菜在加拿大消费者眼里就成了奢侈品。Iceberg lettuce sells for 3 Canadian dollars, up from the typical 90 Canadian cents. One head of broccoli goes for , compared with .50 for two in the past. Last winter, a head of cauliflower was selling for 2.50 Canadian.圆生菜售价从平常的90加分涨到了3加元。一个西兰花卖到4加元,在过去1.50加元可以买到两个。去年冬天,一个花菜的价格是2.50加元。“We’ve gone through this cycle before with the dollar,” said Jim McKeen, owner of McKeen Metro Glebe, a grocery store in downtown Ottawa. “But there were issues on prices anyways because of supply in addition to this whole fiasco with the Canadian dollar. It’s a perfect storm.”“这些汇率的事以前全都经历过,”渥太华市中心食品杂货店McKeen Metro Glebe老板吉姆·麦基恩(Jim McKeen)说。“但是供应不足决定了价格本来就会有问题,再加上加元惨成这样,就成了一场完美风暴。”The Canadian dollar, in part, reflects the trouble in the country’s economy.加元一定程度上反应了该国的经济困境。For years, Canada rode the global commodities boom. The rapidly growing Chinese economy — and its seemingly insatiable appetite for commodities — helped increase the price of oil, potash, nickel and the other Canadian resources.加拿大多年来得益于全球大宗商品的繁荣。快速增长的中国经济——及其看上去永无止境的大宗商品需求——推高了石油、钾盐、镍和其他加拿大资源的价格。With China’s demand now faltering, commodity prices have reversed course. Oversupply of oil has similarly devastated its price. Both factors are taking their toll on the Canadian economy. The gross domestic product increased just 0.6 percent in the third quarter of 2015, after six months of negative growth.随着中国的需求增长放缓,大宗商品价格急转直下。石油的供过于求也对价格造成了类似的冲击。这两个因素都在危害加拿大经济。在经过六个月的负增长后,其国内生产总值在2015年第三季度只增长了0.6%。Since October, the decline in the Canadian dollar, aly looking shaky against a surging American currency, has picked up speed.自去年10月以来,加元加速贬值,与强劲的美元相比,加元显得摇摇欲坠。In many ways, a weaker currency is helpful to the economy. The ed States is overwhelmingly the largest market for Canadian exports, which are now less expensive across the border because of the currency’s fall.从很多方面来看,走软的货币对经济有利。美国是加拿大最大的出口市场,远超其他国家。由于货币贬值,加拿大出口商品的价格有所降低。And commodity exports are almost all priced in American dollars. So foreign exchange gains have helped cushion some of the blow to Canadian oil producers and mining companies, which largely sell their resources elsewhere.出口大宗商品的价格几乎都是以美元定价。因此,外汇收益在一定程度上缓和了加拿大石油生产商和矿业公司遭受的冲击,这些企业开采的资源主要销往其他地区。“From a household point of view, what Canadians see is that their dollar isn’t going as far,” said Craig Alexander, vice president of economic research at the C.D. Howe Institute, an economic analysis and policy group “But it’s good for Canadians, it’s good for jobs. The primary driver for economic growth going forward has to come from nonresource export sectors.”“普遍看法是,加拿大人认为加元不会一路跌下去,”经济分析及政策研究机构C·D·豪研究所(C.D. Howe Institute)负责经济分析的副所长克雷格·亚历山大(Craig Alexander)说。“但这对加拿大人有利,对就业有利。经济继续增长的主要驱动力来自非资源型出口领域。”Canada’s tourism industry and other service sectors, which had been suffering, are aly experiencing gains from the currency drop. Luke Azevedo, the film commissioner for Calgary Economic Development, said there had been a notable rise in production in Alberta, where large portions of the movie “The Revenant” and the television series “Fargo” were filmed last year.步履艰难的加拿大旅游业及其他务行业,已经从货币贬值的形势中受益。卡尔加里经济发展局(Calgary Economic Development)电影专员卢克·阿塞韦多(Luke Azevedo)表示,艾伯塔省的制片活动显著增多。去年,电影《荒野猎人》(The Revenant)和电视剧《冰血暴》(Fargo)的很多场景都是在卡尔加里拍摄的。“It’s across the country and the dollar plays a fairly significant role,” Mr. Azevedo said.阿塞韦多说,“全国都是这样,加元汇率发挥了重要作用。”Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized Canada’s strengths in technology and education rather than its ailing natural resource sector.周三,加拿大总理贾斯廷·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)在瑞士达沃斯举行的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)发表讲话时,强调了加拿大在技术和教育方面的优势,并未多谈状况欠佳的自然资源行业。“Our natural resources are important and always will be,” Mr. Trudeau said. “But Canadians know that growth and prosperity is not only based on what’s under our feet but particularly on what we have between our ears.”“我们的自然资源非常重要,将来也是如此,”特鲁多说。“但加拿大人知道,发展和繁荣不仅仅是基于我们脚底下的资源,还尤其要依靠我们的头脑。”Consumer costs are creeping up in a number of areas.在一些领域,消费者的购物成本在逐渐提高。The turnover in the grocery aisle, compared with, say, a clothing store, is faster, meaning changes in currency are more quickly reflected. And profit margins are thin, so grocery stores are less willing to absorb the losses.例如,与装店相比,食杂店的价格上涨得更快一些,这意味着杂货店更快速地体现了汇率波动。由于利润空间非常微薄,食杂店更不愿承受这种损失。The current collapse of the country’s dollar could have a more significant impact in supermarkets than it did in the early 2000s, according to Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario and one of the authors of an annual study of Canadian food prices.安大略省圭尔夫大学(University of Guelph)教授西尔万·沙勒布瓦(Sylvain Charlebois)表示,与2000年代初期的情况相比,目前加元汇率暴跌的形势可能会给超市带来更为显著的影响。沙勒布瓦跟其他人合著了一份关于加拿大食品价格的年度研究报告。Professor Charlebois estimated that about 140 Canadian food processing plants have closed in recent years. Many were owned by multinationals that have replaced Canadian production with imports from their larger American plants. Kellogg’s ended a century of production in London, Ontario, just over a year ago.据沙勒布瓦教授估计,近些年来约有140家加拿大食品加工厂关门。很多加工厂归跨国公司所有,这些公司用规模更大的美国加工厂生产的进口产品,代替加拿大本地生产的产品。一年多以前,氏(Kellogg)停止了该公司在安大略省伦敦市已经持续百年的生产活动。The result, Professor Charlebois said, is that price increases will be seen throughout grocery stores and not just in their fresh produce aisles. Aly, he said, some breakfast cereals have hit 10 Canadian dollars.沙勒布瓦教授表示,结果就是,不仅新鲜农产品的价格会上涨,食杂店商品的价格也会抬高。他表示,一些谷类早餐的价格已经达到10加元。Fishermen in Prince Edward Island now send most of their oyster harvest to the ed States to capitalize on the currency difference. That’s leading to shortages at Canadian fishmongers, forcing some restaurant owners to reimport from the ed States.爱德华王子岛的渔民现在将收获的大多数牡蛎都运往了美国,以便利用汇率差价获利。这导致加拿大鱼贩缺货,迫使一些餐厅老板从美国再进口牡蛎。“It’s mind-boggling that I have to buy Malpeque oysters from my American importer in Boston,” said David McMillan, the co-owner of Joe Beef and two other restaurants in Montreal, adding that the cost of the oyster from Prince Edward Island had risen to 120 Canadian dollars a box from about 90 Canadian dollars. “That’s a lot of money for not a special oyster.”“我得从美国波士顿的进口商那里购买莫尔佩克产的牡蛎,这真是令人难以置信,”戴维·麦克米伦(David McMillan)说。麦克米伦在蒙特利尔与别人合开了Joe Beef及其他两家餐厅。他还表示,爱德华王子岛出产的牡蛎价格从一箱90加元上涨到了120加元。“对于并不特别的牡蛎来说,这个价格太高了。” /201601/424085

Colder weather is setting in and with the change of seasons you might also notice more people coughing, sneezing and calling in sick. It#39;s a harsh reality that these chilly months are strongly associated with the cold and flu.天气慢慢地越变越冷了,随着季节的更迭你也许会发现越来越多的人在咳嗽、打喷嚏、生病啥的。寒冬腊月离不开感冒、流感的,这是亘古不变的事实。If your current plan to stay healthy this winter begins and ends at drinking extra orange juice, you might want to rethink that strategy. From getting outside to eating right, there a lot of surprising things you can do to minimize your chances of coming down with the cold or flu. Doctors and health experts shared their lesser-known tips for staying healthy this winter.今年冬天,如果你目前的保持健康计划从头到尾都是多喝果汁的话,那你可能就要重新考虑一下你的策略了。从去户外到合理饮食,你可以做很多新奇的事情减小因感冒或流感使你病倒的几率。今年冬天,医生和健康专家们分享了他们鲜为人知的健康小贴士。Drink Tea喝茶;Even if you are not a regular tea drinker, try sipping on a cup or two daily during cold and flu season,; said Jenna Gagnon, the communications specialist for Aidance Skincare. ;Steam from tea stimulates cilia, which are those little hairs inside your nose. Think about cilia as the air filter of nose; keep the cilia healthy and abundant to keep germs from making you sick.;协助护肤品(Aidance Skincare)沟通专家珍娜·盖格农称:;就算你不经常喝茶,尽量试着在流感季节每天小饮一两杯;。;茶里面的蒸汽促进纤毛生长,就是你鼻子里面的细毛。;纤毛就好比鼻子的空气过滤器,保持纤毛的健康和繁盛,防止细菌滋生让你病倒。Soak Up Sun沐浴阳光;We all think of vitamin C as the immune booster, but recent research has shown that vitamin D greatly effects the immune system,; said Dr. Scott M. Schreiber, a chiropractic physician, certified nutrition specialist and Delaware’s only board certified rehabilitation specialist. ;[Vitamin D] has been shown to elevate that activity of immune cells.;脊骨神经医学、持营养专家、特拉华州唯一资格认的康复专家斯考特·M·施赖伯士称:;我们都认为维他命C能够增强抵抗力,但近来一项研究显示维他命D也有助于增强免疫系统。;;研究显示,维他命D能够提升免疫因子的运动。;Get Dirty变脏;Exposing yourself to dirt (and microorganisms) can have a long-lasting impact on your immune system,; Schreiber said. ;As a society, we fear getting dirty, when in fact, (studies have shown) it is extremely beneficial.;施赖伯说:;多接触尘土(和微生物)对你的免疫系统有着长久的影响。;;在社会中,我们害怕变得很脏,但实际上,(研究显示)尘土极其有益。;Stay Hydrated多喝水;As part of overall good health habits, it#39;s important to maintain good hydration, regardless of the season,; said Medical Director at Cassena Care Dr. Joel Blass. ;In colder weather, the body#39;s metabolismrevs up and you tend to exhale more moisture than usual—it’s important to replenish those fluids.卡塞纳护理的医学主任乔尔·布拉斯士称:;不管哪个季节,作为全面的、好的健康习惯的一部分,保持体内良好的水合作用很重要。;;在冰冷的天气中,体内的新陈代谢运动加速,你就会比平常呼出更多的水分。所以补充水分就变得很重要了。;Bundle Up把自己裹起来;It is always a good idea to dress appropriately for the seasons. Fashion aside, there is a health benefit to keeping warm in cold weather,; Blass said. ;Cold weather stresses the immune system, and so, while the term ‘catching a cold’ may be a misnomer…a weakened immune system can make you more susceptible to those viruses.;布拉斯说:;穿应季的衣总是好的主意。我们应该要温度不要风度,在寒冷的天气中保持身体暖和对健康那是极有益的。;;寒冷的天气会压迫免疫系统,所以‘患感冒’这个词可以说是用词不当……免疫系统被削弱了,这使你更容易受病毒的影响。; /201511/412873

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