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I remember the first time I went to the ed States and I was competing in a competition. It was the World Championship in Bodybuilding. I lost. I came in second, and I was devastated. I was crushed. I felt like a loser, a major loser, let me tell you. I cried, as a matter of fact, because I felt like I disappointed my friends and I disappointed myself. But the next day I got my act together, I shifted gears, and I said, ;Im going to learn from that lesson. Im going to stay here in America. Im not going to go back to Europe. Im going to stay in America and Im going to train with the American champions, Im going to train the American way. Im going to eat the American food, Im going to train with the American machines and the principles.; And a year later, in America, I became the World Champion in Bodybuilding. So I think this is a very, very important lesson.我还记得第一次到美国参加世界健美锦标赛。当时我输了,我仅得了第二,感觉非常绝望,彻底崩溃了。让我告诉你们,我当时就像一个失败者,一个遭受惨败的人。我哭了,事实上因为我感觉自己让朋友失望了,也让自己失望了。但第二天,我重振旗鼓,改变了态度,并对自己说:“我要吸取教训。我要留在美国。我不会再回欧洲。我要留在美国与美国的冠军一起训练,以美国的方式训练。我要吃美国的食物,用美国的健美器材和原则来训练。”一年后,我成了世界健美冠军。所以,我认为这是一次非常非常重要的教训。And from then on, I continued. My career took off, and everything that I wanted to do I accomplished. First it was to become a champion in bodybuilding. Later on I became a movie star, to do all the great movies, the Conan movies and the Terminator movies and all this. Then I became the governor of the great state of California, of the sixth largest economy in the world.从那时起,我不断努力,我的事业从此飞黄腾达,我实现了自己想做的一切——首先成为健美冠军,接着成为电影明星,拍所有的大片,如《柯南》、《终结者》等一系列电影。后来我当上了世界第六大经济体——加利福尼亚州的州长。All of this happened because of my dreams, even though other people told me that those dreams were bogus and they were crazy, but I held onto my dreams.这一切的实现都是因为我的梦想,即使别人说我的那些梦想都是虚假而荒唐的,但是我仍坚持不懈。And people would always say, no matter what, even in bodybuilding they said I would never make it. And later on in the movies, in Holleywood they said I would not make it. They said, ;You will never make it. You have a German accent. No one in Hollywood has ever made it with a German accent. Yeah, maybe you can play some Nazi roles or something like that, but you cannot become a leading star with an accent. Plus your body, youre overdeveloped, you have all these muscles. They did Hercules movies 20 years ago; thats outdatd. Now its Woody Allen. Woody Allen is in, his body is in.; And those were the messages. ;And Al Pacino, the skinny guy, he is in. But not your body, its too big. And your name, Schwarzenegger, it will never fit on a movie poster. Forget it. Forget it. You will never make it. Go back to bodybuilding.;不管做什么,人们总会说我不会成功,在健美事业上如此。在好莱坞的电影事业上也是如此。他们曾说,“你绝不可能成功,你一口德国腔。在好莱坞还没有一个说话带德国口音的人能成为主角的。扮演一些纳粹或类似的角色你倒是可以,但说话带德国口音的人想成为主角是不可能的。还有你的体形,一身肌肉,太过发达了!20年前他们是拍过大力士的影片,不过那早过时了。现在当红的是伍迪·艾伦。伍迪·艾红走红,他的体型也走红。还有阿尔·帕西诺,那个充满骨感美的家伙也很走红。且不说你的体格过大,再听听你的名字,施瓦辛格,根本不适合登在电影海报上。算了,算了,你不会成功的。还是回去搞你的健美运动去吧!”201403/282419


I just wanted to touch base with all of you in the Department and USAID as we all together stop and think about September 11th. This is a tough day on the calendar for all of us, obviously, because it’s so much more than just any day on any calendar. None of us will ever forget where we were 13 years ago when we were attacked here at home and lost thousands of Americans, just as we all remember two years ago when we were attacked in Benghazi and lost four of our colleagues and friends – Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods – brave and dedicated professionals, men whose commitment to serve brought them to a dangerous corner of the world, not because they were unaware of the danger but because they wanted to make it safer for so many people whose lives are connected to our own.There’s much that we’ve been reminded of from those two terrible days, whether it’s how America never rests until murderers are brought to justice, whether it’s Usama bin Ladin or Ahmad Abu Khattalah, or that always, always we find ways to keep our people as safe as we can in a dangerous world, and the ARB implementation and the daily wrestling with risk management underscore how much that effort is central to all of our lives. 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012, these were both days that forever changed us as people, as public servants, and as a country. But particularly when we look up at the flags raised at half-staff today, we have to find ways to make sure that we carry on in the spirit of those we lost and that we find some ways – big or small – to find lessons in terrible losses.The truth is more than ever the world needs more of the passion and the persistence and the drive that enlisted Chris Stevens and so many of you in the great enterprise of diplomacy and service. And the very issues we’re wrestling with right now in Iraq, in Syria, still in Libya, or the scourge of ISIL, and across the greater Middle East and North Africa and many other places all remind us of the importance of the work that our country leads, not just for our country but for every country.So while we honor the lives of those we lost on these two 9/11s – and I hope you’ll honor them in your own way, whether it’s a short prayer or a reflection or sending an email to someone you know who was directly affected on either day to let them know you’re thinking of them – I hope you’ll also never lose sight of why we, all of us, have chosen the life of public service. As I mentioned last year, there is a special saying that I learned a long time ago which has gotten me through some particularly tough losses: Every day is extra. Life can change and even end in a minute, so those of us who are lucky to have today and many more days must make the most of those extra days, our extra days, and our time here to continue the work of those we lost and to be proud of what they represent, and to renew as well our special pledge to continue on in their memory, today and tomorrow and every day.Take care.201504/372207

  Thank you, Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP, for moderating this very important meeting.I would like to thank the Presidents of the affected African countries – the President of Guinea, the President of Liberia, and the President of Sierra Leone – and I would also like to thank President Mugabe who is participating in his capacity as President of the African Union.And I would also like to thank Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the WHO for her leadership.Thank you all Ministers and dignitaries who have taken such very valuable time to be with us, to be with the people of Africa particularly affected by Ebola.I think we can overcome this one, and I think we are now overcoming it but we have to go until the end, until we see the last patient cured and there will be no further cases.I would also like to thank the World Bank President, and the IMF Managing Director and the many international and regional development banks, including the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank, and the European Union.It is a great honour to have you. Thank you for accepting my invitation to participate and to show your solidarity for the people affected by this Ebola virus. Excellence, Mesdames et Messieurs,Merci de participer à cette conférence internationale sur le relèvement après lEbola.La t#226;che qui nous attend est immense: il sagit de concrétiser nos promesses de solidarité concrete, tournés vers laction.Je vous demande de vous joindre à moi pour apporter un soutien durable aux populations des pays touchés par lEbola.Let me begin by thanking the many donors who have come together, along with governments, civil society organizations, national and international responders, development banks and foundations, as part of a broad-based global coalition to support the nationally-led response efforts.I applaud the African Union and its plan to convene an International Conference on Africas Fight against Ebola later this month in Malabo.I commend the African Union for galvanizing African leaders, businesses and communities in solidarity with the affected countries. This regional unity has been essential to bringing the outbreak under control – and will be critical to effective recovery. I commend the more than 800 African volunteers who deployed through the AU Ebola support mechanism.201509/397998


  As we look, we get into all sorts of uncomfortable areas.如我们所见,我们涉及各种各样艰难的领域We look, for example, about the fact我们来看一个例子,现实情况是that we share at least 95 percent of our DNA我们用95%的人类的DNAwith chimpanzees.与大猩猩进行对比What are we to make of the fact得出的事实是that we differ from them only really by a few nucleotides?人类和大猩猩的DNA只是在一些核苷酸上有所不同And as we get farther and farther with our science,科技越发展we get more and more into a discomforted zone我们越会涉及到让人苦恼的领域where we have to acknowledge我们必须承认that the simplistic categories weve had那些沿用的简单的分类are probably overly simplistic.是过于简单化了So were seeing this正因如此,我们正在审视着in all sorts of places in human life.人类生活中的各个领域One of the places were seeing it, for example,其中的一个领域,举个例子in our culture today, in the ed States today,就是我们的文化领域,当今美国的文化领域is battles over the beginning of life and the end of life.热议着生命的起源和终结We have difficult conversations我们有一个艰难的讨论about at what point we decide a body becomes a human,关于我们什么时候从一个躯体变成了一个人类such that it has a different right than a fetal life.从而有了不同于胎儿的权利We have very difficult conversations nowadays --我们当今有一个非常有争议的话题——probably not out in the open as much as within medicine --也许在外部不如在医学界内争论的激烈——about the question of when somebodys dead.是关于何时认定为人死亡的疑问In the past, our ancestors never had to struggle so much过去,人死的时候with this question of when somebody was dead.我们的祖先从来不会过多的纠结于此At most, theyd stick a feather on somebodys nose,最多也就是把一个羽毛粘在人的鼻子下and if it twitched, they didnt bury them yet.如果羽毛动了,旁人就不会把他们埋掉If it stopped twitching, you bury them.如果羽毛不动,就会埋了他们But today, we have a situation但是如今的情况都是where we want to take vital organs out of beings我们希望把死者的器官and give them to other beings.移植到其他人的身体上And as a consequence,结果were stuck with having to struggle with this really difficult question我们开始纠结在上面所提到的难题中about whos dead,关于到底死了没有and this leads us to a really difficult situation这导致我们进入一个很困难的情况where we dont have such simple categories as weve had before.这个情况没有之前简单的分类了Now you might think that all this breaking-down of categories现在你也许会想,所有的这些正在崩溃的分类would make somebody like me really happy.也许会让像我这样的人感到高兴Im a political progressive, I defend people with unusual bodies,我是一个在政治观点上不断进步的人,我维护那些身体异于常人的人but I have to admit to you that it makes me nervous.但是我必须承认,这种改变让我感到不安Understanding that these categories认识到这些分类制度are really much more unstable than we thought makes me tense.比我们想象的还不稳定,使我感到紧张And it makes me tense同时,我的紧张来自于from the point of view of thinking about democracy.民主的观点So in order to tell you about that tension,所以,为了告诉大家这种紧张的程度I have to first admit to you that Im a huge fan of the Founding Fathers.我首先要承认,我是国父们的忠实粉丝I know they were racists, I know they were sexist,我知道他们是种族主义者,他们是男性至上主义者but they were great.但是他们非常伟大I mean, they were so brave and so bold我的意思是,他们是如此的英勇、无畏and so radical in what they did并且积极的从事他们的事业that I find myself watching that cheesy musical ;1776; every few years,我自己每隔几年就要重新去欣赏那个挺土的音乐剧“1776”and its not because of the music, which is totally forgettable.并不是因为音乐好,音乐是完全可以被忽略的Its because of what happened in 1776是因为1776年围绕着with the Founding Fathers.建国者们发生的事情The Founding Fathers were, for my point of view,建国者们,我认为他们是the original anatomical activists,最早的解剖学活动家and this is why.这是我爱他们的原因What they rejected was an anatomical concept他们反对了一个解剖学的概念and replaced it with another one并且用另一个取而代之that was radical and beautiful and held us for 200 years.这个新进的美好的概念保持了200年So as you all recall,大家回忆一下what our Founding Fathers were rejecting was a concept of monarchy,我们的建国者们反对的是一个君主制度的概念and the monarchy was basically based并且这个君主制是基于on a very simplistic concept of anatomy.过于简单化的解剖学概念上的The monarchs of the old world旧体制下的帝王们didnt have a concept of DNA,没有DNA的概念but they did have a concept of birthright.但是他们遵从的是“出身”的理念They had a concept of blue blood.他们有贵族的概念They had the idea that the people who would be in political power他们认为,身在政治权力下的人should be in political power就应该掌握权力because of the blood being passed down是因为贵族血统要from grandfather to father to son and so forth.从祖父到父亲到儿子一代代传承The Founding Fathers rejected that idea,建国者们反对这种观点and they replaced it with a new anatomical concept,他们用一种新的解剖上的概念取而代之and that concept那种概念就是was all men are created equal.人人平等They leveled that playing field他们消除了等级观念and decided the anatomy that mattered并且确定解剖学的重要性was the commonality of anatomy,在于全民平等not the difference in anatomy,而不是出身的贵贱and that was a really radical thing to do.在当时那确实是一个很激进的改革Now they were doing it in part某种程度上,这种改革现在仍然在进行because they were part of an Enlightenment system因为他们是启蒙运动系统的一部分201508/394692

  Remember, Jobs isnt selling hardware.切记,乔布斯不是在推销设备,Hes selling an experience.他是在推销一种体验。If you offer numbers and statistics make them meaningful.如果你要引用数据,让它们变得有意义。We have sold four million iPhones to date.迄今为止,我们一共售出了400万部iPhone。If you divide four million by two hundred days, thats 20,000 iPhones every day on average.如果你用400万除以200天,这意味着我们平均每天卖出了两万部iPhone手机。Numbers dont mean much unless theyre placed in context.数字本身没有意义,除非放入特殊的语境。Managers, connect the dots for your listeners.经理们,给听众们连起些例子吧。Recently, I worked with a company that launched a 12 gigabyte memory card.最近我在和一个公司合作,这个公司刚刚发布了新的12G内存卡。12 gigabytes! That number doesnt mean much to most people, so we put it in the context.12G啊!多数人不明白12G是什么概念。所以我把它放到语境中。We said, ;thats enough memory to listen to your music while travelling to the moon and back!我们会说12G的存储量足够让你听着音乐在地球和月球之间兜上一圈。Now 12 gigs means something to me.现在12G对我来说就有了意义。Make numbers meaningful!让这些数字变得有意义。One of the most effective elements of a Steve Jobs presentation is that they are easy on the eyes.史蒂文·乔布斯演讲的最有效因素之一就是赏心悦目。His presentations are visual and simple.他的演讲不仅视觉化,而且通俗易懂。While most speakers fill their slides with mind-numbing data and text and charts, Jobs does just the opposite.尽管大多数的演讲者喜欢在幻灯片里塞进大量的数据、文字和图表,但乔布斯却正好相反。He uses very little text and usually one, maybe two, images per slide.他用很少的文字,通常每个幻灯片只带有一两张图片。you see, you want to paint a picture for your audience without overwhelming them.你想为听众描述一副蓝图,而不是铺天盖地抛向听众。Inspiring presentations are short on bullet points and big on visuals.鼓舞人心的演讲用丰富的视觉效果,而鲜有要点符号。201512/418685My editor at Geographic我地理学的编辑wanted me to find Americas Blue Zone.想让我找个美国的蓝区。And for a while we looked on the prairies of Minnesota,一时间我们观察了明尼苏达草原,where actually there is a very high proportion of centenarians.那里确实有相当比例的百岁老人。But thats because all the young people left.但只是因为所有的年轻人都离开了。So, we turned to the data again.因此,我们再次依赖数据。And we found Americas longest-lived population我们发现美国最长寿的人群among the Seventh-Day Adventists都在星期六耶稣再生派论者当中concentrated in and around Loma Linda, California.这些人集中在加利福尼亚州的罗马琳达及周围地区。Adventists are conservative Methodists.再生派论者是守旧派人物。They celebrate their Sabbath他们从周五日落到周六日落from sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday.一直庆祝安息日。A ;24-hour sanctuary in time,; they call it.他们称为“二十四小时至圣时间”。And they follow five little habits并且遵循五种that conveys to them extraordinary longevity,相对而言传递给他们的comparatively speaking.能够特别长寿的习惯。In America here, life expectancy在美国,女人平均寿命for the average woman is 80.为80岁。But for an Adventist woman,但再生论者的女人,their life expectancy is 89.平均寿命是89岁。And the difference is even more pronounced among men,男人之间的差别则更为显著,who are expected to live about 11 years他们大约比其他美国男同胞longer than their American counterparts.多活11岁。Now, this is a study that followed这项研究是跟随7万人大约用了三十年about 70,000 people for 30 years.才做出来的。Sterling study. And I think it supremely illustrates是一项纯正的研究。我认为它极好地阐述了the premise of this Blue Zone project.对蓝区项目的假定。This is a heterogeneous community.这是一个多种族群体。Its white, black, Hispanic, Asian.有白人,黑人,西班牙人和亚洲人。The only thing that they have in common are a set of他们唯一的共同点是都有一套very small lifestyle habits适当的生活习惯that they follow ritualistically而且一生多半都恪守着for most of their lives.这种习惯。They take their diet directly from the Bible.他们的饮食来自于圣经。Genesis: one, Verse,第一章诗节where God talks about legumes and seeds,在这一节上帝讲豆科蔬菜和种子,and on one more stanza about green plants,并且讲了一节多的绿色蔬菜,ostensibly missing is meat.基本上忽略肉类。They take this sanctuary in time very serious.对待这种圣事,他们很严肃。For 24 hours every week,每周有24小时no matter how busy they are, how stressed out they are at work,不管多忙,工作压力多大,where the kids need to be driven,孩子们要在那里受到鼓舞,they stop everything and they focus on their God,所以他们放下一切事情只关注上帝,their social network, and then, hardwired right in the religion,在宗教里,他们的社会交际网,固定的权利are nature walks.都是对大自然的探索。And the power of this is not that its done occasionally,这能量不是偶然发出the power is its done every week for a lifetime.而是一生中每周如此。None of its hard. None of it costs money.没有难度也没有花费。Adventists also tend to hang out with other Adventists.冒险家也想与同行一同去闲逛。So, if you go to an Adventists party所以,如果你去参加一个冒险者聚会,you dont see people swilling Jim Beam or rolling a joint.你看不到人们痛饮玉米威士忌或做烟卷Instead theyre talking about their next nature walk,他们正讨论的是下一次自然大探索,exchanging recipes, and yes, they pray.交换食谱然后祈祷。But they influence each other in profound and measurable ways.他们以深刻有策略的方式影响着彼此。This is a culture that has yielded Ellsworth Whareham.在这种文化中诞生了埃尔斯沃斯Ellsworth Whareham is 97 years old.他活了97岁Hes a multimillionaire,是个百万富翁,yet when a contractor wanted 6,000 dollars但是一个承包人想要6000美元to build a privacy fence,建个私人栅栏时,he said, ;For that kind of money Ill do it myself.;他说这点钱我自己搞定。So for the next three days he was out shoveling cement,所以接下来的三年他外出铲水泥and hauling poles around.到处搬运电杆。And predictably, perhaps, on the fourth day正如预想,大约在第四天he ended up in the operating room.他在手术室去世。But not as the guy on the table;但根本不像手术台上the guy doing open-heart surgery.做心脏直视手术的家伙。At 97 he still does 20 open-heart surgeries every month.到97他仍然每月做20次心脏手术。Ed Rawlings, 103 years old now,爱德罗林斯,现103岁,an active cowboy, starts his morning with a swim.是个活泼的牛仔,每天早晨游泳。And on weekends he likes to put on the boards,周末他喜欢上舞台throw up rooster tails.抛公鸡尾巴符咒And then Marge Deton.马吉德顿Marge is 104.104岁Her grandson actually lives in the Twin Cities here.她的孙子住在双子城?She starts her day with lifting weights.她每天先练举重She rides her bicycle.然后骑自行车。And then she gets in her root-beer colored然后驾着她1994年的啤酒色1994 Cadillac Seville,凯迪拉克塞维利亚and tears down the San Bernardino freeway,驶向圣贝纳迪诺高速公路where she still volunteers for seven different organizations.在高速上她是七个不同组织的志愿者。Ive been on 19 hardcore expeditions.我已经经历了19次远征,Im probably the only person youll ever meet也许是你见到的唯一骑自行车who rode his bicycle across穿过the Sahara desert without sunscreen.撒哈拉沙漠却没有晒伤的人。But Ill tell you, there is no adventure more harrowing但是让我告诉你,没有比运输途中担任马吉德顿护卫更加than riding shotgun with Marge Deton.让人头痛的事情。;A stranger is a friend I havent met yet!; shed say to me.她说:“陌生人是一个我还未见过的朋友。”So, what are the common denominators所以,这三种文化有什么in these three cultures?共同特性呢?What are the things that they all do?他们都有做了什么事情?201507/386589

  Like, not that theres anything wrong with that,就像,并非是因为那有什么不对,but my mom, shes like, like,但是我妈妈,她就像,像是why do you have to wear pants that, like,你为什么要穿上那样的裤子objectify your body? I like my pants.把你的身体物化?我喜欢我的裤子。Like, I like my voice.就像,我喜欢我的声音。Like, shes like, why do you have to talk like —”她就像,你为什么谈论喜欢-Talk like what? Like, Im expressing myself,谈论喜欢什么?就像,我在表达我自己,and I think that we have to, like,并且我以为我们不得不,就像reach out, like, not only across, like,伸出援手,像,不只是跨越,像the different generations of feminists,不同时代得女性主义者,but also across the, like, vocal ranges,也跨越,像,声音的界限,so that, like, we,那样,我们because otherwise its just, like,因为除此以外就只是,像,restriculous within feminism,在女性主义者自身的荒谬和局限,which is just, like, a word that I created那就是,一个我创造的单词that means, like, so strict its ridiculous.那就意味者,像是,局限和荒谬。So thats my feeling about that.那就是我关于那个的感觉。You guys are a-mazing, by the way.你们这些家伙们很神奇,顺便说一句。Okay. Next question.好了,下个问题。Yeah, you know what,是的,你知道吗?so my name is Joseph Mancuso.我的名字叫约瑟夫.满库索First of all, I just want to say that I appreciate首先,我只想说我感谢that TED in general has been a pretty orderly crowd, TED一直有着很有秩序的观众a pretty orderly group.非常有秩序的人群And, you know, I just have to say,而且, 你知道, 我不得不说,the whole thing with baldness,秃头的事情and, you know, heres the thing.你知道,这就是说As long as the woman, in my case --当一个女人,在我的例子里-because its a modern world,因为这是现代世界,do whatever you want to do, I dont have any problem with anybody,做你想做的,我对任何人都没有问题,enjoy yourself, LGBTQLMNOP. All right?享受做自己,天,不管什么男女同性恋,双性恋,变性,万性恋都是恋。对吗?But as far as Im concerned,但我目前关心的是,attractiveness,吸引力,women dont really care女人不真的as much as you think they do想你所认为的那样关心about the, you know.你知道的,关于,I mean, I remember hearing this woman.我意思是,我记得听到这个女人说。She loved her husband, it was the sweetest thing.她爱她丈夫,这是最甜蜜的事,Its a pretty young girl, you know?那是一个漂亮的年轻的女孩,你知道吗?And this guys older.而这个男人比较老。And, you know, she said she would love him然后, 你知道,她说她愿意去爱他even if he had snow on the roof即使他只有一片瓦or even if melted and disappeared altogether.或者即使是一起融化和消失也好。As far as Im concerned, its about the love.迄今我关心的是,关于爱情Am I right, or am I right?我对不对,或者我对吗?So thats it. Thats it. Thats it.好吧,那就是了, 那就是的,就是的。I dont got nothing more to say.我没有更多的要说了。Keep your noses clean.让你们的鼻子保持清洁。All right, next question.可以了,下一个问题。;Have you ever tasted meat thats not lab grown?;“你尝过不在实验室里生长的肉类吗?”Um, well, I, 嗯,好吧,我,I want to start by saying我想在开头说的是that this is a very difficult experience那是一个非常不同的经验for a Chinese-American.对一个中裔美国人来说。I dont know what to call myself now,我现在不知道如何叫自己because I have really my Chinese identity,因为我确实有中国身份,but my kids, they are American-Chinese,但我的孩子们,他们是美裔中国人,but its difficult to try to express myself但这很难来表达我自己in front of audience of people like this.在像这样的一些观众面前。201410/335665

  So heres my final story: On a day like today, you might feel exhilarated —like youve just been shot out of a cannon at the circus and even invincible.Dont ever forget that incredible feeling.But also always remember that the moments we have with friends and family,the chances we have to do things that might make a big difference in the world,or even to make a small difference to the ones we love all those wonderful chances that life gives us,life also takes away.It can happen fast, and a whole lot sooner than you think.In late March 1996, soon after I had moved to Stanford for graduate school,my Dad had difficulty breathing and drove to the hospital.Two months later, he died.I was completely devastated.Many years later, after a startup, after falling in love,and after so many of lifes adventures,I found myself thinking about my Dad.Lucy and I were far away in a steaming hot village walking through narrow streets.我还想说个故事:如果某天你如现在这般欣喜若狂,就像从马戏团的炮口轰了出来,一头冲向蓝天。请铭记那一刻的美妙,同时请铭记那些和家人朋友共处的时光,铭记每一个上天赋予你改造世界的机遇,铭记为所爱的人做出的改变,铭记生活赋予的一切美好,但生活也能轻易将它夺走。人生无常,1996年3月下旬,我到斯坦福大学读研不久,我的父亲便因呼吸困难住进了医院。两个月以后,他去世了。我当时几乎崩溃,许多年后,我创业,恋爱。历生命的种种后,我总会想起我的父亲。我和Lucy去过一个偏远又炎热的村庄,在狭窄的街道上散步。There were wonderful friendly people everywhere, but it was a desperately poor place.People used the bathroom inside and it flowed out into the open gutter and straight into the river.We touched a boy with a limp leg, the result of paralysis from polio.Lucy and I were in rural India, one of the few places where Polio still exists.Polio is transmitted fecal to oral, usually through filthywater.Well, my Dad had Polio.He went on a trip to Tennessee in the first grade and he caught it.He was hospitalized for two months and had to be transported by military DC-3 back home his first flight.那里的人很友好,却极度贫穷。污水不经处理就径直流入饮水河道,我们遇到一个因小儿麻痹而瘸腿的小男孩。那是在印度村庄,少数还存在小儿麻痹症的地方。这种病主要归罪于污染的水源,我的父亲也有小儿麻痹症,他一年级去田纳西州旅行时患病,住院两个月后,由军用航班DC-3送回家,这是他第一次打飞的。My Dad wrote,;Then, I had to stay in bed for over a year, before I started back to school.;That is actually a e from his fifth grade autobiography.My Dad had difficulty breathing his whole life,and the Polio are what took him from us too soon.He would have been very upset,that Polio still persists even though we have a vaccine.He would have been equally upset that back in India we had polio virus on our shoes from walking through the contaminated gutters that sp the disease.We were sping the virus with every footstep,right under beautiful kids playing everywhere.The world is on the verge of eliminating polio,with 328 people infected so far.Lets get it eradicated soon.Perhaps one of you will do that.他在五年级的日记里写道:我必须在床上躺一年,不能上学。父亲一辈子呼吸困难,小儿麻痹症使他过早离开我们。现在即使有了疫苗,小儿麻痹症依然肆虐,在印度脚上的鞋子也会传播小儿麻痹症,穿过那被污染的携带着病毒的水沟,每走一步都在传播病毒,病毒横行于孩子们玩耍的每个角落,人类正在努力消灭小儿麻痹症。到目前为止,还有328例感染病例。让我们加速这一进程吧,也许你们中就有人能够实现这个目标。201307/249409


  Then, we go one step further.然后, 我们更进一步。We add our values when it comes to womens health,LGBT health, alternative medicine,preventive health, and end-of-life decisions.我们带来了更多的好处:比如女性健康,同性双性恋及跨性者的健康问题, 替代疗法,卫生预防, 以及临终决定。We pledge to our patients that we are here to serve you,so you have a right to know who we are. 我们向我们的患者 保我们在这里是为你务。所以你有权利知道我们是谁,We believe that transparency can be the cure for fear.我们相信这种透明可以治疗恐惧。I thought some doctors would sign on and others wouldnt,but I had no idea of the huge backlash that would ensue.我当时认为一些医生 会签下这份协议, 一些不会,但是我不知道接下来 会产生这么大的反对意见。Within one week of starting Whos My Doctor?在这项活动开始的一周内Medscapes public forum and several online doctors communities had thousands of posts about this topic.知名医学网站医景的公共论坛和一些网上医生社区有了上千个关于这个话题的帖子。Here are a few.这里有一些From a gastroenterologist in Portland:来自于波特兰的一个胃肠病专家:I devoted 12 years of my life to being a slave.我奉献了我生命中的12年去成为一个奴隶,I have loans and mortgages.我有贷款和抵押贷款,I depend on lunches from drug companies to serve patients.我依靠制药公司给的饭碗去给患者务。Well, times may be hard for everyone,这个时代对于每一个人都是困难的,but try telling your patient making 35,000 dollars a year to serve a family of four that you need the free lunch.但是尝试去告诉你的患者一年赚35,000美金去养活一家四口使你需要这个免费午餐。From an orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte:这个是来自夏洛特的一名矫形外科医生:I find it an invasion of my privacy to disclose where my income comes from.我认为公开我的收入来源 是一种对我隐私的侵犯,My patients dont disclose their incomes to me.我的病人也不向我公开他们的收入情况。But your patients sources of income dont affect your health.但是你病人的收入来源不影响你的健康。From a psychiatrist in New York City:这个是来自一名纽约的精神科的医生:Pretty soon we will have to disclose whether we prefer cats to dogs,what model of car we drive,and what toilet paper we use. 不久之后我们将不得不公开 我们是否喜欢喜欢猫比多一点,我们开什么类型的车,我们用什么厕纸。Well, how you feel about Toyotas or Cottonelle wont affect your patients health,but your views on a womans right to choose and preventive medicine and end-of-life decisions just might. 你的丰田汽车和斯科特纸的看法不会影响你的病人的健康,但是你对女性权利的选择,预防医学和临终决定的看法是可能的。And my favorite, from a Kansas City cardiologist:还有我最喜欢的一条, 来自于堪萨斯城的心脏科医生:More government-mandated stuff?更多国家指定的医生?Dr. Wen needs to move back to her own country.文医生需要搬回自己的国家。Well, two pieces of good news.这有两条好消息,First of all, this is meant to be voluntary and not mandatory,and second of all, Im American and Im aly here.第一, 这应该是自愿的而不是强制的,第二, 我是美国人, 而且我已经在这了。Within a month, my employers were getting calls asking for me to be fired.一个月之内, 我的雇主接到过几通电话要求解雇我。I received mail at my undisclosed home address with threats to contact the medical board to sanction me.在我的一个私人的居所里, 收到了一封邮件威胁说要去联系医委会制裁我,My friends and family urged me to quit this campaign.我的朋友和家庭强烈要求我从这个活动里退出,After the bomb threat, I was done.在收到炸弹威胁后, 我受够了。But then I heard from patients.但是然后我从患者那里听说,Over social media, a TweetChat,which Id learned what that was by then,generated 4.3 million impressions,and thousands of people wrote to encourage me to continue. 基于大众评价, Tweetchat,是我在当时用的社交工具,已经产生了430万的留言,上千人留言鼓励我继续。They wrote with things like,if doctors are doing something theyre that ashamed of,they shouldnt be doing it.他们写下一些如,如果医生做了一些让他们感到羞愧的事情,他们就不应该那样做。Elected officials have to disclose campaign contributions.当选官员在公开他们的竞选资金来源,Lawyers have to disclose conflicts of interests.律师在公开他们的经济利益冲突的情况下,Why shouldnt doctors?医生怎么就不能公开了?And finally, many people wrote and said,let us patients decide whats important when were choosing a doctor.最后, 许多人留言说,让我们患者决定当我们选一个医生的时候,什么才是重要的。In our initial trial,over 300 doctors have taken the total transparency pledge.在我们初期的实验里,超过300个医生参与了这个透明承诺。What a crazy new idea, right?多么疯狂的想法, 对吗?But actually, this is not that new of a concept at all.但是事实上, 这一点都不算是新的概念。Remember Dr. Sam, my doctor in China,with the goofy jokes and the wild hair?记得山姆医生,那个会讲傻傻的笑话和 狂野的头发的中国医生吗?Well, she was my doctor,but she was also our neighbor who lived in the building across the street. 她曾是我的医生,但是她同时也是住在街对面的邻居。I went to the same school as her daughter.我和她的女儿去的同一所学校,My parents and I trusted her because we knew who she was and what she stood for,and she had no need to hide from us. 我的父母和我相信她因为我们知道她是怎样的一个人 和她的信仰是什么,她不需要向我们隐藏什么。Just one generation ago, this was the norm in the U.S. as well.仅仅这一代之前, 这在美国也是常态。You knew that your family doctor was the father of two teenage boys,that he quit smoking a few years ago,that he says hes a regular churchgoer,but you see him twice a year: once at Easter and once when his mother-in-law comes to town. 你知道你的家庭医生 是两个十几岁男孩的父亲,他几年前把烟戒掉了,经常去做礼拜,但是你见他一年两次: 要么是在复活节要么就是他的岳母到访的时候。You knew what he was about,and he had no need to hide from you. 你知道关于他的事情,他不需要向你隐藏什么。But the sickness of fear has taken over,and patients suffer the consequences. 但是现在已经恐惧占据了,患者为其承担后果。I know this firsthand.我亲身经历过的。201503/366094

  Thanks to a mutual friend, we rented our garage to two graduate students at Stanford 经朋友介绍 我们将车库租给了两个斯坦福研究生who had just started a company, who were looking for office space 他们刚开了一家公司 正在寻找办公场所They seem nice 他们看起来很棒There ideas sounded kind of crazy 他们的想法听起来有些疯狂Back then 当时no one had heard of Larry Page and Sergey Brin 没人听说过拉里·佩奇和谢尔盖·布林or the new company with the funny name 或是他们开的那家名字滑稽的公司Google? 谷歌?What? 什么What does that mean? 这是什么意思It doesnt really matter 这没关系As long as you guys pay the rent on time, you guys can build your Google anything here 只要你们能够按时交房租 管你们是谷歌还是别的什么Wednesday moved in, we have late night 一个周三的深夜together in the garage, eating pizza and Mamp;Ms 我们一起坐在车库吃批萨和Mamp;Mwhen they talked to me about how their technology could change the world 他们跟我讲 说自己的技术能够改变世界But then they would go on equally excited 之后他们同样兴奋地告诉我about the fact that my house had a washer and dryer 说我家有洗衣机和烘干机真是太好了They made bold proclamations 他俩很大胆地宣布说We are going to organize the entire World Wide Web 我们将把全球网络组织到一起followed by -- which day is recycling day? 说完之后 他们问我 垃圾回收日是哪一天来着And when I asked them how much experience they had to back their ambitious plan 我问他们 你们有多少经验来持这一雄心壮志they would say well our combined age is almost 50 他们说 我们的年龄合起来可有将近50岁and they were entering a competitive area 他们进入是一个竞争性极强的领域There were many well-funded search engines 当时有很多资金充裕的搜索引擎公司famous at the time, although you probably never heard of them 当时这些公司都很有名 只是你们可能没听说过AltaVista, Lycos, Excite 比如AltaVista Lycos ExciteCan you imagine if you wanted to search for something online 想象一下 要搜索东西的时候你要说and you had to say Im going to AltaVista? 我要去AltaVista一下 这会是什么感觉The answer, that would be kinda awkward 肯定会显得非常笨拙201511/412779

  Merry Christmas, everybody! (Applause.) We saw this party going on out back and we thought we’d join you. I want to thank Secretary Jewell for not only the introduction but for all that you and everybody who is part of the Interior Department and the Park Service do to protect the magnificent outdoors for our children and for future generations. And I want to thank Jonathan Jarvis, Dan Wenk, and everybody at the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation for putting on this special event each and every holiday season. I want everybody to give it up for our charming Christmas hosts tonight, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. (Applause.) We have so enjoyed the incredible performers, including the one and only Patti LaBelle. (Applause.) And, finally, thanks to all of you who are here and watching at home for joining us to celebrate this wonderful holiday tradition. Back in 1923, school kids here in Washington wrote a letter to the White House asking if they could put a Christmas tree on the South Lawn. And more than 90 years and a few different evergreens later – (laughter) – the National Christmas Tree still stands as a symbol of hope and holiday spirit, and we still gather as a country each year to light it. We still have school kids involved, too. But this year, they’ve given all the state and territory trees surrounding the National Christmas Tree their first digital upgrade. Young women from all 50 states used their computers – using their coding skills to control the colors and patterns of the lights on the trees. (Applause.) So thanks to those wonderful students. It is incredibly impressive. It’s actually one of the few things that Tom Hanks cannot do. (Laughter.) But while lighting the tree has entered into the 21st century, the story that we remember this season dates back more than 2,000 years. It’s the story of hope – the birth of a singular child into the simplest of circumstances – a child who would grow up to live a life of humility, and kindness, and compassion; who traveled with a message of empathy and understanding; who taught us to care for the poor, and the marginalized, and those who are different from ourselves. And more than two millennia later, the way he lived still compels us to do our best to build a more just and tolerant and decent world. It is a story dear to my family as Christians, but its meaning is one embraced by all peoples across our country and around the world, regardless of how they pray, or whether they pray at all. And that’s to love our neighbors as ourselves. To be one another’s keepers. To have faith in one another, and in something better around the bend. Not just at Christmastime, but all the time. And, finally, this Christmas, we count our blessings and we give thanks to the men and women of our military who help make those blessings possible. And as we hold our loved ones tight, let’s remember the military families whose loved ones are far from home. They are our heroes, and they deserve our heartfelt gratitude and our wholehearted support. (Applause.) So on behalf of Michelle, Malia, Sasha, mom-in-law – (laughter) – and our reindeer Bo and Sunny – (laughter) – I want to wish all of them and I want to wish all of you a very, very merry Christmas, and a holiday filled with joy. God bless you, and God bless the ed States of America.201506/382007

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