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Start of winter has China preparing for Lunar New Year冬至到来 人们准备迎接农历新年Monday is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.周一就是冬至了,这是北半球一年中白昼最短的一天。The sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, resulting in the fewest hours of sunlight.太阳到达南回归线造成日照时间最短。In Northern China, it is traditional for people to have dumplings filled with meat and vegetables to celebrate.在中国的北方人们传统上会吃包有肉和菜的饺子庆祝这一节日。Those in the South typically eat sweet dumplings to mark the occasion.而南方则会在这个特殊的节日吃甜汤圆。The solstice marks the official start of winter.冬至标志着冬季正式开始。Chinese will start preparing for the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.从现在开始中国人将准备迎接春节农历新年。The Year of the Ram begins February 19.羊年将于2月19日开始。201412/350108。

However, the situation is improving . Anti-poaching laws are now actively enforced so every summer, female chiru can head to the birthing grounds in relative safety. 但是情况正在逐步好转,反偷猎法已经生效,所以每年夏天,母藏羚羊可以相对安全地带领羊群到繁衍的地方。Out on the plateau, new-born chiru are vulnerable to predators, so the mothers must try to hide and protect them.在高原上,新生的藏羚羊容易受到食肉动物的攻击,所以母藏羚羊必须把他们藏起来保护它们。The most recent problem faced by the chiru is the new Tibet-Qinghai railway, which cuts right through their traditional migration routes.藏羚羊最近遇到的最大问题就是青藏铁路的修建正好阻断了它们传统的迁徙路线。Its too early to see its effect on the wildlife, but the engineers have made efforts to incorporate underpasses where wildlife can cross the line in safety.它对野生动物的影响还为时过早,但工程师们已经设计了高架桥来让野生动物能安全地穿过铁路。As the modern world increasingly impacts on Tibet, its traditions could be in danger of being eroded.由于现代世界对西藏与日俱增的影响,西藏的传统文化正面临影响。Running nearly 2,000 kilometres through some of the highest terrain on Earth, the railway is an astonishing technical feat.青藏铁路蜿蜒2000多公里,经过世界上最高的地带,它的建造技术是震惊世界的壮举。 /201403/281952。

Its not just actors Bruce Lee has inspired.His influence can be felt in people from all walks of life.受李小龙启发的并不只有演员,你能从各种人身上感受到他的影响。Any people came into the martial arts film world,whether they met him or not, Bruce Lee was the prime influence.More interesting is the way that people in other areas poped the culture.The Rappers, the musicians, the film makers,directors, cinema photograghers,they all have been influenced by Bruce Lee.进入功夫电影世界的人,不论见没见过李小龙都会受到他的影响,更有意思的是 其他领域的人也对他趋之若鹜,包括说唱歌手、音乐人、电影制片人、导演、电影摄影师,他们都受到了李小龙的影响。Hollywood film director, Brett Ratner says Bruce Lee is his biggest influence.Hes dircted 8 feature films grossing over one and a half billion dollars.And hes best known for the ;Rush Hour; triligy starring Jacky Chen and Chris Tucker.好莱坞导演Brett Ratner说过 李小龙对他的影响最大,Brett Ratner执导了8部故事片 总票房达15亿美元,其中最著名的是成龙和Chris Tucker主演的;尖峰时刻;三部曲。First Bruce Lees film was the ;Enter the Dragon; and I became absessed with them.I think I watched it more than any other movie Ive ever watched my entire life.That just completely blew me away.;龙争虎斗;是我看的第一部李小龙电影,然后我就着魔了,可以说 看这部电影的遍数超过了,我一生所看过的其他任何电影。太令人着迷了。Yeah, such a unique persona, such a unique style and individuality that he made fighting entertaining.嗯 凭借独一无二的角色 独一无二的风格和个性,他让格斗变得妙趣横生。He made it fun.He made it dramatic.He made it emotional.Actor Eddie Griffins first experience of Bruce Lee was watching his second film ;Fist of Fury; also known as the ;Chinese Connection;.It was released in 1973 made in Cantonese adapted into English.他的格斗有趣,充满戏剧性,充满。演员Eddie Griffin第一次接触李小龙是在看他的第二部电影;精武门;的时候,电影于1973年发行 粤语原声 英语配音。Why did you kill my teacher? Why, why, why, why...你为什么要杀我师父? 为什么 为什么 为什么...Then we were at a driving theater Kansas, Missouri.Its one of those movie theaters what we have 2 screens, one over here, and ones there.And we were watching ;Fist of Fury;.And theres a porno playing on the other.Tell ya how good Bruce Lee is, nobody was watching the porno.我们是在一家汽车电影院看的电影,在密苏里州堪萨斯城,就是那种两个荧幕的电影院 一个在这边 一个在另一边。当时我们看的是;精武门;,另一边放的是部色情片,你不知道李小龙的片子多好看 根本没人看色情片。201401/271502。

Canadian author Alic Ann Munro has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Winner of the Man Booker International Prize for her lifetime body of work, she is also a three-time winner of Canadas Governor Generals Award for fiction.加拿大女作家艾丽斯·芒罗荣获诺贝尔文学奖。她的作品曾获年布克国际文学奖,她还曾三次获得加拿大文学总督奖。The locus of Munros fiction is her native southwestern Ontario. Her ;accessible, moving stories; explore human complexities in a seemingly effortless style. Munros writing has established her as ;one of Canadas greatest contemporary writers of fiction.;艾丽斯·芒罗的小说大多以她的家乡——安大略省为取材背景。她的作品通俗易懂,故事感人,总是以一种看似不费吹灰之力的方式揭露着复杂的人性。艾丽斯·芒罗在文学创作方面硕果累累,这也使得她成为加拿大当代最伟大的小说家之一。201310/259725。

Youll want to wear these cool duct-tape boots whenever youre mucking around in the mud.无论何时,当你在泥泞的道路上蹒跚前行时,你肯定想穿一双这种炫酷的靴子。You Will Need你需要Scissors剪刀Cardboard硬纸板Insoles鞋垫Socks袜子Newspaper报纸Duct tape胶带Shoe insoles (optional)鞋垫(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Cut sole1.切割鞋底Cut two soles from the cardboard, using the insoles from your shoes as guides. Then slip your cut-out soles into an old pair of socks.用鞋垫做模板,从硬纸板上切下两块做鞋底。然后把切下的鞋底放入一双旧袜子。You can also insert an old pair of insoles into the socks.也可以直接把一双旧鞋垫塞到袜子里。Step 2 Stuff with newspaper2.填充报纸Stuff the socks with newspaper to create a form for the boots. Add extra stuffing to the tops of the foot and ankle areas to make sure youll be able to easily slip them on and off.向袜子中塞满报纸,打造靴子的形状。脚掌顶部和脚踝部位多加一些填充物,确保可以顺利地穿上和脱下。Step 3 Add duct tape3.添加胶带Apply duct taping horizontally across the middle of the foot areas. Overlap pieces of tape by about 1/2-inch. Tape the socks until theyre completely covered.脚掌部位水平添加胶带,胶带之间重叠大约0.5英寸,直到袜子被完全覆盖。Step 4 Remove stuffing4.取出填充物Remove the stuffing and try the boots on for comfort. Carefully cut areas that are too large or too small, and re-tape as necessary.取掉填充物,试穿一下是否舒适。认真修剪太大或太小的地方,如果需要的话重新添加胶带。Step 5 Pray for rain5.等待下雨天Pray for rain so you can go outside and play in the mud with your cool duct-tape boots.期待雨天的来临,这样就可以穿着这双简约的泥地靴在泥泞中玩耍了。In 2008, at least 540 mudslides set off by rain were reported around the world, killing more than 2,100 people.2008年,全世界共报道至少540起泥石流,造成超过2,100人死亡。视频听力由。201310/262854。

扣叔提到马来西亚政府通知家属方式的不近人情,讽刺了CNN, MSN, FOX NEWS等新闻媒体在事件过程中的不靠谱瞎猜。尤其对CNN的黑洞论和灵媒论进行了猛烈吐槽,结结实实地把他们黑出了翔201403/282501。