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This chart shows the 3 main nutrients that childhood这幅图展示了儿童癌症治愈者所缺少的3种cancer survivors were deficient in; folate, calcium主要的营养成分 叶酸盐、钙、铁and iron. This chart also compares their这图也比较了他们同正常儿童相比deficiencies to a normal children’s diet.所缺少的营养As you can see both children diagnosed with cancer正如你看到的,不管是患有癌症的儿童and normal healthy children are deficient in calcium还是正常健康儿童都会缺钙whereas childhood cancer survivors are also uniquely然而儿童癌症治愈者却缺少叶酸盐和铁deficient in folate and iron. These nutrient这些营养成分缺失deficiencies could have negative health implications对他们以后的生活健康是非常不利的later in life.So what can we conclude from this study?从这项研究中 我们能得出什么结论呢While this study showed that 32% of childhood cancer尽管这项研究显示 32%的癌症儿童幸存者survivors are not meeting their requirements for并没有达到钙的需求量calcium other literature suggests that up to 68% of其他的材料也显示68%的癌症儿童幸存者childhood cancer survivors are not meeting the没有达到规定的钙的需求量guidelines for calcium intake. This population is这些群体更有可能患at a greater risk of developing complications related和骨质疏松正相关的并发症to osteoporosis because their cancer treatments may因为他们的癌症治疗have altered their bone metabolism interfering with可能改变了他们的骨骼新陈代谢their ability to obtain peak bone mass during growth.这阻碍了他们在生长期间获得骨峰值的能力While treatment greatly affects children’s overall然而 治疗极大的影响了孩子整体的骨密度bone mineral density it is a multi factorial process这是一个多因子过程and adequate calcium intake, especially in the form尤其以奶制品的形式充足的摄入钙of dairy, as well as weight bearing exercises can help负重锻炼可以帮助阻止诸如prevent complications such as osteoporosis and help骨质疏松症等并发症的发生 帮助孩子kids obtain a peak bone mass.The 50% of children获得骨峰值 50%缺乏叶酸盐的孩子deficient in folate are also at risk of long term也有着长期的健康问题health effects. Many studies have shown a direct link许多研究显示 在降低的也算盐摄入量between decreased folic acid intake and increased和增高的同型半胱氨基酸积累之间rates of homocysteine accumulation. In the body folate有着直接联系acts as a co enzyme and participates in several single体内的叶酸盐作为一种辅酶 参与好几种carbon transfer reactions such as the synthesis of单一的碳循环反应 比如说components in DNA, RNA and proteins. Homocysteine isDNA,RNA,和蛋白质的合成an amino acid that under normal conditions is同型半胱氨基酸在正常情况下converted to mathyenine with the help of folate thus在叶酸的帮助下 转化成谷胱甘肽once folate is lacking in the diet homocysteine levels因此 一旦饮食上缺乏叶酸build up which is not good. Increased levels of同型半胱氨基酸就会增加 这就不好了homocysteine are associated with increased risk of同型半胱氨基酸增加和心脏以及血液浓度heart and blood level diseases such as atherosclerosis等疾病都有关系 比如动脉硬化and blood clots. Children should consume dark leafy和血栓 孩子应当多吃深颜色的绿色蔬菜green vegetables which are rich in folate to prevent这些蔬菜富含叶酸可以阻止this deficiency. Many fortified foods such as fortified这种缺陷 许多强化食品 诸如强化谷物cereals, bs or pastas are good sources of folate面包或意大利面 都是好的叶酸来源as well. Iron deficiency can be very dangerous孩子缺乏铁也会很危险in children. Iron has several vital functions in the铁在身体中扮演诸多重要角色body including carrying oxygen into the tissues from包括以血红蛋白的形式从肺部the lungs in the form of hemoglobin. The direct把氧气运输到组织consequence of iron deficiency is iron deficiency缺铁最直接的后果就是贫血症anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness and hair症状表现为疲劳,虚弱,掉头发loss. The best source of iron in any diet is red meat红色肉类是获得铁最好的食物来源however sometimes it’s hard for kids to eat a lot of然而 有时候对于孩子来说吃很多红肉red meat. Another alternative to this is to have很难 那就让孩子每天吃一点children take a one a day supplement that contains含铁的补充品iron. Quality supplements should meet 100% or less of好的补充品应当满足每日的推荐营养量the RDA for that nutrient.或者稍稍少点So in conclusion malnutrition should be avoided in总之 儿童接受癌症治疗时children receiving cancer treatments. The common causes应避免营养不良of malnutrition include the chemotherapy and other营养不良最常见的起因包括化疗aggressive treatments as well as the increased metabolic以及其他的积极治疗 还有由于癌症类型rates due to the specific types of cancer. Going along而增加的新陈代谢速率with this the side effects of malnutrition included营养不良的副作用包括increased treatment time, a decreased quality of life治疗时间增加 幸存后的生活质量下降after survival and a greater chance of becoming以及以后的生活中消瘦或者超重underweight or overweight later in life. While enteral然而 肠道营养是营养持最好的形式nutritional is the best form of nutritional support in在大多数情况下most cases parenteral nutrition has been shown to be肠外营养是改善营养不良the best for reversing malnutrition. And finally after的最好方式 最终undergoing cancer treatment children are usually most孩子在经过癌症治疗以后deficient in folate, calcium and iron meaning dietary通常会缺乏叶酸盐 钙 铁intervention should be taken to counter act. Thank you就意味着我们应当采取饮食干预来应对all for listening, I hope you have enjoyed the谢谢收听presentation and learned something today.我希望你们喜欢今天的介绍并且学有所获 Article/201501/352667#39;I#39;m on my way to Jinghong, Yunnan#39;s fastest growing city. 我正在去景洪的路上,云南发展最快的城市#39;It#39;s just 40 miles north of the tiny mountain village of Zhanglang. 离张郎的小山村以北仅有40英里#39;But it feels like a world away.#39; 但这里就像是另一个世界I actually didn#39;t expect this. 我真没没有预期到会是如此Like a mass construction site. 犹如一大型施工场地And things are being excavated like crazy. 一切都被疯狂的挖掘The construction is at a frenetic pace. 建筑如雨后春笋般#39;I came to China expecting it to have changed 来中国时我期待着它在我#39;since my last big trip, 23 years ago.23年前的那场中国之旅后会有改变#39;But this city is beyond what I imagined - 但这个城市已经出乎我的想象-#39;brash, gaudy and jam-packed with tourists.#39; 急躁浮夸,挤满游客It#39;s sort of a Chinese Disneyland. The whole place, Las Vegas. 这是中国的迪士尼,整个地方犹如This place will really take off. 这个地方将真正起飞#39;Cultural tourism has been an integral part 文化旅游成为中国的一个#39;of China#39;s modernisation strategy for 20 years. 现代化战略的组成部分已经20年了#39;Here in Jinghong, there are 13 different ethnic minorities, 在景洪,有十三个不同的少数民族#39;and their colourful festivals and foods draw Chinese visitors from all over the country. 他们多的节日和食物吸引了全中国的游客As the city adapts to the demands of tourism, 随着城市对旅游需求的适应I want to know if these minorities have retained 我想知道是否这些少数民族都保留下了their distinct cultural identities. 其独特的文化身份I#39;m in a suburb of Jinghong where many Dai families have set up 我在景洪郊区,这里许多傣族家庭因旅游业small cottage industries producing traditional Yunnan food 建立小作坊生产传统云南美食for the tourist trade, including one of my absolute favourites. 包括我的最爱之一It#39;s something I grew up with, my mum was a great fan of it, 它伴随着我的成长,我妈妈是它的超级粉丝she used to send me out, getting fresh rice-noodle stir-fries, 她以往总是差遣我出去买新鲜的炒米粉and it was a special treat. 那是餐桌上的特殊美味Is this it? Oh, it#39;s huge, wow. 是这儿么,真的很大Hello, Mr Ken, how are you? 谭先生,你好吗This is Mr Ai! How are you? 这是艾先生,你好吗Mr Ai and his wife used to be farmers. 艾先生和他的妻子以前是农民Now they run a successful business supplying noodles 如今,他们的生意做得很成功to some of the busiest tourist restaurants in the city. 为城里最繁华旅游酒店的生意供应米线And it#39;s all done from their garage. 所有的事情都他们的车库里完成This is made from rice flour? 这是米粉做的吗Yes, yes it is. 是的,的确是They soak the rice first and then, they grind it, 他们首先浸泡大米,接着把米研磨and then move it to that big pot. 再接着把它们转移到那个大锅里After the rice is ground into flour, 大米磨成米粉后it#39;s combined with water to make dough. 和水结合成米团The exact quantities are a closely guarded family secret. 水和米粉的比例是绝不外传的家族秘方Finally the dough is passed through a noodle extruder. 最后米团从一台挤压机里穿出It#39;s almost an art, the way she#39;s handling it. 她的处理方式真是一门艺术See, none of it breaks, she knows exactly at which point to cut it. 看,完全没有破损,她准确地知道何处切刀I love it, it#39;s like putting out your laundry! 我喜欢,就像洗衣一样It all has to do with the weight, and she, she takes it, 一切都和重量有关,而且她,她掂着它and she feels the weight of it, it#39;s too heavy on one side, 感受它的重量,有一边太重了and, I guess it#39;s an art, she#39;s been doing it for a while. 我想这是门艺术,她做这个已经好些时间了She#39;s amazing. 她太让人震惊了Mrs Ai invites me to have a go. 艾夫人邀请我试一下It#39;s not as even as hers! 这和她差太多了What a mess! 太乱了No prizes for guessing which one is mine. 不用猜哪一个是我的 Article/201510/405027The water brings a season of plenty for all animals. Hunting dogs.水为所有动物都带来了一个丰收的季节。非洲野These are now among the rarest of Africa#39;s mammals,它们现在已经成了非洲最稀有的哺乳动物but then nonetheless the continent#39;s most efficient predators.不过,它们仍是非洲大陆上最有效率的掠食者Their secret is teamwork. Impala are their favourite prey.它们的秘诀就是团队协作。黑斑羚是它们最喜爱的食物They start to hunt and the pack splits up.捕猎行动开始,群四下分散An aerial viewpoint gives a new insight into their strategy.通过空中镜头,我们能从一个新的视角观察它们的战术As the dogs approach their prey, they peel off to take up separate positions around their target.群一旦接近猎物便立刻分散,占领目标四周的各个位置They seem to form a cordon around the impala.它们似乎打算对黑斑羚形成一个包围圈Moving in total silence, they take up their positions.它们悄无声息地逼近,然后各就各位。Those ears can detect the slightest rustle.它们的耳朵能洞悉最轻微的响声。 Article/201702/492350

And they meet and they clash.他们相见了,接着他们相互冲突。And it#39;s what happens when they clash that gives us our denouement.他们冲突所发生的一切就给予了我们故事的结局。Jo locks herself in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh to work on the crucial final chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.乔把自己锁在爱丁堡巴莫洛酒店创作《哈利·波特与死亡圣器》至关重要的最后章节。It#39;s January the 11 th, 2007 and the end of 17 years of writing.这是2007年1月11日,这是17年写作的终点。Yeah, I think I#39;ve finished.是的,我想我已经完成了。Hey, Jo, well done. Thank you.乔,做得好。 谢谢。Well, you don#39;t know, it might be rubbish.不知道,可能会很烂。Some people will loathe it. They#39;ll absolutely loathe it.有些人会恨死这个结尾的,他们绝对会恨。But the thing is, that#39;s as it should be.但事实是,这就是故事本该有的结局。Because for some people to love it, others must loathe it.因为总会有人喜欢,总会有人讨厌的。That#39;s just in the nature of the plot.这是情节水到渠成的事。Some people won#39;t be happy because what they wanted to happen hasn#39;t happened.有些人不会开心,因为他们所盼望的没有发生。And to an extent there#39;s so much expectation from the hardcore fans that I#39;m not sure I could ever match up to it要不是有这么多铁杆粉丝的期待,我不敢相信我能拼上这个故事的最后一块板,but I#39;m... Well, I#39;m actually really, really happy with it.但我……我其实真的非常非常开心。So it#39;s very odd to think that this will be broadcast after loads of people have it.所以大家在看完后还会广为称颂是不太可能的事。And people may right now be throwing things at the screen.人们可能马上就会对着电视砸东西。But I am. I#39;m really happy with it. I like it.但我真的非常开心,我很喜欢它。And I don#39;t always feel like that.而且我并不总是有这种感觉。Jo puts on the page numbers, saves the document and plays Lilly Allen#39;s ;Smile;.乔加上了页码,保存了文件,播放了莉莉·艾伦的歌《微笑》。 Article/201511/407116

Today, only the hardest outcrops are left behind.今天只剩下了最坚硬的岩层They#39;re called sea stacks.这就是所谓的海蚀柱But even they will eventually be ground away.但是它们也将慢慢地被磨掉The oceans influence our planet海洋对我们星球的影响in many far more subtle and profound ways.更多的是以微妙深奥的方式进行They drive the climate.它们改变着气候They harbour creatures that deliver oxygen to our atmosphere.将氧气输送到大气层And below the oceans surface is an extraordinary network of currents在海洋表面以下是一片独一无二的洋流体系that are critical to the wellbeing of all life on Earth.这对地球上所有的生命良性发展起到关键作用But four and a half billion years ago, when our planet was born,但是450亿年前,地球刚刚诞生it was just a molten inferno.它不过是一个融化的地狱There was no place for any liquid water at all.根本没有液体存在的可能Yet the ingredients needed to create water were there,但是仓创造水的成分都存在locked away deep inside the Earth when the planet formed.在地球形成的时候被紧紧压在了地球里面As the first volcanoes erupted,第一次火山爆发的时候one of the gases that billowed out was steam.第一股爆发出来的气流中就有蒸汽And as the planet cooled, it formed clouds.等到星球冷却下来就形成了云 Article/201511/408448

It will be another year before the cubs can hunt for themselves.小狮至少还需要一年时间才能学会独自狩猎Without their mother#39;s skill and experience,如果没有母狮的技术和经验they would never survive their first winter.它们肯定无法活过第一个冬天Battered by hurricane-force winds, these slopes are now lifeless.凛冽的山风在崖坡上呼啸肆虐,生命根本无法在此扎根Further north, they hold other dangers.在更远的北方,它们还潜藏着其它危险Moving at 250 miles an hour, an avalanche destroys everything in its path.雪崩时速可达250英里/小时,足以摧毁路过的一切In the American Rockies, 1 00,000 avalanches devastate the slopes every winter.位于美国的落基山脉,每年冬季会发生10万次毁灭性的雪崩This huge mountain chain continues the great spine that runs from Patagonia to Alaska.巨大的山系脊梁从巴塔哥尼亚一直延伸到阿拉斯加。The slopes of the Rockies, bleak though they are, provide a winter refuge for some animals.尽管落基山地荒凉凄冷,却能为一些动物提供越冬场所A mother grizzly emerges from her den after six months dozing underground.灰熊妈妈正走出巢穴,长达6个月的地下冬眠结束了Her two cubs follow her and take their first steps in the outside world.两只小熊紧跟着它们的母亲,第一次踏足这个陌生的户外世界。 Article/201703/498190将干细胞称作身体内的修补工具, 并且主张利用实验室]产制的干细胞系列进行研究. 他的团队发展出 培育多功能干细胞系列的方法, 建构了可以加速药物研发的测试平台, 可能带动未来个人化制义与治疗的发展, 不仅仅是针对特定的疾病, 而且还能针对特定的个人 Article/201509/396600栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399277

Their day ends as it began, safe on the steep cliffs.这一天结束了,和开始时一样,它们又坐在了陡峭而安全的悬崖上The Ethiopian volcanoes are dormant but elsewhere, others still rage.埃塞俄比亚的火山正处于休眠期,可是其它地方的火山仍在怒吼Volcanoes form the backbone of the longest mountain chain on our planet, the Andes of South America.火山构成了地球上最长山系的主干,南美洲的安第斯山脉This vast range stretches 5,000 miles from the equator down to the Antarctic.这座巨大的山脉从赤道向南极绵亘5000英里It formed as the floor of the Pacific Ocean slid beneath the South American continent, buckling its edge.它的形成是由于太平洋板块俯冲到南美洲板块之下,造成它的边缘隆起At the southern end stand the mountains of Patagonia. It#39;s high summer.最南端矗立着巴塔哥尼亚山脉。现在是盛夏时节But the Andes have the most unstable mountain weather on the planet and storms can erupt without warning.可是安第斯山的天气是全球山区气候中最不稳定的,暴风雪会在毫无征兆的情况下来袭Temperatures plummet and guanacos and their newborn young must suddenly endure a blizzard.气温直线下降,羊驼和它们新生的幼仔只好忍受突如其来的风雪Truly, all seasons in one day.可以说是在一天之中度过了四季。 Article/201703/496860But Egypt#39;s foreign rulers, from the Romans to the Turks to the British, have always made free with Egypt#39;s heritage.埃及的异族统治者们,不管是罗马人、土耳其人还是英国人,都随意地处置埃及历史遗产。Egypt, for two thousand years, had foreign rulers and in #39;52 much was made of the fact that Nasser was the first Egyptian ruler since the pharaohs, and I guess we#39;ve had two more since, although with varying results.;埃及已被异族统治了2千年,1952年,纳赛尔终于成为埃及自法老时代之后的第一位本土统治者。The Stone was brought back to the British Museum and immediately put on display-in the public domain, freely available for every scholar in the world to see-and copies and transcriptions were published worldwide.石碑被带回大英物馆后立刻进行了公开展览。全世界的学者都能参观,文字的抄本与拓本也一并公之于世。European scholars now set about the task of understanding the mysterious hieroglyphic script.欧洲学者立即着手破译神秘的象形文字。The Greek inscription was the one that every scholar could , and was therefore seen to be the key.石碑上的希腊文每个学者都能读懂,这被认为是破译的关键。But everybody was stuck. A brilliant English physicist and polymath, Thomas Young, correctly worked out that a group of hieroglyphs repeated several times on the Rosetta Stone wrote the sounds of a royal name-that of Ptolemy.但没人取得任何进展。直到一位聪颖学的英国学者托马斯杨发现一组在石碑上反复出现的象形文字代表了一个王室姓氏的发音—托勒密。It was a crucial first step, but Young hadn#39;t quite cracked the code.这使得研究迈出了关键性的第一步,但他也没能成功破译所有文字。A French scholar, Jean-Francois Champollion, then realised that not only the symbols for Ptolemy but all the hieroglyphs were both pictorial #39;and#39; phonetic - they recorded the #39;sound#39; of the Egyptian language.法国学者让弗朗索瓦商良其后发现,所有的象形文字都是既象形又表音的。这种文字也记录下了埃及语的发音。For example - on the last line of the hieroglyphic text on the stone, three signs spell out the sounds of the word for #39;stone slab#39; in Egyptian-#39;ahaj#39;, and then a fourth sign gives a picture showing the stone as it would originally have looked:例如,在石碑上象形文字的最后一行,先有三个符号代表了“石板”(埃及文为“ahaj”)一词的发音,紧接其后的第四个符号则描画了石碑原本的样子:a square slab with a rounded top. So sound and picture work together.一块有圆顶的方形石板。音与意便以这种方式结合起来。 Article/201411/342367

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