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Florence Welch just fought a war, and from the sound of it she’s won, but not without casualty.“战争”归来的弗洛伦斯#86;韦尔奇虽然不是毫发无损,但从她歌声听来也算是凯旋而归On “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, her third album as the face of British indie band Florence and the Machine, Welch, , learns to dig her heels into the dirt and spit thunder back at her enemy – heartbreak.今年岁的韦尔奇是英国独立乐队“弗洛伦斯与机械乐队”的主唱兼门面担当(人称“机器”)在他们的第三张专辑 “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”中,机器终于学会在泥泞中前行,将雷鸣还给敌人——那颗受伤之心The album’s opener has Welch turning inward, questioning if she always knew her relationship would crumble.这张专辑的第一首歌机器就扪心自问:是不是自己的感情注定分崩离析?That contemplative mood lasts approximately four minutes. By the second track, Welch is aly puffing out her chest and ying to unleash her voice, a weapon known to knock flat anyone who hears it. Not much later, she’s deep in the trenches.在这首近分钟的歌曲中,沉思的氛围始终弥漫不过,第二首歌中,韦尔奇就已经敞开胸怀,不再压抑自己的声音,那如武器一般强有力的歌声扑面而来,让所有听歌之人为之倾倒无需多时,机器就已身处 “战壕”深处Florence and the Machine probably didn’t set out to prove they could score the next Hollywood blockbuster, but that’s what they’ve done here. This album sounds so big you can practically see Welch charging toward the frontlines. It’s the kind of music that can and eventually will blow the roof off the top of a stadium, and that’s not entirely positive. Horns, drums and guitars advance so powerfully at times that you, the listener, might feel you’re the enemy.虽然弗洛伦斯与机械乐队并未打算为又一部好莱坞大片配乐,但是他们的新专已经说明了一切:机器仿佛在前线冲锋陷阵,歌曲之大气,音乐之磅礴足以掀翻屋顶;但其中并不都是积极向上之声号角、鼓点和吉他声无比强劲,足以让听众误以为自己就是“敌人”All that noise might get Welch’s ferocity across, but her quieter emotions get lost somewhere in the background. It’s the quieter emotions that add human m to a heartbreak album, and it’s disappointing that you’re often left digging through the rubble to find them.这所有的喧嚣也许让机器的“凶猛”得以展现,但是她静处的情感却消失在喧嚣的背景之中这种更安静的情感本能为这张“伤心专辑”增添几抹人情味,遗憾的是听遍整张专辑,这些情感实在是微乎其微Noise complaints aside, however, it feels natural to cheer Welch on as she struggles out of grief.无论如何,机器能够走出悲伤已是一件值得开心之事Songwriting on the album is uplifting and encouraging. This is never truer than on “Third Eye”, a track that finds Welch’s conscience boldly demanding she quit brooding, realize her own worth and clad herself in newfound toughness. It’s the album’s high point, and it’s great listening to her shake off defeat.这张新专的词曲积极向上、鼓舞人心在“Third Eye”一歌中,机器不再郁郁寡欢地沉思,而是大胆实现自己的价值,让自己变得更加坚韧这首歌堪称整张专辑的高潮,听到她走出失败的阴影让人感到振奋“How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” shouts that it’s bravery that mends a broken heart, and by the album’s end, it’s clear Florence Welch has bravery deep in her bones.机器在”How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”中大声宣布,能修复一颗受伤之心的只有勇气无疑,在专辑的尾声部分,勇气已在机器心中生根发芽 38啃老族 the NEET group“啃老族”又称“尼特族”,“尼特族”是NEET的音译,全称是(Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training),最早在英国使用,之后渐渐流传到其它国家;它是指一些不升学、不就业、不进修或参加就业辅导,终日无所事事的族群在英国,尼特族指的是至岁的年轻人;在日本,则指的是至岁的年轻人 180

时间如箭,迅速流逝而《冰河世纪系列动画巨片从年上映以来,也整整陪伴我们走过了十个年头而今年《冰河世纪:大陆漂移于年暑期观众见面了,这次《冰河世纪将延续以前精的同时,也加入不少新角色Gutt is the main antagonist of the fourth film. He is a self-styled master and pirate captain of the high seas. As a hostile ape, Gutt showed a short temper and anger in a flash when provoked, and was capable of grim humour at the expense of others.黑心肝船长(Cap Gutt):Gutt是第四部的主要反派角色他是一个很有个性的公海首领和海盗船长作为主角们的敌人,这只猿猴脾气暴躁、一触即发,时常以他人为代价展现冷酷无情的幽默Shira appear in Ice Age: Continental Drift, She is part of Gutt crew, and the captain mer first mate.席拉(Shira):Shira在《冰河世纪:大陆漂移中亮相,她是黑心肝船长的手下,也是他的前初恋女友Flynn is a 000 pound English elephant seal with a heart of gold and a head of sand. He is as passionate about being a pirate as he is clueless and a bit dimwitted.肥林(Flynn):Flynn是一只重达000磅的英国海象,他一心想要淘金,脑子里却尽是沙子他对当海盗表现出极大的热情,尽管他又蠢又笨Perpetually perched on Capt. Gutt shoulder, this bird from the south of France packs a surprisingly dangerous airborne punch when he not scouting out trouble ahead.赛拉斯(Silas):这只来自法国南部的鸟常驻在黑心肝船长肩膀上没在做侦查工作的时候,他的空中重击也是非常恐怖的This tough, prehistoric Aussie Sheila kangaroo, is the crew resident weapons expert, hiding an arsenal of deadly bone swords in herpouch.瑞兹(Raz):一只强硬的史前澳大利亚袋鼠姑娘,她是海盗中的武器专家,藏了一口袋致命的骨头兵器Squint packs an amazing amount of crazy into his diminutive, prehistoric rabbit frame.史怪特(Squint):别看Squint只是只小小的史前兔子,他可有一脑袋疯狂的想法A Bengali badger, he is an extremely useful member of the crew since the fur pattern on his back resembles a skull andcrossbones allowing the crew to use him as their flag.酷比达(Gupta):这只孟加拉国獾喜欢到处大摇大摆吹嘘,以及抢东西,因为他背上毛的图案就像是一个骷颅头再加上一对交叉的骨头,船员们会拿他来当作自己的旗帜Sid grandmother becomes a lage part of the adventure after accidentallystowing away on the barge with Manny and the gang as they head out to sea.希德的姥姥(Sid grandmother):她在不小心偷渡上船、与Manny一行人出海后,就成为整个冒险不可或缺的一部分 199

LOS ANGELES – Spider-Man’s future is caught in a web of speculation.洛杉矶——蜘蛛侠的前景陷入猜测的迷网之中Sony Pictures owns the movie rights to Spider-Man in perpetuity (as long as films keep coming), the result of a decades-old deal with Marvel Entertainment. But Marvel, riding a string of mega-hits, has made it very clear in recent years that it wants Spidey back. Sony has firmly resisted: Not sale.由于几十年前与漫威公司签订的合同,索尼电影公司拥有电影《蜘蛛侠(Spider-Man)的永久权利(只要影片还在拍摄)近年来,随着漫威推出一系列重磅大片,它也清晰地表明了希望蜘蛛侠回归的愿望索尼则坚持说:蜘蛛侠是非卖品Is that position softening?索尼的立场有所软化吗?Despite whispers among some producers that the answer is “yes” – especially after “The Amazing Spider-Man ” underpermed at the domestic box office last summer – Sony executives have continued to say otherwise. Sony has been very public about its future plans the character, announcing a Spider-Man spin-off called “The Sinister Six” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” 18.尽管有些制作人私下里说,是肯定的——特别是今夏《超凡蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man )国内票房表现不尽如人意——但索尼的官员们仍然说公司的立场没有改变索尼已经公开了这个角色的未来计划,宣布在年推出蜘蛛侠新的派生作品《险恶六人组(The Sinister Six),18年推出《超凡蜘蛛侠3(The Amazing Spider-Man 3).But the chatter won’t go away. Now fans have picked it up. “Avengers Civil War! Marvel and Sony to Do Deal Spider-Man?” a Monday headline on Moviepilot, a fan blog. By Tuesday, or so it seemed, all of geekdom was atwitter over the possibility of Spider-Man joining his comic book brethren in Marvel’s cinematic universe.但是猜测从未停止如今影迷们又重拾起这个话题“‘复仇者’内战!漫威与索尼就‘蜘蛛侠’做交易?”影迷客Moviepilot周一的头条标题写道到了周二,所有的铁杆粉丝们好像都在twitter上讨论,蜘蛛侠是否会回到漫威电影世界,加入到他的漫画同胞们当中去Conspiracy theorists also note that Sony agreed in to sell certain Spider-Man merchandising rights to Marvel million. Past as prologue?阴谋论者们也注意到,年,索尼以.78亿美元的价格把蜘蛛侠的特定周边产品权利卖给漫威难道这只是一个前奏吗?A Sony spokesman declined to comment. Marvel also declined to comment.索尼发言人拒绝就此发表漫威也表示拒绝The upshot: When there is smoke in Hollywood, someone is almost always trying to start a fire. Whether one actually starts is another matter altogether.结论就是:每当好莱坞冒出点烟雾,就总会有人想来一场熊熊大火 至于最终能不能烧起来,那又是另一回事了 6831

I went into the cinema to check out a late-summer blockbuster about talking chimpanzees. But Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, underneath its gorilla suit, is a heavy movie that left me wondering heavy questions like “Why is there war?”我本怀着去看一部关于会说话的猩猩的夏末大片的心情走进电影院但是在“猩猩”的外衣之下,《猩球崛起:黎明之战却是一部沉重的电影,让我在看过之后不断思考一个沉重的问题:“为何会有战争?”Compared with ’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the franchise reboot which focused heavily on character development and clean, bright visuals, the sequel takes a turn toward a much darker tone both visually and in the storytelling. We are constantly aware that danger is coming, and finding a peaceful solution seems impossible from the start.年上映的《猩球崛起1主要侧重对人物成长的描写,画面明亮干净,但是《猩球崛起在叙事风格和视觉效果上都转向暗黑,让观众们从电影伊始就不断感到:危险将近,而寻求和平之道似乎是不可能的The film picks up a decade after what happened in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. When that film ended, the hero chimp Caesar — raised among people bee experiencing animal-lab cruelty — led other mutated apes into the woods of San Francisco. This time, his peaceful existence is threatened by the intrusion of Malcolm, a man searching energy supplies in the ruined city. The two m a truce, though growing distrust and militant factions on both sides soon threaten all-out war.《猩球崛起讲述了上一部十年之后的故事在上一部里,身为主角的黑猩猩凯撒被人类养大后,在看护所中遭到无情对待;结尾处,凯撒将其他变异的猩猩都带进了旧金山的森林中在这一部中,在一片狼藉的城中寻找能源的马尔科姆打破了凯撒的平静生活,他们二者虽然订立了休战协定,但是双方的不信任感日益增长,武力擦日趋激烈,全面战争一触即发Under Matt Reeves’ masterful direction, the film is an intense and exciting blockbuster with brains, and the special effects have been taken to another level.在马特#86;里夫斯炉火纯青的执导之下,《猩球崛起可谓是一部充满智慧、节奏紧凑、惊心动魄的巨作,其特效水平也达到了一个全新的高度The majority of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is animated, but you just don’t think about it or notice. “Authentic” is the word that comes to mind, as it looks not only life-like, but the characters also have an emotional resonance with the audience.虽然这部影片中大部分角色都由动画制作而成,但是你却无所察觉,进入你脑海中的只有“真实”二字,因为这些角色不仅形象逼真,并且引起了观众的情感共鸣Also, the movie marks the first time that 3-D permance capture has been shot outside of a studio and it shows, adding a level of realism that many blockbusters fail to achieve.同时,这部电影也是首部在户外使用3D表演捕捉技术的影片,其真实效果让诸多大片难以企及Andy Serkis, who plays Caesar, shows great depth as an actor. He asserts himself through the visual stylings of computer animation that completely transms him into an animated ape.扮演凯撒的安迪#86;瑟金斯是一个厉害的演员电脑动画捕捉虽然让他变成了一个猩猩的动画形象,但他依然把自己精湛的演技得以呈现As a post-apocalyptic story of interspecies conflict, in which two tribes fight their place in a new world, Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes proves itself as more than just a prelude to the main event. It is technically impressive and visually exciting, sure, but it also gives you a lot to think and care about.作为一部讲述种族冲突的后末世影片,《猩球崛起:黎明之战讲述了人与猩猩在新世界中争夺地盘的故事这部影片不仅仅是大战来临前的序曲,而是一部在技术上令人印象深刻,视觉效果上令人血脉喷张,同时也让观众思考的作品 365

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