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致敬抗洪救灾英雄:此时没有太阳的后裔 只有龙的传人 -- :6:0 来源: 随着中国的洪灾泛滥,成千上万名战士被紧急调派到各大灾区,参与到抗洪救灾的洪流中去,谱写了一首又一首英雄赞歌 As China faces the devastating floods, thousands of soldiers have been dispatched to help with the relief efts. And they have undoubtedly become the true heros, without whom the miraculous rescues couldn’t have been possible.随着中国的洪灾泛滥,成千上万名战士被紧急调派到各大灾区,参与到抗洪救灾的洪流中去他们是真正的英雄,没有他们,救援工作根本无法像现如今般有条不紊地展开Severe flooding across central and southern China continues to ce thousands of people from their homes.愈发严重的洪灾迫使中国中部和南方地区许多人民群众背井离乡,无家可归President Xi Jinping has ordered the PLA and the armed police ce to send more troops to support flood control and disaster relief in areas battered by rainstorms.习近平主席命令中国人民解放军和武警部队派遣更多军队战士前往被暴雨袭击的重灾区,展开防洪和救援工作As the water levels kept rising, more than ,700 troops from Hubei’s armed police s with 95 vehicles and speedboats have reached the severely flooded areas. And they are the ones who have inspired tales of heroism.随着水位线逐渐上涨,来自湖北的700多名武警迅速集结,携95台车辆和冲锋舟等紧急赶往洪水重灾区也正是这些战士,谱写了一首又一首英雄赞歌Working in the rain and mud days, soldiers risk their lives to carry countless numbers of sacks. They stay on the frontline to help resist the flood and evacuate the residents.战士们在大雨和泥淖中不停奔波,冒着生命危险,站在洪水里一次次扛运沙袋,加固堤坝他们始终坚守在抗洪救灾的第一线,控制洪水,疏散群众,保卫人民安全18-year-old Zhu Jianhui is one of them.18岁的朱建辉便是这千万名战士中的一员"We haven’t taken any rest from morning till now. All of us carry sacks, I didn’t know the exact number, about two hundred sacks each. We feel more and more powerful now."“从早上到现在,我们没有休息过一分钟所有的战友们都在扛运麻袋,具体我也说不清,大概每个人平均要扛两百多个干着干着就越来越起劲儿了”And there are many muddy heroes like Zhu Jianhui always y to do anything to save lives, without complaining.这里还有很多像朱建辉一样勤勤恳恳的战士们,他们奋斗在抗洪救灾的前线,全力以赴,毫无怨言"Although I’m muddy, and very tired, I’m delighted to contribute to the safety of the residents."“虽然我现在浑身是泥,身体也非常疲惫,但一想到自己保障了当地居民的生命安全,我觉得一切都值得”The continuous rainstorm has turned places such as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces into a world of waters.持续不断的暴雨已经使中国江苏、安徽等省份被洪水占领In Jiangsu Province, more than five hundred armed policemen are fighting floods in different areas. They have successfully transferred about a thousand people to safety.江苏省五百多名武警战士在省内多个地区抗洪救灾截止到目前为止,他们已经成功将00多名群众成功转移到安全地带The soldiers have also inspired local residents to contribute to the rescue operations. Some volunteered to provide food and water, others even fought shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers.战士们也鼓励当地居民为抗洪救灾出一份力一些群众自愿提供食物和水,还有一些群众和战士们一起并肩作战With the power of the brave heroes, we believe that people can surely win this battle against the flood. Fingers crossed all of them.有了这些勇敢的英雄们,我们坚信人民群众可以战胜洪水猛兽让我们为灾区群众和战士们祈福,愿一切平安。

喵星人起义了! 两腿站立思维过人(双语) --1 ::56 来源:sohu 小猫乔治从小就用两条腿站立为什么呢?这样他才能够看到我们人类过着多么荒谬的生活好吧,几乎没有什么可以逃过他的审判,任何事都不能 George the cat has been standing on his two legs since he was little. Why? So he could see what a nonsensical life us humans lead. Nothing can slip through his judgement. NOTHING. 尽管如此,他的主人认为乔治是;我见过最可爱的猫虽然作为一只猫这样有点怪异,但是很贴心;当乔治注视着他的时候,他感到有些不适什么是人性?我们只能提出这个疑问让我们一起看看下面的照片吧 Though his owner thinks George is ;the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Really bizarre, but sweet,; he must feel uneasy as George is always watching him. What's awaiting humanity? We can only question. Have a look yourself in the photos below. 小猫乔治从很小就开始两条腿站立 George has been standing on his two legs since he was little 为什么呢? Why? 这样他才能更好的审定人类! So he would be able to judge us humans better! 任何事物都逃不过他的眼睛 You can hide nothing from him 任何! Nothing! 你的冰箱里这些无味的蔬菜是什么?; ;What are these tasteless veggies in your fridge?; 你在开玩笑嘛? ;Seriously?; 为什么还不能吃? ;Why is it not served yet?; 那些牛排高高在上是啥意思? ;What the hell are they doing there?; 最近你在抽什么烟? ;What have you been smoking lately?; 不不,这里已经没你的地儿了 ;Nope, no room you. 老兄,你刚刚说什么? ;What did you just say? 我就是这么COOL! English Source: BoredPanda。

老人突然摔倒在车门旁 福州司机先录像再扶老人 -- :: 来源: 马年春晚热门小品《扶不扶的故事在福州上演前日下午,福州的王先生看到一名白发老人突然倒在自己车门边,他让路人先帮忙录像,自己再扶起老人 On July 5, Mr. Wang parked his car at the gate of a park in Fuzhou and remained in the car to wait his business partner to arrive. Hearing a thump, Wang saw that an elderly woman had fallen right next to his car. Since the car was turned off, he knew there was no possibility that he had hit her, but he was concerned that the woman might be trying to extort money from him by faking an injury.7月5日,福州的王先生将车停在一个公园大门附近,自己坐在车里等客户,突然听到车门传来撞击声,他看到一位上了岁数的大妈倒在车门边上由于车是熄火停止状态,他知道不可能是自己撞了人,但是他还是担心老人家是碰瓷的Since the woman was right outside his car door, Wang first called out from inside his car, asking passerbys to lend a hand, but no one responded. Once the woman shifted a bit, Wang handed his phone to a bystander, requesting that the person record what happened next. Wang then got out of his car and went to help the woman.由于老人家正在车门边,王先生先是喊路边的人帮忙扶一下老人,但没有人行动他只得等老人家慢慢动了一点后,才把自己的手机递给外面一名路人,请对方帮忙录像,自己才打开车门出来扶起老人家Wang gave her a bottle of water and helped her put her shoe back on. It turned out that the woman was over 80 years old and lived by herself. A heatstroke may have been the cause of her fall.王先生给了她一瓶矿泉水喝,并帮她把落在旁边的鞋子穿上老人家说自己80多岁了,一个人生活,可能是因为中暑才摔倒的Wang expressed hope that, in the wake of the incident, the woman’s children might come to visit her more often. As the recording, Wang said his intention was simply to clear up any misunderstandings that may have come up later.王先生希望,通过此事,老人家的孩子们能经常回来看望她谈到手机录像,他说自己的用手机录像是无奈之举,旨在避免不必要的误会。

英文如何称呼“书呆子”? -- :5:7 来源:chinadaily 读书用功努力、一点不关心周围发生的事,你身边有这样的人吗?他们通常被冠以“书呆子”的绰号英文里,又是怎么称呼他们的呢? 1. He is a perfect type of pedant. 他是个十足的老夫子 . He looked kind of nerdy. 他看着就是个书呆子 3. I guess I’m old school. 我想我是老派的 . At university he had a reputation as a swot. 上大学时,他刻苦学习是出了名的 5. Mr. Smith is of a scholarly turn of mind. 史密先生是个有书生气质的人 6. She was always a bookworm when she was a kid. 她小时候就一直是个书虫 7. Their teacher was a bookish fellow. 他们的老师是个书呆子 8. He dismissed all scientists as a bunch of eggheads. 在他看来,所有的科学家都是一群书呆子。

生死相依:比利时夫妇决定同时安乐死 -- :6:33 来源: An elderly husband and wife have announced their plans to die in the world's first 'couple' euthanasia - despite neither of them being terminally ill.日前,比利时一对老夫妇宣布将一起进行安乐死,虽然两人都尚未病入膏肓这将成为世界上第一对共同安乐死的夫妻Instead the pair fear loneliness if the other one dies first from natural causes.两位老人之所以这么决定是因为他们担心如果其中一位先离开,剩下的那位会孤单地度过余生Identified only by their first names, Francis, 89, and Anne, 86, they have the support of their three adult children who say they would be unable to care either parent if they became widowed.89岁的弗朗西斯和86岁的安妮育有3个孩子,这3个已经成年的孩子表示父母有一位先去世,他们则无法照看剩下的那一位The children have even gone so far as to find a practitioner willing to carry out the double killings on the grounds that the couple's mental anguish constituted the unbearable suffering needed to legally justify euthanasia.他们甚至已经找到了愿意为父母进行共同安乐死的医生,理由是两位老人的心理痛苦已到了无法承受的地步必须进行安乐死The couple, from Brussels, are receiving regular medical treatment age-related ailments.这对来自布鲁塞尔的老夫妇由于年老,正在进行定期治疗Francis has received treatment prostate cancer years and is unable to spend a day without morphine and Anne is partially blind and almost totally deaf.弗朗西斯由于前列腺癌已经接受了年的治疗,他一天都离不开吗啡,而部分眼盲的安妮也几乎要成聋子了They always go out shopping together because they are both scared that one day the other will not return home.他们经常一起外出购物,因为两人都担心有一天另外一个会回不来They decided that life in a care home was not an option because of their fear they would end up bedridden without the strength to insist on euthanasia.他们不想去养老院,因为他们担心在养老院中卧床不起,连坚持安乐死的力气都没有They planned to commit suicide on February 3 next year, their 6th wedding anniversary, by placing plastic bags over their heads after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.他们之前还打算在明年月3日—他们结婚6周年纪念的那天自杀,他们计划先用过量安眠药,然后把塑料袋套在自己头上'We want to go together because we both fear of the future,' said Francis. 'It's as simple as this: we are afraid of what lies ahead.“我们想要一起离世,因为我们都对未来不报什么希望了”弗朗西斯说:“很简单,我们都害怕接下来要发生的事”'Fear of being alone and above all, fear of the consequences of loneliness.'“其实就是害怕一个人孤孤单单地活着”。

新版iOS系统将允许删除苹果自带软件 -- 19:5: 来源: 长久以来iPhone都不能够删除苹果自带的App,为此果粉们一直颇有微词而此次苹果推出的新版iOS 系统将允许用户自定义删除某些自带的软件 Now, it appears their prayers have been answered.现在,果粉们的诉求终于得到了满足IOS enables users to remove the following built-in apps from the Home screen on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch,’ said MacRumopurs, bee listing Apple’s in house apps.在将新版iOS 系统投入使用前,MacRumopurs透露说道:“iOS 系统将允许使用者从iPhone、iPad和iPod touch中删除内置程序”The apps have also appeared on Apple’s app store - so users who delete them can simply re-download them if they change their mind.这些程序还将被上传到苹果的应用商店里,这样一旦删除程序的人回心转意,他就可以重新下载程序了According to MacRumours, the apps you can now delete in iOS are: Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, News, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice Memos, Watch app, Weather.据MacRumours透露目前在iOS 系统下可删除的程序包括:日历、指南针、连接、视频聊天、找朋友、Home、iBOOK、iCloud Drive、iTunes Store、邮件、地图、音乐、新闻、笔记、播客、备忘录、股票、提升、视频、语音备忘录、手表和天气MacRumours said the apps had aly begun to appear in the App Store, allowing users to download them again if they change their mind.据MacRumours透露,目前这些程序已经被上传到了App Store里,一旦用户回心转意,他们就可以重新下载这些软件Now downloadable Apple native apps: Stocks, Mail, Maps, Notes, Voice Memos, Watch, Music, FaceTime, Weather, iTunes Store, Calendar,Contacts,’ it tweeted.MacRumours在推特上写道:“现在可以下载的苹果本地应用程序包括:股票、邮件、地图、笔记、语音备忘录、手表、音乐、视频通话、天气、iTunes Store、日历和连接”The revelation comes as Apple revealed its plans iOS , which it claims is the ’biggest ever update’ of its iPhone and iPad software.苹果公司在发布iOS 计划的时候公布了可以删除内置程序的消息,他们称iOS 是iPhone和iPad软件“有史以来最大的更新”Following criticism users it has completely overhauled its Apple Music service.由于备受用户的批评,苹果公司目前已经完全整顿了旗下的“Apple Music”务The software has been entirely redesigned to make it easier to use, and to compete with rival services from Spotify and Tidal.苹果将其软件完全重新设计了一遍,从而使得其更易于使用,以求能够和竞争对手Spotify和Tidal相抗衡Apple knows is users love capturing some much with their iPhone cameras and have made it easier to recall every moment that you froze in time using Memories.苹果深谙消费者的心理,它知道用户喜欢用iPhone相机拍下许多照片,这样他们就能够轻而易举地再现用手机内存封印起来的美好时光Memories scans all of your photos and s and uses points within the picture to find favorite and gotten events, trips and people.手机内存会扫描所有的照片和视频文件,并且用照片里的点来寻找用户被遗忘了的、最喜欢的事情、旅行和人And the firm has creature a new way to display both medias in one beautiful movie – complete with music, titles and transitions.苹果公司创造了一种新的途径,在一部赏心悦目的电影中来展示照片和视频--有完整的音乐、字幕和转换Memories users advanced computer vision to group everything in pictures, from people to places to things, the technology uses more than billion computations per photo to detect what is being shown, Federighi said during the conference.据Federighi在发布会上透露,内存使得计算机视觉变得更加先进,从而可以将一切事物组合归纳在图片里,从人到地点,再到事情为了检测图片的内容,这项技术在每张图片上都进行了1亿次以上的计算The final revamped feature shown iOS was the Home app, which delivers a simple and secure way to setup, manage and control your home.在发布会最后,iOS的一项更新是关于Home的Home提供了一个简单而又安全的方法来设置、管理和控制用户的家Users can access and interact with all their automated home products, no matter who makes them.用户可以通过Home来使用他们的自动家居用品,还可以和他们互动,不管到底是谁制造了它们Support HomeKit continues to expand globally with nearly 0 home automation products adopting HomeKit this year, bringing support thermostats, lights, window shades, door locks, cameras and more to the Home app,’ Apple explained.苹果公司说道:“对于HomeKit的持继续在全球范围内扩张,今年有近百种自动家居产品搭载了HomeKit平台,使得Home程序可以持温控器、灯光、窗帘、门锁、摄像头和其他家居产品”。

时下流行埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具 -- :53: 来源:   It may be the only time you will find these words in the same sentence: "Ebola" and "Add to Wishlist."  Giantmicrobes Inc., which makes a line of plush toys based on viruses and other microscopic organisms, has sold out its entire Ebola stock, including the small Ebola doll .95, a Gigantic Ebola doll .95 and an Ebola Petri Dish toy $.95, according to the company's website.  "Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes," says the Stamd, Connecticut-based maker of the "uniquely contagious toy" on its website, which promotes them as gag gifts that also have educational value.  With the latest Ebola outbreak, which aly killed more than ,500 people, mostly in West Africa, customers have snapped up the toy, which looks like half a pretzel.  "You do not want to get Ebola," warns the website. "A short incubation period of to 1 days presages symptoms which include fever, aches, sore throat, and weakness, followed by diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and both internal and external bleeding. And then, between 50-90 percent of victims, death."  Giantmicrobes lists the World Health Organization as one of its largest customers, along with pharmaceutical companies and the American Red Cross.  Anyone disappointed by the current shortage of the Ebola toys can click on "Add to Wishlist" and wait more stock to arrive. Or make a different selection from the company's array of other plush toys, including Anthrax, Botulism, Cholera and Dengue Fever.   It was not clear how many of the toys have been sold and the company could not be reached comment.  相关内容  这可能是你头一次看到这两个东西出现在同一个句子中:“埃拉”和“加入意愿清单”  根据Giantmicrobes公司网站介绍,埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具库存已经全部售罄这当中包括标价9.95美元的小埃拉玩偶,9.95美元的巨大埃拉玩偶以及.95美元的埃拉有盖培养皿玩具该公司曾出品过一系列的病毒造型和微生物造型玩偶、  这家位于美国康乃迪克州斯坦福德的微生物玩具公司在其网站上说,“自1976年,人类首次发现埃拉病毒以来,埃拉就成为了微生物界的暴龙” 该公司称这些恶作剧玩偶同样具有教育意义  近来爆发的埃拉病毒疫情,已经导致超过500人死亡,此次疫情主要发生在西非地区这些长得像半个椒盐脆饼的埃拉病毒玩偶受到了热捧  该公司网站上警告说,“你绝不会想染上埃拉”埃拉病毒的潜伏期短暂,从天到1天不等,有发热、疼痛、喉咙酸痛和身体虚弱等症状,接着会出现腹泻、胃痛、呕吐和内外出血有50%-90%的感染者会失去生命  Giantmicrobes 把世界卫生组织列为其最大的买家,次之的是美国的医药公司和美国红十字协会  所有对目前埃拉玩具短缺感到失望的顾客都可以点击“加入意愿清单”钮,以等待新一批供货上架或者选择该公司其他系列的毛绒玩具产品,包括炭疽病毒玩偶、肉毒杆菌玩偶、霍乱病毒玩偶和登革热病毒玩偶  对于这些玩偶的具体销量还无从得知,该公司也未作声明。

英国小学推广“中式教育” --18 :: 来源:chinadaily 英国教育部上周宣布,根据改革计划,将在全英8000所小学推广采用中国传统数学教学方法这一数字占到英国小学总数的一半Hannah's sweetsThere are n sweets in a bag.6 of the sweets are orange.The rest of the sweets are yellow.Hannah takes at random a sweet from the bag.She eats the sweet.Hannah then takes at random a sweet from the bag.She eats the sweet.The probability that Hannah eats two orange sweets is (a) Show that n^ - n - 90 0汉娜的糖包里有n个糖其中有6个是橙色的其余的是黄色的汉娜随机从包里拿了一个糖吃了汉娜又随机从包里拿了一个糖吃了汉娜吃到两个橙色糖的可能性为三分之一求:n^ - n - 90 0Solution:Take the words from the question, and write it down as an equation - 6n x 5(n-1) Multiply the 6 by the 5 and the n by the n-1. That gives you: 30(n^ - n) Multiply the top-left by bottom-right and top-right by bottom-leftSubtract 90 from both sides, leading to your answer n^ - n - 90 0解:将题目中的表述列成等式:6n x 5(n-1) 左边两项相乘的结果为:30(n^ - n) 等式两边的分子与分母分别相乘得出:n^ - n 90两边各减去90得出:n^ - n - 90 0Use the repeated addition strategy to solve 5X35X3?用重复加法来计算5X3错误:5+5+5正确:3+3+3+3+3(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。

淘宝新规定让亲可以放心差评了,“差评”怎么说? -- 18:19:9 来源:chinadaily 淘宝出的新规定,保障买家的权亲可以放心给差评了哦! 我们来看一段相关的英文报道 A guideline issued by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has helped prevent buyers being harassed if they give sellers a negative reviewon its online shopping platm Taobao. The guideline, which has been in place since June, aims to protect the rights of customers who have been sent spam text messages or harassed on the telephone after leaving negative reviews in the past. If a customer reports such behavior, officials from the company are now authorized to search through historical purchase data to collect evidence and assess the seriousness of the complaint, according to the guideline. 中国电商巨头阿里巴巴发布了新的规定这份规定可以帮助买家在淘宝网购物给卖家差评时免于骚扰 规定自六月份开始实施,旨在保护买家的权利以往买家给出差评后,经常会收到垃圾短信或电话骚扰 根据规定,如果用户举报有这种行为,官方人员现在可以有权检查历史购买数据,收集据并评判投诉的严重性 【讲解】 文中的negative review就是“差评”的意思,其中negative用作形容词,意为“消极的;负面的”,常见的词汇搭配如:negative example(反面例子)、negative attitude(消极态度);review用作名词,意为“”,如:write a review(写)、receive a review(收到) 第二段中的spam用作名词,意为“垃圾电子邮件”,常见搭配如:spam text(垃圾短信)、spam e-mail(垃圾邮件)。

打车软件试水“一键叫飞机” --18 3::5 来源: 滴滴快的于5月日、日两天推出“一键叫飞机”务我们距离“打飞的”通勤还有多远?请看《中国日报报道: People who want to have the experience of helicopter hailing through a click can try the service offered by a ride-hailing app operated by taxi-hailing company Didi Kuaidi. Though operating only two routes, the APEC air travel and Beijing-Tianjin route, the company has received bookings from over ,000 customers in just one day. 滴滴快的旗下的打车软件新推出“一键叫飞机”务供感兴趣的人们尝试虽然目前只开通北京APEC空中游和“北京-天津”游两条航线,但一天内就有超万人预订据介绍,"一键叫飞机"由价值3500万的Bell-直升机和价值7800万的Bell-9直升机提供务,顾客多数是年龄在-0岁之间的网民,APEC空中游每人1999元,"北京-天津"游每人3500元体验用户将被免费接送(free pick-up)至直升机停机坪(helipad),每人享有额度300万元的保险(each is covered with a RMB3m insurance)专家称,目前国内低空空域(low-altitude airspace)还未放开,,"打飞的"常态化(normalization)不可为这次试水的"一键叫飞机"务实为预约观光直升机务(helicopter sightseeing),我国距离"打飞的"通勤(commuting)还有很长距离(中国日报网英语点津 彭娜)。