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  • Finance and economics财经商业The new head of the Federal Reserve新任联邦储备局长Dove ascendant鸽派主政Janet Yellen will stick to her predecessors expansionary policies詹尼特将会继续推行前任扩张性经济政策FOR most of the past few years, monetary policy has urged the economy on while dysfunctional fiscal policy has held it back.过去的几年货币政策促进了美国经济的发展而运行不正常的财政政策却阻止其发展。Barack Obamas decision to nominate Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as the Feds chairman in February raises the odds that stimulative monetary policy will continue.巴拉克·奥巴马提名Janet Yellen 接过Ben Bernanke的衣钵于二月担任联邦储备局主席一职,这将加大继续推行刺激性的货币政策的优势。But disquiet about that stance is growing.然而人们对于这一立场的担忧不断增长。In addition to being the first woman to run the Fed, Ms Yellen is also the first acknowledged dove.她不仅是首位入主联邦储备局的女性,而且是著名的鸽派人物。Presidents once felt compelled to appoint monetary-policy hawks such as Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan to reassure markets that the Fed would not succumb to the political systems inflationary bias.总统为情况所迫曾任命鹰派强硬持货币政策的Paul Volcker和Alan Greenspan确保市场运行良好,避免联邦储备局遭受来自政治体系的通货膨胀趋势。In appointing Ms Yellen Mr Obama has implicitly acknowledged how much the world, and the Feds priorities, have changed.通过任命Ms Yellen,奥巴马含蓄地表明世界的转变,联邦储备局重心的转变。Since 2008 America, like many other countries, has struggled with slack demand and high unemployment.如许多其他国家一样,自2008年以来,美国一直为疲软的需求及较高的失业率所困扰。Meanwhile, energy prices excluded, inflation has persistently fallen short of the Feds 2% target.与此同时,排除能源价格的影响,通货膨胀率一直未能达到联邦储备局2%的目标。Ms Yellen is not alone in believing that unemployment is a bigger problem than inflation.并非Ms Yellen一人认为较之通货膨胀失业率居高不下是更为严重的问题,So do most of her colleagues on the Federal Open Market Committee, through which the Fed sets interest rates.她很多在联邦公开市场政策委员会制定联邦利率的同事也这么认为。But she has felt that way longer and more strongly.但她比他们更早更强烈地意识到这一点。She pushed publicly last year to hold interest rates near zero for longer than the Fed then planned, to hasten the fall in unemployment, even if that caused inflation to rise briefly above 2%.去年她公开推进利率趋零以促进就业降低失业率,使这一货币政策比联邦计划的时间要长,即便这一行动使通胀率高于2%。She was the principal author of the Feds current statement of long-term goals and operating principles, which stresses the equal importance of its twin statutory goals of full employment and low inflation.她是此次联邦现行长远目标及管理原则的主要推行者,这一政策将促进就业和压低通胀率这两个法定目标置于同等重要的地位。As vice-chairman, Ms Yellen helped Mr Bernanke nudge the FOMC towards its commitments to keep its benchmark interest rate at zero at least until unemployment has dropped to 6.5% and to keep buying billion-worth of bonds a month with newly printed money until the labour market has improved substantially.过去作为联邦储备局副主席,Ms Yellen协助Mr Bernanke推进联邦公开市场政策委员会实践其承诺,保持基准利率为零的状态直至失业率至少降至6.5%,继续印刷新钱购买850亿美元的债券直至劳动力市场情况持续好转。These policies have not fuelled inflation, as hawks feared they might.这些政策并没有像鹰派预估的那样加速通胀。Indeed, Ms Yellen would probably welcome having to tighten due to inflationary pressure, because that would mean demand was buoyant.的确,要是通胀压力过大,Ms Yellen势必会实施紧缩的货币政策,因为这意味着市场需求旺盛。But hawks still worry that the Fed is distorting prices in financial markets, breeding excessive risk-taking and preventing investors in Treasury bonds from demanding fiscal discipline.然而鹰派依然担心联邦储备局打乱了金融市场的价格,导致过多的风险从而使投资者因为繁多的财政纪律放弃购买国库券。Such concerns are widesp among Republicans in the Senate.参议院的共和党人普遍担心这一趋势。Several voted against her nomination to be vice-chairman in 2010.2010年几个议员在提名她为联邦储备局副主席时投了反对票。She was not particularly modest about the role of monetary policy in the economy and I dont see any evidence that thats changed, one such Republican, Bob Corker ofTennessee, said this week.一位来自田纳西州的共和党议员Bob Corker本周称,对于货币政策在经济中所扮演的角色,Yellen似乎不是很审慎,并且我并没有看到她作出的改变。With the support of the Senates Democratic majority, Ms Yellen is almost certain to be confirmed.因为得到参议院大多数民主党议员的持,Ms Yellen在联邦储备局的地位已经确立。But with many Republicans opposed, she will probably get fewer than the 70 votes Mr Bernanke did for his second term in 2010, at the time the lowest on record for a Fed chairman.但由于许多共和党人反对,她的得票很可能会比Bernanke2010年连任时的70票更低,而这在当时创造了联邦储备局主席最低的得票率记录。Moreover, one of the seven seats on the Feds board is vacant and another five may come up for grabs in the coming year, given expirations and the tug of other opportunities.此外,联邦董事会7个席位尚有一个空缺,在下一年换届时,倘若还有其他有利机会将有5人竞争该席位。The weight of opinion within the institution could change markedly as a result.因此,联邦储备局内部观点很可能会带来巨大转变。Minutes of the Feds last meeting, in September, show that it is aly divided on QE.联邦储备局9月份的会议记录显示,人们对量化宽松的货币政策已有分歧。Many officials wanted to slow its pace.很多官员想要放缓量化宽松的步伐。But the view that the economy was not strong enough prevailed, and the Fed surprised the market by sticking to its current pace of bond-buying.然而经济状况并不允许紧缩货币政策的观点盛行,联邦继续推行现行券交易的步伐出乎市场的预测。Once in office, Ms Yellen is likely to pursue a gentle taper coupled with a firm commitment to keep interest rates at zero.一旦就任,Yellen很可能会追求趋缓温和的货币政策但是会坚持维持利率为零。If the economy falters—an all-too-real possibility givenAmericas budget mess—she may want to increase QE, but might struggle to persuade her colleagues.倘若经济衰退—美国混乱的经济预算负主要责任—她可能会提高量化宽松的程度,但她要费力地说她的同事们持她。The Feds strength, she said in accepting the nomination, is its capacity to vigorously debate diverse views, and then to unite.在接受任命的时候,她说联邦储备局的优势在于它能够让不同的观点相互辩论最后获得统一。Maintaining that trait may be her biggest challenge.而发扬这种优良传统或许是她面临的最大挑战。 /201310/260172。
  • British politics英国政治She came, she saw, she conquered她来过,领略过,征过A great biography of an extraordinary life一本记录撒切尔夫人传奇人生的传记Margaret Thatcher—The Authorised Biography, Volume I: From Grantham to the Falklands. By Charles Moore.《玛格丽特撒切尔授权传记,卷一:从格兰瑟姆市到福克兰群岛》作者:查尔斯尔IT HELPS to be lucky if you are a politician and Margaret Thatcher was luckier than most: lucky that she came to power when the old order was crumbling and lucky that her opponents were so feeble. Now she is proving to be lucky in death. First came a semi-state funeral that had the British establishment on bended knee and the British public out on the streets; now comes the first volume of an authorised biography that may well turn out to be one of the great lives of modern times.政客运气总是比常人要好。玛格丽特撒切尔比大多数的政客运气都还要好:在她上台之际,旧秩序正值崩溃,而她的对手也不堪一击。现在,她连死亡都是幸运的。首先是一个准国葬,葬礼上英国政要皆屈膝以示敬意,而英国民众纷纷在沿街表达他们的悼念之情。现在则是她授权的传记第一卷的出版发行,这部传记很有可能成为现代最伟大的著作之一。This first volume takes the story from Mrs Thatchers childhood above a grocers shop in Grantham to victory in the Falklands war in 1982. A second volume, “Herself Alone”, will tell the rest of the story. Charles Moore, a veteran journalist and former editor of the weekly Spectator magazine and the Daily Telegraph, is proving the ideal biographer. He has spent 16 years ing Mrs Thatchers private papers, to which he had unique access, and interviewing everyone who mattered. But he also possesses the literary panache to bring the dullest sources to life. He is close to his subject both ideologically and personally. But he also acknowledges that she could be impossible, and often was: hectoring, bullying and interfering.在传记中,第一卷讲述了撒切尔夫人从格兰瑟姆市一个零售商女儿成长为赢得1982年马岛战争的铁娘子的故事。第二卷《她自己》将讲述之后的故事。作为周刊《旁观者》和《每日电讯报》的资深记者兼前任编辑,查尔斯尔就是一个完美的传记作者。充分利用自己查阅撒切尔夫人私人文件的特权,尔花费了16年的时间来研究这些文件,并采访每一个相关人员。但(所幸)他也拥有卓越的文学才华,能够将最枯燥的材料写得栩栩如生。无论在思想上,还是私人交情上,尔都与撒切尔夫人十分亲近。但他也承认,她有时候的确很难应付,并且她通常喜欢颐指气使、恃强凌弱、事事干涉。The first 200-odd pages are hard-going. As a person rather than a politician she is of limited interest. She had no intellectual hinterland and was quite content to repeat the clichés of the stockbroker belt. If she had a sense of humour, nobody has ever found it. Mrs Thatchers early career—from the scholarship to Oxford, an early love affair, a job as an industrial chemist and her first forays into Conservative politics—is hardly the stuff of high drama. Mr Moore does a good job of evoking the atmosphere of post-war Britain. He reveals that Denis Thatcher, whom she married in 1951, once repaired to South Africa for two months and contemplated divorcing her. Still, few ers will wish this section were longer.最开始200多页的内容读起来索然无味。褪去政治家身份的撒切尔,与常人并无异处。她没有任何科研成果,并且满足于重复富人区的陈词滥调。她没有幽默感。她的早年生涯—拿到牛津大学奖学金,年轻时的爱恋,工业化学家的工作,第一次闯进了保守党阵营——都不是多少精的故事。在讲述这段时间内的事情过程中,尔很好地营造了一种二战后英国的氛围。他大爆料, 1951年娶了她的丹尼斯撒切尔,曾经在南非呆过两个月,考虑着是否要与她离婚。尽管如此,很少有读者想继续探究下去。Things really take off with Mrs Thatchers election as Conservative Party leader in 1975. Mr Moore brilliantly reconstructs the drama of those years. He reminds the er of how big the stakes were in everything from industrial relations to the Falklands war. Mrs Thatcher was in an extraordinary position: “the oldest, grandest, in many peoples eyes the stuffiest political party in the world had chosen a leader whose combination of class, inexperience and sex would previously have ruled her out.” But Mr Moore avoids the luxury of hindsight. Political events tumble over each other. Politicians grope about in the dark. Patterns emerge slowly.1975年,撒切尔夫人被选为保守党领袖,从这开始故事才变得有意思起来。尔十分精地重现了这段流光岁月。他向读者展示了,从工业革命到马岛战争,所有事情都充满着巨大风险。与其他首相相比,撒切尔夫人的处境不同寻常:“世界上历史最悠久的、规模最庞大的、在许多人眼里最死板僵化的政党,选择了一位这样的领导人:在此之前她会因为来自底层阶级、缺乏经验、身为女性,而被直接排除在外。”不过尔避免了大篇幅的“后知后觉”。毕竟,政治问题之间总会有冲突,政客们也是摸着石头过河,政治模式的出现总需要时间。Margaret Thatcher grows with the turning of the pages. She summons up extraordinary personal resources not just to break with the old order but to put a new one in its place. None of this was easy. The entire Thatcherite project was frequently in danger of faltering, as unemployment soared, cities burned and the ditherers conspired. The situation became so dire in 1981 that Mrs Thatchers advisers sent her a memo castigating her management style and warning that she would soon be joining Edward Heath on the backbenches.随着时间的推移,玛格丽特撒切尔也在变得更加老练成熟。她以常人少有的勇气与旧秩序决裂,同时打造新秩序。这两件事都不容易。所有这些撒切尔主义项目经常面临各种垮台的危险,因为失业率急速增长,各大城市情况堪忧,反对者纷纷密谋反叛。情况发展到1981年已经十分危急,连撒切尔夫人的顾问也都向她寄去一份简报,激烈指责她的管理方式,并警告说她可能很快就加入爱德华希思成为后座议员了。How did she manage all this Mr Moore shows that it took more than ideological certainty and personal stubbornness. Mrs Thatcher had a gift for seeing when the time was ripe and when it was not. She had a natural bond with what Richard Nixon called the silent majority. She had an actors gift for putting on a good show. Mrs Thatchers opponents repeatedly played into her hands: Heath, the titular leader of the Tory ditherers, known as the “wets”, was a repulsive figure who grew more repulsive with age and Michael Foot, the Labour leader, had an unfortunate habit of dressing like a scarecrow.然而她是怎样应对这些的呢?尔将其描述为远非坚定的意志和倔强的个性就足够。撒切尔夫人有着判断时机的良好禀赋。她与理查德尼克松所说的“沉默的大多数”之间有着天然纽带。她就像是一个天生的演员,与生俱来就擅长上演一出精的戏。撒切尔夫人的对手总会正中她的下怀:名义上保守党反对派的领袖希思,是著名的“温和派”,他的为人令人厌恶,而且越老越惹人烦,还有工党领袖迈克尔福特,他喜欢把自己打扮得像个稻草人一样,有这个习惯实在是不幸啊。The book ends on a high note. Britains victory in the Falklands war consolidated Mrs Thatchers hold over the Tory Party. The economy began to recover. And the Labour Party rendered itself unelectable. At the same time the seeds of her self- destruction were aly apparent. It is not often that you can say of a 900-page book that it leaves you wanting to more. But in this case it is true.该书在高潮部分收了尾。英国在马岛战争中的胜利有效地巩固了撒切尔夫人对保守党的控制。经济也开始复苏。工党的糟糕表现也致使它们自身无法赢得选举胜利。不过,与此同时,撒切尔夫人也开始走下坡路了。人们很少会说,读完一本900页的书还觉得意犹未尽,但是这本传记就做到了。 /201405/294727。
  • Have you ever taken a good look at your dog and wondered, where did this creature come from?你是否曾仔细观察过你的,迫切想知道汪星人这种生物到底来自哪里?Sure, you know your dog came from the local shelter or a pet store, but what about before that?当然,你清楚它们是来自当地避难所或宠物商店,但是在这之前呢?If you were able to trace your dogs lineage back to its origins, what would you find? 如果你能够跟踪的血统回到它的起源,你会有何发现?Until recently, scientists believed that domestic dogs originated in the Middle East.直到最近,科学家们相信国内的起源于中东地区。But reports suggest that almost all domestic dogs began in East Asia as the offspring of three lineages.但报告显示,几乎所有国内的都是东亚血统三代之后。Virtually all domesticated dogs in the ed States descend from dogs brought over by ancient people that crossed the Bering land bridge from Asia to North America.几乎所有美国家养的都是从亚洲到北美穿过白令海峡大陆桥的古代人们带过来繁衍生息下来的子孙。Although the New World had a healthy wolf population that might have given rise to a New World strain of domesticated dogs, by and large these ancient immigrants stuck with the dogs of Asian origin.虽然新世界繁殖良好的狼可能会为国内带来新的压力,但总的来说,这些古代移民无法摆脱自己的亚裔血统。How, you may wonder, have scientists come to these conclusions?怎么样,你是不是会觉得奇怪,科学家哪来的这些结论?The same way forensic specialists increasingly solve crimes-through DNA evidence.这就如同法医专家通过DNA据破案一样。Since mitochondria are cellular elements passed from mother to pup, mitochondrial DNA ily reveal genetic footprints stretching back into prehistoric times.线粒体是通过母亲传递的细胞元素,线粒体DNA揭示伸展回到史前时代的遗传印记。Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. collected DNA samples from the remains of ancient Old World dogs, ancient New World dogs, and ancient New World wolves.华盛顿特区史密森学会的科学家们从古老旧世界的,古代新世界及古代的狼的遗体中收集DNA样本。Test showed decisively that the New World dogs were genetically more similar to Old World dogs than to New World wolves, effectively proving that the dogs we save from local shelters originally hail from the far East rather than the woods of North America. 试验表明新世界的基因相比新世界的狼更类似于旧世界,这有力的明我们从当地避难所中救助的最初来自远东而非北美的森林。201310/259453。
  • Saber-tooth died out, but another big cat survived. 剑齿虎灭绝了,但是另一种大型猫科动物幸存了下来。The puma may have been more able to adapt because its diet is more varied and includes small prey. The grizzly bear also lived through the post Ice Age changes and now thrives in North America. Once again, a varied diet of meat and plants made it a versatile survivor. 美洲狮或许有更强的适应能力,这是因为他们的饮食多种多样,它们同样捕食一些小体型猎物。灰熊也在同样在冰河时代后期的巨变中幸存了下来,现在在北美洲代代繁衍。同样,不挑剔的饮食习惯使它们幸存了下来。The moose is now the largest browser on the continent. During the last Ice Age, moose were restricted to the far north, but after the ice melted, they sp south. They took the place of mastodons and the larger stag-moose, both of which became extinct. 目前,驼鹿是这片大陆体型最大的食草动物,在冰河时代后期,他们只能在遥远的北方生存,然而在冰雪融化后,他们开始向南方迁徙。他们取代了乳齿象和体型较大的牡鹿,这两种动物已经灭绝了。Bison, too, were to benefit from the post Ice Age changes. They managed to survive the draught, eventually expanding in number to replace the horse as dominant grazer. As ruminants with multi-chambered stomachs, bison can extract more nutrients from grass and this may help explain why they survived when other grazers such as the wild horses did not.美洲野牛也从冰河时代后期的巨变中获益。他们从干旱存活了下来,并最终在数量上超过了马,成为了最大的食草群体。正是由于野牛是反刍动物,它们由多个储存食物的消化器官,因此能够从草中吸收更多的营养,这也许能够解释为什么他们能够幸存下来,而像野马一样的食草动物却已经灭绝。While all these creatures were adapting to their changing landscape, another animal was just beginning to make North America its home. It’s thought the dog arrived with early people and its descendents are still with us today. The Carolina dog lives in the woods of South Carolina. 而正当这些生物正在适应变化的地貌时,另一种动物在北美大陆的生活则如家中舒适。被认为是随着早起的人类一同来到北美大陆的,他们的后代至今仍和我们同存。卡罗来纳犬就生存在卡罗莱纳州南部的森林里。Like most primitive dogs, it makes its den in the ground or in hollow tree trunks. The Carolina dog is often called the American dingo. It does look like its Australian relative, but links between the two may go deeper than that. Genetic analysis of the Carolina dogs suggests they are closely related to primitive wild dogs like the dingo. 和大多数的野犬一样,它们把洞穴建在地下或者树洞中,卡罗来纳犬经常被称做美国澳洲野犬,它们的相貌于澳洲野犬十分相似,但是两者之间的联系可能更加密切,卡罗莱纳犬的遗传基因表明,它们和澳洲野一样与原始野有着密切的联系。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201311/263558。
  • Television in America美国电视产业The bandit of broadcast广播电视业界的强盗The Supreme Courts decision on Aereo may affect more than the TV business最高法院将对Aereo案件进行裁决,而其影响范围或许会超出电视产业本身CHET KANOJIA, the founder of Aereo, wonders which actor will play him, when Hollywood makes a film about his startup disrupting the television industry. “Probably a white guy,” Mr Kanojia, who is Indian-American, says drolly. Whether his firm will feature on the big screen or rapidly be forgotten depends on the outcome of a lawsuit between Aereo and Americas big free-to-air broadcast networks—such as A, CBS and Fox—which is being weighed by the Supreme Court. Oral arguments in the case were heard on April 22nd and a decision is due within months.当好莱坞的电影公司想要拍一部关于Aereo创始人Chet Kanojia如何瓦解整个电视产业的电影之时,这位老板也在思考着到底让哪一位演员来扮演自己。“或许会挑个白人,”印度裔美国人Kanojia先生戏谑地说道。最后他的电影到底是能成功登上大荧幕,抑或是迅速被大家所遗忘,要取决于一场官司的最终结果。最高法院正在对这场官司进行权衡,而对抗双方则是Aereo与美国免费广播电视巨头,如美国广播公司、哥伦比亚广播公司和福克斯广播公司。案件的口头辩论在4月22日已经完成,而最终裁决将在数月之内宣布。Mr Kanojia and Aereo are not yet household names, but are the subject of much debate among geeks, copyright lawyers and TV executives. Aereo picks up the signals of free-to-air channels and streams them to its subscribers over the internet, so they can watch them with the same good picture quality as they get via cable, but for a fraction of the average monthly cable bill. Each subscriber is assigned one of a huge number of thumbnail-sized aerials in Aereos warehouses. Aereo claims this is in principle no different—and thus no less legal—than the subscriber putting an antenna on his roof. But broadcast bosses see it differently. They say Aereo is violating copyright law by not paying them for a “public performance” of their content.Kanojia与Aereo目前还不是一对家喻户晓的名字,但对于极客、版权律师以及电视主管们来说,这确实是极为火热的话题。Aereo公司接收免费广播电视的频道信号,并把这些频道转化成流媒体以供他们的付费订阅用户在线观看。因此,这些用户在付出相当于普通有线电视月租费用的很小一部分,就可以享受跟有线电视一样的高画质电视务。相当于在Aereo公司的仓库里,有数以百万计的“微缩远程天线”,而每个订阅用户都能分到其中一条。Aereo公司宣称,这与免费广播电视的务没什么不同,就像是让他们的客户在自己家的房顶安装天线接收信号一样,是非常合法的行为。但广播电视公司的老板们却不这么认为。他们坚持Aereo公司违反了版权法,因为后者没有给他们提供的节目内容付费,就进行了“公开传播”。So far Aereo is available in only 11 cities. But broadcasters worry that it threatens a fast-growing revenue stream: the fees they get from cable- and satellite-TV operators that retransmit their channels. Such fees came to about .3 billion in 2013, according to SNL Kagan, a data firm. The pay-TV companies would not want to keep paying these if Aereo did not have to. So broadcasters have threatened that if Aereo wins, they will take their content off the public airwaves and offer it through pay-TV only.目前,Aereo的务范围仅限于11个城市。但是,广播电视公司担心这样的务会威胁到自身的快速增长利润源:对有线或者卫星电视运营商处所收取的转播费用。数据公司SNL Kagan所提供的资料显示,2013年该转播费用总计为33亿美元。如果Aereo公司无需为转播权买单,那么其他付费电视公司也将停止为自己的转播权付费。因此广播电视公司对Aereo公司做出了相应的警告:如果Aereo公司胜诉,那么他们将停止在公共无线频道上提供电视转播务,转交由付费电视公司独家供应给观众。Aereo has raised around 0m from various investors, including Barry Diller, a veteran media executive. Mr Dillers volte-face is worthy of a prime-time drama: having launched Fox, one of Americas four big broadcast networks, in the 1980s, he is now a booster for broadcasts bandit. But if Aereo loses it will probably shut down. The government has supported the big broadcasters, undermining Aereos chances. As for the courts, so far their judgments on Aereos legality have been mixed: last year two federal courts sided with Aereo, but in February a federal court in Utah ordered it to close its operations in that state.Aereo已经得到了各路投资者约1亿美元的资金,这其中还包括传媒大亨巴里·迪勒。迪勒先生截然不同的投资转变就像是一出黄金时段的电视剧:80年代,他成立了福克斯广播公司,而现在他却成了电视业大盗的赞助者。然而Aereo公司一旦败诉,很可能对其意味着关门大吉。目前政府已经与各大广播电视巨头在统一战线,使Aereo公司的胜诉几率大减。在法庭方面,他们对Aereo合法性的判决并没有达成共识:去年两个联邦法庭持Aereo公司,但今年2月犹他州的一个联邦法庭则勒令其停止在本州内的所有业务。Legislation has not kept up with new technology. Cable in America is regulated by a 1992 law, and copyright by a 1976 one. Both were written before the rise of the commercial internet, notes Rich Greenfield of BTIG, a research firm.法律法规没有跟上新科技的步伐。有线电视产业受1992年出台的法律管制,而版权问题则受1976年的法律所管理。来自调查机构BTIG的Rich Greenfield表示,在网络商务兴起之前这两部法律就已经制订完成。Many are watching the case to make sure the verdict does not imply that it is piracy to transfer any sort of content via the internet without a licence from whoever owns the copyright to it. That could be costly for firms that store media files in the “cloud” for paying clients, such as Apple and Google. As Stephen Breyer, one of the Supreme Court justices, said in this weeks hearing, “What disturbs me…is I dont understand what the decision for you or against you…is going to do to all kinds of other technologies.”许多人正关注着本案的进展。他们要确定本次的宣判是否意味着在网络上传播任何未经版权拥有者许可的内容,都会被认定为盗版行为。一旦如此,许多为付费用户提供“云端”影音资料储存的公司将会出现极大的经营成本负担,比如苹果和谷歌。最高法院的法官之一斯蒂芬·布雷耶在本周的聆讯过程当中表示:“困扰着我的问题是...我不能确定本案的判决会对其他各类科技产生什么样的影响,无论好坏。” /201405/294430。
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