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A 66-year-old man in India#39;s remote northeast has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all living under one roof.印度东北部一个偏远地区有一位66岁男子,他共有39位妻子、94名儿女和33个孙子女,所有人都生活在一起。They all live in a four storied building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state, sharing borders with Burma and Bangladesh, according to reports。据报道,他们全都住在印度米佐拉姆邦一个山村中的一栋四层小楼里,楼中共有100个房间。米佐拉姆邦与缅甸和孟加拉国接壤。;I once married 10 women in one year,; Ziona Chana said。这名叫齐奥纳#8226;查纳的男子说:“我曾经在一年内娶了10个老婆。”His wives share a dormitory near Ziona#39;s private bedroom and locals said he likes to have seven or eight of them by his side at all times。齐奥纳私人卧室旁边有一间大寝室是他的妻子们共用的,当地人说齐奥纳喜欢身边总是有七八位老婆陪着他。The sons and their wives, and all their children, live in different rooms in the same building, but share a common kitchen。他的儿子和儿媳们,以及孙辈们住在同一栋楼的不同房间里,但他们共用一个厨房。The wives take turns cooking, while his daughters clean the house and do washing. The men do outdoor jobs like farming and taking care of livestock。齐奥纳的妻子们和媳妇们轮流做饭,而他的女儿们则负责打扫房子和洗衣。家庭里的男人们负责耕种、喂养家畜等户外工作。The family, all 167 of them, consumes around 200lb of rice and more than 130lb of potatoes a day. They are supported by their own resources and occasional donations from followers。这个167人的大家庭一天要吃掉约200磅米饭、130多磅土豆。他们基本能自给自足,偶尔也会有追随者赠送一些食物给他们。;Even today, I am y to expand my family and willing to go to any extent to marry,; Ziona said。齐奥纳说:“即使是现在,我也很愿意继续娶妻,扩大我的家庭。”;I have so many people to care (for) and look after, and I consider myself a lucky man.;“我有这么多亲人可以去关心和照顾,我觉得我是个幸运的人。”Mr Chana met his oldest wife, who is three years older than he is, when he was 17.查纳在17岁时遇到了他最大的老婆,她大他三岁。He heads a local Christian religious sect, called the ;Chana;, which allows polygamy. Formed in June 1942, the sect believes it will soon be ruling the world with Christ and has a membership of around 400 families。查纳是当地一个叫“查纳”的基督教派别的领袖,该教创立于1942年6月,允许一夫多妻制。目前,该教派约有400个家庭的教徒,并且认为他们很快就会和耶稣一起统治世界。 /201301/221515宁都县治疗肛门疣病多少钱Protests against a planned oil refinery and petrochemicals facility broke out in southwest China for the second time this month, as pressure mounted on local leaders over environmental effects of the project.中国西南部的昆明市本月以来第二次爆发了针对一个炼化厂项目的抗议活动,当地官员在该项目的环境影响方面承受的压力进一步增大。The demonstration on Thursday in the city of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, marks the second sizable protest there since May 4. Local activists are demanding that officials scrap plans to produce the chemical paraxylene, known as PX, as part of the refinery under construction nearby. Many are outraged that local officials won#39;t release the results of an environmental-impact assessment of the project, according to activists and local media.周四的抗议是5月4日以来发生在云南省省会昆明的第二起规模较大的抗议活动。当地的活动人士要求政府放弃在附近在建的炼化厂中生产化学品对二甲苯(PX)的计划。据活动人士和当地媒体说,许多人对当地官员不愿公布该项目的环境影响评估结果感到不满。Photos posted to China#39;s Sina Weibo microblogging service showed what appeared to be hundreds of protesters marching through downtown city streets on Thursday. Some carried signs appealing directly to Yunnan#39;s provincial Communist Party chief, Qin Guangrong. The protests appeared to be peaceful.新浪微上发布的照片显示,约有数百人周四在昆明市中心的街头游行。一些人举着标语直接向云南省委书记秦光荣表达诉求。抗议似乎是和平的。#39;We should try and protect our homeland,#39; said Guo Jun, a local Kunming university student who took part in Thursday#39;s demonstrations despite warnings from professors not to. Repeated phone calls to government offices in Kunming rang unanswered.昆明的大学生郭俊(音)不顾老师的警告参加了周四的抗议活动。郭俊说,我们应该努力保护我们的家园。记者多次致电昆明的政府办公室,但无人应答。Production of PX in proximity to urban centers is of particular concern for those who fear industrial mishaps at the facilities could put the health of local residents and the environment at risk.在市中心附近生产对二甲苯令一些人格外担心,他们认为,工厂的工业事故可能危及当地居民的健康和环境。Kunming#39;s mayor, Li Wenrong, last week promised to take opposition against the planned petrochemical facility into account, even pledging to scrap the project if a majority of residents expressed opposition.昆明市市长李文荣上周承诺,将认真考虑群众对炼化厂项目的反对意见,甚至表示,如果大多数居民反对就放弃这个项目。Opposition to the project has so far largely targeted the planned petrochemcials facility, though some residents say they oppose the oil refinery as well being in such close proximity to the city.目前为止,抗议主要针对石化厂项目,不过一些居民说,他们也反对炼油厂项目,因为它离市区太近了。PX production is booming in China. The chemical is a critical building block in the production of textiles and plastics, and industry advocates say under normal conditions it can be produced safely and without threat to humans.中国生产对二甲苯的规模正日益扩大。这种化学品是生产纺织品和塑料的重要原料。行业维权人士说,在正常情况下,对二甲苯的生产是安全的,不会对人造成威胁。But its production has repeatedly come under fire in recent years from local residents in multiple Chinese cities who fear it will damage their health as well as the environment. Following protests in 2007 in the eastern city of Xiamen, local officials pledged to move a planned PX plant away from the popular tourist town.但近年来,对二甲苯的生产在中国多个城市一再受到民众炮轰,人们担心这会损害身体健康并污染环境。2007年,中国东部热门旅游城市厦门的一个对二甲苯项目引发抗议,之后当地官员承诺项目迁址。Similarly, in 2011, officials promised to shut a plant in the northeast city of Dalian after more than 10,000 people took to the streets in protest of PX production there. State media reported in December that relocation work for the Dalian plant was still under way.同样,2011年中国东北城市大连发起了反对在该市生产对二甲苯的万人大游行,官员后来承诺会关闭相关工厂。去年12月,中国国有媒体报道称,大连对二甲苯工厂的迁址工作还在进行中。Thursday#39;s protests in Kunming were smaller than many environmental protests elsewhere.相比中国其它城市的很多环保抗议活动,昆明周四的抗议规模较小。Concerns over transparency and locating the planned refinery so close to the city underpin resistance in Kunming. Residents have demanded officials release results of a government-required environmental impact assessment. Others have called for third-party groups to be allowed to conduct an independent assessment of the planned refinery, which has aly been approved by China#39;s National Development and Reform Commission, the country#39;s top economic planning body.对项目信息透明度的担忧以及炼油厂拟建厂址毗邻昆明均增加了该项目的阻力。当地居民要求官员公布政府规定的环境影响评估结果。还有居民呼吁,应允许第三方组织就这个炼油厂项目展开独立评估。该项目已经得到了中国最高经济规划部门国家发展和改革委员会的批准。China National Petroleum Corp. is responsible for building the refinery, which will have a capacity of processing 200,000 barrels of crude each day. Another company, Yuntianhua Group, is responsible for the related petrochemicals facility.这个炼油厂由中国石油天然气集团公司(China National Petroleum Corp.)负责承建,建成后日炼油量可达20万桶。云天化集团(Yuntianhua Group)负责承建相关石化设施。A senior executive from Yuntianhua said last week that feasibility studies were continuing and that no final decision on which chemicals to produce had been made. Government documents and earlier state-media reports indicated the facility would produce PX.云天化集团一位高管上周说,正在进行可行性研究,还没有最终决定到底生产哪种化学品。政府文件和早前的国有媒体报道均表明,这个项目生产的是对二甲苯。The refinery is a significant piece of infrastructure as China looks to boost availability of gasoline and other refined oil products across the less developed southwestern portion of the country.中国目前着眼于在欠发达的西南地区增加汽油和其它成品油供应,而炼油厂是基础设施的重要组成部分。 /201305/240325瑞金治疗肛门损伤哪家医院好排名哪里A father in Wuhan, Hubei province, dubbed ;Eagle Dad; for his controversial parenting style, has dismissed critics` claims that he pushes his 4-year-old son too hard.湖北省武汉市的一位父亲,因其备受争议的家教方式,被戏称为“鹰爸”。此前有声音批评他对四岁儿子的教育过于严厉,近日他对此做出反驳。Police officer Wang Shaoyan came under the spotlight this month after his child took part in an 18-kilometer race in the Hubei provincial capital.本月,由于儿子参加了在湖北武汉举行的1800米徒步走比赛,使得这位名叫王劭彦的警官成为公众焦点。Some parents attacked his methods of extreme physical training, while others reacted strongly to his admission that he regularly exposes the youngster to cold showers. ;I just want my son to reach his full potential,; Wang said, adding that 4-year-old Wang Dingsen not only finished the 18-km race but also left many adults behind him.一些家长谴责他极端的体能训练模式,对于他经常让小孩洗冷水澡的举动,另一些家长反映强烈。王劭彦说:“我只想让我的儿子发挥出最大潜能。”他还说,四岁的王鼎森不仅完成了1800米徒步走,而且还超过了许多成年人。;My son runs 3 km everyday,; he said. ;He also takes cold showers from time to time to strengthen his body`s resistance and willpower.;他说,“我儿子每天跑3000米。他时不时还会洗冷水澡,以增强抵抗力和意志力。”Wang said he first gave his child a cold shower when he was 15 months old. After years of chilling experiences, he rarely falls ill and has developed much stronger willpower than his peers, according to Wang Shaoyan.他说自己的孩子在十五个月大时就开始洗冷水澡了。据王劭彦介绍,几年下来,孩子很少生病,意志力也比同龄人强很多。;He has never taken any sick leave from kindergarten,; he said, proudly.他骄傲地说:“他上幼儿园时从不请病假。”However, some parents find his methods too extreme.不过,一些家长认为他的方法太过极端。;I`m not sure a 4-year-old is prepared for such intense training,; said Zhang Ruxia, a woman who gave birth to two boys in October in Tianjin. ;You can have good intentions to train your child at an early age but you also have to consider whether he can take it.;来自天津,刚刚于十月份诞下双生子的张如霞(音译)表示:“我不知道一个四岁孩子是否准备好能接受这种高强度的训练。在孩子小的时候加以训练,出发点是好的,但还要考虑孩子能不能接受。”Wang responded by saying children are too young to make decisions, and it is up to parents to lead them on the right path.对此,王劭彦回应道,孩子太小了,无法自己做决定,应由父母为他们做出正确抉择。;I many materials before (I started training my son), and the whole process is step-by-step, without pushing or imposing on my son,; Wang said.他说:“在训练我儿子之前,我阅读了大量的材料,整个过程循序渐进,并未对我儿子采取强硬政策。”The father said he was not acting rashly but following a scientific way of education. He said the queries and doubts about his methods reflect the declining standards of modern education.这位父亲说,他并没有鲁莽行事,而是遵循科学的教育方式。他说,对于他这种教育方式的质疑声也反映出现代教育标准的衰退。;Many people in Japan give their children cold showers too, and no one is fussing about it,; he said.他说:“在日本许多人也会让自己的孩子洗冷水澡,也没人大惊小怪。”The traditional way of education applied by most of his peers might not necessarily help bring the best out of a child, he said.他说,他这个年龄段的许多家长都采取了传统的教育手段,这并不一定会让孩子变得更优秀。Wang said in addition to the physical training, he has also laid out a detailed and particular program to enhance the intelligence of the child.王劭彦说,除了体能训练外,他还制定出一套详尽而独特的项目来增强孩子的智力。;I have hired some university students to expand his knowledge in natural sciences, while playing the for English-language teaching as well,; he said.他说,“我请了一些大学生家教来拓展他自然科学的知识面。还通过视频来进行英语教学。”According to Mao Zhenming, director of physical education and sports at Beijing Normal University, cold showers and long-distance running, as long as they are not too extreme, are beneficial for a child`s development.北京师范大学体育与运动学院院长毛振明表示,只要不过激,洗冷水澡和长跑有益于孩子的成长。However, he warned that the high-intensity workout that requires lots of effort and concentration might be at cross-purposes.不过,他提醒,这种需要下苦功和保持专注力的高强度训练,可能会引发相左的意见。;Parents should take it step by step in a moderate way,; he said.他说:“家长们应该采取一种温和的、循序渐进的教育模式。” /201211/209753New York has been named the dirtiest out of 35 American metropolitan areas by the out-of-towners who Travel + Leisure magazine.纽约被《旅行+休闲》杂志的游客读者们评为美国35个国际都市中最脏的一个。Tourists cited New York#39;s garbage-piled sidewalks and funky odors to shove Gotham to the top of the trash heap in the poll, which is part of the magazine#39;s annual America#39;s Favorite Cities survey.游客指出,纽约的人行道上堆满了垃圾,散发出恶臭,这让纽约成功登顶垃圾堆城市榜。这一调查是该杂志的年度美国最受喜爱城市调查的一部分。The magazine polled 50,000 people online, but the tourists were the harshest.该杂志在网上调查了5万人,而游客们的评价是最毒的。You#39;d think New Yorkers would be quick to defend the capital of the world — but the nose knows; city residents ranked our rankness as the second-worst in the nation, behind, obviously, Baltimore.你可能以为纽约人会迅速跳起来为这个世界之都辩护,但是天晓得纽约居民也把纽约评为全国第二脏的城市,当然,仅次于巴尔的。;New York is beyond nasty!; said Nevillyn Parsons, 42, a city resident who recently snapped a photo of a rat rummaging through garbage outside a Brooklyn courthouse.一位42岁的纽约市民奈维林#8226;帕森斯说:“纽约脏得不能再脏了!”他最近刚拍了一张布鲁克林法院外老鼠乱翻垃圾箱的照片。Of course, Mayor Bloomberg covered the stench of defeat in a floral spray of spin.当然,纽约市长彭用让人晕眩的花香喷雾盖住了恶臭的失败印记。;Sounds like the people in this survey haven#39;t been here in a long while,; said mayoral spokeswoman Julie Wood.市长女发言人朱莉#8226;伍德说:“听上去调查的这些人似乎在纽约待的时间并不长。”The city#39;s 50 million tourists last year, she added, ;saw for themselves that the city is cleaner than ever.;她补充说,该市去年5000万游客“亲眼看见纽约市比以往任何时候都更干净”。A recent Sanitation Department report gave the city#39;s streets a 95% cleanliness rating, up from 70% in the 1970s. But nonnative New Yorkers weren#39;t buying that particular bridge Monday.一项卫生部的新报告给纽约街道打出清洁度95%的评价,而20世纪70年代清洁度仅为70%。然而周一的调查显示,来自外地的纽约人并不买账。Other cities ;don#39;t have the same smell of (urine) and the rodent problem that you have here,; said Derek Snow, 35, who moved to New York from Boston. ;But if you want the extremely awesome, you have to take the extremely bad.;从波士顿搬来纽约的35岁的德雷克#8226;斯诺说其他城市“并没有纽约这种(尿骚)味和老鼠泛滥的问题。但如果你想要得到特别棒的东西,你就必须接受特别糟的东西。”New Yorkers may be slightly more immune to their city#39;s grit and grime — and the occasional skittering rodent — as they slog to their jobs every day.纽约人也许对自己城市的砂砾和尘垢稍微更有免疫力一些,对每天上班路上偶尔窜过脚边的老鼠也更见怪不怪。But they#39;re not so thrilled once they get there. New York ranked only 17th in a separate survey of the 20 ;happiest cities; for young professionals ranked by CareerBliss.com.但他们到纽约后就兴奋不起来了。CareerBliss.com开展的一项独立调查评出了年轻专业人士“最快乐的20个城市”,纽约只排在第17位。 /201209/200842赣州肛周囊肿疼治疗医院要多少钱

兴国县治疗肛门疣病多少钱章贡区治疗肛瘘哪家医院好排名哪里China officially welcomed its first aircraft carrier to its navy on Tuesday, offering a public display of its ambitions to challenge U.S. naval supremacy in Asia in the midst of a territorial dispute with Japan that has inflamed nationalism at home. 周二,中国第一艘航空母舰正式交付海军。这是在中日领土争端引燃中国国内民族主义情结之际,中国公开展示其挑战美国在亚洲制海权的雄心壮志。 The carrier, christened the Liaoning after China#39;s northeastern province, is at least several years away from minimal combat iness, military experts say. In particular, Chinese fighter pilots are still learning skills needed for taking off and landing on a moving deck. Diplomats say China has yet to land a plane on the vessel. 军事专家说,以中国东北部省份辽宁命名的航母距离达到最低战备状态至少还有几年时间。特别是中国战斗机飞行员目前仍在学习在移动甲板上起飞和降落飞机所需的技术。外交人员说,中国还没有飞机在这艘航母上降落。 But the addition of the Liaoning to the fleet Tuesday received broad coverage in China#39;s state-run media. President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao were among the leaders at a ceremony in Dalian, the port city where the carrier was refurbished, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. The commissioning led the national nightly television news broadcast, which showed Mr. Hu presiding over the ceremony while wearing the Mao-style suit he reserves for military functions. 然而,“辽宁舰”周二的交接入列引发了中国国有媒体的广泛关注。新华社称,中国国家主席胡锦涛和国务院总理温家宝等领导人出席了“辽宁舰”在大连的交接入列仪式。大连是座港口城市,该航母就是在这里改造完成的。中国国家电视台晚间新闻的主要内容就是关于“辽宁舰”的正式入役。画面显示,胡锦涛身穿中山装出席了入列仪式。一般在军事场合下胡锦涛才会穿中山装。 Mr. Wen, ing a letter on behalf of the country#39;s leaders, said putting the aircraft carrier into service would #39;be of great and far-reaching significance in inspiring patriotism, national spirit and driving national-defense technologies,#39; according to Xinhua. #39;It will also be of great significance in enhancing national defense power and the country#39;s comprehensive strength.#39; 温家宝宣读了中国领导人的贺电。据新华社报道,贺电说:这艘航母顺利交接入列对于提高我军现代化水平,促进国防科技工业技术进步和能力建设,增强国防实力和综合国力;对于振奋民族精神,激发爱国热情具有重大而深远的意义。 The carrier#39;s formal handover to the navy from contractor China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. is largely symbolic. It comes just before China#39;s Oct. 1 National Day as well as a sensitive once-a-decade changeover of top political leaders set to begin in the coming weeks. It appeared in part designed to reinforce a domestic message as China verbally defends its territorial claims against neighbors including Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. 这艘由中国船舶重工集团公司(China Shipbuilding Industry Corp.)正式交付给中国海军的航母,其象征意义大于实际意义。该航母的役恰好赶在10月1日中国国庆节之前,而且再过几周,10年一次的敏感的中国领导人换届选举就将拉开帷幕。所以从一定程度上说,“辽宁舰”的交付似乎是为了强化国内的信息,因为中国目前与日本、菲律宾和越南等邻邦都有领土之争,而中国都是在口头上捍卫其主权。 China holds claim to the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, known in Chinese as the Diaoyu. It also faces potentially volatile disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines and others over energy-rich waters in the South China Sea. 中国声称拥有东中国海(East China Sea,中国称东海)钓鱼岛主权。该岛为日本所控,在日本叫尖阁列岛(Senkaku)。此外,中国与越南和菲律宾等国就南中国海(South China Sea,中国称南海)蕴藏丰富能源资源的水域也存在可能一触即发的争议。 Tens of thousands of Chinese have protested─at times violently─against Japan#39;s control over the Senkaku during the past several weeks, underscoring the public pressure leaders face to defend Chinese territorial claims. Top Chinese political leaders are also grappling with a resurgent U.S. military presence in the region, after more than a decade where the Pentagon focused on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 过去几周,中国国内有成千上万人就日本对钓鱼岛的控制爆发了抗议活动,有些活动甚至带有暴力色,这也凸显出中国领导人在捍卫领土主张方面所面临的民众压力。此外,中国领导人还在努力应对美国重新在亚洲积聚军事力量的问题。在此之前的十几年里,美国五角大楼把主要精力都放在了伊拉克和阿富汗战争上。 The development of an aircraft carrier has long been promoted as a symbol of rising national strength. It reinforces the government#39;s narrative that China under the Communist Party is rapidly emerging as a benevolent regional actor just as the U.S. is struggling to retain the influence it has enjoyed in the Asia-Pacific since 1945. 发展航空母舰在中国长期以来一直被宣传为国家实力增强的标志。此外,这也强化了中国政府的说法,即中国在中共的领导下正快速崛起为一个友好的地区大国。而此时的美国却正为保持其1945年以来在亚太区享有的影响力而举步维艰。 #39;China will not join any arms race, pose a threat to other countries or exceed its national and economic strength to develop arms,#39; Xinhua said in a commentary Tuesday. 新华社周二发表的一篇文章说,中国不会与任何国家进行军备竞赛,不会对任何国家构成军事威胁,更不会超出国力和经济实力来发展武器装备。 The Pentagon has reported rising overall numbers of overall Chinese naval vessels in recent years as well as a greater proportion of which the U.S. considers modern. The Chinese navy possesses about 75 principal surface combatants, like destroyers and frigates, and around 60 submarines, according to the U.S. Defense Department. 五角大楼曾经在报告中提到,最近几年中国海军舰艇整体数量不断上升,被美国认为现代化的舰艇比例增加。据美国国防部说,中国海军拥有大约75艘主要水面作战舰艇,如驱逐舰和护卫舰,以及大约60艘潜水艇。 China#39;s military could add to its projected power if it were eventually able to deploy aircraft carriers as well as necessary support vessels. That could include running longer and more sophisticated sea and air missions to assert sovereignty over the South China Sea. Currently, its jets don#39;t have sufficient range to operate for extended periods to the outer limits of China#39;s territorial claims, experts say. 如果中国军方最终能够部署航母以及必要的援舰,中国军方的力量投射可能会增强,例如中国将能够执行距离更长和更复杂的海上和空中任务,宣示对南中国海的主权。据专家说,目前,中国飞机的最大航程不足,无法在中国领土主张的外部界限长时间飞行。 A Chinese company purchased the carrier#39;s empty hull from Ukraine in 1998, and it made its first sea-trial under Chinese control in August 2011. 1998年,一家中国公司从乌克兰手中购买了这艘航空母舰的空壳。2011年8月,这艘航母在中国的控制下进行了第一次试航。 China#39;s neighbors have reacted warily to its growing clout. The U.S. is forging strategic partnerships with long-time ally the Philippines as well as with Vietnam. Vietnam is also in the process of acquiring six Kilo-class submarines from Russia while the Philippines has been pressing the U.S. for defense pledges in the event of a territorial conflict with China. 中国的邻国对中国日益扩大的影响力反应谨慎。美国正在与长期盟友菲律宾以及越南建立战略伙伴关系。越南也在从俄罗斯收购六艘基洛级潜艇;与此同时,菲律宾一直在敦促美国做出防务方面的承诺,一旦与中国发生领土冲突时可以获得帮助。 Chinese leaders see a modern navy as necessary to protecting Chinese assets and interests increasingly sp across the world. China#39;s navy in recent years has been taking part in antipiracy missions in the in the Gulf of Aden, for example, though it isn#39;t likely the aircraft carrier will be participating in missions far from China#39;s shores in the immediate term. 中国领导人认为,有必要通过一现代的海军队伍来保护中国不断向全世界拓展的资产和利益。例如,最近几年,中国的海军一直在亚丁湾参与打击海盗的行动。不过,这艘航空母舰不太可能立刻参与到远离中国的行动中。 In an annual report to Congress on Chinese military developments, the U.S. Department of Defense said some components of China#39;s first indigenous aircraft carrier may aly be under construction. The first of several indigenous carriers isn#39;t likely be y until after 2015, the report said. 美国国防部在递交给美国国会的中国军事发展年度报告中说,中国第一艘国产航母的一些部件可能已经在建造之中。报告说,第一批国产航母在2015年之前不太可能准备就绪。 Chinese aircraft carriers are the cornerstone of a multidecade effort by Beijing to modernize its forces. China#39;s military spending in 2012 is forecast to rise to 670.2 billion yuan (about 6 billion), an 11.2% jump over spending a year earlier, according to government figures. 中国的航空母舰是数十年来中国政府努力实现武装现代化的基石。政府的数据显示,中国2012年的军费出预计将增长至人民币6,702亿元(大约1,060亿美元),较上年增加11.2%。 Other Chinese military advances that could counter the U.S. include the development of specialized missiles designed to target large ships, such as U.S. aircraft carriers operating in the Western Pacific. One antiship ballistic missile under development, the DF-21D, has a range of more than 1,500 kilometers, or 900 miles, according to the Pentagon. 中国其他能与美国对抗的军事进展包括,针对大型船只的专门导弹,包括美国在西太平洋上的航母。据五角大楼说,反舰弹道导弹DF-21D正在开发之中,该导弹的射程超过1,500公里(900英里)。 /201209/2019361957-58:“亚洲型流感”H2N2大流行1957-58: "Asian flu" H2N2 Pandemic  该病毒首先在中国得到确认,粗略估算导致七万美国人死亡。该病毒自1968年起就没在人类中间流行了,因此,三十岁以下的人都不具备该病毒的免疫力。得益于先进的科学技术,这种病毒很快得到确认,至1957年8月,就能有限制地供应疫苗了。虽然如此,在1957年秋季及1958年1至2月还是爆发了两次传染高潮。老年人死亡率最高。First identified in China, this virus caused roughly 70,000 deaths in the ed States. Because this strain has not circulated in humans since 1968, no one under 30 years old has immunity to it. The virus was quickly identified, due to advances in scientific technology, and a vaccine was available in limited supply by August 1957. Still, two waves of infection struck, in the fall of '57 and then January-February of '58. The elderly had the highest death rates. /200911/88508赣州华兴肛肠医院评价赣州华兴看肠炎好不好

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