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We all have a fascination with muscles and strength.whether we want to be stronger,feel better,or look like superman;and there are many proposed strategies and exercise regimens to get this done.But what if I told you that it was out of your control,and that your genetic may be entirely holding you back?我们都会迷恋肌肉和力量 无论我们想要更强壮,感觉更好,或是看上去像超人;同时我们可以通过许多方法和锻炼方式来达到目的。但如果我告诉你,这在你的控制范围之外,你的基因可能完全在阻止你“肌肉化”呢?Conversely,what if there was a secret out there that could lead you to super human strength?The truth is:your muscle size has a limit.Sure,it may seem obvious when you hear it,but your muscles are under the strict control of a protein called Myostatin,which determines exactly how large a muscle can become.And this limit is different for everyone depending on their myostain levels.As a muscle reaches this limit,myostatin prevents any further growth.But if the myostatin itself is limited or absent,this muscle limit suddenly goes away.相反,如果真的有能让你拥有超人力量的秘诀呢?其实是,你的肌肉大小是有限的。的确,听上去似乎是理所当然的,但是,你的肌肉其实是受到肌生成抑制蛋白严格控制的,正是它决定着你肌肉最大的大小。这个大小限制因人而异,取决于其体内肌生成抑制蛋白的水平。当肌肉达到极限后 肌生成抑制蛋白组织肌肉继续生长。但是如果肌生成抑制蛋白分泌受限或者不分泌,肌肉大小限制就会突然间消失。This phenomenon was first noticed in Belgian Blue Cattle.These cows developed 2-3 times more muscle mass than a normal cow,and it was later discovered that they had a deletion of the gene GDF-8,which just so happens to create myostatin.As a result,without any exercise or special diet,these cows have incredible muscle mass.Similar cases have been documented in dogs,mice,and even a few cases of human babies lacking the GDF-8 gene.These findings have helped scientists understand why some people bulk up easily,while others struggle to.Lower levels of myostatinmore muscle mass.这个现象首先是。在比利时蓝牛中发现的。这种奶牛的肌肉质量比普通奶牛多2-3倍,之后人们发现,他们体内缺失一种叫GDF-8的基因,这种基因恰巧是生产肌生成抑制蛋白的。正因如此,若无锻炼和特殊食谱控制,这些奶牛的肌肉会特别大。类似的情况已在类 鼠类中有所记载,甚至还有少数人类婴儿缺少GDF-8基因的案例。这些发现也已帮助科学家理解为何一部分人肌肉容易发达,而其他人却难以达到。低肌生成抑制蛋白水平大块肌肉。In fact,some studies have even shown that many champion body builders have naturally lower levels,or even entire deletions of the myostatin gene.If you look at somebody like Arnold Schwarzenegger,as a teen,he just looks naturally muscular.As such,perhaps many champion bodybuilders owe their success more to genetics than their training or drug use.实际上,一些研究显示,许多健美冠军身体中 肌生成抑制蛋白水平较低,或者干脆没有这种基因。如果你看到位像施瓦辛格一样的人,从青少年角度看,他看上去只是肌肉自然发达而已。同样,也许很多健美冠军都将他们的成功,归结于基因,而不是锻炼或药物。Eventually,it may be possible to develop drugs which deplete or block myostatin.Of course,it#39;s a double edged sword;有朝一日,我们也许能生产完全阻断肌生成抑制蛋白的药物。当然,这又是把双刃剑;On the one hand,patients with muscular dystrophy,or muscle loss from aging could regrow and restore muscle.一方面说,肌肉萎缩症患者或是,因衰老损失肌肉的人可以此使肌肉重生,恢复。On the other hand,the potential for abuse as performance enhancers seems...inevitable.But,the prospect of seeing a real-life human Hulk...,seems kind of cool.另一方面 为提升健身效果而滥用药物似乎也在所难免。不过 若是能见到一个真人浩克。。。看上去也挺酷的。Besides,should those who aly have low levels of myostatin be considered to have an unfair advantage?It#39;s hard to say.Regardless,be weary of anybody selling or promoting this unproven and unregulated treatment.At the end of the day,whether you have naturally low or high myostatin levels,remember this is the level that is optimal for your mechanical and metabolic efficiency.那么,是否该认为那些体内肌生成抑制蛋白含量较低的人 具有不公平的优势呢?很难说。无论如何 别轻信那些兜售或推行这种未实 无监管疗法的人。最后,无论你体内本身含有的蛋白水平是高是低,请记住,这只是你身体机能及代谢效率的最佳水准。With proper exercise and general health,you#39;ll reach your own unique physiological peak,And while you may not be destined to pack a punch like Superman,you can push your own limits through training and hard work.But what if you could punch as hard as Superman?通过适当的锻炼与健康的生活方式,你会达到自己独一无二的生理极限。同时,尽管你不太可能打出超人般的一击,你仍可以通过努力锻炼提升自己的极限。但是 如果你能打出超人的一击呢?Our friend Jake over at Vsauce3 has the answer to this smashing superhero question which you definitely need to check out.And if you want to know how much myostatin you have...there#39;s only one real way to find out,Get working.Vsauce3的Jack对这个碉堡问题给出了碉堡的,你一定得去看看。另外如果你想知道你体内肌生成抑制蛋白含量的话。。。只有一种方式能知道,去锻炼吧。 Article/201502/358708

The people here are obsessed with chillies,这里的人们对辣椒很着迷claiming they have a medicinal quality,他们认为辣椒有药用价值driving out the cold, wet climate.能驱寒祛湿You really feel like trying all of them,真想尝遍所有辣椒because some, I#39;ve never seen before.因为一些辣椒 以前见都没见过I hope they#39;re right, because it really is damp here.希望他们是对的 因为这里气候实在是太潮湿了Even the seeds of the chilli,即使是辣椒种子which we tend to avoid in the West,这种在西方我们不吃的东西are sold here as a garnish.在这里也当配头卖They take the seeds out of the ones that are slightly off colour,种子是从那些颜色不是很红that aren#39;t as desirable, 差强人意的辣椒里取出来的so that#39;s a lot of chilli!这袋肯定是好多辣椒的种子了Oh, so they stir-fry it, so it#39;s dry toasting.噢 把种子烘干 爆炒You would think this assault你可能认为辣椒对味蕾的轰炸on their taste buds would be unbearable,让人难以忍受but it#39;s not all about chillies.但调味料并不只有辣椒So big! Where do you start?这么大 从哪里开始走啊There#39;s a second key第二种关键调味料ingredient that absolutely defines Sichuan food.从根本上定义了四川美食This innocent looking这种纯净的香料husk from the berry of the prickly ash bush是花椒灌木的果实外壳is called the Sichuan flower pepper.叫做四川花胡椒 又称花椒It creates an incredibly intense numbing sensation它能带来强烈的麻木感that balances the chilli heat of the food.以平衡食物中的灼热辣感It stimulates the taste buds,它刺激味蕾unleashing an explosion of flavours.释放一种爆炸性的味道I don#39;t know why I#39;m actually a little terrified of trying it,不知道我怎么会有点怕尝它because I#39;ve cooked with it so many times.因为我可是很多次用它做菜的啊Wow!哇!Oh, my God!噢 天那It#39;s really strong, really numbing heat,太强烈了 特别的麻much stronger than what we have in the UK.比英国的花椒烈多了It#39;s these authentic local flavours这种正宗的当地风味that I#39;ve come here to cook with and master.正是我到此地需要熟练使用的烹饪佐料The fragrance of lavender taste is unbelievable.还带有薰衣草香味 真是难以置信I know. Lavender and a little citrus spice to it.我知道 有薰衣草和一点陈皮的香味I haven#39;t been here for almost 24 years我差不多有二十四年没回来了and now I realise how much I miss this fragrance.现在我终于意识到我有多想念这种香味 Article/201507/385816

Some of our very favorite foods are closer to this than this.That#39;s because coffee,b,cheese,beer,even chocolate are all home to millions of microbes.In fact,these foods only acquire the tastes,smells,and textures we love because of tiny bacteria and fungi.某些好吃的看起来更像这个,而不是这个,这是因为咖啡,面包,奶酪,啤酒甚至巧克力乃数百万微生物的家。其实,这些食物拥有我们喜爱的味道,气息和质地,多亏了微生物和细菌。The vast majority of microbes-about 99%-are actually quite harmless to humans.But the other 1% are nasty enough that our ancestors,and the ancestors of various other mammals and birds-evolved a natural repulsion to stuff that might harbor nasty germs.In general, we think rotten stuff looks and smells disgusting.which,considering what#39;s at stake,isn#39;t overly cautious.绝大多数微生物,大约99% 都对人类无害。但这剩下的1%对我们的祖先而言够头疼了,许多哺乳动物和鸟类的祖先-进化出对可能含病菌东西的厌恶。总而言之,腐烂物看上去闻起来都很恶心,这在紧要关头并非多虑。Fortunately,if friendly microbes get to our food first,they can keep the bad guys at bay.Meat left out on the counter provides the perfect conditions for pathogens to flourish:it#39;s warm,moist,and protein-rich,just like our bodies.But with some micromanagement-adding lots of salt,for instance we can help harmless,salt-tolerant microbes outcompete their dangerous but salt-sensitive relatives.幸运的是,如果有益菌先占领食物,有害菌就会被阻挡在外。桌上的肉为病菌滋生创造了良好的环境:它温湿度适宜,富含蛋白质,和我们的身体一样。用几种微生物管理方法,比如多加盐,我们可以帮助无害,耐盐微生物战胜有害但盐敏的微生物。A few unrefrigerated months later,we get salami,rather than Salmonelli!Our ancestors stumbled on this kind of controlled spoilage thousands of years ago-either by lucky accidents or out of serious desperation-and we humans have been intentionally spoiling food ever since.Not only to keep our food safe to eat,but also because the microbes we culture can transform it,almost magically,into awesome deliciousness.在外面晾几个月后,我们得到了腊肠,而不是沙门菌肠!我们的祖先几千年前无意发现了这种防止腐烂的方法,或许是幸运巧合,也或是被逼无奈-从此,人类就开始有意地“放烂”食物。不仅为保食物安全,还因为我们栽培的细菌,能神奇地变成美味佳肴。Yeast,for example,gorge on the sugary starch in b dough,then burp out carbon dioxide that helps give loaves their lift.In a more exotic transformation,bacteria and fungi take turns munching on piles of cacao,mellowing out bitter polyphenols and helping create the complex and delicious taste of chocolate.比如,酵母贪婪地吞着生面团上的淀粉,吐出二氧化碳,让面团蓬松。在一种更带感的转换中,细菌与真菌轮流吃掉一大堆可可,吐出苦涩的多酚,为巧克力带来繁复而美味的品味。And deep in cheese caves,mold spores populate small holes and cracks in soon to be blue cheese,digesting big protein and fat molecules into a host of smaller aromatic and flavor compounds,that give the final product its smoothness and rich,funky flavor.But to some,stinky cheese is about as appetizing as licking someone#39;s toes.而在奶酪洞里,霉菌孢子驻留在将成为蓝纹奶酪的小孔及裂纹中,消化蛋白质和脂肪大分子,产出小而香浓的化合物,赋予最终成品柔软的口感与恶臭道。但在某些人看来,恶臭的奶酪与舔他人脚趾般令人陶醉。Which isn#39;t that for off,since the bacteria that make some cheese super-stinky are the same ones that cause foot odor.Yum? Even so,these flavors tend to grow on us:not just literally but also figuratively.The more we#39;re exposed to particular microbial funks which can even start in the womb,the more we tend to like them.这才不是八竿子打不着,因为让奶酪臭气熏天的细菌,就是造成脚臭的细菌。好吃嘛?即使这样,这些味道“长”在我们身上,字面和比喻上皆如此。我们接触某种微生物臭气越多,或许从胎儿时期开始,我们就越喜欢它们。As a result,people around the world have some very different ideas about how to microbe ify foods.But every culinary culture involves fermentation in one way or another.If we didn#39;t let food spoil just a little bit,we#39;d have no sauerkraut,soy sauce,pickles,or prosciutto.Not to mention kefir,kimchi,kombucha,koumiss,katsuobushi,and plenty of other delicacies that don#39;t start with K.结果,世界各地的人们各有不同的观点,关于如何给食物“加菌”。不过,每种烹饪文化总会以某种方式利用“发酵”。如果我们不让食物“烂”一点点,就不会有酸菜,酱油,小咸菜或是熏肠。更别提可菲尔(牛奶发酵成的饮料)康普茶(酿造的东东)乳酒,木鱼(干燥,固化后的鲣鱼),以及其他不是K开头的佳肴了。What#39;s more,spoiled food may well have changed far more than our tastes.Historical evidence suggests that,when our ancestors gave up their wandering ways and settled down to grow grain,it was likely for love of either b or beer.Whatever the case,one thing is clear:without the help of friendly fermenting microbes,we humans would be terribly uncultured.另外,放烂食物带来的变化远不止味道。历史据表明,我们的祖先放弃游牧,定居之后种谷物,很可能是出于对面包和啤酒的热爱。无论如何,有一点很清楚,没有了这些可爱发酵菌的帮助,人类兴许还停留在吃翔时代。 Article/201504/367540

  lt#39;s sad because l really feel that trial很可悲的是我觉得这场官司is what really depressed my brother out to the point where he just wasn#39;t happy.才是真正让我弟弟沮丧到 失去了所有快乐的原因He never went back to Neverland.他再也没有回去梦幻庄园For Michael not to go to Neverland,迈克尔若连梦幻庄园都不去了he must#39;ve been pretry sad.一定是很伤心Didn#39;t wanna have nothing to do with that place ever again.他再也不想踏足那个地方He would always tell me,#39;lt#39;s over. l don#39;t trust anyone.他总是跟我说 够了 我再也不相信人了#39;l don#39;t know why they#39;re doing this to me. They want me dead. #39;我不知道他们为何要这样对我 要置我于死地He said, #39;They#39;re gonna kill me for what l got. #39;他说 为了抢夺我所拥有的 不惜置我于死地l#39;m pretry sure there was times when he felt that, you know,我相信他一定曾希望过#39;l wish l was someone else, #39; or, other than an entertainer.我真希望我是别人 或是另一个艺人There#39;s a certain point that you can get to with success一个人的成就到了一个地步where you have no life whatsoever.几乎丧失了所有私人空间You lose the ability to be a person.也丧失了做一个人的能力 Article/201511/409074

  The first day of Gavin#39;s testimony, Michael shows up and he#39;s in pyjamas,文第一天作时 迈克尔穿着睡衣出庭and he looked like he was in really bad shape.状况看来很糟And they actually, they had to, like, help him into the courtroom.他们基本上是扶着他进法庭的From that moment on, everything started to get really awful.从那刻起就每况愈下You started seeing Michael coming in evety day, looking like death.迈克尔每天出庭都像只剩半条命lt was as if the testimony was just destroying him.彷佛光是听供就会逼死他似的To sit there in court and watch the legal system hurl坐在法庭内眼看着司法制度absurd and vindictive and nasty, mean-spirited allegations at him like this,对他扔出那些恶意及荒谬的指控absolutely traumatized him.带给他很大的创伤For me, and for other people who actually knew Michael,对我和其他与迈克尔熟识的人来说this was a real human being, whose life was being destroyed,这是个有血有肉的人 人生就这样活生生的被摧毁and evety day it just seemed to get worse.一天比一天要糟 Article/201511/408404。

  PBOC sets range for deposit insurance premiums央行为存款保险保费设定范围China will set premiums for its deposit insurance at 0.01–0.02 percent of a bank#39;s total deposits, according to the country#39;s central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan.中国央行行长周小川表示存款保险制度起步时,费率水平在0.01%-0.02%;Zhou said Tuesday that the premiums are far lower than in other countries, as the insurance is designed not to have a major impact on banks.周二周小川表示这样的费率远远低于其他国家,因为保险设置的目的在于不对造成重大影响。Bankers and investors are looking for more details on how premiums for the deposit insurance plan will be administered.家和投资者们都在关注执行存款保险计划的更多细节。 Article/201504/372791

  They#39;d won a contest.他们刚赢了场选秀They#39;d won at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night,在阿波罗业余选秀中胜出and their prize was to open the show for the great James Brown.奖品就是替詹姆斯·布郎开场Well, he broke out into this James BroWn, l Got the Feelin#39;,他开始唱詹姆斯·布郎的l Got the Feelingand doing his little toes and dancing and looking like James,模仿詹姆斯跳舞if James were a wind-up toy.像个詹姆斯发条娃娃似的And it was amazing.太不可思议了He would perform and do the moves and routine that everyone else was doing.他会模仿所有流行的舞步He used to do Fred Astaire and James Cagney.以前还会学佛雷·亚斯坦与詹姆斯·贾克内Then all of a sudden, he would add a little bit of something in there, different.然后突然就会加入一点不一样的创意And that was him feeling what he was doing.那是他对舞步的感受He excited me. I saw all of this in him.他令我满心期待 我在他身上看到了这些天赋l saw things that he could do that l couldn#39;t.看到了我所没有的才能He had the makings of a great singer.他有当歌手的天赋Michael had universal appeal back when he was real young.迈克尔在很小时就很有舞台魅力l mean, we weren#39;t really into marketing or anything like that,那时还没有所谓的营销but it was aly there.但他已经具备那条件l think the word for it, the phraseology, would be,我想更贴切的说法是#39;A diamond in the rough, #39; without very many edges to buff off.一块璞玉 而且需要磨掉的棱角不多 Article/201508/393913There is something really striking about this drug alcohol.[qh]关于酒精 还有一点很值得研究的[qh]Whether monkey or human[qh]无论是猴子或人类[qh]it seems to divide us into three distinct tribes.[qh]似乎都可分为三种[qh]Theres one group that really doesnt like alcohol at all.[qh]第一种完全不喜欢洒精[qh]Theres another that appears to like it and will drink reasonably freely.[qh]第二种喜欢但是合理适量地喝[qh]But yet a third[qh]还有第三种[qh]when given the opportunity would drink and drink and drink.[qh]是一有机会就会拼命喝[qh]It leaves me with the slightly uncomfortable question[qh]这让我想到一个有点尴尬的问题[qh]as to which of those latter groups I fall into.[qh]我自己是哪种人呢[qh]I dont like the taste of alcohol.[qh]我不喜欢酒的味道[qh]Horrid. It was absolutely horrible.[qh]难喝 真的太难喝了[qh]I dont drink that much. -Two glasses of wine thats fine.[qh]我不会喝很多 -大概两杯葡萄酒这样[qh]I will drink through the night a bottle of wine.[qh]我一晚上会喝一瓶葡萄酒[qh]The weekly unit amounts you know probably do in one night.[qh]每周都有一次 我要好好地喝一整晚[qh]And the frightening thing[qh]可怕的是[qh]is this relationship is beginning earlier and earlier.[qh]现在喝酒的年龄开始低龄化[qh]About 20 years ago the average age for a first drink was 16.[qh]20年前 首次喝酒的平均年龄是16岁[qh]Today its 13.[qh]现在 是13 Article/201506/383410

  DopamineWe are addicted to the new. Article/201509/393415栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201510/400357


  Once you got your fire,you need to get a hot drink brewing straightaway.生火成功之后 你需要尽快喝下一杯热饮Really, what I want is some food and some sugars to replace all that lost energy.我想要吃些食物和糖 以此来补充能量But, you know, a bit of spruce-needle tea will do the trick.但是 用云杉枝泡水也有同样的功效It#39;s gonna warm me, give me a bit of vitamin c.喝下它既能让我感觉热乎又能给我补充维CAlso, it#39;ll just make me feel a load better again.与此同时 它让我重新找回活力On thermal imaging, you can see the bright white cup full of boiling-hot tea.通过热成像 你可以看到 整杯的沸腾的热水呈现的是耀眼的白色Get that inside you,and it will begin to stabilize your core temperature.把它整杯的喝下 它将使你体内的温度保持稳定Of all the environments,It#39;s extreme cold that hits me the hardest.在整个冰雪覆盖的世界里 最让我难受的是太冷了I#39;ve suffered frostnip before in my fingers and toes,之前我的手指脚趾一直都有冻疮And the damaged capillaries have never fully recovered.毛细血管一直没有完全恢复It gets me every time.Boy, that was cold.冻疮每次都打垮了我 实在是太冷了That#39;s it. I#39;m done with ice swims.是的 要是再冬泳我就完了Fighting your way through this kind of environment,presents the ultimate challenge.跟这样的环境艰苦搏斗吧 面对最艰难的挑战It takes you to the limit...and sometimes beyond.这会让你挑战到极限 也许更加糟糕 Article/201703/496474。

  The gloves were off.Loan refusers were threatened, prosecuted.没有了议会的阻隔 反对公债者都被恐吓并起诉Two of them, Sir Francis Barrington and Sir Edmund Hampden died,他们中的两人 弗朗西斯·拜灵顿爵士 和埃德蒙·汉顿爵士都被迫害either in prison or shortly afterwards.一人是在狱中被害 另一个随后也被杀死Many did pay up,but their compliance spoke of fear as much as loyalty.很多人都交税了 但是他们的顺从多是由于害怕而不是忠诚There had always been professional grumblers when it came to tax,对于税收总有一些人对此大发牢骚but these country gentlemen were speaking a new and dangerous language.但是这些乡绅们 有了更具威胁的怨言No tax could be lawful without the consent of parliament, they said.没有下议院的同意 税收是不合法的 他们如是说The money ran out again in 1628,and Charles was forced to call another parliament.1628年 资金又无法周转了 查理不得不再次召开议会Speaker after speaker rose to the rostrum in defence of the liberties of England.议员们一个一个争先恐后地 为了英国的自由现身说法They drafted a formal list of their grievances in a Petition of Right,他们在权利请愿书里 附加了一份正式的申诉表格which Charles graciously conceded as the price for saving his beloved Buckingham.查理将此看作是 拯救他亲爱的白金汉所要付出的代价Any slight chance of Charles honouring it,and it was slight enough to begin with,只要有一线机会 查理就会不遗余力地去做went out of the window when later, in 1628,Buckingham was assassinated to national cheering.机会最终还是消失了 1628年 白金汉被暗杀了 举国欢庆Convulsed with grief and hardened by rage,Charles shut parliament down.查理悲愤交加 他解散了议会 /201702/494754

  As well as pork and flower pepper,除了猪肉和花椒there#39;s another locally produced ingredient还有一道当地的原料that Sichuan has made因四川而为人所知famous and defines the tastes of the region.如今成为了四川饮食的代表In the few days we#39;ve been here,我们在四川的短短几天里everyone we#39;ve met has relied on it.每一个我们遇到的人都与它密不可分If chilli and Sichuan pepper are the heart of the Sichuan food,如果说辣椒和花椒是四川美食的核心then chilli bean paste is the soul.那么辣豆瓣酱就是它的灵魂This is incredible.真是不可思议I#39;ve never seen anything like this in my life.我一生中从未看过这样的景象I feel like I#39;m walking into a cemetery or a monastery我觉得我仿佛步入了一所公墓 或是一家修道院because it#39;s so Zen.因为这里太有禅意了It#39;s a bit spooky and eerie.有一丝幽然诡谲的感觉At this factory in Pixian, just outside Chengdu,这家工厂位于郫县 就在成都郊外they#39;ve been making the best chilli bean paste in the world他们已经生产了300年for over 300 years.世界上最好的辣豆瓣酱了Two years, this one has been aged for?这已经做了两年了吗They have three years and five years.他们有三年的 也有五年的The paste is actually事实上 豆瓣酱的制作十分简单very simply made from just three ingredients只需要三种原料broad beans, red chillies and salt.蚕豆 红辣椒和盐It#39;s then left to ferment in these earthenware crocks然后 它们被放置在这些陶罐中发酵for up to five years.要五年之久That is really superb.实在是太棒了It#39;s beautiful. It#39;s sour, spicy, beany,太美妙了 酸辣适宜 瓣子酥脆just really intense. Yes.味道很足,没错It#39;s funny, I would never say this is chilli bean sauce.真有意思 我永远不会想到这是辣豆瓣酱Absolutely, it#39;s never this colour anyway,是啊 我从没见过这种颜色的so that means that they haven#39;t been aged as long.这意味着它们发酵的时间还不够长The quality, Ken, that we#39;ve been cooking with is sub-standard,老谭 看来我们在家里做饭用到的那些what we get back home.都是次等品The secret of this paste这种豆瓣酱的秘密lies in the relentlessly damp Sichuan climate.在于四川持续的潮湿气候The humidity in the air helps the years of fermentation,空气中的湿度促进了成年累月的发酵creating a chilli bean paste unlike any other.从而制成迥异于别处的豆瓣酱It#39;s a little bit like wine. You know, when we do wine,这和葡萄酒有点像 当我们酿葡萄酒的时候we#39;re talking about where the grapes come from,总考虑葡萄产于哪里the terroir, as the French say,就如法国人口中的 风土and I think it#39;s very much this, because this is the heart我觉得这一点和这很像of what Sichuan cooking is about.因为风土也是四川饮食的关键所在This kind of damp, foggy climate就是它那潮湿 多雾的气候that makes this kind of moody chilli bean sauce制造出了这种难以捉摸的辣豆瓣酱that#39;s the heart of this type of cooking.也构成了这种饮食的核心 Article/201508/395389

  Scientists say they discovered the world#39;s oldest fossils,dating back 3.77 billion years.科学家称他们发现了世界上最古老的化石,距今37亿7000万年。The research team found the fossilized microorganisms in quartz layers of some of the world#39;s oldest rock. They come from the Archean Eon, when Earth was bombarded with asteroids.该研究团队在世界上最古老的岩石石英层发现微生物化石。他们来自于太古宙,当时地球被小行星轰炸。The scientists say the finding supports the idea that life emerged from hot seafloor vents shortly after Earth formed.科学家表示这一发现持地球形成后不久,在热的海底火山口出现生命的观点。This discovery comes just a few months after another team of scientists announced it had found the world#39;s oldest fossils in Greenland. But those fossils date back only 3.7 billion years.就在这一发现的前几个月,另一组科学家宣布在格陵兰岛发现了世界上最古老的化石。但这些化石的历史只有37亿年。Both research teams agree these discoveries could help in the search for life on other planets. If life existed on Earth in one of its most radical states, it might be able to survive the extreme conditions of other planets in our universe.两个研究小组都认为这些发现有助于寻找其它星球上的生命。如果地球在极端条件下有生命存在,那么宇宙其它星球的极端条件下也可能存在生命。译文属。 Article/201703/495309

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