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龙华中心卫生院治疗肛周脓肿价格信丰县妇幼保健院看排泄疾病好不好Stan: I won 92 goldfish.斯丹:我赢了 92 条金鱼。Fred: Where are you going to keep them?弗雷德:你想在哪儿养它们?Stan: In the bathroom.斯丹:浴室。Fred: But what will you do when you want to take a bath?弗雷德:但是你想洗澡时怎么办?Stan: Blindfold(蒙眼睛) them!斯丹:蒙住它们的眼睛!赣州怎么缓解便秘 We are told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and dinner the most enjoyable. It is an occasion to socialize and spend time with the family. But what about lunch?我们被教导说早餐是一天中最重要的一餐,而晚餐则是最愉快的一餐,它是一次进行社交联谊或与家人欢聚的良机。但是午餐呢?In today#39;s fast-paced society, few people take time to enjoy this midday meal. Most of us just rush right through it.在当今快节奏的社会中,很少有人花时间去享受午餐。我们中的大多数人只是凑合一下而已。We grab a quick salad, or buy a sandwich and eat at our computers. Sometimes, if there is a deadline around the corner, we just skip lunch.我们随便吃几口速食沙拉,或是买个三明治,然后在电脑前解决掉。有时,一旦工作大限将至,我们甚至都顾不上吃午饭。The development of technology hasn#39;t done our eating habits much good either. We are constantly distracted by e-mail, social media, and 24-hour news.科技的发展也没有对我们的饮食习惯起到什么好作用。我们不断被电子邮件、社交媒体和24小时新闻所烦扰。Even when we do sit down for lunch, we are more connected to our hand-held electronic devices than ourselves.甚至当坐下来吃午饭时,我们也无暇顾及自身,而是将更多的精力花在手持电子设备上了。Long working hours can cause all kinds of health problems, and many developed countries have put in place labor laws specifically regarding the lunch break. These regulations give employees the right to take a break during a long work shift, but it#39;s up to them whether they do so or not.超长的工作时间能够引发各种健康问题,许多发达国家已经实施具体保障员工午休时间的劳动法规。尽管这些法规赋予员工们在长时间工作间隙休息的权利,但是否选择享用这样的权利还要看员工个人。Frank Partnoy, a former Wall Street trader, says that employers should encourage workers to take time off for lunch. This is because long lunch breaks can benefit both individuals and society.曾在华尔街担任操盘手的弗兰克#8226;帕特诺伊说,老板们应该鼓励员工抽出时间享用午餐。因为较长的午休时间对于员工个人和整个社会来说可谓益处多多。Writing in The Guardian, Partnoy says that one obvious reason to take a lunch break is to slow down and gain some perspective. A break from work allows us to think strategically and outside the box. It also puts our daily tasks into a broader context.帕特诺伊在《卫报》上写道,午休的一个显而易见的好处是人们可以慢下来,获得一些新想法。工作之余的休息可以让我们打破常规、打开战略性思维;同时还可以将我们的日常工作纳入到更为开放的环境中。What we eat at lunch is also important. In Partnoy#39;s opinion, a fast food lunch is more harmful than not having lunch at all. And it#39;s not just about calories and unhealthy food. Recent studies show that fast food also has negative effects on how we think.午餐吃什么也同样重要。帕特诺伊认为,午餐吃快餐比什么都不吃更有害。这不仅仅是卡路里和垃圾食品的事。最新研究表明,快餐对我们的思考方式也存在不良影响。Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada have shown that merely being exposed to a fast food logo speeds up our reactions.加拿大多伦多大学研究人员已经明,仅仅看到快餐店标志,就足以加快我们的的反应。However, if we sit down at a proper restaurant and chat leisurely with colleagues, we are more likely to slow down, something that hardly can be achieved in a noisy and over-packed fast food chain.而如果我们坐在一间真正的餐厅里,与同事们悠闲地聊天,我们更容易放松下来。这在喧闹拥挤的快餐连锁店里是无法做到的。A long lunch also benefits single people, as it frees up time for them to go on a date.一份悠长的午餐对于单身男女也是大有裨益,因为他们可以有更充足时间去约会。The two factors that matter most at the early stages of a relationship are chemistry and compatibility. Love at first sight rarely happens in real life, but an hour-long lunch is enough to get a sense of those factors. Furthermore, embarrassment and awkwardness can be avoided when both parties know the lunch will end in an hour.恋爱初期最至关重要的两个因素便是相互吸引以及情投意合。尽管一见钟情在现实中很少见,但一小时的午餐时光足以感受到上述因素的存在与否。另外,如果约会双方知道这顿午餐只有一小时,便能避免尴尬和难堪了。Despite these benefits, some employees might still be reluctant to take time off for lunch. Partnoy#39;s suggestion? Make skipping lunch difficult: Employers could ask workers to fill out a form stating their reasons for skipping the meal.尽管益处多多,一些员工也许仍舍不得抽时间享用午餐。对此帕特诺伊给出哪些建议呢?让不吃午餐变得更费事:用人单位可以要求员工填表,说明自己不吃午餐的理由。 /201210/203271赣州市肛肠医院华兴

瑞金治疗肛周脓肿医院兴国妇幼保健人民医院看肛门损伤多少钱 The news out of the Middle Kingdom overnight wasn#39;t very reassuring: HS#39;s August PMI for China hit a nine-month low, another sign that the economy in China is slowing down. This is on top of the last GDP ing, which came in at a weak-for-China 7.6%. 前夜从中国传来的消息并不令人放心:汇丰(HS)8月份采购经理人指数(PMI)初值跌至九个月来新低。这是表明中国经济正在放缓的另一个迹象。此前公布的二季度国内生产总值(GDP)数据也不容乐观,同比增速仅有7.6%。 But by how much is China slowing down? That#39;s the real question, and there isn#39;t a very good answer. 但中国经济增速到底放慢了多少?这才是我们真正应该关心的问题。对此并没有一个非常理想的。 #39;Even with the decline, there is speculation that these figures may still understate economic slowing,#39; a new paper from the Dallas Fed notes, referencing the official GDP numbers, but making the point that China#39;s data are notoriously unreliable. #39;Economists have long doubted the credibility of Chinese output data. 达拉斯联邦储备(Dallas Fed)新近在一份研究报告中提到中国政府公布的GDP数据时指出,即使中国公布的经济增速已经出现了下降,但仍有人猜测说,已经公布的经济数据可能低估了中国经济放缓的程度。报告同时指出中国公布的经济数据是出了名的不可靠,报告说,经济学家长期以来一直怀疑中国经济产出数据的可信度。 #39;The dubious character of the official figures is no secret in China,#39; the paper notes, referencing a particularly infamous wikileaks disclosure, in which a senior Chinese official, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, told a U.S. diplomat that #39;official#39; GDP figures are #39;for reference only.#39; 这份报告指出,官方公布的经济数据不可靠在中国早已是尽人皆知的秘密。报告还提到了维基解密(wikileaks)披露的一件事:中国国务院副总理李克强曾告诉美国外交官,中国官方公布的GDP数据“仅供参考”。 The Fed paper, trying to get a better look inside China, compares electricity consumption - one of the indicators Li mentioned he himself looks at for an accurate take on the economy - to official industrial production numbers. He draws the conclusion that if the official numbers were right, electricity usage would have been far higher than it actually was. 为了能更好地了解中国经济的真实情况,美联储在这份报告里将用电量和官方发布的工业产出数据进行对照研究(李克强在上述谈话中曾经提到过,为准确了解中国经济情况,他会关注用电量数据),报告得出的结论是,如果官方数据没有问题,那么中国用电量应该远远高于目前实际水平。 This is, of course, about the worst-kept secret there is. Everybody knows China#39;s official numbers are fraught with questions. So while we know that China#39;s economy is cooling off, we don#39;t know exactly by how much. 报告所说当然已经是公开秘密。大家都知道中国的官方数据充满了各种问题。所以虽然我们知道中国经济在减速,但我们并不清楚其降幅到底有多大。 #39;The slowdown in China could be worse than the official data indicate,#39; the paper concludes. 这份报告得出的结论是,中国经济的放缓程度可能比官方数据所揭示的还要糟糕。 /201208/196649寻乌县治疗肛门瘙痒医院

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