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赣州华兴肛肠医院在什么位置赣州肛瘘流脓治疗医院要多少钱瑞金市肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗好吗 You no longer have to identify as ;male; or ;female; on Facebook. Beginning today, you can choose from 56 different gender identities.在Facebook的性别选项中,你不再非得选“男性”或“女性”了。从今天开始,你可以在56种性别中进行选择。Facebook stated the adjustments, launched on Thursday, initially quilt the corporate’s 159 million monthly Customers in the US and are aimed toward giving folks more picks in how they describe themselves, such as androgynous, bi-gender, intersex, gender fluid or transsexual.上周四(2月13日)Facebook发布的这个调整,该公司称最初针对的是其在美国的1.59亿月度用户,目的在于给大家更多描述自己的选择,如雌雄同体、双性人、阴阳人、流性人、跨性别。“There’s going to be lots of people for whom that is going to imply nothing, But for the few it does impression,’’ stated Facebook device engineer Brielle Harrison, who labored on the challenge and is herself undergoing gender transformation, from male to Feminine. On Thursday, whereas watchdogging the tool for any issues, she said she was additionally changing her Facebook id from Female to TransWoman.“这一改变对于世界上许多人来说毫无影响,但是对少数人来说影响深远。” 推进这一挑战的Facebook设备工程师布瑞尔·哈里森说道,她自己同时也在经历着由男性转化为女性的性别转化。周四在监测这一工具的故障时,她表示已经把自己的Facebook账号从女性改为跨性女。Facebook, which has 1.15 billion energetic month-to-month Customers around the globe, additionally lets in them to maintain their gender identity Private and can continue to do so.Facebook在全球拥有11亿5000万月度活跃用户。除新性别系统外,Facebook将继续允许用户保护性别隐私。The change to the gender choice option is viewed as an incredible step towards acceptance for people who don’t self-establish as male or Female, but the high-profile construction appeared senseless to those that believe in two genders, no more.性别选项的变化被看做是一个重大突破,意味着对那些自我性别认同不是男性或女性群体的接受。但这一引人注目的结构对那些相信只有两性的人来说毫无意义。Agender:无性别。没有发育性别,或者没有感觉到自己有任何强烈性别归属的人。他们不见得认为自己没有性别,但可能觉得性别不是自己的核心特质。Androgyne:两性人。拥有混合特征或者两种特征都很强烈的人。更强调对内的自我认同。Bigender:双性人。自我性别认定可以在两种之间切换的人。两种性别未必是男和女,可以是这里提到的许多种其他非传统性别。Female to Male(FTM):女变男。出生时被归属为女性,但是已经完全或正在进行向男性自我认同的转变的人。Gender Fluid:流性人。在不同时间经历性别认知改变的人。和Bigender(双性人)不同的是,双性人在两种明确的状态间切换,而流性人的变化是连续谱。Pangender:泛性别。认为自己是各种性别特质的混合体,每样都有一点儿。Cis:顺性人。自我性别认定和出生时的生物性别相同的人。大部分人归于此类。Trans:跨性别。和顺性别相对,自我性别认定和出生时生物性别不同。Transsexual:变性别。不但自我认同性别与出生性别不同,还采取了医学措施、改变了自己的生理和解剖特征的人。Two-spirit:两魂人。来自北美原住文化的术语,“体内同时含有男人和女人灵魂的人”。和两性人Androgyne基本同义,但和来自希腊文的冷冰冰医学术语不同,这个北美词语强调的是神秘主义和浪漫主义特性。 /201402/276817兴国妇幼保健人民医院看肛周疾病多少钱

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吉安市治疗肛门疣病医院Facebook has hit back at a controversial Princeton study that claimed it would #39;die like a virus#39; and lose 80% of its users by 2015.Facebook对近期普林斯顿大学发布的一项有争议的研究进行了反击,该研究称到2015年,“Facebook就会像病毒传播一样”流失80%的用户。Researchers at the social network say the study is fatally flawed - and turned it on Princeton to prove their point.Facebook的研究员表示,这项研究完全是扯淡,还以其人之道还治其人之身了一把。Using the University#39;s own method, it found Princeton would have no students by 2021.根据普林斯顿大学的研究方法,Facebook的研究人员得出结论,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将会门下无人。Mike Develin, Lada Adamic, and Sean Taylor, of Facebook#39;s data team, used the same methods as the original paper to show that Princeton was facing a decline in undergraduates of 50 per cent in the next four years and would have none at all by 2021.Facebook找来了Mike Develin、Lada Adamic 和 Sean Taylor 这三位研究者,用普林斯顿大学的研究方法,明在未来4年里,普林斯顿大学将流失50%的学生,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将要关门。#39;Like many of you, we were intrigued by a recent article by Princeton researchers predicting the imminent demise of Facebook,#39; they wrote.Facebook的研究员们写道,“和你们大多数人一样,我们也对普林斯顿大学最近的一项研究感到好奇。这项研究竟然预测出了Facebook即将销声匿迹的结局”。#39;Using the same robust methodology featured in the paper, we attempted to find out more about this #39;Princeton University#39; - and you won#39;t believe what we found!“我们用了和普林大神们一样稳健的科学方法来对普林斯顿大学进行研究,你绝对不会相信我们得出了什么样的结论!”#39;our research unequivocally demonstrated that Princeton may be in danger of disappearing entirely.#39;“我们的研究明确地指出,普林斯顿大学大学将命不久矣。”They also used the same logic to show the world will run out of air by 2060.Facebook的研究者们还用同样的逻辑研究起了地球上空气的消耗情况,得出“到2060年地球上将不会剩下空气”的结论。#39;We don’t really think Princeton or the world’s air supply is going anywhere soon,#39; they said. #39;We love Princeton (and air).“我们真的不希望普林斯顿大学或者是地球上的空气消失,因为我们爱普林斯顿,也爱空气。”#39;As data scientists, we wanted to give a fun reminder that not all research is created equal – and some methods of analysis lead to pretty crazy conclusions,they said in a blog post.研究员们在客最后写道,“作为数据专家,我们只是想风趣地提醒大家,不是所有研究都可以用相同的方法来验的,用某些方法得出的结论只会贻笑大方。” /201401/274347 Proving that the sharing economy has no boundaries, a new app will soon let users share their leftover dinner with strangers. Seriously.分享经济是没有边界的,现在有一款新的应用登场了,它可以让你和陌生人分享剩饭剩菜。我是说真的。Launching at the end of July, LeftoverSwap will allow users to upload a photo and description of their pad thai, pizza or pho and connect them with hungry neighbors nearby.“分享剩饭”应用是在七月底上线的。该应用可以让用户拍照上传并描述自己的剩饭,无论是泰式炒河粉、披萨或是越南米粉,都可以上传。上传剩饭照片后,就可以和附近正在挨饿的朋友们取得联系了。But while the idea may sound a bit crazy, it might actually be contributing to the greater good: LeftoverSwap will start as a donation-only model.虽然这个主意听上去有点疯狂,但是它却可以做出很大的贡献,因为“分享剩饭”应用是以捐赠的方式开始运营的。;If you get a good meal and you want to pay it forward, you can,; founder Dan Newman told The Huffington Post.“分享剩饭”应用的创始人丹-纽曼表示,“如果你得到了一顿大餐,你也可以付钱作为回报。”Newman said that, while a payment model could be a possibility in the future, the app could also be more philanthropic in nature.纽曼表示,“分享剩饭”以后可能会推出付的形式,但是这个应用还是旨在做慈善。;There is hunger in the ed States,; said Newman. ;Do those people have iPhones? Maybe not. But we#39;re hoping to test this with iOS and potentially reach out to other platforms.;“在美国还是有很多人在挨饿。但是这些人有苹果手机吗?也许没有。我们希望能和苹果ios以及其他平台取得联系进行测试。”;As long as there#39;s another user near you,; said Newman, ;Anyone can join.;“只要你附近也有用户在使用这款应用,你们就可以进行分享。” /201308/251240赣州治疗结肠炎多少钱赣州痔疮手术的方法



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