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福州市一院结扎复通好不好龙岩做人工授孕专业医院Football足球Beautiful game, dirty business竞技精,交易龌蹉Football is a great sport, but it could be so much better if it were run honestly作为一项伟大运动的足球,公平竞争能让它变得更好。THE mesmerising wizardry of Lionel Messi and the muscular grace of Cristiano Ronaldo are joys to behold. But for deep-dyed internationalists like this newspaper, the games true beauty lies in its long reach, from east to west and north to south. Football, more than any other sport, has thrived on globalisation. Nearly half of humanity will watch at least part of the World Cup, which kicks off in Brazil on June 12th.有着梦幻般迷人动作的莱昂内尔?梅西和有着健美身材的克里斯提那?罗纳尔多总是让人为之疯狂着迷。但是在像我们报纸这样真正的国际主义者看来,足球运动之美在于这项运动的覆盖范围之广,从东到西,从南到北,都有它的踪影。足球比其他任何运动都更具全球性。今年6月12日,全世界几乎有一半的人至少会收看部分巴西世界杯的比赛。So it is sad that the tournament begins under a cloud as big as the Maracan? stadium. Documents obtained by Britains Sunday Times have allegedly revealed secret payments that helped Qatar win the hosting rights to the World Cup in 2022.If that competition was fixed, it has company. A report by FIFA, footballs governing body, is said to have found that several exhibition matches were rigged ahead of the World Cup in 2010. And as usual, no one has been punished.所以让人难过的是这场比赛一开始就疑团重重,犹如乌云必然。英国《周日时报》获得的文件表明卡塔尔为获得2022年世界杯主办权向组委会塞了红包。如果竞选确实是纵了的话,那么事情肯定还不止这么简单。国际足球联盟的报道表明他们发现2010年世界杯前的几场表演赛是控的。但是和往常一样的是,没有人因此受罚。This only prompts other questions. Why on earth did anyone think holding the World Cup in the middle of the Arabian summer was a good idea? Why is football so far behind other sports like rugby, cricket and tennis in using technology to doublecheck refereeing decisions? And why is the worlds greatest game led by such a group of mediocrities, notably Sepp Blatter, FIFAs boss since 1998? In any other organisation, the endless financial scandals would have led to his ouster years ago. But more than that, he seems hopelessly out of date; from sexist remarks about women to interrupting a minutes silence for Nelson Mandela after only 11 seconds, the 78-year-old is the sort of dinosaur that left corporate boardrooms in the 1970s. Nor is it exactly heartening that the attempts to stop Mr Blatter enjoying a fifth term are being led by Michel Platini, Europes leading soccercrat, who was once a wonderful midfielder but played a woeful role in supporting the Qatar bid.这也意味着还有其他的问题。谁会认为在阿拉伯地区的夏季举办世界杯是个好主意?为什么在运用技术来检验裁判的准确性上,足球远远落后与其他运动,比如英式橄榄球,板球或是网球?为什么让一些平庸之辈来领导这项世界上最伟大的运动,特别是自1998年以来要让赛普·布拉特担任国际足联的主席?他如果在组织,早就会因其不断的财政丑闻而下台了。然而还不止这些,他已经无可救药的过时了,不管是他发表的对女性的歧视言论,还是妨碍尼尔森曼德拉(他在20世纪70年代年78岁叱咤风云的时候离开了其领导的政坛。)的一分钟默哀(当时的默哀还只进行了11秒)都可以看得出来。或者,真的应该对以米歇尔普拉蒂尼为首的为阻止布拉特连任第五届足联主席所做的努力而感到兴奋吗?米歇尔布拉蒂尼是欧洲最优秀的足球运动员,他曾是出色的中场队员,但是他还是很不幸的持了卡塔尔承办世界杯。Our cheating rotten scoundrels are better than yours起码我们足球还没你们腐败Many football fans are indifferent to all this. What matters to them is the beautiful game, not the tired old suits who run it. And FIFAs moral turpitude is hardly unique. The International Olympic Committee, after all, faced a Qatar-like scandal over the awarding of the winter games in 2002 (though it has made a much bigger attempt to clean itself up). The boss of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, stands accused of bribery in Germany, while American basketball has just had to sack an owner for racist remarks. Cricket, the second-most-global sport, has had its own match-fixing scandals. American football could be overwhelmed by compensation claims for injuries.许多足球球迷们对这些腐败问题都漠不关心。他们关注的是精的比赛而不是这些无聊的穿的西装革履,又老态龙钟的管理人员们。而且不道德的行为也不仅仅发生在国际足联中。毕竟,2002年冬奥会期间,国际奥委会也出现过类似卡塔尔事件的丑闻(尽管他们为了澄清自己做出过更多的努力)。世界一级方程式锦标赛主席伯尼埃克莱斯顿也被指控曾在德国受贿,而某美国篮球队的老板也因其民族歧视言论而被迫离职。全球第二大运动板球,也有其操作比赛的丑闻。美国橄榄球也被索赔要求搞得鸡犬不宁。But football fans are wrong to think there is no cost to all this. First, corruption and complacency at the top makes it harder to fight skulduggery on the pitch. Ever larger amounts of money are now being bet on each game—it may be billion a match at the World Cup. Under external pressure to reform, FIFA has recently brought in some good people, including a respected ethics tsar, Mark Pieth. But who will listen to lectures about reform from an outfit whose public face is Mr Blatter?但是如果球迷们认为这些不会带来什么代价的话,那就大错特错了。第一,高层的腐败和自满使得打击球场作假变得举步维艰。每场比赛的赌注也越来越大,一场世界杯比赛的赌注可能高达10亿美元。迫于外界要求改革的压力,国际足联最近吸纳了一批公正的人,包括受人尊敬的道德模范马克皮尔斯。但是谁会相信由布拉特代表的这一机构的改革呢?Second, big-time corruption isnt victimless; nor does it end when a host country is chosen. For shady regimes—the type that bribe football officials—a major sporting event is also a chance to defraud state coffers, for example by awarding fat contracts to cronies. Tournaments that ought to be national celebrations risk becoming festivals of graft.第二,腐败的肆虐并不是无害的,这种腐败行为也不会在承办国确定以后就不复存在。对于阴暗的体制来说(比如对足球裁判行贿的体制),重要的足球盛会同样也可以成为骗取政府财政的机会,比如可以为同伙签订利益丰厚的合约。这使得本应该是举国欢庆的比赛盛世可能会沦为为贪污腐败者的节日。Finally, there is a great opportunity cost. Football is not as global as it might be (see article). The game has failed to conquer the worlds three biggest countries: China, India and America. In the ed States soccer, as they call it, is played but not watched. In China and India the opposite is true. The latter two will not be playing in Brazil (indeed, they have played in the World Cup finals just once between them).最后,这样做会付出高昂的机会成本。足球并不像它能够的那样那么全球化(另见文)。这项运动没能征世界上三个最大的国家:中国,印度和美国。在美国,美式足球,正如人们说所的那样,是用来参与的而不是观赏的。而在中国和印度,足球却是用来观赏而不是参与的。中国和印度并不会参加巴西世界杯(实际上,只有中国对参加过世界杯决赛阶段的比赛)。In FIFAs defence, the big threes reticence owes much to their respective histories and cultures and the strength of existing sports, notably cricket in India. And football is slowly gaining ground: in the ed States the first cohort of American parents to grow up with the game are now passing it on to their children. But that only underlines the madness of FIFA giving the cup to Qatar, not America. And the foul air from FIFAs headquarters in Switzerland will hardly reassure young fans in China who are heartily sick of the corruption and match-fixing in their domestic soccer leagues.国际足联辩称,这三个国家在足球方面的沉默源自于历史文化和其它体育运动的强势,尤其是印度的板球。但是足球已经逐渐站稳脚跟。在美国,第一代踢足球长大的家长已经把习惯传承给了他们自己的孩子。然而,这只能更加说明国际足联拒绝美国而把世界杯承办权授予卡塔尔是多么的愚蠢。而弥漫着位于瑞士的国际足联总部的污浊之气也不能使中国的年轻球迷感到安心,他们正为中国国家足球队的腐败和比赛造假而倍感痛心。It would be good to get rid of Mr Blatter, but that would not solve FIFAs structural problem. Though legally incorporated as a Swiss non-profit organisation, FIFA has no master. Those who might hold it to account, such as national or regional football organisations, depend on its cash. High barriers to entry make it unlikely that a rival will emerge, so FIFA has a natural monopoly over international football. An entity like this should be regulated, but FIFA answers to no government.如果能让布拉特下台自然不错,但也不能解决国际足联的组织结构问题。尽管国际足联是在瑞士合法注册的非盈利机构,但是没有人对它进行管控。那些可能对其进行管控的机构,比如国家或者地区足球组织,却又都依赖于国际足联的资金。高门槛准入导致很难产生竞争对手,于是国际足联垄断了国际足球运动。像这样的组织本应接受监管,但是国际足联却不受任何政府的管控。All the same, more could be done. The Swiss should demand a clean-up or withdraw FIFAs favourable tax status. Sponsors should also weigh in on graft and on the need to push forward with new technology: an immediate review of every penalty and goal awarded would be a start.即使这样,也并非无可作为。瑞士方面可以要求清理或者撤回对国际足联的税收优惠政策。赞助方也可以权衡腐败问题并从推行新技术入手。这一技术可以对点球和进球判罚进行及时影像回放。The hardest bit of the puzzle is the host-selection process. One option would be to stick the World Cup in one country and leave it there; but that nations home team would have a big advantage, and tournaments benefit from moving between different time zones. An economically rational option would be to give this years winner, and each successive champion, the option of either hosting the tournament in eight years time or auctioning off that right to the highest bidder. That would favour footballs powerhouses. But as most of them aly have the stadiums, there would be less waste—and it would provide even more of an incentive to win.问题的难点在于承办权的竞选过程。一种选择是把世界杯举办权授予某个特定国家,让它一直作为承办国:但是这个国家的主场球队就会大占优势,在比赛中也不用受时差的影响。经济合理的选择是,把权利授予每届杯赛冠军,他可以决定八年举办一次杯赛,或者把承办权授予出价最高的投标者。这样的话,足球强国就会占优。不过因为他们大都已经拥有足球场,这样也不会产生过多的浪费,而且会激励更多的国家去争夺冠军。Sadly, soccer fans are romantic nationalists, not logical economists—so our proposal stands less chance of winning than England does. One small step towards sanity would be formally to rotate the tournament, so it went, say, from Europe to Africa to Asia to the Americas, which would at least stop intercontinental corruption. But very little of this will happen without change at the top in Zurich.遗憾的是,球迷们都是浪漫的国际主义者,而不是理性的经济学家,所以我们的建议比不过英国人的。赛事轮换举办可以是走向理智的一小步,比如可以按照从欧洲到非洲到亚洲再到美洲的顺序进行,这样至少可以阻止洲内腐败。但是如果国际足联苏黎世总部没有改变的话,所有这些设想都不会付诸实践。译者:李聪译文属译生译世 /201506/382163福州附属第一医院做宫腔镜要多少钱 All right, we love this school and so do our friends at Target.好了 我们喜欢这所学校 塔吉特百货也是For years,Target has has committed giving a billion dollars towards education so far,近些年 塔吉特一直致力于向教育事业捐款 目前已达到10亿美元They know its important for kids to have the right school supplies.他们知道孩子们能拥有学习用品至关重要So Target is 700 backpacks to fill the school supplies each student up academy.所以塔吉特为UP小学的700名学生每人提供一个装满学习用品的书包That is amazing.Also, also Genie.Yes, Ellen.All right.太棒了 还有 吉妮 怎么了 艾伦 好的Also Genie, every student is also gonna get a 100 Target gift card.还有 吉妮 每位学生还将获得一张100美元的塔吉特礼品卡Make sure they know that.I would take a break, could be right back.告诉他们这个消息 广告过后 马上回来Thank you vey so much.It’s a big day for those kids in Up Academy.非常感谢大家 今天对于UP小学的学生们而言是美好的一天We are back with Nicole Bohlmann.How many um teachers are there?我们继续采访妮可·波乐曼 你们学校有多少位老师There are 70 teachers. - 70 teachers.Yes.70位 -70位老师 对Well, we have learned that the average teacher spends at least 0我们了解到每位老师平均花500美元 都是他们自己的钱out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right?来付教室的费用 是吗 /201601/419235The fact you even have them ahead of time.其实你们早就拿到剧本了No, I mean, she is pretty protective about,I dont think our spoilers are as sort of big as the Scandals spoilers.没有 我的意思是 她很看重保密 我觉得剧透对;格蕾;的影响 没有对;丑闻;的影响那么大So she is not as protective.But I will say she is wonderful about If there is something big thats happening.所以她没有那么严格保密 但是如果接下来会有一些大变故She does sort of runs it by you and make sure you are okay with it.她会先和演员沟通 确保演员能够接受Or you know, things like that.She is sort of considerate in that way.在类似的事情上她很贴心 她在这方面考虑很周到But I think our spoilers arent as big.但是我觉得剧透对我们的影响没那么大And Stella goes to set with you,and she, what does she think about it?斯特拉经常和你一起去片场 她喜欢吗She does,she wants to be the emergency room doctor.她 她想当一名急救科医生That was cute. I think its hilarious.太可爱了 我觉得蛮搞笑的Thats sweet. Thats adorable.Yes.She loves coming to the set.很暖心的啊 -是很可爱 是的 她很喜欢跟我去片场And every time she comes to set,the first thing she wants to do is Linda Klein,每次她到片场 要做的第一件事就是...琳达·克莱is our medical producer.是我们的医学制作人Wonderful woman, is a good friend of mine.她人很好 是我的好朋友And she just wants to go straight to Lindas office.斯特拉就直接去琳达的办公室And play with all the medical things.All the fake organs and,然后玩那些医学用品 人造器官之类的yesterday she had.I went in to find her,I couldnt find her.昨天就是这样 我去那里找她 我到处都找不到她And she was in Lindas office with Linda with a bone drill.她和琳达一起呆在办公室里 拿着一个骨钻Drilling a fake femur bone, with a real bone drill.钻一个人造股骨 用一个真的骨钻 /201510/401759闽侯县打胎公立医院

福州那些医院宫腹腔镜比较好福州市做试管选性别医院 The current negotiations over the contracts are continuing pretty much out of the spotlight. Theres a delicate balance that both sides are trying to pull off.Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes shared the ;wants; and ;needs; of both sides in these contract talks with us.He penned a column today in the News about the talks.First, the automakers ;wants,; according to Howes:;They want to keep their costs down, and remain competitive with the foreign competitors operating in the ed States,; Howes says. ;And theyre going to be dragging their feet a little bit on base wage increases, and sweetening to health care, because health care is consuming, yet again, a big chunk of cash for them and they want to get their arms around it.;And the ;wants; for the UAW, according to Howes:;Start with base wage increases, I think, for both the so-called legacy workers and also for the second-tier workers who started getting hired after the 2007 agreement … More for the second-tier, I think, they want to get a little bigger chunk for them and maybe a little less for the legacy guys, but I dont think you get this deal ratified without base wage increases,; he says.Howes also says the UAW also wants to address where plants are moving and where products are made in these deals.He says these talks are ;very delicate; in nature for new UAW president, Dennis Williams.;Theyre on the other side of what has been a real roaring back of Detroit financially, and from a product perspective,; says Howes. ;And I think the union is in a difficult position for a few reasons. One is, yes, theres no question these companies have made a lot of money. How can they can extract and reach a deal that enables these companies to continue to make money, but also rewards the workers in a way that makes sense?;Howes says its unusual for the talks to be so ;under the radar; this close to the end of negotiating time. Usually stories leak out about the talks. He says the fact that theres been so little attention on the talks reflects how Dennis Williams works.201508/394403福州哪间医院检查怀孕最好

南平去那里检查卵巢The Labour Partys funk工党的下坡路Running out of road背离大路Labour is an increasingly unpopular party with lots of popular policies工党政策广受称赞,自己却日益遭嫌IF POLITICAL platforms were the sum of their parts, the Labour Party would tower over its rivals. In recent months Ed Miliband, its leader, has produced several overwhelmingly popular policies. According to YouGov, a polling firm, voters support the partys plan to increase the top rate of income tax by three to one. By about the same margin they like its talk of tackling dodgy landlords, blocking foreign takeovers of British firms and boosting the minimum wage.如果政治舞台是所有因素的综合体,那么工党必称霸政坛。近几个月,工党党首埃德·米利班德提出了几条非常受欢迎的政策。根据民调机构YouGov的数据显示,工党提高所得税最高税率的计划,得到选民持的比率为三比一。但也有同样比例的选民持政府对付狡猾的房东,限制外资收购英国企业,并且提高最低工资标准。Yet Labours polling lead over the Conservative Party is slipping. According to YouGov it has fallen from an average of seven points in November to two-and-a-half points in May so far. It is quite possible that the populist right-wing UK Independence Party will beat Labour to first place in elections to the European Parliament on May 22nd (see next story). Not long ago Labour staffers were confidently describing the European vote as a dry run for the general election, due to be held in a years time.然而工党领先保守党的优势正在慢慢缩小。根据YouGov的数据显示,从去年平均领先7个百分点,滑落到今年五月的2.5个百分点。在5月22日的欧洲议会选举上,民粹主义右翼独立党极有可能干掉工党,夺得头筹(详见专文)。不久之前,工党的工作人员言之凿凿地把欧洲议会的表决,形容成一年之后大选的预演。Labour, then, is an increasingly unloved party with increasingly popular policies. What explains this? The familiar answer is to blame the messenger. Mr Miliband struggles to appeal to voters through the mass media, often coming across as pleading and uncomfortable. His team have hired a broadcast expert and David Axelrod, who helped Barack Obama win two presidential elections, to improve their mans performance and messages. A series of awkward interviews in the run up to the European vote suggested that both would have their work cut out.渐渐的,工党成了一个政策越来越受欢迎,而本身却越来越不是受欢迎的政党。怎么解释这个现象?都是相似的:都是信使惹的祸。米利班德努力试图借助大众传媒来笼络民心,常常会流露出恳求和不安。他的团队已经聘请了一个广播专家和戴维·阿克塞尔罗德美化其个人形象,促进其思想的传播。而戴维·阿克塞尔罗德是奥巴马总统的顾问,帮他连任了两届大选。但从他在欧洲大选前那几场采访中尴尬的表现来看,上述两目标恐怕是要泡汤了。But that problem is older than Labours poll slump. Instead, three things seem to account for the partys recent woes. The specific one is that Labours propaganda machine is not working. Policy announcements have been rushed, too close together and quickly forgotten for lack of follow-up, sighs one Milibandite. A pledge to cut waiting times for doctors appointments was a case in point: unveiled with great fanfare on May 12th, it was not once mentioned by Mr Miliband in Prime Ministers Questions just two days later. Sometimes messages clash. Labours response to UKIP has ranged from cool dismissal to angry denouncement. An execrable electoral depicting the Liberal Democrats as the gullible stooges of evil Tory toffs collided head-on with Mr Milibands talk of making politics less petty.但是问题远比工党持率滑坡来的历史久远。相反,有三件事似乎可以解释工党最近的不振。尤其是因为工党的宣传不起作用。一位米利班德持者叹道,政治宣传太过急躁,政治结盟太过亲密,以及太快忘掉自己没什么跟随者。政府担保削减就医预约时间就是一个例子:政府的这个保,在5月12日出台,颇受人民欢迎。仅仅两天之后,在首相问答环节上,米利班德就提到了这个问题。两方是不是会就这个问题进行交锋。针对英国独立党的问题,工党的回应介于冷冷的不予理会,与愤怒的公开谴责之间。拙劣的竞选视频把自民党描绘为上当的傀儡,夹在邪恶的保守党与米利班德正面交锋之间,而米利班德正致力于促使政策登上大台面。A bigger problem is that Labours central economic message, that the recovery is failing to lift living standards, is running out of road. Real wages are beginning to emerge from their long slump, making people feel, if not richer, at least not poorer. And Labour lacks a fall-back argument: the party has done little over the past years to dispel the reputation for spendthrift ineptitude that it acquired during the financial crisis. The Tories lead over the opposition on economic competence has grown from two to 14 points in the past year.工党还有一个更大的问题,那就是中央经济报文的作用已经穷途末路,变革没能使生活标准有所提高。实际工资正渐渐从漫长的经济不景气中复苏,使民众觉得:既然没有更富,那至少也没再穷下去。并且工党缺少备用方案:这些年来,面对经济危机中而得的愚笨浪子臭名,工党并未好好去改变。经济上,保守党领先其反对党,由去年的2%增至14%。Finally, as the general election approaches, the main job of the opposition shifts from holding the government to account to proposing an alternative. But Labours messages remain deeply negative and gloomy. It has repeatedly told people how much they are being ripped off by energy firms and other businesses, but has failed to put forward a hopeful vision of a prosperous Britain, grumble internal malcontents. Patrick Diamond, a former policy adviser to the party, adds that by taking advantage of public mistrust of business, Labour is at best telling voters what they aly know (that the party cares about the little guy). At worst it risks alienating those working in the private sector.最后,随着大选的临近,在野党的主要任务从把持政权,转变成了提出第二选择。但工党方面的消息仍旧非常负面和悲观。英国一些对现状不满的群众发牢骚道,人们被反复告知他们的钱被剥削的数额,而罪魁祸首就是能源企业和一些其他公司,但是人们并没有在经济繁荣的英国看到充满希望的前景。帕特里克·戴蒙德是一名前党内政策顾问,他补充道,通过利用公众对商业的不信任,工党最好还是告知选民自己所得到的消息(即政党很关注那个小人)。最糟糕也不过是承担与私营部门决裂的风险。These three problems add up to one big one: although voters like the partys individual policies, they do not like the overall image that these convey. Until Labour corrects this, says Deborah Mattinson of Britain Thinks, a polling outfit, the gush of announcements may do it more harm than good. If people do not trust the party in the first place, she argues, they just see these as craven attempts to win their votes. The Conservatives, by contrast, can trade on their overall competence. “They are not out to please people,” one swing voter told Ms Mattinson, and “that means they can just get on with it.”这三个问题加在一起,就成了一个大问题:虽然选民持工党的独立政策,但对于整体形象的呈现却并不看好。狄波拉·马丁森来自调查机构Britain Thinks,她认为,除非工党修正了这些问题,不然各个声明的涌现只能帮倒忙。她认为,如果一开始民众就不信任政党,他们就会视这些软弱的努力只是为了赢得选票。相比之下,保守党可以好好利用他们的整体竞争力。一位摇摆不定的选民告诉狄波拉道,“他们并非试图讨好民众,这意味着他们只能继续进行下去。”译者 周雨晴 校对 徐珍a 译文属译生译世 /201508/391851 福州附一医院妇科专家福州检查早泄那里好



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