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福建输精管接通永泰县人流正规医院福州哪里做包皮手术好 According to a December 31 news release from the University of New South Wales, scientists estimate that by 2100, global average temperatures will rise at least 4 degrees Celsius if carbon dioxide emissions are not scaled back. Additionally, researchers say that the continued increase in global average temperatures will result in an additional 4 degrees Celsius by 2200. The findings appear in a recent article in the journal Nature, and may explain one of the great unknowns of climate sensitivity: the role of cloud formation, and whether this will have a positive or negative influence on global climate change. “Our research has shown climate models indicating a low temperature response to a doubling of carbon dioxide from preindustrial times are not reproducing the correct processes that lead to cloud formation,” said Steven Sherwood, a professor from the University of New South Wales’ Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science. “When the processes are correct in the climate models the level of climate sensitivity is far higher. Previously, estimates of the sensitivity of global temperature to a doubling of carbon dioxide ranged from 1.5°C to 5°C. This new research takes away the lower end of climate sensitivity estimates, meaning that global average temperatures will increase by 3°C to 5°C with a doubling of carbon dioxide.”科学家估计,如果不减少二氧化碳排放,2100年地球平均气温将至少上升4摄氏度,到2200年会上升8摄氏度,无疑是地球“灾难性的噩梦”。The key to this narrower – albeit much higher – estimate is found in the real world observations around the role of water vapor in cloud formation. Observations show when water vapor is taken up by the atmosphere through evaporation, the updrafts can either rise to 15 km to form clouds that produce heavy rains or rise just a few kilometers before falling back to the surface without forming rain clouds. The researchers discovered that climate models that exhibit a low global temperature response to carbon dioxide do not include enough of this lower-level water vapor process. In its place, they simulate nearly all updrafts as rising to 15 km and forming clouds. However, when the procedures in climate models are adjusted to match the observations in the real world, the models produce cycles that take water vapor to a wider range of heights in the atmosphere, causing fewer clouds to form as the climate warms. Consequently, this increases the volume of sunlight and heat entering the atmosphere and increases the sensitivity of our climate to carbon dioxide or any other disturbance. The result is such that, when water vapor processes are correctly represented, the sensitivity of the climate to a doubling of carbon dioxide – which will happen in the next 50 years – means that we can expect a temperature increase of at least 4 degrees Celsius by 2100.此前有科学家用气候模型分析称,全球气温将受二氧化碳排放影响,上升1.5至5摄氏度。最新研究分析了云层的形成和气候变化之间的关系,认定模型低估了气候的敏感度,将气温上升的下限从1.5调整至3摄氏度,平均增幅达到4摄氏度。本项研究已经在学术杂志《自然》上发表。 /201401/271663Could Alibaba be China#39;s next 0 billion stock market listing? The Hangzhou-based e-commerce giant continues to be coy over when it will take the plunge. But sooner or later founder Jack Ma will need to offer some kind of exit for his backers, not to mention employees, and an initial public offering is the most likely solution. Now is a good time to start asking how the company should be valued.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)能否成为中国下一家千亿美元级别的上市公司?何时迈出这关键的一步?这家位于杭州的电子商务巨头对这个问题依然含糊其辞。但公司创始人马云迟早需要为投资者提供退路,更不用提公司的员工了。因此,首次公开募股将是最有可能的解决方案。公司应该获得怎样的估值?目前应该是开始思考这个问题的时候了。Alibaba#39;s main business is selling. Its Tmall online stores provide a shop front for brands like Nike (NKE) and Unilever (UL), while Taobao is focused on consumer-to-consumer trade. The closest U.S. peers might be Amazon (AMZN) and eBay (EBAY). Sadly for valuation purposes, there#39;s no perfect match: unlike Amazon, Alibaba doesn#39;t hold inventory or manage warehouses, and unlike eBay, it gets most of its revenue from advertising, not charging users.阿里巴巴的主营业务是销售。它的在线商城天猫(Tmall)为耐克(Nike)和联合利华(Unilever)等品牌提供了一个网络店面,而淘宝则主要用于C2C交易。和它最为接近的同行应该是亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay。可惜的是,在估值方面,并没有一家与阿里巴巴完美匹配的公司:与亚马逊不同,阿里巴巴并未持有库存或管理仓库;而与eBay不同,阿里巴巴公司的大多数收入都来自广告,而不是用户收费。Meanwhile, its range of services gets ever wider, and potentially harder to value. As well as accounting for the majority of China#39;s e-commerce, a market worth 4 billion last year according to the China Internet Network Information Centre, Alibaba now has a mobile operating system, offers trade financing to vendors and may even start offering consumer loans. The company#39;s chief strategist says it aims to be ;the world#39;s biggest data sharing platform.;与此同时,它的业务范围却变得日益广泛,这也可能使估值变得更加困难。阿里巴巴占据着中国电子商务市场的大部分份额。而据中国互联网信息中心(China Internet Network Information Centre)统计,去年中国电子商务市值为2,040亿美元。如今,阿里巴巴有一个移动操作系统,为供应商提供贸易融资,甚至可能开始提供消费贷款。公司首席策略师称,公司的目的是打造“全球最大的数据共享平台”。Fortunately, there are two numbers that really matter. One is how much Alibaba can sell. The other is its ;take,; or what percentage it gets from each transaction on its sites. That take might come through advertising or through transaction fees, or a mixture of both. But ultimately, it represents the cash the company can squeeze out of its sellers. Other services like lending may create revenue, but for now they are mainly ways to lock in users and maintain market share.好在有两个数据非常重要。一个是阿里巴巴能卖多少钱。另外一个则是公司的“提成”,即公司通过在它网站上完成的每笔交易中抽取的百分比。提成可能通过广告或交易手续费的形式,也可能综合两种方式。但最终,它代表了公司能够从卖家手中抽取的现金。其他务,例如借贷等也可能带来收入。但在目前,它们主要只是留住用户、维持市场份额的主要手段而已。Consider a back-of-envelope valuation exercise. The first question is how big the overall market can get. Say e-commerce in China grows 35% a year for the next two years, and that Alibaba can keep its current market share of around 80%. That would give it just under 0 billion of transactions in 2014 - over four times what eBay#39;s marketplaces handled in 2012.我们来粗略估算一下它的市值。第一个问题是,总体市场能够变得多大。假设未来两年,中国电子商务以35%的速度增长,而阿里巴巴仍能够保持目前约80%的市场份额。这将使它在2014年获得价值接近3,000亿美元的交易——超过2012年eBay市场份额的四倍。In reality, many more factors will affect Alibaba#39;s magic number. Ma will need to time the stock market cycle, but also the tech cycle. With many foreign backers, Alibaba will most likely need to list on foreign markets, where stock buyers will be influenced by what they think of China#39;s regulation, economy and accounting practices. Valuations for companies like Baidu, Renren and Sina show gyrations not always explained by the performance of their underlying businesses.现实情况下,会有更多因素影响阿里巴巴的市值。马云必须抓住股市周期与技术周期的时机。阿里巴巴有许多外国投资者,因此,它最有可能在海外市场上市。而在外国市场,股票投资者往往会受到自身对中国的法规、经济与会计实务看法的影响。百度(Baidu)、人人(Renren)和新浪(Sina)等公司的估值所表现出的摇摆不定通常很难用各公司基本业务的表现来解释。Valuations change quickly. Facebook#39;s went from billion in its fundraising at the end of 2010 to 4 billion at its IPO in 2012; the company now trades at just two-thirds that value. When Yahoo (YHOO) recently sold half its Alibaba stake back to the company, the deal valued the company at just billion. But a bilateral negotiation by with a troubled U.S. company is very different than a stock market listing.估值变化很快。2010年底,Facebook在融资时的估值为500亿美元,而在2012年IPO时则达到了1,040亿美元;但目前,它的股价仅有当初估值的三分之二。最近,雅虎(Yahoo)将手头持有的阿里巴巴股份中的一半出售给了阿里巴巴公司,交易对公司市值的认定是400亿美元。然而,与一家陷入困境的美国公司进行双边谈判跟上市比起来完全是两码事。Besides, internet companies are inherently volatile. Super profitability attracts super competition, and disruptive technologies can take even established models by surprise. Netscape and Microsoft both showed how supposedly unassailable market positions can be lost as well as won. If a twelve-digit valuation is within reach, it makes sense for Alibaba to open the cave sooner rather than later.此外,互联网公司的性质决定了它内在的不稳定性。超强的盈利能力也会吸引超强的竞争对手,而且颠覆性技术可能在突然之间就取代了业已成熟的模式。当年的网景(Netscape)和微软(Microsoft)就充分明,想象中不可动摇的市场地位可能瞬间就会易手。如果公司估值能够达到十二位数,上市就宜早不宜迟。 /201305/237653福建宫腹腔镜那家医院好

三明市检查激素六项医院排名三明市去那第三代试管 Late Thursday, Apple (AAPL) public relations reached out to several news organizations — including the Wall Street Journal#39;s All Things Digital — to alert them that what it described as a ;temporary issue; that affected ;a small number of users; had been ;rectified.;上周四晚些时候,苹果(Apple)公关部门向包括《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)旗下的科技客All Things Digital在内的多家新闻媒体发布通告,称苹果(应用程序商店)曾出现“暂时性问题”,影响了“一小部分用户”,这个问题目前已经得到“修正”。Apple PR apparently neglected to reach out to Marco Arment, a co-founder of Tumblr, the creator of the popular Instapaper app and a iOS developer with an unusually large following through his blog, his Twitter account (@marcoarment) and his Build and Analyzepodcast.不过,苹果公关部门显然把马可?阿蒙德忘了。阿蒙德是微客Tumblr的创始人,并开发了大受欢迎的应用程序Instapaper 。作为一名iOS开发者,他的个人客、Twitter账号(@marcoarment)以及“开发与分析”播客(Build and Analyze)都拥有数量庞大的粉丝团。That may have been a mistake.或许这真的是个错误。It was Arment who first spotted the problem two days earlier when Instapaper users began complaining that his latest update crashed immediately every time they launched it. Arment e-mailed Apple#39;s App Review team and started ;yelling; about it on Twitter. Within two hours a working version of Instapaper appeared on the App Store.苹果公告发布的前两天,阿蒙德就首先发现了这个问题。当时许多Instapaper的用户抱怨,升级到最新版后,Instapaper会在启动后立即崩溃。阿蒙德立即向苹果的应用程序审查团队发出了邮件,他还在Twitter上将问题曝光。两个小时后,一个正常可用的Instapaper在应用程序商店重新上架。But he soon realized that the problem was more widesp than just his app. Over the next two days he compiled a list of more than 100 apps whose updates worked perfectly when they were submitted to Apple but were corrupted when they arrived at the App Store. He warned users and developers not to update their apps until the problem was corrected, and he issued an urgent request — in boldface — to Cupertino:不过,阿蒙德很快意识到,这个问题不仅仅影响到了自己的应用。在接下来的两天时间里,他整理出了一份名单,其中的应用程序数量竟然超过了100个。这些程序的升级版在提交给苹果时运行正常,但当其在应用程序商店上架,就无法运行了。阿蒙德警告用户和开发者在问题得到修正前不要更新应用程序,他还向苹果发出了一封用黑体字写就的紧急请求。So when Arment saw Apple#39;s press statement on someone else#39;s blog, he couldn#39;t resist posting a correction:所以,当阿蒙德在其他人的客上看到苹果的声明后,他忍不住在自己的个人客上对其进行了反驳:;It#39;s probably worth nitpicking #39;a small number of users#39;: Based on my cumulative stats for July 3, Instapaper#39;s corruption alone probably affected well over 20,000 customers, and there were over 120 other apps affected, including some very big names such as Angry Birds, GoodReader, Yahoo, and the LA Times.;“所谓‘一小部分用户’是站不住脚的:根据我在7月3日统计的数据,仅仅Instapape的问题就影响到了超过2万名用户,而且,还有其他120多个应用程序受到波及,其中不乏知名应用,例如‘愤怒的小鸟’(Angry Birds)、GoodReader、雅虎(Yahoo)和《洛杉矶时报》(LA Times)等。”Apple#39;s ;temporary issue; was, in fact, the App Store#39;s worst bug in four years of operation — a meltdown that Wired dubbed ;Appageddon.; It was ultimately traced, as Arment correctly anticipated, to an issue with a server that applies Apple#39;s digital rights management protection to apps before they are released.所谓“暂时性问题”,实际上是苹果应用程序商店运营四年以来发生的最为严重问题,这场灾难被《连线》杂志(Wired)称为“Appageddon”。正向阿蒙德之前预言的,问题的根源在于苹果的一台务器出了问题,该务器负责将苹果的数字版权管理保护软件添加到即将发布的应用程序中。Arment was pretty easy on Apple, all things considered. He pointed ers to a MacWorld report that the company might be removing the one-star ratings many apps had unfairly received during the meltdown. ;I wouldn#39;t have predicted that,; Arment wrote. ;If they do, it will go a long way toward repairing their relationship with the affected developers.;不过总而言之,阿蒙德对苹果相当宽容。专业MacWorld网站有报道称,苹果也许会删除许多应用在这次系统崩溃期间蒙冤得到的一星差评。阿蒙德写道:“我不会想到这一招。假如苹果真这么做,将大大有利于修复该公司与受影响的开发商之间的关系。”He was not so kind to the more than four dozen tech reporters who piled onto the story, often without giving him credit or — even worse — trying to make it sound like it was their scoop. In a series of tweets he calls ;Rewrite Bingo,; he covers the press coverage. You can it here.阿蒙德对于那五十来个争相报道这起事件的科技记者就没那么宽容了。这些记者大都对阿蒙德的贡献只字未提,甚至试图将该报道伪装成自己发掘出来的独家新闻。在一连串阿蒙德称之为“改写搞定”的Twitter消息中,他曝光了这些媒体报道。读者可点击此处阅读相关报道。 /201209/200139福州市监测卵泡去那好

福建治疗阳痿哪个医院好 China’s internet tsar has lashed out at US cyber hacking allegations against his country, saying it was in fact the “world’s largest victim” of the practice.中国国家互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜抨击了美国针对中国的网络攻击指控,他表示,实际上,中国是网络攻击的“主要受害国”。Lu Wei, who boasts the imposing title of minister of cyberspace, told a Beijing press conference that in the past month, 10,000 websites had been hacked in China, along with 80 per cent of government sites. He said the majority of the attacks originated in the US.他在北京的一个新闻发布会上表示,中国每月有1万多个网站被篡改,80%的政府网站受到过攻击。他表示,攻击的主要来源是美国。“There are some who accuse China of hacking, and here I must stress that we do not permit hacking of others’ networks to attain information,” said Mr Lu, adding: “China is the world’s main victim of cyber hacking.”鲁炜表示:“有些人诬蔑中国实施黑客攻击,我要强调的是,中国不允许非法网络攻击,不允许通过网络来窃取他国的秘密。”他补充称:“中国是网络攻击的主要受害国。”US authorities have consistently alleged the contrary: that China-based internet hackers – some with clear links to the government – have been responsible for internet-based espionage as well as attempts to disable US networks. In May, the US indicted five Chinese nationals on cyber espionage charges, saying they were soldiers in China’s army.美国政府则一直持相反的看法:位于中国的互联网黑客(其中一些明显与中国政府有关系)发动了互联网间谍活动,并企图令美国网络瘫痪。今年5月,美国指控5名中国公民参与网络间谍活动,称他们系中国军人。Mr Lu said smoothing out the Sino-US relationship was a priority and, to this end, the government had organised a conference, to be held in the scenic town of Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, near the headquarters of ecommerce giant Alibaba, for three days starting on November 19.鲁炜表示,中美关系顺利发展是优先任务,为此,中国政府将在浙江美丽的乌镇举办世界互联网大会,11月19日开幕,为期3天。乌镇距离电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)总部不远。Key government figures, as well as the chairmen of China’s three largest companies – Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent – had all agreed to attend, he said. The goal would be to “showcase the results of the first 20 years of the development of the Chinese internet”.他表示,许多国际政要以及中国三大互联网企业——百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)——的董事长都同意参加此次大会。大会的目的是“展现中国互联网20年来的发展成果”。Despite the war of words between Beijing and Washington, he stressed the majority of the guests at the Wuzhen summit would be from the US.尽管中美之间存在分歧,但他强调,在此次乌镇峰会上,美国来的客人将是最多的。As to China’s internet restrictions, Mr Lu took a position, common for Chinese officials, who do not publicly confirm the existence of wide-ranging censorship popularly known as the “great firewall”.在谈到中国的互联网限制措施时,鲁炜的态度与其他中国官员的普遍态度一致,即不公开实存在广泛的审查制度,这一制度被称为“防火长城”。“I have never tried to log on to Facebook, so I don’t know if it has been shut off,” he answered in response to a question about why the US social networking site had been blocked in China.他在回答有关美国社交网站Facebook在中国无法访问的问题时表示:“我没有用过这些网站的体验,我不知道它们是不是被关闭。”“We will not allow foreign companies to take over the market, take the Chinese people’s money and cause harm to the Chinese people,” he said, when asked vaguely about restrictions on foreign internet sites.在有记者含糊地问到有关针对外国互联网网站的限制时,他回答:“我们现在不能允许的是,既占了中国市场,又挣了中国的钱,还来伤害中国,这种情况我们是不能允许的。” /201411/339510龙岩第一医院无精症好不好费用多少福州摘环那家最好



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