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网络社交英语口语 10:什么都聊Herbert: About 1) anything and everything!赫伯特: 什么都聊! Don: Really!唐: 真的! Herbert: One even said that I was his 2) dream girlfriend.赫伯特: 甚至有一个人说我是他梦寐以求的女友。 Don: What? Don't you mean dream boyfriend?唐: 什么?你是指梦寐以求的男朋友吧? Herbert: Oh. I forgot to tell you I 3) pretended to be a 16-year-old girl.赫伯特: 喔。忘了告诉你,我装成一个十六岁的女生。 Don: 4) Are you nuts?唐: 你疯啦? Herbert: I had to. Nobody wanted to talk to me as a guy.赫伯特: 我一定得这么做。当我是男人的时候,没人想找我聊天。 Don: I don't know about this. Herbert.唐: 我觉得这样不太妙喔,赫伯特。 语言详解 A: Are you fluent in English yet? 你的英文很流利吗? B: I dream in English, so I guess I'm halfway there. 我做梦都在讲英文,所以我猜我已经快成功了。 【Nobody wanted to talk to me as a guy.】 这句话真正的意思是“如果别人知道我是男的,就不会愿意跟我说话。”所以说这句话的赫伯特并没有变性,只是让人以为他是女人。 【I don't know about this. 我并不是那么同意(这件事)】 当你无法同意别人所说的话,又无意争吵时,就可以用这句话结束讨论,改变话题。 1) anything and everything 无所不包的2) dream girlfriend/boyfriend 梦中女友/男友3) pretend (v.) 假装4) Are you nuts? 你疯啦?nut是“干果” ,也作“疯子”解释。 /200708/16600Earlier this year, I got a letter from a South Carolina woman named Ashley, who was expecting her third child.今年早些时候,我收到一封来自南卡罗来纳州阿什利女士的来信,她正期盼第三个孩子降临。She was, in her words, ;extremely concerned; about the Zika virus,她说她;非常担心;寨卡病毒,and what it might mean for other pregnant women like her.可能像她那样的妇都忧虑这事儿。I understand that concern. As a father, Ashleys letter has stuck with me, and its why weve been so focused on the threat of the Zika virus.我理解这种担心。作为父亲,阿什利的信刺痛了我,为此我们一直都很关注寨卡病毒的威胁。So today, I just want to take a few minutes to let you know what weve been doing in response, and to talk about what more we can all do.今天我想花几分钟让你们知道我们所做的应对预案,并谈谈我们都能做的更多的事情。Since late last year, when the most recent outbreak of Zika started popping up in other countries,自去年年底寨卡病毒最近一次在其他国家开始爆发流行,federal agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been preparing for it to arrive in the U.S.联邦政府的疾病预防和控制中心一直在准备它进入美国后的应对措施。In February - more than six months ago - I asked Congress for the emergency resources that public health experts say we need to combat Zika.二月,即六个月前,我向国会申请应急资源,都是公共健康专家列出的防控寨卡病毒的必需品。That includes things like mosquito control, tracking the sp of the virus, accelerating new diagnostic tests and vaccines,包括蚊虫控制、追踪病毒的传播、加快新的诊断测试和疫苗研发and monitoring women and babies with the virus.以及监控携带病毒的妇女和婴儿等。Republicans in Congress did not share Ashleys ;extreme concern,; nor that of other Americans expecting children.国会中的共和党议员并不认同阿什利的;非常担心;,也不认同其他想要孩子的美国人的担忧。They said no. Instead, we were forced to use resources we need to keep fighting Ebola, cancer, and other diseases.他们否决了我的申请。无奈,我们被迫挪用防治埃拉、癌症和其他疾病所必需的资源。201609/464715SCENE② D 赫伯特回座 过一会儿,唐走过来【我说错话了】 Don: Well, how did it go?唐: 怎么样,事情进行得如何? Herbert: Not very well. 1) I put my foot in my mouth.赫伯特: 不太顺利。我说错话了。 Don: Did you get a 2) date?唐: 你约到她了吗? Herbert: No. I almost forgot to tell her my name. I'm so 3) embarrassed.赫伯特: 没有。我差点连名字都忘了告诉她。我好糗。 Don: It's not too late. You can call her tomorrow.唐: 现在还来得及。你明天可以打电话给她。 Herbert: I didn't get her number. I know she didn't like me.赫伯特: 我没有她的电话。我知道她不喜欢我。 Don: Herb! Never leave a lady's table without her phone number!唐: 赫伯特!没要到的电话前不可以离座。 Herbert: Sorry.赫伯特: 对不起 语言详解 A: Can I see your room? 我可以看看你的房间吗? B: I'm too embarrassed to show you-it's a mess. 我不好意让你看--房间里一团乱。 【How did it go? 进行的如何?】 这句话可以用来问任何你不在场的事情,如舞会、手术、会议等的进行情况跟结果。 A: I had a final yesterday. 我昨天考期末考。B: How did it go? 结果如何?A: OK. I got a B. 还可以。我得了乙等。 1) I put my foot in my mouth. 我说错话了。2) date (n.) 约会,约会的对象3) embarrassed (a.) 尴尬的,糗的 /200708/1664012.Be A Risk Taker12.去冒险吧!I encourage all of you to explore any and all opportunities to pass along the benefits of your experience to those who will follow. This may sound like jargon, but it is not-it will add to your own self-esteem and enhance the pleasure of how you work and live.我鼓励你们尽可能地探索一切机会,用已有的经历所得去指导|后面的人生。这似乎很难理解,但是不然,因为它会让你更加自信,让你工作和生活地更加快乐。An important part of that experience is the time you have spent here. You will find that it forms a bridge to a larger world, a bridge based on warmth, on caring, on community and, yes, on expectations. That larger world will engulf you; you can never completely escape it.在凯洛格商学院的求学时光是你们人生经历的一个重要组成部分。你将发现,这是搭向更广阔世界的一座桥梁。它不仅带给你温暖、爱和归属感,而且还让你对明天充满希望。你将淹没在更广阔的世界里,但是你却永远也无法完全按弃这几年对你的影响。But you will find that the commitment to excellence--that passion to win--that this school has instilled in you will serve you well all the days that will follow. My early days at Boston Latin School and later at Harvard inspired in me both the ability to achieve great success and the character to withstand tremendous disappointment.你会发现,这个学校灌输给你们的追求卓越的理念——或者说,赢的——会很好地指引你以后的人生。我早期在波士顿拉丁学校和后来在哈佛的时光不仅激发了我获得成功的能力,而且塑造了我敢于承受巨大失败的性格。At Kellogg, you have learned to think analytically, to organize your mind to accept and assess every possible option, very potential avenue. But more importantly, Kellogg has taught you to act on that knowledge, decisively and aggressively. While you arrived here knowing how to take a chance, you leave here knowing how to take the right one. Trust your gut. Be a risk taker.在凯洛格商学院,你们学会了分析性地思考,知道怎样接受和权衡每一个可能的选择、每一个可能的途径。但是,更重要的是,凯洛格商学院教给你的是要采断而又进取地奉行这个能力。当你们来到这里时,你们学会怎样抓住机会;那么,当你们离开这里,你们要知道怎样抓住正确的机会。相信你的内心,去冒险吧!201705/508342Dear people of UK and France,尊敬的英国和法国民众,Please open the doors to us refugees and save us.请你们开放边境接纳并收留我们。We are not terrorists. We are not soldiers. We are not politicians.我们不是恐怖分子,不是士兵,也不是什么政治家。We are just ordinary people in pursuit of our peaceful life.我们都是普通人,想要追求平静的生活。I only want to live. Death is following me like my shadow in this hellish Jungle of hopes.我只是想活命。在这片地狱般无望的丛林中,死亡如影随形。Please open your hearts and borders to us and end the war.请敞开心扉和边境接纳我们,一起结束这场战争。Thank you感谢你们译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513705

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