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Greeceseeks austerity extension 希腊寻求延长紧缩期As Greece struggles to meet austerity conditions, Elinda Labropoulou reports on the latest efforts to gain time.希腊正在努力达到对其规定的紧缩条件,Elinda Labropoulou报道了希腊为赢得时间所做的最后努力。Greece has expected to ask for more time in order to pay back its loan because it says that due to the two elections that it had this year and a number of other reasons such as the fact that recession seems to be going faster than expected, the Greece has not been able to meet its financial promises it pledged to its creditors and as a result, what it needs is more time to get its economy back on track in order to meet its lenders requirement. This is what Mr. Samaras expected to try and ask Mr. Juncker during the meeting that they will hold today. It will not be a formal request, but simply he will put the idea on the table. Well, at the same time, he will try and convince Mr. Juncker that Greece is determined to stick to its lenders’ requirement, despite delays in implementing such measures. He has aly told the German newspaper Bilt that Greece needs more breathing space to implement structural reform, and he will now start this charm offensive tour, if you like, with a meeting with Mr. Juncker. He will also meet with Angela Merkel on Friday, and Francois Hollande on Saturday, just trying to convince them that Greece can stick to its austerity, planed another result qualified in order to get the next tranche of its bailout loan. 希腊期待要求到更多的时间,以付欠款。希腊解释道,由于今年的两次选举,并且还有一些其他原因,例如经济衰退似乎比预期进行地更为迅速,它已经没有能力实现对贷款人所做出的还款承诺,因此,为了满足债主的要求,它需要更多时间让经济步入正常轨道。这就是萨马拉先生期望并请容克先生在他们今天将要举办的会议同意的内容。这可能不是一项正式要求,但是他一定会将这一想法摆到桌面上。当然,同时,他将尝试让容克先生确信,希腊将坚决执行债主要求,只是在这些措施的实施时间上有所推后。他已告诉德国报纸的Bilt,希腊需要更多的呼吸空间来实施结构调整,以此次与容克先生的会谈作为起点,萨马拉先生将开始迷人的防守之旅。周五他还将会见默克尔,周六是奥朗德,他将努力让他们相信希腊有能力坚持紧缩政策,并计划有资格获得国际货币基金组织的下一轮救市贷款.Do more people in Greece think that they’ll eventually be kicked out of the euro zone? I mean do they have any confidence that they will stay?是否越来越多的希腊人认为他们最终将被踢出欧元市场?我的意思是, 希腊人对保留在欧元区有信心么?Well, what is happening in Greece is that most people see that the measures that have been implemented so far haven’t really been very successful. Other results they are wondering if what is taking place, the actual packages are what is the most effective way to get Greece out of the financial crisis. There’s a lot of concern about that. It has been something that’s been talked about three years, but the numbers are just simply not adding up. Of course, what’s most Greece wants is to stay in the eurozone. They realized that otherwise Greece will be in an extremely difficult position. It’s what most their most leading politician seems to want as well. But of course, Greece is in a tight position and it’s very difficult to predict the future at this point.当然, 大多数人看到希腊到目前为止实施的措施, 还未真正奏效。人们在想,如果采取了一揽子最有效的帮助希腊走出金融危机的办法,会产生怎样的其他结果?对此,人们有许多考虑。这是三年来一直被人们讨论的事情,但是情况只是没有恶化。当然大多数希腊人想继续呆在欧元区,他们意识到,否则,希腊将面临极其困难的处境。这看起来也是希腊最高层想要的结果。但是,当然希腊正处于困境之中,此时很难对其未来做出预测。201209/198626

If it had been wet,如果这颗星球曾经是湿的,then everyone would look for nutrient and food sources that could support microbes.然后每个人都会寻找营养和食物来源维持微生物。The water ice is proof of a valuable resource for any life form still clinging beneath the surface and for future travelers.对于仍然执着于表面之下的任何形式的生命以及未来的旅行者来说,水冰都是一个宝贵的资源。We now know that these plains that you see stretching behind me are underlain only two or three inches deep by a sheet of ice.我们现在了解到你在我身后看到的这些平原是只有两三英寸深的一片冰。All the way as far as you can see.你放眼望过去可以看到的。Great hockey rank if you had a hockey team on Mars,如果你在火星上有一曲棍球队,这将是伟大的队伍,all you need is a broom.你所需要的是一把扫帚。The possibility of running into Martians received another boost from a very Mars-like part of our own planet,可能会偶遇碰到来自非常像火星的我们自己的星球的一部分的火星人,Chiles extraordinary Atacama Desert.智利非凡的阿塔卡马沙漠。The Atacama is special because it is just so profoundly dry,阿塔卡马非常特殊,因为它是如此地干,speaking roughly at 50 times drier than Death Valley.据说大约比死谷干燥50倍。It is deader than Death Valley.比死谷更加具有死亡的气息。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/181587

Business.商业。Pfizer.辉瑞制药有限公司。Taking its medicine.自尝苦果。A drug giant coughs up to settle bribery charges.一个制药巨头被迫出钱就撤销行贿指控与司法部达成和解。IN AMERICA, it was once common for drug firms to offer doctors ;perks; to encourage them to prescribe their pills. Regulators now frown on such iffy sales techniques, and drug firms have more or less stopped using them. But in emerging markets, it is a different story, as a settlement on August 7th between Americas Department of Justice and Pfizer, a big American drug firm, made clear.在美国,制药公司给医生;回扣;鼓励他们开处方时使用该公司生产的药物曾是很常见的事。现在相关管理部门开始禁止这样不规范的销售技巧,因此一些制药公司也或多或少不再使用这种技巧。8月7日,美国大型制药公司辉瑞就海外贿赂行为与美国司法部达成了和解。此事正好表明新兴市场的情况与美国的有所不同。In China Pfizer established a ;club; that provided ;high-prescribing; doctors with all kinds of entertainment under the guise of attending conferences. In Kazakhstan Pfizer awarded an exclusive distribution deal to a local firm after it was told there was no other way to secure government approval for a Pfizer product.辉瑞公司在中国成立了一个;俱乐部;,该俱乐部以开会的名义邀请那些;开药量较大;的医生参加各种活动。辉瑞公司还与哈萨克斯坦一家当地公司签订了独家经销协议,因为此前辉瑞得知,除此之外没有其他的办法可以获得哈萨克斯坦政府对辉瑞制药的批准。Unfortunately for Pfizer, such acts violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), an American law that criminalises bribery abroad. Doctors in many of the countries in question are state employees, making the gifts bribes to government officials. This week Pfizer agreed to pay a fine to settle corruption charges and to disgorge related illegally earned profits to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The settlement, which will cost it m or so, covers similar offences committed by Wyeth, another drug firm, before it was acquired by Pfizer in .不幸的是,辉瑞的这些行为违反了美国专门用来定罪海外行贿的《反海外腐败法》(FCPA)。受到质疑的多国医生都是国家机关的工作人员,于是这些礼物也就成了贿赂政府官员的赃物。本周,辉瑞公司为了了结腐败指控同意付罚款,并愿意向美国券交易委员会上缴相关非法所得利润。辉瑞公司进行此次和解将需要花费六千万美元左右,这笔费用还包括了对惠氏公司贿赂行为的罚款。惠氏制药公司于年被辉瑞公司收购,此前它也曾涉嫌海外贿赂。Johnson amp; Johnson, another big drugmaker, paid m last year to settle civil and criminal bribery charges. On August 6th Teva, an Israeli firm that is the worlds largest generic drugmaker, said it was co-operating with SEC investigators. Indeed, eight of the worlds ten biggest drug firms have warned of potential costs related to charges of corruption in markets abroad, according to Reuters. So Pfizers behaviour seems to have been normal for the industry, not an aberration.去年,另一家大型制药公司强生因民事和刑事行贿受到指控,并为达成和解花费了七千万美元。今年8月6日,世界上最大的学名药(通用名药)生产公司以色列梯瓦制药工业有限公司称,它正在协助美国券交易委员会调查员的调查工作。据路透社报道,事实上,世界上十大制药公司中有八家公司都在警惕因受控海外贪污可能造成的潜在开。所以这样看来,辉瑞公司的行为在这个行业里并非异常。Citing the settlement, regulators will crow that the FCPA is being enforced more vigorously than at any time since it became law in 1977. They will also hope that it is evidence that their new carrot-and-stick approach is starting to work. Most successful prosecutions in the past have been the result of whistle-blowing or a lucky break; regulators have long suspected that many companies have publicly supported the law while privately turning a blind eye to dodgy activities abroad, doubtless assuming that they would never be caught. The new approach is designed to encourage companies to police themselves, by punishing them only lightly when they turn themselves in.相关管理人员拿此次和解做文章,自鸣得意地称这是自1977年《反海外腐败法》(FCPA)颁布以来实施最有力的一次。同时,他们还希望此次事件能明他们采取的软硬兼施的措施已经开始生效。以往一些控诉成功的案件不是有人揭发就是运气使然,监管者一直怀疑许多公司虽然在公开场合坚决拥护法律,但私底下却对那些海外不法行为视而不见,还相信自己永远不会被绳之以法。现在新的监管方法目的在于鼓励那些公司进行自我监督,并对他们采取坦白从宽的政策。The relatively small fine imposed on Pfizer was the Justice Departments way of showing that firms that co-operate will be treated leniently, says Ben Heineman of Harvards Kennedy School of Government. Pfizer has gone out of its way to placate prosecutors: it has been co-operating on the case since 2004, helping to identify illegal practices throughout its industry. It also oversaw the process that uncovered the misbehaviour at Wyeth.哈佛肯尼迪政治学院的Ben Heineman称,此次美国司法部门对辉瑞公司罚款力度相对较轻就是为了表明会对那些协助调查的公司宽大处理。辉瑞公司早就开始煞费苦心地讨好检察官:从2004年起辉瑞就开始协助调查员调查此案,帮助其调查全行业的非法行为。辉瑞还监督了一项揭发惠氏不法行为的调查。The regulators have accepted Pfizers claim that the offences were committed by local staff acting without the knowledge of head office in America. This follows Aprils decision by the SEC to charge a senior executive at Morgan Stanley, a bank, with corrupt activity in Shanghai, but not to impose legal penalties on the bank, which tipped off regulators about its rogue employee. A few more examples of such regulatory forbearance and perhaps business will get the message.辉瑞公司称,这些不法行为都是当地一些员工在美国总公司不知情的情况下做出的,监管者也接受了这一说法。在此前的四月,美国券交易委员会控告根史坦利投资的一位高管在上海涉嫌贪污。但由于该主动向监管者揭发了员工的不法行为,因此美国券交易委员会并未对该做出处罚。或许这样宽恕处理的例子再多一些,企业就能更好地领会监管者的意图了。201208/195671

Ok. You should keep following a river like this downstream. It will lead to a bigger river, then the coast. Walking has always been a big part of Aboriginal culture. And for them, it’s about experiencing the landscape and learning to live with nature. And for me, I think so many of my early climbing expeditions were similar, you know. It’s about pushing my boundaries and through that, finding my sense of identity. 好吧,你应该一直跟着这样的河流,顺流而下。它会带你到更大的河流,最后到达海洋。步行一直是土著文化的一重要部分。对于他们来说,步行使他们能够欣赏沿途的风景,学会与大自然和谐相处。我觉得这与我早期登山探险的许多经历很相似。对于我来说就是在拓宽视野,以此来找到自我认同感。Wow, look at that. After the hot plains, coming across a river like this will really lift your spirits. I joke not when I say it is searingly hot here. And this water is just god sent.哇,看那边。越过那片热平原,就会来到一条像这样的河流边,这会让你神清气爽。当我说这里天气炙热的时候不是在开玩笑。这简直就是上帝派来的。Aborigines believe that the rainbow serpent made the rivers as he traveled across the land. And that serpent is a symbol for both the creative and destructive forces of nature. These gorges are testimony to that power. All around me are signs of flashfloods and debris. Now in the wet season, the risks of these floods are even higher. Where there is water, there is life. And not all of it is friendly.土著人相信河流是虹蛇游过后形成的。虹蛇象征着大自然创造性和破坏性的力量。这些峡谷就是这种力量存在的据。四周遍布着残骸,到处都是骤发洪水的迹象。在湿季,发洪水的几率更高。有水的地方就有生命。但并不是所有的都是友好的。Whaa. Look at this.哇。看这边。 原文译文属!201207/188973

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