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湖北附属襄阳医院治疗耳鸣哪家好襄阳市东风人民医院治疗扁桃体炎价格Zimbabwe Opposition Holds Out for Second Mediator in Talks津反对党主席推迟签署开谈协议  Morgan Tsvangirai, the founding president of Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change, has put on hold a preliminary agreement that would pave the way for formal talks with President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF. 津巴布韦反对党“争取民主变革运动”的创始人兼主席茨万吉拉伊推迟签署一个初步协议。这个协议将为反对党跟津巴布韦总统穆加贝的“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”举行正式会谈铺平道路。Morgan Tsvangirai is holding out for the appointment of a second mediator appointed by the African Union to work alongside South African President Thabo Mbeki who is acting as mediator during formal negotiations with Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF. Mr. Mbeki was last year mandated by the Southern African Development Community to mediate talks between the MDC and ZANU-PF. 茨万吉拉伊坚持让非洲联盟指定第二位调停人,跟第一位调停人、南非总统姆贝基一道为津巴布韦反对党跟执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”的正式会谈进行斡旋。去年,南部非洲发展共同体授权姆贝基充当“争取民主变革运动”和“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”之间的调停人。An African diplomat close to the preparatory talks told VOA that Tsvangirai believes that the chairperson of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, promised to appoint a second mediator. He says Tsvangirai expects this appointment to be announced following a meeting Friday between Ping and Mr. Mbeki in Pretoria. 一位了解预备会谈详情的非洲外交官对美国之音记者说,茨万吉拉伊认为,非洲联盟委员会主席让.平保指定第二位调停人。他说,茨万吉拉伊期望这一任命在让.平跟姆贝基星期五在比勒陀利亚会谈之后宣布。But the African diplomat tells VOA that the African Union has made no such commitment, that the decision of the AU summit last month to endorse the mediation of Mr.. Mbeki as mandated by the Southern Africa Development Community, still stands. 不过,这位非洲外交官对美国之音说,非洲联盟并没有做出这样的承诺,而且上个月非盟首脑会议做出的持“南部非洲发展共同体”授权姆贝基做为调停人的决定仍然有效。The preparatory talks are expected to produce a preliminary agreement which will govern formal negotiations between both factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and ZANU-PF. 预计,预备性会谈将产生一项初步协议,用于指导津巴布韦反对党“争取民主变革运动”和执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”之间的正式会谈。In addition the agreement is expected to include, at Tsvangirai's request, an interim commitment on the cessation of violence during formal talks. Despite the fact that violent attacks against opposition supporters have decreased, they still occur. Just this week a large funeral was held for an MDC driver who was brutally tortured before being killed. 此外,应茨万吉拉伊的要求,这项初步协议预计还包括在举行正式会谈期间停止暴力的临时承诺。尽管针对反对党持者的暴力袭击已经减少,但是仍然时有发生。就在这个星期,反对党持者为“争取民主变革运动”的一位司机举行了大规模葬礼。这个司机在被杀害之前受到残酷折磨。When formal talks get under way they are likely to focus on the establishment of a transitional Government of National y and the positions in that government of opposition leaders, including Morgan Tsvangirai. 在正式会谈举行期间,双方可能会把重点放在建立民主团结过渡政府以及茨万吉拉伊等反对党领导人在过渡政府里的位置等问题上。The MDC holds the view that Tsvangirai should head any transitional government, while President Mugabe wants the MDC to recognize his re-election as president of Zimbabwe in a controversial election last month which was boycotted by the MDC. “争取民主变革运动”认为,茨万吉拉伊应该担任过渡政府的领袖,而穆加贝希望“争取民主变革运动”承认他在上个月有争议的选举中再次当选了津巴布韦总统。“争取民主变革运动”抵制了那次选举的决选。Analysts say that any formal agreements will have to win the support of the security establishment in Zimbabwe, which is widely believed to be the power behind Mr. Mugabe.  分析人士认为,任何正式协议都必须赢得津巴布韦安全机构的持。人们普遍认为,津巴布韦安全机构是穆加贝依靠的力量。Independent analyst Chris Maroleng tells VOA the mediator will have to find a way to reassure this group that they will not be held accountable for their actions by a future transitional government. 独立分析人士克里斯.马罗利恩对美国之音说,调停人必须找到一种方式,让安全机构放心,未来的过渡政府不会让他们为自己的行为承担责任。"I believe it is the insecurity that is felt by these elements in the state security apparatus that has created a behavior in them which makes them active spoilers when faced with the prospects of change. Because they might feel that the cost involved in a transition would result in a loss of status, a loss of access, and indeed possible prosecution if a transition is to occur," said Maroleng. 马罗利恩说:“我认为,国家安全机构一些人的不安全感使他们在面对未来的改变时成为积极的破坏者。因为,他们可能觉得变革会导致地位的丧失,权限的丧生,而且一旦发生变革,还可能受到起诉。”It is possible that if, following his meeting with Mr. Mbeki, the African Union's Jean Ping is able to reassure Morgan Tsvangirai that Mr. Mbeki can manage the mediaiton on his own, the signing of the preliminary agreement could take place within days. If so, formal talks may get under way as early as next week. 非盟的让.平跟姆贝基会晤之后,假如他能够让茨万吉拉伊相信姆贝基自己就能协调好双方的正式会谈,那么这项初步协议就会在几天之内签署。这样的话,正式会谈最早可能在下星期举行。200807/44266襄阳什么医院治疗打呼噜 Controversy About Automobile Plant in India Grows印度农民面临土地转移工业用问题 In India's West Bengal State, authorities have started talks with protesters opposing an automobile plant proposed by Tata Motors to manufacture the world's cheapest car. The automaker has suspended work on the plant, in the face of growing protests by farmers and politicians. The difficulties encountered by the project reflect a growing problem in India: how to move farmers off their land to make room for industrial expansion. 在印度的西孟加拉省,当地政府和抗议者开始对话。这些抗议者反对塔塔(TATA)汽车公司在这里设厂制造世界最便宜的汽车。在农民和政治人物的抗议下,塔塔暂停了这项计划。这场争议凸显出印度面临的日益紧迫的问题--如何把农民从他们的土地转移,为工业扩张提供空间。When Tata Motors was looking for a site to establish an automobile plant to manufacture the Nano car, the West Bengal State government wooed the company and acquired one-thousand acres of land from farmers for the high-profile project.  印度塔塔汽车公司在为旗下的NANO汽车加工基地选址的时候,西孟加拉省的官员向塔塔公司大力游说,并为这项众所瞩目的计划从当地农民手里征集了一千顷土地。The Nano is the world's cheapest car, scheduled to rollout in October.  NANO是世界上最便宜的汽车,原计划在今年10月投放市场。But the Nano plant in Singur became embroiled in controversy after some farmers, led by an opposition political party, demanded their land back. The protests snowballed, last month, as demonstrators blocked roads and prevented workers from reaching the plant. 不过,塔塔在西孟加拉省辛谷地区的生产基地最近遇到麻烦。当地一些农民在反对党人士的领导下,要求归还他们的土地。抗议愈演愈烈。上个月,示威者堵住道路,不让工人进入基地。Calling the situation "hostile and intimidating" Tata Motors has suspended work at the plant.  塔塔以目前局势“充满敌意和威胁”为理由,暂停了基地工程。Authorities in West Bengal State, who want to rescue the project and the state's image as a business-friendly destination, have started talks with the protesters. 西孟加拉省官员希望挽救这项工程,同时也希望挽救该省创造友好经商环境的努力。官员们最近开始和抗议者对话。The head of the party leading the protests at Singur, Mamata Banerjee, says the concerns of the affected farmers must get top priority. However, she is prepared for a compromise.  组织辛谷地区抗议的反对党领袖马马塔·巴纳吉说,农民关注的问题必须得到高度重视。巴纳吉女士同时表示,妥协是有可能的。"We want a settlement. Let industry smile and [the] agriculture also," she said. 她说:“我们希望化解事端。让工业和农业都满意。”Many have blamed local politics for the deadlock in Singur. 很多人说,地方政治的纷争导致了辛谷地区抗议。But analysts say that, even if a solution to the impasse is found, the acrimony surrounding the Nano plant reflects a deeper problem, how to move farmers off their land to make room for industrial expansion. 不过也有分析人士指出,即使目前的争端找到解决办法,这次争议也反映出印度面临的一个更深层次的问题--如何把农民从他们的土地转移,为工业扩张提供空间。Since India's economy entered a high growth path, many industries have drawn up ambitious expansion plans. State governments are wooing business houses to boost development in the state. 印度经济进入高速发展阶段。很多工业设计了雄心勃勃的扩张计划。各省政府为了促进地方经济而大力招商引资。A senior official at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Anjan Roy, says industry needs space to set up manufacturing plants. 印度工商协会联合会的高级官员安让·罗伊说,建设厂房需要大量用地。"Industry cannot be set up in suspension, hanging somewhere. So industry will need land and the country needs industry, so you will have to organize land for industry," said Roy. "Now in India, 63 percent of land is arable. But the fact is that with a very high proportion of arable land, there is still a lot of arable land which is not cultivated, which is lying fallow." 他说:“你不能在半空中盖个工厂。工业需要用地,国家需要工业,所以工业用地必须解决。现在的印度,63%的土地是可耕地。不过事实上,尽管印度可耕地比例很高,但是还有很多土地处于闲置。”But as farmers and tribal communities resist giving up their land, the promised industrial development has become a flashpoint. The Nano plant is not the only site facing protests. In the eastern Orissa State, thousands of villagers have demonstrated against plans by South Korea's POSCO firm to set up a steel plant on large swathes of forest land. The Supreme Court gave a go-ahead to the plant, but villagers say it will force them off their land. 不过,由于农民和地方族群社区拒绝出让土地,工业开发区的计划用地常常成为争议焦点。遭到抗议的并不只是塔塔公司的汽车生产基地。在东部的奥利萨省,上千名村民抗议韩国POSCO公司在那里的林地上修建钢铁厂。印度最高法院批准了这项建厂计划,但是当地村民并不买账。In many other regions where industries want to set up factories, farmers have vowed not to give up heir land. 很多其他地区也有类似情况。Sociologists say such conflicts are inevitable in a country where two-thirds of the people still depend on farming.  社会学家说,在农业人口超过三分之二的国家,这类冲突不可避免。The head of the Center for Science and Development in New Delhi, Sunita Narain, says tensions are growing because farmers are often displaced without adequate compensation and without help finding a new way to make a living. 新德里科学发展中心主任苏尼塔·纳林说,冲突的起因之一是失地农民没有得到足够补偿,也没有获得足够帮助来寻找新的谋生手段。"Indian laws are very antiquated, when it comes to land. They do not go far enough in compensating rural communities for the land that they will give up, or the minerals that will be taken from their area, or water that will be taken away," said Narain. "The larger message coming out of this is: the poor in India are asserting the fact that they live on these resources and that they need either benefits to be shared or a different way of development." 他说:“印度土地法相当陈旧。有关法律对农村社区出让土地、矿产、和水资源的补偿没有充分的规定。整个现象反映出的问题是,印度贫困人口强调,他们依靠这些资源生活。他们要么共享利益,要么需要另外一种发展模式。”Officials and businessmen argue that the factories will industrialize the countryside and provide much-needed jobs in rural areas, where millions of people are unemployed or underemployed.  政界和商界领袖说,建厂可以实现乡村工业化,并带来就业机会。这里现在有上百万的人处于失业或者不完全就业状态。Anjan Roy says businesses are willing to pay adequate compensation to landowners, but their investments must be protected. 安让·罗伊说,企业愿意为土地所有者付足够补偿,但是他们的投资必须得到保护。"Industry wants a transparent system of land dealing for whenever industry has to have land requirements," added Roy. "Second, when a land is settled it should be unencumbered and there should not be any interference from politicians." 他说:“企业希望在使用土地的过程中相关程序高度透明。其次,如果土地征用已经完成的话,企业对土地的使用不应当受到政府干涉。”But development experts say the way ahead may not be easy and warn of more standoffs between business and farmers as the country's economic priorities shift from agriculture to industry. 不过,开发领域的专家们说,印度的工业化进程不会一帆风顺。他们警告说,在印度的经济重心从农业向工业转移过程中,企业和农民之间会有更多纠纷。200809/47874襄阳第一人民医院治疗声带息肉价格

宜城妇幼保健院治疗耳鸣哪家好I think that's an inevitable process which is going to continue so long as the Asian economies in particular continue to grow up rapidly. The biggest marginal contributer to rise in oil demand, that of course in the past 5 years has been China. I think if memory shows me correctly it counted for about a quater of the increase in , in world oil demand of the last 5 years. So consequently there is going to be increasing pressure on oil demand for some years to come. And it's ... I guess the case we're gonna have to live with is a fairly tight-jaw market which suggests that we'd probably got to have to live with oil prices at far higher levels than that we become used to over the past decade. As far as your projections of the world economy are concerned then are you looking at 90, 100, 110 dollar a barrel? Well I suspect that we could well hit 100 dollars per barrel over the courses of the next few months. I'm not entirely convinced that's necessarily a consequence of the strength of the world economy howerer. And you got to look at surplus out of the equation too, and OPEC has been very successful over the course of the past 12 months in curbing oil supply . and of course this tightness of the market coupled with, quite lot of speculative positioning on the part of investors has helped to drive prices up to you know 90 plus dollars a barrel.My guess is that a fundamentally justified price will simmer in the range 60 to 70 but I don't think we are gonna see that for some time to come. OK, well we could have interesting discussions on the supply side, but let's move, look at the price and its consequences for the world economy...Notes:Tight-jaw: scrupulous and prudential about predicting or commentary200807/43685襄阳什么医院可以治流鼻血 4 索赔据3句英文任你选Do you have any evidence/proofs?你有什么据吗?Here is the survey report issued by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau. You may it.这是中国商品检验局的检验报告,您可以看看。Heres a survey report by a well-known lab in Singapore, whose testimony is absolutely reliable.这是由新加坡的一个著名实验室提供的一份检查报告,据是绝对可靠的。半个句型要记牢a survey report by (由……提供的一份检查报告)Tip:如今社会,所有的诉讼都讲究据。在提供据时,这个句式十分管用。 /201605/434154襄阳哪里看的好鼻中隔偏曲

枣阳市第一人民医院咽炎要多少钱France has launched a groundbreaking program to educate future imams and Muslim chaplains about the country and its values. The goal: to put a French stamp on Islam, the second largest religion in France.  法国启动了一个具有开创性的项目,向未来的伊斯兰教长和穆斯林神职人员传授有关法国和法国价值观的知识。这个项目的目标是给伊斯兰教打上法国的印记。伊斯兰教是法国的第二大宗教。The courses are being held in an unusual location - the Catholic Institute of Paris, an institution better known for training priests and Christian scholars than Muslim clerics. Established in collaboration with the French government and the Paris mosque, the program began in January with a largely male class of 25. It aims to give the students a broad understanding of France's legal, historical and social mores. 这些课程在一个不寻常的地方教授,这个地方就是巴黎天主教研究所。这个研究所以培养天主教神父和学者而闻名,而不是以培养穆斯林神职人员而闻名。法国政府和巴黎清真寺合作开办的这个项目在1月份开始,班上的25个学员大多为男性。课程的目的是让学生对法国的法律、历史和社会有一个大体上的了解。What the year-long program does not do, says Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet is offer theology training. 法国内政部发言人加西特说,这个为期一年的项目不会提供神学方面的培训。Gachet says religious training for the future clerics is the role of Muslim institutes. But the government believes the courses on France will help shape a French Islam that is perfectly in touch with society. 他说,对未来神职人员在宗教上的培训是穆斯林研究所的事。但是政府认为,有关法国的课程将帮助建立一个同社会完全接轨的法国伊斯兰教。The students at the Catholic Institute course are largely foreign born, with many coming from North and sub-Saharan Africa. The program's director, Olivier Bobineau, says they are eager to learn. 天主教研究所学习的学生大多数在外国出生,许多人来自北非和撒哈拉以南的非洲国家。这个项目的主管比内乌说,这些学生求知欲很强。Bobineau says he hopes the students end up with a better understanding of the relationship between politics and religion in France - and the values and rules that exist here. 比内乌说,他希望学生们最终能对法国的政治和宗教之间的关系、以及法国现存的价值观和法规有更好的理解。Experts say the courses fill a critical gap. Most of France's five to seven million Muslims - the largest Muslim community in Western Europe - were born here. By contrast, roughly 80 percent of the 1,200 imams preaching in French mosques and prayer houses were born overseas. Some cannot converse with their own faithful, much less understand French laws and social customs. 专家说,这些项目会填补一个重要的空白。法国的5百万到7百万穆斯林中的大多数都在法国出生。法国的穆斯林社区是西欧最大的。然而,在法国清真寺和祷告地点的1千2百名伊斯兰教长中有大约80%的人是在外国出生。一些神职人员连跟他们的信徒交流都做不到、更不要说理解法国法律和社会习俗了。Sociologist Franck Fregosi specializes in Islam at the National Center for Scientific Research, a French think tank.Fregosi says foreign-born imams are often unprepared for their jobs in France. He syas many Turkish clerics, for example, do not know anything about French history, some preachers cannot speak French. 法国的智库--国家科学研究中心研究伊斯兰教的社会学家弗里古斯说,外国出生的教长常常对他们在法国的工作没有准备。他说,比方说,一些土耳其的神职人员对法国历史一无所知,一些传道者不能说法语。Djelloul Seddiki, the director of the Al Ghazali imam training program at the Paris mosque agrees. 巴黎清真寺的教长培训项目主管塞迪奇同意这种观点。For example, Seddiki says, the mosque's Koranic program can teach students that a man can have up to four wives - in accordance with Muslim tradition. But polygamy is illegal in France. 他说,比方说,清真寺的古兰经课程教授学生,一个男人可以有多达4个妻子,这同穆斯林的传统一致,但是多妻制在法国是非法的。The Catholic Institute's training has another goal: To ensure a moderate, tolerant Islam flourishes in France, which has been the target of Islamist terrorist attacks. 天主教研究所的培训还有另一个目标:确保法国的伊斯兰教温和、包容的发展。这已经成为伊斯兰恐怖分子袭击的目标。For now, the students come only from the Paris mosque. Those affiliated with other French Muslim organizations, including the popular, more fundamentalist Union of Islamic Organizations of France, do not participate - reflecting larger, political divisions within France's Muslim community. 到现在为止,学生们都是来自巴黎清真寺。那些同其他法国穆斯林组织有关的组织都没有参加,比如著名的、原教旨主义色更浓的法国伊斯兰组织联盟也没有参加。这反映出在法国的穆斯林社会中有更大的政治分歧。What is clear is that the clerics graduating from the program are desperately needed. Roughly half of all French mosques have no preachers. But the new graduates are not necessarily assured of jobs.  显而易见的是,从这个项目毕业的神职人员是很抢手的。法国大约一半的清真寺没有传教者。但是新的毕业生也不一定就能保找到工作。Djelloul Seddiki of the Paris mosque.Seddiki says many Muslim communities in France simply cannot afford to pay the salaries of full-time imams. Some of those who do preach here, from Algeria or Turkey, are paid for by their governments. The rest preach part time and sometimes free of charge. 巴黎清真寺的塞迪奇说,法国许多穆斯林社区甚至付不起全职教长的工资。一些来自阿尔及利亚或土耳其的教长在这些清真寺传教,他们的工资由他们国家的政府付,其他的传教人员不是兼职就是义务工作的。France's Muslim community is trying to come up with its own means of financing its clerics. Seddiki, for one, believes this will happen - in time.  法国的穆斯林社区试图找到自己负担神职人员工资的途径。比方说,塞迪奇就相信,这最终会实现的。200803/29899 Obama And Clinton Campaign in Key Primaries in Indiana and North Carolina两州初选奥巴马克林顿最后一搏 Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are making a final push for support on the eve of Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.  星期二,美国印第安纳州和北卡罗莱纳州将举行总统提名人党内初选。选举前夕,民主党的两位角逐者,奥巴马和克林顿都在进行最后一搏,为自己争取更多的持。Both candidates have a lot at stake in Tuesday's primaries. 星期二的初选对两名候选人都至关重要。Senator Clinton hopes to keep alive her underdog hopes of winning the Democratic nomination by extending her momentum after convincing victories in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 在宾夕法尼亚和俄亥俄州的初选中取得了令人信的胜利后,克林顿参议员希望能够扩大这种气势,反败为胜,获得民主党的提名。Obama seeks to recapture some momentum of his own after weeks of being on the defensive over his relationship with his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. 而奥巴马几个星期以来一直忙于澄清和自己以前的牧师莱特的关系,他希望在接下来的初选中能够重新夺回从前的气势。Clinton told a crowd in North Carolina that her political experience gives her an advantage over Obama on the issue of which candidate is best prepared to assume the presidency on day one.  克林顿议员在北卡罗莱纳州对一个集会人群说,在哪名候选人能够一上任就能胜任总统职责的问题上,她的从政经验优势胜于奥巴马。"You know, the world is going to breathe a sigh of relief when that moving van pulls out from behind the White House and is heading back to Texas," she said. "But then, I want you to think about what the next president will be confronting." 她说:“你知道,当布什的车从白宫后面开出,向德克萨斯州行驶的时候,全世界都会松一口气。但是,我希望你们想想,下一任总统将要面对什么挑战。”"Two wars, a war to end in Iraq, and bring our troops home and a war to win in Afghanistan and go after those who attacked our country. An economy in crisis with gas prices exploding," she continued. “我们面对两场战争:要结束伊拉克战争,让我们的部队返回家园;还要赢得阿富汗战争,并且追捕那些袭击美国的人们。此外,要面对处于危机中的经济和飞涨的油价。”Obama told television interviewers he remains confident that he will emerge as the Democratic Party nominee for president, once the primary and caucus voting ends on June 3. 奥巴马在电视采访中说,他依然坚信,当初选和党内预选在6月3号结束时,他将成为民主党提名的总统候选人。Obama holds a narrow, but difficult to overcome lead in the delegate count and has tried to refocus his campaign on economic issues in recent days and away from the controversy involving Reverend Wright. 奥巴马在党内代表票数上的领先优势虽然不大,但很难被超越。最近几天中,他试图把竞选的焦点重新集中在经济问题上,远离和莱特牧师有关的争议。Obama spoke on MSN television. 奥巴马在MSNBS电视节目上说:"You know, everybody goes through their turns of getting whacked around a little bit in the press, and certainly we have had our turns lately," he said. "But what I have seen is that the American people are looking for somebody who is really going to fight for them, who can make sure they can live out their hopes and their dreams." “你知道,每个人都可能受到媒体的猛烈攻击,最近我们也没能幸免。但是,我认为,美国人民寻找的是一个能够真正为他们而战的人,这个人要能够保让美国人民过上他们希望和梦想的生活。”New public-opinion polls give a mixed picture of the impact of the Wright controversy on the Obama campaign.The USA Today Gallup Poll showed the Wright issue has helped Clinton move to a lead over Obama among Democrats nationwide by a margin of 51 to 44 percent.But a new CBS News New York Times Poll suggested Obama was having some success in moving past the Wright controversy. Sixty percent of people surveyed in that poll approved of Obama's handling of the issue. Meanwhile, the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, is vowing that he will not make Obama's ties with Reverend Wright an issue in the general election campaign if Obama is the Democratic nominee. 与此同时,即将成为共和党提名人的麦凯恩参议员宣称,如果奥巴马成为民主党提名人,他将不会在大选中把奥巴马和莱特牧师的关系当作一个议题。McCain spoke at a news conference in Arizona. 麦凯恩在亚历桑那州的一个新闻发布会上说:"Senator Obama has said that it is a legitimate political issue in his campaign," he said. "He will respond to that, not me. Do I believe that Reverend Wright's comments were outrageous? Of course, so do all Americans. But it will be a discussion that Senator Obama will have with the American people." “奥巴马参议员已经说过,这是他竞选活动中的一个合法政治议题。他将会为此事做出反应,我不会。我是否认为莱特牧师的话令人愤慨?当然是。所有美国人都这么觉得。但是,应该由奥巴马参议员来和美国人民讨论这个问题。”McCain has the luxury of focusing on uniting his party and raising money while the Democratic race continues indefinitely. 在民主党的角逐还在无休止地进行时,麦凯恩则可以集中精力,团结共和党人,并且筹集竞选资金。Some political experts believe that many of the prominent Democrats who remain uncommitted in the Obama-Clinton battle will rally to Obama once the primaries end in early June.Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News says many of the so-called congressional superdelegates believe Senator Obama would be more helpful to their own re-election prospects in the November election than Hillary Clinton.DeFrank appeared on VOA's Issues in the News program."There is a feeling that Obama has generated such enthusiasm, and so many new voters have registered as Democrats that many members of Congress running for re-election feel like Obama probably is a safer bet at the top of the ticket than Hillary," he said.Recent polls give Clinton a slight edge in Indiana, while Obama remains favored in North Carolina.  最近的民意调查显示,克林顿参议员在印第安纳州有微弱优势,而北卡罗莱纳州选民倾向于奥巴马。 200805/37702樊城治疗慢性咽炎哪家好襄阳好医生治疗急性咽喉炎



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