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郴州市男科包皮医院苏仙区人民中妇幼保健医院男性专科郴州市割包皮医保卡能用吗 Science and technology科学技术Marine biology海洋生物学Scents and sensibility气味与识别Turtles love a smell that humans loathe. For them, it means dinner海龟喜欢一种人类讨厌的味道,对它们来说,这表示大餐JELLYFISH may not be most peoples idea of a tasty snack, but if you are a loggerhead turtle, they are top of the .水母或许不符合大多数人对于美味小食的定义,但如果你变成一只红海龟,水母便成了顶级美食。Though jellyfish can swim, they are not exactly the greyhounds of the ocean, so they are easily caught.虽然水母可以游动,但它们可算不上海洋中的快艇,所以要逮它们很容易。And since munching a large jellyfish can keep a turtle going for days, loggerheads love them when they can find them.而吃上一只大水母能让一只海龟维持好几天,所以红海龟一旦发现水母便会大快朵颐。Yum!味道好极了!The best place to do so is in an upwelling zone.上升流区是海龟大快朵颐的最佳地点。This is an area where the winds action draws cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface.在这种区域里,水流会在海风的作用下将富含营养物质的冷水带到海洋表面,That encourages the growth of planktonic algae, and thus of everything that feeds on such plankton, or feeds on what feeds on them—including jellyfish, and also various molluscs and crustacea that loggerheads enjoy as an appetiser.这有利于浮游藻类生长,因此也有利于以这些浮游生物为食的动物,或以这些动物为食的动物生长,包括水母,还有各种各样的软体动物和甲壳动物,这些都是红海龟的最爱。And upwelling zones do, indeed, attract turtles.所以上升流区确实会吸引海龟,But nobody knows how, for such zones are scattered, local and often temporary phenomena, and locating them in the wide expanse of the sea is hard.但没人知道海龟是怎样找到上升流区的,这些区域都是局部性的,非常分散,且常常只是暂时现象,要想在宽广的海洋中找到它们绝非易事。Courtney Endres, a biologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, however, thought the reptiles might be smelling such zones from afar.然而考特尼恩德斯认为两栖动物离很远便能通过气味察觉到上升流区,她是美国北卡罗来纳州立大学的一名生物学家。She knew from an experiment she conducted a few years ago that loggerheads have a good sense of smell.她是从几年前进行的试验中发现红海龟拥有良好的嗅觉。She also knew, because passing sailors frequently comment on the fact, that upwelling zones tend to stink.她还了解到上升流区往往会发出异味,因为经过上升流区的水手们经常会提到这一事实。Specifically, they stink of cabbages.明确的说,是卷心菜的异味。That is because many planktonic algae, when crunched up during the process of being eaten, release a substance called dimethylsulphoniopropionate.这是由于浮游藻类在被吃掉的过程中被咬碎时,会释放出一种叫做硫代甜菜碱的物质,This quickly degrades into another chemical, dimethyl sulphide, which generations of those subjected to unimaginative school lunches will instantly recognise.该物质很快会降解为另一种化学物质-二甲基硫化物,闻到这种物质产生的气味会立刻让人想起千篇一律的学校午餐的气味。But to loggerheads it is the smell of a banquet.但这对红海龟来说是盛宴的气息。Ms Endres and her colleague Kenneth Lohmann showed this by collecting 11 loggerhead hatchlings from local beaches and testing them to see which smells most interested them.恩德斯及其同事肯尼斯罗曼通过实验表明了这点。她们在当地海滩上抓了11只红海龟的幼龟,并测试它们对哪种气味最感兴趣。The young turtles were each put in a tank of seawater that had various scents blown across its surface.每只幼龟被分别放入一个装有海水的水缸中,并将各种各样的气味吹过水面,These included cinnamon, jasmine, lemon—and dimethyl sulphide.包括肉桂,茉莉,柠檬,以及二甲基硫化物。When a turtle came up for air , the researchers recorded how long it sniffed around.当海龟到水面上换气时,研究人员记录了它们露出水面的时间。They found, as they report in Experimental Biology, that the animals spent an average of five seconds breathing air scented with lemon,jasmine or cinnamon, all pleasant odours from a human point of view.他们发现,从人类的角度上看,柠檬,茉莉,或肉桂都是很悦人的气味,而海龟在呼吸含有以上气味的空气时,平均只在水面停留了五秒钟,That was no different from the amount of time they spent at the surface when no scent was used at all.与在其呼吸没有气味的空气时的停留时间没什么不同。When the air was scented with dimethyl sulphide, however, they spent an average of ten seconds breathing in the stinky scent of cabbages—or upwellings.然而在空气中含有二甲基硫的气味时,海龟在这种散发着卷心菜或者说上升流异味的空气中平均停留了十秒钟。该报道刊登在《实验生物学》上。That does not prove that loggerheads smell their way to the table, of course. But it makes the hypothesis plausible.当然,这并不能明红海龟能顺着气味找到它们的餐桌,但是这让以上假设似乎可以说得通。For turtles, it seems, the perfumes of Araby hold little charm.看来阿拉伯香水对海龟也不会有什么吸引力,The scent of cabbages, by contrast, is as attractive as the odour of roasting chicken is to a hungry human.相比之下,卷心菜的气味之于海龟的吸引力就像烤鸡之于饿汉。 /201401/274511郴州哪里看不孕不育

郴州第一人民医院南院阳痿早泄价格郴州永兴县治疗早泄哪家医院最好 Revamping Skopje重塑斯科普里Stones of contention竞争与炫示的雕塑Macedonia writes a new story for its capital马其顿首都的新篇章Colouring the future描画未来IN 2010 a computer-generated of plans for the Macedonian capital was released to journalists.2010年,一份电脑生成的视频规划被公布给记者,展示了马其顿首都未来的面貌。There were to be statues and monuments, new museums and civic buildings, a triumphal arch, even an eternal flame. After decades in hibernation Skopjes turbocharged planners seemed determined that the city should make up for lost time. While Nikola Gruevski, the prime minister, was in office they planned to erect as much public art as some European capitals have put up in three centuries. Many assumed it was some sort of joke.视频规划里的首都,有无数雕塑和纪念碑,簇新的物馆和市政大楼,壮丽辉煌的,以及熊熊不熄的火焰。规划者们野心勃勃,决意一扫几十年来斯科普里的寂寂无名。尼古拉格鲁耶夫斯基任总理后,计划在首都建造和陈列的公共艺术作品数目之巨,达到了欧洲一些首都三个世纪以来才缓慢积累起来的总量。起初,很多人认为这不过是痴人说梦而已。Three years later, the project is nearing completion and this corner of the Balkans is suffering the shock of the new. For this is more than just a city rejuvenation project. Almost every structure and statue is part of a wider ideological scheme to recast Macedonias identity. The heart is Skopjes central square, which for decades was a bleak and empty space. Now it has been crammed with statuary. There are 19th-century Macedonian heroes, the medieval Tsar Samuel and Justinian, a Byzantine emperor who was born near Skopje. Nearby are two saints, Cyril and Methodius, the fathers of the Cyrillic alphabet. Centre-stage goes to a giant bronze Alexander the Great. He is encircled by warriors, who in turn are surrounded by a fountain, with music, roaring lions and lights that change colour.然而三年之后,规划已近峻工。其影响和冲击席卷了这个位于巴尔干一隅的国家;因为它已经远远超越了单纯城市复兴工程的范畴—它是一幅意识形态宏图,旨在重塑马其顿身份;几乎每一座建筑,每一尊雕塑都是这幅巨图的一个符号。其核心是斯科普里广场。该地几十年来都荒凉破败,空旷无人,如今却雕塑林立,石碑处处。除了在此济济一堂的19世纪的马其顿英雄雕像外,还有中世纪的撒母尔,生于斯科普里附近、后成为拜占庭皇帝的查士丁尼以及创制最早斯拉夫字母的两位圣人,西里尔和迪乌斯。广场中心,被武士雕塑众星拱月般环绕着的,是亚历山大大帝的巨大青铜像。武士是音乐喷泉,怒狮塑像穿插其间,无数灯斑谰变幻。Ever since Macedonia became independent in 1991 Greece has fought a bitter diplomatic war with its northern neighbour. The new state, created from a former Yugoslav republic, it argued, was a thinly veiled territorial claim on its own northern region of Macedonia. Worse the Slav Macedonians, said the Greeks, were trying to steal their Hellenic history and culture.马其顿共和国1991年独立。自此之后,希腊与这位北部邻居外交倾轧不断。希腊称,这个由前南斯拉夫共和国独立出来的新国家,对于马其顿北面希腊领土的觊觎之意,简直是司马昭之心,路人皆知。更让人不齿的是,这帮斯拉夫-马其顿人居然肖想窃取希腊的历史与文化。Until Greece blocked Macedonias accession to NATO in 2008, the government in Skopje never really took the history bait from Greece. Since then, however, the nationalist ideologues have become louder.对于希腊人后一个控诉,马其顿从未与之一较长短。然而,2008年马其顿加入北约的意图被希腊挫败之后,马其顿国内的民族主义呼声愈发高涨。Far from the Macedonians being an invented nation, as the Greeks argue, Vangel Bozinovski, one of the architects working on Skopjes revamp says that it is in fact the Greek nation that was invented in the 19th century, and hence it is they who are stealing Macedonian history, including that of Alexander the Great. Just to make the point, a statue of Alexanders father, Philip of Macedon, has been erected and several of his mother, Olympia. A neoclassical archaeological museum is nearing completion and a new foreign ministry with a classical temple-style portico has just been completed.Vangel Bozinovski是参与重建斯科普里的建筑设计师。他说,希腊人一直指责马其顿是个虚构的民族,事实上,希腊才是个在19世纪被虚构出来的民族,并自此一直在盗用马其顿的历史,包括亚历山大大帝。为了昭示这一点,他们还雕刻了一座亚历山大的父亲腓力二世的塑像和好几座他母亲奥林匹娅斯的雕像。一座新古典主义风格的考古物馆已近完工。新建的外交部官邸则采用了古典圆形柱廊式的庙宇风格。Neoclassicism is not the only style being reused. Mr Bozinovski, who has built a “memorial house” to honour Mother Teresa, the Skopje-born nun who found fame caring for the dying in Kolkata, speaks of “eclecticism”. He is working on a plan for redeveloping a building which he says “is going to be real baroque”. In 1689 the then Ottoman city was torched by the Austrians. Mr Bozinovski claims that by building baroque he is only restoring this style to its rightful place; before the fire, he says, Skopje was as baroque as Prague.新古典主义不是唯一被重新使用的建筑风格。Bozinovski说这里的建筑风格是“兼收并蓄”式的。他曾建造过一座特蕾莎修女的纪念堂,用以铭记这位生于斯科普里,在印度加尔各答照顾垂死者的著名修女。目前,他正在着手重建一座巴洛克风格的建筑。在斯科普里还属于土耳其时,它和布拉格一样充斥着巴洛克建筑,然而在1689年它被奥地利人付之一炬。Bozinovski称,巴洛克风格的建筑将使城市恢复到大火前的面貌。But the city also wants to reclaim its more recent past. Close to the parliament building, on top of which new glass cupolas are now sprouting, is a war memorial for Macedonians killed fighting guerrillas from the countrys Albanian minority in 2001. Albanians make up at least a quarter of the population and many loathe what has been done to the capital. “I hate it,” says Lura Pollozhani, a young Macedonian-Albanian journalist. “I dont see me here.” By concentrating on ancient Macedonian themes, she believes, Albanians are being told: “We were on this land first.”当然,这座城市也想展示其更近的历史。议会大厦上崭新的玻璃穹顶正在施工,它的旁边就是一座战争纪念碑,用以铭记2011年在抵抗阿尔巴尼亚少数民族游击队入侵时牺牲的马其顿勇士们。作为占该国人口四分之一以上的少数民族,很多阿尔巴尼亚人憎亚斯科普里的大改造。“我恨这些。”一位年轻的阿尔巴尼亚族记者说,“在这里我找不到自己的民族。”她觉得改造过分集中于马其顿历史,好像在告诉阿尔巴尼亚人:“我们才是头一个来这儿的。”But Albanians have political clout in Macedonia and a new square in the predominantly Albanian part of the city is also being built. A statue of Skanderbeg, their medieval hero was aly here, and more monuments will follow. A 30-metre statue of Mother Teresa, an Albanian, is planned for the citys main square. The reconstruction of a church destroyed in 1963 was stopped as part of a vicious quarrel in which Albanians, for their part, demanded the reconstruction of a mosque.但是由于阿尔马尼亚人的政治影响力,在斯科普里的阿尔马尼亚人聚集区,一座广场也正在兴建。一座阿尔马尼亚中世纪民族英雄斯坎德培的雕像已然完工,更多的纪念碑将紧随其后。修女特蕾莎是阿尔巴尼亚人,她的雕像足有30米高,将被矗立在城市的主要广场上。一座焚毁于1963年的教堂的重建工作被迫叫停,因为阿尔巴尼亚人想重建一座清真寺。Macedonians have mixed feelings about the governments cultural aggrandisement. Something needed to be done, they say, and something has been done, even if sometimes it is over the top. But Macedonian liberals and the opposition feel aggrieved. Questions are being asked in parliament about how much the projects are costing. Saso Ordanoski, a veteran commentator, is especially critical. “It is a catastrophe. It is a Disneyland. They consider Macedonia to be the ancient cradle of civilisation and not a normal, small, modern European country. That would be below their standards.”对于政府好大喜功式的文化炫示,马其顿人喜忧参半。他们觉得有些事儿该做,也确实做了,虽然过头了些。但是马其顿自由主义者和反对派则心怀不满。有人在国会公然质疑该计划所费几何。一位叫Saso Ordanoski的资深员极为尖锐地指出:“这是一场灾难。这简直是个迪斯尼乐园。他们自诩马斯顿为文明的摇篮,却忘了它只是一个普遍的欧洲现代小国——仿佛承认这一点有损品格似的。 /201406/303766郴州市人民医院泌尿外科医师哪个厉害

郴州市妇幼保健医院看泌尿科怎么样 New fiction新小说Fatty issue胖子是个大问题A thoughtful new work by an American original.具有独创精神的美国作家带来富有创见的新作Big Brother《老大哥》LIONEL SHRIVER knows the drawbacks of using her own family in her fiction. Famous for the bestselling “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, which won the Orange prize for fiction in 2005, she once lamented that her parents had not yet forgiven her for an unflattering portrait in an earlier book. The rift was unfortunate, even sad, Ms Shriver noted, but that did not mean she would not do it again. “Real-life people are like carcasses thrown to a carnivorous pet,” she observed.兰诺丝薇佛明白,拿自己家人作为小说人物原型问题多多。于2005年获英国柑橘文学奖小说奖的畅销书《凯文怎么了》使丝薇佛声名鹊起,她曾慨叹,因为自己在一部早期作品中对父母描述直白,双亲一直耿耿于怀。丝薇佛表示,与父母产生嫌隙是令人遗憾的,甚至是令人伤心的,但那并不意味着她不会故技重施。她说,“现实中的人物就像抛给食肉动物的畜体,有血有肉。”“Big Brother”, Ms Shrivers 12th novel, may be her most plainly autobiographical. The author has written publicly before about her own big brother, an “obscenely smart” man who ultimately ate himself to death. The experience left her with not a few unresolved questions. What moves someone to eat to grotesque excess? Why is it so hard to deal with food in a healthy way in the overabundant 21st century? And what is the duty of kin when it comes to helping someone bent on self-destruction? These concerns drive her new novel, which considers the fate of a morbidly obese man and his sensible, successful 40-something younger sister. Ms Shriver, who has reviewed fiction for The Economist, has a knack for conveying subtle shifts in family dynamics, but this book feels uniquely personal, and is more poignant for it.《老大哥》是丝薇佛的第12本小说,也可能是她自传痕迹最明显的一部小说。作者在以前公开发表的作品中就曾提到她的老大哥,说他“聪明到让人吃惊”,最后把自己给吃死了。如此经历给丝薇佛留下了不少困惑。是什么动力使一个人暴饮暴食到近乎荒唐的地步?在物产过剩的21世纪,为何健康饮食如此之难?如果要向一个执意自我毁灭的人施以援手,其亲属又肩负哪些责任?对这些问题的关注推动她完成了这部小说,对一个肥胖病患者和他理智、成功、四十来岁的的命运做出了思考。丝薇佛曾为《经济学人》撰写过小说,擅长巧妙传达家人互动时的微妙变化。但这本书似乎更关怀个人,而且更加切中要害。Pandora Halfdanarson, the heroine, leads a staid life in Iowa, where ambitions are as modest as the plains are flat. She has a thriving toy business, a contented marriage and a good relationship with her teenage stepchildren. But these dulling comforts have her craving the “splash of anarchy” that a visit from her cool, jazz-playing brother, Edison, would bring.小说女主人公潘多拉?哈夫达纳森在爱荷华州享受着安稳的生活,那里土地平坦,人们甘于平凡。她的玩具店生意兴隆,婚姻美满,和十几岁的继子女们相处融洽。但波澜不惊的安逸生活让她对“混乱的波澜”心生向往,这份波澜,将由爱迪生—她玩爵士乐的哥哥—带给她。After years of limited contact, however, the sight of him comes as a shock. Her once handsome and sylphlike brother has become a mountain of flesh in a double-wide wheelchair, his jazz-pianist fingers bulging like bratwurst just before the skin splits. “It was rude to stare, and even ruder to cry.” Struggling, Edison hopes to stay with Pandora and her family for a little while. But his presence is outsized and disruptive, his appetites epic, his boastful stories tinged with resentment (“Hey Ive played with some heavy cats, dig?”). Edisons bombast strains Pandoras marriage and disturbs the balance of her life, especially after she hatches a dramatic plan to slim him down in order to save him.兄间多年少有联络,再见面时,被哥哥吓了一跳。她原本相貌英俊、身形窈窕的哥哥如今成了一座瘫在加宽轮椅上的肉山,曾经弹奏爵士钢琴的手指如今鼓胀得像肠衣即将爆裂的德式香肠。“瞪眼直视俨然成了无礼冒犯,泪流满面则更甚。”爱迪生努力想同潘多拉一家人待一段时间。但他身形庞大,到处添乱,胃口惊人,自吹自擂的故事里还捎带着忿恨爱迪生的胡吹乱侃让潘多拉的婚姻关系变得紧张,扰乱了她平静的生活。为了挽救哥哥,潘多拉想出了一个戏剧性的方案来帮他减肥,之后一切更是乱了套。With “Big Brother”, Ms Shriver offers some sage observations on the pleasures of eating, the link between fat and shame and the struggle to lose weight—a “distinctly bourgeois form of suffering”. She suggests that the fundamental problem of food may be that it is “more concept than substance”, an idea of satisfaction if never quite satisfaction itself. The highlight of ingestion is the moment between one bite and the next; actual eating never quite delivers on the tantalising contentment promised between bites.丝薇佛在《老大哥》中提出了一些富有哲理的看法,涉及饮食的乐趣、肥胖和羞耻的关系以及减肥的努力—她称减肥为“典型的中产阶级痛苦”。她认为食物最根本的问题也许在于它“更多的是一个概念,而非物质”,强调的是满足感而非满足本身。摄取食物最令人满足的时刻在咬一口和下一口之间,而两口之间那诱人的满足感并不能通过实际的吃来获得。But this book is not just about bingeing and purging. Ms Shriver writes tenderly about marriage, and also about the potency of blood ties, which are wonderful and horrible for the same reason: there is “no natural limit to what these people can reasonably expect of you”. Her interior monologues are pitch-perfect; her dialogue less so. Yet her main gift as a novelist is a talent for coolly nailing down uncomfortable realities—like the feelings of regret that haunt a sister who asks if she did right by her big brother.但这不只是一本探讨暴饮暴食和心灵净化的书。丝薇佛充满温情地描绘了婚姻,也将血缘亲情的力量娓娓道来,这份力量既美好又可怕,因为“家人以为对你的期待合情合理,而这份期待其实无边无际”。丝薇佛笔下的内心独白精异常,对话稍逊一筹。不过,作为小说家,丝薇佛的天赋在于能够从容地把握令人不安的现实——比如潘多拉不确定自己对哥哥所做的一切是否正确时,那份困扰她的懊悔之情。 /201405/294996郴州人民医院做照影哪家医院吗?郴州包皮环切手术费用



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