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2019年10月21日 19:42:14 | 作者:康泰生活 | 来源:新华社
3人英语短剧本At the hotel -- :: 来源: 3人英语短剧本At the hotel 一个适合初中生的英语短剧本,三个人表演,强烈推荐!KATHLEEN: Are you cold? HANK: Yes, a little. KATHLEEN: I wonder if we can change the temperature. HANK: I tried bee. There are no buttons on the air conditioning. KATHLEEN: There must be buttons. How do they turn it on and off? HANK: I think it is centrally controlled. They control it at the main desk. KATHLEEN: Well, they have it too cold in here. I want to be warmer. I won't be able to sleep. HANK: I'm going downstairs more drinking water. I will ask them. KATHLEEN: What did they say about the air conditioning? HANK: They said it is centrally controlled. All the rooms are the same. They can't change it. KATHLEEN: That's stupid. How can I sleep in this? HANK: You can wear more clothes. KATHLEEN: Did you ask them to send more blankets up? These blankets they use are too thin. HANK: No, I didn't think of it. KATHLEEN: I will call them. VOICEOVER: Front desk. KATHLEEN: Hello. Yes. I would like some more blankets in my room. It's too cold. VOICEOVER: And your room number, Ma'am? KATHLEEN: I'm in room . We need a lot of blankets. VOICEOVER: Alright, I'll have someone bring them right away. KATHLEEN: Thank you. May I ask you one more thing? VOICEOVER: Of course, Ma'am. KATHLEEN: My husband and I would like a wake-up call tomorrow morning. VOICEOVER: What time would you like that? KATHLEEN: 7:30. VOICEOVER: Alright. A wake-up call at 7:30 AM. Room . Anything else? KATHLEEN: No, nothing else. 凯瑟琳:你冷吗? 汉克:有一点 凯瑟琳:我在想可不可以调温度 汉克:我试过了,空调上没有钮 凯瑟琳:一定有的,不然他们怎么开和关呢? 汉克:我想这是中央空调,他们在主机上控制 凯瑟琳:这里太冷了 我要温度高一点,否则我会睡不着 汉克:我正要下楼再拿些水喝,顺便去问问看 凯瑟琳:他们怎么说? 汉克:他们说这是中央空调 所有房间都一样,没办法只调这间 凯瑟琳:真是太蠢了,这样怎么睡呢? 汉克:你可以多穿点衣 凯瑟琳:你有叫他们多送一些毯子上来吗? 这些毯子太薄了 汉克:我没想到 凯瑟琳:我来打电话好了 接线生:柜台,您好 凯瑟琳:喂,我想多要一些毯子,房间里面太冷了 教育城外语网整理接线生:请问你的房间号码是? 凯瑟琳: ,我们需要很多毯子 接线生:好的,我立刻请人送过去 凯瑟琳:谢谢,可以再拜托一件事吗? 接线生:当然可以 凯瑟琳:我先生和我想要明天早上的起床务 接线生:几点钟呢? 凯瑟琳:七点半 接线生:好的, 号房,早上七点半起床务还需要其它的吗? 凯瑟琳:不用了 3 人 英语This Is My Bedroom -- :: 来源: This Is My BedroomThis is my bedroom. It's clean and beautiful.There is a bed on the right. There is a pillow and a quilt on it. There is a big table near the bed. The closet is near the table. There are many clothes in the closet. The trash bin is behind the door. The mirror is under the air-conditioner.Do you like my bedroom? What's your bedroom like? Can you tell me, please?关于五一的英语作文 小升初英语作文选 --7 00:: 来源: Today is May 1, is the International Labor Day. And my father dig up some bamboo shoots cousin, cousin, ily agreed. With my cousin had never been dug bamboo, which is first, of course, is an innovative idea.cousin came to our hill. But days go halfway, it began to rain, followed by rain. But this did not detract from our interest in digging bamboo shoots, but the firm will of the U.S., as the saying goes: "springing" them! We fought so hard to mountain climbing, sweat, rain confusing.Father is an iron-general way. In a moment, it apart. "Wow, bamboo shoots,have head many really ah!" And my cousin looked up at the head are "pathfinder" cries the father. When we arrived, his hands had been tied with a big bamboo shoots,head. Can both of us to no avail. I am anxious, hard tohair and think: why we could not shoot it dug? I think maybe too, and accidentally, a bad fall, but alsothe blood, stomp my beat their chests shouting: "God, why do you torment me like this, I am also a person, but also Lord of all things, what do not give me wild, but also throw my! "At this time of my great chagrin. Father then told us that: "not as good as you, there may be a harvest.""Good."... ..."Cousin, fast shoots look." Did not walk a few steps, a prey entered my eyes, my very pleasant surprise."I also have their prey, and cousin."Not too long, we can shoot the competition and the number of the father. We are delighted.I finally understand that with the father at the back are less than dig bamboo shoots, and only go up in front of only has Harvest. "Open up our own road, Do not talk behind others." Yes I am 51 working in a small token of enlightenment.今天是五月一日,是国际劳动节我和爸爸约表哥去挖笋,表哥爽快地答应了我与表哥从来没挖过笋,这是第一次,当然感到很新奇我们来到表哥村旁的山上可是天不作美,走到半路,下起了绵绵细雨但这并没有减弱我们挖笋的兴致,反而坚定了我们的意志,因为俗话说:“雨后春笋”嘛!我们奋力登山,汗水、雨水混淆不清爸爸是铁将军开路,走在前头不一会儿,就拉开了距离“哇,笋,还有叽叽头,可真多啊!”我和表哥抬头一看,是在前头“探路”的爸爸的叫喊声当我们赶到时,他手里已抱着一大捆笋、叽叽头可我俩却一无所获我焦急万分,使劲地挠着头发,想:我们为什么挖不着笋呢?也许我想得太入神了,一不小心,摔了一跤,还摔出了血,我捶胸顿足喊道:“老天,你何故此般折腾我,我也是人,也是万物之主,凭什么不赐我野菜,还摔我一跤!”此时的我懊恼极了爸爸便对我们说:“不如你们走在前头,或许会有收获”“好”  ……  “表哥,快看笋”没走几步,一个猎物就进入了我的眼帘,我惊喜万分  “我也有猎物了,表弟”  没过多长时间,我们的笋可以与爸爸的比试多少了我们高兴极了  我终于明白,跟在爸爸后面,是挖不到笋的,只有走到前面去,才会有收获“开辟自己的道路,别跟在别人身后”是我今天五一节劳动中悟道的一个小小道理

My Favourite Flower -- :: 来源: My Favourite FlowerMy favourite flower is lily. Lily is the national flower of France. I like white lily best. Because it’s very beautiful and pure. I planted a white lily in my garden in spring. I watered it every day. It grew very fast. It was taller and taller. One day, I got home after school. The lily blossomed. It looked like an elegant fairy. I was too excited to cry, “Oh, white fairy, white fairy!” I couldn’t help dancing. At that night, I dreamt that I was a beautiful fairy.

Our cla --3 :37:56 来源: Our class i'm a pupil,i'm years old,i'm in class 1 grade 5.there are 3 windows, black boards,50 desks and chairs,and pictures.it's very beautiful. i love my class!!翻译: 我的教室 我是一个小学生,我岁了,我在5年级1班教室里有3个窗户,个黑板,50个桌椅和幅图片它非常漂亮 我爱我的教室!

我喜欢音乐 I Like Music -- :3:5 来源: I believe everybody has their own hobby. Different people have different hobbies. me, my hobby is music. I like music very much. It is magical me. It gives me the sense of happiness. It can make me happy when I am sad. I will listen to music every day. I listen to it on my way home and school, bee fall asleep in bed and eat. Sometimes I will try to sing songs.我相信每个人都有他自己的爱好不同的人的爱好是不一样的对于我来说,我的爱好是音乐我非常喜欢音乐对我来说音乐是很神奇的它能给我带来幸福感在我难过的时候它可以让我开心起来我每天都听音乐在上学回家路上,睡前,吃饭的时候我都会听音乐有时候我会试着唱歌

中国大水镇英文介绍:朱家角镇 --19 ::5 来源: 中国大水镇英文介绍:朱家角镇 Zhujiajiao [PhotoCFP] Zhujiajiao is a township in the Qingpu District of Shanghai.Established 1,700 years ago, Zhujiajiao was an important trading hub the surrounding countryside, many of the architectures date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Traditionally, goods and people were ferried on the small canals from house to house, passing under the 36 ancient stone bridges that are all still in use by locals and tourists alike. 英文介绍 朱家角镇

电影《教父经典台词 -- :58: 来源: 电影《教父经典台词1.Let your friends underrate your advantage,while let your enemies overrate your disadvantage.  让朋友低估你的优点,让敌人高估你的缺点  underrate v.看轻,轻视,评价过低  [nd?'re?t]  overrate v.估价过高  [?v?'re?t]  .Don’t hate your enemy, or you will make wrong judgment.  不要憎恨你的敌人,那会影响你的判断力.  3.To be close to your friend, but closer to your enemy.  离你的朋友近些,但离你的敌人要更近,这样你才能更了解他  .Don’t let anybody know what you are thinking.  迈克对文森特说:永远不要让任何人知道你心里在想什么!  5.Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. It insults my intelligence, makes me very angry.  这个世界本身就没有所谓的清白而言,你能坦言,你从来就没说过慌,这是自欺欺人  insult v.侮辱,凌辱  [?n's?lt]  6.I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.  我将给他一个他无法拒绝的理由条件.  7.A person is only one destiny.  一个人只有一个命运  8.Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.  你花时间和你的家人在一起吗? 我当然有. 很好!不照顾家人的男人,根本算不上是个真正的男人!  9.Great people are not born with the great, but in the process of growing up show its great.  伟大的人不是生下来就伟大的,而是在成长过程中显示其伟大的  .If a person is very generous, then he must behave himself an emotional generosity.  如果一个人很慷慨,那他就必须把自己的慷慨表现得充满感情——马里傲普佐原文   .Friendship can build a solid defense.  友谊可以筑起一道坚实的防线  .If you think I do not know the truth and that is an insult to my intelligence.  如果你认为我不知道其中的真相,那就是在侮辱我的智慧  .It’s not personal,it’s business.  不要把私人的感情带到商界  .I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless. But not men.  我费了一生的精力,让自己变得十分谨慎 ,女人和小孩能够粗心大意 ,但男人不行.  . I never would impose no need of friendship Friendship – think my insignificant person.  我绝不会把友谊强加给不需要友谊——认为我无足轻重的人  .A matter of seconds to see the nature of people and spend half my life is also unclear one thing to see the nature of man, nature is not the same fate.  在一秒钟内看到本质的人和花半辈子也看不清一件事本质的人,自然是不一样的命运.  .A man who is not a father will never be a real man.  不顾家庭的男人不是真正的男人  18.If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.  如果生活告诉了我们什么,历史教育了我们什么,那就是你可以杀了任何人  19. This book will leave about two things: First, your name, then there are your brains …  这张和约书上会留下两样东西:一是你的名字,再就是你的脑浆……  .So, love somebody else.  那么,去爱一些其他人吧 教父 台词 经典

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