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But elsewhere other hands were hard at work.但在他处 另有人在努力工作着The miracle-working priest was about to be challenged by the word of God itself,行神迹的牧师 即将受到《圣经》本身的挑战translated into English and printed in black and white.翻译成英文 并印刷出版Hand-written English Bibles had been in circulation since the days of the Lollards,手抄本英文《圣经》自罗拉德派时代便开始流传that Protestant heresy that flourished briefly in the early 1400s.他们是十五世纪初期盛极一时的新教异端But manuscripts represented hard labour and cost pounds to buy.但手抄本需要大量劳动力完成 并售价高昂A printed New Testament, on the other hand, could be mass-produced and sold for a tenth of the price.而印刷版《新约》 却能够大量发行并且售价仅为原来的一成The idea of a Bible in English,cheap and freely available to anyone who could ,put the fear of God into the authorities.所有识字的百姓都能 自由地获取廉价的英文版《圣经》 这一构想让掌权者不得不开始敬畏上帝William Tyndale, an ordained priest,was the first to take on the dangerous task威廉·廷代尔牧师 第一个担起了这个险任of translating, publishing and printing an English version of the New Testament.翻译 出版与印刷英文版《新约全书》Tyndale is a recognizable historical type.廷代尔有着典型的老牌作风Austere, steely, unswerving, even a little fanatical,and disarmingly clear in his own convictions.简朴 严格 坚定 甚至有些狂热 并对自己的信仰了若指掌It was not possible,He wrote, To establish the laypeople in any truth他曾写到 如果没有用母语撰写的通俗易懂的经文Except the Scriptures were plainly laid before their eyes in their mother tongue.摆在俗人面前 他们就不可能拥有虔诚的信仰 /201612/484237栏目简介:Dense fog covered Shanghai today and a light rain fell at times. Forecasters say the wet weather will hang around for the rest of the week. Wu Ying has more...201705/507171

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/448609

  The full might of a superpower cannot break that encryption如果使用得当if it is properly implemented即便是超级大国也无法破解加密and thats an extraordinary thing,这是一件非同凡响的事情where individuals are given a certain type of freedom of action个人被赋予了某种行动自由that is equivalent这等同于to the freedom of action that a superpower has.超级大国的行动自由But it wasnt the technology that let Manning down.但使曼宁落马的并不是技术He confessed what he had done to a contact and was arrested.他对一个联络人坦白了他的作为 之后被逮捕了Those who had used anonymity to leak secrets were now under fire.那些曾经匿名泄密的人现在也受到抨击WikiLeaks had aly been criticised for the release维基解密已经因为泄露了未经编辑的文件中of un-redacted documents revealing the names of Afghans那些帮助过美国的阿富汗人姓名who had assisted the US.而受到了公众的批评The US government was also on the attack.美国政府同样开始攻击The ed States strongly condemns美国强烈谴责the illegal disclosure of classified information.非法泄露机密信息It puts peoples lives in danger,这会危及到人民的生命安全threatens our national security...威胁到我们国家安全重点解释:1.under fire 遭到攻击例句:The government is under fire from all sides on its economic policy.政府在经济政策上受到各方的严厉批评。2.in danger 在危险中例句:You must keep sight of one fact: your life is in danger.有一件事你必须明白,你有生命危险。201703/497875

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470004。

  This is proper sort of Cub Scout stuff.这些都是童子军耳熟能详的东西。Even though I got kicked out of the scouts. Dont worry about that. Dont judge me on that.尽管我被他们踢出来了。但不用管那些,也别用这个来判断我。Beautiful smoked fish, trout, prawns, horseradish sauce and a lovely little watercress and onion salad,熏鱼、鳟鱼、对虾、辣根沙司、西洋菜以及洋葱沙拉,you can go and buy a smoker but I dont want you to go and buy smoker,你可以用熏烟器,但我不建议你用,because to be honest,all you need is a bucket.因为一个水桶就足够了。Right, so we put holes in the bottom for airflow. Very very simple.你需要在水桶底部打眼,让空气流动起来,非常非常简单。So fill a bucket with about three inches of white hot charcoal from the barbecue.将烤架上的白炭放在水桶中,大约三英寸左右。Then Ive got some wood chips here which you can buy you know from garden centers and stuff like that,你可以从花香商场买一些木片,只要是这类物质都可以,or get a penknife and just, just do a pile of splinters.或是拿一个小刀,削一些木屑下来。You want to use things like oak, apple, cherry woods.你需要找一些像橡树、苹果木或是樱桃木这类木材。You dont want anything oily like pine.不要找那些油性很高的松树木。Even you see the smoke coming off it now, dead simple.看见烟了吗,非常简单。Over here, Ive got some prawns and trout.我这里准备了一些对虾和鳟鱼。Okay so first of all, Ive just got some nice big prawns.首先,我们用这些新鲜的大对虾。Ive taken the shell off. Let me show you how to do one.我已经把虾壳剥了下来,接下来我向你展示如何剥虾。Hold the head, just crack off the body shell.抓住头,将虾壳剥下来。Pull it off and go right down and leave the tail fin on,一直剥到底部,只留下尾鳍的部分,just because it looks quite cool its good to hold on to. 这样做更加美观,也利于拿着虾尾。So peel that off like that and then skewer it.剥下来之后将它插入竹签。And then just lay these just like that,之后将它们平放在这里,then I want you to get a load of skewers wooden, everyday skewer, you can use metal ones if you want.你要准备一些竹签,就是一些日常的竹签,如果你想用钢的也可以。And just lay it across almost like a game of KerPlunk.就像“插球”游戏一样,把竹签放在这里。Alright crisscross like that. Then Ive got some trout fillets and could use salmon.像这样横竖插在一起,我这里准备了一些鳟鱼片,你也可以用三文鱼。Some seasoning, we could even get some lemon zest if you want, just give it some freshness and some brightness.再加一点调料,也可以放一些柠檬片调味,这样看起来会更加光泽鲜美。And then Im gonna lay that trout over the KerPlunk.然后将鳟鱼放在这些竹签上。Flesh side down and the smoke will come around and it will kiss your fish.有肉的一面朝下,将鱼肉浸入到浓烟中。And then all you have to do is get a wet cloth Im just gonna lay it over the top like that.然后找一条湿毛巾,将它放在上面,就像这样。And that means its holding all the smoke in. So that bucket now is just full of like foggy smoke.毛巾的作用是留住这些烟,现在水桶中应该全是浓烟。And its only gonna take about five to seven minutes to cook.时间大约在5-7分钟。I wanna make a punchy dressing so its 50/50 horseradish sauce to yogurt.之后我要制作一个浓郁的调味酱,比例是50%的辣根沙司和50%的酸奶。And a good pinch of salt and pepper and squeeze a lemon.之后加入盐,胡椒粉,以及柠檬汁。I just think this is exciting. You know I cant wait to teach little buddy how to do this.我觉得做这些事情非常有趣,我已经迫不及待想要教小孩子做这些了。I love the fact that you know if you teach your kid to do it,如果你教给你的孩子,hell probably do it with his kids and I just love love love all that sort of stuff.他很可能就会和其他孩子一起做,我其实是非常非常喜欢做这些事情的。So Im really pleased with that. Got me sauce done.所以我很乐意做这些事情,调味酱完成。Ive got me smoker on. Im gonna make a lovely little salad, finely sliced, some onions okay.烟桶还在熏着,我现在要做一个沙拉,将洋葱切片。Seasoned with salt and a nice squeeze lemon.之后加入盐和柠檬汁。Then massage it all over to take the heat out of the onion.之后进行搅拌,将洋葱中的热量全部散发出去。Get some watercress and some good old-fashioned cress and dress it with a little olive oil. Job done.之后放些西洋菜,水芹菜,再放一些橄榄油,大功告成。Then we come to our fish. All right these would be done by now.之后让我们来看看这些熏鱼,应该差不多了。A pretty much know when fish is cooked, when you can pull the skin off.如果鱼皮能够拨开,就明熏鱼熟了。Look at that, lets pick up this fillet and I let gravity flake it.快看,拿起鱼片,让它自行脱落。Just let it busted, cooked in its own juices.它自己掉下来了,用鱼本身的肉汁制作了这道菜。Its such an intelligent way to cook.多么精巧的制作方法。And then look, whats quite interesting is that all the heads did fall off off of your head.快看,有意思的是所有的虾头都掉了下来。Why, but whats quite lovely is the flavour of prawn is in the head right?对虾的味道其实都在虾头里,对吗?So as the head falls on the charcoals, like all of the oils from the shell,现在虾头都掉进了白炭里,就像虾油都在虾壳中一样,and the flavor turns into smoke. Do you know what I mean, that what was always about.肉的清香其实都在熏烟中,明白我意思吗,其实这才是重点。Just dress it with a little lemon juice and of course olive oil.之后在肉上放一些柠檬汁,还有橄榄油。I love the little dream of going away with the family with an old fire bucket.我喜欢和家人一起出游的感觉,另外再带一个水桶。You know full of a few little things to do this, imagine.你总会有许多小事情要做,想象一下。And like, you know, picnic but not as you know it.就像野炊一样,但又不是你想的那样。For me, thats what this kind of summer festival food season is all about.对于我而言,这才是夏日美食季的重点。You know what I mean, its about the unexpected. Its about beginning up.明白我的意思吗,你会发现许多意想不到的事情,你会从头开始。Its about surprising yourself with things you can do.你会为你所做的事情而感到惊讶。So there you go,beautiful smoked fish,prawns,trout,美味的熏鱼、对虾、鳟鱼、horseradish sauce and a lovely little watercress and onion salad辣根沙司、西洋菜以及洋葱沙拉。Happy days, hang it in your gob.祝你幸福快乐,我来尝一块。Absolutely gorgeous.人间美味。 201707/516269

  Which of these has the least carbohydrates?这些(食物)中哪些含碳水化合物最少呢?This roll of b? This bowl of rice? Or this can of soda? Its a trick question.这卷面包?这碗米饭?或者这罐苏打水?这是个陷阱题。Although they may differ in fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content, when it comes to carbs, theyre pretty much the same.尽管它们的脂肪、维生素和其他营养物质的含量不同,但碳水化合物的含量几乎是相同的。So what exactly does that mean for your diet?那么这对于你的饮食意味着什么呢?First of all, carbohydrate is the nutritional category for sugars and molecules that your body breaks down to make sugars.首先,碳水化合物是一类可以通过你的身体被分解生成糖类的物质。Carbohydrates can be simple or complex depending on their structure.根据其结构不同,碳水化合物可以很简单,也可以很复杂。This is a simple sugar, or monosaccharide.这是一种结构简单的糖,或者叫单糖。Glucose, fructose, and galactose are all simple sugars.葡萄糖,果糖,半乳糖都是结构简单的糖。Link two of them together, and youve got a disaccharide, lactose, maltose, or sucrose.把这些糖中的其中两种连接起来,你就得到了二糖,乳糖,麦芽糖或者蔗糖。Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, have three or more simple sugars strung together.另一方面,复合碳水化合物是由两种或者三种单糖形成的。Complex carbohydrates with three to ten linked sugars are oligosaccharides.由3到10个糖分子连接起来的复合碳水化合物,称为低聚糖。Those with more than ten are polysaccharides.由多于10个糖分子组成的那些称为多聚糖。During digestion, your body breaks down those complex carbohydrates into their monosaccharide building blocks,在消化的过程中,你的身体把那些复合碳水化合物分解成它们的单糖单元,which your cells can use for energy.你的细胞可以利用这些单糖来获得能量。So when you eat any carbohydrate-rich food, the sugar level in your blood, normally about a teaspoon, goes up.因此当你吃任何富含碳水化合物的食物时,你的血糖含量--正常情况下大概一茶匙--就会上升。But your digestive tract doesnt respond to all carbohydrates the same.但是你的消化道并不是对所有的碳水化合物都有一样的反应。Consider starch and fiber, both polysaccharides, both derived from plants,拿淀粉和纤维来说,它们都是多糖,都是从植物中获得的,both composed of hundreds to thousands of monosaccharides joined together,也都由成百上千个单糖连接而成,but theyre joined together differently, and that changes the effect they have on your body.但是它们的连接方式不同,这就改变了它们对你身体的影响。In starches, which plants mostly store for energy in roots and seeds,淀粉,是植物通常在根或者种子中存储能量的形式,glucose molecules are joined together by alpha linkages, most of which can be easily cleaved by enzymes in your digestive tract.葡萄糖分子是α键连接在一起的,大部分这种键可以很容易被你消化道中的酶断开。But in fiber, the bonds between monosaccharide molecules are beta bonds, which your body cant break down.但是在纤维中,单糖分子之间的键是β键,你的身体不能分解它。Fiber can also trap some starches, preventing them from being cleaved, resulting in something called resistant starch.纤维也可以捕捉到一些淀粉,避免其被分解,生成一些被称为抗性淀粉的东西。So foods high in starch, like crackers and white b, are digested easily,因此淀粉含量高的食物,比如薄脆饼干和白面包,就很容易消化,quickly releasing a whole bunch of glucose into your blood, exactly what would happen if you drank something high in glucose, like soda.快速地释放大量葡萄糖到你的血液里,就好比你喝了一些葡萄糖含量高的饮料,比如苏打水。These foods have a high glycemic index, the amount that a particular food raises the sugar level in your blood.这些食物都有很高的血糖指数,也就是某一种食物升高血糖含量的数值。Soda and white b have a similar glycemic index because they have a similar effect on your blood sugar.苏打水和白面包有相似的血糖指数,因为它们对你的血糖含量有相似的影响。But when you eat foods high in fiber, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains,但是当你吃富含纤维的食物,比如蔬菜、水果,还有全麦时,those indigestible beta bonds slow the release of glucose into the blood.那些难消化的β键会减慢葡萄糖释放到血液中的过程。Those foods have a lower glycemic index, and foods like eggs, cheese, and meats have the lowest glycemic index.那些食物的血糖指数就低一些,像鸡蛋、奶酪还有肉这些食物的血糖指数就是最低的。When sugar moves from the digestive tract to the blood stream,当糖从消化道进入到血管中时,your body kicks into action to transfer it into your tissues where it can be processed and used for energy.你的身体就会开始将糖转运到身体组织中,在这里糖会被处理生成能量。Insulin, a hormone synthesized in the pancreas, is one of the bodys main tools for sugar management.胰岛素,一种在胰腺中合成的荷尔蒙,是身体中一种主要的血糖管理工具。When you eat and your blood sugar rises, insulin is secreted into the blood.当你吃东西导致血糖升高的时候,胰岛素会被分泌到血液中。It prompts your muscle and fat cells to let glucose in and jump starts the conversion of sugar to energy.它促进你的肌肉和脂肪细胞吸收葡萄糖,并且快速开始从糖到能量的转换。The degree to which a unit of insulin lowers the blood sugar helps us understand something called insulin sensitivity.单位量的胰岛素降低血糖的程度能帮助我们理解所谓的胰岛素敏感性。The more a given unit of insulin lowers blood sugar, the more sensitive you are to insulin.给定单位量的胰岛素降低的血糖浓度越多,就说明你对胰岛素越敏感。If insulin sensitivity goes down, thats known as insulin resistance.如果胰岛素敏感度降低,就被称为胰岛素抗性。The pancreas still sends out insulin, but cells, especially muscle cells, are less and less responsive to it,胰腺仍然会释放胰岛素,但是细胞,特别是肌肉细胞,对胰岛素做出的反应越来越少,so blood sugar fails to decrease, and blood insulin continues to rise.因此血糖浓度无法降低,而血液中胰岛素还会持续增加。Chronically consuming a lot of carbohydrates may lead to insulin resistance,长期摄入大量碳水化合物可能会导致胰岛素抗性,and many scientists believe that insulin resistance leads to a serious condition called metabolic syndrome.许多科学家们相信胰岛素抗性会导致一种严重的病,叫做代谢综合征。That involves a constellation of symptoms, including high blood sugar, increased waist circumference, and high blood pressure.代谢综合征有许多症状,包括高血糖,变大的腰围和高血压。It increases the risk of developing conditions, like cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.它增加了患病的风险,比如心血管疾病和II型糖尿病。And its prevalence is rapidly increasing all over the world.代谢综合征的患病率在全球范围内增长迅速。As much as 32% of the population in the U.S. has metabolic syndrome.多达32%的美国人患有代谢综合征。So lets get back to your diet.再回到你的日常饮食吧。Whether your food tastes sweet or not, sugar is sugar, and too many carbs can be a problem.不管你的食物尝起来甜不甜,糖就是糖,摄入过多的碳水化合物会引发健康问题。So maybe youll want to take a pass on that pasta sushi roll pita burrito donut burger sandwich.那么你也许不会再选择吃意大利面,寿司,皮塔饼,墨西哥玉米卷,甜甜圈,汉堡和三明治了吧。201707/516218The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday has reached over 160 and is expected to climb higher. Hundreds more have been injured in the disaster.周三,意大利中部遭遇大地震袭击,死亡人数已超过160人而且预计还会攀升。数百人在地震中受伤。The 6.2 magnitude quake and its aftershocks demolished several small towns in a remote, mountainous region of Italy near Rome and Perugia.在罗马和佩鲁贾附近,6.2级地震及其余震摧毁了偏远山区的几个小城镇。Rescue workers are still trying to dig through the rubble to rescue any survivors. But the regions steep terrain and narrow, winding roads are making it tough for officials to move rescue equipment around.救援人员仍在努力挖掘碎石,以挽救任何幸存者。但该地区陡峭的地形和狭窄蜿蜒的道路使官员难以移动救援设备。Italy is accustomed to massive earthquakes, since its located atop two fault lines and has invested in quakeproof infrastructure to compensate. A writer for CNN points out many small, remote towns have neglected that earthquake-proofing.意大利因位于两个断层线之上,因此经常发生大地震,国家投资了防震基础设施。一位CNN作家指出,许多小的偏远城镇忽视了抗震。译文属。201608/462777TED演讲视频:超低成本的大学学位在网上人民大学,任何一个有高中文凭的人都可以来选修课程并获得商业管理或者计算机科学等学科的学位--没有传统意义上的学费(虽然参加考试需要付费)。创始人沙伊·瑞希夫希望高等教育从少数的人的特权变为一种基本权利,让所有人的都能承担和获取。201704/506744

  In this American English pronunciation , were going to go over the reduction of the words WAS and AS.这届 美式英语发音课堂,我们将要学习如何略读单词“was”和 “as”。This is sponsored by italki, where you can find a customized learning experience. More information at the end of the .本视频由italki赞助播出。上italki,定制你自己的学习经历。详情请见片尾。Many words in English reduce in sentences. WAS and AS are two examples of this.英语里的句子中经常会有略读现象。“was”和“as”就是其中两个例子。When a word reduces, that means a sound is changed or dropped.略读一个单词就是说改变或者省略一个发音。As. By itself, the word is pronounced with the AA as in BAT vowel and the Z sound. As.单词“as”单独发音时是“bat”中的元音AA加上Z的发音。as。Most of the time, in a sentence, we reduce the vowel to the schwa: uhz. As, uhz.通常在一个句子中,我们会将元音略读成弱读音。uhz. As,uhz.Why do we do that? It doesnt sound clear. Thats ok.为什么要这么做?这样听起来并不清楚。没关系。In American English we have established this as a reduction. Even if its really fast, a native speaker will pick up on it.在美式英语中,我们将此称为略读。即使说的很快,当地人也可以听出来。In fact, we want it to be really fast so that the stressed syllables, the longer syllables, pop out of the sentence even more, are even more clear.事实上,我们希望说的很快,这样句子中的重读音节、长音节就会更突出更清楚。Its the contrast of long vs. short thats important in American English, so make your short really short.美式英语中重要的是长短比较,所以确保你的发音足够快。Reducing the vowel to the schwa makes it easier to say it quickly. As, uhz.将元音略读成弱读音有利于更快地发音。As,uhz.To make the schwa sound, the jaw doesnt really need to drop, uhz, uhz. Its just a quick, quick vowel before the Z sound.发弱读音时,下巴不需要真的下垂,uhz,uhz.。就只是Z音节前面一个很快很快的元音。To make the Z, the tongue tip is forward and down, zz, teeth are together, and buzz the vocal cords. Uhz. (loop three times)发Z的音时,舌尖往前垂下,牙齿闭合,振动声带。Uhz(循环三次)Lets practice with some sentences.我们来进行一些句子练习。“As long as she says its ok, its ok with me.” As long as (loop two times). Uhz (loop three times).“As long as she says it’s ok,it’s ok with me.” As long as(循环两次) Uhz(循环三次)“Its not as if I didnt aly know that.” As if (loop two times). Uhz (loop three times). As if.“It’s not as if I didn’t aly know that.” As if (循环两次) Uhz (循环三次) As if.“Im not as tall as her.” As tall as (loop two times). Uhz (loop two times).“I’m not as tall as her.” As tall as(循环两次) Uhz(循环两次)WAS makes the same reduction. On its own its pronounced was, with the UH as in BUTTER vowel.“was”也是一样的略读。单独发音时,UH就像“butter”里的元音发音一样。But in a sentence, we often reduce it to the schwa, making it very fast. Wuz (loop two times).但是在句子中,我们经常略读为弱读音,发音很快。Wuz(循环两次)Just start with the lips in a rounded position to make the W consonant, wuz. The rest is just like as.Lets practice with some sentences.开始时嘴唇张开成发辅音“w”时的嘴型,wuz。后面和“as”一样。我们来进行一些句子练习。“I was on the phone.” Wuz (loop two times). Was on the phone.“She was aly gone.” Wuz (loop two times). Was aly.“我在打电话。” Wuz(循环两次) Was on the phone.“她已经走了。” Wuz(循环两次) Was aly.“It was really good.” Wuz (loop two times).“He was there.” Wuz (loop two times).“真的很好。” Wuz(循环两次)“他在那儿。” Wuz(循环两次)These words are not reduced all the time. Im thinking of the movie Clueless where one of the characters says “AS IF!”这些单词并不是每次都略读。我记得电影《独领风骚》里面有个角色说过 “AS IF!”There will always be cases where native speakers will choose to stress and not reduce these words.But most of the time, reduce, reduce, reduce.还有其他母语发音者选择重读而不是略读这些单词的例子。但是大多数情况都是略读略读略读。If you work on integrating these reductions into your speech, they will help to smooth out your speech, help your words connect better,如果你努力把这些略读运用到你的讲话中,他们会使你的讲话更加流利,单词连接更顺畅,and give your speech greater contrast between important and less important words.让你讲话中的重点与非重点词语形成更鲜明的对比。Youll sound more natural, relaxed, and American.If theres a word or phrase youd like help pronouncing, please put it in the comments below.你的发音将会更自然,更放松,更美式。如果还有其他单词或词组需要帮助发音,请在下面的区写出。Dont forget to sign up for my mailing list by clicking here or in the description below to keep up with all of my latest s – its free.不要忘记点击这里或者下面的描述免费订阅我的邮件,关注我最新的视频。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/514609TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/468001

  The 2016 Rio Olympics are full of medals, new world records and apparently, proposals. 2016年的里约奥运会上有奖牌、新的世界纪录,显然还有求婚。Just after receiving her silver medal in womens 3-meter springboard diving, He Zi got a surprise. Boyfriend and fellow Chinese Olympic diver Qin Kai proposed poolside, and she said yes.刚获得跳水女子3米板银牌后,何姿收到了一个惊喜。同为中国奥运跳水运动员的男友秦凯在泳池旁向她求婚,她答应了。she told reporters the couple has been together for six years. He said a lot of things there at the podium. He made a lot of promises, but the thing that has touched me the most is that I think this is the guy I can trust for the rest of my life, she said.她告诉记者,他们已经相恋六年了。他在领奖台说了很多。他做了很多承诺,但最让我感动的是,我认为他是我这辈子可以信任的人,她说。Kai will return home to China with more than a new fiancee. He too won an Olympic medal,the bronze in mens synchronized 3-meter springboard diving. 秦凯除了将带着自己的未婚妻回国,他同样获得男子双人3米板跳水的铜牌。译文属。201608/460624

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464436。

  Then there was just the murderous smashing and crashing of horses,之后就是对人马凶残的杀戮the slicing and thrusting of weapons,the screams, cries of the wounded and dying.兵戎相见 肆意砍杀 战场上充斥着死伤者的叫喊声If the axeman stood firm against the oncoming horse hed still only get one good swing. If he missed,如果斧头兵站定位置面对奔来的骑兵 他只有一次机会挥斧攻击 如果没打中he was left open to the slash of the sword from the rider above.他必将毙命于骑兵自马上落下的剑下The initial success of the English also threatened their downfall.是英格兰人最初的胜利导致了他们的落败On the left flank of Williams army,horses stumbled and retreated.在威廉军队的左翼 马匹磕绊着撤退The right flank of Harolds army,many of them inexperienced fyrdmen,decided to chase them down the hill.而哈罗德军队的右翼 大多是没有战斗经验的民兵 冒失的决定下山追击对手But Harold, always conservative in his tactics,refused to allow others to follow.但是贯以保守著称的哈罗德 下令禁止其余的士兵一同追击So this point, he seems to have lost momentary control of his troops,在这个时刻 他似乎对他的军队失去了掌控who couldnt resist following the horsemen,elated by the thought that the Duke of Normandy was lost.他的手下忍不住杀欲 前去追赶骑兵 满心鼓舞 以为诺曼底公爵打了败仗But William threw back his helmet to prove he was very much alive.但威廉重新带上头盔 明自己还活着He rallied the ranks of the Norman centre round the rear of the pursuing Saxons and set about slicing them to pieces.他率领诺曼士兵 包围了追击出来的撒克逊士兵 将他们全部歼灭The battle wasnt over yet.It was going to take at least six hours to decide.战斗尚未结束 还将进行漫长的六个小时 /201608/460086

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/454652

  To anyone who had witnessed Henrys terrible meltdown,not even heard about it,对于那些亲眼目睹亨利的可怕爆发 甚至只是有所听闻的人来说his words could only mean one thing that he wanted the interminable,insufferable Becket problem to go away.他的话只有一个意思 他要这个没完没了 让人无法忍受的贝克特消失Not go away as in six feet under perhaps,but then thats what he took, so be it.也许消失并不非要到杀死的地步 但既然他咎由自取 那就杀了他吧He was after all a traitor and, well,what happens to traitors?毕竟他已经沦为一个叛国者 而叛国者的下场是什么呢The four knights who would kill Becket had no doubt what Henry had in mind,那四名骑士完全清楚国王的意图 他们要杀死贝克特and rushed to Normandy to take a ship to Kent.他们从诺曼底坐船赶到肯特郡Dawn the next day, december 29th, 1170,Beckets last.次日黎明时分 1170年12月29日 贝克特大限已至Reginald Fitzurse, William De Tracy,Robert Le Bret and Hugh De Morville.Arrived in England and set off for Canterbury.雷金纳德·费泽斯 威廉·德·特雷西 罗伯特·勒·布雷特和休·德·莫维尔 抵达英格兰后动身前往坎特伯雷At around three, they burst into the Archbishops Palace And found Thomas with his advisors.大约三点钟 他们闯进了大主教宫 发现托马斯和他的顾问们在一起When the knights came in, he studiously ignored them.骑士进来后 主教故意无视他们Fitzurse broke the silence,saying hed an important message from the king That Becket should go to Winchester and give an account of his conduct.费泽斯打破了沉默 他说 他来传达陛下的重要旨意 贝克特必须去温切斯特 为他的所作所为而请罪Becket said hed no intention of being treated like a criminal.贝克特声称自己无意被当做罪犯Things rapidly got ugly,Fitzurse ominously declaring that Becket was no longer under the kings peace.于是事态迅速恶化 费泽斯的声音如同丧钟 他宣布 贝克特已不再享有国王的庇护 /201609/467041

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