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抚顺石油一厂职工医院包皮手术怎么样抚顺妇保医院电话预约抚顺市新抚区第一医院男科医院哪家好 伦敦举行世界上首个女性专场拍卖会Women get what they want in London auctionA Bonham's auction house employee displays a gold necklace at the "What Women Want" auction collection in central London 11 January 2007.The world's first auction targeted exclusively at women made more than 250,000 pounds (380,000 euros, 493,000 dollars) at Bonham's auction house in London, a spokeswoman said."What Women Want" was made up of over 300 lots including clothes, jewellery, works of art and furniture, although the most expensive individual sale was of a 1970 blue Mercedesconvertible car, which sold for 27,600 pounds."More than half of the lots have been sold. We are really pleased with the results and 80 percent of the people in the room were women," a Bonhams spokeswoman told reporters.But there were no takers for some of the lots at the auction, such as a Smart car formerly owned by British pop star Robbie Williams, which had a 10,000 pound price tag."Definitely we are looking forward to repeating it in London next year after tailoring the catalogue with what works well," added the spokeswoman.She added that Bonhams' offices in Los Angeles and New York would be holding similar sales in future.(AFP)伦敦邦汉姆拍卖行日前举办了世界上首个女性专场拍卖会,据拍卖行的女发言人介绍,此次拍卖的总收入超过25万英镑。这场名为“女人为谁而狂”的拍卖会共有衣、珠宝、工艺品、家具等300多件拍卖品。其中最昂贵的单件卖品是一辆1970年的蓝色奔驰活顶轿车,它以27600英镑的价格被卖出。邦汉姆拍卖行的女发言人在接受记者采访时说:“一半以上的物品都被卖出,我们真的很高兴,而且拍卖会上80%的来客都是女性。”但有些物品则无人问津,比如,英国流行歌星罗比·威廉姆斯开过的一辆标价为1万英镑的Smart轿车。这位女发言人说:“我们希望明年还能在伦敦举办这个拍卖会,不过我们得多提供一些畅销的物品。”她说,邦汉姆拍卖行在洛杉矶和纽约的分行今后也会举行类似的拍卖。 /200803/30370丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿当选美国最受欢迎影星Denzel Washington, the star of "American Gangster" and "The Great Debaters," topped the list for the second year in a row as America's favorite movie star in a new survey.The Academy-award winner was also the first choice of Democrats questioned in the annual Harris Poll, while Tom Hanks, the Republicans' favorite actor, captured the number two spot for the second consecutive year. He plays a hawkish Democrat in the newly released movie "Charlie Wilson's War.""I think what we're seeing here, is basically their types of movies," Regina Corso, director of the Harris Poll, said in a telephone interview."If you think of Tom Hanks—“Charlie Wilson’s War” notwithstanding—but if you go back to the 'Forrest Gumps,' the 'Apollo 13s' -- those very traditional, American values-type movies, I think that's why we're seeing Republicans leaning more toward him."Corso added that that a lot of Washington's movies are racially-charged and most African-Americans are Democrats.Johnny Depp, the star of "Sweeney Todd" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, rose four places to take the number three position, followed by Julia Roberts, the highest ranked actress on the list.Will Smith -- star of "I Am Legend" rounded out the top five.John Wayne, the only deceased star on this year's list, came in sixth place. Wayne is the only actor to rank in the poll's top ten every year since its inception in 1994.Matt Damon and former James Bond star Sean Connery tied for seventh place, while Sandra Bullock, the only other woman to make the top ten, took the ninth spot and Bruce Willis of "Die Hard" fame came in tenth.Different groups have different favorite movie stars. For men, Denzel Washington is their favorite while women cite Tom Hanks as their favorite.1,114 U.S. adults were surveyed online by Harris Interactive between December 4 and 12, 2007. 一项最新调查显示,主演《美国黑帮》和《伟大辩手》的丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿连续第二年被评为美国最受欢迎的电影明星。在哈里斯年度民意调查中,这位奥斯卡奖得主同时还是民主党人最喜爱的影星,而共和党人最喜爱的影星汤姆#8226;汉克斯则连续第二年排名第二。他在新上映的影片《查理#8226;威尔森的战争》中饰演一位鹰派民主党人。哈里斯调查机构主管蕾吉娜#8226;科索在接受电话采访时说:“两大党派对于这些影星的喜好主要取决于他们饰演的角色类型。”“说起汤姆#8226;汉克斯,尽管他出演了《查理#8226;威尔森的战争》,但如果你看看他原来演的《阿甘正传》、《阿波罗13号》等一些非常传统的体现美国价值观的电影,你就会明白为什么共和党人更倾向于他。”科索还说,丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿演过很多反映种族问题的电影,而美国多数黑人都是民主党人。出演《理发师陶德》和《加勒比海盗》三部曲的强尼#8226;戴普攀升四位,名列第三;茱莉娅#8226;罗伯茨位居其后,她是榜上排名最高的女影星。主演《我是传奇》的威尔#8226;史密斯名列第五。排在第六位的约翰#8226;韦恩是唯一入选的已故影星。此外,自该年度调查从1994年开始至今,韦恩是唯一一位每年都跻身该榜前十位的男影星。马特#8226;达蒙和老牌“007”(詹姆斯#8226;邦德)的扮演者肖恩#8226;康纳利并列第七;跻身排行榜前十位的另一位女星桑德拉#8226;巴洛克名列第九;主演《虎胆龙威》的影星布鲁斯·威利斯位居第十。此外,男性和女性的喜好也有所不同。男性更喜欢丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿,而女性更青睐汤姆#8226;汉克斯。该项由哈里斯互动调查机构开展的在线调查从去年的12月4日持续至12日,共有1114名美国成年人参加。 /200803/31400抚顺中心医院胃肠科

抚顺矿务局老虎台矿职工医院不孕不育多少钱抚顺中山医院门诊 How much stuff is in your wallet, right now?现在你的钱包里装有多少东西呢?Is it bulging at the seams? Do you even know what is in there?看起来鼓鼓的吗?你知道都装了些什么东西吗?Make today the day you empty out that overstuffed wallet once and for all.今天就把你钱包里那些没用的东西清理掉吧。What#39;s in Your Wallet (Or Purse)?你的钱包里都装了哪些东西?Recently, I got back from business trip and noticed that my wallet was a little heavier than it should be.最近,我出差回来才发现我的钱包比以前重了不少。In fact, I was having trouble fitting it in my pocket.事实上,我很难将那些东西装到其他的口袋里。When we are on the go, we tend to cram all kinds of things into our wallets and purses.在路上的时候,我们总是爱把东西装到钱包里。Don#39;t let yours become a mobile pile of disorganization.不要把你的钱包搞得一团糟。I was guilty of stuffing all kind of things in there from hotel keys, to receipts, to business cards.看到我把旅店钥匙,收据,名片都装到了钱包里就觉得很内疚。 /201308/253835抚顺男科医院疼痛科怎么样

顺城区人民医院男科电话Access to a reporter to go to the North Pole 100 penguins. He asked the first penguins to his usual interest is. The first penguin says: eat, sleep, play Peas. Puzzled reporter asked to say what is playing Peas ah? Bird Penguin said nothing and left.一位记者要去北极访问100只企鹅.。他就问第一只企鹅他平时的兴趣是什么。第一只企鹅说:吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆。 记者疑惑的问说什么是打豆豆啊?那只企鹅没说什么就走了。The reporter thought: Well, do not speak do not speak. He also visited the second penguins usually interested in what it is. The second penguin says: eat, sleep, play Peas. Pound, how is playing? Reporters and thinking to himself.那位记者想:好吧,不讲就不讲。他又访问第二只企鹅它平时的兴趣是什么。第二只企鹅说:吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆。怎麼又是打咚咚?记者在心里嘀咕着。One after another from access to the first 99 penguins to their usual interest in penguins are “eating, sleeping, playing Peas.” Until the 100 penguins. He said you asked the usual interests? 100 penguins: eat, sleep. Journalists find it very strange and asked it: “how do you do not play Peas?” 100 penguins: “Because I’m Peas ah.”接二连三的从访问第一只企鹅到第99只企鹅它们平时的兴 趣都是“吃饭、睡觉、打豆豆”。直到第100只企鹅。记者问他说你平时的兴趣是什么? 第100只企鹅:吃饭、睡觉。 记者觉得很奇怪,便问它:“你怎么不打豆豆呢?” 第100只企鹅:“因为我就是豆豆啊。” /201306/244270 抚顺市望花妇幼保健院预约挂号东洲人民医院电话预约



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