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长江航运总医院冰点脱毛多少钱A trickle of statements from Chinese leaders in recent months have given hope to some residents of Beijing and other smog-choked Chinese cities that they might regularly breathe clean air within a few years. Prime Minister Li Keqiang in March declared a “war against pollution,” for instance.中国领导人最近几个月发表的一系列声明,给北京及其他被烟雾笼罩的城市的居民带来了希望,他们可能会在几年之内,实现经常呼吸新鲜空气的梦想。例如,中国总理李克强在今年3月「向环境污染宣战」。But China Daily, an official English-language newspaper, came in with a reality check on Wednesday in the form of an article published under the headline “Beijing Expects Healthy Air by 2030.”但周三,官方英文报纸《中国日报》的一篇题为《北京空气质量有望在2030年达标》的报道,将人们拉回到现实中来。The article went on to say that it would be 16 years before levels of dangerous fine particulate matter in the Chinese capital would drop to an “internationally recognized safe level.” The fine particulate matter is known as PM 2.5 because its diameter is less than 2.5 microns. It can penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream.该报道称,北京地区的危险细颗粒物浓度降到「国际公认的安全水平」需要16年的时间。这种细颗粒物的直径不足2.5微米,因此被称为PM2.5。它能够深入肺部,并进入血液。The 16-year time frame means that anyone born today in Beijing who grows up in the city will spend his or her entire childhood breathing unhealthy air. In recent years, parents in Beijing, a city of more than 21 million, have become increasingly anxious about the air quality and other forms of pollution. Many Chinese who can afford to do so are moving abroad or decamping to cleaner parts of China. Multinational companies are having a much harder time recruiting foreign workers for Beijing jobs. Beijing residents are stocking up on expensive air purifiers, and some international schools have even set up outdoor sports domes made of synthetic fabric (what some parents are calling “pollution domes”).16 年的时间意味着,如今在北京出生、长大的儿童,在整个童年时期都将呼吸有害空气。最近几年,居住在北京的家长们日益担心空气质量及其他污染。北京人口已经 超过了2100万。很多有条件的中国人都已搬到国外,或逃到国内空气比较清洁的地区。如今,跨国公司要招聘外国人到北京工作比以前难了很多。北京居民采购 昂贵的空气凈化器,一些国际学校甚至还在室外运动场上搭起由混合纤维制成的顶篷(一些家长称之为「污染篷」)。Recent scientific studies have shown that the type of air pollution in northern China can shave five years off the average life span, lead to permanent lung impairment in children and contribute to slow brain development and personality problems in children whose mothers were exposed to the bad air during pregnancy.最近的科学研究发现,中国北部地区的空气污染类型能使平均寿命缩减五年,使儿童遭受永久性的肺损伤,母亲在怀期间呼吸有毒空气还会导致孩子大脑发育缓慢,存在性格问题。Most of the air pollution in Beijing comes from coal-burning power plants and factories in nearby provinces. Emissions from vehicles, especially those using diesel gasoline, are also major contributors.北京地区的空气污染主要源自周边省份的燃煤发电厂和工厂。汽车——特别是使用柴油、汽油的汽车排放的尾气也是主要因素。“Improving air quality in the city is not going to be an easy task,” Pan Tao, head of the Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, said at a conference, according to China Daily. “It takes time and effort to turn the ship around.”据《中国日报》报道,「改善北京空气质量不是一项简单的任务,」北京市环境保护科学研究院院长潘涛在参加会议时说。「改变现状需要时间和精力。」The concentration level of PM 2.5 cited by China Daily as “healthy,” and supposedly attainable by 2030, was 35 micrograms per cubic meter. The article said the World Health Organization had stated that PM 2.5 levels should not exceed this.《中国日报》报道称,PM2.5浓度的「健康」标准为35微克/立方米,北京有望在2030年达标。文章称,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization,简称WHO)已经说明,PM2.5浓度不应该超过这个标准。Actually, the W.H.O. has said that PM 2.5 should not exceed 25 micrograms per cubic meter over a 24-hour period. By that standard, Beijing still might not have healthy air by 2030. The limit of 35 micrograms per cubic meter, mistakenly cited by China Daily as the W.H.O. standard, is actually just an interim target set by the W.H.O. for heavily polluted countries. For all nations, the W.H.O. recommends achieving the standard of 25 micrograms per cubic meter.实 际上,WHO说的是PM2.5平均浓度要在24小时内不超过25微克/立方米。按照这个标准,北京的空气质量可能在2030年前无法达标。《中国日报》错 误地引用了WHO设定的35微克/立方米的标准,实际上那是WHO为污染严重的国家设定的过渡目标。WHO建议所有国家达到25微克/立方米的标准。 China Daily cited Mr. Pan as saying an average PM 2.5 concentration of 35 micrograms per cubic meter could be reached by 2030.《中国日报》援引潘涛的话称,北京的PM2.5年均浓度有望在2030年达标。The Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau has said the average PM 2.5 concentration last year was 89.5 micrograms per cubic meter, which is more than 3.5 times the W.H.O. recommended exposure limit. On a particularly grim day in January 2013 that is now commonly called the “airpocalypse” by English speakers, parts of Beijing had PM 2.5 concentrations that were 40 times the W.H.O. recommended limit.北 京市环保局曾表示,去年PM2.5年均浓度为89.5微克/立方米,是WHO建议的接触限度的三倍多。在2013年1月空气格外糟糕的一天——说英语的人 通常称之为「airpocalypse」(空气末日),北京部分地区的PM2.5浓度是WHO建议的接触限度的40倍。On Tuesday, which happened to be the 93rd birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, the PM 2.5 concentration in Beijing hit 168 micrograms per cubic meter, almost seven times the W.H.O. exposure limit, according to the ed States Embassy’s rooftop air monitor. The air was a dismal gray soup the entire day, and the embassy rated it as “very unhealthy” in the evening.美国大使馆屋顶上的空气污染监测器显示,周二,北京的PM2.5浓度达到了168微克/立方米,几乎是WHO接触限度的七倍,这一天正好是中国共产党的93岁生日。天空一整天都非常阴沉,大使馆在晚上将空气质量评定为「非常不健康」。“The current pollution emission is far beyond the environmental capacity in the city, and any adverse climate condition would easily result in smoggy days,” Mr. Pan said, according to China Daily. “The key to current air quality improvement lies in emission reduction.”据《中国日报》报道,「当前北京的污染物排放量仍远超环境容量,任何恶劣的气候条件都容易产生雾霾天,」潘涛说。「目前,改善空气质量关键在于减排。」An antipollution plan announced last September by the State Council, China’s cabinet, said the crowded and filthy Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area of northern China had to reduce PM 2.5 levels by 25 percent before 2017. But Mr. Pan said that even if Beijing and the nearby areas were to meet that target, the level of particulate matter would still be harmful to people’s health.中国国务院(相当于中国的内阁)去年9月公布了大气污染防治计划,称北方的京津冀地区必须在2017年前将PM2.5浓度降低25%。但潘涛表示,即便北京及周边地区达到了该目标,颗粒物的浓度仍对健康有害。In March, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that only three of 74 Chinese cities whose air is monitored by the central government met minimum standards for air quality last year. The State Council said in February that it would offer a total of 10 billion renminbi, or .65 billion, to cities and regions that made “significant progress” this year in air pollution control.今年3月,中国环境保护部宣布,去年中央政府监测的74个城市中,只有3个城市达到了最低空气质量标准。中国国务院在今年2月宣布,今年将为那些在空气污染治理方面取得「重大进步」的城市和地区提供总计100亿元人民币的奖励。 /201407/309863汉川市人民医院激光去痣多少钱 武汉陆总医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

汉川市人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱Are you saving too much for retirement? Can you believe I#39;m even asking that question?你的养老金是不是存得太多了?或者你认为这个问题本身就很无厘头?Full disclosure: The folks at Morningstar Investment Management, specifically head of retirement research David Blanchett, asked it first. He found that for many people the answer is yes -- by an average of 20%. That, as Blanchett acknowledges, is a big deal. ;Retirement is, by and large, the most expensive purchase of anyone#39;s lifetime,; he says. ;For people who think they need million but find they only need 0,000, it is a big difference.;而事实是这样的:晨星投资管理公司(Morningstar Investment Management)退休研究部主管大卫?布兰切特率先提出了这个问题,而且他发现, 20%左右的人对这个问题的回答是肯定的。布兰切特认为情况有些严重,他说:“养老储蓄金毫无疑问是大多数人人生最大的一笔投入。但想象和现实差距很大,人们以为自己需要存上100万美元来养老,实际上只要80万就够了。”So how do you figure out whether it applies to you? You have to take a step back and look at both the retirement saving goals you#39;ve set for yourself and your current spending.那么,这种情况是否也出现在你身上?大家最好还是重新审视一下自己的养老储蓄计划,以及目前的开销。There has long been a rule of thumb that says you should plan to replace 70% to 80% of your pre-retirement income (that is, your final annual salary before you retire) in retirement -- and that that number should be adjusted upward, with inflation, each year. In real life, data from the Survey of Consumer Finances shows, spending, and therefore the amount you#39;ll need, isn#39;t that linear.长期以来,根据概测法,人们应该存下退休前收入(即退休前的最终年收入)的70%到80%作为养老金。而且,算上通货膨胀的话,这个比例还应该逐年上调。但美国消费者金融调查报告(Survey of Consumer Finances)的数据显示,人们的实际开销并不会因为通胀的影响而上涨。People in their mid-40s to 50s spend the most. (As someone right in the middle of that range with one child in college and another starting in 18 months, I can totally see why that#39;s the case.) From there, spending starts to decline as -- typically -- the kids leave the nest, you downsize, retire the mortgage (although that#39;s getting less common), ditch the extra car, etc., etc., until medical needs drive expenses up again toward the end of life. Bottom line, the amount people need to replace varies from under 54% of pre-retirement income to over 87%.通常,四十五至五十岁的人群开销最大。(这个年龄段的人通常要负担一个上大学的孩子,同时抚养一个一两岁的小家伙。)但之后,开就逐渐减少了,尤其是等到孩子们都成年以后,父母们就会缩减开销,取消房贷抵押(尽管这种情况越来越少),处理掉多余的汽车。这种状态一直持续到晚年,直到医疗和交通方面的开销出现增长。根据年龄段的不同,人们退休后的年均最低花费在退休前收入中的占比从低于54%到超过87%不等。For average earners, whose pre-retirement income is roughly ,000, this is welcome news, says Michael Falcon, Head of Retirement at JP Morgan Asset Management. Their annual spending in retirement seems not to be escalating as previously thought from around ,000 at age 65 to nearly ,000 at age 90 (due to inflation); instead, it climbs only to around ,000. Social Security can cover a significant chunk of that.根大通资产管理公司(JP Morgan Asset Management)退休部的主管迈克尔?法尔孔说,这对于年收入约5.6万美元的中等收入人群是个鼓舞人心的消息:这部分人群退休后的年度开并没有像当初预料的那样,从65岁时所需的4.3万美元增长到90岁时的8万美元(受通胀影响),而是仅仅止步于5万美元左右。其中,社保资金弥补了相当大的缺口。But higher earners -- particularly those who earn more than the median income but below what the country considers wealthy -- should be cautious before taking their feet off the gas. Their spending actually declines in retirement -- but that still doesn#39;t mean they#39;ll have saved enough to cover it.但收入更高的人群,尤其是高于平均水平,但称不上富豪的那些人,在决定养老储蓄时不能掉以轻心。他们退休后的开当然会较之退休前减少,但这并不意味着他们的储蓄足以维持这些开。;Having to save more is an affluent problem,; Falcon says. And here#39;s why: ;If I make 0,000 to 0,000 a year, I#39;m probably spending a lower percentage of my gross income pre-retirement because of saving and taxes,; Falcon says. ;I may be spending only 50% of my gross salary.; Still, because of the higher take-home, Social Security will not replace the same percentage of pre-retirement income. And taxes -- including those on withdrawals from retirement accounts -- will take a bigger bite.法尔孔说:“多攒钱是‘富人’不得不面对的问题。”他的解释是:“如果我一年能挣20万到30万美元,那么在退休前,我的开销可能是收入中较小的一部分,因为我得存钱,还得交税。我大概只会花掉总收入的50%。”而由于扣除各种费用后的实际收入更高,社会保险所能承担的退休后开占退休前收入的比例也无法达到与较低收入人群相同的比例。而税款也是很大一笔开,包括从退休账户取款需要缴纳的税款。Of course it pays to figure out if indeed you#39;re over-saving. That would free you up to use the money in the present, whether you put it toward defraying student loan debt for your kids or enjoying yourselves. Blanchett recommends a personal touch. ;Nothing can substitute for spending five hours with a CFP,; he says. ;But the percent of the population that will do that ... is a definite minority.; For people who are not going to engage, utilizing the online tools and retirement calculators available is a step in the right direction.当然,确定自己是否过度储蓄是明智之举。这样的话,你就不会在当下急需开时瞻前顾后。比如,你可以把一部分储蓄用来替孩子还掉助学贷款,也可以把它用于休闲。布兰切特给出了一条私人建议:“和金融理财师交流5小时绝对有必要。遗憾的是,很少有人这么做。”如果你不想聘请理财师,利用网络工具和退休计算器也不失为明智的做法。And remember, one thing this paper shows is that this is not a one-and-done experience. Your spending is not static. Neither is your health, earning potential, or -- even further from your control -- the sequence of your investment returns. Even if you#39;ve set retirement goals and are working toward them, revisiting the process every couple of years will pay off. Not just in how you#39;re able to live in the long run, but in how you#39;re able to live today.另外,请记住,这篇文章要说明的道理之一是,制定退休储蓄计划不是一劳永逸的事。你的花销并不是一成不变,同样,你的健康状况、赚钱能力以及你的投资回报顺序也不是一成不变的,未来它们甚至会失去控制。即使你已设定了退休目标,而且正在为之奋斗,每隔几年重新评估一下也是相当重要的。这样做不仅有益于未来的生活,也有助于过好当前的生活。 /201401/273437 A U.N. peacekeeper and two civilians have been killed in a spray of rocket fire on and near a ed Nations base camp in northern Mali.联合国在马里北部的一个设施及附近地区受到火箭弹攻击,一名联合国维和军人和两名平民丧生。A U.N. statement says eight soldiers were also wounded, and that ;the rockets also hit ... citizens outside the camp; killing two people and wounding four others.联合国的一份声明说,8名维和军人受伤。落到联合国设施以外的火箭弹还打死两个平民,打伤其他4人。It was not immediately clear who is responsible for the attack, which took place Sunday morning.目前不清楚什么人星期天早晨发动了这次袭击。The attack came a day after gunmen killed at least five people and wounded several others in an attack on a restaurant in Mali#39;s capital, Bamako.一天前,一些手在马里首都巴马科的一家餐馆发动攻击,打死至少5人,打伤若干人。 /201503/362979潜江市共振吸脂价格湖北武汉汉阳武昌隆鼻手术多少钱



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