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A librarian who admitted to a court this week that he substituted his own paintings for works by Chinese masters, and then sold the originals at auction, insisted he was not the only one to carry out such fraud. He was simply the best at it.一名图书馆馆长本周向法院承认,他用自己的画作替换中国大师的作品,然后将原画拿去拍卖。他坚称自己不是唯一采取这种欺诈手段的人,只不过是其中做得最好的一个。Xiao Yuan, the author of several books on Chinese art and a former librarian at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, said he came up with the scheme when he began a project to digitize the school#39;s collection in 2003 and noticed that many originals had been replaced with fakes.曾出版了几本有关中国艺术的书籍的广州美术学院图书馆原馆长萧元表示,在2003年开展对学校藏品进行数字化处理的项目时,他发现很多真迹被假画掉包,因此想到了这个瞒天过海的办法。That was what gave him the inspiration to do it himself, he told the court on Tuesday, according to a of the proceedings.一段庭审视频显示,萧元周二在法院表示,这一发现让他产生了自己也去掉包的念头。;At that time, when I first looked, I realized there were aly many fakes that had aly been substituted before me, but I didn#39;t say anything,; he said. ;I was very greedy and tempted. How was it that in the past there were so many people who did this? Now I had the keys, and I could do it, too.;;我有机会第一次看到这些画作。远远地看着,感觉很多是赝品,被人‘掉包#39;过。我当时没做声,却起了贪念,心想之前有人掉包过,我现在手里就有钥匙,也可以这样做,;他说。A year later he began visiting the library on weekends, taking home works by famous painters such as Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian, then copying them himself. He avoided the best-known works, including the more impressionistic paintings of the Lingnan School, which scholars at the institution knew well and were likely to be lent out for exhibitions.一年之后,他开始在周末来到图书馆,将齐白石、张大千等著名画家的作品带回家,然后自己临摹。他会避开名画,比如岭南画派的印象派风格画作,因为这些作品为广州美术学院的学者们所熟知,而且还很可能会借出去展览。Mr. Xiao purchased centuries-old blank paper and ink to render his forgeries and boasted that no one at the school#39;s library could tell the difference. ;From then up to the present, no one else understood except me,; he said. ;They just understood how to keep track of the numbers.;萧元买来几百年前的宣纸和砚墨,临摹出赝品。他夸耀说学校图书馆里没人能看出差别。;从那时到现在,在图书馆我是唯一懂美术的人,;他说,;其他人只会点数。;Prosecutors said that Mr. Xiao sold 125 paintings valued at 34 million renminbi, about .5 million, through auction houses. He also still had in his possession 18 works from the library with a total estimated worth of 77 million renminbi. He told the court that auction houses had thought those works were fake and had refused to sell them.检方称,萧元通过拍卖行出售了125幅画作,总共价值3400万元人民币。他手里还有18幅从图书馆盗走的画,总价值为7700万元人民币。他在庭审中表示,拍卖行认为后面这些画是假的,拒绝出售。He was discovered after a Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts graduate noticed a work at auction in Hong Kong had the school#39;s seal.广州美术学院的一名毕业生注意到在香港拍卖的一幅画作上有学校的印章,萧元的行为因此才被发现。Mr. Xiao told the court he stopped swapping his fakes for the school#39;s real works in 2006, after the collection was moved to the school#39;s new campus, restricting his access. Upon seeing some of the collection later, he noted that some of his forgeries had been replaced with even cruder fakes.萧元在法庭上表示,馆藏字画在2006年转移到了学校的新校区,他的出入受限,因此停止了掉包行为。后来看到一些画作时,他注意到,自己的一些临摹作品又被更粗糙的赝品掉包了。;I realized that paintings I had substituted 10 years ago had been substituted again,; he said. ;I could tell right away they weren#39;t mine. The quality was too low. I pointed this out to people, but they didn#39;t pay any attention.;;我发现自己10年前已经临摹掉包的画作被再次掉包,;他说。;因为画技拙劣,我一眼就看出来,我曾向办案人员指出,但没有得到重视。; /201507/388865

While poaching and environmental degradation have had disastrous effects on animal species across Asia, one highly endangered cat has seen a small but important rise in its numbers, researchers say.尽管偷猎和环境恶化给全亚洲的动物物种带来了灾难性的影响,但研究人员称,一种高度濒危的猫科动物的数量出现了幅度虽小却有重要意义的增加。The Amur leopard, which was once found across the Korean Peninsula and parts of Russia and China, is now considered the rarest big cat, with just a few dozen existing in the wild. But their numbers in Russia have risen from just 30 in 2007 to nearly double that in the latest count, according to the conservation group WWF.曾在朝鲜半岛各地以及中国和俄罗斯部分地区出现过的远东豹,现在被认为是最稀有的大型猫科动物,生活在野外的只有几十只。但据环保组织世界野生动物基金会(WWF)介绍,在距今最近的统计中,俄罗斯境内的远东豹数量已从2007年30只的水平上,翻了近一番。The group said 57 were found in Land of the Leopard National Park in the Russian Far East. The park, which was established in 2012, is in Primorsky Krai on the finger of land west of Vladivostok, where Russia, North Korea and China meet.该组织称在俄罗斯远东地区的豹之乡国家公园(Land of the Leopard National Park)发现了57只远东豹。成立于2012年的该公园位于滨海边疆,地处俄罗斯、朝鲜和中国三国交界处符拉迪沃斯托克以西一处狭长地带上。An estimated eight to 12 Amur leopards live in China, the WWF says. Chinese researchers counted 13 Amur leopards between April and June 2013 in the Hunchun Siberian Tiger National Nature Reserve, in the Chinese province of Jilin just across the border from the Russian park. Results of a new survey of the leopards in China will be published in a few months and will show their population has increased, said Wang Tianming, a researcher at Beijing Normal University, without giving specifics.世界野生动物基金会估计,中国境内还生活着8到12只远东豹。2013年4月到6月期间,中国的研究人员在与前述俄罗斯国家公园只有一条国境线之隔的吉林省珲春东北虎国家级自然保护区,清点到了13只远东豹。北京师范大学的研究人员王天明称,对中国远东豹的最新调查结果将在几个月后发布,届时将表明它们的数量增加了。但他未给出具体细节。“The number of leopards in China is extremely hopeful, higher than anything that’s been reported in the media,” Dr. Wang wrote in an email.“中国境内的远东豹数量极其乐观,比媒体任何一次报道的都高,”王天明在一封电子邮件中写道。There are many uncertainties preventing a precise count of Amur leopards. The cats often cross the border between Russia and China, meaning that some could be double-counted. Also, some could live in adjoining areas of North Korea, though little is known about their population there.很多不确定因素都会导致无法精确地清点远东豹的数量。它们常常穿越中俄边境,也就是说有些可能数重复了。此外,一些远东豹可能生活在毗连朝鲜的地区,但人们对那里的远东豹数量情况知之甚少。The leopard’s numbers are still quite small, but environmental groups say the recent population increase is a result of the expanded protection of their habitat. The increase in leopard numbers is paralleled by the Amur or Siberian tiger, a larger cat whose range overlaps that of the Amur leopard. The Siberian tiger numbers have climbed from just 40 in the 1940s to as many as 450 in Russia today. An additional 18 to 22 tigers are estimated to live in China.远东豹的数量依然很少,但环保组织称,最近远东豹数量增加,是加大了对其栖息地的保护的结果。和远东豹一样,东北虎的数量也增加了。东北虎是一种体型更大的猫科动物,其栖息地与远东豹重合。俄罗斯境内的东北虎数量已从上世纪40年代的40只,增加到了如今的450只。据估计,中国境内还生活着18到22只东北虎。The Siberian tiger made headlines last year after one released by Russian President Vladimir V. Putin crossed into China, followed later by another tiger released as part of the same Russian conservation program.去年,在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)放生的一只东北虎进入中国境内之后,东北虎一度成为媒体关注的焦点。后来,同一个俄罗斯环保项目放生的另一只东北虎也进入了中国。“The fact that the Putin tiger came over and didn’t get poached, which was what everybody was worried about, showed that the Chinese side is starting to really be managed effectively for large cats,” said Barney Long, head of Asian species conservation at the World Wildlife Fund in the ed States, as the WWF is known there. “If you look at what China has done for panda conservation, our hope is that this is the initial sign that China is doing the same kind of world-class conservation for tigers and leopards across the northeast.”“普京的老虎能够进入中国,没有像外界担心的那样被捕杀,这说明中国方面对大型猫科动物进行了有效的保护。”世界自然基金会(World Wildlife Fund)在美国的亚洲物种保护负责人巴尼·朗(Barney Long)说。“看看中国为保护大熊猫所付出的行动,我们希望这预示着,中国也会为东北部的老虎和豹提供同样的世界级的保护。”Although China has extensive forests in its northeast, years of commercial logging mean they often lack diverse plant species. That limits the food supply for deer and other prey for the big cats, Dr. Long said. But improved management in both China and Russia has improved prospects of rebounds in endangered tiger and leopard populations.中国的东北拥有大面积的森林,但常年的商业砍伐意味着,那里的植物种类缺乏多样性。朗说,这限制了鹿以及大型猫科动物捕食的其他动物的食物来源。不过,中国和俄罗斯管理方面的改善,提高了濒危老虎和豹数量反弹的可能性。Still, the overall numbers of big cats in the wild in Northeast Asia are still quite small, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophe.尽管如此,东北亚地区野生大型猫科动物的整体数量仍然很少,很容易受到灾难的影响。“When you start getting down to small numbers like that, a single disease outbreak could wipe out large amounts, a single really serious poaching incident could take out two or three breeding females and that could knock them back,” Dr. Long said. “This population of Amur leopards, by no stretch of imagination is it safe. But it is recovering and it is showing all the signs. It can be an exponential recovery if it is allowed to get going.”“当一个物种的数量减少到这种程度时,一场疾病的爆发就可能导致动物大量死去,一次严重的偷猎行为就可能导致两三只能够繁衍下一代的雌性动物死亡,使种群的数量进一步退回以前的水平,”朗说。“远东豹的数量,绝对不是毫无风险。但它正在恢复,显示出各种增长的迹象。如果得以持续下去的话,可能会出现几何级数的增长。” /201503/361989

  Having failed to stem carbon emissions in rich countries or in rapidly industrialising ones, policy makers have focused their attention on the only remaining target: poor countries that do not emit much carbon to begin with.在未能限制住富国或快速工业化国家的碳排放后,政策制定者已将注意力放在仅剩的一个限排目标群体上,也就是那些压根就不排放多少二氧化碳的穷国。Legislation to cap US carbon emissions was defeated in Congress in 2009. But that did not prevent the Obama administration from imposing a cap on emissions from energy projects of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a US federal agency that finances international development. Other institutions of the rich world that have decided to limit support for fossil fuel energy projects include the World Bank and the European Investment Bank.2009年,限制美国碳排放的立法在国会以失败告终。但这并未阻止奥巴马(Obama)政府对海外私人投资公司(Overseas Private Investment Corporation)能源项目的碳排放设限。该公司是美国联邦机构,任务是为国际开发融资。富裕世界的其他机构,包括世界(World Bank)和欧洲投资(European Investment Bank),也决定限制对化石燃料能源项目的持。Such decisions have painful consequences. A recent report from the non-profit Center for Global Development estimates that bn invested in renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa could provide electricity for 30m people. If the same amount of money went into gas-fired generation, it would supply about 90m people – three times as many.这些决定产生了令人痛苦的后果。非营利组织“全球发展中心”(Center for Global Development)近期的一份报告估计,如果用100亿美元投资于撒哈拉以南非洲的可再生能源项目,可让3000万人用上电。如果同样多的资金投资于燃气发电,则可让大约9000万人用上电,为前一数字的3倍。In Nigeria, the UN Development Programme is spending m to help “improve the energy efficiency of a series of end-use equipment#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;in residential and public buildings”. As a way of lifting people out of poverty, this is fanciful at best. Nigeria is the world’s sixth-largest oil exporter, with vast reserves of natural gas as well. Yet 80m of its people lack access to electricity. Nigerians do not simply need their equipment to be more efficient; they need a copious supply of energy derived from plentiful local sources.在尼日利亚,联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)正斥资1000万美元,帮助“提高住宅和公共建筑中一系列终端设备的能效”。作为一种帮助人们脱贫的方式,这最多只能算是一个奇特的主意。尼日利亚是世界第六大石油出口国,还拥有巨大的天然气储量。但该国却有8000万人用不上电。尼日利亚人根本不需要使自己的设备更为节能,而是需要源自本国丰富资源的充足能源供应。Or consider Pakistan, where energy shortages in a rapidly growing nation of 180m have led to civil unrest – as well as rampant destruction of forests, mostly to provide firewood for cooking and heating. Western development agencies have refused to finance a project to use Pakistan’s Thar coal deposits for low-carbon natural gas production and electricity generation because of concerns over carbon emissions. Half a world away, Germany is building 10 new coal plants over the next two years.或者来考虑一下巴基斯坦的例子。在这个拥有1.8亿人口、正快速发展的国家,能源短缺已引发民众骚乱,还导致猖獗的毁林行为,他们砍伐林木主要是为了获取木柴,用于做饭和取暖。出于对碳排放的担忧,西方开发机构拒绝为一个利用巴基斯坦塔尔煤矿藏来进行低碳天然气生产和发电的项目融资。而在地球的另一端,德国将在未来两年新建10座燃煤电厂。These examples emerge from a larger, uglier background: a widely shared assumption that poor nations need not aspire to the sort of energy consumption seen in North America, western Europe and other wealthy regions. For example, the World Bank’s action plan for energy access fails to foresee that residents of a poor nation such as Chad might eventually aspire to use more than, say, a 10th of the energy consumption enjoyed by a middle-income nation such as Bulgaria.这些例子的背后是一个更大、更丑陋的事实:人们普遍认为,穷国不需要追求北美、西欧和其他富裕地区那种能源消费。举例来说,世行的能源获取行动计划未能预见到:像乍得这样的穷国,其最终追求的能源消费量,可能会高于像保加利亚这样的中等收入国家能源消费量的十分之一。Aspirations are critical here. If two lightbulbs, a fan and a radio are the goal – a standard measure of “energy access” used by the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative – then a couple of solar panels or windmills might do the job. But if the rapidly urbanising poor are to have any chance of prosperity, they need access to energy on the same scale as all modern economies.在这里,追求是个至关重要的因素。如果两个灯泡、一台电扇和一部收音机就是追求目标(这是联合国“人人享有可持续能源”倡议(Sustainable Energy for All Initiative)所使用的衡量“能源获取”的标准指标),那么几块太阳能电池板或几台风力发电机可能就足够应付了。但如果迅速城市化的穷国想有机会实现繁荣的话,那么它们就需要获得与所有现代经济体一样多的能源。Climate activists warn that the inhabitants of poor countries are especially vulnerable to the future climate changes that our greenhouse gas emissions will cause. Why then, do they simultaneously promote the green imperialism that helps lock in the poverty that makes these countries so vulnerable?气候活动人士警告称,穷国居民尤其容易受到我们温室气体排放导致的未来气候变化的影响。那么,他们为什么又要推进“绿色帝国主义”(green imperialism)?正是绿色帝国主义帮助固化了贫困,让这些国家变得如此脆弱。If, in coming decades, Africa was to achieve rapid economic growth of the kind that China has experienced, it would lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. But as the rich world can attest, economic growth both requires energy consumption and leads to more of it – most of which must be provided by fossil fuels.未来几十年,如果非洲能实现中国经历的那种快速经济增长,数亿人将因此脱贫。但正如富裕世界所能明的那样,经济增长既需要能源消费,也会导致更多的能源消费——其中多数必须由化石燃料提供。Last year China’s 1.4bn people were responsible for more than 10bn tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, while the 1bn people on the entire African continent emitted just a 10th of that amount. Africa’s population could exceed China’s within a decade; it could be double China’s by the middle of the century. The prospects of these billions of people depend in large part on growth in their energy production and consumption.去年,中国14亿人口产生了逾100亿吨的碳排放,而整个非洲大陆的10亿人口的碳排放仅为中国的10%。10年内,非洲人口可能会超过中国;到本世纪中叶,非洲人口可能会变为中国的两倍。这几十亿人口的前景在很大程度上取决于其能源生产和消费的增长。Nations such as China and Brazil have big aspirations. They have not accepted a future without fossil fuels. If we are to reduce emissions without condemning vast swaths of humanity to unending poverty, we will have to develop inexpensive, low-carbon energy technologies that are as appropriate for the US and Bulgaria as they are for Nigeria and Pakistan. Even this will involve sacrifice; it will require an investment of significant resources over many decades.中国和巴西等国有远大的抱负。它们没有接受一个不存在化石燃料的未来。如果我们要在不让大量人口陷入无休止贫困的前提下减排,就必须开发既适合美国和保加利亚、也适合尼日利亚和巴基斯坦的低成本低碳能源技术。即使要做到这一点,也少不了要作出牺牲;它需要在数十年的时间里投入可观的资源。Until these technologies are brought to fruition, we must work with what we have. We in the rich world have chosen economic growth over emissions reductions. It is cruelly hypocritical of us to prevent poor countries from growing, too. If we are forced to adapt to life on a planet with a less hospitable climate, the poor should at least confront the challenge with the same advantages that are enjoyed by the rich.在这些技术结出硕果之前,我们必须利用现有技术。我们这些富裕世界的人,已选择将经济增长至于减排之上。如果我们阻止穷国也实现增长,那将是一种残忍的伪善行为。如果我们不得不适应在一个气候不那么宜人的星球上生活,那么穷国至少应在享有与富国同等优越条件的前提下来应对这一挑战。 /201403/279292



  The sp of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa and the slow international response has led to increasing calls for China, Africa’s biggest trading partner, to do more to help contain the epidemic.致命的埃拉病毒在西非蔓延,而国际社会反映迟缓,这使得越来越多人向中国呼吁,去采取更多措施来帮助控制疫情的蔓延。中国是非洲最大的贸易伙伴。The pressure on China highlights the country’s changing international status. As the world’s second-largest economy, it is expected to take on more of the burden of responding to international crises. But it is still a developing nation, poorer per capita than the ed States, Japan or European Union countries.中国承受的压力突显了中国国际地位的转变。作为世界第二大经济体,人们期待中国肩负起应对国际危机的更大责任。但中国仍然是一个发展中国家,人均收入低于美国、日本和欧盟国家。On Tuesday, China announced that it was sending a mobile lab with 59 experts to Sierra Leone, the third team it has dispatched to the country. Over the past month, China has contributed million in food, medical supplies and cash to help African countries and aid organizations combat the disease.周二,中国宣布将向塞拉利昂派遣一个由59名专家组成的移动实验室,这是中国向该国派出的第三组专家。过去一个月里,中国提供了价值3700万美元(约2.3亿元人民币)的食品、医疗用品和资金,来帮助非洲国家及援助组织对抗疫情。The ed Nations said on Tuesday that it would cost nearly billion to contain the disease, which has killed more than 2,400 people thus far. Half of the cases have come in the past three weeks, according to the World Health Organization, with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone hardest hit by the accelerating outbreak.联合国周二表示,控制疫情蔓延可能需要将近10亿美元,目前已有超过2400人因为埃拉疫情丧生。世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)数据显示,有半数的病例是在过去三周中产生的,疫情蔓延的加速对几内亚、利比里亚、塞拉利昂的冲击最为严重。The ed States, which has been criticized for not doing more to help control the sp of the disease, announced a dramatic increase in support on Tuesday. The ed States military will send 3,000 personnel to combat what President Obama called “an epidemic of the likes that we have not seen before.” The ed States Agency for International Development said that it had spent more than 0 million on protective equipment and relief supplies and planned to budget another million. The Department of Defense is preparing to budget an additional 0 million toward the effort.美国此前被人批评,没有采取更多措施控制疫情蔓延,但周二,美国宣布会大幅加强持力度。美国军方将派遣3000名人员,对抗奥巴马总统所形容的“我们前所未见的那种流行病”。美国国际开发署(ed States Agency for International Development)称,已经提供了价值超过1亿美元的保护装备和救援物资,并打算再划拨7500万美元。国防部正准备再拨付5亿美元资金帮助控制疫情。Following the American announcement, some commentators called for more support from China, which has extensive investments in natural resources and infrastructure development in Africa as well as a million of its citizens working there.美国宣布上述举措之后,一些人士呼吁,中国也应给出更多持,中国在非洲的自然资源和基础设施建设领域有广泛的投资,此外还有一百万中国公民在非洲工作。In a piece for Bloomberg View titled “Africa’s Ebola Should Be China’s Problem,” James Gibney wrote:在《彭视点》(Bloomberg View)上刊登的一篇题为《非洲埃拉应该是中国的问题》(Africa’s Ebola Should Be China’s Problem)的文章中,詹姆斯·吉布尼(James Gibney)写道:Chinese foreign investment has been a powerful force for African economic development (and, sadly, for the retirement funds of African kleptocrats). But China isn’t going to build up its soft power unless its government and state-owned enterprises in Africa are willing to dig a little deeper.“中国的对外投资一直是非洲经济发展的一股强劲力量(可悲的是,也为卖国肥己的非洲官员提供了丰厚的退休金)。然而只有中国政府,以及涉足非洲的国有企业表现得更为慷慨,中国才能构筑起软实力。”China has pointed out its long-running contributions to public health in Africa. A State Council white paper last month said that China had 43 medical teams in 42 African countries, had aided in the construction of 30 hospitals and 30 malaria prevention centers, and had contributed 0 million worth of medical supplies.中国指出,自己长期以来一直在持非洲的公共卫生。中国国务院上个月发布的白皮书表示,中国在42个非洲国家派驻了43医疗队,对30家医院、30家疟疾预防中心的建设提供了帮助,并提供了价值1.3亿美元的医疗用品。And China’s contributions to efforts against Ebola have earned high-level praise. Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization, called the newly announced mobile lab for Sierra Leone “a huge boost, morally and operationally,” according to a W.H.O. statement.中国为控制埃拉疫情而做出的贡献受到了高度赞扬。世卫组织发布的一份声明称,总干事陈冯富珍(Margaret Chan)表示,新近宣布为塞拉利昂提供的移动实验室,“在道义上和实际运作中都有巨大的帮助”。 /201409/329613

  Many shoppers are blaming online retailers for stealing Christmas.许多顾客抱怨网上零售商偷走了他们的圣诞节。Companies from Amazon.com Inc. to Kohl#39;s Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. promised to deliver items from headphones to television sets before Christmas, but shipping delays left gift-givers across the country without anything to put under the tree.从亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)到Kohl#39;s Corp.再到沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.),网上零售商们信誓旦旦地保可以在圣诞节前把耳机、电视机等五花八门的商品送到顾客手中。但运输的延误却导致全美国许多人没有礼物可以摆在圣诞树下。On Christmas Eve, Brandon Scott was still waiting for a 46-inch Samsung TV and Kate Spade watch he ordered from Amazon on Saturday.圣诞节前夜,家住密歇根州安阿伯的斯科特(Brandon Scott)还在等着他上周六在亚马逊订购的46寸三星(Samsung)电视机和凯特丝蓓(Kate Spade)手表。#39;I#39;m frustrated because these items could have easily been purchased at various retailers in my area, something I would have gladly done had Amazon not guaranteed#39; their arrival before Christmas,#39; said Mr. Scott of Ann Arbor, Mich.他说:我很懊悔,这些东西本来在我家附近许多零售店都能买到,要不是亚马逊保商品会在圣诞节前送到,我会很乐意去附近零售店买的。An unexpected surge of online orders in the past few weeks appears to have strained the limits of delivery and fulfillment infrastructure at retailers and parcel carriers. While instances of bad weather, Web glitches and late deliveries from manufacturers also played a part, the sheer volume may have been the problem, according to retail analysts.过去几周网上订单的意外激增似乎使零售商和快递公司的送货和订单处理能力都达到了极限。零售业分析师说,虽然存在天气不好、网络故障和制造商发货延迟等其他因素,但庞大的订单量可能才是主因。ed Parcel Service Inc. determined late Tuesday that it wouldn#39;t be able to get some goods to customers in time for Christmas, as a spike in last-minute shopping demand overwhelmed its system.联合包裹运送务公司(ed Parcel Service Inc., 简称UPS)周二晚间确认,一些商品无法在圣诞节及时送达,因为最后时刻的购物需求飙升超过了其系统承受能力。#39;The volume of air packages in the UPS system did exceed capacity as demand was much greater than our forecast,#39; spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said in response to questions. UPS delivers around 45% of U.S. packages and saw more shipments enter its air network on Monday than the 7.75 million it expected.UPS发言人罗森堡(Susan Rosenberg)在回答问题时说,UPS系统的空运包裹数量确实超出了承受能力,需求量远远超出我们的预期。UPS运送的包裹数量占美国包裹总数的45%左右,周一进入其空运网络的包裹数量超过了其预计的775万件。In notifications to some Amazon customers, though, UPS also seemed to blame the e-commerce giant for some of its troubles, saying shipping delays were because it had #39;not yet received the package from the shipper.#39;但在发给部分亚马逊顾客的通知中,UPS似乎将部分问题归咎于这家电子商务巨头,称运送延迟是因为还没有从发货商收到包裹。Having pushed delivery deadlines even later this year, some merchants weren#39;t y for the jump in online orders that came in the last few weeks of December, said Eric Best, chief executive of Mercent Corp., which helps facilitate online sales for more than 550 retailers.Mercent Corp.首席执行长贝斯特(Eric Best)说,虽然已将今年的最晚送达时间进一步延长,但一些商户对12月份最后几周网上订单数量的激增依然感到措手不及。Mercent为550多家零售商的网上销售提供务。#39;During the holidays, we reach the limits on the capacity of these retailers,#39; Mr. Best said. #39;It#39;s a double whammy for conservative retailers, which have been burned by excess inventory in the past, and underestimated demand.#39;贝斯特说,节日期间,零售商的能力都达到极限,保守的零售商则遭到双重打击,他们过去因为库存积压而焦头烂额,这一次却低估了需求。After years of losing sales to online competitors, retailers have invested heavily in infrastructure to support Web sales and this year made aggressive promises for delivery by Christmas. Last-minute shoppers responded. During the last shopping weekend before Christmas, Web sales jumped by 37% from the year before, according to IBM Digital Analytics. Market research firm Forrester Research expects online sales to increase by 15% this holiday season amid slow mall traffic and weak sales at brick-and-mortar retailers.多年来不断被网上竞争对手抢走生意的零售商们纷纷加大了网络销售的配套投资,今年打出了圣诞节前保送货到家的口号,这吸引了那些拖到最后一刻才来购物的消费者。根据IBM Digital Analytics的数据,在圣诞节前的最后一个购物周,网上销售同比飙升37%。市场研究公司Forrester Research预计,这个假日购物季,在商场客流量和实体零售店销售萎靡不振的同时,网上销售将增长15%。For Wal-Mart shopper David McCarthy, 41 years old, in Evans City, Pa., the shipping snafus meant telling his 10-year-old son that he wouldn#39;t get the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which were first on his wish list this year. By Christmas Eve, Mr. McCarthy hadn#39;t found a replacement gift.对家住宾夕法尼亚州埃文斯城的41岁的麦卡锡(David McCarthy)来说,因为他选择在沃尔玛购物,运输不给力意味着他要告诉自己10岁的儿子他无法收到Beats by Dr. Dre耳机了,这是他今年愿望清单上排在第一位的礼品。直到圣诞节前夜,麦卡锡还没有找到可以替代的礼物。In Alexander City, Ala., Kohl#39;s shopper Andi Burks grumbled over the realization she wouldn#39;t be able to give her husband the sweaters Ms. Burks had ordered on Dec. 19, a day before the cutoff for #39;guaranteed Christmas delivery.#39;在亚拉巴马州的亚历山大城,在Kohl#39;s购买了商品的伯克斯(Andi Burks)抱怨说,她在12月19日那天下了单子,想送老公一件毛衣,那是“圣诞节保送达”最后下单日期的前一天,可现在没法完成这个愿望了。#39;I thought that since they had stated on their website that it was guaranteed to arrive on time that I would be OK,#39; she said referring to Kohl#39;s. #39;Apparently I was wrong.#39;她说:当时我想既然他们(Kohl#39;s)在网站上承诺会按时送达,应该不会出问题,显然我是错了。Kohl#39;s said on Tuesday it would pay the full cost of all items not delivered in time. #39;We are deeply sorry for disappointing our customers expecting delivery in time for Christmas,#39; spokeswoman Jen Johnson said.Kohl#39;s周二说,将为所有未及时送达的商品全额退款。该公司发言人约翰逊(Jen Johnson)说,我们让期待商品在圣诞节及时送达的顾客失望了,我们深表歉意。Groupon Inc. sent customers an email this week suggesting they print out a picture of their present in lieu of the promised on-time delivery of the actual gift, as well as a gift certificate. #39;We know it doesn#39;t make up for the disappointment of not getting your item in time for the holidays,#39; the email said.Groupon Inc.本周向顾客发了一封电子邮件,建议他们打印出所购礼物的图片,暂时代替该公司承诺按时送达的实际礼物,该公司还赠送顾客一张25美元的礼品券。电子邮件中说,我们知道这难以弥补大家在节日期间无法及时收到所购物品的失望。The deals site #39;successfully fulfilled and delivered an overwhelming majority of orders,#39; said spokesman Nicholas Halliwell.这家团购网站的发言人哈利韦尔(Nicholas Halliwell)说,该公司成功完成并投送了绝大部分顾客订购的物品。It is unclear how widesp the delays were or which retailers suffered the most problems. Weather delays, mislabeled packages, and even errors by customers entering their own delivery information can cause delays.不清楚这次的投送延迟影响范围有多大,也不清楚哪些零售商遇到的问题最多。天气原因、误标的包裹,甚至是顾客在填写投递信息时犯的错误,这些都可能造成投递延迟。Kohl#39;s, Wal-Mart and UPS said a small percentage of customers experienced delays but declined to elaborate on how many people were affected. Amazon said it was unaware of major shipping delays.Kohl#39;s、沃尔玛和UPS说,有一小部分顾客遭遇了延迟,但拒绝详细说明有多少人受到影响。亚马逊说,未发觉有重大运送延迟的问题。Typically, about 15% of online shoppers who order items by retailers#39; specified cutoff dates don#39;t get their packages by Christmas Eve, Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru said. But with more gifts being shipped in the mail, the volume of errors is likely to rise, even if the percentage doesn#39;t.Forrester Research分析师穆普鲁(Sucharita Mulpuru)说,一般来讲,在零售商指定的截止日期前下单的网络购物者中约有15%在平安夜前收不到包裹。但由于寄送的礼物增多,出错量可能会增加,即便出错率不变。UPS, which handled more than 500 million packages during last year#39;s peak period, was expecting an 8% rise in volumes this year. The U.S. Postal Service, meanwhile, said it expected to ship a record 420 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year#39;s, an increase of 12% from last year. The Postal Service in some cases plans to deliver on Christmas Day itself.UPS在去年的高峰期里处理了超过5亿个包裹。该公司预计今年包裹量将上升8%。与此同时,美国邮政总局(U.S. Postal Service)说,它预计在今年的感恩节至元旦期间,将运送创纪录的4.2亿个包裹,较上年同比增加12%。美国邮政总局有些情况下会安排在圣诞节当天投递包裹。#39;We#39;ve heard more noise about shipping problems this year than usual,#39; said Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise, which handles shipping for more than 70 retailers including Toys #39;R#39; Us Inc. and Aéropostale Inc.eBay Enterprise总裁萨勒达奇斯(Chris Saridakis)说,今年我们听到的有关运输问题的投诉比往年要多。该公司为超过70家零售商提供运输务,包括玩具反斗城(Toys ;R; Us Inc.)和装零售商Aeropostale Inc.。Part of the problem is handling an increased number of orders in a shorter time frame, given that there were six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.问题之一是需要在更短的时间内处理更多的订单,因为今年感恩节与圣诞节之间的购物日比往年少了六天。#39;These retailers just don#39;t have enough labor,#39; Mr. Saridakis said, noting that while most of the distribution centers are automated, #39;you still need people to pack and unpack boxes.#39;萨勒达奇斯说,这些零售商没有足够的工人。他指出,尽管大部分配送中心都是自动化的,但仍需要人来打包和拆包箱子。Retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart have been building more fulfillment centers and other infrastructure to handle surging online orders. This year, Amazon hired 70,000 seasonal workers for its U.S. warehouses, a 40% increase from the year before.像亚马逊和沃尔玛这样的零售商一直在修建更多的物流中心和其他基础设施,以便处理不断激增的网络订单。今年,亚马逊为其美国的仓库雇佣了7万名季节工,较上年同比增加了40%。To ease pressures on possible shipping bottlenecks, many retail chains have promoted the option to pick up items purchased online inside stores. That plan might have backfired for companies like Wal-Mart, where dozens of customers complained that items weren#39;t available for pickup in stores by the promised date.为缓解给可能出现的运输瓶颈带来的压力,很多连锁店鼓励顾客到店自提在网上购买的物品。这项计划对沃尔玛这样的公司可能带来了事与愿违的结果。在沃尔玛,数十名顾客抱怨说,在该公司承诺的日期前他们无法在店内自提所购物品。The problem seemed to be biggest for customers who had lined up for hours during Thanksgiving weekend to get special deals on popular televisions and tablets.对那些在感恩节周末期间排了几个小时的队抢购特价热卖电视和平板电脑的顾客来说,问题似乎是最大的。As part of Wal-Mart#39;s Black Friday promises, shoppers who lined up for the best door-buster deals were told that if the store ran out of stock, then the items they paid for would be available for store pickup by Dec. 22. But in some cases, the items weren#39;t available and shoppers jammed customer-service phone lines and took to Facebook and Twitter to gripe at the retailer.作为沃尔玛黑色星期五的承诺的一部分,排队抢购特价商品的购物者被告知,如果店内缺货,他们可以在12月22日前到店自提订购的商品。但有些情况下,到了该公司承诺的日期店内仍没有货,购物者打爆了电话,并在Facebook和推特(Twitter)上表达对这家零售商的不满。Wal-Mart said the issue affected only a small percentage of the five million people who took part in its one-hour guarantee promotion.沃尔玛说,这个问题仅影响了参与沃尔玛一小时限时促销活动的500万人中的一小部分。But by Christmas Eve, it was too late for some customers like Terence Kavanaugh in Louisville, Ky.但在平安夜前,对一些顾客来说已经为时过晚,比如肯塔基州路易斯维尔的卡瓦诺(Terence Kavanaugh)。After losing hope on getting the Emerson television he bought his 9-year-old daughter at Wal-Mart over Thanksgiving weekend, he went to Best Buy and bought a second TV for 9.感恩节周末他在沃尔玛花了98美元给九岁的女儿买了一台艾默生(Emerson)电视机,但由于迟迟未收到货,他不再抱希望。于是去百思买(Best Buy)花179美元又买了一台。#39;It#39;s more expensive but I#39;m not going to let Wal-Mart ruin my daughter#39;s Christmas,#39; he said.他说,这台电视机更贵,但我不会让沃尔玛毁了我女儿的圣诞节。 /201312/271040This year brought so many promising new shows: 2014 was the year of “True Detective,” “The Honorable Woman,” “Fargo,” “The Affair,” “Olive Kitteridge” and “Silicon Valley,; among others. But there were also older shows that either stayed the course or somehow climbed their way back from a dip or even total eclipse, notably “The Comeback,” starring Lisa Kudrow, a HBO comedy that was canceled in 2005 after one season and then resurrected in November.2014年出现了这么多大有前途的新剧:《真探》(True Detective)、《荣耀之女》(The Honorable Woman)、《冰血暴》(Fargo)、《婚外情》(The Affair)、《奥丽芙·基特里奇》(Olive Kitteridge)和《硅谷》(Silicon Valley)等。有些老剧仍在坚持,或者莫名其妙地重振雄风,或者在被砍后再次回归,最显眼的是丽莎·库卓(Lisa Kudrow)主演的HBO喜剧《归来记》(The Comeback),它在2005年播出一季后被砍,今年11月回归。These are a few old shows that found new vigor in 2014 and deserve another look — and also a few that don’t.下面是2014年的几部重现活力、需要刮目相看的老剧——以及几部死气沉沉的老剧。‘Homeland’ This Showtime espionage thriller seemed destined for irrelevance after Brody (Damian Lewis) was finally killed at the end of Season 3. Season 4 has so far turned out to be remarkably vital and exhilarating without him, this time by pitting Carrie (Claire Danes) against a beautiful, deceitful Pakistani intelligence officer, Tasneem, (Nimrat Kaur).《国土安全》(Homeland):第三季末布洛迪(Brody,戴米恩·路易斯[Damian Lewis]饰)最终被杀后,映时频道(Showtime)的这部间谍惊悚剧似乎走到了尽头。目前看来,第四季没了他却变得充满活力,令人喜爱。卡莉(Carrie,克莱尔·丹尼斯[Claire Danes]饰)这次的对手是美貌、狡猾的巴基斯坦情报官塔斯尼姆(Tasneem,尼姆拉特·考尔[Nimrat Kaur]饰)。‘The Good Wife’ Once Will (Josh Charles), Alicia’s illicit love interest, died at the end of Season 5, this sexy CBS courtroom drama seemed as if it might droop and wither, but instead, the sixth season steamed with almost madcap energy, mixing Alicia’s newly fledged political campaign, a war of the roses between Alicia’s new firm and her old one, and the legal travails of Cary, her legal partner. Alicia isn’t quite so good anymore, and that makes “The Good Wife” all the better.《傲骨贤妻》(The Good Wife):艾丽西娅(Alicia)的秘密暧昧对象威尔(Will,乔希·查尔斯[Josh Charles]饰)在第五季末死去,CBS频道的这部性感法庭剧似乎要完蛋了,但是第六季却似乎充满了疯狂的能量——艾丽西娅初露头角的政治竞选、新旧公司的权力之争、合伙人卡里(Cary)的棘手法律事务。艾丽西娅不再那么完美,《傲骨贤妻》因此更好看了。‘Law amp; Order: SVU’ This N ripped-from-the-soap-opera perils of Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) — psychopath rapist-stalker, tortured love affair, new baby — that took up so much air last season finally died down, and this season, the show’s 16th, the detectives got back to sex crimes à clef, including a Ray Rice-inspired episode about a star sportscaster who was seen on a surveillance camera punching the lights out of his wife.《法律与秩序:特殊受害者》(Law amp; Order: SVU):N频道的这部电视剧上一季中的危机仿佛是从肥皂剧中搬来,发生了各种大事,奥利维亚(Olivia,玛莉丝卡·哈吉塔[(Mariska Hargitay]饰)经历了许多危险——喜欢跟踪的变态强奸犯,折磨人的婚外恋,新生婴儿,现在这一切终于平息下来。在今年的第16季中,侦探们回到了重要的性犯罪上,其中一集的灵感来自雷·赖斯(Ray Rice),讲述的是从监控录像中看到一个著名体育广播员殴打自己的妻子。‘The Mindy Project’ It doesn’t matter that Mindy Kaling’s comedy on Fox is in its third season and still not a hit, because it keeps improving with age. It has grown from a one-comedian showcase into a very funny ensemble effort, thanks in part to the addition of Adam Pally in Season 2 and jokes about Ms. Kaling’s alma mater, Dartmouth.《明迪烦事多》(The Mindy Project):福克斯频道的这部明迪·卡灵(Mindy Kaling)创作的喜剧已经在播第三季,但仍不热门,不过这无关紧要,因为它在不断进步——从单个喜剧演员的独角戏发展成非常有趣的集体表演,部分原因在于第二季增加了亚当·帕利(Adam Pally),并且对明迪的母校达特茅斯学院开起了玩笑。‘Episodes’ This comedy on Showtime, too often overlooked, follows the bewilderment of two British TV writers stuck in Hollywood creating a series for Matt LeBlanc, who plays a diva version of himself very convincingly. Not many shows set in the entertainment industry can sustain the conceit, but this is one that got even better in its third year.《剧集人生》(Episodes):映时频道的这部喜剧经常被忽视,它讲述的是两位被困在好莱坞的英国电视编剧在为马特·勒布朗(Matt LeBlanc)创作电视剧时遇到的困惑。勒布朗在剧中饰演他自己,演得很精。以业为背景的电视剧很少能保持最初的巧妙构思,但这部剧的第三季比前两季还要精。‘Veep’ “House of Cards,” the Netflix phenomenon, showed its weaknesses this year, but HBO’s “Veep,” the other most cynical show about Washington, got stronger in its third season. The scene in a restroom in which Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her assistant, Gary (Tony Hale) discover that she is going to become president and dissolve into uncontrollable laughter was one of the great comic moments of 2014.《副总统》(Veep):Netflix公司的热门剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)今年露出疲态,但另一部讽刺华盛顿的HBO电视剧《副总统》却在第三季中更上一层楼。塞琳娜(朱莉娅·路易斯-德莱弗斯[Julia Louis-Dreyfus]饰)和助手加里(Gary,托尼·黑尔[Tony Hale]饰)在洗手间里发现自己即将成为总统后,激动得失声大笑,成为2014年喜剧片中最滑稽的一幕。‘The Americans’ Set in the Reagan era, this FX series is nearly as deceptive as KGB agents posing as suburban American couple: In its second season, “The Americans” proved to be a drama about love, family, friendship and mistrust disguised as a Cold War thriller.《美国谍梦》(The Americans):FX频道的这部电视剧以里根时代为背景,它和剧中两位伪装成美国郊区夫妻的克格勃间谍一样具有欺骗性:第二季表面上看是冷战惊悚剧,实际上是关于爱情、家庭、友谊和猜忌的情节剧。‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)《危险!》(Jeopardy!):这个游戏节目今年已播出50年(1964年3月30日首播),它明自己不仅能难住观众,而且能令他们感到意外。不仅是因为主持人亚历克斯·特里贝克(Alex Trebek)留起了胡子(之前13年他都是把胡子剃得干干净净),而且是因为仍有些选手表明自己能刺激观众。今年刺激观众的是亚瑟·朱(Arthur Chu),他采用闪电战式的答题方式,在网上引起一片哗然。他的策略令人兴奋,当然也很奏效:他在锦标赛中夺得第二名(友善的本·因格拉姆[Ben Ingram]最后得了第一)。Some hits have gone so far over the top they should be winded, yet instead keep on puffing gusts of hot air, including “Downton Abbey,” “Scandal” and “Revenge.” A new addition on A, “How to Get Away With Murder” was a fun substitute, a lurid nighttime soap opera about lawbreaking defense lawyers — “Law amp; Disorder.”有些热门剧已经走得太远,应该降降温了,却仍在大张旗鼓,比如《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)、《丑闻》(Scandal)和《复仇》(Revenge)。A频道的新剧《逍遥法外》(How to Get Away With Murder)是一部有趣的替代品,它是一部耸人听闻的夜间肥皂剧,讲述不法辩护律师的故事,简直可以称为“法律与无序”。There were also shows that didn’t live up to early expectations but still had traction, most notably “The Affair,” on Showtime, which began as a Hamptons film noir and instead turned into a French art film. The crime may not be commensurate with the series’s punishingly slow pace and “Rashomon;-like storytelling, but the series picked up momentum — and suspense — in the final episodes.还有些电视剧不如人们最初预料的好,不过仍有吸引力,最显眼的是映时频道的《婚外恋》,它一开始看起来像汉普顿斯式黑色电影,后来变成了法国艺术电影。剧中的罪行与过于缓慢的节奏以及《罗生门》(Rashomon)式的讲述方式不太相称,不过该剧在最后几集势头大涨,悬念丛生。That was true, too, of “Mad Men” on AMC. which in its seventh season has all but exhausted its characters and its 1960s setting, but is still keeping viewers guessing about the end, which won’t air until next year. “The Sopranos” ended ambiguously. “Breaking Bad,” put an end to Walter White. Now, the next television mystery looming ahead centers on Don Draper’s last moments, dead or alive.AMC频道的《广告狂人》(Mad Men)也是如此。该剧演到了第七季,剧中人物和20世纪60年代的背景似乎已被挖掘干净,不过它仍在让观众猜测结局,结局要到明年才播出。《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)结局模糊。《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)以沃尔特·怀特(Walter White)死去告终。现在,隐约显现的下一个电视谜题是唐·德雷珀(Don Draper)的最后时刻——究竟是死去还是活着。 /201412/348800


  China#39;s super rich should rethink the value of the once-coveted U.S. green card.中国有钱人应该重新思考,曾经让人羡慕的美国绿卡究竟是否值得拥有。中国首富、娃哈哈集团创始人宗庆后近日宣布,他已经去美国领事馆还掉了他的美国绿卡。Take beverage billionaire Zong Qinghou, one of China#39;s wealthiest people, who recently gave up his permanent-resident status because #39;China is getting better and stronger than America, #39; his spokesman said.中国人还是想要出去。根据贝恩咨询的一项调查,教育、资产安全和准备退休是最主要的原因。年初北京的雾霾和现在黄浦江里浮着的几千头死猪,都给人以寻找“退出机制”的动力。The Chinese do still want to go abroad, with education, safety of assets, and retirement preparation the top reasons cited in a Bain amp; Co. survey. Other concerns∪such as thick Beijing smog and the recent scandal of dead pigs floating in a river that supplies water to Shanghai∪add new incentives to look for an exit strategy.美国是中国富豪最喜欢的移民目的地。上个财政年度美国批准的7,600个投资移民的签中,有八成给了中国人。The U.S. is the most popular destination, with as many as 80% of the 7, 641 investor immigrant visas approved in the U.S. in fiscal 2012 taken up by Chinese.尽管中国富豪正在把家庭和财产转移海外,但波士顿咨询的一项调查显示,只有6%的高净值人士自己拿了外国护照。他们国内的生意还在增长,他们还没有到打包离开的时候。But while the rich are sending their families and assets overseas, only 6% of the Chinese high-net-worth individuals have taken up foreign citizenship, according to Boston Consulting Group. Their businesses are still growing in China, so they aren#39;t y to just pack up and leave.但一本美国护照的成本也很高,尤其对于那些没有意识到拿了美国护照就要交美国税的中国富人。和其他国家不同的是,美国对其永久居民和公民的海外收入和资本利得也都要征税。所有在拿到美国身份之后获得的收入,都必须缴纳美国税。普通收入的最高税率为39.6%,高收入者的长期资本利得要交20%的税。A U.S. passport can be costly, especially to the wealthy who often don#39;t realize that with U.S. citizenship come U.S. taxes. Unlike other countries, the U.S. taxes its citizens no matter where they live or where they earn their income. All gains realized after becoming a U.S. citizen will be subject to U.S. taxation. Ordinary income is taxed at rates up to 39.6% and long-term capital gains are taxed at 20% for wealthier taxpayers.“有钱人一般只给他们的家人和亲戚申请美国投资移民,因为这对他们自己来说会有很大的税务影响,”以伦敦为总部的国际律师事务所Withers的美国移民主管Reaz Jafri说。#39;Wealthy people often just send their relatives through the U.S. investor program because it has significant tax implications for themselves, #39; said Reaz Jafri, head of U.S. immigration for London-based international law firm Withers.美国护照可能是一个成本高昂的附属品──在享受美国公民权利的同时也得承担美国赋税。 《华尔街日报》的顾蔚解释了为什么一些中国富人放弃美国绿卡,转而考虑在一些债务缠身的欧洲国家和一些富裕的亚洲城市入籍,以享受更优惠的待遇。A foreign residency can become a political liability at home. Revelation of Mr. Zong#39;s green card has led some Chinese to question whether they should be represented by an #39;American#39; at the National People#39;s Congress. Mr. Zong and his family members no longer carry U.S. green cards.外国身份在中国国内也可能是个政治包袱。宗庆后绿卡被曝光后,有些中国人开始抱怨一个“美国人”是否适合作为人大代表。宗庆后之所以放弃美国身份,是因为“中国变得越来越好而且一定会比美国强” ,他的发言人如此说到,并补充说现在宗庆后全家都是中国身份,没有人持有美国绿卡。Some Chinese businessmen have applied for foreign passports so they can enjoy preferential policies at home. Those policies include China#39;s tax breaks for foreign investors. Some business owners got foreign passports so they could list their companies in Hong Kong as #39;red chip#39; stocks. But foreign investors are now subject to the same tax rates as locals, and Hong Kong has tightened listing requirements.之前拿外国身份还有一个好处是可以在中国享受特殊待遇,中国过去对外商有税务优惠政策。要在香港以“红筹”身份上市,企业主也需要一本外国护照。但现在外商投资企业和本地企业的税率已经拉平,而且香港提高了上市审查标准后,海外上市也不那么容易了。The sheer demand for visas to the U.S. and elsewhere by Chinese is making them harder to get, with China now the world#39;s biggest exporter of its people. In 2011 alone, 150, 000 Chinese got immigration visas from foreign countries, according to the Center for China and Globalization, a Chinese think tank.中国人对美国投资移民的庞大需求本身也使得美国绿卡更难拿了。现在中国已经是世界上最大的人口出口国。根据智库中国和全球化研究中心的数据,仅2011年,就有15万中国人获得了海外移民身份。For the U.S. investor visa program known as EB-5, an individual-country a is likely to kick in later this year, according to the U.S. State Department. That means some Chinese investors will need to wait for several years after their money has been invested in the U.S., Mr. Jafri said.根据美国国务院预测,今年开始,投资移民签会开始受国家配额限制,这意味着未来中国申请人把钱投到美国后,可能要等好几年才能拿到移民签。A U.S. green card can be lost just by doing nothing, yet the applicant may still be on the hook for U.S. taxes. In general, permanent residents who fail to enter the U.S. for more than a year will be treated as if they abandoned their green cards. This is a time burden for first-generation rich in China who are still deeply involved in their businesses at home.美国绿卡也很容易失去,但绿卡拥有者可能还要继续给美国税。一般来说,美国永久居民如果有一年没有踏上美国土地就被认为自动放弃了绿卡。这对还积极忙于打造他们的商业帝国的中国第一代富豪来说,这也是个不小的时间负担。#39;People should ask themselves if a U.S. green card is what they really want, #39; said Erik Wallace, a Hong Kong-based lawyer at Withers. #39;If not, there are other options available.#39;“人们应该问问自己,是否美国绿卡真是他们想要的,”Withers的香港律师Erik Wallace说,“如果不是,他们还有其他选择。”For Chinese businessmen who want to sp their empires to America, they can apply for an L-1 visa, which allows foreign employees of international companies to relocate to the corporation#39;s U.S. office. The L-1 visa, which can be extended to up to seven years, may legally be used as a steppingstone to a green card.对于想要把自己的生意扩张到美国的中国商人,他们可以申请L-1签。该签帮助国际公司的外国雇员在其美国公司工作。L-1签可以一共延期到七年,也可以合法地作为申请绿卡的一个踏脚石。The L-1 visa has no investment or job-creation requirements, while the U.S. investor visa program does, and L-1 visas can usually be approved in a matter of weeks. People on L-1 visas are subject to U.S. taxes on their U.S. income, but not on their overseas income and capital gains if they spend fewer than 122 days each year in the U.S., according to Mr. Wallace.和美国投资移民不同, L-1签对于在美国的投资金额,以及在美国创造的工作都没有特别要求。一般来说,几个星期就可以批下来。Wallace说,成功的申请人需要为他们的美国收入交税,但只要每年在美国呆的时间不超过122天,一般就不需要为海外收入交美国税。Many Chinese believe a foreign passport, especially if it is from the world#39;s No. 1 superpower, can protect them from being targeted by Chinese authorities, or get them on a plane out of China if the country sinks into turmoil. Those are unlikely scenarios and people need to be realistic about the costs and benefits of foreign passports. It is always good to have a backup plan, but rich Chinese also need to make sure that they aren#39;t overpaying for it.很多中国人相信一本外国护照,尤其是来自世界第一超级大国的护照,能够保护他们不受中国政府的惩罚。万一中国乱了,还可以坐上一架特别飞机离开中国,他们有必要更现实和理智地看待这个问题。给自己找一个备用方案是个好主意,但中国富人也没必要为其付出太高昂的代价。 /201310/262822。



  Chat apps are cutting into the profits of China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier by subscribers, which blamed the first drop in profits in 14 years on competition from the likes of Tencent’s WeChat messenger.聊天应用正在影响中国移动(China Mobile)的利润,这家全球用户最多的移动运营商遭遇了14年来首次利润下降,该公司将其归咎于腾讯(Tencent)的微信(WeChat)之类的聊天应用的竞争。The mobile operator also cited the subsidies it provides for Apple’s iPhones – which it began selling on its network for the first time in January – as a factor for its lower earnings. Net profit in 2013 fell 5.9 per cent to Rmb121.8bn (.5bn), the first time it has dropped since 1999.这家移动运营商还提到其提供给苹果(Apple) iPhone手机的补贴,称这也是造成盈利降低的一大因素,中国移动从今年1月开始在自己的网络销售iPhone。2013年净利润下跌5.9%,至1218亿元人民币 (合195亿美元),这是它自1999年以来首次净利润下降。The rise of free chat apps is a problem for mobile operators globally, given that the industry earned 0bn in revenues from SMS texting last year.考虑到移动行业去年从手机短信(SMS)盈利1200亿美元,免费聊天应用的兴起对全球的移动运营商来说是个问题。Some operators are fighting back with services of their own and the hope that a move to superfast 4G services will lead to premium pricing.有些运营商推出新务作为反击,并希望超快的4G务能带来较高的定价。But China Mobile is only now building its 4G network – a task that necessitates spending Rmb75bn this year, which would bring total capital expenditure up by a fifth to Rmb225.2bn.但中国移动现在才建立自己的4G网络,今年必须为此投入750亿元人民币,使全年资本出总额增加五分之一,达到2252亿元人民币。For the moment, that investment has yet to pay off, with data services not as profitable as SMS texting, and only 1.34m of its 775m customers using 4G services.眼下这笔投资尚未收到效果,因为数据务不如短信业务盈利高,而且在中国移动7.75亿用户中,仅有134万用户开通了4G务。China Mobile said it planned to sell 100m 4G devices and have 50m 4G users by the end of the year. The popularity of Apple’s iPhones will play a big role in achieving that goal.中国移动表示,计划在今年年底前销售1亿部4G设备,拥有5000万4G用户。苹果iPhone的人气将为中国移动实现这一目标起到重要作用。China Mobile shares closed down 3.6 per cent after the earnings release.中国移动公布盈利后,收盘时股价下跌3.6%。 /201403/281249

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