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重庆阳痿早泄治疗费用渝中大渡口区人民妇幼保健中医院男性专科重庆哪家医院10月1号有专家坐诊男科 1. I forgive you1、我原谅你Words of forgiveness heal the heart by lifting the cripplingburden of guilt宽恕的话能减轻负罪感,治愈心灵2. I was wrong2、 我错了Few words have the power to ignite the flame of forgivenesslike the unselfish, courageous admission of wrongdoing没有什么比这样无我的、勇敢的承认自己的错误更能点燃宽容的火焰了3. It’s okay3、没事If you’ve ever cried on the shoulder of a friend, you know howgood it feels to have someone remind you that everything is goingto be just fine如果你曾倚着朋友的肩膀哭过,你就能体会有人告诉你“一起都会好起来”时的感觉4. I understand4、我懂It’s human nature to try to relate to others, so nothing ismore frustrating than feeling misunderstood寻求共鸣是我们的天性,没有什么比被误解更令人沮丧了5. You’re safe5、你很安全When we feel vulnerable and afraid, these words have the powerto restore the sense of security and protection that we crave当我们感觉脆弱或者恐惧时,这句话让我们有一种被保护的安全感6. I support you6、我持你When making a tough decision, it means the world to know thatsomeone is on your side no matter what在作出一个艰难的决定时,如果能得到别人无条件的持,就意味着所有7. You can do it7、你能行There’s something about knowing that someone else has faith inyou that revitalizes the faith you should have in yourself知道别人对自己有信心,能让我们也自信起来8. You’re the one8、你就是那一个Few things top the feeling that comes with knowing that youstand out in an exceptional way to someone没有什么感觉比知道自己对别人有特别的意义更好了9. I’m here for you9、我在这里If you’ve ever needed a shoulder to cry on, you know the powerof these words如果你曾依靠着某个肩膀哭过,你就会知道这句话的力量10. You matter10、你很重要We all want to feel that we are important to someone orsomething other than ourselves我们都喜欢自己对某个人、某件事很重要的感觉 /201210/2046871.She#39;s shy1.很内敛Her Majesty may have reigned for 60 years but she remains quite a shy person at heart. Yes, she’s learnt how to handle all manner of social situations, rise to the occasion, and meet the incredible demands of being a monarch in the modern age, thanks in part to the advice of her closest courtiers。女王尽管已登基60年,骨子里却仍是一个内敛的人。的确,她已学会如何处理各种境况,如何应付自如,或迎合现代社会人们对一位女王的要求;但这些成就部分得归功于她身边大臣的忠谏。2.The smile is real2.她的微笑发自内心I’ve been very struck by just how happy the Queen looks these days. I think that’s down to the fact that the Royal Family has survived the travails of recent decades to emerge as strong as ever. Charles’s predicament following the death of Diana and the difficult years afterwards seems to have been resolved. What’s more, she’s still got the Duke of Edinburgh by her side, and her grandchildren William and Harry – have turned out to be everything she could wish for. In short, the future of the succession seems assured – and I think that’s a source of tremendous pride and satisfaction to her。近来女王看上去很开心。我想这跟王室坚强熬过几十年的艰难风雨有关吧。无论是戴安娜王妃之死还是查尔斯的窘境,都已成为过往。何况爱丁堡公爵还陪伴在她身边,孙子威廉和哈利一切也都顺顺当当,王室继承还将继续下去——对女王而言,这就是莫大的自豪和欣慰了吧。3.She has a wicked wit3.风趣聪慧She can be very funny – a side of her which the public rarely gets to see. I think she’s all too aware that as a monarch she has to be serious and representative of the nation, but in private she can often display a real sense of fun and a lovely, spontaneous sense of humour。女王有时非常风趣——只可惜公众很少有机会看到罢了。作为女王,她意识到自己得严肃正经,要展现一国君主之风范。但私下里,她真的很风趣,有时还耍点调皮的小幽默。4.Faith underpins her life4.她对待信仰忠贞不渝The Queen is of course the head of the Church of England – but it’s sometimes forgotten that she’s also a woman of deep Christian faith. I once saw her holding a rather worn prayer book which I think is in itself telling – because it shows that this is a woman who doesn’t just pay lip service to God, but prays and is a true believer. She is of course a regular churchgoer, and I’m sure she has drawn great sustenance from her faith during difficult times in her reign。当然,女王是英国国教会的最高元首;但很少有人意识到她本人就是一名忠诚的基督教徒。我曾看她拿着一本非常破旧的祈祷书——这恰好说明女王绝非虚有其表,而是千真万确信仰上帝。她也经常去教堂做礼拜。我想,正是这种虔诚的信仰才帮她度过了在位期间的艰难岁月吧。5.She#39;s a make-do-and-mend Queen5.她勤俭节约The Queen has never been an extravagant person. She was 13 when World War II began, so her formative years were hugely shaped by growing up in the shadow of the conflict. The entire nation had to make sacrifices and while no one is suggesting the Royal Family had to slum it, Britain stood alone for a while against Germany, food was rationed and there was a real sense of make-do-and-mend. That’s something that has stayed with the Queen all her life, and I think that’s partly why she likes Kate, who’s not afraid to wear the same dress twice, and is so patently not in the ‘spend, spend, spend’ mould。女王向来不喜欢铺张浪费。第二次世界大战爆发时她才13岁,在战争的阴影中长大。当时全英国人民都得做出牺牲,尽管没人要求王室参与其中,但他们却并未逃避责任。英国与德国孤军奋战时,食物都定量配给,一切都得省吃俭用。而这种勤俭节约的作风就此伴随了女王一生。女王之所以喜欢凯特,很可能也因为凯特从不介意一件衣多穿两次吧。显然,凯特也不是“大手大脚”类型的人。6.Children are special to her6.她特喜欢小孩It’s rarely remarked upon, but the humility the Queen shows when she receives flowers from children says a lot to me about the hidden monarch. She must have been handed thousands of garlands by countless children – but judging by the way in which she accepts them, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the first time she’s been given flowers. The way she bends down to accept flowers from small children is tantamount to her saying that she regards them as her equals。这或许不值得一提,但女王接过孩子们鲜花时的谦逊神情也能展现她不为人知的一面。她一定收到过数不清的孩子们的鲜花——但每次看她接花的方式,你都会以为这是她第一次收到鲜花呢。她弯腰接过鲜花的神情,恰好表明她真将孩子平等相待的。7.She is serious about her duty7.她恪尽职守The Queen has laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday on all but a handful years during her long reign– the only exceptions being when she was either pregnant or overseas on an official visit (1959, 1961, 1963, 1968, 1983 and 1999). This terribly moving annual ceremony means a huge amount to her, in large part because she lived through World War II, and saw how great a price we as a nation paid to preserve our freedom。女王在位期间,除了怀或出国访问(1959年, 1961年, 1963年, 1968年, 1983年和 1999年),几乎每年都在阵亡将士纪念日那天去纪念碑前敬献花圈。女王自己就经历过二战,亲眼看到一个国家为争取自由所付出的巨大代价。所以,她尤为看重这个节日。8.She#39;s kind at heart8.她温厚善良This isn’t something that’s ever much reported, but she’s very thoughtful for anyone she knows who has been bereaved or ill, performing little acts of kindness. For instance, she paid a private visit to Martin Charteris (above) – who served her for many years as her Assistant Private Secretary and then Private Secretary, and did so much for her as a young monarch – shortly before his death in 1999.很遗憾关于女王这方面的报道并不多。其实,她非常关心身边的人。不管谁病了或失去了亲人,她都会给予安慰。1999年,马丁查特里斯去世之前,她曾特意看望过他——马丁曾担任她的私人秘书助理,后来又成为正式私人秘书,为年轻时的女王立下过汗马功劳。9.She loved her palace on the water9.她钟爱皇家游艇The Queen was terribly saddened to see the Royal Yacht Britannia pensioned off.She had a huge amount of affection for the ship because it was the only home that was ever specially created for her, in every sense of the word.It’s interesting to note that the Royal Yacht was furnished in a much more contemporary style than the palaces, with their George III antique tables.She also appreciated the freedom the yacht gave her to escape the prying eyes of the world and just be herself。皇家游艇“大不列颠号”被迫退役时,女王很难受。她对这艘游艇很有感情。严格讲来,这是唯一一艘专门为她而造的游艇。不过有趣的是,这艘皇家游艇的风格比皇宫登得多,里面配有乔治三世时代的桌子。而且在游艇上,她能躲开世人的八卦,完完全全属于她自己。10.Animals really are important to her10.她是个动物迷This is a woman who is known for her love of animals, and in particular her corgis.As monarch, from time to time she invites people to Windsor Castle, and I remember being there once when one of her corgis rolled over onto its back at her feet and there was a look of sheer unadulterated joy on her face。人们都知道女王很喜爱小动物,尤其是她那些威尔士矮脚。 女王喜欢时不时地请人去温莎城堡做客。记得我有次在那儿看到威尔士矮脚滚了个四脚朝天,女王顿时乐开了花,开心不已。 /201206/186020重庆爱德华治疗早泄怎么样

重庆爱德华医院看不孕不育重庆市做包皮手术 We all have difficult people in our lives. You know—the ones you d talking to; the ones you try to avoid at all costs. They may be your ex-spouse, a co-worker, or a family member; they may be a bully, a control freak, passive-aggressive or someone who loves to play the role of victim.人的一生中,难免会遇见一些很难打交道的人。你知道的,就是那种你竭尽所能想要避开的人。他们也许是你的前妻/夫、同事,亲戚,可能是专爱欺负别人的人、控制狂、消极对待者、或者受害妄想症资深患者。So, how do we deal with these people? How can we work together productively, whether in a parenting, a working, or a family relationship?那么,我们该如何跟这种人打交道呢?要怎样做,才能顺利地和他们共事、共同维护家庭、工作或保持良好的亲戚关系呢?Here are a few secrets to being able to keep your cool when dealing with that difficult person in your life:以下几个小秘密,能帮助你在面对这类人时保持淡定。1. Know Your Triggers1. 知道自己的底线Self-knowledge is powerful.自知之明是强大的武器。We all have subjects and idiosyncrasies that push our buttons, and I can almost guarantee that the difficult person in your life knows what those are—but do you? Spend some time exploring what really ticks you off. Is it when somebody talks about politics, money, or your family? Is it when your ex takes your kids to McDonald’s 3 days in a row?每个人都有自己的底线,它们会被特定的事物引爆。我可以确信地告诉你,那些你最讨厌的人,往往熟知你的底线在哪里。那么你呢?你知道吗?花点时间好好想想吧,找出那些容易让你暴躁的事物来。比如,是不是一旦有人谈论起政治、或金钱、或你的家庭,你就开始不爽?或者是不是一想起你的前任连着三天用麦当劳打发孩子,你就暴躁了?Once you have your list of those trigger buttons, you are y to arm yourself. Create a plan. What will you do when the conversation steers dangerously close to one of your buttons?一旦熟知自己的底线,那你就变得无坚不摧。列一个应对计划——比如,当谈话开始渐渐转移到你最讨厌的东西上时,该怎么应对?You can practice deep breathing, take a short time-out, walk away from the conversation, or any combination of the three. Whatever allows you to center yourself and regain your focus onthe purpose of the conversation will work.你可以试着深呼吸、或出门散散步、或直接起身,远离这个话题;或者你可以把这三件事一块儿做了。无论怎么应对,只要能让你把注意力转移回自己身上、并巩固你对该谈话的控制权的方法,就是好方法。2. The STOP Phrases2. 使用“停滞期”语句If you are having a conversation with a difficult person and you just want it to end, these phrases seem to do the trick (or at least take the wind out of the other person’s sails).假如你正在和一个难打交道的人聊天,而你非常想闭嘴走人。这个“停滞期”语句会很管用——至少它能把对方的气势灭到最低。“Sorry you feel that way.”“很抱歉让你有这样的感觉。”“That’s your opinion.”“好吧,这是你的看法。”“Oh.”“哦。”“Perhaps you’re right.”“或许你是对的。“If you just repeat these phrases over and over during the conversation, eventually the other person will give up trying to get you to join the argument.假如你不停重复这几句话,最终对方一定会放弃和你争吵的,哈哈。3. Resist the Temptation to get Sucked In3. 抑制住被卷入争执中的冲动Difficult people want to engage you: don’t fall for that trap. Listen to what you’re saying: are you trying to justify, argue, defend, or explain your position? If you are, stop. If you don’t, the conversation will just continue to go around in circles. You will never change the mind of a difficult person—otherwise you probably wouldn’t be seeing them as “difficult.”那些难打交道的人,最爱做的事就是让你卷入争执中。小心这个陷阱。听听此时自己的嘴巴在说些啥:是不是正在试图明某事、或争论、或辩解、或解释自己的处境?如果是,请立即停止。因为如果你不停下来的话,这个对话将永远在一个圆里绕啊绕,毫无结果。因为你是没有办法改变对方这类人的想法的。否则的话,你也不会给他们贴上 “难打交道”的标签了。4. The Big One4. 终极大杀器While the 3 secrets above can help you to avoid or get out of an uncomfortable conversation with a difficult person, there is one secret that can truly change your relationship with that person in your life: that secret is, that they are human, and are dealing with their own issues and their own crap that they’re bringing to the table.前三种方法能帮你避免、或逃离和这类人的谈话,而现在我们要说的,则是能彻底改变你和此类人关系的终极大杀器!这就是:无论如何,他们也是人,他们也有烦恼和弱点!Their difficult behaviors are benefiting them in some way that helps them deal with those issues, and most of the time their behavior has nothing to do with you.为了解决自己的问题,他们的言行从某种程度上来讲,与他们自身有益。而且,绝大多数时候,他们这样做,和你并没有多大关系。A person might feel more secure when they are bullying someone or controlling others, or they might feel a sense of importance when they’re getting a lot of attention—even negative attention. They might try to gain a sense of belonging by playing the victim and getting others to help them, or someone who’s inflicting hurt and provoking hostility might be trying to protect his own sense of identity.有的人在欺负、控制别人的时候,会因为获得关注(即使是负面关注)而觉得自己更重要、更有安全感。而有的人需要扮演被害者的角色,才能得到别人的帮助;有的人表面看上去既脆弱又带有敌意,不外乎是为了保全自己的存在感。If we take the time to figure out what unconscious beliefs may be behind someone’s difficult behavior, we may be able to change our interaction with them and improve our relationship. Once you figure out what may be driving their behavior, you can begin to try different ways to help them get their emotional needs met without resorting to that behavior any longer.假如我们能花点时间,去搞清楚那些难以理解的举止背后是由什么潜意识撑着的话,我们也许就能改变和这类人的关系。一旦搞定这一点,你就能巧妙地通过别的方式满足他们的情感需要,从而避免再度忍受他们不堪举止的折磨。The main idea here is to tap into your empathy pool and realize that the person you see as the bane of your existence is just another human being trying to get along as best they can.这一招的主要目的是:激发你的同情和理解,让你明白——这些存在于你生命中的“祸害”,其实也不过是个尽力想好好生活的人类罢了。A Final Thought最后的想法Yes, sometimes we have to disengage in order to save our sanity, but keep in mind that everybody is doing the best they can with the emotional tools they have at their disposal. It is possible to get past our reactions to their difficult behaviors so that we may be able to do our part in building a calmer, more productive relationship, and in the end, this is all we can truly control—our own reactions.的确,有时候为了拯救自己的理智,我们得学会放弃。但请记住,每个人其实都在尽己所能地生活着。抑制住对于那些讨厌举止的厌恶情感吧,这样的话,我们就能拥有更冷静、更有益的人际关系。总的来讲,其实最终我们真正能掌控的,是自己的情感。You never know—one day, you may actually look forward to seeing these people.谁知道呢,说不定某天你突然发现,自己还挺想念某个“特别难打交道”的人呢。 /201212/217109江北沙坪坝区前列腺炎多少钱

重庆爱德华怎么样?As I was ing Ashlee Vance’s “Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” I was alternately awed and disheartened, almost exactly the same ambivalence I felt after ing Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” and Brad Stone’s “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.”最近,我读了阿什利·范斯(Ashlee Vance)的传记作品《埃隆·马斯克:特斯拉、Space X与探索美好未来》。在阅读过程中,我时而感到惊讶,时而感到沮丧,这种矛盾心理和我之前阅读沃尔特·艾萨克森(Walter Isaacson)的《乔布斯传》(Steve Jobs)与布拉德·斯通(Brad Stone)的《万货商店:杰夫·贝索斯和亚马逊时代》(The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon)的感觉几乎一模一样。The three leaders are arguably the most extraordinary business visionaries of our times. Each of them has introduced unique products that changed – or in Mr. Musk’s case, have huge potential to change – the way we live.这三位领导者都称得上是当今商业领域最有远见卓识的人。他们都推出了一些独特的产品,改变了——或以马斯克而言,有极大的潜力去改变——我们的生活方式。I was awed by the innovative, courageous, persistent and creative ways all three built their businesses. I also love their products. I own a Mac Pro and an iPhone, and I have been a loyal customer of Apple for 20 years. I buy many books and other products on Amazon, lured by a blend of low prices, ease of purchase and reliably quick delivery. The Tesla X is hands down the best car I have ever driven, and it’s all electric, rechargeable in your garage.他们在商业领域展现出的创新精神、勇气、执着与创造性令我敬畏。我也十分喜爱他们的产品。我有一台Mac Pro电脑和一台iPhone,二十年来,我一直都是苹果的忠实客户。我在亚马逊上买了许多图书和其他产品,他们低廉的价格、轻松的购买方式和快捷可靠的运送务深深吸引着我。而特斯拉的S型电动车无疑是我开过的最好的轿车,而且它是全电动的,可以在你的车库中充电。Plainly, I have bought in to what these guys are selling.毫无疑问,我算得上是他们产品的忠实用户。What disheartens me is how little care and appreciation any of them give (or in Mr. Jobs’s case, gave) to hard-working and loyal employees, and how unnecessarily cruel and demeaning they could be to the people who helped make their dreams come true.然而令我沮丧的是,对于那些努力工作、忠心耿耿、帮助他们实现了梦想的员工,他们却吝于关爱和感激,表现出毫无必要的残酷,这无疑有损于他们的人格。In fairness, the leaders all have loyal defenders. At Apple, for example, Mr. Jobs’s successors – including Tim Cook, the chief executive, and Jonathan Ive, the chief design officer – have argued that Mr. Jobs matured significantly as a leader in his final years. Mr. Musk and Mr. Bezos have senior leaders who have worked with them for many years. But even an admirer like Mr. Ive remained bewildered by the way Mr. Jobs treated people.当然,这些领袖人物都有忠实的捍卫者。例如在苹果公司,乔布斯的继任者——包括首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)和首席设计师乔纳森·伊夫(Jonathan Ive)——都认为他最后几年已成为一名相当成熟的领导者。马斯克与贝索斯也都有许多共事多年的工作伙伴。但即便作为乔布斯的崇拜者,伊夫对他为人处世的方式也依然多有不解。“He’s a very sensitive guy,” Mr. Ive told Mr. Isaacson shortly before Mr. Jobs died in 2011. “That’s one of the things that makes his antisocial behavior, his rudeness, so unconscionable. I can understand why people who are thick-skinned and unfeeling can be rude, but not sensitive people.”“他是个非常敏感的人,”2011年乔布斯去世前不久,伊夫对艾萨克森说。“他的反社会行为和粗鲁态度部分是由此造成的。这实在是不合情理。我可以理解为什么厚颜无耻又麻木不仁的人会很粗鲁,但不明白为什么敏感的人也是如此。”Given the extraordinary success of these men, the obvious question is whether being relentlessly hard on people, and even cruel, may get them to perform better.鉴于这些人取得的巨大成就,有这样的疑问也是顺理成章的——是否正因为他们对人无情,甚至残酷,所以才表现得更加出色。Like their biographers, I think the answer is no. Our research at the Energy Project has shown that the more employees feel their needs are being met at work – above all, for respect and appreciation – the better they perform.我和那些传记作者一样,都认为并非如此。我们在“能量计划领导力训练”(Energy Project)中的研究明,员工在工作中的需要——尤其是尊重与赞赏的需要——如果得到了更多的满足,那么他们的工作表现也就越好。As Mr. Isaacson writes of Mr. Jobs: “Nasty was not necessary. It hindered him more than it helped him.”正如艾萨克森在写到乔布斯时所说:“大可不必去招人厌恶。这一点对他的阻碍远大于对他的帮助。”Similarly, a person who worked with Mr. Musk told Mr. Vance: “He can be so gentle and loyal, and then hard on people when it isn’t necessary.”与此相似的是,一位曾与马斯克共事的人对范斯说:“他可以那么温和忠诚,但在某些不必要的时候,却又对人那么严苛。”At Amazon, Mr. Bezos’s angry outbursts came to be called “nutters.” “He was capable of hyperbole and cruelty in these moments,” Mr. Stone writes, “and over the years delivered some devastating rebukes to employees.”而在亚马逊,人们把贝索斯的怒气爆发称为“癫狂发作”。“每当此时,他就变得非常夸张,而且冷酷无情,”斯通写道。“而且这些年来,他对员工做出过一些相当令人难堪的指责。”Why would otherwise brilliant men behave in such destructive ways?为什么这些才华横溢的人在另一方面却如此不近人情呢?The first answer is that they can. Genius covers a lot of sins. A great product is a great product, and you don’t have to do everything right to be successful. Most customers don’t care how the sausage gets made, as long as it tastes good.显而易见,他们有本钱这样做。才华掩盖了许许多多的罪恶。伟大的产品就是伟大的产品,而且你并不需要事事都做对才能取得成功。大多数客户根本不在乎香肠是怎样做出来的,只要吃起来美味就行了。Employees, in turn, are willing to sacrifice a lot to work for a visionary. Much as Mr. Jobs was, Mr. Musk and Mr. Bezos are passionate, inspiring and charismatic leaders.另一方面,员工们也愿意任劳任怨地为有远见的领导者工作。大多数这样的领导者,比如乔布斯、马斯克和贝索斯,都是一些有热情、有想法、有魅力的领导人。“Numerous people interviewed for this book decried the work hours, Musk’s blunt style and his sometimes ludicrous expectations,” Mr. Vance wrote. “Yet almost every person – even those who had been fired – still worshiped Musk and talked about him in terms usually reserved for superheroes or deities.“书中许多接受了采访的人都抱怨过工作时间、马斯克的生硬作风和偶尔荒唐可笑的期望,”范斯写道。“但几乎每个人,甚至那些被炒鱿鱼的人,都依然崇拜马斯克,而且谈论起他来,就像在谈英雄人物或神话传说。”Finally, a certain level of financial success and the resulting power effectively excuse those who achieve it from the ordinary rules of civility and even humanity.最终,他们在经济上所取得的成功以及由此而来的权力,让他们可以堂而皇之地摆脱常人的行为规范,甚至显得不够人道。Mr. Jobs drove around without a license on his car, and he regularly parked in spaces reserved for the handicapped. As Mr. Ive said of his attitude, “I think he feels he has a liberty and a license to do that. The normal rules of social engagement, he feels, don’t apply to him.”乔布斯生前经常开车不带驾照,而且总是在残障人士的专用车位上泊车。正如伊夫谈到乔布斯的态度时说的那样,“我想,他觉得自己有自由也被允许那样做。他觉得普通的社会规则对他并不适用。”Amazon employees collected examples of Mr. Bezos’s most eviscerating put-downs, including, “Are you lazy or just incompetent?” “Why are you wasting my life?” and “I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?”亚马逊的员工们曾收集过贝索斯的一些最伤人的话,其中包括“你是懒惰还是没有能力?”“你为什么要浪费我的生命?”以及“不好意思,我今天吃了脑残片吗?”When Mr. Musk’s loyal executive assistant of 12 years asked for a significant raise, he told her to take a two-week vacation while he thought about it. When she returned, he told her the relationship wasn’t going to work anymore. According to Mr. Vance, they haven’t spoken since.而为马斯克忠心耿耿工作了十二年的一名行政助理在谋求升职时,被告知可以先去度两周的假,让他好好想一想。但等她回来之后,马斯克却告诉她,他们之间已经没法再合作下去了。据范斯写,他俩从此后半句话都没说过。Abusive as all this sounds, I would argue that most of the bad behavior of these men is fear-based, impulsive and reactive rather than consciously hurtful. It grows not out of a sense of superiority but rather of insecurity.尽管这些行为听起来匪夷所思,但我始终认为,他们大多数的恶劣行径都是出于害怕、冲动和应激反应,而不是有意伤人。这样的行为并非源自优越感,而是源自不安全感。Some of my data, unfortunately, is my own experience. I spent most of my early adulthood relentlessly seeking to prove my worth and worrying that I would forever fall short. I have spent my recent years far more focused on trying to become a caring and encouraging leader. Even so, I know well the anxious feeling that can arise when a deal is coming undone, a project isn’t gelling or an employee seems to be falling short. I know how frightening it can be to feel out of control.我之所以这样说是因为我很不幸深有体会。我早年的大部分时间一直在冷酷无情地谋求明自我价值,在忐忑不安地害怕自己始终达不到要求。近年来,我已经花了很多时间来努力让自己变成一位关心他人、鼓励他人的领导者。但是我很清楚,一旦交易无法达成、项目不能融洽、或者员工达不到要求,我就会产生一种焦虑的感觉。我知道事情如果失控会有多么可怕。People like these three visionaries deeply crave control. Each of them was far more likely to act out suddenly and behave poorly when he wasn’t getting exactly what he wanted — when he felt that others were failing to live up to his standards.和他们三人一样眼光长远的人都很想控制局面。如果事情的结果与他们想要的有出入,或者说,如果他们觉得其他人没有达到他们的标准,那他们极有可能会忽然发作,或者表现相当恶劣。All three invested endless hours and energy in building and running their businesses — and far less in anything else, including taking care of the people who worked for them or even understanding what doing so might look like. To a large extent, people were simply a means to an end.这三位领导者投入了无数的时间与精力来打造和经营他们的事业,因而远远忽略了其他的事情,包括忽略了对员工的关心,他们甚至不明白这样做会是什么样子。在很大程度上,那些人只不过是他们达到目标的一种手段。I understand what it is like to have one’s self entirely tied up with external success. No amount is ever quite enough. To a large extent, for these men, employees are simply a means to an end.我很理解一个人被外在的成功束缚会怎么样。做得再多都不够。The question their management style raises is not whether being tough, harsh and relentlessly demanding gets people to work better. Of course it doesn’t, and certainly not sustainably. Can anyone truly doubt that people are more productive in workplaces that help them to be healthier and happier?由于他们的管理风格而引起的这个问题并不是在问,那种强硬、粗鲁且冷酷无情的态度是否会让人把工作做得更好。肯定不会,而且肯定无法良性循环。有谁会不相信员工在更加健康而快乐的工作环境中会更有生产力呢?The more apt question is how much more these men could have enhanced thousands of people’s lives – and perhaps made them even more successful — if they had invested as much in taking care of them as they did in conceiving great products.所以,人们应该问的是,如果这些领导者对员工所投入的关怀,和他们在构思伟大产品时所投入的精力一样多,那他们是否会让无数人生活得更好,也许还会让他们更成功。“Try not to become a man of success,” Albert Einstein once said, “but rather a man of value.”“还是不要当成功的人吧,”阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦曾经说,“不如做个有价值的人。” /201507/388815 垫江忠县开县治疗包皮包茎多少钱綦江大足区医院预约



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