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An insurance product that costs 599 yuan and guarantees a payout of 10,000 yuan if the applicant marries his or her current sweetheart in three to 10 years became a hot topic recently.一份价值599元的保险产品,如果申请人在3至10年的时间内和他/她目前的恋人结婚的话,那么就可带来10,000元的回报。这件事成为了最近的热议话题。The applicants are required to submit nonmarital status certificates for both prospective spouses when purchasing the product.当购买此保险产品时,申请人要提交未婚状态书及其潜在配偶。A woman surnamed Wang who works in the customer service department of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co said there have been numerous phone calls lately inquiring about the product, but she declined to say how many policies have been sold.一名在中国太平保险控股有限公司客户务部门工作的王姓女子表示,最近有很多电话打来询问这款保险产品,但她拒绝透露已有多少人购买了此保险。;The price is no different from a regular gift I#39;d give to a girlfriend, but it may make the girl feel that it#39;s a serious promise,; said Xu Haoyou, a 26-year-old white-collar worker in Shanghai.一名名叫徐豪友的26岁上海白领说道:“这款保险产品的价格同我给女朋友买过的礼物价格没多大差别,但它可能让女孩觉得这是一个严肃的承诺。”Some said that the companies can#39;t lose on the deal because the majority of sweethearts will break up.一些人表示,该公司在这笔交易中不会亏本,因为大多数情侣最终会分手。;The insurance company is using big data to tell us that less than 5.5 per cent of the sweethearts will finally become husband and wife,; said a Sina Weibo user going by the name ;From south to north;.一位名为“从南到北”的新浪微用户表示:“保险公司利用大数据告诉我们,只有不到5.5%的情侣最终将成为丈夫和妻子。”;For those who have just fallen in love, it may take three years before they tie the knot, but there are abundant variables that influence a relationship in three years. For those who are in a stable relationship, they won#39;t wait three years before getting married,; said Cai Mengsha, a 29-year-old Shanghai native.29岁的上海本地人蔡梦莎说道:“对于那些刚刚坠入爱河的人来说,也许需要花费三年时间才结婚,但是在这三年里会有很多变数来影响他们的关系;而对于那些有稳定关系的情侣来说,他们将不会等上三年再结婚。”Some people joked on the internet that they want a disguised spouse to win the money. There are serious buyers, however, including Li Qiumeng in Chongqing, whose boyfriend will soon go to California for two years of graduate studies.有些人在网上开玩笑称,他们希望有一个假的配偶来获得这笔钱。然而,还是有对此比较严肃的买家,比如重庆的李秋梦,她的男朋友不久将要去美国的加利福尼亚读两年的研究生。;No matter that the insurance finally turned out to be a lesson or reward, it shows our determination for love now,; said Li, 26.26岁的李秋梦说道:“无论这个保险最终是成为一个教训还是一个回报,它都表明我们现在是为爱做出的决定。” /201608/461658IS this the world#39;s first ever #39;slofie#39;?这是世界上第一张“树懒拍”吗?A man used his selfie stick for a brilliant snap with an a happy creature while trekking through the forest in South America.一名男子在南美丛林徒步旅行时,用自拍杆与一只欢乐萌物树懒拍了一张绝妙的合影。The photo has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media , including Imgur and Russian social media site Pikabu.这张照片已在社交媒体上吸引了数十万次分享,包括图片分享网站Imgur和俄罗斯社交网站Pikabu。Commenting on the photo, one person described it as ;the only reason one should own a selfie stick,; while another poster came up with an ingenious name for the rare pic - a ;slofie.;有网友照片,表示这是“人们应该拥有自拍杆的唯一原因”。还有人为这张罕见的照片创造了一个新词——“树懒拍”。PR manager Andrew Bloch seems to claim taking the picture while on a trek through a rain forest.公关经理安德鲁#8226;布洛赫称自己在雨林徒步时拍下了这张照片。Alongside the picture he wrote: ;I#39;m totally against the selfie-stick but every now and then an exception comes along.;他在图片旁写道:“我是完全反对使用自拍杆的,但有时会出现例外。”The typically shy creatures are hard to spot - and definitely hard to take a photo with as they spend more than 70 percent of their time snoozing or moving slowly through the trees.树懒以“害羞”出名,很难捕捉到它们的身影,与其合影绝对是难上加难。它们有超过70%的时间都在打盹儿,或者在树枝间缓慢移动。But they are actually clever - keeping slow and stationary protects them from predators.但树懒其实非常聪明,保持缓慢不动帮助它们躲避掠食者。Selfie sticks have been banned at numerous high-profile events and venues in the past year - including Wimbledon and at Disney theme parks and at Arsenal and Tottenham stadiums.过去一年,自拍杆已经在无数备受瞩目的活动和场馆中遭到封杀,其中包括温布尔顿网球赛场,迪士尼主题公园,以及英超阿森纳和托特纳姆的球场。People who used selfie sticks were also listed as the fourth biggest tech sin in a poll of 1,500 adults for The Gadget Show Live.在英国高科技电子产品展一项基于1500名成年人的调查中,那些使用自拍杆的人还被列为第四大科技罪恶。The Tech Commandments listed ;thou shalt not walk and text at the same time; in at number one, but the fourth big #39;do not#39; is using selfie sticks.“科技戒律”里,名列第一的是“不可边走路边发信息”,而第四大“不可”则是不可使用自拍杆。 /201607/453062How should you dress at 50?50岁时该如何着装?The pursuit of individual and personal style becomes so much more important as you get older. When I look at my clothes at home, I don’t think my style has changed very much since my early 30s. That was when I settled on something. And if I could be 38 again, I don’t think I would dress any differently than I do now, at 50.当你年纪越来越大时,追求自我和个人的风格变得日益重要。在家里看着我的衣时,我认为我的风格自30岁出头后就没怎么变化过。那时我刚安顿下来。如果我能再次回到38岁,我认为我的穿衣风格与我现在50岁的风格不会有什么差别。That said, some elements of the way I dress have been constant since I was a teenager, when I became obsessed with a Bruce Weber Vogue shoot based on Edward Weston and his women. I remember taking the magazine into Exeter to get my hair cut like the picture, then buying a fisherman’s jumper in a sailing shop. I bought a grey pencil skirt, dug out my school shoes and ankle socks, got my dad’s overcoat and got the look. I still dress like those pictures in a way.这就是说,我穿衣风格中的一些元素自我青少年时期起便一直如此,那时候我十分痴迷于《时尚》杂志布鲁斯#8226;韦伯摄影师所拍摄的爱德华#8226;韦斯顿和他女人。我还记得当时我把杂志带到了埃克塞特,让理发师把我的头发剪成图片上的样子,然后在一家航海商店买了渔夫的工作装。我买了一条灰色的铅笔裙。找出了学生鞋和脚踝袜,穿上我父亲的外套,得到了我想要的外观。在某些方面,我的穿衣风格与这些图片仍然十分相似。There’s an abiding perception that the high street doesn’t serve older women very well, but in my view it’s better than it has ever been. The choice is huge – whether that’s Topshop, Uniqlo or Cos. It’s not one stop that gives you everything you want, more that everybody offers something very different.有一种持久的观念认为主街道并不太适合年纪大的女性,但在我看来,主街道比以前好多了。选择很多——不管它是Topshop,优衣库还是Cos。The key is to be true to yourself and confident about what you like. It’s not necessarily about what’s in fashion, it’s what you love for you and your style. I have never been comfortable in structured clothes, for example, and I accept that. I’m lazy in a way. I can’t wear high heels because I can’t walk fast enough in them. I like to feel I can move around and get everything done. I’m also not somebody who scrutinises every detail or seam, looking at the construction. I like clothes that give you the effect of what you want.关键就是要对自己真实,并对自己喜欢的东西充满信心。这并不一定关于流行什么,这是关于你自己喜欢什么以及你喜欢什么风格。比如,穿结构化衣时我从未感觉到舒适, 我接受这一事实。在某种程度上来讲,我有点懒。我不能穿高跟鞋,因为穿上高跟鞋,我就不能走的很快。我喜欢可以任意移动并完成一切的感觉。我也不是那种会检查所有细节或缝隙,监测制衣过程的人。我喜欢那种能让你得到你想要的效果的衣。译文属 /201607/452147

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