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江西省医院点痣多少钱南昌省人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱My Maths Teacher 我的数学老师 -- ::58 来源: My Maths Teacher 我的数学老师  Miss Zhang is my maths teacher. She is about twenty-two, and she has taught maths only half a year. She is not very tall, but pretty. She is a careful teacher, and she is very strict with us. Sometimes we make some mistakes, she will be angry with us, and shouts, "Do it again! You are so careless!" So all of us are afraid of her. But we think she is a good teacher. We like her.  张老师是我的数学老师她大约岁,教数学刚刚半年她个子不高,可是挺漂亮她是一位认真的老师,对我们很严格有时我们出了错,她总是对我们很生气,大声喊:“重做,你太不用心了!”我们都怕她但是我们还是认为她是一位好老师我们喜欢她江西省同济整形医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Giving Seats 让座 -- :8:5 来源: Giving Seats 让座  Last Sunday, I went to visit my uncle with my parents by bus. As I just sat down, an aunt with a baby in her arms got on, but there was no more seat her on the bus. So I stood up quickly and gave my seat to her. The aunt said with a smile. "You are a nice boy. Thank you very much." The baby looked at me laughing and I was very glad.  上星期天,我和父母坐公共汽车去看我的叔叔我刚坐下,一个抱着孩子的阿姨上车了,但车上已经没有空座于是我迅速站起来给她让座阿姨面带微笑地说:“你真是一个好孩子,谢谢你”那个婴儿看着我笑了,我很高兴旅游骗局警惕 --9 :: 来源: 旅游骗局警惕中国式一个礼仪友好之邦,但是你旅行时你依然需要警惕一些旅游骗局喜爱旅游的你,有没有亲身体验过类似的经验呢?欢迎和我们分享!China is a very eigner-friendly country when it comes to traveling but you still need to be alert potential travel scams and traps. What was the worst travel scam you've ever fallen ? You're welcome to share your story with us.futsanglung (UK)The two s as used in Mount Wutai.You order off a with low prices but when you question the cost at the end of the meal they produce a with inflated prices. To avoid this make them write the price on the order m and leave a copy on the table.This trick is carried out on both Chinese and eigners.vf8tcat (US)I am an American. Several years ago I was returning from a work trip in Thailand and decided to stop in Beijing a few days bee going on to Washington. I had never seen the Great Wall and wanted to have that experience.The tour was great. But afterwards the tour guide insisted on taking me to a small pottery plant. There a lady took me on another tour showing how craftsmen made hand-painted copper pottery. She then took me to the show room to see which item I wanted to buy. I hadn’t planned to buy anything. She applied some gentle but distinct pressure to buy “something”. Wanting to look like a respectful American I said what the heck and selected a small copper vase. It turned out to be about 5,00 yuan (0). I later discovered this to be a massive rip-off that was basically designed Westerners. They would never attempt to charge Chinese or other Asian countries this much.Dragons8 (Singapore)In Sanya, most traps belong to those with northern accents running restaurants, even the local also get cheated by them, using threats and strong arm tactics to harass customers to order their foods.When you ask the cost of a live fish in the tank, they just e a cut throat price and straight away kill the fish by throwing onto the floor. How can you bargain when the fish is aly dead?Mutuxingzhe (China)It's a horrified travel trap I've ever fallen . So please do not believe in those cheaper "beijing one day tour" that costs you less than 0 yuan. The guild is equal to a robber,a gangster. The post said the tour includes "badaling great wall", but they lead you to "jiayuguan", including"ming dynasty cemetery", but only let you see a glimpse through the bus window and always push you to buy, buy, buy and at the end of the trip, all passengers are pushed to a basement jam shopping center, and through a series of elaborate hoaxes, a so-called overseas eigner appeared, just said lots of bullshits to cheat you to buy jams when we bought something and go back to the bus,the guide disappeared,and slowly, we realized this is a hoax, but the bus driver just rudely said "I have no idea".Ratfink (Australia)I've had taxi drivers try to scam me in Africa, Italy, Hungary, Romania as well as China, Indonesia and the Philippines.The best thing to do is to find out what the average fare is and know the approximate route to be taken to get to major locations in a city. Have addresses written down in the local language and do your research online.I've never had problems with travel agents as I have used the same travel agent the past 35 years and she is ultra reliable and very much on the lookout scams from hotels and agencies.Cq (US)Last week, I was stopped by two women who asked me if I was American and if they could practice English with me. This took place in the shopping mall next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I had heard of this scam bee, but they seemed sincere. They asked if we could have coffee so they could "practice English." I was suckered because I'm an ESL instructor!! Also, I was alone. I agreed, but instead of a coffee house, they headed down a sidestreet near the mall to a Chinese tea house.They ordered tea and wine the 3 of us. We chatted, but they were more interested in discussing me than themselves. Finally, it was time to pay. They produced a that listed each pot of tea at 750RMB! They passed the bill to me. The total bill was 3000RMB, or 0!It was obvious that they and the tea house were working together. They kept saying, just use your credit card. I realized by then it was a scam to bilk me on my credit card. Scared to death, I threw 300 RMB on the table and ran.Seneca (US)In China the discount is advertised in loud and shrill announcements, written and said out aloud on megaphones.In Yangshuo's West Street you can find beautifully-crafted chopsticks in a dedicated chopstick shop. There is no pricer rebate advertised but Chinese customers enquiring about them will be offered a percent reduction while laowai visitors are brushed off rudely with the claim there is no discount available. In isolated cases a 5 percent discount was grudgingly granted.NTM3 (UK)When I go to Beijing I never join any tours.It might get quite a bit more expensive, it is true, however, I have much more fun and enjoyment going by myself or with my family.Tour guides will take you to see the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc., let you see some hutongs and take you to some stores where they probably might have a commission depending on how much everyone buys. And you will finish your tour by eating the Quanjude duck. Everyone is happy and returns home.Beijing is much more than that. There are wonderful places where you can enjoy the typical food of Beijing, shows, shopping centers, etc. that unless you go by yourself you will never taste or see because the tour guides will never take you there.Bee joining a tour think twice.In , I took one taxi from Nanjing Road to Shanghai South Railway Station. The fare meter was moving faster than its normal pace. On the way I did not ask him about the pace of the fare meter. After reaching the station he asked me to pay RMB378 which was much more than the normal charge. When I disagree with his fare he even wanted to punch me. Then I called one police officer and explained him the case with my broken Chinese. After half an hour of high voltage drama police caught the Taxi driver. The police officer told me that the fare meter was fake one and the taxi driver did not have the license to drive a taxi in shanghai. Thanks to the Police officer. I was treated nicely. 旅游骗局警惕南昌同济美容医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

南昌市青山湖区新建区治疗咖啡斑价格南昌去眼袋黑眼圈多少钱 一次活动(an Events) --01 18::5 来源: 一次活动(an Events)  in order to make our city cleaner and more beautiful, the young volunteers of our school went to the people's park this morning and offered our help.  at eight, the head of the park met us at the gate. after being divided into groups, we set out to work at once. some tidied up the parking area and had motorbikes paiked in the right place. some took care of the flowers and bushes, and persuaded people to keep off the grass. around the tiger den, one group kept order to prevent accidents from happening. at the aquarium, another group worked as guides and advised visitors not to smoke. when some of us were doing cleaning, an old man praised us and said, "well done, young fellows!"  we were all tired but happy. what a morning we had today上饶横峰县弋阳县余干县鄱阳县去雀斑多少钱

上饶信州区广丰区上饶县玉山县铅山县光子脱毛多少钱:小红帽灰姑娘 -- :38: 来源: :小红帽灰姑娘( A script of English drama ) 角色介绍Character introduction 小红帽(little red):会魔法 虎克船长(captain hook):娘娘腔船员1(sailor 1) 船员(sailor ) 羊大哥(lamp 1):三大男高音-卡内拉斯 羊小弟(lamp ):三大男高音-帕华洛帝 小猪(pig):自以为是羊的猪ˋ三大男高音-多明哥 巨鹰(enormous eagle) 白雪公主(snow white):三八 强盗1(robber 1) 强盗(robber ) 巫婆(witch):可怜虫 灰姑娘(Cinderella):爱漂亮ˋ脾气火爆ˋ妆很浓 仆人(servant) 魔镜(magic mirror):拍马屁 王子(prince):自恋 旁白(Voice-over) 第一幕 (Act 1) 场景place:灰姑娘的房间 Cinderella’s bedroom 出场人物character:灰姑娘 Cinderella、仆人servant、魔镜magic mirror 旁白:很久很久以前,在妈妈咪呀城里住著一位漂亮的公主,今天是她的生日 Voice-over:Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess lived in city which called Mamamia, and today is her birthday. (灰刚睡醒,仆人进房) (Cinderella just wakes up. The servant walks into) 仆人:噢~公主您醒啦 今天是您的生日,我们将举办有史以来最豪华的宴会,您的朋友都会来帮你庆祝 Servant:Oh~ my dear princess! Today is your birthday. We are going to hold the most luxurious party you! Many of your friends will come here to celebrate you . 灰:那我今天可要好好打扮一下了魔镜!! (手拍两下) Cinderella:It seems that I have to make up myself today. Mirror!! (Clap twice) 魔镜:yoyoyo!(被八) 嘎啵~(转头回来) 妳今天很美~ Magic Mirror:YoYoYo~(box on the ear) Yabon~(twist his head back) You look so gorgeous today. 灰:快帮我找一件最适合我的礼!! 对了,不知道朋友们到哪了,你知道他们在哪吗 Cinderella:Hurry! Find me a most staggering dress!! Yep, I don’t know if they were aly on their way or not. Do you know where they are 魔镜:让你瞧瞧 Magic Mirror:Here, take a look. 第二幕 (Act ) 场景place:船上(On the ship) 出场人物character:小红帽little red、虎克船长captain hook、船员1 sailor 1、 船员 sailor (小红帽在舞台来回拖地)、(虎克船长站在前面)、(船员1拿帆,船员拿吹风机吹) (little red mops around the stage)、(hook stand in front of stage)、(sailor 1 get sail、sailor take blower blow it) 小红帽:嗯……我们….(被打断) Little red:hum…we…(be interrupted) 船员1:我们现在要去哪 Sailor 1:Where are we going now? 虎:我们要去灰姑娘的生日派对 Hook:We’re going to Cinderella’s birthday party. 小红帽:那…要带…(被打断) Little red:opps!so…what should…(be interrupted) 船员 :船长那我们要带什麼礼物阿 Sailor :What should we bring her , captain? 虎:我自有打算 Hook:You’ll see. 船员1、:船长英明 Sailor1、:Holly captain!! 小红帽:(越想越觉得自己很卑微,於是把拖把的下面旋转开变成魔法棒)霹雳卡霹雳啦啦波波莉那贝贝鲁多(虎变成了拿拖把的小弟) Little red:pilica pililala popolina babarudo(Hook became a servant who have malkin) 虎:(娘)那我们现在要去哪阿 Hook:Where are we going now?(sessy) 小红帽:去灰姑娘的生日派对阿! Little red:We’re going to Cinderella’s birthday party. (用魔法棒变到森林入口)(hex to the est) 虎:(边看地图、拿手帕擦汗)还要多久才会到阿 Hook:I’m fainting. I’m too weak to….How long shall we arrive at the castle 小红帽:怎麼这麼远阿,看我的! (变出南瓜鳄鱼车) Little red:Hei, being like a MAN ! All right, all right. ( sigh) get it. Look here. Snap ! (坐著车离场) 第三幕 (Act 3) 场景place:森林(est) 出场人物character:羊大哥lamp 1、羊小弟lamp 、小猪pig、巨鹰 Giant eagle (三只小羊冲进来,自以为有明星般的光采,用三大男高音的音乐自我介绍) 羊大哥:我是卡内拉斯~咩 lamp 1:I’m Carreras~mae~ 羊小弟:我是帕华洛帝~咩 lamp :I’m Pavarotti~mae~ 小猪:咩咩~我是多明哥(猪叫声) Pig:mae~mae~I’m Domingo 三人:我们是世界三大男高音 Three people:We are the three tenors.mae~oink~ 羊大哥:目标城堡,齐步走!咩~ lamp 1:To the castle ! Quick march!mae~ (走了四五步、羊大哥煞车、小弟小猪撞上去) 羊小弟:干麻停下来!咩~ lamp :What’s up ! Why stop mae~ 羊大哥:我们好像迷路了 lamp 1:We Get Lost (左看右看,巨鹰出现)(羊们向后跳) 羊大哥:(尖叫)救命!救命!(乱跑) lamp 1:Help!Help! (羊小弟、小猪一起跑)(巨鹰从反方向、小弟小猪又撞到哥、巨鹰抓哥) 巨鹰:嘿嘿嘿!抓到了!(瞄到猪)(放下大哥去抓猪) Giant eagle:Hahaha!I Gotcha! 巨鹰:有猪,我比较喜欢吃猪 enormous eagle:There is a pig. I prefer to eat pig. 小猪:我是羊我是羊我是羊 Pig:I’m a sheep!A sheep!I’m a sheep! 巨鹰:你是猪你是猪你是猪 enormous eagle:You’re a pig! A Pig ! pig! (两人对看慢慢转圈、跳、剪刀石头布) 小猪:我我我是一只羊羊羊YO我是一只羊 Pig:I I I am a sheep sheep sheep yo I am a sheep. 巨鹰:什麼 不不不不不不猪(指) enormous eagle:What No No No No No No Pig(point) (羊小弟走到他们中间) 羊小弟:停!巨鹰先生,想不想跟我们一起去派对? lamp :Stop!Mr. eagle,Do you want to go to the party with us 巨鹰:派对!派对!我爱派对! enormous eagle:party!party!I like party! 羊大哥:好吧~齐步走! lamp 1:Ok~ Quick march! (四人排队离场) 第四幕 (Act ) 场景place:白雪公主的家 出场人物character:白雪公主snow white、强盗1robber 1、强盗robber 、巫婆witch 白:快!快!快把我最好看的衣拿出来! Snow white:Quick!Quick!Take out my most beautiful clothe. 巫:是、是、是 (拿出一堆衣) Witch:OK~ok~ok (巫拿旗袍) 白:不要! 【巫先拿给观众看】 Snow white:NO (巫拿原始人衣) 白:不要! Snow white:NONO (巫拿雨衣) 白:不要!不要!不要! 我看,还是去拿我的珍藏宝物好了! Snow white:NONONO!OH my God~ I think I should take out my favorite treasure . (到布幕后换衣、丢衣、裤子、内裤……) 白:苹果拿了没? Snow white:Have you brought the apple 巫:有毒的还没毒的? Witch: Baneful or unbaneful (poisonous or nonpoisonous ) 白:嘿嘿~有毒的 Snow white:Hey ~ Baneful~ 巫:OK~(走去拿苹果)哪个好呢 (开始点) Witch:OK~Which is better… 白:我们出发吧!(两人上竹扫把) Snow white:Let’s go! (强盗1、出现) 强盗:劫财劫色 Robber:Rob tune rob beauty. 巫:没财没色 Witch:No tune nor beauty. 强盗:我们要的就是你!(扑向白)(白摆架式) Robber:What we want is you! 强盗1:好像很厉害喔(摆架式) Robber 1:Whoa, it’s snappy! (转两圈) 巫:我是裁判!3、、1!开始! Witch:Now,I’m the umpire ! Three !Two!One !GO! (白雪胜、强盗爬走) 白:没有人是我的对手! Snow white:No one can be the opponent of me. (两人骑扫把离场) 第五幕 (Act 5) 场景place:皇宫大厅 出场人物character:小红帽little red、虎克船长hook captain、羊大哥lamp 1、羊小弟lamp 、小猪pig、白雪公主snow white、巫婆witch、灰姑娘Cinderella、仆人servant、魔镜magic mirror、 王子prince、旁白Voice-over (三队客串跳舞、其他人聊天吃东西)MUSIC下 旁白:经过了一番波折后,所有受邀的宾客都来到了皇宫,他们有的聊天、有的吃东西,此时灰姑娘走了出来 Voice-over:All guests have landed the castle. Some of them are chatting, the others are eating. At that time, Cinderella is coming. MUSIC停 灰姑娘:(边走边笑+拨头发)欢迎我亲爱的朋友们来参加我的生日派对,今天大家尽量吃尽量玩如有上吐下泻的情况,本公主一概不负责喔(笑)咦 !我的王子呢?怎麼还没来 (与仆人说话) Cinderella: Welcome, my dear friends!Thank you coming to my birthday party. Feel free to enjoy yourself. Feel home and help yourself ! But I have no responsibility if you got stomachache or diarrhea, ha ha ha Oh, where is my darling prince 仆人:噢!我亲爱的公主!你的王子等等就到了 Servant:Oh! My dear princess! Your prince will be here soon. (羊群们跑来跑去)(白雪公主与巫婆走向前) 白:你看看!看看这!灰姑娘也不想想自己是灰的(对观众说)我是白的 snow white:Look! Look at her. She’s grey. Doesnt everyone knows that Cinderella is meant to be GREY; and Snow white, Me myself is white. Clear Me, White. She, Grey. ( I don’t understand what’s the purpose you put emphasis on the color here Is it relevant to the plot?) (巫婆走路走到跌倒、苹果打到灰姑娘) 灰:唉唷~是谁 Cinderella:AIo~Who (虎克船长答应)who who who who …(舞台前走一回)(大家一起动作) 白:噢~(摇头)真是抱歉(奸笑)不过真是高兴、噢不不不那是要献给你的礼物阿!(笑著走掉) snow white:Oh~I’m so sorry but so happy. Oh No~No~No~ that is your present. (羊们在灰姑娘旁边绕圈圈) 灰:停!. Cinderella:Stop! (羊排一列) 羊大哥:公主,我们是三大男高音,今天准备了一首歌要送给妳 lamp 1:Princess, we are the three tenors. Mae~ Today we want to give a song to you. SING……………………. 灰:停!停!停!不要唱了! Cinderella:Stop! Stop! Stop! Please don’t sing! 【命运交响曲】 羊们:(摇头后退)OK…OK..(点头)(哭著跑出去) Lamp+ pig :Ok…Ok… (小红帽出场) 小红帽:我亲爱的公主,不要生气了,让我送给妳一个期待已久的礼物吧! Little red:My dear princess. Don’t be angry. Let me give you long-waited present. (魔法棒指向柱子)(灰转头看)(王子将柱子推倒后跳出、手拿镜子) 王子:天阿我怎麼会那麼帅呢 (边走边说) Prince:OH My God. It’s too handsome too believe! 小红帽:这下子满意了吧 little red:Are you satisfied now Prince: Satisfied It’s FABULOUS ! Oh~ Ho! Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me that I am the handsomest prince in the world ! ( to himself Yes. You Are! ) 灰:太好了!太好了!(转向王子) 你真帅! Cinderella:That’s great! You are so brilliant! 王子:我知道!我知道!大家都知道阿! Prince:I know! I know! Everybody knows! 灰姑娘:我可以[跟你跳舞吗 Cinderella:May I dance with you (邀舞动作) →MUSIC下 →大家一起转出来 各自找各自的舞伴 →转一转不知不觉变成虎克船长跟王子在一起→舞继续→灰发现不对劲→灰把舞伴推开 →灰想介入虎克与王子→不断被推开→后面的人举出KISS的牌子(MUSIC快ending) →音乐停、王子与虎克kiss、灰姑娘昏倒 My May Holiday -- 3:58: 来源: My May Holiday I had a long holiday May Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want. During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting. Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children. It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house. My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.I like the holiday. I like my May Day.小学英语作文南昌省中医医院去胎记多少钱九江市都昌县湖口县无痕丰胸手术费用



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