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Greeces finance minister希腊财政部长Absent professor心不在焉的教授The immovable Yanis Varoufakis毫不动摇的雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯ALMOST every recent Greek finance minister has been an Athens university economics professor moonlighting as a politician. Yanis Varoufakis is no exception. But unlike his predecessors, Mr Varoufakis has become a global celebrity, to the annoyance of many in Syriza, the leftist party in power. To his critics, Mr Varoufakiss lifestyle—riding a powerful motorbike, spending evenings in chic bars and weekends at a smart island villa belonging to his wife—is embarrassingly close to that of the rich Greeks he castigates for avoiding taxes by stashing cash abroad.希腊近几任财政部长皆为希腊大学的经济学教授,业余职业是政治家。雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯也不例外。但与前几任部长不同的是,他已是全球瞩目的热门人物,惹来执政党激进左翼联盟中诸多人士的不满。瓦鲁法克斯财长经常骑着飙劲十足的托车,夜晚沉浸在时尚酒吧,周末在妻子的智能沙滩别墅度过。在其批评家看来,这差不多是希腊富豪阶级的生活方式,而瓦鲁法克斯财长也严惩海外存钱避税的富豪阶级,这种矛盾的表现令人哭笑不得。The leather-jacketed Mr Varoufakis is not much liked by his euro-zone colleagues either. He lectures them and shows little interest in the details of reforms demanded by Greeces creditors. The pace of negotiations has picked up as Greeces cash crunch gets more acute. But Mr Varoufakis continues to raise obstacles, say officials in Brussels and Frankfurt. He is deeply reluctant to cross any of Syrizas “red lines”: no more cuts in pensions, no more labour reforms, no increases in value-added tax and no privatisations beyond the handful that are aly under way.身着皮夹克的瓦鲁法克斯财长亦不招欧元区同僚的喜欢。他训斥他们,对希腊债权人发起的改革详情几乎毫无兴趣。随着希腊现金危机的不断加剧,谈判进程才恢复正常。但是,据布鲁塞尔与法兰克福两市的官员称,瓦鲁法克斯还是不断加以为难。他极其不愿越激进左翼联盟的“雷池”一步,即禁止再度削减养老金,禁止劳力改革,禁止提高增值税,禁止少数人以外的私有化扩大。Divisions within Syrizas economic team do not help. Amazingly, Mr Varoufakis is often away on the international conference circuit. In his absence Yannis Dragasakis, the deputy prime minister, who is close to Mr Tsipras but not to Mr Varoufakis, takes over. His messages to the “institutions”, as the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission are now known (in place of the hated “troika”), are more conciliatory than those of Mr Varoufakis. But their senior officials are still banned by Mr Varoufakis from holding discussions in the finance ministry inAthens.激进左翼联盟经济团队的内部分化也于事无补。而国际电话会议上常常不见瓦鲁法克斯其人,让人不可思议。在其缺席期间,亲齐普拉斯的Yannis Dragasakis副总理代其参会。他在会议上向如今熟知的国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央以及欧盟委员会“三方集团”(取代“三巨头”这一令人厌恶的称呼)传达的信息相较于瓦鲁法克斯的而言,调解性强。但瓦鲁法克斯财长仍然禁止三方机构的高级官员在雅典财政部举行洽谈会。Greeceis unlikely to reach a deal this month with its creditors. Mr Varoufakis is trying to buy more time. The latest wheeze was to get local authorities and other public agencies to transfer their cash reserves to the central bank. But without a deal,Greece seems certain to run out of money to repay its debts to the IMF and ECB. Some fret that Mr Varoufakiss half-hearted negotiating tactics show a lack of commitment to keeping Greece in the euro. As a fellow economics professor puts it: “Unlike his predecessors, Yanis isnt interested in managing the economy. What he really enjoys is brinkmanship.”希腊本月与其债权人达成协议看来无望。瓦鲁法克斯财长设法周旋,以拖延时间。最新的举动即让地方政府等机构将其现金储备转移到中央。如果双方还未达成协议,希腊很可能为偿还国际货币基金组织与欧洲央行的债务而落得倾家荡产。有些人士万分焦灼,表示瓦鲁法克斯财长在谈判中不太认真,并未表现出希腊留在欧元区的承诺和决心。正如一位经济学教授同仁所言:“真正让瓦鲁法克斯上心的不是管理经济,而是实行边缘政策。” 翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201505/373054They should be left where they are.Leave them where they are.它们应该待在原地 让它们待在原地But the trainer did promise me by July I would look like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man.但是训练师向我承诺 到了七月 我看起来会像《钢铁侠》的小罗伯特·唐尼I assume he met not in the suit.我觉得他的意思是不穿战衣Because I would feel kind of silly walking around in the red tin thing.因为我觉得穿着红铁皮到处走挺傻的But by July.By July.yeah.Youre going to be ripped.Im going to be ripped.Im going to be,you know.到七月时 到七月时 是的 你会成为筋肉人 我会成为筋肉人 你知道What is he having you doing?because everyone has different techniques.他让你做了什么 因为每个人的技巧都不一样Is it just weights?Is it also.Its cross training is what it is and I had to do something called a Burpee.只有哑铃吗 还是说 是交叉训练 我必须做波比操Are you familiar with that?I am familiar with the Burpee.你听说过吗 我听说过波比操Yeah,I had to do a Burpee,which I thought involved him just patting me on the back.我必须做波比操 我以为只是他拍拍我的后背But apparently,you have to do a push-up and get into crouch position但是 显然你得做俯卧撑 然后蹲着and clap your hands over the top of your head.You look like an idiot.在头顶拍手 你看起来像个傻子Yes,no,anyone who,I mean,you feel stupid.It has an embarrassing name,the Burpee.是的 任何人 你感觉很傻 名字也很囧 波比操They should have called it something,the should called the Hi,Hey!Just some cool noise.他们应该取别的名字 应该叫“嗨耶” 某种很酷的声响And,yeah,you got to jump up and then your legs burn.Everything burns out.你跳起来 燃烧腿上的脂肪 燃烧全身的脂肪Thats the idea of the new exercise technique,burn out everything at once.这是这种新锻炼技巧的理念 一次燃烧全身脂肪I cant move.I cant believe I was able to walk out here.我动不了 我都不敢相信我能走出来I know,you had the exercise,I mean the massage chair.Massage chair.我知道 但是你躺了椅 椅Please,please,can I have a free one of those?拜托了 能免费送我一把吗You have to name the company.I dont know,whats that.你必须提到那家公司叫什么 我不知道 什么Brookstone,Brookstone,its Brookstone,Brookstone.布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东 是布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东201607/457453

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Shes Jewish. A woman. A millennial. And she supports Donald Trump for president. Thats how Lena Epstein introduced herself in her recent opinion piece for the Washington Examiner.Lena Epstein, Michigan co-chair of the Trump campaign, was one of Donald Trumps earliest supporters.Epstein is the third-generation owner and general manager of Vesco Oil Corporation in Southfield. She was one of Trumps earliest supporters and is now co-chair for the Trump campaign in Michigan.;Ive been a Trump fan all along,; she said. ;For me, hes been the only option.;The recent controversy surrounding Trump — he has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least 10 women — has not made Epsteins job any easier. But her support has never wavered.;Would I want him to be my childrens Sunday school teacher? Probably not,; Epstein said. ;Would I want him to be president of the ed States? You better believe it.;Listen to the full interview with Epstein above.201610/472172

Well,that shouldnt have been hooked up.Anyway somebody.You ok?Yeah!好吧 这个本应该被拔掉电源的 你还好吗? 还好Ok,Well,here,this is really interesting.I dont think youve seen this.好吧 这里 这真的很有趣 我认为你们没见过这个This is our,its our,what do you call it,like a talent holding area.这是我们的 该叫它什么 像一个智慧聚集的地方In case,you know if I fell like having a co-host for the day or something.万一有一天我想找个共同主持的人And theres a bunch of people here just depending on what i feel like.我可以来这里挑一个走Lets see whos in here right now.Oh,Lauren Graham.Hi.让我们看看这里有谁 啊 劳伦·格拉汉姆 你好HiHow are you?Great!Good to see you.你好 感觉如何? 很好啊 见到你真高兴I am just here,you know,just ing the New York Times special seller Someday Someday Maybe我只是在这里 正在读我《纽约时报》的特卖书 《Someday Someday Maybe》Now they have them on audio book.Oh,thats great!现在电子阅读版也出了 真不错啊Do you,do you need my help today?你今天需要我跟你一起主持么?No,but that,ah,some of those are available on audio book now?Yeah!不 不用了 不过这些书真的出电子阅读版本了啊? 是啊Great,now,but thank you though,anyway.真不错 还是要感谢你And lets see.eh,whos ing a...Oh hey,Howie Mandel.Hi,how are you?我们来看看 这是谁在读一本 哦 你好 霍伊·曼德尔 你好吗?I am sorry.I am just,you know,early.I am on next week.I am on May 29.I just like to get here early.哦 抱歉 我只是来早了 我是下周的嘉宾 5月29号 我只是习惯早到 Oh thanks for being here.I will see you next weekend.感谢你这么早就来 我们下周见I will see you.I will be back here soon.下周见 我会很快回来的Ok,and then we have over here at the corner,lets see.好 我么看看那谁坐在这个角落里Abraham Lincoln.Kewin Nealon,hi.Oh, hello.Hi.林肯总统 凯文·尼尔森 你好 哦 你好 你好Oh,really.You have never seen Weeds?Well,I have never seen your movie.你真的没看过《Weeds》? 好吧 我没看过你演的电影 /201604/436233You may aly know that chocolate can be lethal to your pet, but did you know that onions can be toxic to your catsand dogs too?也许你已经知道巧克力对宠物的杀伤力,但是你知道小猫小吃了洋葱会中毒吗?And Im not just talking about their breath.我不仅仅说的是他们的呼吸。You see all forms of onions–cooked, raw, dehydrated–contain sulfurcompounds.要知道,新鲜的、脱水的、烹饪的洋葱,无一例外含有硫化物。When your pet ingests onions, these compounds are broken down into what are known as disulphidecompounds;宠物摄食洋葱,化合物就分解成二硫化物,these are toxic to red blood cell membranes and cause them to form small bubble-like projections that are known as Heinzbodies.红细胞膜“中毒”,形成海恩茨氏小体的突起小泡。These bubbles make the red blood cell more rigid, and weaken its outer membrane,which means not only that the cell cant flex and twist as it circulates in the body, but that it ismore likely to rupture.海恩茨氏小体使红细胞僵硬,外膜受损。红细胞在体内循环,无法弯曲和扭转,更易破裂。Now, the main function of red blood cells is to circulate oxygen throughout the body.红细胞的主要功能是循环体内的氧气。Withoutenough of these, the animal becomes anemic, and–if the bone marrow isnt given enough timeto regenerate new red blood cells–it may even die.红细胞的缺失诱发动物贫血;如果骨髓没有及时更新红细胞,动物就会丧命。This also explains why the effects of oniontoxicity can take a few days to show up, and why even very small amounts of onions can stillhave a cumulative damaging effect.这也是洋葱毒性在数日后才得以显现的原因,而极少量的洋葱也能带来极大的危害。So what can you do to protect your dog or cat?那么,你如何保护宠物呢?Make sure to labels.请仔细阅读标签。For example, babyfood, which people use to entice their sick cats to eat, often contains onion powder.比如,人们用来喂生病宠物猫的婴儿食品中就常含有洋葱粉。Also, do notfeed your pet table scraps that contain onions in any shape or form.也不要喂给宠物任何含洋葱的残羹剩饭。And it is always if your cat ordog begins vomiting, acting depressed, or breathes rapidly.此外,如果你的宠物猫出现呕吐、精神沉郁、呼吁紧促等症状,Dont delay! Take them to the vet.就赶快送去兽医诊所! 201409/329861

Fear, reality and Jade Helm 15The U.S. military has been very active in Michigan and around the country this summer.The Pentagon insists its just routine training. But others see something more sinister at work.The ground shook as Apache helicopters fired rounds of ammunition and A-10 airplanes dropped 500 pound bombs on targets while soldiers on the ground move into positions during a training exercise at Camp Grayling. More than 3,000 soldiers and airmen have been taking part Operation Northern Strike, a two-week-long training exercise which wraps up today.;In terms of level of complexity, this is about as complex an operation you can plan and execute,; says Major General Greg Vadnais, the head of Michigans National Guard. ;This is PhD level work being done here today.;Military leaders say the stepped up training is important, especially for a shrinking military.Among those observing Operation Northern Strike was four-star general Frank Grass, the chief of the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon. He oversees the nations National Guard units.;The National Guard probably by 2019 will be the smallest National Guard weve been since 1955, and our Army and Air Force are getting smaller,; Grass says, ;So we have to be y even faster than weve been before.;People who live near Camp Grayling are used to sounds of war in their own backyards. But others in Michigan also got a taste of urban warfare training.The U.S. Army conducted more secretive exercises in June in several other Michigan cities, rattling windows and nerves in Flint when explosions rang out without prior warning. And a helicopter blew bricks off a building in Port Huron, damaging the awning below. Michigans not alone. Many parts of the U.S. are seeing military exercises this summer. The biggest exercise, called Jade Helm 15, prompted some groups to claim something more sinister is afoot.;Whether its drones, or the billions of bullets, the emergency FEMA camps, the preparations to attack the Tea Party and veterans, or the veterans secret death lists or dont treat lists,; says Alex Jones, counting down a long list of threats he sees the federal government posing.Jones Infowars website is an influential source for people who dont trust the federal government. This summers military exercises, including those in Michigan, are on his mind.;People are coming up to me on the street, saying Is it true martial law is coming? Have you heard about this? They dont even know that were where the story came from,; Jones told his listeners. ;Theyre asking me if its true. No, theyre not going to take over this summer…probably.;;The idea that these exercises are preludes to imposing martial law are completely hogwash,; says Mark Potok, with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The center tracks hate groups in the ed States.Potok says radical right wing groups have been warning about the federal government arresting patriotic Americans for decades. And those fears are often fanned by large-scale military exercises. He says its a message that is not confined to extremist chat rooms on the internet.;While I dont think millions and millions of citizens believe this, there are quite a few who do,; says Potok, ;And they are not all people who are in radical groups or have extreme radical right ideologies.;Eventually, this summers military exercises will come to an end.And in all likelihood, the federal government will not round up and arrest Tea Party members, impose martial law in parts of Texas or any of the other claims made by the some Jade Helm 15 critics.But Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center does not expect the critics to say they were ;wrong.; In fact, he expects them to take credit for the fact none of those things happened.;Thats the nature of conspiracy theories,; says Potok, ;Just as it is the nature of religionist profit-types who say the world is ending next Tuesday. Theres always a reason why that didnt happen. But its again coming in the near future.;Potok expects the extreme right wing blogs will soon start talking about the next big military exercise and how it will be much worse.201508/390027

Thats sweet,thank you,have a sit everybody真太感人了 谢谢你们 大家请坐Have a sit,thank you so much,that goes right back to you谢谢 大家请坐 所有的掌声都还给大家I appreciate all that energy and it goes right back to you我感谢这些热情 并把它们如数奉还Did you enjoy the superBowl everybody,do you like that超级碗大家都玩得开心吧 喜欢吧Look at that on one is bulling like all you think your team won看看居然没有人在吹嘘说自己喜欢的队伍能赢Will I like to say congratulation to the NY giants那么我还是得说恭喜纽约巨人对Good for you,Its a great game I mean it really spectacular很厉害 很精的比赛 确实非常完美I want talk everything that happened,but Im a little hangover to remember all我想聊聊发生的所有事 可我有点喝大了 记不住那些事了So I talk about probably tomorrow,I that every year of that superbowl所以也许我明天会聊聊 我每年都会关注超级碗 1.5 million people call it sick to work,because they are so hangover听说每年有150万人因为玩的太嗨了 都生病不能上班了They call it superbowl flu,which is wired because my producer might get superbowl flu 他们叫它超级碗流感 奇怪的是我的制作人也许会 after New Years Day,after Presidents Day,after Grand Hall Day and almost Wednesday they has that在新年之后 在总统日后 在大礼堂日后 还有大部分的周三他们都会得这种流感actually I wasnt hangover this morning,Ill tell you what I was doing其实我今儿个早晨没有喝大 我告诉你们我干了什么I like to get to know my fans,so I spend my morning going through the Facebook page that every single person in this audience我喜欢去了解我的粉丝们 所以我今天早晨花了时间去看 这里每一位观众的Facebookand Im gonna surprise the couple of them right now我现在就要给你们其中一些人点惊喜Cause I found a few that I would like to,I have questions因为我发现有一些我很想去 我有点问题Where are shary Luniduski and Hungs Fini? where are youShary和Hungs在哪呢 在哪呢 /201607/452355

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