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  • Lucy: Don’t just sit there… help me with my homework… go get me volume five of the encyclopedia…露西:别光傻坐在那儿……帮我做作业……给我把百科全书……..Snoopy: Volume five?史努比:第五卷?Lucy: This isn’t volume five, this is volume seven! Can’t you tell volume five from volume seven? How can you be so dumb?露西:这不是第五卷,是第七卷!居然连第五卷跟第七卷都分不清!您怎么这么笨?Snoopy: Rats!史努比:真差劲!Snoopy: (Slurp!)史努比:(吧嗒声)(舔书)Snoopy: They all taste alike to me!史努比:这不尝起来都一个味儿嘛! /201506/375892。
  • Even if you#39;re not superstitious,it#39;s hard not to ascribe other people#39;s good fortune to luck. Everyone knows that one person who seems to always be in the right place at the right time, getting more than their fair share of promotions, raises, and desks nearthe window. So how do these folks do it? 纵然你不迷信,还是很容易把别人的成功归咎于幸运。我们知道,有的人总是能够做好所有的事情,在升职、加薪方面比一般人得到更多的机会,还有得到靠近窗口的办公桌。那么这些人是如何做到的呢?1.Observe their surroundings.敏锐观察。One of the ironies of working life is that the hardest working people usually havetheir heads down and their eyes on their own page. This is admirable, but ifyou allow yourself to develop tunnel vision, you won#39;t notice opportunities when they present themselves.勤奋工作的人被讽刺说只会埋头于自己的那点工作上。他们是令人钦佩的,但是如果你仍然带有一孔之见,当机会来临的时候,你会错过它们。In one experiment designed by Richard Wiseman, a former magician and psychologist who studies luck, he asked people to self identify themselves as lucky or unlucky. Then he gave his test subjects a newspaper. ;Countthe number of photographs inside,; he told them.曾做过魔术师并且专门研究幸运的心理学家,理查德·威斯曼(RichardWiseman)设计了一个实验,在实验中,他让实验者把自己标识为幸运和不幸运两种。然后给他们测试用的报纸。“数一下里面有多少图片。”他告诉实验者。On average, the unlucky people took 2 minutes tocount them all. The lucky people? Seconds.认为自己不幸运的人平均用了2分钟的时间数出了所有图片。那么幸运的人呢?只有2秒钟。The lucky people noticed the giant message in the newspaper.The unlucky people missed it. The;lucky; people weren#39;t lucky. They were just more observant.幸运的人注意到了报纸上的巨大信息量,而不幸运的人却错过了它们。幸运的人不是幸运,他们只不过是观察力敏锐而已。2.Are likeable.平易近人。There are two equally qualified candidates with similar skills, work histories, andsalary requirements. Who gets the job? The one the hiring manager likes more.两个具有同样资历的应聘者,他们有类似的技能、相似的工作经历和工资要求。谁可以得到这份工作?是招聘者喜欢的那一个。This isn#39;t as unfair as it sounds. When evaluating candidates for a position, managers are looking first for the person who can do the best job and secondfor the person who#39;ll be the easiest to work alongside. In today#39;s team-basedwork environment, anything else would be foolish.这听上去好像不是很公平。在对员工进行职位评估的时候,首先管理者评估的是谁可以更好的完成工作,然后再评估工作中谁更容易相处。在今天这个团队合作的工作环境下,除了这些,其它的都不重要。Being likeable isn#39;t about being the person with best seats at the stadium. It#39;s about listening more than you speak, looking for opportunities to help others instead of solely asking for favors for your career.成为人缘好的人并不是说能在体育场拥有最好的座位,而是少说话、多倾听,寻找机会去帮助他人,而非一味的向别人索取工作上的帮助。3. Break bad habits of thought.心态积极。Thinking about good things might not cause them to appear, but dwelling on the negative will definitely close you off from seeing opportunities when they arise.Practice redirecting your thoughts when you catch yourself thinking negatively,and you#39;ll cultivate a head space that allows you to see the good stuff when it#39;s there. Do this long enough, and it#39;ll be easier to create your own opportunities for growth and advancement, and get other higher-ups to endors eyour plans.如果你去想好的事情,或许不会出现,但是如果你一直沉溺于消极的情绪之中,当机会来临的时候,这些会蒙蔽你的双眼。当发现消极情绪的时候,学会改变自己的想法,建立起一个安全空间。当好运来临的时候,你就可以注意到。长时间做这件事情,你会很容易创造出自己成长和进步的机会,并得到上级领导的赞许。未经授权! /201503/366786。
  • 6.Light the room well.6.使房间灯光明亮。If the dining room looks very upbeat, the meal immediately looks interesting and your family members will reflect the mood of the lighting too. If the place looks very dull, everyone might be running a bit low on their energy so it is best if you put some nice lighting and some VERY low music in the background just so that you have a pleasant eating experience。如果餐厅的光线非常的有雅致,吃饭时就会立马觉得带劲而家人的心情也会通过光线作用变得明朗起来。如果房子里的灯光过于暗淡,大家的食欲可能会有所低落因此最好将光线调好同时放点轻音乐做背景,这样的话会让你吃饭时有一个愉快心情。7.Taste everything even if you don#39;t like it.7.即便是你不喜欢的食物也应试着去品尝。Children and teenagers might reject a new food if you present it to them and I know that some adults might be sceptical about eating certain foods but give them a tip. Ask them to try just a tiny spoonful and if they like it, they can have more. If they don#39;t, then leave them to finish the rest of their meal. A lot of the times people have preconceived ideas that they don#39;t like a particular kind of food but if they try a bit, there is a possibility they might love it. If you cook the dish again and your child rejects it, ask them to try it again. Constant feeding in really tiny spoonfuls may lead to the child or person getting used to it and thinking that it isn#39;t that bad after all。儿童和青少年可能不爱吃一些新的食物,如果你将它摆在他们面前,他们会予以拒绝。而且据我所知一些成年人也对某些食物情有独钟,不妨给他们点建 议。可以叫他们先尝试一小口看,如果喜欢的话,他们就会多吃点。如果不喜欢,就让他们把自己剩余的饭菜吃完。很多时候,由于成见人们不喜欢吃某种特定的食 物,但如果他们愿意先尝试一点,很可能会变得爱吃它了。如果你第二次做它的时候孩子们还是不吃,不妨请他们再尝试尝试。这样每次吃一点点,孩子们及他人就 会习惯吃了并会发现原来它并不难吃。8.Good manners while leaving the table don#39;t hurt.8.离开餐桌时不忘表现得体。If someone has to leave the table immediately because they have to do some important work or attend a call, have them say “Excuse me” and say what that important thing they had to do is. This way, the person is learning manners that are useful if he or she is at a formal dinner place and most of all, good manners just don#39;t hurt! This way you know where the person is going and you are assured that they aren#39;t indirectly saying they don#39;t want to eat with the rest of the family。如果有人因一些重要的事情要急于处理或接听电话需要立即离开餐桌时,他们是否会说声“对不起”,并解释是什么重要的事情他们得去做?这样的话, 对正在学习礼仪的人来说,会使他或她日后出席正式的晚宴场合时会觉得非常受用,而且最重要的是,良好的举止行为并无大碍!这样,他们的离开你就会知道他将 往何处并坚信他们不是不愿与家人一起共餐了。9.Be decent at the table.9.餐桌前应端庄。My parents always told me that eat at home like you would eat outside. Never do silly things like burp or pour gravy on your fingers or something silly. Don#39;t play around with food or make faces in your potato mash. Even laughing loudly isn#39;t very polite especially if you are outside. Teaching this to children and using it yourself means that you are encouraging good manners and that you learn to eat outside the same way. Doing silly things at home are excusable but doing them outside where there are other people isn#39;t really that laudable. So try eating at home as decently as you can. Children will want to muck about but tell them straight off that it isn#39;t very polite. Tell them that they wouldn#39;t want to have someone burping at them or laughing at them。我的父母常跟我说,在家吃饭时什么样子在外面吃也会一样。吃饭时不要做些像打嗝或将肉汁倒在手指上与其他一些滑稽的事情。不要糟蹋食物与将土豆 泥涂在自己的脸上。连放声大笑甚至也会被认为是不礼貌的行为,特别是在外面吃的时候更是这样。倡导文明的举止行为应是在教导孩子们礼仪的同时将这些礼仪运 用于自己身上,这样在外面吃时你会和在家里表现出同样的举止。如果说在家里做些滑稽的行为可以得到原谅,但在外面这样做的话他人就会觉得并不值得称赞了。 因此,在家里吃饭时尽量举止端庄。孩子们可能会胡闹但要直截了当的告诉他们那是不礼貌的行为。告诉他们,在吃饭时人们一般不喜欢有人向他们打嗝和大笑。10.Teach children to eat well.10.教导孩子吃好。Teenagers and children can be quite fussy when it comes to eating food. Refer this article that teaches how to get your children to eat healthily. If you use the tips I#39;ve provided in that article, you will notice a significant change in the eating habits of your children。青少年和儿童在吃东西时可能特别挑剔。请参考这篇教导《如何让孩子吃得健康》的文章。如果您运用了我在那篇文章里提到的一些贴士,你会发现孩子的饮食习惯有了重大的改变。Just little things like the ones I#39;ve listed above will not only teach you and your children how to have a good ettiquette when you go outside but also it is helping your family bond indirectly through a meal. This really is food for thought!我上面列举的一些细节不仅可以让你与你的孩子在外面时怎样去保持良好的举止行为,而且它还可以帮助你通过聚餐间接性地搞好家庭关系。这着实耐人寻味! /201507/386048。
  • What does it take to be a Senior Nomad?怎样才能成为一名资深的流浪汉?Should you want to become one, a few requirements: Be willing to cast off your stuff and accumulate no more; have a flexible definition of what it means to be at home; master the Excel spsheet; accept, and even grudgingly appreciate, the ubiquity of Ikea.要想成为这样的人,你需要满足几点要求:要乐于摆脱身外之物,不再积累更多家什;要对家有一个灵活的定义;要熟练掌握Excel的使用技巧;还要接受宜家(Ikea)已然四处泛滥的现实,就算不情愿也得学会欣赏。Debbie Campbell and her husband, Michael, who have embraced, if not promoted, what they refer to as the Senior Nomad way of life on their blog, might add another criterion: the willingness to uproot oneself at a stage in life when others are settling down in a recliner with the remote.黛比·坎贝尔(Debbie Campbell)和丈夫迈克尔(Michael)可能还会在此基础上再加一条:在步入寻求稳定的人生阶段后,当别人舒舒地坐在躺椅里看电视时,你要仍然愿意让自己四处漂泊。在客上,黛比和迈克尔将自己的生活方式称为“资深流浪”,他们对此的态度即便算不上大力倡导,至少也可说是甘之如饴了。“We were nearing the time to consider retiring,” said Ms. Campbell, 58, who until recently owned a graphic design business. “We both decided we had one more adventure in us.”现在58岁的黛比直到几年前,还在经营着一家平面设计公司。“当时,我们都快到考虑退休的年龄了,”她说,“但我们决定再冒一次险。”That decision was made just over two years ago at the couple’s townhouse in Seattle. Their daughter Mary Campbell, visiting from her home in Paris, thought they should travel. A friend of her husband’s, she told them, had lived all over, including South America, where he rented apartments and worked remotely.仅仅两年间,他们就做出了这个决定。那会儿,夫妇俩还住在西雅图的联排别墅里。他们的女儿玛丽·坎贝尔(Mary Campbell)有一次从巴黎的住所过来看他们。她认为他们应该出去旅行。她告诉父母,自己的丈夫有一位朋友已经住遍了全球,包括南美。他在世界各地一边租公寓,一边远程工作。“My thought was, ‘Had she looked in our bank account and seen more money than I thought we had?’ ” said Mr. Campbell, 69, a former sports marketing executive.迈克尔说:“我的第一反应是,‘难道她看了我们的帐户,发现我们其实比我自己以为的更有钱吗?’”现年69岁的迈克尔曾是体育赛事营销高管。But rather than staying in hotels, Mary suggested that her parents use Airbnb, the home rental site that has inspired devotion from many tourists and criticism from affordable housing advocates, the hotel industry and some city officials. The Campbells had never used Airbnb, but weren’t dissuaded by their lack of experience or the criticism. Sharing sites like Airbnb, Mr. Campbell said, “meet a real need in the marketplace.”不过,玛丽并没有建议父母去住酒店,而是建议他们使用一个叫Airbnb的租房网站。这个网站受到了许多旅游者的热捧,也禁受着保障型住房倡导者、酒店业和一些市政府官员的批评。坎贝尔夫妇从未使用过Airbnb。虽然他们缺乏经验,而且这家网站也受到过批评,但他们并未因此止步不前。迈克尔说,Airbnb这类住宿共享网站“能够满足市场的实际需求”。His daughter’s suggestion planted the idea that he and his wife could wrap up their careers, downsize and reduce their living expenses, Mr. Campbell added. If they could afford to live in Seattle without working, could they also afford to live abroad, renting other people’s homes? After three months of Excel number crunching, they concluded that they could.他还补充道,女儿的建议让他萌生出一个念头——他和妻子可以结束职业生涯,轻装上阵,减少生活开。既然他们不用工作也能在西雅图生存,那么他们是否有足够的财力,以租用他人房子的方式住在国外呢?他们用Excel精打细算了三个月,最终得出的结论是,这个方案是可行的。So the sailboat on which the couple had spent so many weekends — sold. Ms. Campbell’s little Volkswagen convertible — someone else’s dream ride now. Their townhouse — occupied by renters. Everything else was stashed in a 12-by-15-foot storage unit.于是,帆船被他们卖掉了——以前夫妇俩经常周末时乘船度假。黛比那辆小巧的大众敞篷车,现在也成了别人的梦中座驾。他们的联排别墅也被租了出去。其他东西则都塞进了一个12×15英尺(约合3.7×4.6米)见方的储物间里。The Campbells have spent the past year and a half crisscrossing Europe, living for a week or more in one rental home before moving on to another. They’ve stayed in a grand formal apartment in Florence, a graphic designer’s funky place in Paris and a farmhouse in Wexford, Ireland. Their home in Luxembourg had beautiful exposed beams and a loft; their apartment in Tallinn, Estonia, had a sauna. And when they arrived in Rome, they found themselves in the unusual position of not knowing which street door their home was behind.在过去一年半时间里,坎贝尔夫妇游遍了欧洲。每到一个地方,他们就至少租一个星期的房子。他们在佛罗伦萨住过一套富丽堂皇的气派公寓,在巴黎住过一位平面设计师的时髦住所,在爱尔兰的韦克斯福德(Wexford)住过一栋农舍。他们在卢森堡的住所,装饰着漂亮的裸露横梁,附带一间阁楼;而在爱沙尼亚塔林(Tallinn)的寓所,带有一间桑拿浴室。当他们抵达罗马时,却发现自己竟找不到住的地方在哪儿。“We’re not on vacation,” Mr. Campbell said. “We’re not retiring in the traditional sense. We’re out seeing the world in Airbnb apartments because that’s how we can afford to do it.”“我们不是在度假,”迈克尔说,“我们过的不是传统意义上的退休生活。之所以通过在Airbnb上租房来环游世界,是因为这个方式在我们财力允许范围内。”The Campbells were discussing their adventures last month while settling into their latest home on the road, a spacious riad in Marrakesh. They had flown south from Paris, their unofficial hub, in search of warmer weather, and were curious to see the apartment they had selected from hundreds of listings online, as they always are.坎贝尔夫妇谈到了他们上个月的冒险之旅。当时,夫妇俩正准备在他们最近租的马拉喀什(Marrakesh)那套宽敞的庭院式住宅(riad,洛哥的一种传统建筑形式——译注)中安顿下来。他们的非正式大本营在巴黎,为了找一处天气更暖和的地方,他们乘飞机南下,来到了马拉喀什。而在那里的住所是夫妇俩从网上的几百套挂牌房源当中挑选出来的。和往常一样,他们对自己的新住处很好奇。“Most of the fun comes from opening the door and not knowing what’s on the other side,” Ms. Campbell said, adding that as the family cook, “I go straight to the kitchen.”“在打开大门之前,你往往不知道门后面会是怎样的。大部分乐趣往往就在于推开门的那一刻,”黛比说,她还补充说,作为家里负责做饭的人,“我会直奔厨房。”In Morocco, the Campbells were struck by the local architectural style, the way their riad was furnished with long couches and low tables for people to sit and drink tea, and designed around a courtyard with an opening to the sky instead of windows to let in light.洛哥当地的建筑风格让坎贝尔夫妇感到震撼。他们的庭园式住宅配有长沙发和矮桌,可供人坐着喝茶。整套住宅的布局设计围绕着一座庭院,以露天采光而不是通过窗户。“Debbie and I just had dinner, and we were sitting at what looks like a dining room table, but if it rains, it’ll come right down on the table,” Mr. Campbell said. “Riad is not a word I was familiar with until six weeks ago.”“黛比和我才吃过饭,我们围坐在一个看起来像餐桌的地方。但如果下雨的话,雨水就会滴在桌子上,”迈克尔说,“直到六个星期前,我才开始熟悉‘riad’这个概念。”The couple’s friends have expressed skepticism about staying in strangers’ homes glimpsed only online. What if they arrive in Berlin to a pigsty?夫妇俩的朋友都怀疑,单凭网上的几张图片来挑选陌生人的房子住,到底靠不靠谱。万一到了柏林,发现网上看好的房子其实形同猪圈,该怎么办呢?Of the 46 apartments they’ve rented so far, there have been duds, Ms. Campbell said. And in those cases, “I take pretty scarves and tie them around lamps I don’t like.”黛比说,他们目前一共租住过46套公寓,有些房子确实不怎么样。每次遇到这种情况,“我就会对房子稍作装点,比如拿一块漂亮的丝巾围在难看的台灯上。”But those have been rare, and the couple has developed a careful selection process. They use filters on the Airbnb site to find a handful of well-reviewed rentals in their destination city, looking for places around a night, with Wi-Fi, an adequately stocked kitchen, a location in the town center and, ideally, outdoor space. They email the hosts and begin culling the list based on availability, past experience and gut reactions.但是这种情况很少见,夫妇俩已经摸索出了一套精挑细选的方法。他们使用Airbnb网站上的筛选器,在目的地城市选出一些口碑较佳的出租房源。他们要找的房子必须满足几个条件:价位约在90美元(约合人民币564元)一晚,要有Wi-Fi,要有设施齐全的厨房,要位于市区中心地带,最好还带户外空间。他们会给业主发电子邮件,然后根据房源可入住的时间、过去的经验和直觉来沙里淘金。“After 550 days, we’re getting pretty smart about what we like,” Mr. Campbell said.“经过550天的历练,我们已经非常清楚地知道自己喜欢什么了。”迈克尔说。They are also noticing cultural differences about how people live. For instance, the austerity of Scandinavian apartments. Or the way homes in southern Spain tend to be dark, with windows shut to the blistering sun. In Helsinki, Ms. Campbell said, “every house had a big boot scraper on the doorstep, so you knew bad things happen there in the winter.”他们也注意到了各地民宅间的文化差异。举例来说,斯堪的纳维亚风格的公寓比较质朴,而西班牙南部的住宅往往光线较暗,窗扉紧闭,以遮挡毒辣的阳光。黛比说,在赫尔辛基,“家家户户的门口都放着一个刮靴器,你就可以想到那里冬天路不好走。”The universal design language, at least with Airbnb rentals, is Ikea.宜家家居已成为全球通用的设计语言。这一点,至少适用于Airbnb上放租的房源。“I have washed more Ikea plates than any human on earth,” Mr. Campbell said with a laugh. “People must get a checklist from somebody and go to Ikea.”“我洗过的宜家餐盘比地球上任何人都多,”迈克尔笑着说,“大家肯定是拿着什么人开出的清单去宜家统一订购的。”The Senior Nomads have their own checklist, little rituals to lessen the feeling that they are camping in a stranger’s home. After arriving, Ms. Campbell heads straight for a market; cooking at home saves money and gives the couple a chance to try local foods. And after chatting via FaceTime with Mary Campbell or another of their four children, they watch a podcast of “N Nightly News,” delayed by one day.这两位资深流浪汉也有自己的清单。他们会进行一些小仪式,来减轻旅居异乡的漂泊感。到达目的地后,黛比会直奔市场;在家里做饭不仅省钱,还能借机尝试一下当地的美食。夫妇俩通过FaceTime与玛丽·坎贝尔或其他孩子(他们有四个孩子)聊完天后,就会收看播客《N晚间新闻》(N Nightly News)。他们的收看时间会比节目首播晚一天。“We’ll wake up tomorrow, have our cereal and orange juice — that makes us feel at home,” Mr. Campbell said. “And because of the Internet and Wi-Fi, you instantly feel reconnected.”“第二天早上,我们醒来后会用麦片和橙汁当早餐——这让我们有家的感觉,”迈克尔说,“而且,有了互联网和Wi-Fi,你马上就能感觉到,亲友间的纽带重新建立起来了。”At night, the couple break out one of the few comforts from their Seattle home that wasn’t sold or put in storage.到了晚上,夫妇俩就会拿出他们从家里带来的枕头。这是他们为数不多的几件没有变卖、或堆到储物间里的行李之一。“Whenever I see people travel with pillows I think, really?” Ms. Campbell said. “But no matter what bed we land on, we have our down pillows.”“每当我看见别人带着枕头旅行时,我都会觉得不可思议,”黛比说,“但是我们自己无论睡在哪儿,都会带着家里的羽绒枕头。”Beyond that, she added, they don’t find themselves longing for anything from their old life. (Well, some things they do long for. Ms. Campbell recently confessed on the couple’s blog to having a cry over the lack of a vegetable peeler in their rental in Naples, Italy, an outburst, she said, caused by always taking inventory of new kitchens and finding them lacking.)她补充道,除此之外,过去的生活中没有任何事情是他们觉得留恋的(好吧,这样说也不尽然。黛比最近在夫妇俩的客上坦言,她在意大利那不勒斯租房时,因为家里没有果蔬削皮器而哭了一场。她说自己之所以会情绪爆发,是因为每次清点厨房用品时,总会发现少了些什么)。Mary Campbell, 32, a food stylist in Paris, has acted as a Sherpa of sorts to her parents, guiding them through European public transport and the visa process, and occasionally joining them on the road. Her parents’ views about home and lifestyle have changed, she has noticed.现年32岁的玛丽·坎贝尔在巴黎做食品造型师。她给父母充当了向导的角色,指导他们如何利用欧洲的公共交通,告诉他们办理签的流程,偶尔还会跟他们一起旅行。她注意到,父母对家庭和生活方式的看法发生了变化。“Now, over a year into it, they’re much more comfortable in a smaller space,” she said. “They don’t have a car over here. The walking lifestyle has been a discovery for them. They’ve redefined what they thought they needed.”“现在,一年多过去了,他们已经很习惯住小房子了,”她说,“他们在这里没有车。多走路的生活方式对他们来说,是个全新的发现。他们对自己的需求有了完全不一样的看法。”She added: “It’s so adventuresome and so different from anything else I hear that my friends’ parents are doing.”她还说:“他们太有冒险精神了,我从没听说朋友的父母会像这样生活。”Patrice Fiset, the friend of Mary Campbell’s husband whose rootless existence inspired her parents, said he follows the Campbells’ blog and is similarly impressed. He joked that his own parents’ retirement as Florida snowbirds pales in comparison.而她丈夫的那位过着漂泊生活的朋友帕特里斯·菲塞(Patrice Fiset),正是他激发了玛丽的父母旅居世界的想法。他关注了坎贝尔夫妇的客后,也同样非常感慨。他开玩笑说,自己父母退休后在佛罗里达州的云游生活,与坎贝尔夫妇相比简直是小巫见大巫。“In a way, I wish they were like Debbie and Michael,” Mr. Fiset said. “Because then I’d be visiting them in Morocco.”“从某种程度上讲,我希望他们能像黛比和迈克尔那样,”菲塞说,“因为这样一来,我就能去洛哥看他们了。”#8226;·Last July, the Campbells returned to Seattle to visit friends and attend a son’s wedding. But it wasn’t a homecoming, exactly. They stayed in an Airbnb apartment in a different neighborhood and renewed the agreement with their tenants for another year.去年7月,坎贝尔夫妇回到西雅图拜访朋友,参加朋友儿子的婚礼。但是确切地说,这不能算是回家。夫妇俩通过Airbnb在另一个社区找了套公寓,又和租住在自己家里的房客续签了一年租约。“We drove by our house, and I didn’t say, ‘I really wish we lived there,’ ” Ms. Campbell said.“我们开车从自己家门口经过时,我并没有说,‘真希望我们住在这里。’”黛比说。And when they flew back to Europe this time, she added, the Senior Nomads did something different.而且,她说,在这次飞回欧洲时,这两位资深流浪汉又做了件与以往不同的事。“We bought one-way tickets,” Ms. Campbell said, laughing.“我们买了单程票。”黛比笑着说。Mr. Campbell chimed in after his wife, and there was almost a sense of giddiness in his voice: “We don’t know when we’re going back.”迈克尔紧接着插话道,“我们不知道什么时候会回来。”他的语气中几乎夹杂着欣喜若狂的意味。 /201504/370909。
  • Inner peace may seem like a mythical peak. Almost unachievable, far away, maybe even unreal for many. In fact, for almost every single one of us. Indeed, very few can rightly claim “I feel calm right now” in a midst of stressful situations, worries or problems requiring immediate attention.内心的平和好像神话中的巅峰之境,几乎难以企及,对很多人来说可能子虚乌有。实际上,对于每一个个体而言,鲜有人做到在紧张、烦恼、有问题急需解决的情况下依然可以说“我现在觉得很平静”。However, there is a secret. The only way to achieve the fabled inner peace is to embrace the fact that it is only marginally defined by outer circumstances. Mainly, it is a choice you must make for yourself. You can be calm and peaceful in any situation by surprisingly, simply choosing to. This requires constant practice, but with practice your inner peace can become a habit, and then, a reality.不过,这也是有秘诀的。唯一一个达到传说的内心平和的方法就是去接受那些仅仅由外界环境塑造的事实。首先,这是你为自己做的一个选择。你可以出乎意料地在任何情境下保持平和,只要你选择这么做。这就需要持续的练习,只要通过练习,内心的平和会成为一种习惯,然后,成为你的常态。So, these are the steps you may start with. Even by following these few suggestions, and constantly reminding yourself about them, you can make, eventually, inner peace your normal state of mind.所以呢,有一些方法你可以尝试一下。事实上,通过不断遵循这些建议,持续提醒自己,最终,你也可以保持平和的常态!1. Simplify1.简单化Simplicity contributes to inner peace because it allows you to direct your energy and effort into one single point. Get rid of everything that hinders you, including acquaintances and friends who may only drain you while giving you nothing in return. Remember that the key is always quality over quantity. Throw out or give away everything that you don#39;t really need. Every time you buy something new, ask yourself whether you can do without it, whether it#39;s really necessary to you. Don#39;t let unnecessary information like TV news or gossip into your life. Keep it simple and at all times stay focused on one or two tasks that matter.简单化,可以帮助追寻内心的平和,因为它帮助你将精力和时间集中在同一个点上。丢弃那些阻碍你的一切,包括那些只会消耗你却不予回报的泛泛之交以及朋友。记住,秘诀就是质量永远胜于数量。每一次你想买新东西的时候,问问自己你是不是没有也可以,它是不是真是必需品。不要让电视新闻、流言蜚语等一些无关信息干扰你的生活。保持简单化并且始终只关注一两个重要的任务。2. Direct your mind on the present moment2.关注当下The only time that truly exists is this present moment. Past was, once, the present and future will once too, become the present. For all that matters, you should not obsess yourself by things gone. Or by the unpredictable future, which is in fact nothing more than your fantasy. So be focused on the present. Give all your best to it, and simply live. Don#39;t let the real, present moment go by because you live in the past or in the future.过去的已经过去,未来藏于现在。只有现在真实存在。最重要的是,永远不要沉浸在过去的事情中。或者是不可预测的未来,那只不过是你的幻想而已。所以关注当下吧。倾尽所有,简单生活。不要因为你活在过去、活在未来而让真实存在的今天流逝。3. Express gratitude3.表达感恩Stop and think about how fortunate you really are. Your mind may constantly wander off in the future, and desire something new. Yet if you are ing this article, you probably are relatively well off. Just think about the fact that 80% of the world population lives on less than a day. Or that 20% can not even or write.停下来想想自己有多么幸运。你的思绪可能会常常天马行空思索未来,渴望新生活。不过,如果你在读这篇文章,你可能相对来说生活宽裕。想想,世界上还有80%的人每一天只靠10美元度日。还有20%的人不会读书写字。Try to think about all the things you have, there sure are plenty. Then realize that your mind is, at times, your worst enemy. Remember that even if you get what you hope for at this instant, your mind will very soon find some new object of desire. This is a vicious circle you can only break by expressing gratitude for what you aly have or achieved, more and often. Even for the simplest things we otherwise take for granted.尝试着想想你所拥有的东西,肯定也是数之不尽的。那么请意识到你的大脑有时可能是你最大的敌人。记住即使你现在能拿到你想要的东西,你的大脑也会很快找到新欢。这就是一个恶性循坏,只有通过经常地表达感恩,对你所拥有的东西和实现的事情满怀感恩之情,你才能打破这个循环。4. Try it someone else#39;s way4. 接受新观点Your point of view should not be a law. Do not hold to it and be quick to let it go whenever it gets shaken by a better logic or opinion. When you find yourself in an argument, do not make a battle out of it. Remember that argument should be a synonym to discussion. If you find yourself on a losing side, be strong enough to accept a flaw in your opinion and thank a person for enriching your perspective. At all costs, keep your mind open. Life is a constant growth and motion, and whoever clings to his fixed ways, is eventually left alone behind.你的观点并非真理。当一种更好的思想颠覆你的观点的时候,不要固执己见,让那些不快快速逝去。当你发现自己身陷争论之中时,不要将其变成战争。记住争辩是讨论的同义词。如果你意识到自己站在失败的一方,勇敢地接受你观点中的漏洞,并去感谢那些让你的思想更丰满的人。无论如何,保持开放的心态。人生是一个不断成长不断变化地过程,那些墨守成规的人最终会与社会脱节。5. Remember that everything will pass5. 记住时间会治愈一切Look around yourself and ponder for a while about the fact that everything – EVERYTHING – will once pass. Time can be generous, but ultimately, it is indifferent. However dark it may sound, everything and everybody will eventually perish. Nothing is forever, so how senseless it is to wage little personal wars with people you happen to dislike, or to give into sorrow over a break-up? Time will heal even the deepest wounds, but it will work faster if you don#39;t scratch them… So, quite often, the best option is to simply let time resolve the problem. Because it inevitably will, eventually.环顾四周,思索一下这个事实,一切——万事万物——终究会消逝。时间是最慷慨的,不过,它也是冷漠的。无论这听起来多冷酷,每一个人、每一个事物最终都会消逝。没有什么是永恒的,所以与那些你讨厌的人发生争执,为分手而伤心难过,这些都毫无意义。时间会治愈一切,即使是最深的伤口,如果你不去触碰,它会更快地治愈。所以,通常最好的选择就是把问题留给时间解决。因为这些终究不可避免会消逝。6. Smile6.保持微笑That#39;s right, just smile. A simple smile does wonders. It can help to soften hearts, make “no” into “yes” and instantly change mood of others as well as your own. Smile to members of your family, smile to your coworkers, smile to everybody you meet. Smile even to yourself in the mirror if there#39;s nobody else around. Smile is deeply connected to Love. And what you give, comes back to you later. Notice that it#39;s impossible to sincerely smile and to experience anger, sorrow or jealousy at the same time. While smiling, you can#39;t help but feel calmness, happiness and love.是的,只要微微一笑。一个简单的微笑也能产生奇迹。它可以唤醒最柔软的心灵,可以收回快到嘴边的拒绝,可以快速改变别人的以及自己的心情。对家人微笑,对同事微笑,微笑面对每一个你遇到的人。即使一个人照镜子的时候也要对自己微笑。微笑是与爱联系在一起的。你所给予的,最终也会回馈你。你要知道一个人不可能同时微笑,同时生气、悲伤、嫉妒。微笑的时候,你会情不自禁地感到平静,感受到幸福与爱。7. Take your time7. 慢慢来,别着急Be patient. Enjoy your life as a kind of journey. Everything will happen when the time is right. Good or bad, all is finely interconnected and you can not be defeated until you yourself proclaim capitulation. Remember something bad that happened to you? Try to think of what good it also gave you. If this “bad” experience didn#39;t happen, how much different you#39;d be from your current self? Try to appreciate small things in life, good or bad. And take your time.要有耐心。把生活看成一趟旅途。在恰当的时机一切都会到来。祸福相依。你永远不会倒下,除非你自己承认失败。回想一下发生在你身上的不好的经历?试着思考一下它带给你的好处。如果那些“不好”的经历没有发生,你会同现在的自己多么不一样呢?尝试着欣赏生活中的小事情,无论好坏。慢慢来,别着急。8. Finish what you start8.善始善终Or in other words, close the circle. Your unfinished business (unforgiven griefs, unspoken words, started but unfinished projects or tasks) is a heavy burden for your present consciousness and peace. Try to notice just how often they pop-up in the back of your mind, leading to anxiety and dragging you down. If there is a thing you started but definitely don#39;t want to finish, take your time to think deeply about it and make a mental final check-line next to it. Then be sure to never go back to it again.换言之,画一个圆。 那些你没有完成的事情(不可饶恕的悲伤,没说完的话,开始却没有完成的项目或任务)是你平和的内心上沉重的负担。试着关注一下多久它会在你脑海里出现一次,让你感到焦虑,感动疲惫不堪。如果有这样一些事情,你已经开始做但是你不想完成的,花些时间好好想想,在这件事情上设定上一个思维的缆绳。确保自己不会再回想这件事。9. Keep calm9.保持平静If you find yourself agitated, take few deep breaths and wait to fully calm down before taking any kind of action or decision. Rushing anything leads only to poor outcomes. The ability to keep calm and focused amidst chaos and changes is a true sign of inner peace. This one is closely connected to another advice about keeping your mind in the present moment. Because look around you… Is there really anything that bad to disturb your calm self, or is it just you imagining the future or reliving the past?如果你发现自己很生气,深呼吸,等完全平静下来再做决定或者采取行动。盲目催促只会导致不好的结果。在混乱无常的环境中保持平静专注的能力是内心平和真正的标志。这一条和关注当下的建议紧密联系在一起。因为你环顾四周……真的有什么糟糕到可以打乱平静的你吗?或者是不是只是你在构想未来或者缅怀过去呢?10. Do not make money your priority10.不要做金钱的奴隶Always remember that money is just a means to achieve something, not a goal in itself. So what do you have in mind? What is the purpose of money you are working so hard for? Always think before-head why do you work, and what is the purpose of your work. Would you keep doing what you do now if money would not be an issue? If your answer is a definitive no, then there is a serious reason to slow down and reflect. Life is short, so try to find your passion, and think of a way to make money practicing it.永远记住,金钱是解决问题的途径,不是目标。那么你心里想的是什么呢?你努力工作赚钱的目的是什么呢?总是在脑子中想一想你为什么工作,你工作的目的是什么。如果钱不是问题的话,你还会继续做你现在做的事情吗?如果你的回答明确的不是,那么你绝对有理由慢下来,思考一下。人生短暂,所以尝试着去找到你的,想出一种挣钱的方法并付诸实践。注:本文转载自前十网,译者杉杉 /201504/368432。
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